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Racing Misha A Tale of Fiction

by Barbara Javor

On edge with fidgety nerves DECEMBER CLUB MEETING Ironman Viewing Party featuring Ricky James December 13th, 11:30 am La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas in conjunction with Competitor magazine. Admission to the viewing party will be $10. Doors will open at 10:30 and run through 1:30. Check TCSD website for updates.

on the morning of a local five-kilometer road race, I repeatedly tied and retied my shoes, stretched my calf muscles, and scanned the crowd for competitors in my age group. Why am I so uptight about this race? It’s not even one of my target races for the year. A few people from work were running this morning, but they weren’t the competitive types, so that wasn’t the source of my unease. I saw about twenty guys in my age group, all strangers, and some of them looked like they could be fast. Are they intimidating me? I tried to focus on visualizing my race, but my nervous energy shattered my concentration. The only time I could remember getting so worked up before a race was many years earlier when I ran against my boyhood pal Misha. Misha and I grew up on the same block, playing every possible sport we could. I was taller and stronger, and I excelled in every sport except running. When Misha ran, his

short, skinny legs turned over as if they were on fire. He ran like lightning, arms pumping and his face in total concentration. Until he beat me, that is. Then he’d break out in boisterous laughter at my frustration in losing, as if he owned a secret to winning that he wouldn’t share with me. Every time I got a new pair of Keds or Converse high-tops, I’d challenge him, thinking my new shoes would make the difference. Sprint races were lamppost to lamppost, and longer races went around the block, Misha running it clockwise while I went the other direction. He always won. And he always laughed. I can still hear that sound of his utter delight in beating me. When we were twelve years old, Misha moved to another neighborhood and attended a different school, so we didn’t see each other continued page 3

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Racing Misha, continued as much. I still remember the day we received the phone call from Misha’s parents announcing he had developed some genetic disease and wasn’t expected to survive. We were both just fourteen years old. From that day on for the next few months, I spent as much time with him as I could. It was devastating for all of us, but before long Misha faced his fate bravely. “Let’s talk about the fun and adventures we had,” he told me. “The only things I can take with me when I leave are my memories.” We reminisced about all the crazy things we had done and the races he always won. Towards the end when he wasn’t very responsive, I used to read to him and make up tall tales about races we had run. I did it as much for him as for me, I think. By making him almost bigger than life, I hoped I could make him live longer. Through high school, college, and into my adult life, I’ve often thought about Misha, wondering what he’d be doing if he were still alive. And now on this morning, minutes before the gun would start the race, I found myself thinking about him. If he were alive, would he be here running? Would he be grinning at me, knowing he could still beat the pants off me? The announcer told us to line up, and minutes later the race began. I started weaving through the crowd, and quickly found a clearing and my groove. Try as I could, though, I was only halffocused on my running. The other half of my mental energy was somewhere else and I could not rein it in. I knew I would post a poor time, and the negative sentiment would be a self-fulfilling prophecy for a lackluster performance. At the one-mile marker, I saw a dark-haired kid in the crowd holding his father’s hand, and suddenly his face lit up when he recognized someone running near me as he called out his name. The boy reminded me of a young Misha. As if the thought took

on a life of its own, I felt Misha running right next to me, his legs turning over furiously as he sped ahead. I had to pump harder to keep up with him. Now Misha was no longer next to me—he had melded with me as our legs ran in unison. I looked up and saw I was passing guys who had run ahead right after the race started. One, two, three, I picked them off. I surged forward, overtaking runners on my left and right and feeling stronger with each stride. At the two-mile marker, I couldn’t believe my split. I pumped faster and harder, visualizing Misha’s set jaw and crooked mouth as he gave all his concentration to racing. The feeling possessed me as my feet flew over the pavement and I approached the three-mile marker and final turn. Misha and I matched stride for pounding stride, breath for panting breath, shooting past several runners just before crossing the finish line. I glanced at the clock—I had beaten my last PR by a minute, an astounding improvement. Gasping for air, I had the urge to break out in boisterous laughter. The feeling that ten-year-old Misha was nearby didn’t fade when I learned I had placed second in my age group. In fact, I could almost hear his voice. “If we had begun really racing at the starting line, we could have won! We were only a half-minute behind that guy who won.” I don’t know, Misha. A half-minute in a short race is an awfully long time. I swear I could hear him laughing—he didn’t think so. If we had begun racing, he had said. Before Misha left us, he said he wanted to take his memories with him. But clearly he had left the memories with me, too, and today they had carried me— us—to the finish line in glory. Although Misha’s life in this world ended, our friendship did not. Today, once more, I was racing Misha.

Featured Event: The 4th Annual Nation’s Triathlon Event: The 4th Annual Nation’s Triathlon™ To Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009 Location: The nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Course: Olympic Distance. USAT Sanctioned 1.5k swim in the Potomac River, 40k bike course through DC, and 10k run through Washington, DC’s historical landmarks with a spectacular finish! Registration starts December 1, 2008. The 2008 race SOLD OUT, so be sure to register early! Please visit to register!




TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS To get your club discount, you must use a mail-in application and include a photocopy of your TCSD membership card. No refunds of the discounted amount will be given if you have already sent in your name and application. Subtract the discounted amount from the total and be sure to also write Triathlon Club of San Diego somewhere on the application.

Monday 6:00 PM

Computrainer Cycling and ErgVideo

6:00 PM

Group Run, 4-6 miles, all paces welcome.

Location: Movin Shoes, Encinitas.

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (short course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Location: Coastal Sports and Wellness.

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels. Bike Workout in Point Loma Run 5+ miles in Mission Bay

6:00 PM

Track Workout in Carlsbad, a coached session

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Moment Cycle Sports, 1357 Rosecrans.

6:30 AM 6:00 PM

Location: Mission Bay Jetty parking lot. •

Big Kahuna Triathlon $15 off.

Location: Carlsbad H.S. Track.

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Advanced MTB Training

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Coronado

7:00 PM

Winter Spin Class

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: Penasquitos Canyon Side Park (east pkg lot). •

Location: Starting at Holland’s Bicycles.

Location: Rehab United PT & Sports Performance Center. •

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Thursday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

5:30 PM

East County Trail Run, Contact: Florian Hedwig for more information (619) 820-2388,

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Starting at Moment Cycle Sports.

Friday Ocean Swim in Solana Beach, in the water at 7. • Location: at Fletcher Cove (I-5, to Lomas Santa Fe west)

Saturday 8:00 AM

Bike Workout in Del Mar, all levels welcome. (Hwy 101 & 15th st.)

Location: Meet at Starbucks

Sunday 7:30 AM

Penasquitos Trail Run

7:45 AM

Run (starts at 8 sharp) and Ocean Swim (in the water at 9) in Del Mar • Location: Meet at

Contact: Mark Kenny for more information (760) 271-2003

Powerhouse Park. 8:30 AM

REAL Beginners Bike Ride (see following page or calendar on website for complete details)

** Starts after daylight saving time, but check TCSD website for complete details.

Elite Racing $10 off Rock & Roll Marathon. See website for additional race discounts. Kathy Loper Events $3 off all events. At least a dozen local 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. For a complete list go to the website. Klein and Clark Sports Productions 10% off on both the April and November Desert Triathlon in Palm Springs. or 6:45 AM

Auburn International Half-Ironman (World’s Toughest Half, Olympic and Long Course Duathlon Nat’l Championships). TCSD members enjoy $10 off entry.

Koz Enterprises $5 off all events. Spring Sprint Triathlon, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach Triathlon, Mission Bay Triathlon, Silver Strand Half Marathon. Pacific Sports LLC $10 off all events. Los Angeles Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon, Catalina Marathon. continued page 6


TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Pelican Coast Events Mission Hills International Duathlon, Pacific Coast Triathlon and Orange County Triathlon. Get $10 off each race or sign up for all three and get $40 off ($10 less). See website for discount code. SilverMan Triathlon Half and Full ironman events. Lake Mead/Henderson, NV. Must indicte USAT membership number and club affiliation. Discount codes ($10.00 discount): Full: silverclub09 Half: silverhalf09 Ventura Breath of Life Triathlon $10 off.

REMINDER BIKE & WHEEL CASE RENTAL TCSD has traveling bike and wheel cases for rent! We have hard-shell single and double bike cases and wheel cases that will hold three wheels. The single cases are shippable by UPS and FedEx. Rates per week: Single case $25 Double case $40 Wheel cases $25 Deduct $10 if renting both a bike case and a wheel case. To reserve a case or if you have any questions, contact Bob Rosen

Congratulations IM Finishers! Congratulations to the following TCSD members who recently completed these Iron distance races. You all had great performances and we are proud of all of you! CHECK OUT: Andi Ramer completes 2 ironmans in 8 days, Great job! Great Floridian 10/24/08 - 246 participants

Brian Holmes















Ironman Florida 11/01/08 - 2,183 participants Overall







628 879 1,470

11:16 11:45 13:01

18 153 286

F35-39 M35-39 M40-44

1:00 1:05 1:12

5:31 5:44 6:12

4:34 4:45 5:22

Andi Ramer Greg Smelter Anthony Dinger

Silverman 11/08/08 - 143 participants

Dean Sprague Michael Phillippi Toby Guilletti Andi Ramer Gregory Sherman Daniel Thomas








15 25 36 55 101 114

12:24 12:55 13:10 13:51 15:13 15:57

2 7 6 1 19 15

M45-49 M40-44 M25-29 F35-39 M40-44 M25-29

1:12 1:40 1:24 1:13 1:41 1:21

6:47 6:47 7:26 7:27 7:40 8:28

4:19 4:19 4:11 5:00 5:37 5:45

seconds and transitions not included

VITALITY COLLEGE - Better Massage Inc.


elcome to the most professional and comprehensive healing center serving Northern San Diego County. We specialize in a variety of massage treatments, spa services, and yoga classes. Our therapists are well-versed and trained extensively in all holistic health fields. COME VISIT US AT ANY OF OUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS:

Carlsbad - Clinic and School 6353 El Camino Real Carlsbad, CA 92009 (769) 931-0704 YOGA: Mon 12-1pm NEW! Wed 10:30-11:30am 2:15-3:15pm

Solana Beach 243 North Coast Highway 101, Suite 5 Solana Beach, CA 92075 (858) 259-9491 YOGA: Tue & Thr 7-8am

New Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor* Course. * 500 hrs State Approved Course or


Welcome New Members! Riikka Aramo Mike Beck Caitlyn Bishop Neil Buckley Justin Calbreath Bill Cavanaugh Anthony Cervantes Sara Cooke Travis Cowsert Robert Cunningham Heather Disney Regan Drasko

Mark Erwin Peter Galindez TJ Generoso Trevor Glavin Ryan Goforth Jeff Goldman Katherine Graebener William Haines, Jr. Karen Hess Heather Hobbs Carrie James Stephen Kalaluhi

Bryan Kwan Rebecca Lewis Jason Lewis Brian T. Long Brian Maiorano Scott Meader Ric Merrall Aliciakitz Miller Eduardo Morfin John Otterson Carrie Petro Victoria Rice

Hassan Sachedina Eric Sarmiento Donald Selway Herman Stiphout Ian Storer Danielle Strelkauskas David Valencia Timothy Valenti Steve Walker Matthew Walters Heidi Watson Courtney Wilkie


MEMBER PROFILE LYNN BRANCHFLOWER Nickname: La Loon Member since: 2004

Age group: F 30-34 Status: Single Before I became a triathlete I was: average Jane – played some coed sports now and again but nothing serious. Favorite Race/Tri Event: All the Camp Pendleton Races – love the support from the Marines! Favorite local restaurant: Not really a restaurant goer – if I eat out, it’s usually fast food. Best event: Swim, Bike or Run: Bike & Run are pretty even, definitely better than my swimming abilities. PR: race time or any split time (include race name and distance): don’t keep track, sorry. Most Embarrassing or Disastrous Moment: My first club race ever, I started out of T1 only to be stopped by the volunteer who pointed out that I had no helmet on…had to go back to the car to get it! continued page 9


More IM Finisher’s! Congratulations to the following TCSD members who completed IM Arizona on 11/23/08. Special congratulations to Philippe Krebs and Darcy Eaton who qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman with seriously fast times. You all had great performances and we are proud of all of you. If you are entered in an Ironman, please email Craig Zelent at That's the only way to get listed in our TCSD results. Thanks! Overall Group Rank Group Swim Bike Run Philippe Krebs 25 1/211 M30-34 0:50 4:57 3:14 Brandon Mills 90 11/99 M25-29 1:09 5:04 3:25 Mike Dury 135 22/369 M35-39 1:05 5:05 3:30 Patrick Dickey 135 27/369 M35-39 0:53 5:25 3:30 Allan Saadus 154 9/247 M45-49 1:02 5:14 3:40 Liam Their 168 22/211 M30-34 1:06 5:16 3:40 Scott Federoff 180 25/211 M30-34 1:07 5:09 3:47 Darcy Eaton 252 2/107 W40-44 1:10 5:34 3:38 Jonathan Umlor 271 40/211 M30-34 1:00 5:37 3:47 Dave Platfoot 298 48/211 M30-34 1:03 5:40 3:47 Matias Negatu 313 63/369 M35-39 1:01 5:53 3:35 Meredith Trowbridge 368 10/91 W30-34 1:02 5:30 4:09 Eric Rehberg 369 72/399 M40-44 1:09 5:32 3:58 JT Lyons 379 61/211 M30-34 0:59 5:13 4:30 Jennifer Yake 501 17/91 W30-34 1:23 5:29 4:12 Mary Haney 640 12/50 W25-29 0:56 5:56 4:28 Dan Squiller 743 32/135 M50-54 1:14 5:58 4:15 Lisa Rehberg 800 20/107 W40-44 1:01 6:33 4:09 Jaime Campos 811 163/369 M35-39 1:20 5:55 4:29 Damen Smith 911 108/247 M45-49 1:09 6:03 4:45 Elaine Bergeron 922 35/91 W30-34 1:24 6:14 4:26 Greg Sewell 956 200/399 M40-44 1:07 6:14 4:46 Chris Grout 970 128/211 M30-34 1:17 5:44 5:04 Joseph Gordon 977 5/34 M60-64 1:16 5:51 4:59 Rick Menolez 985 129/211 M30-34 1:24 6:25 4:17 Jiea Kim 987 27/105 W35-39 1:11 6:00 4:56 Chris Teague 1022 131/211 M30-34 1:08 5:41 5:18 Aaron Reimer 1090 11/27 M18-24 1:22 6:05 4:55 Joanne Arena 1101 41/91 W30-34 1:02 5:59 5:27 Ray Girulat 1121 134/247 M45-49 1:16 5:41 5:29 Michelle Barber 1184 45/91 W30-34 1:02 6:22 5:13 Brent Howell 1208 220/369 M35-39 1:24 6:01 5:06 Dean Luvisa 1211 145/247 M45-49 1:15 6:30 4:50 Jessica Motyl 1349 29/50 W25-29 1:31 6:31 5:03 Tomas Morales 1432 166/247 M45-49 1:37 6:41 4:56 Daniel Popez 1265 50/369 M35-39 1:39 5:55 5:10 James Fix 1495 313/399 M40-44 1:12 6:44 5:17 Tina Chen 1518 66/91 W30-34 1:23 6:44 5:24 Jennifer Wolff 1641 69/105 W35-39 1:15 6:39 6:07 Ruslman Linderman 1651 296/369 M35-39 1:23 6:33 5:53 Desi Klaar 1736 71/107 W40-44 1:28 7:21 5:29 Kevin Koresky 1754 316/369 M35-39 1:23 6:05 6:50 Janet Little 1762 72/107 W40-44 1:49 6:53 5:32 Wendi Koshley 1792 74/107 W40-44 1:24 6:28 6:42 Gina Thomas 1849 81/107 W40-44 1:37 6:52 6:23 Chuck Pateros 1908 224/247 M45-49 1:15 7:01 6:47 Ron Lane 1942 339/369 M35-39 1:33 6:42 6:52 Eme Carter 1949 83/91 W30-34 1:29 7:32 6:17 Joseph Barrus 1952 230/247 M45-49 1:30 6:47 6:59 Jason Ayre 2018 194/211 M30-34 1:53 7:04 6:57 John Correia 2069 382/399 M40-44 1:44 8:04 6:22 2189 Participants, seconds and Transition not

Finish 9:08 9:47 9:52 9:57 10:04 10:09 10:12 10:29 10:34 10:40 10:42 10:51 10:51 10:53 11:14 11:32 11:45 11:53 11:55 12:13 12:14 12:20 12:22 12:23 12:23 12:24 12:29 12:38 12:39 12:41 12:51 12:54 12:54 13:18 13:31 13:03 13:43 13:47 14:14 14:16 14:36 14:42 14:45 14:54 15:09 15:30 15:44 15:46 15:46 16:11 16:42 included

IRONMAN CONVERSATION WITH CRAIG ZELENT I had the opportunity recently to talk triathlon with TCSD member James Walsh. James won the 30-34 age group at the Xterra World Championships in Maui and was the 2nd amateur overall. Please join me as we get to know the Tri Club’s latest World Champion! Craig: What was your sports background before you got into triathlon? James: I didn’t get into any kind of endurance sports until the end of 2005. Up until then I had just run to stay in shape. I played baseball from the time I was 5 years old all the way through high school and 1 year of college. I also surfed, skateboarded, and snowboarded since I was 13 and haven’t stopped since except for the skateboarding. Falling on the concrete just started to hurt too much.

MEMBER PROFILE, continued Equipment wish list: Race wheels, colored hubs to match the color of my tri bike, Tommasini road bike. My Equipment: Wetsuit: De Soto – the model before zippers Bike: Guru Crono tri bike Shoe: Mizuno (run), Shimano (bike) Can’t Race Without: knowing my cadence. Best advice: Bring a breakfast snack with you to the race, the time between parking and your wave going off is big – I’ve started a race or two hungry – it didn’t end pretty!

Craig: Craig: How did you get the inspiration to start racing triathlons? James: In the summer of 2005 I was riding down the 101 on my beach cruiser (probably a little hungover) from my apartment in Cardiff and came across the Solana Beach Triathlon. The friend that was riding with me and I pulled over to watch for a bit. I saw people of all athletic abilities having a great time and going for it. I just remember thinking to myself that I could definitely do that (race triathlon). At the time I was just surfing everyday, running a couple of times a week, and mountain biking a bit. Craig: What was your first triathlon like? James: The first triathlon I ever did was a TCSD beginners race at Glorietta Bay in November of 2005. It was nasty day with rain and wind. I did the swim in my surfing wetsuit and bike on my mountain bike. I remember barely surviving the swim and hammering as hard as I could on the bike while wearing my running shoes. I got passed by a bunch of people on the bike. When it came time to run I had no idea what to expect. I had never run after riding. Surprisingly my legs felt good and I ended up passing quite a few people on the run. When it was all over I was pretty stoked but knew I had a lot of work to do, and needed to buy a road bike.

Finishing chute at Xterra World’s. Craig: What was your first off-road triathlon like? James: The first off-road triathlon I did was the Arizona Xtreme in Mesa, AZ in April of 2006. I actually rode out to the race with Dean Sprague. He probably thought I was nuts because I picked his brain the whole time on the ride out there from San Diego. He had tons of racing experience at all distances and I was a rookie for sure. The race went well and the vibe was awesome. I had a pretty good swim and then headed out on the bike. The bike was going well until about 3/4’s of the way in when I took a spill. I scraped up my shoulder, forearm, and knee pretty bad and it took me a while to get back going. I lost a couple places to guys in my AG but was ready to run. Again I was able to run well off the bike and caught a lot of people. I was able to run my way up to second in my AG. While still on the run, bleeding, hurting I knew I had found the kind of racing I wanted to do. That thought was solidified when they continued page 10


Ironman Conversation, continued FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS COACHING SERVICES Breakaway Training (858) 361-0761 Contact: Felipe Loureiro Contact: Barry Kelly, Fit Stop Discount: 15% off for all TCSD members. Use ”TCSD” as the coupon code, $50 off of the normal price for VO2 testing. San Diego X Training (858) 558-1337 Contact: Sergio Borges Training Bible Coaching (619) 886-3227 Contact: Jim Vance Tri Power Multisport (760) 420-8032 Contact: Mike Plumb

MASSAGE & PHYSICAL Active Release Techniques University City Physical Therapy (858) 452-0282 Discount: 30% off ART sessions with Gino Cinco, PT, certified ART provider and instructor. Bart Gale, HHP and TCSD member. 1356 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach (858) 531-8189 Email: Specializing in Sports, Thai, NMT & Deep Tissue Sculpting. Sabine Grossmann 234 N. Acacia Ave., Solana Beach, (619) 347-9535 Licensed Massage Therapist and TCSD member. continued page 11


had free beer right after the race. I also won the “Road Rash” award for having the gnarliest cuts and scrapes. Craig: What special steps have you done to develop your mountain bike skills? James: Just riding...a lot. To be fast off-road you have to be confident. The only way to do that is ride a lot and practice your skills. I started to ride with people that were better than me and really pushed me. I definitely had my share of crashes, just ask Jim Vance, but it definitely brought my riding up to another level in a short time. Craig: How do you balance off-road biking with road biking? James: I would say that I spend 60% of my time on the road and 40% on the mountain bike for most of the season. When I get closer to race day (usually about a month out from a big race) I spend 80% of my time off-road so I can really get dialed in and build confidence. The road bike (I love my Orbea) is great for building your fitness early in the year. A long ride doesn’t beat you up the way a long mountain bike ride can. So during my base phases I put in my long rides on the road and then my shorter more intense workouts off-road. I also actually spend a lot of time on the trainer in the winter doing a very specific 12-week program. The time on the trainer is not fun by any means but it has paid huge dividends. Craig: How has the TCSD helped you become a better triathlete? James: There is no way I would have made my quick progression in the sport without the TCSD. In my first 2 seasons I was a regular at the Tuesday/Thursday rides in Solana Beach, Friday morning Fletcher Cove swim, and the Sunday Del Mar swim. I still try to get to these swims whenever I can. I had a chance to do a number of club races before I ever towed the line in a "real" race. I also have met many training partners and had some great times. I also met my AWESOME girlfriend, Beth, in the TCSD which has definitely made me a better triathlete!

Craig: What races did you do to lead up to Nationals at Tahoe? James: This year I actually raced less than I ever have. I really wanted to cut back and just focus on the big ones. Here’s the ones the mattered: • Big Blue Off Road Triathlon: 1st Overall/AG • Xterra West Championships: 1st AG/2nd Amateur Overall • Xterra Southeast Championships: 1st AG/1st Amateur Overall • Xterra East Championships: 1st AG/1st Amateur Overall • Xterra Snow Valley 1st AG/1st Amateur Overall • Xterra USA Championships: 2nd AG/6th Amateur • Xterra World Championships: 1st AG/2nd Amateur/1st American Amateur/22nd Overall Craig: What is the race like at Tahoe (Xterra USA Championships) and how do you qualify? James: Tahoe has always been tough for me. The course really doesn’t suit my strengths. It’s usually cold, it’s at altitude, and the run is easy when compared to other Xterra Championship courses. I thrive in the heat and the harder the run the better for me. The race in Tahoe starts in cold water (usually in the upper 50’s) and for me swimming at altitude is really tough. So after a 1500m swim you have to run 300 feet numbing yards to T1. The race in Tahoe is all about the bike. The climbs are tough but the views once you get to the infamous Flume trail and the long, fast descent are worth all the climbing. The run is two laps through tight, twisty single track. It’s not as hard as other Xterra courses, but after the hard ride it is still challenging To qualify for Xterra Nationals you have to compete in points series races to accumulate points. Each age group is allocated a certain number of slots and if you finish within that number in your region you are in! Craig: What was your race like at the Xterra World Championships? James: It all came together for me this year in

Maui. I came into the race feeling the best physically I had all year, but was a bit fried mentally after a long season of racing. This was my third year racing in Maui so I knew what to expect. The swim was rough. I got kicked (in the junk), dunked, grabbed, and elbowed. I didn’t let it get to me and just hung in there taking a beating but swimming well. At the end of the first lap I was still feeling good and ready to go harder the second lap. The second lap was a little less violent and I got out of the water feeling good.

kept going and caught and passed two more guys. At the top of climb, right before “the plunge”, I looked back for the first time and there was nobody...I mean nowhere even close. This got me stoked and ready to charge the descent. The descent was really good for me. I just opened it up and let my bike do the work. On the last section of the bike I caught a couple more guys and rode with them until the last descent and then headed into T2 ready to run.

FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS Catherine Parker, C.M.T. Pacific Beach, CA (619) 757-0062 Licensed massage therapist, Discount: $10 off each session. NUTRITION

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The bike course is tough in Maui. There’s a ton of steep climbing and descents are gnarly and filled with big lava rocks. I just kept pushing it up every climb because as I knew a lot of guys out there are better descenders than me and willing to take more chances. When we got to “Ned’s Climb” I decided I wasn’t going to ride in the pack I was with anymore. As soon as there was room I made my move and gave it everything I had. I went to the front of the pack and kept pouring it on...and on. When we got to the paved section I locked out my fork and got out of the saddle and Woking one of the hills of the grouling course.

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back from #1. I just kept going and as I got close to the finish a pro was coming up on me and was going to make me work to the line. So over the final 1/4 mile I picked it up and ended up holding him off, but couldn’t quite catch the #1 amateur...but I took 7 minutes out of him on the run!

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I was so stoked to cross the line and even more stoked to have my sister there and knowing that Beth and the family were watching online. Craig: What are your triathlon goals for next year Piece of cake…on the way to becoming age group World Champion. and beyond? Heading out on the run I knew there could not be too many amateurs ahead of me and I wasn’t sure where I was in my AG. I headed out of transition and the legs felt good but the guys I came into transition with were trying to hang on... so I went for it as soon as I hit the road. Once you turn off the road it’s a straight 2.5 miles of climbing, and the best time to make up significant chunks of time. So I went for it. I just charged the hill and passed quite a few amateurs and a couple of pros. This boosted my confidence and then I just kept rolling. Then I hit the beach and as always it was brutal. It feels like you are running slow motion, but again I just thought about cadence and turnover. Then it was into the “spooky forest” with 1.5 miles to go and I was informed I was the 2nd amateur and 3 minutes

James: My goals for next year are still up in the air. I exceeded any and all expectations that I had for this year. I will still will be focusing on Xterra and really want to win the Xterra USA Championships. I will also be competing in the Xterra Socal Trail Running Series and a bunch of mountain bike races. Craig: Who are your sponsors? James: I am pretty lucky when it come to sponsors and support. Sponsorship-wise I race for B&L Bike and Sport, PowerBar, Matisse & Jacks, Maxxis, Stuffitts ShoeSavers, and Skinfit. These are all companies I truly believe in. I am also fortunate to have tons of support from my amazing family and incredible girlfriend, Beth. My family has always supported continued page 18

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FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS OTHER SPONSORS Acqua al 2 (’ah-qwa-all-doo-eh’) 322 5th Ave. Gaslamp, San Diego (619) 230-0382, (619) 230-0647, fax Contact: Cassie Piercey Discount: $17 special on the restaurant’s signature pasta sampler, plus a glass of red wine. Bernardo’s Restaurant 12457 Rancho Bernardo Rd. San Diego, CA (858) 487-7171 Contact: Bernard Mougel Discount: 20% off all meals. Countrywide Santaluz (858) 759-5976 Contact: Raja Lahti Discount: All TCSD members get up to .500 point off current pricing. Hike, Bike, Kayak Discount: Buy Two La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tours, bring another person for free! This is a two-hour guided kayak tour of the gorgeous sea caves area. (Includes equipment and plenty of free instruction on proper paddling technique.) John Howard Performance Sports 1705 Old Mill Rd, Encintias, CA 92024 (760) 944-3787, (203) 762-7578 Discount: 10% on Bike Position Analysis San Diego Humane Society Contact: Sarah Whorley Discount: 1 year extension to your membership if you adopt an animal from the San Diego Humane Society.


Race Report: by Dean Sprague Silverman, World’s Toughest Triathlon Date: November 7, 2008 Location: Lake Mead/Henderson, NV Finally, the last triathlon of the extra long race season. For this race, I set some lofty goals for myself, but you never know what nature will throw at you. I heard some talk about wind on race day, but Friday and Saturday were perfect during my pre- swim and bike, so I did not think much of it for the big event on Sunday. Race morning starts out as normal as can be, arrive early; use The swim. port-a-pody, wet suit on, and head for a swim warm-up. Weather at this point is good, just a little breeze when the gun goes off. After starting with a good tempo, I decide to cut it back just a little to catch my breath from the slight elevation of Lake Mead, approx. 2,100 ft. Since there was only about 150 participants there is not getting beat up like an IM event. That’s the great thing about smaller races. I was concentrating on my reach, every inch of lengths counts. As the swim continued, I am thinking “Man this is taking forever”. Rounding the last The bike. buoy before heading in, the wind had picked up dramatically and the last 450 yards felt like I was not making progress. The increased wind was really slowed us down. I was hoping to be faster than last year where the sun glare was a factor. This year the wind ended up being the factor for a “slow” 1:12 swim; my worst ever, but was 3rd in my age group; everyone was in the same boat. A quick transition, all good here. Then off on the bike leg. At this point, the wind was really notice- The run. able. We encountered 30-40 mile crosswinds up the mile long boat ramp. I had to lean into the wind to stay upright. I have never felt such strong winds before. Fortunately, the

wind was blowing one way, so there were portions on the bike course were it was advantageous. Besides a very hilly course (over 9,000 ft of elevation gain), strong winds, rain, thunder, a little hail and cold made it a very challenging day. On the down hills, I had never held my handlebars so tight. Fortunately, by the turn around point, the sun started to shine. Only the wind and continuous hills were the only factor from this point on. I felt I was managing my energy expense pretty good; relax on the downhills, sitting back on the uphill to use my muscles efficiently and keeping track of nutrition. Finishing the bike leg with a time of 6:47, was not actually not bad, due to such challenging conditions. As for the run, my legs felt fresh. My first mile was pretty quick, sub 7 minutes. I usually start out pretty quick and then settle into a controlled pace. With this run course, over 4,000 ft of elevation gain, one must take advantage of the downhills. Let gravity be your aid to extend your stride, and the opposite on the hills, do not over exert. Nutrition is key to keeping you body going; gels, pretzels, chicken broth, bananas, water, cola and Gatorade. Eat often! I finally ran out of gas at mile 23. I took advantage of the aid station, taking about a two minute rest in one of their lounge chairs. It was really needed. Well, only 5k to go, half of that flat and downhill. My energy levels back, I was able to make good time and press on finishing with a 4:19 marathon spit. I’ve done better on this course, but you take what your body can do.

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Health & Fitness: by Bill Borsack, CHEK 2, USAT 1, ACE, NASM Certified Trainer Strength Training 101 for Triathletes Do you incorporate strength training in your weekly workout routine? If not, I highly recommend it for many reasons, like reducing your risk of injury, improving resistance to fatigue, helping your overall endurance and gives you greater balance, agility, quickness, speed, and power. Here are some basic tips that will be helpful in building your strength training routine: 1. My #1 recommendation for an athlete is to be sport specific with your weight training. In most cases that means getting off weight machines. The problem lies in the design of machines. Machines in general are one-dimensional. They guide movement such that the body need not stabilize its own joints. This leads to over-development of prime movers relative to stabilizers. As athletes feel stronger, they attempt to do activities outside the gym which require more stabilizer strength than they possess. The results are seen clinically as both joint and stabilizer injuries. To use your stabilizer muscles as an athlete, do functional exercises on equipment such as Swiss balls, Medicine Balls, Balance Boards, Cable Columns, or Bosu Balls etc. It could be as simple as standing on one leg instead of two while performing an exercise. 2. Keep it simple and time effective. I tell my athletes: if you're in the gym any more than 30-40 minutes, you're just making friends. 3. Do multi-planer exercises, training in all planes of movement. This means incorporating the basic primal movement patterns. In every workout perform the Basic Five. Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull and a Twist. Don't just isolate, integrate, working the

body as a whole. Instead of doing basic biceps curls; do a some kind of whole body movement such as a Squat-Curl-Press; a MultiDirectional Lunge, or a Medicine Ball Medial Shoulder Rotation exercises, etc. 4. Increase Core Stability - Working your core is key (cut off your legs and arms and that's your core.) I could write a chapter alone on just how important having a strong core is for athletes. Basically, the core is where movement begins and ends. The stronger and more stable the core, the more efficiently power can be transferred from the lower body to the upper body. One pearl of wisdom on developing a strong core is to learn how to breathe correctly, so you are definitely utilizing your core muscles. Breathe rhythmically and naturally and never hold your breath. Typically, you should exhale during the contraction, (or lifting phase) and inhale during the relaxing phase (or lowering phase). Another tip is to keep core workouts balanced. Always train opposing muscle groups equally to prevent muscle imbalances. For example, the low back muscles are opposite to the abdominales. Periodize your weight training program. Just like your annual Tri training program, you need to go through the proper phases for strength training, example: (Technique & Adaption) (Sport Specific Strength) (Power & Endurance) (Strength Maintenance), etc. Also, a bit of advice don't just lift in the off season, lift year round (Strength Maintenance), so you don't risk losing most of the strength that you worked so hard to achieve. A good coach/trainer should have a very effective periodization plan laid out as part as your overall training plan. continued page 19

Blue Summit Financial Group Inc., (619) 698-4439


IRONMAN CONVERSATION, continued everything I have done and when I started triathlon, even though they thought I was crazy, were always very interested in what I was doing. I can always count on my mom and dad to call me as soon as a race is over to get the details. My mom even keeps a calendar at home, back in Virginia, of all my races as well as Beth’s. My sister has also been awesome. She traveled to both Tahoe and Maui this year to root me on. My family could never know how much their support means to me and how much they have been a part of my success. Then there is Beth. She’s deals with me on a daily basis. She sees the ups and downs, the early mornings, the “boring“ weekend nights, and has always been super supportive. I believe much of the success I have had this year is due to the balance she has brought into my life. Like many of us I can kind of get caught up in the training and racing, but she always keeps me in check. Craig: What do you do for a living? James: When I am not out on the trails I do actually have a real job. I am an IT/Computer geek. My actual title is Sr. Network Engineer and honestly, I really like my job. I work for Qualcomm and they really support a healthy, active lifestyle. It also helps that I have access to a private lap pool and my office is right next to Penasquitos Canyon! There is nothing like getting in a killer trail run or swim during my lunch break! Craig: James, it has been great getting to know you these last couple of years. Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats on all the great things you have going on in your life. Good things happen to good people. The TCSD will always be there cheering for you!


Multisports Coaching & Personal Training (858) 361-0761 or (858) 231-5267 The Official Training Program of The San Diego Triathlon Series


Handyman, Bike Doctor, and Photographer. Quality you can see from a craftsman you can trust. MATTHEW SPARKS (619) 756-3756 v Discounts on labor and free consultation offered to TCSD members.

RACE REPORT: Silverman, continued This was my 3rd time at Silverman. I was hoping to set a PR this time and set an age group record. One thing about racing is you can never guarantee the weather and you never know who your competition will be. After crossing the finish line in 12 hours 23 minutes, I anticipated a 5th or 6th place finish in my group, since I saw quite a few people pass me on the bike, but was quite surprised when I saw the results the following day. I placed 2nd and 15th overall. The 1st place guy in my group had a great run thus kicking my ass.

HEALTH & FITNESS, continued 6. Individualize your program. It should be suited to your individual needs, not some cookie cutter program. Consult with someone that knows the specific needs of a triathlete. Once you find that trainer/coach, ask questions before you sign up with them. Never buy a training package before you have actually worked with that particular trainer/ coach. First, make sure you feel comfortable with them, and have full confidence in their teaching style. Tips and suggestions: • I have been asked if it is better to do gym on easy training days? My philosophy on this one is simply "NO". Keep "hard days" as hard days and "easy days" as easy days. By doing the gym on easy days, your legs etc. do not get sufficient time to recover. • Avoid gym work before quality run, bike, swim sessions. You are much better off doing your quality work followed by a gym session. • I always have my athletes end their gym/weight workouts with a short run or bike. It's all about muscle memory, just 10-15 minutes is all you need. • If you absolutely can't make it to the gym, then be creative. For example while swimming, you can make performance gains using paddles, stretch cords etc. On the bike, throw in extra hill repeats. Running, hill repeats, stairs or some basic lunges, body weight squats, etc... In future articles I will give you some really good sport specific exercises that I have found to be very effective. For now, just get in the gym, begin with light weights to allow your body to learn the correct movements (train the movement not the muscle). Make multi joint exercises the priority, as opposed to single-joint exercises (most machines) and have fun with it.



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