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I stayed with he first time Jake saw me, he gave me a few quick glances before he simply stared. Jake all the way to the emerHe had brought his old ten-speed bike into gency room where the doctors and the shop early Saturday morning to have it nurses said I had saved his life. I had barecleaned and tuned. Late in the afternoon he ly a scratch while Jake sustained broken bones, deep cuts and scrapes, and terrireturned to pick up the bike. He spoke to A Tale of Fiction ble bruising. He the guy at the remained in the cash register hospital several while pointing days, and I didn’t at me. The clerk leave his room smiled and said I was until he went a good match for Jake. home. He approached me. By Barbara Javor The car’s driv“Well, let’s do it,” he said er denied fault, with a smile. The next morning we took and Jake pressed our first bike ride together. charges. When his He was out of shape for cycling, so our lawyer pleaded the initial outings were short and unchallengcase in court, she lauding. Winter was turning to spring, and with ed me for saving his life in the longer days we took longer rides, venturspite of the driver’s reckless driving. Her ing from the flat pathways to gentle hills. We began leaving town, past the suburbs, and onto words turned me into some kind of hero. Jake the rural roadways that wound through the won the case, and received more than enough foothills. One Saturday morning after climbing a money in the settlement to replace his mangled ridge east of town, Jake rode hell-bent down the ten-speed and cover all the medical bills. After settling the lawsuit, Jake started a new curvy grade, past five-acre spreads on both sides of the road. He didn’t see the car backing up too a physical therapy program with a therapist quickly from a driveway as he pedaled around a named Marilyn. She trained him on a stationary sharp curve. He swerved and screamed, and the bike, and encouraged him to buy a new bike and driver jammed on his brakes, but Jake couldn’t get back on the roads when he was ready. She avoid the collision. He flew off the bike, slid was an avid triathlete, and she convinced him to across the road, and stopped when his head hit buy a light-weight road bike, expensive shoes the curb—not hard, but it made an audible with cleats, and a fancy-schmancy helmet with clunk. continued on page 18

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TCSD SOCIAL Thrusday January 17th, 6:30pm Come mingle with fellow TCSD-ers, discuss your race 2013 season and strategies. Or just stop by for a drink and blow off some steam Located in Bay Park, just minutes from Mission Bay The Offshore Tavern is a blend of ocean ambiance with a relaxed dining experience! With a vast wine selection, 16 draft selections, and covered patio it’s the perfect place to get away for a meal and an adult beverage.



Refer to TCSD’s website calender for date and time

Thursday January 17th, 6:00pm

The TCSD Real Beginners’ Bike Ride takes place on the 56 bike path and is a club ride where nobody gets left behind. If you can ride comfortably for at least 60 minutes without stopping (total ride time 90-minutes) then this ride is for you. Be ready for a few moderate climbs on the first half of the ride; beginners need hills too! Total distance for the ride is 18 miles. Scott and Mary Christensen will be your leaders and are promising a fun-filled morning.

Are you interested in learning more about the Tri Club of San Diego, meeting new people, making new friends, and generally having an awesome time? If so, this is your event. This is a great opportunity to network, gain training partners, and learn the basics about the sport of triathlon! We will give you the inside scoop and answer all your questions about TCSD. Food and beverages will be offered. Non-members are welcome, no RSVP necessary!

Helmets are MANDATORY. Schedule of Events: Bike Q&A: 8:00am Wheels Roll: 8:30am Meet up Location: Parking lot of California Bank and Trust 11752 El Camino Real map:

Location: Offshore Tavern and Grill 2253 Morena Boulevard San Diego, CA 92110 map:

Contact: Scott and Mary Christensen

Location: BikeBling 333 East Grand Ave Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 317-5450 map: Contact: Paula Munoz, or Jay Lewis,

Contact: Amanda Scott, or Bryan Diaz,

TCSD TRI 101 Thursday January 24th, 6:00pm How fit do I have to be? How long do I have to train? What equipment do I need? What do I wear? Do I need a wetsuit? What kind of bike do I need? Can I do one on my mountain bike? How do I get started with my swim training? What are good first time races? How can the club help me? HOW DO I GET STARTED? Get the answers to these questions and more at the monthly TCSD Tri 101. All questions fair game. The monthly talk is specifically designed to get you started in the sport of triathlon, and our goal is to de-mystify triathlon, and remove the ‘intimidation factor.’ NON-MEMBERS WELCOME! Bring that friend or relative!

Location: Nytro Multisport 940 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 760-632-0006 map: Contact: Questions/comments addressed to





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WELCOME NEW TCSD MEMBERS Lissa Balotro Jim Bookout Brendan Bradley Joanna Cappeto Basil Coronado Simon Craig

Monday 6:00 AM Ocean Swim, advanced/expert swimmers

Location: La Jolla Cove.

Ocean Swim in Carlsbad

6:00 PM

Group Run, 4-6 miles, all paces welcome.

7:30 PM

JCC Swim Workout

Location: Jewish Community Center (JCC) in University City

6:15 AM Pannikin Bike Ride

Location: Pannikin - 7467 Girard Ave, La Jolla.

Kelsey Fairbanks

Location: Tamarack Beach.

5:45 PM

Adam Ferrero

Location: Movin’ Shoes, Encinitas. •

Fee based.

Kathryn Giblin

Tuesday 6:30 AM Bike Workout in Point Loma, Group ride 6:00 PM 7:30 PM

Master’s Swim

Sharyl Grayson

Location: Moment Cycle Sport, Liberty Station.

Track Workout in Carlsbad/North County, Coached session Monroe Street and Chestnut Ave. Solana Beach

Location: Carlsbad High School,

Location: Solana Beach Boys & Girls Club, 533 Lomas Santa Fe Dr, •

Lily Kordic

Fee based.

Craig MacCullough

6:00 AM Ocean Swim, advanced/expert swimmers

Sebastian Markmiller

Location: La Jolla Cove.

Mountain Bike Ride (Advanced), Year round

Location: Various, Penasquitos Canyonside Park

(east parking lot). Contact: Dave Krosch, to be on mailing list. Ocean Swim in Carlsbad

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Cental San Diego, Coached session

Location: varies, typically Fiesta Island.

Track Workout at UCSD track, Coached session

7:30 PM

JCC Swim Workout

Location: Jewish Community Center (JCC) in University City

6:30 AM Pannikin Bike Ride

Location: Pannikin - 7467 Girard Ave, La Jolla.

Fee based.

Thursday 6:30 AM Bike Workout in Point Loma, Group ride 5:45 PM

Beginner Open Water Swim

7:30 PM

Master’s Swim

Solana Beach

Erin McGinnis

Emily Ming Victor Reyes

Location: Moment Cycle Sport, Liberty Station.

Thomas Ryan Lorraine Ryglewicz

Location: Ventura or De Anza Cove in Mission Bay.

Location: Solana Beach Boys & Girls Club, 533 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., •

Felipe Maytorena

Maggie Merritt

Location: UCSD campus.

6:00 PM

Mickey Maynard

Location: Tamarack Beach.

5:45 PM

Thanhlan Jeter Kim Kelly

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Todd Foos

Fee based.

Susan Shaw Justin Stuart

Friday 6:30 AM First Light Ocean Swim, advanced/expert swimmers

Gene Tran

Location: La Jolla Cove.

Saturday 8:00 AM Bike Workout, Group Ride

Location: Meet at Starbucks in Del Mar, Hwy 101 & 15th St.

8:00 AM Bike Workout, Group Ride

Location: Nytro Multisport, Encinitas.

3:00 PM

Youth Triathlon Workout-Chula Vista

Contact coaches for details,

Judy Carbary,

* Refer to the Club’s website/calendar for additional workouts and latest information.




NUTRITION QUICK TIP: Refuel as Needed During Exercise ■

Exercise Lasting Less Than 1 Hour

Carbohydrate intake during exercise is not

Consume 45–90g of a 2:1 blend of glucose and

sports drink with carbs and sodium (e.g.,

fructose (PowerBar C2MAX dual source energy

Ironman Restore sports drink mix) can help you

blend) per hour of exercise, to increase energy

hydrate more effectively.

delivery to muscles and extend endurance. C2MAX is found in Ironman Perform sports

Exercise Lasting 1–2 Hours

Consume 30–60g of carbs during each hour of exercise, to help boost performance and extend Age Group: F50-54,

endurance (Ironman Perform sports drink,

Status: Married.

PowerBar Energy Gels, PowerBar Performance

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Energy bars, PowerBar Energy Bites, and

When not training, I enjoy: Relaxing... currently watching reruns of Downton Abby - can’t wait for Season 3.

PowerBar® Energy Blasts gel filled chews).

Before I became a triathlete I was: A runner who always seemed injured.

Than 2–3 hours

required to fuel your performance. However, a

Favorite Place to Eat: En Fuego in Del Mar. Taco Tuesdays!

Intense Training Lasting Longer





Performance Energy bars, PowerBar Energy Bites, and PowerBar Energy Blasts gel filled chews.

A FitForPower Session is one of the most cost effective ways to

improve performance, comfort and prevent injury!

Who or what inspired you to start triathlons? Love to cross train helps avoid injuries. My first triathlon: Danskin Sprint Triathlon in La Quinta (2011). Favorite event/tri: San Diego Triathlon Classic (Sprint); beautiful course, well organized, great volunteers, and I placed first in my age group! Favorite segment (swim, bike or run): Run. PR/Best race (or any split time): Desert Tri-Sprint, it’s nice and flat and I had a decent run time for once. Split was 19:49. Can’t race without: Equipment checklist and transition backpack to keep me organized.

San Diego’s only Retül bike fitting facility utilizing 3D Motion Capture, Retül Zin (hand held digitizer) along with CompuTrainer’s SpinScan pedal stroke analysis software.

FitForPower: The most comprehensive bike fit available! Call or email today to set up your FitForPower Session.

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vaiid until 1.31.13


By Craig Zelent

Gerry Forman

I had the pleasure recently of talking triathlon with TCSD member Gerry Forman. Gerry won his age group at Ironman Arizona last NOvember, but he is so much more than just a great triathlete. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

do. race on Corona SD beginner’s TC , e” ac “r t Gerry’s fis

Craig: What was your athletic background before you got involved in triathlon?

Gerry: Prior to being involved in the sport of triathlon, I was an avid golfer and runner. In my earlier days, I played a lot of baseball, both in high school and later in a lot of fast pitch softball leagues. I also did a lot of running. My running consisted mostly of marathons back in the 70’s while I was residing in Hawaii. My very first marathon was the Maui Marathon in 1977. That same year I also did the Big Island Marathon and Honolulu Marathon. Then in the 80’s when 10k’s got popular I primarily focused on those races since running marathons was very hard on my body. I did a little cycling here in San Diego in the early 2000’s but pretty much limited it to weekend riding. Craig: What inspired you to become a triathlete?

wanted to have a new challenge. On January first 2008, I was thinking about goals for the year and decided to do a triathlon. I have always been open to unique challenges having done sky diving and Outward Bound. So, I attended a Steve Tally session on Triathlon 101 at B&L in Feb 2008, and again in March 2008. I went two times because I wanted to make sure I learned as much as possible from Steve. Steve commented about me being there the second time and I told him I couldn’t believe how easy he made it sound. He got a big kick out of that and Steve and I have been good friends ever since that evening. That’s when I decided on Mission Bay.

MEMBER PROFILE, continued Most embarrassing or disastrous moment: In my first triathlon, my T1 time was close to five minutes - I was so unorganized! Best advice: Avoid over training, you want to make sure you're healthy and happy at the start line! My equipment: Wetsuit: Zoot (full) Neosport (sleeveless) Bike: Specialized Ruby Road Bike Shoe: Asics Equipment Wish List: Knees of a 20-year old! Alright, not going to happen, so... triathlon racing cycling and running shoes. Favorite Thing(s) About TCSD: The advice and clinics for beginners. The open water swim clinic at Mission Bay this summer was the best and I participated in every beginner club race. All the coaches are so knowledgeable and helpful.

Craig: What was that first triathlon like for you? Gerry: My first race was really quite an experience. Dee went with me and I made my first big mistake. I arrived so early that we sat in the parking lot for an hour waiting for the transition area to open up. I think that’s when Dee decided she would not go to any more races. I also had a good friend from my former company come watch. He had done several Ironmans, including Kona, so I was really happy to see him. I was worried about the swim, but it was uneventful. The bike went great but I struggled on the run. I was passed by the two eventual first and second place finishers. Actually, I finished last, but it was also third, so I got on the podium in my continued on page 8

Gerry: I started doing triathlons because I


CONVERSATION, continued first race! Bob Palmatier was first and Bill Haines finished second. gle. Rachel and Chad were very patient with me and I made some I recall seeing their ages on their calves as they passed and was good progress. The best thing about the JCC was being able to really ticked off at myself, and stand up in the shallow end when I got tired during each lap. I swore to improve my running for 2008 Missi also met Hank Montrose there and he later sold me my first (and on Bay, “old timers� pod the future. I see Bob and Bill only) Tri bike, a LOOK 576. I then startium with Bo b Palmatier often and have really benefitted ed attending the and Bill Hain es. from their encouragement and beginner swims at friendship. Glorietta Bay and DeAnza Cove and Craig: What are your thoughts received great instrucabout the TCSD volunteer tion from Jonathan coaches? Jefferson and Steve Gerry: I believe the TCSD volKoci. They really helped unteer coaches are fantastic! me gain speed and conThe amount of time they fidence in using a wetcommit, along with such a suit. They also conducthigh level of expertise is ed several transition truly amazing. I did not clinics which were very know how to swim more helpful. than 25 yards, so I started I received great cycling going to the JCC twice a coaching from Andy week. It was really a strug-

JANUARY 2013 8

Concors. His weekly sessions were fantastic. So you can readily see that I used many of the great resources offered by TCSD. I owe a lot to the beginner coaches. In addition to the beginner coaches, we are so fortunate to have other top local coaches lend their time on a weekly basis. All the swim coaches at the JCC, the Thursday beginner swim coaches, the track coaches (Mike Plumb, Jim Vance and Tom Piszkin) and the advanced swims led by Jim and Bill at Ventura Cove. Julie Dunkle leads a Friday morning swim and all the coastal beach swims every day of the week led by our wonderful volunteer swimmers. Wow, are we lucky or what!? I also want to thank all of our many volunteers and sponsors. I have not volunteered enough these past two years and I will change that going forward. Craig: How has your life improved since you became a triathlete? Craig: My life has improved significantly since I’ve been doing triathlons. I’ve been blessed with great health all my life, so have been able to participate in many sports. But to be able to meet all the wonderful people I have met these past five years has been amazing. A life full of friends is a life full of happiness. I have also dropped 25 pounds, from 175 to 150. That sure makes climbing hills easier! I also made a pledge to my youngest son during my first year

of training. He was struggling with some addiction issues, so I told him that if he stopped I would stop drinking. Neither one of us has gone off this commitment in four and one half years. I’m pretty proud of that. Several TCSD members have approached me for tips and support on this issue, and that makes me proud, too.


Craig: What is your perspective on the unique ability of the sport of triathlon to develop friendships among all ages? Gerry: I think the sport of triathlon has a unique feature that no other sport has. It brings people of all ages and abilities together for training and racing. Training and racing with people gives you the chance to forge new friendships that can last a lifetime. I recall going to Quad Cities, Iowa to race and qualify for the Sprint World Championships in 2009. I met Raja Lahti there and then we later went to Budapest for the Worlds and raced there together. Since then, Raja and her husband, Dave and I have been good friends and we have raced together many times. Another example is my Tres Amigos: Melik Hernandez, Guillermo Escobedo and Julio Gonzales. I’ve been training with them for about four years now on a regular basis. I’ve met their families, spent time socially and have regular in-n-out sessions with them. Even if we don’t train, I talk with them continued on page 11

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Thomas T homas Johnson John

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JANUARY 2013 10

weekly. They have become a part of my life. There are many others that I see on a regular basis that I truly feel close to. This is all a result of being involved in the sport of triathlon. I love it! Craig: I recall racing with you in Budapest, Hungary in 2010. What was your experience like racing for Team USA at the Sprint Triathlon World Championships? Gerry: Participating on TEAM USA and racing at Budapest, Hungary in 2010 was truly an epic experience. I met so many great people from all over the world. I was able to meet and spend time with Scout Bassett, who was competing for TEAM USA on the Paralympic Team. I shared an apartment in downtown Budapest with Raja and Dave and was able to train with them for several days. I gained invaluable experience from their input. The race itself was really interesting. We swam in the Blue Danube, and I had a good swim. We biked in rain so it was technical and tough. The run was along the Blue Danube and finished coming up and over a bridge in to downtown Budapest. R epresentin g Team US Having people A, Worlds yelling USA! USA! And handing out American Flags was so emotional and exciting. I had a good race. I finished fifth overall and was the second fastest American. I had a PR so I was happy about that. We raced on Saturday and on Sunday, got to watch the world class athletes race the Olympic distance race. It was a beautiful sunny day and the course was blazing fast. In fact, I recall seeing you coming over the bridge to the finish line. Marisa Rastetter was also there and I believe

finished in the top ten of her age group. Craig: Congratulations on winning your age group at Ironman Arizona. How did your race go? Gerry: Thank you. This was my most challenging and rewarding race experience. The amount of training that is required to complete a 140.6 Ironman is huge. At least, for me it was. I had done two 70.3’s and felt I was ready to step up and give it a go. Towards the end of the training it seemed that all I did was eat, train and sleep. But, I could feel myself getting stronger, and the longer rides were lots of fun because so many people stepped up and joined in with me to give me support. I have to thank Tony Berg for sticking it out with me on my longest ride. It was tough. I also want to thank Brian Long and the Thursday ride folks who helped me so much during the training. The race itself was different than I thought it would be. The swim was far more challenging, the bike about right and the run easier than I thought it would be. I am really happy with the results. I wanted to break 16 hours and I finished in 15:17. During the entire race, and the four days leading up to the race, my friend Julio Gonzales was there looking Sprint Tria out for me. He was such a thlon. big help to me! Qualifying for Kona was unbelievable and to do it in my first full Ironman was really lucky. I feel fortunate and proud to say “I am an Ironman”. Craig: Why did you decline the slot to Ironman Hawaii? Gerry: A lot of people have asked me why I turned down the Kona slot. For most triathletes this is the ultimate goal. And, it was a goal that I had: to qualify. However, I am a very poor

swimmer without a wetsuit. I have been working on this for over a year and still cannot swim one mile in a pool without a pull buoy. So, the mental anxiety that I would have for the next eight months would be unbearable. Also, I’m not sure that I’m mentally ready to do the long training again. On the other hand, I have big plans for 2013. I age up to 75finish. 2012 IM AZ 79 and want to compete for national rankings at the Nationals in August and this would not be possible if I took the Kona slot. I hope I have not offended anyone because I turned the slot down. By the way, the slot I passed on rolled out of my age group and into the men’s 40-44 age group. I understand the guy, Mike Morgan, a TCSD member got my slot. I was so happy that someone from TCSD will go in my place. Craig: Mike Plumb has been your coach. How has Mike helped you to improve and achieve your goals? Gerry: I have raced a lot over the past five years and Mike Plumb, TriPower Multisports has been my coach during this entire period of time. His plans have always had me race ready and injury free. His experience in all three disciplines is outstanding. Being local, I have the benefit of group rides and frequent one on one contact. I followed his plan for Ironman Arizona to a “T” and the results were there! He also hooked me up with Brian Shea, Personal Best Nutrition who put together a great nutrition plan for me. I was able to race without one cramp or any stomach issues. Mike also has a lot of local clients so I have plenty of folks to train with for individual races.

Gerry: Regarding my future goals, I want to compete in both the Sprint and Olympic distances at the Nationals in August and win my age group. I also want to be nationally ranked in my new 7579 age group and achieve All American ranking. I’ve been selected, once again, for the Wattie Ink Elite Team and we will be having a larger presence du r i ng 2013. I want to do as much as I can to help them increase t h e i r national p ro m i n e n c e . After 2013, I want to cut back on racing and spend more time volunteering and helping new people in the sport. I have found this rewarding in helping at the Thursday night beginner swims and would like to do more of this. I love this sport and want to remain in it the rest of my life: volunteering, training and a little competing. And of course I’d like to thank my wife, Dee, for being so supportive and giving me the freedom to do my thing these past four and a half years. I'm a lucky man! Craig: Gerry, thank you so much for sharing your story. It was an honor to be on Team USA with you in 2009 and it is a similarly great honor to call you my friend. Good luck in 2013 and beyond! Craig Zelent is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach. Craig can be reached at 760-214-0055 or


De Soto Triathlon Company Contact: Emilio De Soto (858) 578-6672 Discount: 15-20% discount, see TCSD Member Discount web page.


LifeProof Discount: 20% discount CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page.

Oasis One-Twelve Discount: 10% discount.

Pear Sports

Road Runner Sports 5553 Copley Dr. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 974-4455 continued on page 12

Craig: What are your future triathlon goals?



RACE REPORT: Along For The Ride, HITS Palm Springs what I understand they chalked up a good amount of miles, and I hoped they werer also Age Group: M45-49 quality miles, not just miles. Date: December 2 & 3, 2013 Back to race registration, I registered for Location: Lake Cahuilla Park, CA the Olympic distance and the iron distance. I figured since I was going to help James, at his Last year I had a very good race weekend here, pace, I would make the weekend a little more second OV in the iron distance and backed it challenging and race the Olympic distance on up the following day with a second in my AG Sunday. However, I didn’t notice HITS for the sprint triathlon but was very hesitant switched days of the events, so I unknowingupon returning again. I hated ly signed up for an iron on Saturday and the harsh road surface and the Olympic on boredom of racing solo but I Sunday. I realfound myself here again, for ized that overdifferent reasons this time sight a month around. after registering. Back in August HITS startI did send the ed their massive discount oragainzers an program, 50% off registraemail asking if I tion fees if one signs up could switch to very early. I knew my friend their sprint disJames Hamilton had intentance but got no tions of doing the event reply. Looks like I and I gave him a call to will have a fun inform him of their great weekend. incentive. James had hintFast forward to ed earlier in wanting some race morning… for assistance with competing the swim start we his first iron distance grabbed the inside triathlon. When he finally position on the front asked if I would help, it line. I was Jame’s was hard to say no, so I blocker from behind agreed. as we cleared the first James is no stranger bouy and continued Lending a helping hand at the swim to endurance events. He on our first leg of the exit. has competed in multiple four loop course. We Badwater ultramarathons and Rim to Rims just started in front to avoid the extra swim disto name of few of his crazy outings that are tance and time that would be required if startfar beyond my qualifications. ed in the back of the pack. While Jim was James did most all of his training without swimming his fastest freestyle, I enjoyed a me. I helped out his training group with a combination of back stroke, sculling, breast handful of open water and technique swim strokes and just floating while still making sessions. Two years ago he was not a water sure James swam the straightest line possible. person, but thru many of the TCSD open water It was the most relaxing swim I have ever swim opportunities he gained his comfidence done, no panic attacks, no tuscling with other and set his sights on 2.4. For run and bike competitors. I actually had the opportunity to workouts we only hooked up for one brick ses- take in my surroundings and its beauty, the sion a week before our HITS event. His main calm water of Cahuilla Lake against the desert training group consisted of Paul Cates, Jenifer mountains was an incredible sight and experiHenderson and his girlfriend Mary Barry. From ence. Even though we were the last to exit the


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Xterra Wetsuits (858) 565-9500 continued on page 13

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Leading the way and keeping the pa ce. pace. He was using water it was much faster Ensure/Boost for than I had anticipated. I his main liquid had questioned its accuraintake which may cy, but was informed it have been a contribwas measured four times. utor to his leg So 2.4 mile swim comcramping. I set him pleted with about 40 straight with minutes to spare before increasing his intake the cut of time, which of salt tablets and was 15 minutes faster electrolites. These than my predicted time. extra stops and slower Our T1 was pretty pace ended up adding relaxed. Learing from an extra hour to our last year’s event when bike split, but it is it was freezing coming what James needed. I out of the water, I found myself doing a dawned a wind breaker lot of one arm windto stop any wind chill. mills... my signal meanBeing ten degrees ing “get up here, no warmer this year, race slacking.” I was conconditions were just cerned that our slow about perfect. Ten pace would end up minutes later we effecting our ability to were out of T1. finish under the 17 hour The bike course limit. I kept telling him, changed a few “yes, we can stop or slow times before it down but we are gonna have was finalized to to make it somewhere.” Just three flat out and over eight hours, one of my back loops, very longest rides ever, we finally similiar to last entered T2. The last to years two loop enter. course. While riding I still had fresh legs, but together we had to was not exactly sure how be cautions to avoid James’ were. Ten minutes any drafting and later, all changed into our blocking situations. running gear we headed We played leap frog out for the marathon. most of the time, but James brought along his once in a while I sped camelback filled with ahead to give my legs a Boost, flashlight, cell real workout. I was hopphone, gels, bars and I am not sure what else. ing we would complete During our lone brick workout, James and I the bike section with an average speed of a little more that 15 mph. That stratagized on mechanics and pacing when would have been close to a seven hour split walking, jogging and shuffling our feet. After time. However, James had a different riding our short practice brick we determined an optistyle that I was unaware of. He liked to rest mal race day pace; 11 minute mile run/shuffle when tired and take full advantage of aid sta- pace and a 15 minute mile walk pace. I knew it tions when possible. James also started to have was going to be a long run, something that I some cramping issues a little more than half had never done before. With Jame’s experience way through and we had to adjust our riding continued on page 14


Zoot Sports


BreakAway Training Contact: Felipe Loureiro email: Discount: Discounts on group workouts.

Energy Lab Training Contact: Trevor King email:

The Fit Stop Human Performance Lab Contact: Ken Nicodemus (760) 634-5169 Discount: 25% off select testing services.

Gleason Endurance Coaching Contact: Bill Gleason continued on page 16


RACE REPORT: Along For the Ride, HITS of his ultras I let him set the tone as we began the maraton. James had participated in the HITS Palm Springs training camp a couple weeks earlier and knew the run course well and made mental notes on landmarks and distances. A mile or so into the marathon I took over wearing his camelback, it was only then I discovered how heavy it was, let’s just say a ton. I wanted to make this as easy as possible for James. Our fist section was a walk, a bit longer than I wanted. Through our marathon I was in con- Finish line, with tim e to spare. stant clock management mode. Whenever we slowed down, I sounded the alarm with �Do you really want this!� James wanted to walk more often than not, but that was not going to happen under my watch. Aid stations were perfectly placed and we used every one except one. Of course we stopped at each one, tick tock is all I could think. Every second counted. When one is out there com-

peting, the mind lets the time and mile disappear as if they were never there. Competing for 14 hours plus at this point the thought of missing the cut off time would be horrible and I did not want that. I made James break through every mental and physical barrier he put up. He “complainedâ€? of hurting, I did not know how much and really did not care, that was not part of the equation. The battery for my GPS watch gave out six hours into the marathon at mile 24. We were so close, struggling every bit. I kept insisting that James shuffle not walk, “Tick tock, you can do itâ€?. Those extra 17-18 minute mile paces felt as they were catching up with the fishline clock. It was truly all mental at this point. We finally could see and hear the finish lights and sounds from afar. I was not exactly sure of the time‌ I felt we were just going to finish or just miss out. I did not want to be on the latter, for James’ sake. Finally, the finish line in sight and a

%  #'

GRAND OPENING SALE *      " $ " & !  !!!  # ! ! !  ! ! #! ) $' ! ! & %   ! ! !  !) (" !! #  



  ( 4305 !   #) 555*23.*  +/120, CYCLING AND TRIATHLON

JANUARY 2013 14

( #!" "

(   5-/ )  ! $& .-. #  #  $$$)*! ) 43-*/0-*325-


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Rehab Services We Offer: x x x x x x x

Physical Therapy Acupuncture Body Work & Massage Therapy Injury Prevention Program Posture Evaluation OnTrack ÂŽ Knee Brace Customized Orthotics

down hill finish. At this point I noticed James’ eyes light up with a beaming smile. All I could say was “You did it.� We were greeted by the race director, James’ girlfriend, one of the event photographers and a couple of other race volunteerrs. There was no finish line clock, so we had no idea of what time it was. “Did we make it?� James barley eked out. The answer was yes, 16:31, with plenty of time to spare. Both of us were stunned, and so happy the journey came to a successful ending. For me coming in last, the first time ever, has never been so rewarding. Even though I did not push my body to the brink like James, being out there for 16 some hours was a first for me. Helping a friend accomplish a goal and achieve a “I’ll take it, third first place age group award was very rewarding.

RACE REPORT: Part II So, my race or as I called it a “long workout� was in the books. Even though the crown and all the participants had gone, I was able to scrounge up some of the remaining pasta and salad from the earlier athlete dinner. Then I collected my sole remaining items from transition and hastely loaded up my car. I had six hours to recover before Sunday's Olympic distance triathlon. Another night of car camping was my best option in which I find very comfortable. The next morning I was suprised I was able to walk around, with little soreness or any issues. And it’s true that DOMS

Fitness Services We Offer: x x x x x x x

Functional Strength Training Personal Training F3 (Fun, Functional, Fitness)Â&#x152;&ODVVHV Return to Sport Evaluation Acceleration Sports Small Group + Team Training ACL Injury Prevention Program Nutritional Support 11468 Sorrento Valley Rd. Ste. A San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 457-3545 ´(YROYH<RXU/LIH %HFDXVH<RX0DWWHUÂľ

(delayed onset muscle soreness) does not take full effect until 24 hours after a hard and strenuous event, so I was in the clear. The Olympic tri was the second event of the day which gave me 30 precious minutes to get my transition area prepared and rest. The swim went off with out a hitch, pretty much on par with my other 1500 meter swims. On the bike, I felt remarkebly strong until the half way mark, when my legs began to feel the effects of the previous days workout. I also noticed a big difference in the road surface. I thought it was very smooth while cruising along at a leisurely 15 mph, but at race speed (21+ mph) it changed into being bruttaly harsh and it remined me why I dislike this race location. For a flat course, I was more than five minutes off my normal split time. On the place in a ge group. run my legs were either going to respond or shut down and I was quite suprised at how much spring was still left in them and was able to pass several competitors in may age group. Much to my suprise, I pulled of a third place finsh in my age group for both events, and all I wanted was to have an â&#x20AC;&#x153;insanseâ&#x20AC;? weekend of physical activity.



PedPowerPerform Lab Bike fitting featuring Retül and pedal stroke analysis/coaching. (858) 270-1605 Discount: yes, contact for details.

Sergio Borges X Training (858) 558-1337 Discount: 15 to 20% depending on training program.

Training Bible Coaching Contact: Jim Vance (619) 886-3227 Discount: $50 off all start-up fees and clinic/camp discounts announced as happening.

Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching Contact: Brian Maiorano (619) 977-4348 Discount: 10% for first month of standard coaching package. continued on page 18

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Courtesy of Charles Howe’s The Road Cyclist’s Guide to Training by Power.

Nearly everyone ends up training indoors only as a dreaded last resort, when weather or schedule preclude an outdoor ride. Working out inside, however, produces some subtle differences and benefits, and may even be a preferable alternative (or supplement) to training on the road. The most basic difference lies in the nature of the resistive load imposed. Although most stationary resistance trainers have a flywheel, few are heavy enough to faithfully simulate the kinetic energy changes so typical of road cycling (or most any form of “free range” activity), nor do most load simulators replicate the almost constant changes in grade and terrain experienced outdoors a flat road and no wind is practically nonexistent in the read world. Each factor contributes to the wide and rapid variation of power output out-

doors, even during relatively steady-state efforts. Stationary trainers, on the other hand, even when not in “erg” mode, impose a much more even load for a given speed, as becomes quickly apparent if a powermeter is used to verify resistance. Some trainers have an ergometer, or “erg” setting, which maintains a constant workload. That is, when cadence drops, resistive torque increases, and vice-versa, such that the product of the two – power output – remains constant. This feature allows the rider to “set and forget” a specific power level, and ensures that an unvarying intensity is maintained. What can make the “erg” more difficult for some is that the load is relentless. You either ride at the set load or you stop; you can’t ease off for more than a moment or so. Contrary to occasional claims, neither the Computrainer, nor any type of erg, keeps power

constant within a pedal cycle, rather, it keeps power constant across a number of pedal cycles. This is what people are not used to, since, when riding outdoors, we get to go hard for a bit, using fast-twitch muscles for a few seconds, go easy, go hard again, etc. This is precisely how neuromuscular systems are designed to function, i.e., episodically, and why training this way to excess may not create the best aerobic overload. Another difference is the lack of a cooling headwind in the neighborhood of 20-30 mph, causing some to blamem any performance deficit indoors entirely on thermoregulatory issues, but this is overly simplistic; power production and perceived exertion may be either higher or lower indoors, depending on the individual, the trainer they use, how adapted they are to it, the terrain/environment they have available for outdoor training, etc.

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Steps Toward Raising One’s Indoor Power Output

1. Use a trainer that has enough “inertia” (stores a lot of kinetic energy), i.e., one with an adequately massive flywheel, to better simulate outdoor cycling. The Velodyne, among a few others, meets this criteria, and as a result, power output on it is usually as high as, if not slightly higher than, what can be done outdoors (especially if variations in power are accounted for with the normalization algorithm presented later on). On something with a light flywheel, however, it can be disconcertingly difficult to generate the same power indoors as outdoors. 2. Keep cool enough, making every attempt possible to minimize thermal stress, so that you can maximize the absolute training load, unless you are specifically attempting to prepare for exercise in the heat (which is analogous to the effects of altitude: since it compromises absolute intensity, there is no advantage, and probably significant disadvantage, to training at higher elevations, unless preparing specifically for competition there.) This means using a powerful fan, keeping the room cool (at least under 70° F, and ideally below 65°), and staying hydrated. Look for high-velocity “air circulator” models that move at least 2000 cubic feet per minute, such as from Holmes, Honeywell, Lakewood, Patton, Air King, and Vornado. Direct the air flow at your head and upper body, but position the fan to the side, so it does not blow directly in to your eyes. How you constitute indoor workouts will depend on your particular characteristics and abilities, the sort of racing you do, what your outdoor rides are like, and so forth, it makes sense to balance indoor training with outdoor workouts that are as variable as possible. Alternatively, one could attempt to deliberately structure indoor workouts to stress muscle power more, by doing short, high-power intervals, with either complete or incomplete recovery (microintervals), the idea being in both cases to induce more neuromuscular than metabolic stress, and having recognized the lim-


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CA #940782

continued on page 24



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and cleanse the body by flushing toxins. A perfect compliment to your work-out, a great way to reduce stress, or to alleviate symptoms of long term or new injuries.

")+2!-9/'! New students, please arrive at leaset 15 minutes early for registration and orientation.


16473 Bernardo Center Drive, 2nd Floor San Diego, CA 92128 Entrance is located between Music for Kids First Citizen’s Bank (858) 673–YOGA Email:

*No discounts on 7 Day Intro Pass, Beverages, Single Pack Electrolytes, mat/towel rentals MUST present valid TCSD Membership card for discount. NO EXCEPTIONS


Riding with Jake, continued Fuel Factor Nutrition Contact: Kim Mueller (858) 337-3612

Power Bar


Brian Long Realty Contact: Brian Long (760) 415-3329

Competitor Magazine continued on page 21

JANUARY 2013 18

lots of air vents. The more air vents in a helmet, the more it costs. The new helmet had at least twenty vents costing ten bucks per hole. He bought black cycling shorts and a jersey emblazoned with the names of professional team sponsors. As soon as he felt confident for road riding, he donned his new gear and biked with Marilyn. I wasn’t included. Jake was gaga over Marilyn all summer long. Decked out in his new accessories, he biked with her every weekend. Sometime early in the fall, their affair lost its steam, and so did his desire to bicycle. The shiny, new road bike remained propped against the wall in the den, the shoes attached with cleats to the pedals, and the holy helmet hung from the handlebars. The shorts and jersey lay in a dresser drawer. Jake’s moodiness permeated the house. “That’s it,” he said one Saturday morning a few weeks later. He marched out of the house and returned in two hours with a new hybrid bike that had standard pedals he could ride wearing tennis shoes. “We’ve gotta ride like we did before.”

He said “we,” which meant I was back in his bicycling life again. He wheeled the sturdy hybrid down the driveway, leaving the rest of his fancy new gear at home. We headed east out of town towards the winding roads of the foothills. We rode up a long incline to the top of the ridge above the site of the accident. At the crest we stopped while he gathered his thoughts. “I can do this,” he said just before pushing off to coast down the hill. He feathered the brakes as we followed the curves left and right at a gentle speed, and he scouted every driveway and crossroad along the way. “This is it,” he said as we passed the driveway where his accident had occurred. At the bottom he pulled over to the side to take a drink and stare back up the hill. No doubt Jake had plenty of conflicting thoughts running through his head. Apparently he hadn’t ridden this route with Marilyn to conquer the beast gnawing at him, the fears borne by the accident. He wanted me on this ride for a reason. I was on his mind and would stay there for a long time to come. After all, I was the helmet that had saved his life.

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San Diego, CA 92130 Office: 619-805-5134 Fax: 855-811-0385 W.J. W .J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC 11 Phone #303-825-5670. NMLS ID 3233. T W.J. Blvd, Suite 500, Centennial, CO 801 80111 Trade/service Š 2012 W .J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC. 6465 Greenwood Plaza rade/service marks are the NMLS: 324735 W.J. apply.. All rights reserved. Some products may not be available in all states. WJB is not property of W .J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC. This is not a commitment to lend. Restrictions apply acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the federal government. TCSD Member since 2008 AZ Mortgage Banker License # BK-0903998; Licensed by the Department of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act RML# 4131002; Colorado Mortgage Company Registration NMLS ID 3233 Regulated by the Division of Real Estate. To Broker,, visit www; To check the license status of your CO Mortgage Broker; Florida Mortgage Lender Servicer license #MLD738; ID Mortgage Broker License Plaza No. MBL-7766; IL Residential Mortgage â&#x20AC;&#x201C; License #MB.6760738,NMLS 6465 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 500, Š 2013 W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC 6465 Greenwood Blvd, Suite 500, Centennial, CO Licensee 80111 Phone #303-825-5670. ID 3233. Trade/service marks are Centennial, CO 80111; 80111; MN Residential Mortgage Originator License No. MN-MO-3233; NV Mortgage Banker License No. 2061; NV Mortgage Broker License No. 504; NM Mortgage Loan theand property of W.J.ActBradley Mortgage Capital, LLC.Broker This â&#x20AC;&#x201C;isLicense not a commitment to OR lend.Mortgage Restrictions apply. All No. rights reserved. Some products may not be available all states. Company Loan Broker Reg. No. 01856; OK Mortgage No. MB001365; Texas Lender License ML-776; TX Registered Mortgage Banker â&#x20AC;&#x201C; NMLS 3233;inT e exas Mortgage Banker Disclosure:; exas-Mortgage-Banker-Disclosure.html; UT Mortgage Lender Company License No. 5495659-NMLC; Utah Consumer Credit Notification and e exas-Mortgage-Ban WJB is notFirst acting on www behalf of or atregulated the Tdirection HUD/FHA or theoffederal government. by theLicense Department Corporations underLicense the California Residential Utah Residential Mortgage Notification by theofUtah Department Financial Institutions; Licensed Vermont WA #6341;ofW A Consumer Loan No. CL-3233; Wisconsin Vermont Lender Mortgage Banker License consumer www ANY/3233. Mortgage LendingNo. Act699991. RML#NMLS 4131002. NMLSaccess: consumer access:


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TCSD has traveling bike and wheel cases for rent! We have hard-shell single and double bike cases, and wheel cases that will hold three wheels. The single cases are shippable by UPS and FedEx. Rates per week: Single case $25 Double case $40 Wheel case $25 Deduct $10 if renting both a bike case and a wheel case.

Richard Duquette, Bicycle Injury Lawyer Contact: Richard L. Duquette (760) 730-0500 or (800) 464-4123 Discount: Refer to TCSD Member Discount web page.

To reserve a case or if you have any questions, contact Bob Rosen at

NUTRITION QUICK TIP: Your Sports Nutrition Game Plan Match Your Sweat Rate and Know What to Hydrate with During Exercise To stay hydrated during exercise, consume fluids at a rate that closely matches your sweat rate: Matching your sweat rate generally requires about 13–26 fl oz (400–800 ml) of fluid every hour of exercise — but sweat rates vary. ■

■ To calculate your sweat rate, and for a personalized plan to meet your unique hydration needs, access thePowerBar Sweat Rate Calculator at

MHS Works Contact: Matt Sparks (619) 756-3756

A sports drink is recommended for exercise of 1 hour or longer and anytime it is hot or humid. Oak Hill Software Contact: John Hill

Robert’s Auto Service 4630 Mission Bay Drive (619) 275-1132 Contact: Keith Benline Discount: 10% to $100


Bikram Yoga Rancho Bernardo Discount: Refer to TCSD Member Discount web page. continued on page 21


no wetsuit, no problem

no bike, no problem

no experience needed

Just bring your goggles and running shoes

5th annual

Entry Fee $27 per race $2 discount if member of host facility (must show membership card) Due race day. Entry fee includes: Goodie bags with Random Prizes Day use of host facility

Registration Details

What is an indoor triathlon?

Each race has limited space, so sign up early!

• 10 minute pool swim • 20 minutes of cycling (Spin Bike) • 15 minute treadmill run

Email entry information to:

Distances traveled for each segment are added up, most distance traveled wins!

Registration closes Thursday midnight before each race in order to organize wave starts and send out wave start times via email. Limited race day registration.

Questions? Please contact

Race 2: Jan. 19th, 2013 - Saturday

Race 3: Feb. 23th, 2013 - Saturday

First wave begins at 8am

First wave begins at 8am

Wave Start Time Details Wave start times will be emailed 1-2 days prior to race day. Waves start every 25 minutes beginning at 8am. There will be a maximum of 6 participants per wave. Last wave to begin around 1:10pm.

Swim: 25 yards heated outdoor pool Bike: Spin Bikes w/cyclometers Run: Treadmills, maximum 12.5 mph Limited to 66 participants.

Arrive at race location 30-45 minutes before your assigned wave start time and be on deck 20 minutes before your wave start.

Lawrence Family JCC 4126 Executive Dr. La Jolla, CA 92037

(All participants must start at swim times/wave indicated in confirmation email, no exceptions.)

Swim: 35 yards heated outdoor pool Bike: Spinner Bikes w/ cyclometers Run: Treadmills, maximum 12 mph Limited to 42 participants.

For complete event details visit and click on the SD Indoor Tri logo

Net profits to benefit TCSD Cares (

ENTRY FORM - 5th Annual San Diego Indoor Triathlon Series Race 2: January19th, 2013 Frog’s Fitness

First and Last Name (please print clearly)

Email Address

Register Early to Guarantee Your Spot!

Facebook San Diego Indoor Triathlon Series Volunteers Needed! Please email for details.

Race 3: February 23rd, 2013

M Division F

JCC - La Jolla

Age on event date Phone Number

Smart Phone

Frog’s Fitness - Carmel Mountain Ranch 12171 World Trade Dr. San Diego, CA 92128

QR Code

>19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59

60-69 Entry Fees due race morning (Cash or Check payable to SD Indoor Tri Series - SDITS) 70+ or Mail this application with funds to PedPowerPerform Lab, 4040 Lamont St, 9 San Diego, CA 92109 or Email above information to and pay race morning or TCSD Members, can use the Club’s online event registration page and pay race morning. Liability/Release forms must be signed date of event.



- Get coached real-time. - Free training plans from the pros. - Easy heart rate based training. - Track and share progress.

What Pushes You.

Training Intelligence.

Function Smart Contact: Gino Cinco 10803 Vista Sorrento Parkway San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 452-0282

Share your race report or adventure.

Pear Square One

Š 2012 Pear Sports LLC. All rights reserved.

Evolve Physical Therapy + Advanced Wellness 11468 Sorrento Valley Rd. San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 457-3545

ARTICLES WANTED! We are always looking for race reports. Share your latest experience, your first or 500th event. No two races are the same. Stories need not be just about triathlons, they can include running, cycling and/or whatever you think other club members

Paul Gamache, L.Ac. 7855 Fay Ave, Ste. 290 La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 459-5900 Discount: 20% off comprehensive services.

may find interesting. Without content this newsletter will end up being just ads and that is no fun. Submission date is the 18th of each month for the following months publication and should include photos whenever possible. Any questions on the submission process, please contact the publisher or editor for complete details. See page four for contact info.

Massage Envy of Point Loma 2560 Laning Rd., A103 Point Loma, CA 92106 (619) 222-0300 Discount: Refer to Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website.

Thanks for sharing in advance. TCSD newsletter volunteers UCSD Sports Medicine Contact: Robyn Stuhr


COACH’S CORNER, Training Indoors itation to monotonic indoor training, some like to throw in frequent out-of-the-saddle “surges” to up the intensity. To best replicate outdoor cycling, however, the variations in power wouldn’t be completely random, since you would want them to occur within a certain frequency range. That is, varying power on even a minuteby-minute basis doesn’t really mimic what happens outdoors… the changes would have to be more often than that. On the other hand, a sudden doubling of the power requirement in middle of a pedal stroke wouldn’t be ideal either, since, unlike cycling outdoors, you don’t have as much stored kinetic energy to help carry you through the “dead spot.” To summarize, training on the road is more specific, whereas indoor workouts are more controllable and create a better aerobic overload, so optimal results may be obtained using an appropriate combination of the two approaches, or by manipulating force and cadence during indoor training sessions.

Web Gems A comprehensive listing of 2013 triathlon calendar and triathlon finder for event around the world. The triathlon calendar page breaks down the races by location, month and type. All different distances listed: Iron / Full, Half / Long, Olympic, International, Sprint, Xterra, Kids and Relays.

w w .d e

JANUARY 2013 24

port .co

Whether you have a work injury, personal injury or sports injury, we have the advanced training and unique capabilities to get you out of pain and back to your activities sooner.

Our Center Specializes in: ■

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

McKenzie Method

Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Strength and Conditioning Programs

Active Release Techniques

Women’s Health

Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions



Functional Flexibility Programs

Customized Online Exercise Program

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