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A Tale of Fiction By: Barbara Javor If it hadn’t been for the accident several months earlier, she knew this day would have passed quicker and with less pain. left the water with only minutes to spare before the cut-off time, she glanced back and saw a few other stragglers still in the water. One down, two to go.

New images are needed for the next printing of TriNews. Action, individual and group shots welcome. Make sure you’re wearing your TCSD colors. Please submit hi-res digital images to Dean Sprague, newsletter production. (see volunteer list for email address)

OCTOBER CLUB MEETING Guest and date pending. Check TCSD website for updates.


would have been painful, yes, but not plagued by the nagging reminders of a separated shoulder and broken ankle bones that weren’t fusing correctly. Still, she counted her blessings that she could even line up to start the Ironman triathlon at 7:00 AM, let alone expect to finish it. This was the present she had promised herself for her fortieth birthday, and she wasn’t about to let a few physical infirmities stop her. She struggled through the swim, mostly stroking with one arm and dog-paddling with the other to protect the bad shoulder. As she

Her bike was equipped with a special bar on the right pedal that clasped her leg above the knee and allowed a pedal stroke with little pressure on her right ankle. For the first fifty miles, she kept a moderate pace with no one passing her. Then came the hill from hell where most cyclists climbed out of the saddle. She had to dismount and lean on the bike as a crutch and limp up the hill. The second loop of the bicycle course slowed her even more, and the stragglers came from behind and passed her. She refused to look at her watch and worry about the time. This is my race. Reality hit at 105 miles into the bike ride when a race marshal rode up to her in a truck and announced the bike course was closed— the cut-off time had passed. “Let me ride the last 7 miles,” she pleaded, and they let her go. This is my race. In the transition area, other volunteers told her she was disqualified and couldn’t start the continued page 3

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Monthly, 1st Thursday, 6pm Beginner and Newbie Meeting. Location: Hi-Tech Bikes, 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

(760) 710-7730

October 18th, Saturday, 7am September Club Race. Location: Fiesta Island

October 2nd, Thursday, 6pm TCSD Networking Meeting. Location: Hi-Tech Bikes, 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Always refer to the Tri Club’s website calendar for latest events.

The Last Man Standing, continued run. She nodded, grabbed her wetsuit, bike, and crutches, and returned to her car. She had arrived before dawn and had carefully picked a parking spot a few hundred yards from the run course less than a mile from the finish line. She had figured this might happen and she was prepared. After loading the bike in the car, taking a few more ibuprofen pills and some nourishment, she clipped on her waist pack, clutched the crutches, and hobbled toward the run course. With two loops of the out-andpack run course, she found a crowd of racers going both directions in the late afternoon light. Two down, one to go. She joined them. For the first few miles she could walk with the crutches applying a little pressure on her right foot, but soon the pain was formidable. Now her arms and hands were doing half the work of walking as she advanced at a top speed of 20 minutes per mile. She knew there was no way short of a miracle to finish the marathon before the midnight deadline, but still she plodded on through the sunset and into the night. After awhile, the pressure on her hands and the lactic acid in her arms from the crutches were more than she could bear, and she stopped to rest a few moments. She started counting strides before she had to rest. At the first turn-around after six miles, she could walk 200 strides before needing a break. By the time she reached the turn-around near the finish line, the half-marathon point, she could only walk 100 strides before resting for 60 seconds. Counting strides and seconds kept her focused. Glancing at the finish line clock as she made the turn, she wondered where she would be in two hours when they announced it was midnight. She hobbled on, and when the aid stations closed down after midnight, she took snacks, drinks, and more ibuprofen from her waist pack. The run course wound through residential streets and then open fields bathed in the soft amber light of street lamps. As the night wore on from 12:00 to 1:00 to 2:00 and later, the road grew quiet except for the sound of her foot crunching gravel and her panting. One

hundred strides progressively became 80, 70, and 60, and rest periods increased in 10-second intervals. Street corners and lamp posts became goals. Pretzels, gels, and flat Coke became rewards. Still, she refused to look at her watch. Instead, she tried to chase away hallucinations that competed with reality during the long ordeal. Finally, the course took several dogleg turns and she saw the finish line area about a halfmile away aglow in floodlights. She was walking in intervals of 23 strides with long rest periods, and try as she could now that the end was in sight, she could not force her arms to work longer intervals. Her bad ankle was useless, pulsing with pain from standing upright so many hours. Hurting from top to bottom with fatigue tempering her progress, she simply pushed forward, counting strides. The finish line corridor was about fifty yards long, and she had to stop twice before reaching the end. They had turned off the clock at midnight, marking the 17-hour cut-off time. When she limped across the finish line and pressed the button on her watch to mark her race time, she stopped, closed her eyes, and leaned on the crutches. The finish line was adjacent to the fence around the transition area, and a race volunteer dismantling bike racks in the predawn hours had stopped to stare at her. Now he walked over close to where she stood. “Are you out for an early morning walk?” he asked. She opened her eyes, surprised at the sound of a voice. She saw he was a young man who wore a T-shirt with a sporting goods company logo and the words Second place is the first loser. She shook her head. “I’m just finishing the race.” “The Ironman? That was yesterday. It ended at midnight.” She shook her head again and looked at her watch. “No, it ended at 5:07:31 AM for me. Twenty-two hours and change, but I did it.” “Wait a minute. You’ve been out there all this time?”

RACE FOR TCSD AT THE USAT CLUB NATIONALS For the first time, we have a large and organized presence at this National Competition, over 140 club members will be participating. Saturday October 18th, 2008 is the date for the USAT Triathlon Club National Championship competition. There will be three separate races: Sprint distance (sold out), Olympic distance, and Half distance. Pumpkinman race information can be found at: http://www.bbsctri. com/pumpkin.html or on the USAT website; http://www.usa onals2.aspx The club contact is Steve Tally at

If you are unable to participate, come out for the party and cheer on TCSD!

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TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS To get your club discount, you must use a mail-in application and include a photocopy of your TCSD membership card. No refunds of the discounted amount will be given if you have already sent in your name and application. Subtract the discounted amount from the total and be sure to also write Triathlon Club of San Diego somewhere on the application.

Monday 5:45 PM

Ocean Swim in Carlsbad

6.00 PM

Ocean Swim at La Jolla Shores

6:00 PM

Computrainer Cycling and ErgVideo

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (short course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: Meet at Tamarack lower parking. •

Location: Meet by the south end bathrooms. •

Location: Coastal Sports and Wellness •

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

5.45 PM

Track Workout, a coached session

6:00 PM

Track Workout in Carlsbad, a coached session

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Moment Cycle Sports, 1357 Rosecrans. •

Big Kahuna Triathlon $15 off.

Location: University City H.S. Location: Carlsbad H.S. Track.

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Advanced MTB Training

Location: Penasquitos Canyon Side Park (east pkg lot). Location: Starting at Holland’s Bicycles.

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Coronado.

7:00 PM

Winter Spin Class

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: Rehab United PT & Sports Performance Center. •

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Thursday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

5:30 PM

East County Trail Run, Contact: Florian Hedwig for more information (619) 820-2388,

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Starting at Moment Cycle Sports. or 6:00 PM

Penasquitos Trail Run

Contact: Mark Kenny for more information (760) 271-2003

Friday 6:30 AM

Ocean Swim in Solana Beach. • Location: at Fletcher Cove (I-5, to Lomas Santa Fe west)

6:00 PM

Ocean Swim at La Jolla Cove.

6:00 PM

Ocean Swim in Encinitas.

Location: Moonlight Beach,

Contact: Thomas Johnson (619) 987-8822.

Saturday 8:00 AM

Bike Workout in Del Mar. All levels welcome.

Elite Racing $10 off Rock & Roll Marathon. See website for additional race discounts. Kathy Loper Events $3 off all events. At least a dozen local 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. For a complete list go to the website. Klein and Clark Sports Productions 10% off on both the April and November Desert Triathlon in Palm Springs. Koz Enterprises $5 off all events. Spring Sprint Triathlon, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach Triathlon, Mission Bay Triathlon, Silver Strand Half Marathon. Pacific Sports LLC $10 off all events. Los Angeles Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon, Catalina Marathon.

Location: Meet at Starbucks

(Hwy 101 & 15th st.)

Sunday 8:00 AM

Ocean Swim and Run in Del Mar/Solana Beach.

8:30 AM

REAL Beginners Bike Ride (see following page or calendar on website for complete details)

Auburn International Half-Ironman (World’s Toughest Half, Olympic and Long Course Duathlon Nat’l Championships). TCSD members enjoy $10 off entry.

Location: Meet at Powerhouse

Park, Run starts at 9am to Torrey Pines trails.

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TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Pelican Coast Events Mission Hills International Duathlon, Pacific Coast Triathlon and Orange County Triathlon. Get $10 off each race or sign up for all three and get $40 off ($10 less). Use code SDTC08. Ventura Breath of Life Triathlon $10 off.

REMINDER BIKE & WHEEL CASE RENTAL TCSD has traveling bike and wheel cases for rent! We have hard-shell single and double bike cases and wheel cases that will hold three wheels. The single cases are shippable by UPS and FedEx. Rates per week: Single case $25 Double case $40 Wheel cases $25 Deduct $10 if renting both a bike case and a wheel case. To reserve a case or if you have any questions, contact Bob Rosen

REAL BEGINNERS BIKE RIDE Sunday, October 25th, 8:30 am The TCSD Real Beginner’s Bike Ride takes place on the 56 bike path and is a club ride where NOBODY gets left behind. If you can ride comfortably for at least 60 minutes without stopping (total ride time 90-minutes) then this ride is for you. Please have at least minimal cycling ability (can ride, shift, and corner your bike adequately). Be ready for a couple moderate climbs on the first half of the ride, but beginners need hills too! We will have a brief bike talk at 8:30am, and be rolling by 9am. Helmets are MANDATORY. We will help you change your flats along the way, but please be equipped with your own tubes to carry on the ride. Questions? Contact Dean and ’the Steve’s’ at

Schedule of Events: 8:30–8:50: Bike Q&A 9:00 - ??: Bike Ride Directions: I-5 to Carmel Valley Road. East on Carmel Valley Road to El Camino Real. South (RIGHT) on El Camino Real. In about 1/2 mile, RIGHT into the parking lot for California Bank and Trust.

BEGINNER’S MEETING & TRIATHLON 101 Monday, October 13th, 6:00 pm The first half of the talk is specifically designed to get you started in the sport of triathlon, and our goal is to de-mystify triathlon, and remove the ’intimidation factor.’ We will cover triathlon basics from A to Z. All questions welcome! Contact: Questions or comments can be sent to your beginner coaches Steve T, Dean R, and/or Steve K at

Where: B&L Bike & Sport - Solana Beach Location 211 N. Highway 101 Solana Beach, CA 92075 (858) 481-4148 Directions from I-5: Exit 5 at Lomas Sante Fe Head West (towards coast) to Highway 101 Turn right on Coast Highway (101) and go 1/4 mile. B&L is on left side. Parking is available on street behind shop.

We’ve chosen what we believe are the highest quality and most flavorful coffee beans in the world – single origin Guatemalan coffee and single-origin 100% Kona, Single origin means consistency, which is the first step in producing a superior, “non-blended” coffee harvested form the same farms each and every time. The high-altitude and volcanic soil in Guatemala and Kona make for some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world.

To order, go to Use code TCSD to receive 25% off your order. (This discount does not apply to the KONA coffee.)


The Last Man Standing, continued She nodded. “Whoa,” he half-laughed. “That’s incredible.” He looked around. “Is someone waiting for you?” She shook her head. He squeezed through the fence to stand closer to her. “You’re for real, aren’t you? You’re really just finishing the race and you didn’t stop to sleep.” She nodded. He pulled out his cell phone and made a quick call to someone. “Say, I can take your picture and send it to your phone if you’d like,” he said when he disconnected. “That way you can sort of prove you finished the race although the clock isn’t running. Can you take a few steps this way and unrumple your bib number?” He moved back to center her and the finish line on his screen, and clicked a pair of pictures. He sent the images to her telephone as she recited her number. “Thanks,” she said. “I think I want to find my car and go home.” “Wait a minute. Someone’s coming.” A few moments later, a young woman in a race crew T-shirt arrived in a golf cart

carrying a flat box with several cups of coffee, boxes of juice, and an assortment of muffins and bagels. “Are you the lady who just finished the race? Would you like something to eat? This is what they have for the volunteers. Here, sit on the seat,” she said, picking up the box. “Your legs must be dead.” “If I sit down, I might not be able to stand up again to walk to my car.” “Don’t worry, I’ll take you. Sit here and eat something first and tell us why you didn’t stop at midnight. The race was over and you officially didn’t finish. Why didn’t you just pack up and go home like everyone else “But I did finish, at least my race.” She guzzled down a pint of orange juice. “Someone said the race starts at 7:00 and ends at midnight. Seventeen hours is just an arbitrary amount of time—it has no significance.” She swallowed a large bite from a muffin. “In war, the winner is the last man standing, not the first one out. The first one done is the first loser,” she said, turning to look at the other volunteer’s T-shirt. “In some sports, when

there’s a tie, the winner is the last man standing after a sudden death play-off.” She paused to finish eating the muffin. “And sometimes the last man standing is a woman.” No one said anything for a long moment. She drank and ate in silence until the cart driver echoed the words. “You’re the last woman standing. Amen to that.” Fifteen minutes later, after two cups and coffee, juice, and a pair of muffins, the spent racer could hardly move. Fatigue and throbbing pain seemed to permeate every cell in her body. The three drove to her car in an empty parking lot as the first gray streaks of dawn edged on the horizon. She found a parking citation on her windshield. “Great. A $35 ticket for parking overnight.” She thanked the volunteers and drove home, windows down, radio blasting, and pinching and slapping herself to stay awake for the hour-long ride. The sun was rising as she limped through her front door and collapsed on her bed. continued pag 19

Welcome New Members! Andrea Castro Brandon Cody Laura Congress Miguel Contreras Jaime Cooper Abraham Coronado David Crabbe Amberly Culley Darryl Culley Janice Darlington Mike Davis Mike Davis Rosanna Delurgio Patric Dinneen Randi Dunn Michael Eberhardt

Kyle Edgar Michelle Everitt Robert Fagnant Bob Fox Regina Goodman Michelle Guidroz Nancy Hittner Kent Howard Joseph Jackson Michael Kelley Chris Keplinger Jennifer Kinaga Noemi Kis Zachary Komon Lisa LaJeunesse Joe Lipman

Ajay Madiah Trisha Mangido Willaim Meyer Eaton Michael Lisa Molnar Shawn Moran Brian Newbegin Carlo Pani David Patsouris Gregory Pollard Michael Pruett Alex Ranum Guaps Reyes Christina Richards Kimberly Rodriguez

Vic Rosenthal Eric Rubalcava Stacy Sauls Marissa Shams Alan Shi Bhakta Shruti Carlos Shteremberg Steve Soto Jill Stipanov Theresa Wear Charles Wilform Kate Winzenburg Matthew Wittmann Lauren Zuroweste Jose Zyman


MEMBER PROFILE ANA MELITA DIAZ Nickname: Minel (name I go by) Member since: May 2008

Congratulations IM Finishers! Congratulations go out to the following TCSD members who completed these recent Ironman races. And a special congratulations to Diana Noble who qualified for her 3rd consecutive IM Hawaii. And another special congratulations to Tim Stutzer who qualified for his 2nd consecutive IM Hawaii. Tim had the fastest overall bike split at IM UK, even better than all the pros. You all had great performances and we are proud of all of you! IM Canada - Aug 24, 2008

Finish Time

Rank Group


Rank O’all

Diana Noble Bart Bybee Michael Carson Dave Hoard

11:07:51 11:43:02 13:59:09 14:51:55

6/116 62/246 183/246 200/246

F40-44 M45-49 M45-49 M45-49

354/2,067 582 1,529 1,755

IM Louisville - Aug 31, 2008 Pat Dickey Katya Meyers Mike Ortiz Scott Shroyer Norm Smith Joe Esposito Dee Ann Smith Daniel Williams

Finish Time 10:47:19 11:00:20 11:58:55 12:05:02 12:15:40 12:49:05 12:53:39 14:29:58

Rank Group 12/309 10/14 30/204 39/157 70/309 62/204 15/73 183/282

Group M35-39 FPro M45-49 M25-29 M35-39 M45-49 F35-39 M40-44

Rank O’all 88/1,791 117 311 326 367 571 603 1,191

IM Wisconsin - Sept 7 , 2008

Finish Time

Rank Group


Rank O’all

Favorite Race/Tri Event: Favorite marathon: San Diego Rock N Roll marathon (where I have my marathon PR so far); Favorite Tri: Mission Bay Tri – I’m a beginner so this is it for now

Dean Sprague Shane Buysse Julie Dunkle Marc Feldman Cheryl Ramancionis Jean Muller Angela Harrell

10:50:15 11:01:58 11:12:33 12:04:30 12:28:26 14:18:57 16:05:21

15/206 18/75 4/110 107/305 24/112 77/134 122/134

M45-49 M18-24 W40-44 M40-44 W30-34 W35-39 W35-39

232/2,082 285 335 670 835 1,565 1,987

Favorite local restaurant: All (I love to eat)

IM UK - Sep 7, 2008

Finish Time

Rank Group


Rank O’all

Tim Stutzer





Age group: F30-34 Status: (S/M/NYOB) Single Before I became a triathlete I was: A marathon runner (ran 20 marathons so far, trying to run 50 by age 50).

Best event: Swim, Bike or Run: Running, and the 4th event (after the race, eating, etc). PR: race time or any split time (include race name and distance): I had a pretty good day at IM Canada ’02 with a 10:08 finish. At the Everest Challenge ’06 I had a combined time of 12:58 (which I thought was a decent time for an “old guy”). Most Embarrassing or Disastrous Moment: Riding the Mission Bay Tri 15k bike event in >1 hour, but I was on a mountain bike so I’m slow. continued page 9


Find Yours @

IRONMAN CONVERSATION WITH CRAIG ZELENT I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking triathlon with TCSD member, Daniel Derkacs. Daniel qualified for Kona this year with his super fast 9:51:32 at Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Please join me as we get to know this authentic great guy. Craig: Craig: You started in triathlon as a child in New Mexico. Why did triathlon become such a lifestyle for you?

continued Equipment wish list: 1. A good and functional road bike that is my right size 2. Newton running shoes (they’re expensive for a pair of running shoes so I refuse to buy them but I want to check them out) My Equipment: Desoto T1 wetsuit, a Specialized mountain bike, and Mizuno Wave Inspire (my latest running shoe)

Daniel: First off, triathlon in New Mexico? Surprisingly, New Mexico has about 25 multi-sport races each year - all of which are about 1/10th of the cost of races here in California. So competing in NM is easy and cheap as long as you don’t mind driving through the lonesome desert and competing against the same old competitors at every race.

Can’t Race Without: Gatorade Ice Punch or G2 Fruit Punch; Sport Jelly Beans Best advice: No matter how fast/slow you race, make sure you still enjoy what you are doing.

As a child, I mainly focused on running and soccer - but mountain biking and road racing were among the other activities my brothers and I did to pass the time away during the summers in Los Alamos, NM (elevation 7500 ft). My older brother David entered a few long distance running races through the Junior Olympics and became a 2008 Spring Sprint Triathlon. nationally ranked runner at the age of 8 without any real training. So, at the age of was so nervous all the time. I remember that I 6, I too began running while my twin brother had to keep a picture of my mom on my desk Derek focused on Tae Kwon Do with my Dad. At at school to help with my anxiety. 4th grade the time I was too young to compete in any- was especially difficult for me because it was thing longer than the 400 m so I first took up the first year they expected us to do homesprinting and progressively moved up to the work. I couldn’t understand this at all. I was 1500 m as I got older. As there wasn’t a club very obsessive as a child so I had to learn how track team in Los Alamos, our parents teamed to balance my nerves and my desire for perfecup with a coach, Terry Pasalaqua from Santa tion. Part of perfection meant no homework Fe, to start a new track team called SFLA. Our and going straight to practice - so I would parents fully supported our athleticism - trav- frantically rush through all my assignments eling two hours to Albuquerque for track during dull moments of class so I wouldn’t meets on Saturday and then again for soccer have to bring anything home. This behavior games on Sunday. I was quick but never quite eventually died down in high school but I as good as David. My most impressive result as remember in middle school climbing up the a kid was a 4:57 in the 1500 m when I was 10 building to look through the window so that I - good for a second place finish at regionals in could see what my geometry assignment was Denver. so that I could do it during lunch before it was Being ultra competitive at that age might even assigned. I was nuts. not have been the best thing for me as it was thought I had developed an ulcer because I


Looking for a workout partner, companion or buddy? Use the TCSD web site’s forum to post a listing. Make sure to include location and intensity level. Having a training partner can bring new energy to your workouts.

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Ironman Conversation, continued FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS COACHING SERVICES Breakaway Training (858) 361-0761 Contact: Felipe Loureiro Contact: Barry Kelly, Fit Stop Discount: 15% off for all TCSD members. Use ”TCSD” as the coupon code, $50 off of the normal price for VO2 testing. San Diego X Training (858) 558-1337 Contact: Sergio Borges Training Bible Coaching (619) 886-3227 Contact: Jim Vance Tri Power Multisport (760) 420-8032 Contact: Mike Plumb

MASSAGE & PHYSICAL Active Release Techniques University City Physical Therapy (858) 452-0282 Discount: 30% off ART sessions with Gino Cinco, PT, certified ART provider and instructor. Bart Gale, HHP and TCSD member. 1356 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach (858) 531-8189 Email: Specializing in Sports, Thai, NMT & Deep Tissue Sculpting. Sabine Grossmann 234 N. Acacia Ave., Solana Beach, (619) 347-9535 Licensed Massage Therapist and TCSD member. continued page 11


I don’t actually remember my first triathlon, dorm room in Albuquerque. In undergrad, as but we typically competed annually in the Los an electrical engineering major, I was focused Alamos Triathlon - the oldest continuously and determined - and triathlon was the perfect running triathlon in the world. (35 years!) We way to completely separate myself from equahad a family friend who was very serious in the tions and computer programming. By the end sport and some of you may know of him - Joe of my freshman year in 1999, I was hooked Rodriguez. He was the Ironman champ of New and I had already competed in 10 races. Mexico - doing Kona every year for maybe 100 Craig: What brought years. David used to you to San Diego? train with his son John Daniel: After my so we had knowledge undergrad career at of all the latest and the University of New greatest bike gadgets. Mexico, I wanted to I can still remember go to grad school buying my first pair of where there was realScott clip on aerobars ly good competition that I fixed onto my 5 both in school and in speed mountain bike! sport. I came to UCSD Getting my first road in 2003 for a masters bike was quite a treat. degree originally, but I found a HUGE Bianchi I decided to stay a at a garage sale that I little longer and go convinced my parents for a Ph.D which I to help me buy for should be finishing $200. Later, my parents up in less than six would typically buy months. I got my MS David a bike and then in early 2006 but it was passed down to after a few months I either me or my twin. decided to take a So competing in leave of absence from triathlons was a simple One of the many hills of IM CDA, 2008. school and live in matter of surviving the swim, biking hard, and Europe. I was stressed and politically angry then running. I only competed in one or two and I needed to get out and live in another triathlons each year so I couldn’t say it was a country. So I sold my Subaru WRX and made it lifestyle at that point. happen. By 9th grade I actually stopped running This didn’t go over so well with Amanda because I was burnt out. I didn’t start puberFelder (now my fiance) as one can imagine, ty until late in high school so I watched all but thankfully she stuck with me and we the bearded kids fly by me in my races and it stayed together through it. It was an awesome was very discouraging. After I stopped runexperience. I bought a bike in Berlin where I ning, I began focusing more on ice hockey was living and I went on three solo bike tours which I had been playing since middle school. in the Netherlands, Italy, and Turkey. I went to I also started smoking. Hockey was a blast and the Olympics in Italy, I skied throughout the I still don’t know how I played and smoked at Alps, and I visited almost every country in the same time. Quitting smoking was incrediEurope along the way. I came home around 7 bly difficult - luckily I managed to do it before months later and started training again. A few it was too late. months after that, I barely landed a slot for My triathlon “lifestyle” didn’t officially start Ironman Hawaii at Buffalo Springs 70.3 so I until David brought my dusty road bike to my decided why not try Hawaii again?

lems, and the course was much more difficult than I had envisioned. The short story is that on the first lap I averaged 260 watts for a split Daniel: of 2:35:00, and on the second lap I 2001 Ironman California: 10:20:51, 153rd averaged only 220 watts to split OV/6th AG 2:50:00. Not the way to race an M18-24 00:57:39 05:33:01 03:42:41 Ironman. The wind picked up sub2001 Hawaii Ironman: ~11:00:00? stantially during the second lap but (qualified at Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon) my power was still much lower. 2006 Hawaii Ironman: 9:44:28, 233th OV/33rd AG Since I am heavy (180 lbs), I con(qualified at Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon) stantly struggle with nutrition, M25-29 01:02:08 05:04:02 03:32:36 sweat, and maintaining a cool core 2008 Ironman Coeur d’Alene: 9:51:32, 36th OV/4th AG temperature. If you know me, you M25-29 00:59:38 05:25:21 03:22:51 know that I sweat about 5x more than most athletes. One visit to our turbo Craig: What was IM CDA like for you this year? workouts will verify this by the river under my Daniel: At the starting line in Coeur d’Alene, I bike. I started cramping on the bike around was confident and decently the halfway point prepared to race strong. I and I knew it was wanted to go 9:30 with a going to be a long 1:00 swim, a 5:15 bike, and day. a 3:15 run. I had a very I try to eat real good base under me, but I food on the bike and only really began my I don’t like to rely on Ironman program 8 weeks gu. I use 2 bento before the race. I averaged boxes, one on my 18 hours per week which stem and the other was much less than what on the frame. I ate 2 was on my schedule - but Lara bars (200 cal sometimes my PhD had to each), some packages come first. of jelly belly sport I focused on swimming beans (100 cal each), early in the year and mana squashed peanut aged to shave a few minbutter and jelly sandutes off my long timed sets wich (400 cal), some in the pool. Unfortunately, bananas and gu’s all those time trials were from the aid stations done in a sleeveless Zoot etc. I like eating 300 wetsuit and I found out a calories per hour if I few weeks before the race can. Taking 15 gu’s is that the water was going An impressive run of 3:22 at IM CDA, 2008. not for me! to be in the 50’s for the Unfortunately, I get violently ill from race. So I had to get used to a full sleeve suit asap. I didn’t have a goal time for the swim Gatorade Endurance - the only electrolyte but I was satisfied with my 59:38 since it was drink served in every Ironman. Not only does so cold. The temp wasn’t too bad the first lap it taste like cough syrup - it’s just as thick. So - but during the second I could feel parts of I have to be very cautious with how much Gatorade I take in - typically drinking one botmy body getting cold and cramping. tle for every 2 or 3 of water. I knew I was desOverall, I was disappointed with my bike perately low on electrolytes (despite taking split of 5:25. I once again had nutrition probCraig: What Ironman races have you done and how did you do?

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salt tablets, eating bananas, and drinking a mix of Gatorade and water). Luckily I packed a ton of goodies in my special needs bag at the 66 mile point which included a snickers bar, a coke, a can of V8, a Redbull, and a can of chicken broth. I opted for the can of broth and a Redbull for a little pickup. I instantly felt better from the soup but I knew that if I wanted to hold 260 watts, I was going to need 2 more cans of broth. So I proceeded and went quite a bit slower up the rolling hills on the second lap. Coming into transition, I knew I needed a good run to get a slot so I started out at my “goal” pace of 7:15/miles. I don’t even attempt to drink Gatorade on the run anymore — instead I drink Coke and take salt tablets. The temperature was great so I was holding my splits until things got “heavy” at mile 9 and I had to take a break to go to the bathroom. I struggled to get into a groove over the next few miles - slowing down to 8:30/miles, and once again I knew I was low on sodium. At every aid station I asked if they had any soup, finally finding some at mile 12. I dumped out my water bottle and filled it up with steaming hot broth. Once again, it saved my day! I ran with a bottle of soup the rest of the way, taking sips at least once per mile and drinking coke at the aid stations. Overall, I was satisfied with my run of 3:25. It took me from 7th to 4th in my age group and 36th overall. I could have gone faster if things were perfect, but they never are in Ironman.

behind the scenes. Not quite the man in charge - more like the man who is charge of doing all the things nobody wanted to do like timing and the late-night preparations. It is quite fulfilling once the day is done - but before that it is extremely nerve wrecking. I wouldn’t want to do it as a career that’s for sure. There are some good memories though and a lot of congratulations on how well both races went. One challenged athlete in particular comes to mind as he was able to compete in his first triathlon ever after suffering from a stroke. Many things go into setting up the race and most of it was initially handled by Tom Scherbart in 2007 and Andrew Radin in 2008. Luckily we had access to the TCSD which provided a lot of equipment and time saving connections. KOZ helped us out by letting us rent equipment for very little charge as well. We would have saved a lot of time initially scoping out race sites if we knew that swimming is not allowed in any reservoir in San Diego county. This is something that should be changed considering you are allowed to drive a leaky motorboat but you can’t hold a special event in any of the local waters. Sadly, some triathletes take the whole selfimportance thing one step higher than others. We were twice threatened to be sued for discrimination by male athletes. One who could not enter the race because it was already closed and the other because we were not

Craig: You have been very involved in triathlon with UCSD. In fact, you have even been the race director of the Tritonman Triathlon. What did you learn with that experience? Daniel: I should clarify that I was the corace director both years we held the Tritonman. The man Popping the question....the answer was Yes.


offering awards for 5 year age groups - only ten year age groups. Really guys, it’s a sprint distance triathlon around an old dump.

Amanda) is usually not a problem for us since we’re typically exhausted by 8 and in bed by 9. We are the coolest late 20’s couple around!

Craig: You are engaged to 2 time Collegiate National Triathlon Champion, Amanda Felder. You are both pretty fast. Who caught whom? And how do you juggle career, triathlon and your relationship?

After we graduate, the plan is for me to

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Daniel: The first time I met Amanda was in 2004 in the beer garden at the Carlsbad 5k. I was shirtless and wearing super skimpy running shorts. She remembers it well because she and her friends were making fun of me - calling me the naked man or something to that effect. I can only argue that this was before the fashion police had informed me that Californians no longer wear short running shorts like in New Mexico.

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Amanda was said to be the new ringer for UCSD. My friend John recruited her from the cross country team and convinced her to give the sport a try since she was a swimmer and a runner. Backpacking in Yosemite. After a masters swim one day, I fixed work in the solar cell industry and for her to up her 10-speed bike that she had been riding take on triathlon full time. I’m actually in since middle school. After her bike was back in favor of this because I have had a completely shape, I made her a bagel with lox and cream different graduate school experience than her. cheese and won her heart. Well not actually. I can work my own hours while she basically She was dating another chap and it wasn’t has to punch the clock. until 2005 that she finally got over the short shorts incident. In February of 2008, I sur- Craig: You’ve told me that you were previousprised her at La Jolla shores during a faux pho- ly more of a “hammer head”. How has your toshoot and I popped the big question. The approach to training evolved over the many whole episode can be viewed at years you have been racing? Daniel: Like most triathletes, I used to train There are a few things that Amanda needs to by the seat of my pants. I went hard when I be happy: her watch, her water bottle, sleep, felt good and if I felt bad, I would finish the being on time, cheese, and sticking to her workout as well as I could and then go hard workout schedule. We get to train together a the next day to make up for it. There was one few times during the week. This varies greatly level I trained at - the gray zone - as coach if I’m training for an Ironman because she Sergio Borges calls it. Everyone is guilty of it obviously doesn’t need to go out for 5 hour - going way to hard on the easy days so that you can’t go hard on the hard days. The result death rides to compete in the ITU world. is a performance plateau. Some reach the One of the things that keeps us going is the plateau within one season while for others it fact that we both have no problem going to will take a few years. It comes. bed early. I’ve learned over the years that you For many, following a written schedule that can only train hard if you sleep well. So getincludes yearly, seasonal, and weekly periting at least 8 hours of sleep (9 to 10 for

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AT THE RACES: National Age Group Championship Location: Hagg Lake, OR Have you heard the saying “second place is the first looser’? As competitive as I can be, I had an epiphany at the 2008 USA Triathlon National Championships that I will never forget. I came this close, 2 seconds, from my chance to qualify for Worlds. And I couldn’t be happier. I wasn’t second place. Raja, at the 2007 chanpionship. I wasn’t even in the top ten, or

Triathlons and The After Effect About a month ago I experienced my first triathlon. It was one of the toughest things I had to endure in my whole life. This particular triathlon was held here in the beautiful city of San Diego, over in the Coronado area and sponsored by the Triathlon Club of San Diego. The first time I heard the word triathlon was a couple of months before this event when my father Carlos Espinoza Sr. got invited to compete in a triathlon race in Hawaii, the infamous Lavaman Triathlon. This competition is well known since it is used to prepare athletes to compete in the world championships of triathlons, or the Ironman. After watching my dad train so hard for weeks and be able to see his face full of accomplishment after completing that race, I decided to see what triathlons were all about. My family has always been into sports, my dad and I have been cycling for a couple of years now. I got into cycling at the age of fifteen and my dad Carlos has been training me ever since. So, after he got back from Hawaii he said I had to add to more sports to cycling, and those are swimming and running. I started training right away, and got right into it. I was hooked.


By: Raja Lahti

twenty for that matter. I placed 21st, but in doing so I came closer than I have ever imagined to being a member to Team USA, took nearly 6 minutes off my time from last year, had one of the best races of my short little triathlon life, turned around a challenging year and knew with complete confidence that I gave it everything I had for that day. And who could ask for more? Racing USAT Nationals can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. A complete race report can be found on Raja’s blog:

By: Carlos Espinoza, Jr.

in the truck and hit the road. So, seven am start to a sprint triathlon. Water is cold, but it doesn’t matter, its sink or swim 800 meters. After getting out of the water you head to your bike, mount it and pedal for 13 grueling miles while battling the wind and time. Once off the saddle its time to run 3 miles along the coast of Coronado, at this point you’re running for dear life. And that’s what is known as a ’sprint’ triathlon. Easy right? My first triathlon was not as smooth as I had planned. When I jumped in the water I realized that swimming in my community pool and swimming in the ocean was a whole different ball game. Those 800 meters felt like an Early season training ride, Tour of Palm Springs. eternity in the water. I an efficient triathlon race. Not only do you stepped on dry land 22 minutes after first have to be ready physically but mentally jumping in the water, and when I started as well. My race didn’t start Saturday running to my bike I got dizzy, and morning at seven sharp, it started at stopped to release some stomach acid all about seven on Friday. I had to get all my over the soft sand. things ready and make sure everything was When I got to mount the saddle I was working properly, and get all those last already exhausted from those 800 meters, minute tune ups done to be ready for race all I could think of was the finish and I time. Saturday came along and it was up still had the bike ride and a run to comand out of bed at five am to get our bikes continued page 21 A triathlon consists of three sports, swimming, cycling, and running. The first triathlon I was training for is known as a ’sprint’. The Tri Club of San Diego holds a sprint race in Coronado which starts at 7am sharp on the third Saturday of each month. Preparation is key to completing


Ironman Conversation, continued odization will advance performance immensely. For this you need an outline of your key races so that you can plan your training blocks and resting phases accordingly. Having a coach do this for you helps more than words can describe. Fortunately, periodizing your season is a lot easier for Ironman distance racing as compared to short distance racing because you can’t just slip another Ironman into your schedule whenever you feel like it. Lastly, if you need hard numbers, I strong suggest skipping Dura-ace, getting 105, and buying a power meter. It is the ultimate training tool. Craig: Can you single out 1 race in your career that was your very best? Daniel: The best race I ever had that comes to mind was the New York City Triathlon in 2007 when I out ran Dave Scott. The swim goes down the Hudson and due to the massive current it is always super fast. The bike is out and back and has some nice rolling hills. Of course all the fast swimmers were way ahead of me and as usual they were drafting except for the two lead guys. So despite feeling great - I didn’t do much catching up on the bike. When I got to the run something just clicked. I

felt so good and the miles were all going down around 5:20. The kicker was when I passed Dave Scott about a mile before the finish and he sort of grunted in surprise. We chatted after the race and he congratulated me which was pretty sweet, considering he’s one of the sports best runners. I finally achieved my seasonal goal of breaking 34 minutes on a 10k run by posting a 33:40 and in the process I managed to squeeze out an all-expense-paid trip to the US Open championships in Dallas. Craig: What is your favorite part of membership in TCSD? Daniel: The aquathlons are first to come to mind. They are challenging, fun, and they’re free! Next are the Borrego camps. The few that I’ve gone to were an absolute blast - but they’re not quite the same without Jim and his wicked marshmallow throwing arm. I also enjoy the monthly meetings because of the diversity of speakers TCSD manages to get. Lastly, I enjoy the email list. If I ever need an opinion or a recommendation for nearly anything - someone is out there to help. TCSD is great! Craig: Who inspires you and why? Daniel: I’ll just stick to the triathlon world for this one. First, I look up to Amanda because she is so talented. I can’t

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wait to see how she performs when she finally gets to train and recover like a professional. I have two unbelievably talented training partners this year, Patrick Baldwin and Kate Major. Patrick is a damn gazelle and Kate is so friggin strong and consistent it’s insane. I also really look up to Mac Brown because he never deviates from his daily plan and he misses maybe one workout a year. Craig: What are your triathlon plans after Kona? Daniel: Tough to say. Maybe I’ll take a year off from Ironman, maybe not. If I have to get a real job, that might help me answer this question. I have a lifetime goal of breaking 9 hours and running a 3 hour marathon in an Ironman. I guess I can’t do that if I don’t enter one! Craig: Hey Daniel, thanks for sharing your great stories. I’m certain you will achieve all of your goals. The Tri Club is lucky to have you as a friend. All the best to you and Amanda!

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The Last Man Standing, continued Over the next few days, she revisited her race mentally over and over, and all she felt was a sense of physical effort and pain that seemed endless. As her body healed, a feeling of accomplishment grew, but she shared it with only a few people. After all, who cared that she didn’t finish the race in the official time? It was a DNF to everyone else. Under seventeen hours or it doesn’t count in an Ironman race. Well, it was my race, not theirs. A week later she returned home from work and found a small package on her step with the Ironman race director’s return address. She opened it and found an envelope, a finisher’s medal, and a finisher’s T-shirt. Inside the envelope was a letter signed by the race director and the top man and woman finishers congratulating her effort, and a check for $35 to cover her parking ticket. She chuckled, feeling a little weight lift. She unfolded the T-shirt and suddenly stopped smiling. Beneath the race logo on the front of the shirt they had silkscreened a facsimile of her bib number along with the words The Last Woman Standing, her race time of 22:07:31, and a silhouette of her leaning on the crutches taken from the cell phone photo. Emotion welled up in her eyes, as she realized somebody else recognized her persistent effort as legitimate—I am an Ironman.

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Triathlons and The After Effect, continued plete. The ride went much better than the swim, since riding a bike is one of my stronger activities. I finished the bike ride in about 50 minutes and my legs still felt strong and ready for a three-mile run, but I wasn’t ready for what lay ahead of me on those 3 miles running the bay in Coronado. The run started out like a disaster, my legs felt like noodles after only taking three steps. I felt like my body could endure no more. What I once was thinki%ng was a piece of pie to complete turned out to be the hardest event I had to endure in my 19 years of life on this planet. I was able to finish the triathlon in exactly 1 hour 45 minutes. If it hadn’t been for my dad jogging with me to the finish, I don’t think I would have completed my first race. In life sometimes we need to experience some challenges so we, as humans can mature and learn about life itself. My first triathlon has really been a motivation for not only continuing to

get better at this sport, but to continue to become a better person in my everyday life. After those two hours I spent suffering trying to complete this event I realized that if can do that, then I can do anything I set my mind to, whether it’s doing better at school, improving at work, or becoming a better brother and son at home, I can do all those things and more. It’s been weird, and it’s still hard for me to understand why I didn’t just pick that up on my own, but I am glad it has happened this way because it makes me feel better about how I am living my life to this day. I am proud to say that I did continue to train for more triathlons, and the next month I was back out at Coronado doing my second triathlon. I improved my time by 18 minutes, finishing in 1 hour 27 minutes. Now I continue to improve my lifestyle and the way I view life in the same way. Improvement isn’t easy, but it sure does feel good when it happens, doesn’t it?



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