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C JANUARY CLUB MEETING Sunday January 19th Featuring Scott Jurek Schedule: 2:30pm Setup 3:00 Food 3:30 Announcements/Raffle 4pm Scott Jurek Interview 5pm Autographs Location: Rehab United Carmel Valley (RU 2) 3323 Carmel Mountain Rd. Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92121 Refer to the Club’s website for complete/updated information.

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rouched in a meadow in the French Alps on an August afternoon, Stefanie plucked redolent herbs growing among the grasses and placed them in labeled, plastic bags. The pasture bordered a two-lane road that threaded through alpine valleys. Few vehicles passed by because most drivA Tale of Fict ion ers preferred the faster, four-lane highway that crossed the mountains. Stefanie looked up when she heard someone huffing and puffing while bicycling up the road. “Bonjour!” she called to the rider. The rider stopped to rest and asked Stefanie what she was collecting. When Stefanie stepped to the roadside, she recognized the bicyclist. She was Annalise Charlaud, who had attended the same university in California as Stefanie, although they had never met. Annalise had been a star on the college triathlon team, and since returning to her hometown at the foot of the French Alps, she had turned pro. She had also turned the media against her with her uncensored remarks. In a word, she was volatile, and the press fed on her reputation and behavior as

fodder for news. After they introduced themselves, Stefanie explained what she was doing. “I’m a graduate student in food science at the same university you attended. I’m identifying the flavor compounds in these plants, and how they get transformed in cow’s milk and cheese to give distinctive tastes. The local cheese

The Cheese Festiva

l Triathlon

Photo from the ITU’s gallery


festival this weekend By Barb ara Ja vor was a perfect excuse for me to collect samples here. Besides, it gave me a reason to come to France for the festival triathlon.” Annalise’s eyes lit up. “We attended the same school, and you’re a chemist and a triathlete? You might be just the right person to help with a new project I’m starting at our family dairy. We’re cultivating some of those herbs in our greenhouse to feed the cows and produce seeds. Would you like to see it?” continued on page 14

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JANUARY 2014 2

JANUARY TCSD MEETINGS, CLINICS, RACES & RIDES INTRO TO TCSD AND FRIENDS Thursday January 9th, 6pm Do you or a friend have a resolution to get in shape or try something new? Come find out what makes our Club awesome! Please join us to learn about the latest and greatest happenings with TCSD. This is a great opportunity to hear about all the Club has to offer, learn the basics about the sport of triathlon, and gain training partners.

If you are new to the sport, or just new to the Club, this meeting is for you! Non-members are welcome. No RSVP necessary. Bring/ Invite a friend! Free food and drinks will be provided


ries in nearly all of ultrarunning’s elite trail and road events, including the historic 153mile Spartathlon, the Hardrock 100, the Badwater 135-mile Ultramarathon, the Miwok 100K, and ”his signature race” the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, which he won a record seven straight times. The Washington Times named him one of the top runners of the decade, Runner’s

Sunday January 19th, 2:30pm This meeting is designed to kick up the run miles and get everyone pumped for our NCC run month (Feb). Who is Scott Jurek? Scott Jurek’s outstanding competitive resume includes victo-

Contact: Jay Lewis, or Paula Munoz,

All dates and events subject to change. * Refer to the Club’s website/calendar for additional workouts and latest information.

Location: Moment Cycle Sport 2816 Historic Decatur Rd. Ste 135 San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 523-BIKE (2453) map:

World awarded him a Hero of Running and Ultrarunning Magazine named him UltraRunner of the Year three times. In 2010, he set a new US all-surface record in the 24Hour Run with 165.7 miles ”6.5 marathons in one day” for which he was named USA Today’s Athlete of the Week. Read more about Scott a:



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Monday 6:00 AM Ocean Swim, advanced/expert swimmers

Location: Tamarack Beach.

6:00 PM

Ocean Swim in Carlsbad

7:30 PM

JCC Swim Workout

Location: Jewish Community Center (JCC) in University City

6:00 AM Pannikin Bike Ride

Location: Pannikin - 7467 Girard Ave., La Jolla.

Matthew Hiler

Location: La Jolla Cove.

Karen Cunningham •

Fee based.

Tuesday 6:00 AM Ocean Swim

6:00 PM

Christopher Metcalf

Location: Carlsbad.

6:30 AM Bike Workout in Point Loma, Group ride

Richard La China

Douglas Miller •

Location: Moment Cycle Sport, Liberty Station.

Track Workout in Carlsbad/North County, Coached session Monroe St. and Chestnut Ave.

Location: Carlsbad High School,

William Montaney William Murray

Wednesday 6:00 AM Ocean Swim, advanced/expert swimmers

Location: Tamarack Beach.

6:00 PM

Ocean Swim in Carlsbad

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Central San Diego, Coached session

7:30 PM

JCC Swim Workout

Aurora Murray

Location: La Jolla Cove. •

Madeleine Nations Location: varies, typically Fiesta Island.

Location: Jewish Community Center (JCC) in University City

Fee based.

Joseph Ortiz

Thursday 6:00 AM Ocean Swim

Location: Carlsbad.

6:15 AM Pannikin Bike Ride

Al Perez

Location: Pannikin - 7467 Girard Ave., La Jolla.

6:30 AM Bike Workout in Point Loma, Group ride

Location: Moment Cycle Sport, Liberty Station.

Friday 6:30 AM

Kim Pham Nicholas Raichart

First light ocean Swim

12:00 PM Swim workout

Location: La Jolla Cove.

Tamara Reimer

Location: Ventura Cove.

Kevin Scales

Saturday 8:00 AM Bike Workout, Group Ride

Location: Meet at Starbucks in Del Mar, Hwy. 101 & 15th St.

8:00 AM Bike Workout, Group Ride

Location: Nytro Multisport, Encinitas.

Sunday 2:30 PM

Meghan Nicola

Youth Triathlon Workout • Location: various • Contact coaches for details, Judy Carbary,

David Schuil Dwayne Shirley Carol Stachwick Sue Strohl Ricardo Velez Peter Wieczorek

* Refer to the Club’s website/calendar for additional workouts and latest information.




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HITS Palm Springs, CA

Del Mar Reverse Triathlon November 24, 2013

December 7, 2013


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Congratulations Iron Finishers! Double Iron - Virginia October 8, 2013

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21 Participants. Transitions and seconds not included Hi-Tech Bikes Contact: Jamie Henning 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1517 Discount: 10% bikes and wheels, 15% off accessories. continued on page 7

IM Florida - Panama City, FL November 3, 2013 Finish Division Swim Bike Tim Kadel






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DeeAnn Smith

By Craig Zelent

This month I talked triathlon with TCSD member, DeeAnn Smith. You will see that DeeAnn is a very special lady. She is on the top step of the podium in more ways than one.

Husband, No rm and DeeA nn after finis hing 2010 B oston Marath Craig: on.

What was your athletic background before triathlon? DeeAnn: My family moved to Phoenix, AZ from

rural Illinois when I was in 6th grade. Before then I did not have many options. I started with gymnastics and loved it. In school I tried something different nearly every year. First was soccer, then softball, then volleyball. I got to high school and sadly, yes, sadly I did the cheerleader thing. Not sure what I was thinking but the gymnastics came in handy!

How did you get started in triathlon? DeeAnn: NBC gets credit for getting me started. It was a Saturday and I was cleaning my house and saw “Escape from Alcatraz” triathlon on the TV. I was in awe. I was young and cocky and said to myself “I will do that someday”. Since I could not swim a stroke, nor did I own a bike, I got swim lessons and picked up a used Nishiki. My first tri was Mountain Man Triathlon in Flagstaff, maybe 1997? I was fifth to last coming out of the water and my Mom was standing outside transition screaming at me “Oh my God woman! I thought you drowned! Now get going, you’re almost last!” I remember seeing the results and

thinking I was happy to be in the top ten of my age group. I think there were ten in my age group. My mom was my biggest fan. I began doing well after a few seasons and would get on the age group podium and even had a few second and third overalls. Mom would tease me, lovingly of course, “3rd again! How about a first?!” The summer she passed I went to Big Bear and did the Sprint Xterra there. I finally won overall! I know she would have been ecstatic.

You have had a great triathlon career that includes four Ironman finishes, the Xterra World Championships, ITU Long Course Triathlon Worlds and Boston Marathon. What are some of the race performances you are most proud of and why? DeeAnn: These big races were great experiences. I think the individual journeys to each of those races are what stick with me most. In prepping for IM Lake Placid and IM Louisville in 2008 I was getting married. Norm and I got married in June 2008 so that entire year was IM training and wedding planning! As for Boston and ITU World’s, I had what I feel is the “master” plan… work your tail off to qualify and then go enjoy!! I did not train or race hard for either of those events, but I had a whole lot of fun! I love mountain biking! Convincing my husband to go off-road was the toughest part of Xterra World’s!


Moment Cycle Sport Contact: JT Lyons 2816 Historic Decatur Rd., Ste. 135 San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 523-BIKE Discount: 10% off product, labor excluded.

Nytro Multisport 940 S. Coast Highway 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 (800) 697-8007 Discount: 10% everything but service.

Pulse Endurance Sports Contact: Mike Drury 1020 A-2 Tierra Del Rey Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 656-5222 Discount: 10-15% off

The Triathlete Store 14037 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064 (858) 842-4664 Discount: 10% off CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page. continued on page 8

What is your favorite race? DeeAnn: Without a doubt, Escape from Alcatraz is my favorite. This year was my seventh Escape continued on page 8




Aqua Sphere Discount: Products sold through local retailers with TCSD discount.

De Soto Triathlon Company Contact: Emilio De Soto (858) 578-6672 Discount: 15-25% discount, see TCSD Member Discount web page.


Oasis One-Twelve Discount: 10% discount continued on page 12

and 2014 will be my eigth! I love it because it is an intimidating course. The water is cold and can be crazy plus jumping off the boat is chaos! The bike is challenging. It is hilly and technical. The run is also technical and difficult with several stairs, sand and the legendary “sand stairs” are a killer. It is different in some way every year, yet the course does not change. I have never been on the podium at Escape. That is my dream! I have been close, 4th a few times, including this year (2013).

You are married to TCSD member Norm Smith. I actually interviewed Norm back in 2006. How did you meet Norm? DeeAnn: We met on a flight to 70.3 World

ber came from you. You called to tell me you had breast cancer. The breast cancer news was memorable enough, but what stood out most to me during that phone call was your concern for how Norm would handle the next few months. You love one another so much. So much! And you were so selfless as to be worried about Norm. I thought “What a beautiful, loving couple! God, please let them make it through this” Please tell us how serious it was for you. DeeAnn: 2012 was a rough one for both of us. I found a lump in my breast in December 2011. I was worried, as anyone would be, but I really did not think I

Championships in 2006. I got on the flight to Tampa in Phoenix (where I lived at the time), the flight was coming from San Diego. If he tells the story, it was me that did not stop talking and he just wanted to read his book. I don’t remember it quite that way! We exchanged phone numbers and met up after the race with some other friends. We kept in touch and began the dreaded “long distance relationship” in early 2007. A lot of our “dates” were race weekends, which at the time was what we both did a lot of, so that was great. I moved to San Diego in September 2007. We got engaged on the same San Diego/Tampa flight, same seats, one year later...on our way to 70.3 World Championships.

I’ve had about a million phone conversations in my life, but one I’ll always remem-

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JANUARY 2014 8

oenix Oct, 2012. Race for the Cure Ph , ale fem ll era Ov st Fir


could have cancer. Are you kidding me? I am athletic, I eat right, etc. etc. Just no way! The breast surgeon, who does the biopsy, had time to get to know me a bit. That along with what I was assured by her and my gynecologist were three characteristics of the tumor that did NOT point toward cancer, made for a big surprise when the phone rang on a Friday afternoon at four! I knew it could not be good. I remember telling her “but I have a race tomorrow, what do I do?” She said “go race, live your life! This is just a speed bump!” A “speed bump”! I could not imagine it at the time, it looked to me like Mt. Everest. Norm came home and we cried together. I woke up the next morning and won a 5k in Temecula. This was January 20th. The next months looked like this: February 2012: Body and bone scans came back clear. Decided against lumpectomy and unilateral mastectomy after countless hours of research on recurrence. February 22, 2012: Bilateral Mastectomy yielded results: Stage 2b breast cancer, Grade 3, Estrogen and Progesterone Positive, HER2 Negative, seven lymph nodes removed. One node has a “micro-metastasis”. This meant Chemotherapy was a definite. This was an incredibly painful surgery, both physically and emotionally. My surgery was on a Thursday. I walked 1.5 miles to IHOP with my friends the following Tuesday. I did as much as the doctors would allow as far as activity and the day I was “released” to run was March 23. March 24, 2012: Race for the Cure LA. I won the 5k. I entered the survivor division, I was 1st overall female. The next day I ran a 10k. April 2, 2012: First day of chemotherapy. Norm shows up at the Y to pick me up for my treatment with a Komen edition 2012 Fiat 500. Silver with a pink stripe, of course! OMG! Who gets a new car on their first day of cancer treatments? Me, that’s who! 16 weeks, 8 treatments done every other week. This was no picnic. I stayed as active as I could during chemo. I had to keep some things “normal” with my routine, this helped me stay sane and remember that this would come to an end. It did seem endless at the time. So not only did I try to exercise (I gave up calling it “training”, because it wasn’t), I would also brew coffee every morning, even though I could not drink it. And I would set my alarm at 6am and get up. Because that is normally what I do! The day of my treatments I would get up super early and run, knowing I would be down and out for at least 4-6 days. Days 12 were never too bad which sometimes would lead to me overdoing it and paying a huge price the following days! Days 3-4 were always the worst. Nausea, fatigue, think of a bad flu. Just yuck. With bone and muscle pain (not from training!). Day 5 could be hit or miss. If I was feeling better, this was typically a Saturday and I would go ride with the B group. Sundays I would run 5-9 miles. Both of these were very, very hard and sometimes not the smartest choice for me to do. I paid some consequences from continued on page 10


CONVERSATION, continued MEMBER PROFILE ERIC WITMAYER Nickname: Estrogen Member since: June 2013 Website:

time to time. I teach cycle at the Y in Oceanside and I did not miss one class while in chemotherapy. Nor did I miss one session with my strength trainer, which is also on Mondays! I am very proud of that. Some of those workouts were not pretty, but that was never the point. July 10, 2012: Last day of Chemotherapy.

without him.

Among many other things, I really admired how you held onto your exercise during your cancer treatments. Please tell us how that helped you. DeeAnn: I was in the best physical condition I have ever been in January 2012. This was a huge hit to my ego. I was told, and knew that I could “weather the storm of treatments and surgeries better than most”, just because of my fitness. Great, so I got in great fight cancer!?!?! I did not want to come out of it with nothing, so I did what I could, when I could and accepted it...sometimes with grace and sometimes not so much.

July 28, 2012: Reconstruction Surgery. I thought the surgery in February was bad. This was worse. February’s surgery had three days of intense pain and then a steep recovery curve, I felt better by leaps and bounds after the first week and was running in four weeks. The reconstruction surgery was not so much intense pain, but the recovery time for both running and swimming was weeks longer! Age Group: M40-44 Status: Single and searching. Occupation: Systems security engineer. Favorite local restaurant: Mama's Bakery, University Heights. When not training, I enjoy: Hiking, volunteer work, photography, evil plotting. Before I became a triathlete I was: Not setting interesting / challenging goals. Who or what inspired you to start triathlons? I needed to complete one to get the coveted Team in Training triple crown. But, after avoiding it for so long, I loved it! My first triathlon: Super Seal, Coronado, March 2013. Pre and/or Post event ritual: Pre event, review equipment checklist and make a pile in the living room. Post event I go to Manilla Sunset grille and get a bibingka. Then I get a massage at the place next door. Favorite event/tri: Wildflower long course bike as 2nd part of a relay. Favorite segment (swim, bike or run): bike.

So you got the clean bill of health in July 2012. What challenges have you still had to deal with since then? DeeAnn: You got me here because I just stat-

At the end of August 2012 I had a big “so long Cancer” party, it was awesome and I have not looked back since! Norm never left my side. Dr. appointments, treatment days, bad days, he was here. Fixing me food, strange food that you crave during chemo! Keeping the meds straight, running to the pharmacy. Googling medical terminology, symptoms, drug side effects, you name it! No way I could have made it through any of this

ed “I have not looked back.” That is not true. Actually it is impossible once you encounter something like cancer. It changes you, changes your whole life. As hard as I tried to resist that change, it happened. When you start doing triathlons, who do you meet? Triathletes, runners, etc. When you have

Whether you have a work injury, personal injury or sports injury, we have the advanced training and unique capabilities to get you out of pain and back to your activities sooner. ■ Women’s Health ■

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"IKRAM 9OGA is a challenging series of 26 yoga poses with two breathing exercises designed for all ages and levels of ability.This 90 minute class targets every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon and organ in the body. With a regular practice you will see the effects of this in your strength and flexibility. "IKRAM 9OGA is done in a heated room to warm your muscles, prevent injury, allow a deeper workout, and cleanse the body by flushing toxins. A perfect compliment to your work-out, a great way to reduce stress, or to alleviate symptoms of long term or new injuries.

")+2!-9/'! New students, please arrive at leaset 15 minutes early for registration and orientation.


16473 Bernardo Center Drive, 2nd Floor San Diego, CA 92128 Entrance is located between Music for Kids First Citizen’s Bank (858) 673–YOGA Email:

*No discounts on 7 Day Intro Pass, Beverages, Single Pack Electrolytes, mat/towel rentals MUST present valid TCSD Membership card for discount. NO EXCEPTIONS

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MEMBER PROFILE, continued PR/Best race (or any split time): San Diego Tri Classic 2013 3:29:49. This year’s athletic goal: Finish the Palm Springs HITS 70.3, 2013 version.) Can’t race without: A beer waiting at the finish line. Most embarrassing or disastrous moment: Wipe out at the bike dismount line during San Diego Tri Classic, caught in a series of high speed pictures by a friend. My equipment: Wetsuit: fit2race Bike: Scott Shoe: Newton.

did prior to 2012. I can’t. I am on a medication called Tamoxifen for five years. Among other things it causes bone and muscle pain and muscle cramps. I am not happy about it, but I am happy to be alive. I do what I can as far as training. Structure and recovery, always huge components in any training plan, are key for me.

Equipment Wish list: Cervélo P5; Garmin pedals to measure power; TYR Hurricane wetsuit. Best advice: Smile for every race camera and especially for the finish line :) Favorite Thing(s) About TCSD: There is always a workout somewhere.

Who have been the most influential people in your life? DeeAnn: My family (mom, dad, sister) and my husband, Norm. My mother was born and raised in rural, farmland, Illinois. She always urged me to get out and try new things, explore, travel, etc. My dad was the conservative one which kept my life balanced. My sister is nine years older than I am. We are very close, but very, very, different. She has had too much

On the way to an AG victory at SW Regional Champship in 200 9.

cancer you meet... other cancer patients. Same cancer, different cancer... scared but brave, tired but pressing on. I have met so many others in similar situations to mine and some who, although the situation is similar, the outcome has been dramatically different. I have become familiar with a term, “survivor’s guilt”. It is an emotion I deal with quite often. When I got done with everything, I wanted it ALL to go away! It doesn’t and it can’t. It is part of who I am now. This is something I am still working on accepting. Part of me? Yes, but NOT who I am. I will not, just as in treatment, be defined by this. This is not to say I won’t, at some point, enter the “survivor” division of a race! Any ache, pain, bump, spot, anything... OMG, it’s back?!?!? It sounds nutty, but it goes through your mind. I want so much to train and race as I

continued on page 12



Road Runner Sports 5553 Copley Dr. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 974-4455

Rudy Project Discount: 40% off helmets and sunglasses. CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page.

Speedplay (800) 468-6694

Zoca Custom Endurance Gear San Diego, CA Contact: Hank Montrose

Xterra Wetsuits 610 Gateway Center Way, Suite J San Diego, CA 92102 (858) 565-9500 Discount: 60% off select wetsuits. CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page. continued on page 13

heartbreak in her life, losing both her children when they were young. Shortly after which our mother passed away. My sister is a pillar of unwavering faith and strength. Norm is my best friend and my everything. He has seen me at my best and my worst and everything in between. He supports me in anything, no matter the craziness level. Having Norm by my side I know everything is going to be great!

You were on the USA Triathlon Southwest Region Board from 2005 to 2011. What were your responsibilities and what does that organization do? DeeAnn: The USAT Regions are parts of the


What is the funniest thing you have seen during your triathlon years DeeAnn: I love helmets on backwards coming

out of T1 and helmets still on the head, in any fashion, coming out of T2, that is always good clean fun! And on that topic, I work part time, very part time, at a bike shop. In walks a guy whole. USAT utilizes the regional boards to about a year ago with his two pals. They are in divvy up monies and responsibilities. The indi- kits and on nice bikes so I make the assumpvidual regions have liberty, to some extent, to tion they have some experience and some do what they wish with their share of funding. knowledge. By the way, that was not a good I started out as Treasurer. Honestly for the first assumption to make. One guy has his helmet on two years, I sat back and attempted to get a backwards! I pull aside one of his pals and say handle on how things worked. Politics are NOT “you should really let your friend know his helmy “thing”, and at the time a lot was going on met is on backwards.” He says “Oh no. That’s with USAT. how he likes to wear it”, and walks away. s. What? Ok, so I go up to ld or W I was in 2011 Xterra Competing at the guy, “Sir, you know charge of writyour helmet is on backing the checks, wards?” balancing and creating the region’s budget. I ended up 2009-2011 as Vice President, which really is no more than a board member who can step in if the President is unable. I did like the VP position, less paperwork!

If you could waive a magic wand over the sport of triathlon, what would you like to change? DeeAnn: This is tough because I have several strong opinions about a lot


of different things in our sport. Bottom line is I love triathlon. With that in mind I am going to stay off a soap box and hopefully not start a riot by simply stating: I would love it to be mandatory for anyone who rides a bicycle to successfully complete a series of bike handling skills courses.

“Yes, I know, it feels better this way”, he says. This guy is 50+ years old, he knows what he is doing, right? Anyway, I proceed to tell him how the helmet cannot do its job (protect his head) if it is not worn properly. No sale. Wearing it backward, because it is more comfy that way! What is that saying? “You cannot fix stupid.”

What is your favorite benefit of membership in the TCSD? DeeAnn: One? There



many! I do enjoy the club races even though I do not take advantage of them as often as I’d like. The Yahoo group is a fabulous resource for me. Access to our enormous and generous TCSD family can cover almost anything a person needs… advice, carpool (across town or across the country!), a teammate, a workout buddy, you name it!

Craig: What are your future athletic goals? DeeAnn: 2013 was a wash for me. It was my intention to take this year, have fun and do what I want, when I want. I felt I deserved that after last year. Now I feel I just threw myself a year long pity party. So let’s move on! Athletically, I will be competing this year in triathlon but there are a couple other things I would like to do. One is do more OCR (obstacle course racing). I just love it and I will do the Spartan Sprint in January. I would like to do more mountain biking and do some CX races next season also. My newest passion is black cats. My mother

never liked cats, another influence she had on me. I never knew I liked cats at all until I got my husband a cat on his 40th birthday. This was right in the middle of my chemo treatments. This cat was my immediate pal. Who knew? Long story short, I soon realized that black cats are the least likely to be adopted (by over 50%) because of the myth that they are bad luck (and other reasons). Anyway, we have four cats now, three are all black. Two I rescued from Georgia - another long story. I am currently volunteering at a local cat rescue and the Feral Cat Coalition. I hope to spend more time volunteering this year to help all animals in our county.

You are also a triathlon coach. How can people reach you if they would like to learn about your coaching services? DeeAnn: Yes, I am a Level 2 USAT and Level 1 USA Cycling coach. My company is Gorilla Multisport. I have been coaching endurance athletes for over ten years now. My website is


XLab (760) 735-3215

Zoggs Goggles

Zoot Sports continued on page 15

continued on page 17


CHEESE FESTIVAL TRIATHLON, continued Stefanie couldn’t believe her luck. “Yes, very much.” “Why don’t you follow me down the hill? The greenhouse is next to the old house that’s serving as the headquarters for the cheese festival.” A short while later they entered the greenhouse where Annalise showed Stefanie the plants. The conversation drifted, and they chatted like they were old friends. Annalise described growing up in dairy country with little to do for entertainment. “Sometimes my brother and I opened the gates of the pastures, and the cows got out and blocked the narrow road. The drivers didn’t think it was funny, but we did. My parents let out the herding dogs, and we ran around to drive the cows behind the fences. That’s when I learned I loved running. I designed the course for Saturday’s triathlon around the routes I used to chase those cows.” Stefanie laughed. “You’re not anything like I’ve read about.” Annalise rolled her eyes and gestured dismissively. “That’s all for show and marketing. I took some acting classes in college. Acting bitchy draws attention, and now everyone knows my name and face. Can you think of a better way to market our products when we live in a small, French town?” They stepped outside the greenhouse. “Come, I’ll show you the old, stone house.” They walked across the yard. Annalise suddenly stopped, grabbed Stefanie by the arm, and yanked her down behind a wall.

JANUARY 2014 14

She whispered. “I see the cars of both the race director and the festival director, but that guy walking up to the house is Mafioso. His name is Raoul. He can only mean trouble. If they’re talking downstairs, we can hear them through the vents above the root cellar. My brother and I used to hide down there when we were kids. Be really quiet and follow me.” In the cool root cellar, they understood every word the three men spoke one floor above them. Raoul insisted on having a truck filled with bicycles drive through the mountains on the two-lane road during the triathlon or else he would sabotage the race and the festival. “It’s none of your damn business why I want to. There are too many police controls on the four-lane. One of you is going to be the truck driver. And if you fail ….” Stefanie could only imagine what he gestured as a threat. The two women slipped out of the cellar. “He’s smuggling something,” Annalise said once they were behind the greenhouse. “Maybe drugs or jewels stashed in the seat tubes,” Stefanie said. “I saw that happen in a TV show.” “We need to stop him, but how? The race and festival are only two days away. If we call the police, Raoul might carry out his threats and ruin the whole festival. It’s an important event for our region.”

“I have an idea,” Stefanie said. When she described it, Annalise smiled. “Why didn’t I think of that? I need to get started now if this is going to work.” “I’ll give you a hand if you’ll help me collect herbs next week.” “It’s a deal.”





Stefanie found Annalise early Saturday morning among the 500 participants gathered to race in the triathlon. “You look like you didn’t get much sleep last night.” Annalise shook her head. “I was up all night helping get everything ready.” A voice boomed over the loudspeaker. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our first annual cheese festival triathlon designed by our local pro, Annalise Charlaud.” Applause filled the air as the race director beckoned Annalise to the stage. She took the microphone and addressed the assembled crowd. “Welcome to our town on the lake, and the place I first learned to swim, bike, and run. I used to run through the pastures past the cows that produce the milk for our famous cheeses. Have you ever tried to tell a cow to hurry up and move?” She waited a beat


for the laughter to die. “Sometime during the night a truck drove off the road and put a big hole in the fence of a pasture with a large herd of cows, right on the route planned for the bicycle portion of today’s race. The cows are scattered and blocking the road, posing a danger for the cyclists. It will take several hours to round them up and lead them back into the pasture behind a repaired fence. A short while ago we


continued on page 17

Energy Lab Training Contact: Trevor King email:

The Fit Stop Human Performance Lab Contact: Ken Nicodemus (760) 634-5169 Discount: 25% off select testing services.

Gleason Endurance Coaching Contact: Bill Gleason

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PedPowerPerform Lab Bike fitting featuring Retül and pedal stroke analysis/coaching. (858) 270-1605 Discount: yes, contact for details. continued on page 16

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Sergio Borges X Training (858) 558-1337 Discount: 15 to 20% depending on training program.

Training Bible Coaching Contact: Jim Vance (619) 886-3227 Discount: $50 off all start-up fees and clinic/camp discounts announced as happening.

CHEESE FESTIVAL TRIATHLON, continued decided to change the bicycle route to follow the lakeside road. The run course will loop through the town where the residents will cheer you on. You won’t be climbing into the Alps this morning.” As many of the athletes cheered, a commotion ensued on the stage when Raoul barged up the platform and grabbed the race director. “What are you doing? You can’t change the race like this. What about my truck? How will it get through?” Annalise tried to intervene, but she was no

physical match for Raoul, a rotund thug who outweighed her by more than a hundred pounds. She used her next best weapon—the crowd. She spoke to him, broadcasting her words into the microphone. “What are you doing? What truck of yours? You can’t drive a truck up the road through the valley until the cows are safely behind fences. You can’t risk hitting them. They’re my cows. Do you hear that, everyone? He’s threatening my cows!” The crowd roared its disapproval. Raoul scowled at Annalise and left the stage.

Bring the Outdoor Indoors KICKR iPhone Powered Training*

TriPower Multisport Contact: Mike Plumb (760) 420-8032 Discount: Start up fee waived, refer to TCSD Member Discount web page.


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Special Pricing Available - final month,January. JANUARY 2014 16

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“Now let’s begin the cheese festival triathlon,” she said into the microphone. “I planned to win today.” With that announcement, the crowd cheered and prepared to start the triathlon. Nearly two hours later, as Stefanie was close to finishing her race, Annalise stepped from a side street and joined her on the run. “Did you win the race?” Stefanie asked. “I never even started. I’m exhausted from lack of sleep, and I was too worried about the cows if Raoul made the festival director drive that truck up the valley. I’ve been on the phone. The truck is trapped amidst a herd, and the police are on hand. That was a great suggestion of yours to let the cows loose, and a brilliant idea to keep them herded on the road to prevent the truck from passing. Thank you.” As they neared the finish line, a reporter rode alongside them on a motorbike. “Annalise, you said you’d win the race today. You didn’t even start it. What gives?” “If you opened your blind eyes, you’d see I did win. Maybe you need another job, like as a motorbike salesman.” Stefanie chuckled. Annalise nudged Stefanie’s lower back to let her cross the line a half a pace ahead. Stefanie felt like a winner, but Annalise was the grand champion.

CONVERSATION, continued and my phone is (602) 369-2575.

DeeAnn, thank you for sharing your story. God obviously has a lot more planned for you and Norm. We are lucky to have you both as TCSD members. Good luck with all your future goals! Craig Zelent is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach. Craig can be reached at (760) 214-0055 or

The World’s Finest Triathlon Gear


Fuel Factor Nutrition Contact: Kim Mueller (858) 337-3612

Power Bar

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Who raced the most in 2013? Number of triathlons

Brian Long Realty Contact: Brian Long (760) 415-3329

Competitor Magazine


Xanthe Belsky


Stephen Banister and Thomas Ryan


Andy Thacher, Karl Schnug, and Dean Sprague


Fernanda Gandara


Kurt Talke


Christopher Happ and Tracy Cohen


Deborah Jones and Chip Slack


Gerry Forman, Richard Reilly, Peter Blomgren, and Maureen Forsyth


Steve Smart, Lauren Essex, and Kai Nakamura

Combined miles for triathlons Richard Duquette, Bicycle Injury Lawyer Contact: Richard L. Duquette (760) 730-0500 or (800) 464-4123 Discount: Refer to TCSD Member Discount web page.


Fernanda Gandara

574.24 Xanthe Belsky


James Ismailoglu


Gerry Forman


Kurt Talke


Kat Gunsur


Dean Sprague

184.22 Andy Thacher


Richard Reilly

174.65 Karl Schnug


Oak Hill Software Contact: John Hill

continued on page 19

JANUARY 2014 18

313.13 Steve Smart

Peter Blomgren and Kai Nakamura (in only 4 races!)


403.22 Maureen Forsyth

MHS Works Contact: Matt Sparks (619) 756-3756

367.30 Thomas Ryan


Christopher Happ

Stephen Banister

Total number of any kind of race combined 112 Andy Thacher, 12 triathlons, 4 duathlons, 7 aquathlons, 10 swimming races and 79 running races and was the one who paid the most in entry fees at $3,900+ 43

Xanthe Belsky


Deborah Jones and Dean Sprague


James Ismailoglu


Tracy Cohen (including the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Across The Yearsâ&#x20AC;? 107 mile run)


Fernanda Gandara


Kat Gunsur


Stephen Banister


Peter Blomgren


Chip Slack


Kurt Talke


Thomas Ryan


Karl Schnug and Maureen Forsyth


Richard Reilly


Gerry Forman


Lauren Essex


Steve Smart


Most top 3 placement of any kind of race 112 Andy Thacher, with 4 remaining races as of 12/9/13


Kat Gunsur, Fernanda Gandara and Stephen Banister


Xanthe Belsky


James Ismailoglu


Gerry Forman


Kurt Talke and Karl Schnug


Thomas Ryan and Dean Sprague

Robertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Auto Service 4630 Mission Bay Drive (619) 275-1132 Contact: Keith Benline Discount: 10% to $100



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very so often I get the privilege to tag along for a ride with the PROs when they're back here for the summer. They tolerate my bad jokes, they wait for me at the tops of the hills, and throw me a spare tube when I've punctured for the third time. It will probably come as no surprise that these guys are are no different than you or me. They ride the same roads, receive the same obscenities yelled at them from drivers, and they’ll talk the same shit (with the exception that sometimes they’ll say surreal things like “hey, remember when Cancellara attacked in Paris Roubiax last year…yeah, that really hurt…)”. Besides raw talent, hard work, dedication and ability, these guys are much the same as the rest of us. No secret there. Watch with a close eye to try to quantify any differences or secrets they might hold. Here are a few subtle ones that you may be able to pick out: 1. They spin. Oh, do they spin. They tap out 100 rpm and don’t ever, ever stop. It’s not that they’re necessarily going fast, but they’re always spinning their legs over and a nice tempo. They don’t waste a meter of their ride coasting along. When you ask experienced coaches what the most important aspect of cycling is, they’ll tell you it’s pedaling. It sounds so basic, but there’s nothing that holds more truth. 2. They don’t hammer. They ride casually out to their training grounds nice and easy. There’s often a coffee stop in there somewhere. This isn’t true all season long, but you’d be surprised at how moderate many of their rides are. 3. They do intervals. Once they get to Kinglake, the Dandenongs, or wherever they’re heading, they almost always have intervals to do. Each of them different. This time of the year will usually entail some strength endurance work up in the hills and a lot of ~150km rides down the beach and back. 4. They ride tightly two abreast and respect the traffic. When traffic is building up behind them, they single up and let it pass. They ride like they have a right to be on the roads, but use common sense and don’t abuse that right. They also don’t ride in small groups. These guys deal with traffic on a daily basis and know how to keep out of trouble. The people who get into pissing matches with the traffic are the punters who don’t know any better. 5. The can descend, fast. They’re very comfortable descending and they make it look so easy. The lines they take are picture perfect and they’re in full control. They’ll sometimes even get something to eat or drink at 45mph and make it look like there’s nothing to it.






3 4


JANUARY 2014 20

6 7

6. They’ll dress with long sleeve jerseys, leg warmers, vest, and booties when training. Even if it’s 68 degrees outside. So PRO. Racing is a different story. 7. They know how to suffer. You ask most guys what separates an amateur from a PRO, or even a PRO from a top level PRO, they’ll always tell you that the best of them know how to suffer. They can hold on just that little bit longer and can put themselves into the red for a split second longer than the others until they crack. After a crash, they’ll pick themselves up and climb back on. It’s not in the legs, it’s in the head. This often takes years of experience to develop this mindset. It funny that these guys are among the toughest athletes in the world, yet they shave their legs and wear lycra. 8. They shine. Everything glistens. Their clothing is in perfect knick, their drivetrain is clean and their bikes sparkle. You can see a PRO from a mile away because of this fact alone. The speed at which they climb is obviously very fast, the one thing that is very apparent is that they are able to keep going at that same speed after 75 miles into it. That’s when the race really begins. Meanwhile guys like me are on digging fairly deep during every climb and we tend to start tiring out after 62 miles. The PROs keep going and are able to lift after this point. This is of course something that’s an element of their superior fitness. If you look at some power data you probably won’t see anything outstanding. However, the fact that they’re often so damn light brings their power to weight ratios through the roof. To the point above, most of the time it is quite striking how small many (not all, ei. Taylor Phinney) of the PROs are. Even guys who look fairly large in photos or on television are still quite small compared to most of us. When on the bike everything is in proportion so it’s tough to get a feel for their size, but when you see many professional cyclists in regular clothing you’ll notice how small you need to be to compete at the highest level. Keep a sharp eye.. keep looking for those little “secrets” that they might be able to fill you in on. The fact is, there are no secrets that will make us go faster or be better riders. There’s nothing special in their waterbottles or with the food they eat. They don’t use gimmicks or special equipment the rest of us don’t have access to. The biggest difference between us and the PROs is that they’re extremely talented and dedicated individuals and are much more headstrong when competing. They don’t do anything that’s drastically different than you and me. Modified article reprinted from


Gordon Weiss Schanzlin Vision Institute Alison Gordon (858) 455-6800

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UCSD Sports Medicine Contact: Robyn Stuhr

ARTICLES NEEDED! e are always looking for race reports. Share your latest experience, your first or 500th event. No two races are the same. Stories need not be just about triathlon, they can include running, cycling, tri travels… etc., whatever you think other club members may find interesting. Without content this newsletter will end up being just ads and that is no fun. Just a test to see who is reading... This may be the last issue of TriNews if member content is not supplied to fill these pages... we’re giving member one more month. Submissions date is the 15th of each month for the following month’s publication and should include photos whenever possible. Any questions on the submission process, please contact the publisher or editor for complete details. See page four for contact info.


Share your race report or adventure.

7855 Fay Avenue Ste 290 La Jolla CA 92037


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Call for a Free Consultation 800 NEW VISION

JANUARY 2014 22

no wetsuit, no problem

6th annual

no bike, no problem no experience needed Just bring your goggles and running shoes Entry Fee $30 per race $5 discount if member of host facility (must show membership card) Due race day. Entry fee includes: Goodie bags with Random Prizes Day use of host facility

Registration Details

What is an indoor triathlon?

Each race has limited space, so sign up early!

• 10 minute pool swim • 20 minutes of cycling (Spin Bike) • 15 minute treadmill run

Email entry information to:

Distances traveled for each segment are added up, most distance traveled wins!

Registration closes Thursday midnight before each race in order to organize wave starts and send out wave start times via email. Limited race day registration.

Questions? Please contact

Wave Start Time Details

February 22, 2014 - Saturday

Wave start times will be emailed 1-2 days prior to race day.

First wave begins at 8am

Frog’s Fitness - Carmel Mountain Ranch 12171 World Trade Dr. San Diego, CA 92128

Swim: 10 minutes 25 yards heated outdoor pool

Waves start every 25 minutes beginning at 8am. There will be 5 to 6 participants per wave. Last wave to begin around 1:10pm.

Bike: 20 minutes Spinner Bikes with cyclometers

Arrive at race location 30-45 minutes before your assigned wave start time and be on deck 20 minutes before your wave start.

Run: 15 minutes Treadmills, maximum 12.5 mph

(All participants must start at swim times/wave indicated in confirmation email, no exceptions.)

Limited to 66 participants. For complete event details visit and click on the SD Indoor Tri logo

Facebook San Diego Indoor Triathlon Series Net profits to benefit TCSD Cares (

ENTRY FORM - 6th Annual San Diego Indoor Triathlon

Volunteers Needed! Please email for details.

M Division F

First and Last Name (please print clearly)

Email Address

Register Early to Guarantee Your Spot!

Age on event date

Phone Number

Smart Phone

Frog’s Fitness Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 QR Code

>19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59

60-69 Entry Fees due race morning (Cash or Check payable to SD Indoor Tri Series - SDITS) 70+ or Mail this application with funds to PedPowerPerform Lab, 4040 Lamont St, 9 San Diego, CA 92109 or Email above information to and pay race morning or TCSD Members, can use the Club’s online event registration page and pay race morning. Liability/Release forms must be signed date of event.

Triathlon Club of San Diego P.O. Box 504366 San Diego, CA 92150 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

TCSD TriNews January 2014  

Triathlon Club of San Diego's monthly newsletter.

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