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MAD ABOUT TRIATHLON A Tale of Fiction MAY CLUB MEETING May 28th, Thursday Rehab United SPECIAL GUEST: Michael T. Lardon MD., sports psychiatrist and author of “Finding your Zone” will speak about what the “Zone” is, how to find it and use it to achieve your peak performance.

By Barbara Javor

While training, my coach said I should visualize every part of the triathlon I’d encounter on race day, but lying on a gurney in the ER but lying on a gurney in the ER with possibly a broken wrist and broken ribs was not part of the mental picture I conjured. I’ve been waiting and watching the parade of other sick and injured souls pass through the swinging doors for what seems like forever. The wait has given me plenty of opportunity to replay everything that went wrong this morning. My bike accident during the race was just the lousy icing on the rotten birthday cake—thanks to the present Dillon gave me early in the morning. When I moved to California six months earlier, I didn’t know a soul in San Diego. I had heard about triathlon, and seeing so many people running and bicycling everywhere with their high-tech gear made me curious. I joined a local triathlon club to learn more about it, and lo and behold at my first meeting, I found someone I knew from work was the club treasurer. Dillon was close to my age and single, with Nordic good looks. After that club meeting, we ate lunch together a few times at work, and the following week he invited me to run with him on the weekend. I laughed. “I’m a beginner. You’ll run circles around me.” “I’ll mix the circles up, clockwise and coun-

terclockwise. If you’re going to be a triathlete, you’ve got to start somewhere.” After a few workouts and dinners together, our personal relationship seemed to be growing. It was obvious I had so much more to learn and speed to gain than Dillon could provide me. “Why don’t you get a coach?” He suggested one evening. “There are a number of online coaches who provide personal training programs and one-on-one coaching based on your level and feedback from your workouts.” Dillon gave me a few websites, and I made some inquiries. The one that seemed to cater to my level and goals had several coaches, and they assigned me to Chris Fellows. Chris lived in Los Angeles, so we never actually met. We didn’t even talk on the phone, but we emailed back and forth nearly every day. Chris prepared spreadsheets of workouts, expected improvements, and categories of feedback that I was supposed to supply. He said the feedback was important for his master’s thesis in sports psychology, so I obliged. Over the next few months, I improved in the three sports and found I could talk about it all through lunch with Dillon. He laughed. “See? You’re hooked like me. You’re turning mad continued on page 3


May Club Race May 11th, Saturday, 7am Location: Glorietta Bay, Coronado Distance: S 700m, B 11.5mi, R 3mi

Triathlon Club of San Diego P. O. Box 504366 San Diego, CA 92150-4366 Send correspondence to the address above or contact president Brian Long at Membership & Renewal Send a check made payable to TCSD to the address above. Rates for new memberships & renewals: $60/year, $45 military (w/active ID), $110 family (2 adults). Additional years available at discount, see website. TCSD e-lists Subscribe to the TCSD e-mailing lists by sending a blank email with your name in the body to:

Newbie/Networking Meeting Monthly, 1st Thursday, 6pm Location: Hi-Tech Bikes, 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

May Aquathlon May 13th, Wednesday, 6pm Registration starts around 5pm Location: La Jolla Shores

May Club Meeting May 28th, Thursday Food: 5pm - Speaker: 6pm Location: Rehab United, 3323 Carmel Mountain Rd., Ste 200 Carmel/Sorrento Valley Special Guest: Michael T. Lardon, MD See web site for complete details. May Potluck May 29th, Friday, 5:30pm After Friday Evening Cove Swim Location: La Jolla Vove

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ANNOUNCING THE TCSD SOLANA BEACH TRAINING PROGRAM TO BENEFIT TCSD CARES! For the first year ever, TCSD is the title sponsor of the Solana Beach Triathlon on July 26th. In conjunction with this, we are proud to announce a special training group geared toward the first timer/beginner level triathletes for the Solana Beach Triathlon. The training program contains too much to list here but highlights include: n

Entry into the Solana Beach Triathlon


Custom race/training clothing


Over 6 special clinics available only to Team members (swim stroke, surf entry, transition, race morning prep, special race-course talk, etc)


Customized training plan


Weekly training meetings


Dedicated Forum to discuss training with TCSD Cares coaches and fellow Training Team members.


Team Picture


Signed copy of “Your First Triathlon” by Joe Friel.


Special equipment deals


After race party


And much more!

This will be a 9 week program with 1 week of orientation and 8 weeks of training leading up to race day. Training group kickoff will be the weekend of May 23rd/24th. This is also the perfect way for you members to get a family member or friend introduced to triathlon! The cost of the program is $350. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please email the TCSD Beginner coaches: *TCSD Cares is a new registered non-profit arm of TCSD designed to specifically benefit members in need. All proceeds go directly to the TCSD Cares fund. Stay tuned to the club website for more details on TCSD Cares.

Mad About Triathlon, continued about triathlon. Are you going to buy a fancy new road bike?” “I don’t think so. Chris says I’m right where I should be for my first race in June—the San Diego International Triathlon. It falls on my birthday.” He grinned. “Well, we’re going to be in the same race. We’ll celebrate your birthday at the finish line.” The weekend before the race, Dillon invited me to his home for dinner. He showed me his new herb garden on the balcony just outside his den cluttered with papers. “Don’t mind the mess in here. Remember I told you I was adopted? I’m delving into my family tree. I just found a great grandparent connection in Pennsylvania, and the names and addresses of some possible descendents.” He pointed to a stack of letters that were ready to mail. “I’d love to find some of my real roots.” “Maybe you’ll learn you’re related to one of those fast German pro triathletes.” He smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek. “That would be something.” Dillon seemed upbeat about everything during dinner, and the evening was rather romantic. I felt we were beginning to cross the line from friends to being more. During the following week he gave me plenty of encouragement for the race when I told him how nervous I was. Our plan was to meet around 6:00 in the transition area on race morning so he could give me one more pep talk. He seemed to really care about me and how I performed. I felt my heart melt a little more for him. Although I had driven to the race quite early, the traf-

fic congestion and parking lot were a mess. I arrived in the transition area at 6:45 and had little time to set up my gear before the first wave of the race started. Chris was coming to watch a few athletes he was coaching, and we had made arrangements to meet before the race. Because I was so late, we didn’t connect, so I figured we’d find each other after the race. I kept glancing at my watch and looking around for Dillon. Where is he? His swim wave will start soon. I walked to the beach and scanned the crowd gathered on the sand. There are several hundred men in black wetsuits wearing swim caps. How am I supposed to know which one is Dillon? They all look alike. I looked for him as I meandered through the knots of people on the beach. The loudspeaker alternated between announcements and music, adding to my feeling of being lost and out of my element. All these fit people. They’ll be so much faster than me. The foggy morning had rendered the color of the water grayish green—definitely uninviting. Will I even make it through the swim? I felt the nervousness grow from my belly and begin to consume me. Where’s Dillon? I wanted to hear his words of encouragement. I needed to hear them. “Five minutes until the first wave of the swim for men in the blue swim caps,” the loudspeaker blared. Dillon’s wave. Where is he? I searched left and right until I finally caught sight of him about twenty-five yards away. I froze. He was embracing a woman about my age in a very close hug. She continued on page 14




Monday 6:00 PM

Computrainer Cycling and ErgVideo

6:00 PM

Group Run, 4-6 miles, all paces welcome.

6.00 PM

Ocean Swim

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course)

Location: Coastal Sports and Wellness. •

Location: Movin Shoes, Encinitas.

Location: La Jolla Shores, meet by the south end bathrooms. •

Location: La Jolla/UTC – JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Point Loma, start at Moment Cycle Sports, 1357 Rosecrans.

5.45 PM

Track Workout, a coached session

Location: University City H.S.

6:00 PM

Track Workout, a coached session

Location: Carlsbad – Carlsbad H.S. Track.

Status: Single

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Advanced MTB Training

Bike Workout

Winter Spin Class

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course)

Location: Penasquitos Canyon Side Park (east pkg lot).

Location: Coronado, meet at Holland’s Bicycles.

6:00 PM 7:00 PM

Location: La Jolla/UTC – JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Favorite local restaurant: Java Ki (Sbbica dinner).

Thursday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout, 27 miles, all levels

Location: Solana Beach, meet in front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Point Loma – meet at Moment Cycle Sports.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout

5:30 PM

East County Trail Run or

Friday Ocean Swim, in the water at 7am. • Location: Solana Beach – Fletcher Cove

6:00 PM

Ocean Swim

(I-5, to Lomas Santa Fe west) •

Location: La Jolla – La Jolla Cove.

Saturday 8:00 AM

Bike Workout, all levels welcome. (Hwy 101 & 15th st.)

Location: Del Mar, meet at Starbucks

7:30 AM

Trail Run

Contact: Mark Kenny for information (760) 271-2003

7:45 AM

Swim (starts at 8 sharp) and run follows towards Torrey Pines Park • Location: Meet at

Sunday •

Location: Penasquitos

Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. 8:30 AM

Best Leg/Event: Love the bike. PR: Silverstrand 1/2 Marathon, 1:57

Contact: Florian Hedwig for more information (619) 820-2388,

6:45 AM

Before I became a triathlete I was: Crew (rowing in college) marathon, mother. Favorite Race/Tri Event: Love the Santa Barbara tri.

Location: Rehab United PT & Sports Performance Center. •

Age group: F 40-45

REAL Beginners Bike Ride (see following page or calendar on website for complete details)

Most Embarrassing or Disastrous Moment: At Escape from Alcatraz: Jumping off the boat, started swimming across the big waves in the SF bay. Soon I see a guy clearly going the wrong way. I try to say something, but he is too far away to hear me. Then I see a kyaker coming my way, she informs me that I am swimming the wrong way. I still made it in to T1 before the cut off. When my friends ask me how long I was going the wrong way, I always reply, ”I have no idea, if I had known I was going the wrong way I wouldn’t have been going that way.” My Equipment: Wetsuit: Xterra Bike: Fuji Running Shoe: Mizuno continued on page 6


MEMBER PROFILE, continued Equipment wish list: A new bike...that’s all. Can’t Race Without: GU. Best advice: Imodium AD & Pepcid AD. Keep the GI stable.

NEW MEMBERS Jeremiah Aiken Craig Anderson James Ball Christopher Barngrover Holly Bass Arthur Blain

REAL BEGINNERS BIKE RIDE Sunday, May 24th, 8:30 am The TCSD Real Beginner’s Bike Ride takes place on the 56 bike path and is a club ride where NOBODY gets left behind. If you can ride comfortably for at least 60 minutes without stopping (total ride time 90-minutes) then this ride is for you. Please have at least minimal cycling ability (can ride, shift, and corner your bike adequately). Be ready for a couple moderate climbs on the first half of the ride, but beginners need hills too! We will have a brief bike talk at 8:30am, and be rolling by 9am. Helmets are MANDATORY. We will help you change your flats along the way, but please be equipped with your own tubes to carry on the ride. Questions? Contact Dean and ’the Steve’s’ at

Roxanne Bond

Schedule of Events: 8:30–8:50: Bike Q&A 9:00 - ??: Bike Ride Directions: I-5 to Carmel Valley Road. East on Carmel Valley Road to El Camino Real. South (RIGHT) on El Camino Real. In about 1/2 mile, RIGHT into the parking lot for California Bank and Trust.

Eric Chamberlain Marshall Chastain Michelle Cheung


Morgan Christian

Monday, May 18th, 6:00 pm

Kathryn Clenney

The monthly talk is specifically designed to get you started in the sport of triathlon, and our goal is to de-mystify triathlon, and remove the ‘intimidation factor.’ We will cover triathlon basics from A to Z. All questions fair game! NON-MEMBERS WELCOME!

Courtney Clifford Thomas Conroy Casey Copeland Matthew Engel Julian Ganguli Steven Glick Whitney Handy Patricia Harrington Jeffrey Harth Paul Henreid

Contact: Questions or comments can be sent to your beginner coaches Steve T, Dean R, and/or Steve K at

Where: B&L Bike & Sport - Solana Beach Location 211 N. Highway 101 Solana Beach, CA 92075 (858) 481-4148 Directions from I-5: Exit 5 at Lomas Sante Fe Head West (towards coast) to Highway 101 Turn right on Coast Highway (101) and go 1/4 mile B&L is on left side. Parking is available on street behind shop.

Christopher Heslin Stephen Hinkle

We’ve chosen what we believe are the highest quality and most flavorful

Jennifer Hinkle

coffee beans in the world – single origin Guatemalan coffee and single-origin 100% Kona, Single origin means consistency, which is the first step in producing a superior, “non-blended” coffee - harvested form the same farms each and every time. The high-altitude and volcanic soil in Guatemala and Kona make for some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world.

Tara Houck Martin Huschke Chris Juarez Ryan Keck Claire Kelly

To order, go to

Ryan Kovacs

Use code TCSD to receive 25% off your order. (This discount does not apply to the KONA coffee.) continued page 7


IRONMAN CONVERSATION WITH CRAIG ZELENT I had the pleasure recently of talking triathlon with the Tri Club’s Darcy Eaton. Darcy qualified for Ironman Hawaii last November with her outstanding performance at Ironman Arizona. Please join me as we get to know this fun and fast lady.

Davin Kovol Louis Lipschultz Jason Matzen Harrold Nachtweh David Navarro

Craig: What was your athletic background prior to triathlon? Darcy: I have always been athletic, somewhat of a tomboy, but I did not have a background in swimming, cycling or running. I was a gymnast in elementary, also participating in pool diving. I played softball and volleyball through Junior High and High School. I partied quite a bit through college, so athletics took a back seat. Actually, I was an art major, who smoked cigarettes, drank diet coke and stayed up all night painting in the studios on campus. I graduated, decided to quit smoking, and two days after my last cigarette, I set out to run. (o.k. So it was more of a walk/run). I started, barely able to make 1 mile without gasping for breath, but I kept at it. Within months, I was jog/walking 3 miles. Within a year I was on a running program, logging 20+ miles per week. An acquaintance at the time, said to me, while we were watching his kids football game, “you need to do a triathlon.” That was all he needed to say to plant the bug. His words consumed my thoughts, and just a few weeks later, I borrowed a bike and signed up for the Carlsbad Triathlon 2001.


Daniel Nibouar Steven Noble Clark Noble Ben Nowacky Lauren Nunnally Krista Peterson David Ragan Stephanie Redcross Lisa Reilly Scott Rice Dayn Richardson Lourdes Richardson

Darcy, posing at the beach.

Dan Rusert

ing under the waves required much more effort and technique than with just a bikini. I was pounded by the waves, but it sure prepared me for the swim ahead.

Sally Sackett

My wave is up. As I looked out at the water and at all of the participants waiting to attack the surf, the gun went off. I cruised through the swim, thinking, this isn't so bad. I got on my bike, sitting upright as though I was on a cruiser, heading down Carlsbad Blvd. I was going so Craig: What was your first triathlon slowly, my father, waiting for me experience like? on the course, thought I wasn’t Darcy: My first triathlon, Carlsbad racing. I transitioned to run, and Triathlon 2001, was a blast! Of felt very good. I really enjoyed course, the morning in transition the run. I came in 45th place in as I looked out at the swim, my my division, out of 92. So you stomach turned in knots, but I could say, I wasn’t, by any means, Crossing the Ingram quickly remembered how many competitive then. But I certainly Street Bridge, Mission years I have spent in the ocean, Bay Triathon. had the bug! I couldn’t wait to do which calmed my nerves, for the it again. Next time, I said, I am moment. Also, a good friend of mine, Ray going to go faster! Stainback, a TCSD member, took time with me In 2001, and 2002 I was middle of the pack the week before the race and we practiced our and only racing short distances. By 2003, I swim in the ocean. He helped more that he continued on page 8 knows. I had never swum in a wetsuit, so div-

Beth Saccone Wayne Saville Zachary Schramm Jeffrey Shear Thomas Smith michael smith Brian Strickler Leslie Strickler Denise Suris Kyle Swanson Katrin Szardenings Nicole Tamoush Felicia Tican Amy Tucker Dennise Vaughn Sandra Weidler Ingrid Wilson


Ironman Conversation, continued TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS To get your TCSD club discount, some events require club members to use mail-in application and include a photocopy of TCSD membership card. No refunds of the discounted amount will be given if you have already sent in your name and application. Subtract the discounted amount from the total and be sure to also write Triathlon Club of San Diego somewhere on the application. Additionally, visit the clubs discount section on the web for additional details about discount codes. Auburn International Half-Ironman (World’s Toughest Half, Olympic and Long Course Duathlon Nationall Championships). Discount: $10 off entry. Big Kahuna Triathlon $15 off. Elite Racing Rock & Roll Marathon. Discount: $10 off Elite Racing Ventura County 2009 events: Camarillo Duathlon, Ventura Splash ‘n Dash Series, Oxnard Splash ‘n Dash Series. Discount: 10% discount. See TCSD’s website for discount code. Kathy Loper Events At least a dozen local 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. For a complete list go to the website. Discount: $3 off all events. Klein and Clark Sports Productions April and November Desert Triathlon in Palm Springs. Discount: 10% off Koz Enterprises Spring Sprint Triathlon, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach Triathlon, Mission Bay Triathlon, Silver Strand Half Marathon. Discount: $5 off all events. continued page 9


was placing in the top 10 in shorter distances, and introduced myself to the 70.3 distance. California 70.3 (then called Ralph's). I was finishing in the middle of the pack, placing 48 out of 105. 2004, I became top 5 in sprints. In 2005, I did my first Ironman. Still placing top 5 in all shorter distances, I was working my way up in position in the 70.3 and IM. By 2008, I had placed 4th in 70.3, 2nd in Arizona and 6th at CDA. For anyone who thinks goals are too hard to meet, or questions why they work so hard training, think of my progress. In 11 years, I have come from being a “partier” and a smoker to a top AG athlete who is going to the IM Canada 2006. World Championships. This goes to show, if you work at it, set a goal, you can complete that goal. Anything is possible. Craig: Of the 3 disciplines swim, bike and run - which is your strength and which needs the most work? Darcy: The run has been my strength, but I am getting much stronger on the bike, too. My swim is what is holding me back. I need some

serious work on my swim. Anyone? Anyone? Help!!! At this point, I am losing my races in the swim. Craig: What are you doing to try and improve your swim? Darcy: Swim, and yelling help to you all. :) Seriously, my original approach was just to swim more. 4 days a week at masters. I have been getting stronger in the pool, but it doesn’t seem to be transferring over to my open water racing. Oceanside was a perfect example. My swim time was the same as the previous year. I got out of the water in 15th position. It is so frustrating. As a coach, I realize, not only to have to swim consistently, but I need to work on my technique, and focus more on race specific training. Craig: What makes you emotional (aka cry) about triathlon? Darcy: I cry every time I watch the IM World Championships. Craig: What Ironman races have you done? continued on page 15

Congratulations CA 70.3 Finishers! Congratulations to the following TCSD members who qualified for IM Hawaii with their outstanding performances at the California 70.3. We took 7 of the 28 slots. Our house - our slots! California 70.3 - April 4, 2009 Time Patrick Baldwin Brian Scott Charisa Wernick Elizabeth Daubner Vickie Alexander Bob Foster Mickie Shapiro

4:21:52 4:29:52 4:52:12 5:02:29 5:36:34 6:58:09 8:35:24




32 M30-34 2/258 56 M35-39 6/356 198 W30-34 3/112 300 W45-49 1/78 755 W55-59 1/17 1,720 M70-74 1/1 2,026 W70+ 1/1 2,043 Participants. Seconds and




0:28 2:24 1:23 0:29 2:35 1:20 0:30 2:45 1:31 0:28 2:45 1:45 0:38 2:56 1:54 0:54 3:45 2:11 0:55 4:25 2:55 transitions not included.

In addition, Julia Van Cleave won a lottery slot into Kona. Please let me know if there are any other TCSD members who recently qualified for Kona.

PRODUCT REVIEW: FINIS Tempo Trainer I came across this little devise at TriFest ‘09. While looking over items at the Finis (the makers of many aquatic products) booth; swim MP3s, a couple of nice looking lap timers, I noticed this unique device, Tempo Trainer (TT), I thought it was a small lap counter, but Tim Elson, vice president at Fenis, set me straight on its “magical powers”. Yes, whenever I find an item that is simple, clever and easy to use that can be added one’s training regiment and possible make you a better athlete, I call it magical. The Tempo Trainer is magical. The TT is similar to a metronome, it emits an audible beep. The beeps can adjust from .10 seconds in mode 1 (increments of .01) up to every 10 minutes in mode 2. Tim, gave me a quick explanation, which can be found on their website, on how to find my “perfect” stroke tempo. After much delay, I finally was able to use and find my own perfect stroke tempo. The device comes with a clip so one can attach the TT to one’s goggle straps or slip under your swim cap. I prefer under the swim cap, the beeps are easier to hear. I swim at the WaveHouse’s 20 yard pool and doing flip turns every 12 strokes is kind of frustrating when really trying to concentrate on one’s stroke. However, I still managed. I first set the Tempo Trainer for .40 seconds. I quickly thought to myself, I don’t thinks so. I adjusted to .75 seconds and gave it a try.

Every beep - take a stroke. I don’t think so...too fast. I tried .80, still too fast. I ended up with .92 seconds for every stroke. That gave me a chance to stretch out and glide and get a full follow thru, still pretty quick. I experimented with the beeps a little faster and slower but found this to be an ideal workout pace. Yes, I know world class distance swimmers have a stroke frequency of .70-.80 for freestyle. I am working up to that speed, for now I want to be efficient with my stroke. Whatever pace you choose, fast to relaxed, this devise will keep you honest — One beep, One stroke. A constant reminder, your own private coach. The TT can also be for running and cycling or any thing else where a tempo needs to be monitored. Incorporate a 30 second on/off session, monitor your stride or cadence, the possibilities are endless. The Tempo Trainer retails for around $40, well worth the investment. However, a special arranged has been procured…25% off any purchase at Upon check out you’ll see a box asking for discount coupon. The code is surfing, you’ll see 25% taken off the top.

TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Pacific Sports LLC Los Angeles Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon, Catalina Marathon. Discount: $10 off all events. Pelican Coast Events Mission Hills International Duathlon, Pacific Coast Triathlon and Orange County Triathlon. Discount: Get $10 off each race or sign up for all three and get $40 off ($10 less). Use code SDTC09. SilverMan Triathlon Half and Full ironman events. Lake Mead/Henderson, NV. Discount: $10.00 off. Must indicate USAT membership number and club affiliation. Use codes Full: silverclub09, Half: silverhalf09 Ventura Breath of Life Triathlon Discount: $10 off

The Finis website if full of great information and videos, make sure you review the whole website, Reviewed by: Dean Sprague, PedPowerPerform Lab.

2009 TCSD Aquathon Schedule May 13th June 25th July 23rd August 20th September 23rd

All events held at La Jolla Shores. Meet between life guard station and Marine Room windows. Registration start around 5pm. Aquathon begins at 6pm on the sand in front of the Marine Room windows. Swim approximately 1,000 meters followed by a 3 mile beach run. Stay for the post event food and comradery.

Dates subject to change, review web site for up to date information.


FRIENDS OF TCSD OFFERING DISCOUNTS COACHING SERVICES Breakaway Training (858) 361-0761 Contact: Felipe Loureiro Contact: Barry Kelly, Fit Stop Discount: 15% off for all TCSD members. Use ”TCSD” as the coupon code, $50 off of the normal price for VO2 testing. ironguides (858) 558-1337 Contact: Sergio Borges Training Bible Coaching (619) 886-3227 Contact: Jim Vance Tri Power Multisport (760) 420-8032 Contact: Mike Plumb MASSAGE & PHYSICAL Active Release Techniques University City Physical Therapy (858) 452-0282 Discount: 30% off ART sessions with Gino Cinco, PT, certified ART provider and instructor. Bart Gale, HHP and TCSD member. 1356 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach (858) 531-8189 Email: Specializing in Sports, Thai, NMT & Deep Tissue Sculpting. Sabine Grossmann 234 N. Acacia Ave., Solana Beach, (619) 347-9535 Licensed Massage Therapist and TCSD member.

COACHES CORNER: By Sergio Borges Triathlon is not Swim + Bike + Run, Part 2 Introduction from Part One to refresh your memory Looking at the great champions: Michael Phelps (swimmer) , Fabian Cancellara (cyclist) and Haile Gebrselassie (runner) - all great athletes with many gold medals and World Championships under their belts. These athletes are very skilled and efficient in their specific sports. Obviously many years of training is necessary to reach the levels they have achieved. All three sports require a high level of skill, particularly swimming and running. Athletes like Michael Phelps, for example, have spent over 15 years developing their skills, training an average of 5 to 8 hours per day. All of this time and work is required to develop skills in A SINGLE SPORT! Our sport includes all three: swim, bike, and run. Many athletes and some coaches see triathlon as three separate sports: Swim + Bike + Run. However, triathlon is ONE sport and should be seen as swimbikerun, in which every sport interferes or influences the others. When training for triathlon, athletes usually make the mistake of seeing it as 3 different sports. Triathletes think that they should train for swimming like swimmers, bike like cyclists and run like runners. Athletes should not seek individual sports' PR's but instead, an overall


Cycling for Triathlon Cycling is no doubt the sport where athletes keep making mistakes, starting with improper bike fitting and finishing with over-distance training. I will leave the bike fitting issue for some other time and focus solely on training for now. As you probably know, cycling is the least skilled sport of all three and for triathlon it is more about strength than skills. Unless you're racing in a draft legal race (ITU), you don't need to focus on acceleration, speed, group riding skills or spending time doing drills (ie. single leg drills). Instead, the focus for cycling is about developing strength and lactate tolerance. Most age group athletes have limited time to train on the bike, usually 2 or 3 times per week, so it's important to make each session count! In triathlon, the bike is all about arriving at the start of the run in control, without having accumulated overt amounts of aerobic fatigue, having worked the legs in a way that accommodates cycling fatigue without generating

University City Physical Therapy & FunctionSMART Fitness We are a Sports Physical Therapy facility dedicated to finding and treating the underlying biomechanical problems that lead to common sports injuries. Our Clinic Specializes in: n

Active Release Techniques®


Functional Sports Medicine & Rehab



continued page 11

faster result. Saving energy on the swim, reducing aerobic taxing and neuromuscular firing on the bike and teaching your body how to run on fatigued legs on tight muscles and reduced range of motion is triathlon!

(858) 452-0282 n

Kinesiotaping & McConnell Taping Techniques


Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

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run fatigue. It is from this “don’t tax the run muscles” perspective that you can best understand how triathlon cycling is not the same as the sport of cycling. In cycling, higher cadences are used to distribute an amount of work that has to be done (the wattage) into more “pieces.” Without getting into the specifics of why cycling differs from triathlon cycling other than to point out that bike races take place at much higher power outputs than triathlon cycling (in athletes of similar fitness), the price of higher cadence is higher aerobic stress and hence also greater glycogen consumption, which in cycling can be tolerated since there is no following run. The benefit of a higher cadence is that the workload on the muscles is spread out and the stress of each contraction is less forceful. In short, high cadence saves muscles at the cost of greater aerobic stress: “Optimum cadence” is the point at which price balances benefit. As a triathlete, you are training to run after the cycling portion. But running on tired legs is much like cycling at high power outputs: The legs are already weakened, and the scarcest resource is a rested muscle. Attempting to run with a more forceful, longer stride rate in a triathlon will quickly lead to disappointment – the tired legs have nothing

left to give. So just as a cyclist needs to increase cadence when working at effort levels at which the leg muscles begin to be significantly stressed, so too does a triathlete need to increase running stride rate to preserve the run muscles. This implies that running will need to draw on fast twitch fibers if the runner is to run at a high stride rate – which in turn implies that in a triathlon the athlete needs to preserve these fast twitch fibers until the run begins. In conclusion, the most effective cycling style for triathlon is to “grind” it out in a big gear rather than adopting a higher cadence because low cadence cycling against a higher resistance: • Fatigues slow twitch muscle fibers while preserving fast twitch fibers • Caps heart rate due to the slow contractions and high resistance • Consequently conserves glycogen stores and draws more on fat as a fuel source Sergio Borges is a Senior Coach with Ironguides,, formerly San Diego X Training. He is also a Level III USA Triathlon coach and Level II USA Cycling coach. He has spent over 15 years studying the science of triathlon training.

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was obviously someone special to him. When he released her from the embrace, he grinned and wrapped his arm around her, resting his head on hers in a gesture that obviously meant they were close. I could see she was quite beautiful—tall, blond, lean, and fit. No wonder Dillon chose her over me. They both could model swim suits. I turned and walked away before Dillon ever saw me, feeling tears welling in my eyes and the heat of jealousy slowly boiling. I tightened up, trying to check my emotions as I walked to the other end of the beach. I couldn’t get the image of the two of them embracing out of my mind. When I heard the gun go off to start the race, I didn’t turn to watch. You don’t need me, Dillon, do you? You’ve got her now. My wave didn’t start for another half hour, and I continue to work myself into a tizzy over Dillon’s betrayal. When I did start to swim, I hyperventilated, had problems with my goggles flooding, and had trouble sighting the buoys. The swim was terrible—my heart and soul weren’t in the race. I transitioned to the bike, but still had Dillon on my mind. This is stupid! I tried to focus on the race, but to no avail. All my mental energy returned to the image of that scene on the beach. How could he do that to me? I thought we had something special going on. I wasn’t just angry—I was a madwoman. Without the focus needed to ride among scores of racers, I rode recklessly without a plan about the race, and without regard for the road conditions. With my mind elsewhere, my wheel caught a rut in the street, and I did an “endo” that ended my race and landed me in the ER. If only … if only … if only…. Lying on the gurney in the ER, I keep repeating those words. I keep visualizing the moments before the accident and correcting the bike over and over again. If only my focus had been on the race and not on my jealousy, I wouldn’t be here in the hospital. “Time for your x-rays,” a staff doctor says as she begins to wheel me down the hall. “So you took a fall off your bike, huh?” She keeps up her banter all through the procedure, taking my mind off my emotional state and

focusing it on the injuries. They develop the x-rays quickly, and the doctor delivers the news. “You’ve a slight fracture in your wrist, but your ribs are only bruised. We’ll immobilize the wrist in a cast, and then you’ll be free to go. Is someone waiting for you?” It dawns on me that no one except the race medical team knows where I am. Dillon wouldn’t know, and it doesn’t matter anyway. I don’t know anyone else well enough to call for a ride back to my car. I need someone to help me lift the bike into my car. I wonder if I’m in any state to drive. A wave of loneliness and throbbing pain washes through me. I had refused the pain meds earlier, but now I need them. I look at the doctor and shake my head in answer to her question. “Will someone call me a cab when you’re done?” “Sure, honey. This should only take about a half hour,” she says while wheeling me down the corridor. She hands me off to someone else on the staff who begins the process of immobilizing the wrist while asking me questions about triathlon. I admit that since I haven’t completed a race, I’m not officially a triathlete. Gloom and doom. I know I won’t be working out again until I heal. I just want to go home and go to bed. Half way through the procedure, the first doctor pops her head into the room. “You have two visitors.” “Me?” “I don’t see any other patient in the room.” She smiles as she speaks. “May they come in, or should I ask them to remain in the visitors lounge?” Who would be visiting me? I’m curious more than anything else. “I guess they can come in.” A moment later, Dillon and the woman he had been embracing walk into the room. He’s wearing a grin, but I don’t return the gesture. I just stare, feeling the wave of jealousy begin to engulf me again. “What a way to end your first race,” Dillon says. “This can’t be your birthday party. We were supposed to celebrate at the finish line, and you never crossed it.” In the hubbub of events, I’ve forgotten it’s my birthday. “No, I guess not.” I try to sound continued on page 18


Ironman Conversation, continued Darcy: I have only done 4 Ironmans. The first 2 were IM Canada, a phenomenal venue. My first Canada IM, 2005, I wanted to have a good experience, so I would want to go back and do the distance again. I wasn't racing, and I certainly was not thinking Kona. I was not at that level. I participated and finished in 12:55, placing 47th. (Here I am again placing in the 40’s, around 50%.) I enjoyed it so much and knew I had much room to improve. I went back in 2006. After hard work, and dedication, I improved my time to 12:00:40. I know. I didn't break the 12 hour mark. I really thought I would break 12 hours as I was coming upon the finish. I started my watch a minute before the gun went off, and forgot I had IM Cour d’Alene done so. As soon as I could see the finishing clock, I realized, I blew it. Rookie mistake. It was at that moment, however, that I realized IM is a good distance for me, and I wanted to focus on improving my time, and start think-

ing top 5. I knew I would have to train harder, and dedicate more. It wasn't until I got home, recovered, and went out for my easy run along the coast that I said to myself, “Kona is my goal”. From that moment on, I stayed confident, and focused. I worked on strength, endurance, power, and speed through the rest of 2006, 2007 and the beginning of 2008. At IM CDA 2008, my training was paying off, and I placed 6th in my division with a time of 11:30. I was that much closer!! Between CDA in June, and IM Arizona in November, I worked really hard, especially on my swim. IM Arizona 2009, everything 2008. came together and I had the race of my life. A rough start, but a great finish to cross the finish line in 10:29, placing second in my age group, and getting my slot to Kona, the slot I had been working so hard continued on page 20

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BIKE MAINTENANCE A Little Maintenance For Your Wheels Will Smooth Out Your Ride If your bike has been sitting idle in the garage all winter – or worse yet, chained up outside – something is bound to fail when you decide to go for your first ride. It’s important to do a complete check at least a few days before you decide to pedal of. If you wait until just before you want to ride something is seriously wrong it will prolong the start of your season. If you can afford it, the best way to make sure everything is in working order on your bike is to take it to a bike shop. All shops offer tune-ups and cleanings. The shop has all of the tools, parts and stands they need to work on your bike properly. Also, they’re experts who will have you’re bike properly tuned up and safe to ride. If you’d rather do it yourself, which is a good way to become familiar with your bike and learn the basic repair in case you break down on a ride, start with your tires. If nothing else, check your tires’ pressure and inflate them to the proper pressure found on the tire’s sidewall. They will if the



bike has been idle. Spin the wheels and make sure they spin freely and don’t rub or wobble, and inspect them for holes, bulges, cracks and tire rot. Clean and re-lube your chain and all other moving parts on your bike. Inspect your cogset for any broken teeth, and clean off any built up grime. Make sure both your front and rear brakes are working and that the pads have plenty of wear left. Tighten the cables if they’re loose, and check all other bolts, quick releases and shifter cables to make sure they are tight as well. Also, work the shifters and make sure all the gears catch. Lube them if needed. If you have any questions about the workability of your bike, or you aren’t sure about a repair you’ve made, take your bike to a bike shop. Don’t take chances when it comes to safety. Article reprinted with permission of Brenda Lee Kozuch. This article appeared in the March 2009 edition of Fitness Plus, Tucson Edition.

DO I CONTROL THE TRAFFIC LANE? Where should I ride?” is a question I am frequently asked. Legally, bicyclists have all the rights and duties of a motorist when riding on roadways (Vehicle Code §21200(a)); however, there are specific laws as to where on the roadway a bicyclist should ride. Marked Bike Lanes: Obviously, if there is a marked bicycle lane, a bicyclist is arguably required to ride within the bicycle lane and in the same direction as traffic. Vehicle Code §21208(a) only allows a bicyclist to move outside the bike lane under four conditions: n When overtaking and passing another bicycle, vehicle or pedestrian within the lane or about to enter the lane if you cannot safely pass within the bike lane; n When preparing to make a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway; n When reasonably necessary o avoid debris or other hazardous conditions; n When approaching a place where a right turn is authorized (for example, a right turn only lane and you are proceeding straight). If you must leave the bicycle lane under any of these circumstances, that maneuver must be made with reasonable safety only after giving an appropriate signal if any vehicle may be affected by your movement. If no vehicle is affected by your movement, it can be argued no turn signal is required. (See my article entitled “When is a Turning Movement Illegal” for a brief summary of the law relating to Vehicle Code §22107)

By Richard L. Duquette, Esq.

However, when you are riding on a oneway street or roadway, you may ride as close to the lefthand curb or edge of the roadway (Vehicle Code §21202(b)). It should go without saying, you must always ride the same direction of traffic; however, once in a while, I see a bicyclist riding against traffic which is extremely dangerous particularly since motorists are not expecting this and increases the chance of a collision. Since a bicyclist is subject to the same local laws as a motorist, a bicycle – just like a motor vehicle – should not be ridden on a sidewalk. Some counties have enacted ordinances against this. Again, motorists do not expect to see you on the sidewalk. Further, you may be cited with a traffic violation for riding on the sidewalk. The keys to safe bicycling include being predictable, visible, and communicating your intentions to motorists. Ride like you are invisible. Obeying the rules of the roadway helps ensure the safety of bicyclists. Richard Duquette is a local Carlsbad, California Personal Injury who, since 1983, has mixed law with his love of bicycling and surfing from Baja to Bali. He can be reached via email at website with additional articles and information is

No Bike Lane: Where there is no marked bike lane, it is most important for motorists and bicyclists to share the road. A bicyclist is required by Vehicle Code §21200(a) to “ride as close as practicable to the righthand curb or edge of the roadway” except under the sam four conditions listed above. Therefore, when there is not a marked bike lane and you are riding with others, you should consider riding single file when you are aware of approaching vehicles, rather than next to another bicyclist, since the bicyclist on the left would not be as close to the right as practicable and potentially obstructing the lane for motor vehicles. This suggestion depends on the many factors like road width and traffic conditions.


Race Report: By Dennis Hahn Grand Canyon Trail Run

Distance: 48 Miles Run Date: Mar 28th, 2009

layers (30 degrees when we started - reached a Three Tri Club members comhigh of 84) and start up the next gradual 9 mile plete a little training run, The incline. Grand Canyon. Straight line We pass a few hikers along the way, a couple distance 10 miles. Our route even ask, “You doing the rim-2-rim-2-rim?” just a touch longer, had to “Why yes we are…” as we run passed still on detour down 87 switchbacks our initial running high. Continuing into our onto the bridge crossing over 3rd and 4th hour, our legs start questioning the Colorado River, through a what the heck we are doing. The gradual up hill tight canyon along a river, over saps most of our runners high which you can some snow back up the other tell by our diminishing story telling as our side to the North Rim. We are focus shifts to the ridge line 5840 feet up. Our out of water, exhausted, in 2 calves get a teaser of what lies several hours feet of snow 8240 feet up Paul Todd, Mykl Shannon and Dennis Hahn. ahead as we run up and over a little hump and overlooking this vast crevasse, by far longer than any training run we have done to date, and we descend for 100 feet. Wow that little descent hurts. At an intersection our first major ascent, a 6 mile trail of windy are only at the half way point. switchbacks with The trip began with Paul flying in from San Diego and meetrock slides, ice ing up with the famous Mykl now in Seattle. They rented a car and at times 1000 in Phoenix and drove north to recon the trail head and establish foot drop-offs up hotel accommodations for our planned 3:30 am departure from to the north rim the South Rim. I decided to take the scenic route from Boulder, awaits. Luckily Colorado to Tusayan, Arizona via a 12 hour drive that started just before we with the Passat Wagon covered in 2 feet of fresh snow. A few begin the climb a phone calls, some life thinking, a rinse at the quarter wash in life line of water Moab, UT, actually most take Visa these days, and presto I arrive with a faucet around 9 pm and meet the team. head comes out We awake at 3:00 am but our planned 3:30 start actually turns of the ground into a 4:20 after some last minute scramble and group photos in supplying fresh the dark. After an endless supply of switch backs only lit by the drinking water. I distant stars and three headlamps, we make great progress till gulp down as Paul crash and burns on a trip log landing in some donkey dung. much as I can but Ouch, only pride is bruised. Wipes himself off and we continue don’t bother to till the sun starts to lighten our path. We scramble down from fill the water the south rim pulling blatter. Figure I off 8 min mile pace still have 1 liter across the smoother of the 2 liters of sections and a little water that began. slower on the rough The sun is up and sections. 9 miles and as we turn north 2.5 hours later we Along the edge. Watch your step! the warmth gives arrive at the Colorado us a new high to begin the climb. We shed some more River. At the camp site warm layers and begin. The views are incredible but located at the bottom the going is slow. Our speed quickly diminishes slowwe grab some water ing to almost 40 min per mile towards the top. The and snack before pealsun is beating down but snow and ice along the cliff ing off some winter edges and a couple rock slides assist in our slow


What a View!

site at the bottom, grab a water break and gobble down our last bit of our Swedish fish and jelly beans. The last push up to our starting point seems to go on and on. Dusk is approaching, conversation has all but ceased and we literally stumble up the last climb. 15 hours and 20 minutes and 48 miles have passed since we started. Paul and I crest the top and make a dash for the car, where a heater and Gatorade await. Mykl came up about 20 minutes behind as he walked with a lama sheerer who entertained him with stories in exchange for use of his light for the last pitch. We made it. Granted our legs will be reminding us of this adventure for the coming days, it was worth ever minute, at least now that we

progress. The last 2 miles seem to take an eternity. Paul and Mykl have completed their water supply and mine must be getting low. We pass two other runner about 15 minutes from the top who started an hour ahead of us in the dark and are on their descent. We arrive at the top, 7 hours and 30 minutes. Road and trail head parking lot are completely covered in snow, with no water available, other than dirty snow. We grab a sandwich, divvy up our last water supply take in some jelly beans and make a mad dash for the water awaiting 6 miles below; we are only half way!? The views are majestic and switchbacks can be appreciated on the descent. Just prior to pulling in for our water break we catch the two ultra runners we passed on the way up. At the water stop they appear to be out for a daily stroll, looking fresh. They take 5 minutes and press on, we hover around the watering hole needing an extra 25 minutes to distract our dehydration and hunger. There goes the hour we made Putting in the miles, no matter how dark. up on the ultra runners, guess that have finished. If you ever get the chance, visit pacing thing can pay off. Our legs are filled the Grand Canyon. If you’re a dreamer and like with lactic acid. A change of socks, full water to suffer and push your body to the limits, go blatters, and we to press on. for the double crossing and you to can say you The next 9 miles are going well, couple have completed the rim-2-rim-2-rim. stops for bathroom breaks, tape up a sore knee and we arrive back at the Colorado River. We are racing the sun as it begins the descent behind the canyon wall. We pull into the camp

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Mad About Triathlon, continued

Nutritional Consultation Barbara F. Kase - BS, CCN, LMT

Determine Your Goals and Develop a Plan. Feel energetic and healthy, all the time! Achieve your athletic goals. Reach your ideal weight and maintain it with ease. Beat craving and bonking. Balance your hormone levels. Get healthy cholesterol and blood pressure readings. All this and more with the helpful tips and advice from a dedicated and knowledgeable holistic health professional and athlete.

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neutral as I break eye contact with Dillon. “We didn’t have a chance to meet,” the woman who had been embracing Dillon says. “I’m Chris Fellows.” I look at her and stare, unable to speak for a moment. “You’re Chris Fellows? I thought….” She smiles. “You thought I was a man?” “I … uh … well….” “I never said whether I was a man or a woman. It’s part of my master’s thesis to compare gender responses of triathletes to coaching by men and women. It looks like we’ll have plenty of time to talk later.” “Yes, plenty of time,” Dillon says. “Do you remember I said I tracked down possible family members recently and wrote to them? It turns out that Chris is my cousin! Can you believe it? She sent me an email last night that she’d be at today’s race, and we met on the beach just before my wave started. I wish you could have been there to see it. It was the inspiration I needed to exceed my expectations.” I stare at the two of them. Yes, there’s definitely a family resemblance. My anger melts away and I suddenly feel so foolish. I think about my throbbing injuries and feel like an idiot. I was a madwoman out there. I did this to myself. “When I found out at the medical tent you were here, I pleaded and promised my first-

born to the race director to let me take your bike,” Dillon says. “We’ll drive back to the parking lot at the transition area and Chris can drive your car for you. If you don’t want to stay by yourself, you stay at my place, you hear? Otherwise we’ll have the birthday party at your apartment later today. I got you something special.” We talk for another fifteen minutes until the ER discharges me. I walk gingerly with Chris and Dillon to his car, each step sending a jarring jolt through my ribs. Once I’m seated, Dillon turns to me with a small box. “I was going to give you your present at the finish line, and I can’t wait any more.” I open the box and pull out a necklace with a pendant of an angry-looking Tasmanian devil riding a bicycle and the words “Mad About Triathlon” inscribed on it. “I hope you’re not discouraged about triathlon after what happened today, and you’re still mad about the sport,” he says while leaning over to give me a kiss after placing it over my head. I smile at him. “It’s beautiful. Thank you.” “Geez, I wish I could find a guy who’s such a sweetheart,” Chris says. “Yeah, he’s one of a kind.” I continue smiling as we drive away, ignoring my throbbing pains. I study the caricature on the pendant. Maybe someday I’ll tell Dillon the real story of being mad about triathlon.

Ironman Conversation, continued to get.

and headed to the race start.

Craig: Tell us how your race at Ironman Arizona unfolded?

Input from people who raced in April suggested starting on the far right. It obviously was the place of choice and got extremely crowded in the front very quickly. In fact, the smart folks who didn’t tread water for 10 minutes, stayed dry on the wall, and jumped in at the last minute overcrowding our spot even more. There was nowhere to go. I have never had so much contact as I did during this swim start. I was pulled, dunked, hit, and even yelled at. I was struggling to break free. If you do start on the far right, watch out for the cement boat docks that may be submerged

Darcy: Can you believe, after all my experience racing, I forgot my special needs bags in the hotel room the morning of the race? Can you say duh!!! It was still dark, and I was walking to transition with my “stuff”, as my father was parking the car, and I saw others with the 2 orange special needs bags around their shoulders and I said, “oh $@*$”. I called my dad and told him he had to go back to the hotel fast and get my bags. I did my best to recover, and continued with my prep. I suited up

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Ironman Conversation, continued under water. I was one of many, who hit the docks, while still trying to find a rhythm, 10 minutes into the swim. All of a sudden, I’m standing and running on a cement dock in 1-2 feet of water. I jumped back in the water to try and resume a swim that has been utterly chaotic from the start. At that moment, I started to doubt myself. I had worked so hard, and all of a sudden I felt like it was all falling apart. I was there for one reason, to qualify, and it seemed to be unfolding in the wrong direction. I started to hyperventilate, and the thoughts of not being able to resume crossed my mind. And then, as fast as those negative, insecure, thoughts flooded in, the anger set in. I was not going to let this moment screw up what I had worked so hard for. I quickly regained my focus, my drive. I looked up at my father, on the walkway. He had his arms up in the air, yelling for me to go. I got so much strength from him. I put my head down, and started my stroke. I swam with a whole new attitude. I knew I lost time, but I was determined to make it up. I got out of the water, revitalized, with so much determination and a PR of 1:10. It was time to catch them. T1 was quick, and I was off, riding with that same focus and determination. I rode solid, feeling very good; knowing that I made up a lot of time, and I knew the best was yet to come. I just needed to be patient. Bike split 5:34:12. I ran into T2 so excited to get out on the run course that my transition was 1:30. You couldn't wipe that smile off my face. I had to remind myself to relax, and stay in the moment. I knew there were 4 women ahead of me, so I thought. I got into my pace, and soon I saw one. She had our AG written, and still vis-


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ible on her calf. She had a positive comment for me, and I responded, “thanks”. I stayed focused and ran down the others. I did the math, and believed I was leading my AG. I saw my father and trainer, Mike Plumb, on the course and yelled to them that I was leading. For a whole loop, I thought I was in the lead. I was beside myself. I was in a dream. I came upon my father, and he had a very strange look on his face. He said there was someone else on the course, and she had a good lead. He later told me he was very worried, I'd try to run her down, and possibly bonk, eliminating any chance of qualifying. Once Mike told me I was making ground on her but she was around 15 minutes ahead, I settled back to my pace, concentrating on holding my second place position. The reason I Victory! IM Arizona 2008 didn't know she was on the course was because she was not on the participant list. She entered last minute, and wasn't even on my radar. My run time 3:39:00. I was less than a mile from the finish, trying so hard to do the math (after 10 hrs of racing), and realized I was so close to breaking 10:30. I was not about to let what happen at Canada, happen again. Not this time. I ran as hard as I could, and when I turned the corner to the finish, and I could read the time, it said 10:28. IM Canada entered my mind, 12:00:40 on the clock when I came across. I pushed with everything I had left to stop the clock at 10:29:43. My father, and my trainer, Mike Plumb, were there to see me cross the finish line.

good motivator. I believe these qualities will help me become a very special coach. A very knowledgeable, phenomenal coach also has trained me. I have learned an exceptional amount from Mike. His approach is one I have learned well, one that I know works. Look what it has done for me. There are also other methods that I have learned from my studies, and from the likes of Joel Friel, and Jim Vance. I believe Mike‘s “dynamic” approach, and periodization are great methods that I am confident with and believe will help my athletes succeed at their goals. I will be offering individual and group training. I will be online training as well. I will also be running triathlon specific boot camps and core training. Craig: I had so much fun with you at that clinic because you really like to laugh. What is a funny triathlon story you'd like to share with the club? Darcy: I do love to laugh. I have heard laughing helps the body release endorphins, and burns calories. I know we triathletes love endorphins!! It also helps to decrease tension, and lower blood pressure, etc. But, I would like to change this question a bit. I would like to tell of a moment in triathlon that I will never forget and it truly means the world to me. I crossed the finish line continued on page 24

Craig: I assume Kona must be your big goal for 2009. What are your triathlon goals beyond this season? Darcy: Become a better swimmer, and win a 70.3 distance. I qualified to represent the USA at the World’s Long Course in Perth Australia, but I decided not to race because it is 2 weeks after Kona. I would like to focus on USAT Nationals next year, but maybe you should ask me this after Kona. Craig: Do you have any sponsors?

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Darcy: I am on the Zoot Ultra Team for 2009. Craig: You and I recently attended the USA Triathlon Level 1 Coaches Clinic at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. What can you offer a triathlete who is seeking a coach?

*Tickets offered to those who come in for a FREE initial consultation or simply refer someone you know for our financial planning or Social Responsible Investing

Darcy: I can offer a triathlete my experience. I know what it takes to change your direction, to set a goal, and to accomplish that goal. I have the experience, and the education needed to increase one’s fitness level, and to increase one’s mental drive. My outgoing, energetic, personality, my experience, and my tenacity are great ingredients for a good coach. I know I am a


Ironman Conversation, continued

Powering the

New Generation of Champions

Innovative and Effective way of training! Our goal: To help you achieve your results quickly, safely and in a setting of emotional, mental and physical health! Sergio Borges

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Powering the

New Generation of Champions

Innovative and Effective way of training! Our goal: To help you achieve your results quickly, safely and in a setting of emotional, mental and physical health! Sergio Borges

and saw my father, who had tears in his eyes. As he gave me a huge “bear” hug, he said, you did it. I felt his body shaking, and then I opened my eyes, and there was my trainer, Mike. He was there for me, and I gave him the biggest hug. I’ll never forget, when I pulled away, he had tears in his eyes too. He said, I am so proud of you. The words mean the world to me; words I will never forget. It was so amazing that all OUR work brought us to that moment; a moment that brought tears to his eyes. I didn't think I could get Mike that emotional. Sorry Mike, but that was too cool. He also told me that my progress, and my performance was also a reflection of his great abilities, his knowledge. He is so right. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to share those kinds of moments with my athletes. I want to thank my family, for coming to nearly every race. Their support is endless, and has made such an impact in my success. My father has been my rock since the beginning, and throughout. He will be my rock come Kona. My mother never stops believing, and keeps the family’s heads together. My sister, and my nephew Daniel, will be there to support me. I also want to thank my trainer Mike. You rock! Craig: Mike is in my age group. I think I’ll mention that moment before our next race to see if I can make him cry to improve my chances of beating him. He is really tough! And so are you! Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have become a good friend and I wish you all the success in the world! Darcy Eaton can be reached at her cell 760-802-3283. Her business TriPro Fitness is located in Carlsbad. Her website is

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