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草场地 CAO



a collection by (禤达乾) steven hien

前言 Preface

The urban village of Caochangdi (草场地) of Beijing will always hold a special place in my heart. I have grown to love and appreciate the village during my two-month stay as a resident and researcher for B.A.S.E. (Beijing Architecture Studio Enterprise). This collection of photographs for me captures the richness and liveliness of Caochangdi through its people: their character, interactions, and activies.

Photography, Design and Text by Steven Hien. Translation by Echo Xiang and Liu Yang. All photographs were taken in Caochangdi, Beijing in the Summer of 2012 with Canon EOS Rebel T1i Digital SLR. Made in China.

准备行动的男孩子 Boy waiting for action

男孩和女孩分享一块面包 Girl and boy sharing a piece of bread

调查员测量新的场地 Surveyor measuring new construction site

为顾客剪头发的理发师 Barber cutting client’s hair


Cat watching owner’s gate

等客人的出租车司机 Taxi driver idling for customers

建筑工人安装螺纹钢 Construction worker building rebar

刚昨晚拔火罐,正在清理路边的男人 Man cleaning street after massage

吃雪糕的女孩子 Girls enjoying ice cream bars

卖西瓜的男人 Men selling watermelons

在店面前聊天的男人和老人 Man and elderly woman conversing at storefront

正在午睡的卖内衣的女人 Woman taking a nap from selling underwear

在路边切钢管的男人 Man cutting steel pipe on street

清理垃圾场的女工人 Woman organizing village’s dump


Man (Beer Boy) delivering bottled drinks around town

坐在摩托车上,正在门前聊天的男人 Man on motorcycle talking into doorway

在村里走动的孩子 Girl and boy roaming the village

在妈妈做饭的时候哭闹的男孩 Boy crying as mother prepares food

在自行车上卖花的父女俩 Man and daughter selling plants on bicycle

卖爆米花的小贩 Man cooking popcorn for sale

在店门口刺绣的女人 Woman weaving a new piece for her shop

抱着宝宝的女人 Woman carrying baby

抱着孩子聊天的女人们 Women chatting with daughters in arms

卖女装的女人们 Ladies selling women’s clothing

推车的建筑工人 Construction worker moving cart


Man and grandson selling melons

在摩托车上载着两个女人的男人 Man driving women through town

看着电视上的福利彩票信息的人们 Men playing local lottery on television

在三轮车上卖菜的母子俩 Woman and son selling vegetables on trike

在店门口休息的面条店老板 Man (Noodle Boss) taking a break in front of his restaurant

在停车场聊天的两个保安 Guards chatting in parking lot

搭脚手架的建筑工人 Construction worker building scaffolding

摆放地摊上的鞋子的母女俩 Woman and daughters organizing shoes for sale

摆放地摊上的鞋子的母女俩 Man and grandson enjoying a bicycle ride

在狭缝里伸懒腰的狗 Dog stretching while squeezed in

抱着孩子的女人 Woman carrying child

靠在烤鸡炉子旁边的男孩子 Boy resting on chicken oven

在自制的椅子上休息的男人 Man relaxing on homemade chair

修电动三轮车的师傅 Men repairing motortrike

在自己的杂货店里做生意的店老板 Shopkeeper working at his dollar store

带儿子小便的女人 Woman helping son urinate

开着自己玩具车的女孩子 Girl driving her toy car

边吃冰激凌边聊天的男孩和女孩 Man and woman chatting over ice cream bars

推着自行车的男人和他车上的蔬菜 Man walking bicycle with groceries

和儿子一起骑着三轮车的男人 Man driving son around in trike

正在休息的发型师 Hairdresser taking a break

开着摩托车的女人 Lady riding motorcycle

照看着女孩和男孩的女人 Woman attending to son and daughter

正在烤羊肉串的男人 Cooks barbecuing meat on skewers

在村里漫步的老女人 Elderly woman strolling around town

用三轮车运送家具的男人 Men moving furniture on motortrike

在过道上打盹的老人 Elderly man napping in alley

用扫帚赶鸡的男人 Man gathering chickens with broom


Woman taking a walk with grandson (Weiwei)


Food vendor cooking food for customers

玩中国象棋的男人们 Men playing Chinese chess

在门边站着的男孩子 Boy waiting in front of door

与我联系 Contact me !

禤达乾 Steven Hien 857 413 1644

草场地 - land of grass

北 京CCD 2012


A Photographic Collection

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