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COACHES CORNER: DECEMBER CLUB MEETING Friday 18th - 6:00 pm Ironman 2009 World Championship Viewing Party La Poloma Theater, Encinitas Cost: $10.00 per seat

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CONGRATULATIONS TCSD! 25 years and growing stronger & faster then ever. The largest and best triathlon club in the world.

Almost Offseason... Now What?

By Sergio Borges

We’re approaching that time of the year where athletes start to wonder: what should I do now? My season is almost over so what can I do to race faster next year? Here are our thoughts on the offseason: Take a bit of a break after your last race to recharge and freshen things up a bit. We also recommend a training program concentrating on aspects often forgotten by most athletes during the racing season. Take a Physical and Mental Break Once you finish your last race of the season it is time to take a little break. It is important to let your body recover and, perhaps even more importantly, to let your mind rest from all the training and racing stress. Play a team sport, go hiking with your loved ones or go on a skiing trip. You can still do some running, swimming or biking. Just keep it fun and unstructured. New activities will invigorate you, while your non-triathlete friends and loved ones will be glad to see you. Concentrate on Motor Skills Once you resume triathlon-specific training, keep the volume low and work on your motor skills. The best time of the year to do extra work on your motor skills is the offseason. During the racing season many athletes are so worried about split times and distance that

they forget about the importance of motor skills. Get your coach to film your stroke when you're swimming. If your bike is uncomfortable this is the best time of the year to get a new bike or get a professional bike fit on your old bike. Your body will have the time to adjust to any bike changes. For the run we recommend working on efficiency to improve leg turnover and minimize the time your foot is on the ground. Most top runners can maintain 96 steps per minute or better. Count the steps on one leg only, or double to 192, and count both legs over a minute. Don't be a (January) National Champion I am not sure where I heard this quote but I like it. Every time someone tells me about a great set of repeats or some crazy ride done at an incredible pace during the offseason I use the quote. The likelihood that this athlete can maintain this type of effort throughout the entire year is not very good. Training takes effort, it causes pain and it wears on you. Save that energy for when it counts later in the season. Being fit in January does not mean that you will be that much fitter by summer. The more likely scenario is that of low performance during the summer due to overtraining and getting mentally drained from all the high intensity. continued on page 3



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December Club Race December 12th, Saturday, 7am Location: Fiesta Island Distance: S 800m, B 12.5mi, R 4mi distances are approximate

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Devember Club Meeting December 18th, Friday Cost: $10.00 per seat Time: 6pm - 9pm Location: La Paloma Theater, Encinitas Check TCSD’s web site updated information.

SD Indoor Triathlon Series: Race 1 December 5th, fist wave 8am Location: WaveHouse Athletic Club SD Indoor Triathlon Series: Race 2 January 16th, fist wave 8am Location: Lawrence Family JCC Must pre-register! Visit for complete details and entry form.

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Strength Training As triathletes we like to think of ourselves as very fit individuals. We run, we bike, we swim - we do it all. Yet we find ourselves getting sore if we go play tennis or do yard work. This is even more so as we get older. Strength training will help us strengthen those muscles that we generally do not use in triathlon. I recommend strength training year round. However, I know that many athletes cannot seem to find the time to do all three disciplines and also hit the weight room. The offseason is a great time to get back on some strengthening program. It will improve your power, and help with injury prevention. Another great benefit of strength training is to promote the anabolic effect on your body to balance the catabolic effect of endurance or high intensity training. Plan Your Racing Season Start planning your racing season now. You may have to sign up soon as many top races fill up way in advance. I like having a nice progression to a racing season. Schedule some shorter races early in the season and finish with a big effort on a longer race. Other scenarios are possible. Just be sure to give yourself enough time between races of different distances to do some proper training. This will improve your chances of performing your best at various races and distances. I recommend you work backwards from your big goal races and schedule some shorter races that you can use as stepping-stones on the way. You can start specific training for the intermediate races earlier in the season. These races will also keep you focused and provide a base from which to build on.

Sergio Borges, Head Coach - Sergio Borges X Training. A Level III USA Triathlon coach and Level II USA Cycling coach who has spent over 15 years studying the science of triathlon training. Contact: or

A special feature for the newsletter and website.

oping strength with low-cadence high-resistance intervals. Get a consistent and small dosage of aerobic riding during the offseason. I find that getting on a trainer is not the most fun activity over the offseason, especially for runners and swimmers. Make that commitment and you will be glad you did when triathlon season comes around.

Show us your TCSD Spirit!

Train Your Weaknesses I like this motto in general but I want to make sure that training weaknesses does not turn into doing mega-mileage during the off-season. If swimming is your weakest discipline, concentrate on motor skill improvement rather than swimming 5000 yards five times a week. Most improvements in swimming come from repetition and frequency. If you swim 25,000 yards a week using bad technique you will be cementing bad technique into your muscle memory and make it that much harder to fix. You will become a very fit slow swimmer. Similarly, if running is your weak sport I do not recommend training for a marathon to become a better runner. Work on your running technique by improving your stride rate as mentioned above. If you have to schedule a running race I suggest distances up to a half marathon. A full marathon is generally a very difficult and demanding event. It will promote a huge catabolic effect on your body and micro tears on your muscles (slowing recovery). A marathon can take up to a month to fully recover from, and it could drain the energy needed for your triathlon racing season. I often hear, “But coach - I signed up for Ironman Canada and I want to make sure I can run a marathon.� Here is my take on that. For most triathletes an Ironman is an exercise in energy management. The great majority of athletes walk during the marathon to insure fluid and food intake. The Ironman marathon is more like a training run. A solo marathon on the other hand is more an exercise in pain management, the pace is high, runners barely break stride to get that half cup of water. Most runners do not walk unless they hit the wall. It is a very different event. Running a marathon in the winter only proves that you can run a marathon and you can handle a three- to five-hour effort. I have seen many top marathoners struggle during an Ironman. Performance at one does not translate to the other. Scheduling a few long training runs of 18 to 20 miles during Ironman training should mentally prepare an athlete who has any doubts of their capability to complete a marathon. We suggest you save your energy during the offseason and train properly for the Ironman. Finally, if the bike is your weak discipline it is usually because you lack strength. Get on your trainer or go outside if the weather permits and work on devel-

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TCSD WEEKLY WORKOUT CALENDAR MEMBER PROFILE ROBERT McCARTHY Nickname: swimmers call me “driftwood” Member since: 1993

Monday 6:00 PM

Group Run, 4-6 miles, all paces welcome.

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: Movin Shoes, Encinitas.

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

6:00 PM

Run Workout, 5 miles

6:00 PM

Track Workout in Carlsbad, a coached session

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Moment Cycle Sports, 1357 Rosecrans.

Location: Mission Bay Boardwalk. Meet at south jetty parking lot. •

Location: Carlsbad H.S. Track.

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Advanced MTB Training

Location: Penasquitos Canyon Side Park (east pkg lot). Location: Starting at Holland’s Bicycles.

Bike Workout in Coronado

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Cental San Diego

When not training, I enjoy: Working in the yard/house, burning cd’s of the blues/country/hits of the 60’s and 70’s, celebrating that it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Location(s): varies,

Contact: Andy Concors, details at 7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Thursday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Starting at Moment Cycle Sports.

Friday 6:45 AM

Ocean Swim in Solana Beach, in the water at 7am.

Location: at Fletcher Cove

(I-5, to Lomas Santa Fe west)

Saturday 8:00 AM

Bike Workout in Del Mar, all levels welcome. (Hwy 101 & 15th st.)

Location: Meet at Starbucks

Sunday Sunrise

East County Trail Run; various start locations in Mission Trails Regional Park, Contact: Florian Hedwig for specific week’s information (619) 820-2388, or Contact: Mark Kenny for more information (760) 271-2003

7:30 AM

Penasquitos Trail Run

7:45 AM

Swim (starts at 8 sharp) and run follows towards Torrey Pines Park

Location: Meet at

Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. 8:30 AM

Status: Married, 2 boys, 20 and 14 Occupation: La Jolla High track & cross country coach, retail auditor.

Contact: Dave Krosch, 6:00 PM

Age group: M 40+ clydesdale, looking forward to January and “racing” 60+ clydesdale

REAL Beginners Bike Ride - Once a month (see following page for date & complete details)

Favorite local restaurant: I do the cooking for our family, and we eat fresh each day—don’t get out much—JV’s or The Dollar Menu. Before I became a triathlete, I was a: High school/college runner, no slouch (anybody see caddyshack?) as a golfer, then a baseball player at 35. Favorite Race/Tri Event: Superfrog director Moki Martin gave me quite an opportunity to participate in his races, which hold my greatest sense of accomplishment. Former athletic director Jim Duckworth’s (he was also good to TCSD) Camp Pendelton International Tri, which is now gone, was another rare experience experience military protocol and pride, I like Rick Kozlowski and his staff (KOZ Events), and truly enjoy their events, and what would the sport be without our club races. continued on page 6



Congratulations IM Finishers!

continued Best leg of a triathlon: I like the experience of the races, as my training the past couple of years is more or less limited to erg rowing. PR/Best Race: Had a (50 plus, 1:58) clydesdale world record at Dannon Duathlon in Carlsbad also extermely proud of winning superfrog (5:39 for 50+). Most Embarrassing or Disastrous Moment: I get embarrassed every race, the disaster is being photographed wearing lycra/whatever that stretchy stuff is. My Equipment: Wetsuit: QR for real cold water and XTERRA for the others Bike: Cannondale frame, Campy moving parts and wheels Running Shoes: Nike Equipment wish list: That’s easy; An inner tube pulled by a jet-ski, Electric bike motor (undetectable), and roller blades.

IM World Championship - October 10, 2009 Time Patrick Baldwin Philippe Krebs Kate Major Brad Golden Charisa Wernick Brian Scott Dean Sprague Kim Rouse Elizabeth Daubner Darcy Eaton Kebby Holden Ron Anderson Vickie Alexander Al Tarkington Julia Van Cleave Jim Fix Garry Elmitt

9:31:25 9:53:29 10:01:52 10:09:33 10:17:14 10:17:15 11:10:01 11:25:31 11:28:42 11:30:22 11:47:15 12:43:25 13:12:59 14:27:06 14:49:10 15:13:38 16:23:13

Dean Sprague

Best advice: Look for as positive an identity crisis as this sport has been for me.

Heather Axworthy Frank Barry Kathleen Berghausen John Bohan Christopher Brown Thierry Cahez Ernesto Caraveo David Cote Michaela Danek Bruce Davis Luiz Dias John Duarte Catherine Ellis continued page 7


AG Rank





M30-34 1:02 5:13 3:09 M30-34 55:19 5:08 3:42 WPro 58:46 5:24 3:34 M25-29 59:20 5:20 3:37 W30-34 1:06 5:32 3:33 M35-39 1:10 5:16 3:43 M45-49 1:10 5:41 4:10 F50-55 1:19 6:01 3:55 W45-49 1:03 5:59 4:17 W40-44 1:16 6:03 4:03 W35-39 1:01 5:48 4:48 M45-49 1:14 6:27 4:36 W55-59 1:28 6:43 4:50 M70-74 1:22 7:09 5:42 W55-59 1:10 6:35 6:46 M40-44 1:19 7:41 5:50 M70-74 1:39 7:26 7:00 Seconds and transitions not included.

The Great Floridian, Cleremont, FL - October 24, 2009 Time 11:36:16

Can’t Race Without: Being grateful.



107 10 235 39 296 20 344 43 419 5 421 86 843 91 947 5 971 7 984 19 1064 43 1262 140 1338 9 1479 6 1518 18 1551 237 1628 15 1,853 Participants.

OV AG Rank AG Swim Bike Run 8 2 M45-49 1:07 5:50 4:32 263 Participants. Seconds and transitions not included.

IM Florida, Panama City, FL - November 7, 2009 Mac Brown Randy Slezak Daniel Williams

Time 10:08:21 10:57:30 13:15:27

OV AG Rank AG 26 16 MPro 421 20 M35-39 1505 45 M45-49 2,880 Participants. Seconds and

Swim Bike Run 1:04 4:37 4:21 1:12 5:23 4:08 1:04 5:59 5:57 transitions not included.

Silverman, Henderson, NV - November 8, 2009 Time Paul Jesse Tomas Majek Greg Kogut Brian Long

11:22:13 11:44:57 12:20:23 12:46:10

OV AG Rank 7 2 18 5 32 6 57 9 200 Participants.





M25-29 54:13 6:19 4:03 M40-44 56:54 6:54 3:43 M35-39 1:09 6:21 4:42 M30-34 1:06 6:52 4:35 Seconds and transitions not included.

If you are entered in an “iron” distnace event (or longer), please email TCSD’s Ironman Coaches. Mike Drury or Liam Thier at That’s the only way to get listed in the TCSD results.


By Craig Zelent

I had the pleasure of talking triathlon with the TCSD’s Charisa Wernick who earned her podium moment at this year’s Hawaiian Ironman. Charisa finished 5th in the women’s 30-34 age group with the super fast time of 10:17:14. Please join me as we get to know this very impressive lady. Craig: What was your sports background when you were a kid? Charisa: I played all kinds of sports when I was younger but my main focus was gymnastics. After college there really isn’t much you can do with gymnastics competition-wise, so I ran my first marathon as soon as I quit gymnastics. Craig: How did you become a triathlete? Charisa: I dragged my Dad into marathon running in college and he did the same for me about a year later with triathlon. He suggested we race the Chicago Triathlon in our hometown. And race we did! I borrowed a bike with basket pedals on it because, really, who wants to be attached to their bicycle for that long?! I wore baggy soccer shorts, as spandex was just not something that inter- Charisa and Stephen, all smiles after completing ested me, AT ALL. I spent what felt like 20 IM KOA in 2009. minutes in transition because I couldn’t He looked at me like I was crazy, but agreed to locate my bike. It all looks so different once help me. I loved the race; it was everything I they fill that thing up with a million bikes! thought a triathlon should be and finished it And we were hooked. My Dad wanted to do in 6 hours. this race called Kona. I had NO CLUE what this was. But apparently if it’s something you have Craig: What Ironman races have you done? to qualify for, my Dad and I become more Charisa: Coeur d’Alene (CDA) and Kona multiinterested. ple times. I really need to branch out! HAHA! Craig: What was your first long course IM CDA in ‘06 when it was hellfire hot (12:06), IM CDA again in ‘07 (11:13), I got lucky and triathlon like? got a rolldown slot to Kona. Kona ‘07 (11:26), Charisa: I signed up for Wildflower because IM CDA ‘08 (10:35) This qualifed me for Kona someone had told me it was the hardest 1/2 without rolldown, something I was very excitiron distance event around. I figured if I could ed about. IM Kona ‘08 (10:46) IM Kona ‘09 do this race I could go the full distance. My (10:17). I qualified for Kona ‘09 at IM parents flew out to CA and camped with me California 70.3. the night before the race. I was in grad school at the time and had actually graduated to cli- Craig: How did this year's Kona play out for pless pedals, but was riding my Dad’s old you? Softride bike. I remember taking it to the bike Charisa: This year was by far my favorite. I shop and telling the bike mechanic that “I’m had a ton of friends racing and I was not nervin school, poor, and can’t afford a new bike – continued on page 8 please make this work for my 1/2 Ironman!!”

NEW MEMBERS, cont. Clinton Emrich Jennifer Flading Jesus Gomez Kathy Hall Jaclyn Hannibal Robert Hedglen Rebekah Hernandez William Jones Ali Karbassi Talina Konotchick Sante Kotturi Michael Kropf Shoshana Lazik Dallin Lindahl Jeffery Lo David Lozano Robin Mangold Patricia Manners Gentry Marks Jesse Martinez John Matias Whitney McFadden Michelle Mehok Brianne Moskovitz Mario Murillo Tracy Nelson Robert Owens William Pandori Marcus Peoples Pete (Lisa) Peters Spencer Pettine Luiz Henrique Pimenta Filho Shahla Rivera Daniel Rohn Nick Rongione Brian Santirosa Sharla Serrano Dustyn Severns Joshua Smith James Sola Jason Stratton Nicole Tarazi Brian Turner Eric Varley Edgar Vasquez Jamie Williams David Wilson Greg Wolf Monica Yonker Shelley Zimmerman


TCSD Conversation, continued TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Many race promoters offer TCSD members special discounts. Some events require club members to use mail-in application and include a photocopy of TCSD membership card, others may require a special code. Visit the club’s discount section on the web for additional details and discount codes. Elite Racing Rock & Roll Marathon (San Diego) Discount: $10 off. Encinitas Triathlon Discount: $10 off. Jingle Bell 5K Benefits Arthritis Foundation. Discount: $5 off. Kathy Loper Events At least a dozen local 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. For a complete list go to the website. Discount: $3 off all events. Klein and Clark Sports Productions Desert Triathlon, Sprint and Olympic Races. Discount: $5 off Sprint/$9 off Olympic. Koz Enterprises Spring Sprint Triathlon, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach Triathlon, Mission Bay Triathlon, Silver Strand Half Marathon. Discount: $5 off all events. Pacific Sports LLC Los Angeles Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon and Marathon and more. Discount: $10 off all events. Pacific Coast Triathlon Held at the majestic Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach. Discount: $10 off. continued page 9


ous. I knew I had done the work and it was the same. To really push myself and see how more a day of fun, where I got the opportuni- fact I can get. I want to chase the fast girls ty to race against the best in the world, and all day! It really seems like the opportunity of see what my training had accomplished. My a lifetime. I don’t want to ever have any swim was relatively low on contact compared regrets in life; this is an area I’m willing to to years past, but that being said, I came out take a chance and go for it. As far as getting of the water slower than planned. I had no the actual card, there are qualifying standards idea what place I was in going out on the bike. that USAT sets for applying for your Pro Card. The part of the race I’m most proud of is my Finishing overall amateur at a 70.3 race, top bike split. In ‘07 I biked a 6:23 and thought it ten amateur at Kona, etc. was the hardest thing I had ever done. In ‘08 Craig: What do you do for a living? I biked 6:00. I worked on my bike a TON this Charisa: I sell microscopes. My Dad and I own past year because I knew it was my weakest a business together ( link. My 5:32 bike split is 100% a result of We sell microscopes literally all over the world. hours spent riding around North County with It’s always a good conversation starter; most my friends. Heading out on the run I knew I people don’t know anyone was in 8th place. Podium who sells microscopes. And had been a big goal all since I’m in sales, I’ll use year, as well. By the time these two sentences to do I hit the Queen K I had just that – microscopes make moved into 5th place, great Christmas gifts! You can fell back to 6th and get an extra $10 off any moved to 5th again. It microscope with coupon code wasn’t until I went into TCSD online. In all seriousthe energy lab that I ness though – the job is a knew where the other blast. I love working with my girls were. At that point, Dad and seeing the results of I knew I needed to fight our hard work pay off. hard to stay in 5th, and Craig: You bike to work freshort of one of the girls quently. What is that experiahead of me blowing up, ence like? I most likely would not move into 4th. In the IM KOA 2009 finishing with friends. Charisa: It’s actually one of energy lab, I ran into my my favorite parts of the day. I friend, Nick Bokhoven, who motivated me, dis- hesitated to bike commute for a long time tracted me and was just awesome the entire because I live fairly close (5 miles) to work. It rest of the race. seemed too short to me. I also was a bit worWe picked up TCSD member, Brian Scott, ried about biking in the dark, etc. I finally right before we hit Alii Drive and it was by far decided that, “I live too close to work to bike commute”, was a lame excuse. I bought some my most memorable Ironman finish. lights and started out with a few days a week. Craig: You have decided to race professionally It took me a little while to figure out how to in 2010. What factors did you weigh in making get my clothes to work, the bike bag, etc. But that decision? And what do you need to do to once I got into a routine I really fell in love get your pro card? with it. I started biking to masters at 5:30am Charisa: I love triathlon and I really love rac- and honestly, there is nothing that compares ing. I have always been in this sport because to riding to the pool in the dark. I have seen it is fun and because I have always been in bats and coyotes and the roads are peacefully this sport because it is fun, and because I quiet. The best part is, after swimming I get to wanted to see how good I can get. My reasons zip by all the rush hour traffic on my bike. for being involved with triathlon today remain With traffic, the commute is exactly the same

ly made me appreciate what I have. I realized life can be short and it’s definitely not always fair, but at the same time I have so much to be thankful for. Moving to California and meeting my now husband ranks right up there as well. I’m pretty sure I would have never gone as far as I have in triathlon without his support and ability to make me laugh. Craig: Who are your sponsors? Charisa: I’m lucky to be able to work with some amazing people and companies who have helped me out a lot. Kestrel, Zoot, GU, Brooks, Rudy Project, Ritchey Logic, SaltStick, Zipp, TwinSix, SmackMedia!, Team BSK and the Running Center. HeartBreak Ridge half marathon. amount of time as in my car. This past year, my tiny bike commute miles added up to over 1,500 miles! If you’ve ever thought of bike commuting try it – it’s WAY BETTER than car commuting. Craig: What would you tell someone who is tempted to try their first triathlon? Charisa: Go for it and don’t be intimidated. I wish when I had started triathlon, I’d had a resource like TCSD. Ask questions and remember, all of this is for fun. I can’t think of a better way to stay in shape, have new challenges, and make some great friends than through triathlon.

Craig: What are your future triathlon goals? Charisa: Sub-10 in Ironman is a big one. Trying to get on the podium with the pros is another. My biggest goal in the coming years is really to just keep triathlon fun as I chase my goals.

TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Tri California Alkatraz, Pacific Grove, San Francisco, Wildflower Triathlons and Scott Tinley’s Adventures Discount: Search TSCD’s Forum for discount code. Tri Events Los Angeles Triathlon Championship Series at Bonelli Park. Discount: 10% off race entry. Silverman Half iron distance and iron distance event, Henderson, NV. Discount: $10 off. SuperFrog Half Ironman distance race takes place on the Coronado Strand. Discount: $10 off.

Craig: Charisa, I have no doubt you will achieve all of your goals. You have the perfect approach to triathlon and to life in general. Thanks for sharing your story! Craig Zelent is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach. Craig can be reached at 760-214-0055 or

Craig: What were some of the most significant life changing events of your life? Charisa: Oh wow, there have probably been several. In college, my childhood friend and roommate died unexpectedly; this definitely changed my life. It made me want to live life to the fullest and real-

Family photo in the host hotel lobby.



B&L Bike and Sports Contact: Scott Porter • Discount: 10% off soft goods excluding labor, Zipp, Hed or Oakley products.


Cassdiy’s Message Clinic Contact: Chris Cassidy (858) 450-4456 • Discount: 10% off services.

Hi-Tech Contact: Hank Montrose 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1517 • Discount: 15% off soft goods, 10% off hard goods. Rehab United Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc. (Rehab United or RU) 3959 Ruffin Rd., Ste. F, San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 279-5570 • Discount: 10% off services. Moment Cycle Sport Contact: JT Lyons or Cory Osth 1357 Rosecrans St., Ste A, San Diego, CA 92107 (619) 523-BIKE • Discount: 10% off everything excluding labor, 15% off clothing.

940 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 (800) 697-8007 • Discount: 10% off retail for all products excluding labor, Zipp and Hed products.

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Beaker Concepts, Inc. Contact: Andrew Beaker

University City Physical Therapy Contact: Gino Cinco (858) 452-0282 • Discount: 10% off cash payments.

Discount: 35% off all products, use code TCSD. Road Runner Sports

Rudy Project Discount: 40% off helmets and sunglasses, discount code available on TCSD Member Discount web page.


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in the name of any injured TCSD member. Prudential Realty Contact: Brian Long (760) 415-3329 (619) 588-4113 • Blue Summit Financial Group Contact: Judy Seid (619) 698-4330 •

Zoot Sports

NUTRITION Competitor Magazine

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By Richard L. Duquette Hank Montrose is the owner of Hi-Tech and his mission statement says it all, “Come into the store as a guest, leave as a friend.” Let’s imagine walking through his 5000 sq. ft. store, chalked full of triathlon, road, and track bicycles, as well as a full line of hi-tech parts and accessories. Here we go….. Once you enter the store, you will receive prompt and experienced service at Hi-Tech They have a large service bay for repairs, staffed by experienced mechanics; and a custom private fitting room, should you want to build a bicycle to your body and riding style. Hank is qualified to fit bicyclists, as he flew to New York and completed a three day, 10 hour a day Serrotta bicycle fitting class. There he studied bicycle angles, tube size, body mechanics, and Hank (far left) and the crew. human anatomy. He is also FIST certified. trade name, Hank researches the Add this to his 15 years in the business and 25 products he carries. In other words, he is year background as an expert custom jeweler selective, looking for product safety, verifying and you can be sure that he has an eye for manufacturers claims, and he even road tests detail when fitting you to a bicycle. In fact, his product while racing. He modestly boasts Hi-Tech was one of only fifteen of his wholesale line of 1,500 ceramic bearing bicycle stores in America recommended by inventories, which minimizes wheel rolling Triathlon Magazine, due to his high standards. resistance thereby increasing efficiency and Besides his road and off road bicycle racing speed. Hank also imports high end German experience, Hank also races triathlons. lightweight components like carbon fiber Reluctantly, he admits to winning his age chain rings, and an assortment of seats, aero group at the 2009 Solana Beach Triathlon, bars, and race wheels. He even proudly disalthough he laughingly played Shimano‘s new light says that the top guys weight “electronic shifting” weren’t racing that day. (I system on a carbon frame knew he won fair and at a recent TCSD meeting. square, as we chatted at He carries an extensive line the waters edge before of bicycles including, the start of the race.) Serotta, Colnago, Look, Lately he garnered 3rd Guru, Orbea, Jamis, QR, place in his first 1/2 LiteSpeed, Bianchi, and Ironman at SOMA. Kestrel to name a few. Moreover, he is a dedicatIf you want form fitting ed father and husband, clothes, shoes and wetwho often races with his suits, Hi-Tech’s 16 year old daughter on seven employees will take their tandem bicycle. the time to personally cusMost recently, they rode tom fit you into a variety of the Solvang Century. quality product lines like True to his Hi-Tech Emillo DeSoto’s Fine Line, Got wheels?

2XU, Orca and Zoot to name a few. When you buy new bicycle shoes, your cleats will be safely adjusted to your pedals. Now that is service! Speaking of safety, Hank believes in promoting the longevity of triathlon. He refuses to cut corners when inspecting bicycles before giving them his ‘ok’ seal of safety approval. When a bicycle comes in for repairs, Hank’s staff goes over and beyond. They look for safely adjusted brakes, worn tires, and misaligned gearing. Hank believes a return to a ‘bike

check’ sticker system before a race is a good idea, to protect his customers and race directors. He also uses “green” biodegradable part cleaning agents because he cares about the environment. Hank’s “crew” also generously gives back to the community. They volunteer as shop mechanics at various rides, like the Alpine Challenge, MS Ride Support Stop, Team in Training, and Father Joe’s Village. Hi-Tech is conveniently located at Clairemont Mesa Blvd. near the 5, the 163, and 15 freeways, which allow San Diego City, inland and commuter customer’s easy access to his store. Of interest, he does cater to female clients and offers a 10-15% discount to TCSD members. Check them out online at or contact Hank directly by email at or by phone at (858)715-1517.

FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS Catherine Parker, C.M.T. Pacific Beach, CA (619) 757-0062 Licensed massage therapist, Discount: $10 off each session. NUTRITION @health (858) 864-9333 Contact: Tamara Renee for Testimonials and referrals. NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING based on YOUR body’s unique nutritional type, a Nutritious & Delicious MEAL SERVICE, CATERING for 10–150 guests for private/work functions. Discount: 10% off all services. Healthy nutrition and performance supplements. Enjoy elite team pricing (wholesale or even better) on Bradventures and CytoSport products. Discount: 10% off your already low wholesale pricing for a limited time! Refer a friend to and get a $10 gift certificate. Clif/Avia Contact: Anna Gerber Fuel Factor Nutrition Kim Mueller, MS, RD, owner Fuel Factor Nutrition. (858) 337-3612 Discount: 10% on nutrition services with TCSD card.

CALL FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (please mention tri-club)

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FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS Electrolyte capsules and dispensers. Innovative electrolyte formulation and nifty inside handlebar capsule dispenser designed for training and race-day nutrition. Discount: 15% off your order with code “TCSD15” at Sportquestdirect (800) 776-4363 Contact: GR Krishna Great products like CarboPro and Vantage. Discount: 10% off all products. Write “TCSD” after your name when ordering online. Discount subtracted after they receive your order. APPAREL & EQUIPMENT Paradowski Swim Sport 7962 Convoy Ct, San Diego, CA (858) 569-6946 Contact: Tom and Regina Paradowski Discount: 10% off everything. Swim West 120 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA (760) 635-8556 Contact: Julie Bradley Discount: 15% of swimwear and tri clothing, 10% off all swim accessories. OTHER SPONSORS Acqua al 2 (’ah-qwa-all-doo-eh’) 322 5th Ave. Gaslamp, San Diego (619) 230-0382, (619) 230-0647, fax Contact: Cassie Piercey Discount: $17 special on the restaurant’s signature pasta sampler, plus a glass of red wine. continued on page 13


PAINS OF AN ATHLETE: Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fasciitis can be a devistating ailment that can keep an athlete (or anyone else for that matter) sidelined for a long time if not treated properly. Note: This is non-medical advice, information provided is from my own research and experience dealing with my own issues of plantar fasciitis. What is it? It’s the inflamation of the Plantar Fascia ligament under the arch of the foot. Typically this inflamation causes pain at the heel of the foot under pressure, especially during one’s first Calcaneus steps in the morning. Pain typically subsides during the day.

By Dean Sprague


The Obvious. Rest or stop running!

Stop Using Old Shoes. Get a new pair that is correct for your running style.



No/Low Impact Exercises, such as elliptical trainers and pool jogging. These will keep your cardio levels up and also work different muscles that are typically used by triathletes.

Stretch The Plantar before your first steps in the morning. Sit on the bed, cross you leg with effected Metatarsils foot on your knee. Curl toes upward as far as you can and use your hands to curl even further. Strained What causes it? There is With your other hand/thumb Plantar Fasciitis no one certain answer; worn apply pressure to the plantar ligament at varout shoes, wrong shoe type for your running ious points along the arch and heel. Repeat style, overload of physical activity or exerthis 3-4 times throughout the day. cise...excessive running. Even muscular n Ice. Fill a Gatorade bottle with water and imbalance can be a contributing factor. freeze. Once frozen, use to roll your foot/arch What are common methods of treatover it. Apply downward pressure while foot ment? Again, there is no one certain answer; is rolling over it. Do this 3-4 times a day. everyone reacts differently to each treatment method. n

FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS Bernardo’s Restaurant 12457 Rancho Bernardo Rd. San Diego, CA (858) 487-7171 Contact: Bernard Mougel Discount: 20% off all meals. Hike, Bike, Kayak Discount: Buy Two La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tours, bring another person for free! This is a two-hour guided kayak tour of the gorgeous sea caves area. (Includes equipment and plenty of free instruction on proper paddling technique.)

Stretch The Calf. The plantar actually runs up the back of the calf, so the calf muscle must also be stretched. Any calf stretch will do, search Google or Youtube for examples.


Specific Exercises. Using an elastic band, place slightly above the ankles, side step laterally about 10 steps each side. Feel the inner thighs and glutes working. Running is a forward movment and this is a great change up to get the body moving laterally (sideways). Another exercise is single leg dumbell or kettle ball squats. When squatting, keep head up and don’t let the knee travel too far forward. This is great for increading balance and core strength. Plantar Fasciitis need more than local treatment; legs, glutes and back all need to be strengthened and stretched.


Stimulate the Fascia. Fascia is strong connective tissue which performs a number of functions, including enveloping and isolating the muscles of the body, providing structural support and protection. Stimulating the plantar fascia and calf area fascia will draw new blood to the area. Fresh blood aids in recovery. Use a firm ball that is the size of a tennis ball or slightly larger. Place the ball under the arch of the foot, swirl your foot around keeping the ball under the arch. Apply downward pressure while moving the foot around. This is also good n Off The Shelf Products. I use the Strassburg Sock, shown here, at night under the calf muscle. Sit on ( It keeps tension on the floor with your legs out, the plantar fascia so it heals in a place ball under the calf, stretched position. Heel cups with gel to swirl your body around by absorb impact, plantar/arch straps that lifting you butt off the apply tension to the plantar ligament ground. The ball and your The Strassburg Sock which can be worn during exercise. hands are the only contact point with the ground. You may need to place Insoles, off the shelf orthotics or custom the ball on a slightly elevated surface for full orthotics. Your foot sturcture may be changing. effectiveness. A rolling stick is another option. n Prayer. That right, understanding and


believing in a higher power can do wonders.

John Howard Performance Sports 1705 Old Mill Rd Encintias, CA 92024 (760) 944-3787, (203) 762-7578 Discount: 10% on Bike Position Analysis. MHS-Works The Bicycle Doctor and Quality building Maintenance & Repair Contact: Matt Sparks (619) 756-3756 Discount: 10% Discount off labor. San Diego Humane Society Contact: Sarah Whorley Discount: 1 year extension to your membership if you adopt an animal from the San Diego Humane Society.

Make sure you check out or subscribe to Kashi’s montly eNewletter

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RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Tri Berry Bread Pudding Been to a TCSD Club Race? This recipe is courtesy of Dawn Copenhaver and has been enjoyed by many as part of the TCSD post race buffet. Now you can enjoy anytime! Ingredients 1 loaf of bread, (any kind you like… one day old bread makes the best pudding) 4 eggs 1/2 C sugar (Can use Splenda) 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 2 C milk 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp nutmeg Tri-berry fruit (I use the frozen tri-berry fruit at Costco) Use enough fruit to cover the bread mixture. Can be substituted with any kind of fruit you want. n

Cream Cheese Filling: 1/4 cup sugar (or splenda) 12oz cream cheese Directions n Preheat oven to 325 degrees. n Whisk together eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a large bowl until the sugar dissolves; set aside. n Cut bread into 1/2 inch cubes and place half of it in lightly greased pan. (I use Pam spray)


Pour 1/2 of the egg mixture over the bread cubes making sure you cover over all the cubes including in the corners. n Place tri-berry fruit over bread mixture so that it mostly covers the top (you can put as much fruit as you want, however, remember the more fruit the more juice and it can bubble over the top of the pan). Separating 1/2 of the cream cheese mixture, spoon small dollops over the fruit till it is covered.




n n

Put the second half of bread cubes on top, then pour remaining egg mixture on top, covering all the bread. Cover with remaining fruit to cover all the bread, then place dollops of remaining cream cheese mixture on top of fruit. Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top. Bake until pudding is browned on top and set. About 45 minutes. Serve hot or cold. Can use whip cream or syrup for added topping.

University City Physical Therapy & FunctionSMART Fitness We are a Sports Physical Therapy facility dedicated to finding and treating the underlying biomechanical problems that lead to common sports injuries. n

Active Release Techniques®


Functional Sports Medicine & Rehab

n n



Orthopedic Rehab Biomechanical Video Analysis


Kinesiotaping & McConnell Taping Techniques Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning Functional Flexibility Programs


Injury Preventions Programs


Neuromuscular Re-education Training

(858) 452-0282

Ask for the special TCSD rate for our Active Release Techniques® Services



Pains of an Athlete, continued MEDICAL TREATMENT Results may vary, and do not work for everyone. Consult your physician on treatment options! n Physical Therapy such as ART to assist with ligament stretching and regeneration. Gastron Technique is another treatment method, a special stainless steel instrument that is precisly rubbed along the plantar ligament. This causes micro abrasions and stretches the ligament and the body reacts by sending fresh blood to the area to assist with the healing process.

Kinesio Tape. Special tape that is used to compress or decompress muscles. RockTape ( is great and is specifically designed for usage with endurance athletes.


n Cortisone Injection. Is a temporary anti-inflammatory injection. The pain goes away because the inflamation is reduced. This teatment doe not address the underlying problem.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. Injection of your own blood platelets directly into the effected area to help repair damaged tissue.


Multisports Coaching & Personal Training (858) 361-0761 or (858) 231-5267 The Official Training Program of The San Diego Triathlon Series

Laser Light Therapy. This low intensity laser light stimulates the effective area, encouraging new blood to be drawn to the effective area...faster healing.


Surgery. The last resort, however this may not solve the problem!


Dean Sprague, owner PedPowerPerform Lab, F.I.S.T Certified bike fitting featuring Ret端l (3D Motion Capture).


Dean Sprague 858.270.1605

PedPower - In depth Pedal Stroke Analysis FitForPower - In depth Bike Fitting, featuring Ret端l F.I.S.T Ceritified


Handyman, Bike Doctor, and Photographer. Quality you can see from a craftsman you can trust. MATTHEW SPARKS (619) 756-3756 v Discounts on labor and free consultation offered to TCSD members.

Get your tri-goggles at Hi-Tech Bikes

Swear by your goggles ~ not at them.


Sable WaterOptics are the best goggles I have ever tried. I can see clearly and comfortably throughout a swim with no mid-race fogging up. Whether the conditions are choppy or flat, salt or fresh, sunny or cloudy, Sable handles it all.


I have always been a very fussy swimmer when it comes to goggles. I have opted to not wear goggles in many event races. My competitors really know me for this. When I slipped on a set of Sables, I had finally found the goggles I had been looking for my entire career.


2007 Triathlete-of-the-Year

2007 Hawaii Ironman World Champion

What do top triathletes seek in the ultimate tri-goggle? Unparalleled visual clarity engineered by Sable WaterOptics’ technologies: > Flat Lens Technology offers spectacular sighting in open water. Get razor sharp vision above and below water and ease eye strain. > Permanent hydrophilic Super Anti-fog technology outperforms everything else on the market. No spraying or spitting in lenses!

> Flash mirror coating cuts glare. Its hydrophobic surface sheds water, keeping the lens clear. > Customizable prescription lenses aid precision eyesight. Different RX’s can be installed for each eye. Perfect for long distance sighting.

Sable WaterOptics ~ The Difference is Clear TM


Find Sable retailers at OR Official Sponsor of Tri Club San Diego, Canadian Cross Training Club, Boulder Triathlon Club, Riptide Elite Tri Team, Ironcops for Cancer and West Point Triathlon Club AD designed by




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Ejwjtjpo !N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!G )JHI4DIPPM











ACCIDENT? I‘ve been helping San Diego athletes since 1983. As an experienced cyclist and triathlete, including 2 Ironman triathlons & former sponsor of the ATTORNEY FOR ATHLETES Triathlon and Mountain Bike Team, Mr. Duquette understand how an injury affect your active lifestyle.

RECENT RESULTS* $200K to commuter Triathlete sideswiped by truck. $120K for Wheelchair Athlete, $20K in excess of policy limit. $115K for Triathlete who rode into an unmarked trench. $84K Jury Verdict for Cyclist after insurance offered $7,500. $82K Jury Verdict for Triathlete after insurance offered $14K.

No Fee Unless We Win!

What will I do for you? Explain your right for FREE.

Photograph the Scene, Injuries & Property Damage.

Hospital-Home visits.

Prepare a Professional Settlement Package.

Deal with the Insurance Company.

Take your case to Trial if required.

Help you find the best Medical Care. Hire an Investigator to Preserve Witness Statements.

(760) 730-0500 or (800) 464-4123 Visit our website for FREE information on how to protect our case and see what past clients have to say. WWW.TRICLUBSANDIEGO.ORG 21

Presorted Standard U.S. POSTAGE PAID San Diego, CA Permit No. 764

Triathlon Club of San Diego P.O. Box 84211 San Diego, CA 92138 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

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