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Race Report:

12 ofHours Temecula


Date: January, 2010 Location: Temecula, California

MARCH CLUB MEETING March 25th, Thursday

An Evening With The Challenged Athletes Foundation SPECIAL GUEST: Sarah Reinertsen, CAF Melissa Stockwell, CAF Operation Rebound Cody McCasland, CAF Melanie Benn, CAF

By Dave Krosch

Photos by

Saturday, late in January, Team the 50-year old level while Albion Brewing raced the first of the three Osamu comes in at a race 12 Hours of Temecula team mountain spry 37. In many cases biking series put on by SoCal Endurance we are racing against Racing at Vail Lake in Temecula. “kids”. We are competiTeam Albion Brewing consists of two tive though, usually finlong time TCSD members (Osamu Chiba ishing in the top three and and Dave Krosch), one moderately last year winning the overall long TCSD member (Lynn Trimble) three race championship fourand a friend from our Wednesday person open Lynn Trimble night mountain title allowing biking group, Ken us to receive and Winston. ride in “Champions” There are muljerseys in 2010. tiple divisions First, what’s but the last cou“Albion Brewing”? ple years we have Well, it is a bit of an raced in the fourinside joke though it person open dividoes involve real sion (meaning no beer. Albion Brewing age groups). This is the name of tends to be a Lynn’s home brew challenge given operation named three of our ridafter the street he Ken Winston, Osamu Chiba, Dave Krosch, Lynn Tirmble, ers are right at lives on. We ride in and Andy Green.

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Web Gems Oldie but still one of the best sources to find all type of multisport event in every state including international locations. Their data base is ever growning.


Race Report, continued very recognizable “Albion Brewing” riding jerseys and those that are in possession of the prized jerseys (and there are many in and outside the club and not just on our personal team)… get of course, FREE beer brewed by Lynn, which he brings to races in a keg and cooler. We approached the first race this season with a bit of trepidation due to Dave going in sick. We were also a little worried about Osamu who owns a hard tail bike which approaches your worst high school jalopy. We were able to solve the latter problem by Ken loaning Osamu his back up dual suspension Specialized Stumpjumper. The Dave Krosch former problem Dave had to just deal with (legal drugs helped). This event starts, not like many team mountain bike events that start with a run to the bikes, but with a parade lap paced by a motorcycle around the campground to break things up before starting the first furious lap. The four teammates take turns alternately riding the course as fast as you can. Each of the threeraces involves a different course design. For this race, we set up Lynn’s 10x10 Easy Up and attached it to another Albion Team’s 10x10, put on the heater, and had a 10x20 condo going on with tons of camaraderie, a BBQ outside, etc. As you will recall this Ken Saturday followed serious heavy rains all week and despite broken clouds it was cold during the day and worse at night. Fortunately, Vail Lake drains pretty well and it wasn’t muddy, but was mushy which made for good traction, but at times felt as if you were riding with a flat tire. We “elected” Ken to start off this somewhat stressful, high intensity start based upon his past motocross experience including racing in claustrophobic confines elbow-to-elbow. Ken started off very fast with the parade lap lasting about 3

minutes 30 seconds. He went out on the 9.5 mile lap in the top 10. He proceeded to the third fastest first lap for any four-person team, 51:09 (including the 3:30). Dave went out second (thinking if he felt ill post-race, he could leave early when the race was over) and busted out a 51:18 followed by lots of coughing. Lynn followed with a 51:12 and Osamu with a very fast 49:46; he claims “it’s not about the bike”, but we respectfully disagreed. From there the laps went 47:55 (KW), 51:28 (DK), 50:44 (LT), 48:18 (OC), 48:42 (KW), 51:21 (DK) nd then we headed to night riding when things slowed down a bit, as is the nature of racing with lights. At this point we realized the 1st and 2nd place teams were out of reach and that we were having a battle between 3rd and 4th place. It was intense and fun to compare laps and talk smack about who’s doing what and the usual back and forth. Lynn’s next lap at night, our 11th, went 54:50 and then Osamu went 53:52. As we headed to our 13th lap (Ken), the worry became whether we would have time for Dave to finish a 14th lap (his 4th). The race begins at 9 am and ends promptly at 9 pm. If you do Break Time! not finish by 9 pm your lap does not count. We had less than 2 hours left for our final two laps which made a 14th lap (Dave’s) potentially a “no go”. Dave continued to profess that he needed a minimum of 55 minutes to have a chance at allowing the last lap to count. To all our surprise, Ken road Winston an incredibly fast final lap at night in 50:44 giving Dave about 59Osamu Chiba 60 minutes to finish the last lap. Keep in mind this was a 4th lap at night. Slower due to darkness and tired going into miles 28.5 to 38 of his day. continued on page 20




Monday 6:00 PM

Group Run, 4-6 miles, all paces welcome.

6:00 PM

Ocean Swim

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: Movin Shoes, Encinitas.

Location: La Jolla Shores. (Will resume on March 15th) •

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

6:00 PM

Run Workout, 5 miles

6:00 PM

Track Workout in Carlsbad, a coached session

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Moment Cycle Sports, 1357 Rosecrans.

Location: Mission Bay Boardwalk. Meet at south jetty parking lot. •

Status: S

Location: Carlsbad H.S. Track.

Occupation: Research Scientist

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Advanced MTB Training

Location: Penasquitos Canyon Side Park (east pkg lot).

Contact: Dave Krosch, Bike Workout in Coronado

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Cental San Diego

Location(s): varies,

Before I became a triathlete, I was a: a swimmer.

Contact: Andy Concors, details at Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Thursday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Ocean Swim in Solana Beach, in the water at 7am.

Location: at Fletcher Cove

Saturday Bike Workout in Del Mar, all levels welcome. (Hwy 101 & 15th st.)

Location: Meet at Starbucks

Sunday Sunrise

East County Trail Run; various start locations in Mission Trails Regional Park, Contact: Florian Hedwig for specific week’s information (619) 820-2388, or Contact: Mark Kenny for more information (760) 271-2003

7:30 AM

Penasquitos Trail Run

7:45 AM

Swim (starts at 8 sharp) and run follows towards Torrey Pines Park

Location: Meet at

Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. 8:30 AM

PR/Best Race: No races/data yet. Favorite Segment (swim, bike or run): Run.

(I-5, to Lomas Santa Fe west) 8:00 AM

Favorite Thing(s) about TCSD: I don’t know yet.. never been to a club event! Favorite Race/Tri Event: Solana Beach Triathlon.

Location: Starting at Moment Cycle Sports.

Friday 6:45 AM

When not training, I enjoy: Reading and traveling. Favorite local restaurant: Jade Thai, in Mission Valley.

Location: Starting at Holland’s Bicycles.

6:00 PM

7:30 PM

Age group: F25-39-54

REAL Beginners Bike Ride - Once a month (see following page for date & complete details)

Most Embarrassing or Disastrous Moment: Finishing 270th out of 330 in my first triathlon in 1992 and gorging on a huge kielbasa sausage immediately after finishing because I was starved to death. (But the best part of this disastrous situation was receiving so much encouragement from those that passed me in the last 5 miles of the run). My Equipment: Wetsuit: XTERRA Bike: Fuji Running Shoes: Nike continued on page 7



MARCH TCSD CLUB MEETING AN EVENING WITH THE CHALLENGED ATHLETES FOUNDATION (CAF) Thursday, March 25th 5:15P Food & Social Time 6:00P Announcements / Raffle 6:45P CAF Athletes MC’d by Bob Babbitt Sarah Reinertsen, Cody McCasland and Melissa Stockwell from Operation Rebound 8:00P Autographs, Book Signing & Photos Where: Rehab United - Carmel Valley 3323 Carmel Mountain Rd., Ste 200 San Diego, CA 92121




Thursday, March 4th, 6:00 pm

Sunday, March 21st, 8:30am

Monday, March 22nd, 6:00 pm

This monthly (first Thursday of every month) gathering is specifically designed to introduce you to the sport of triathlon and the Triathlon Club of San Diego. NON-MEMBERS WELCOME!

The TCSD Real Beginners’ Bike Ride takes place on the 56 bike path and is a club ride where NOBODY gets left behind. If you can ride comfortably for at least 60 minutes without stopping (total ride time 90 minutes) then this ride is for you. Please have at least minimal cycling ability (can ride, shift, and corner your bike adequately). Be ready for a couple of moderate climbs on the first half of the ride. Beginners need hills too!

Attention beginners! This monthly talk is specifically designed to get you started in the sport of triathlon, and our goal is to demystify triathlon, and remove the ’intimidation factor.’ We will cover triathlon basics from A to Z. All questions are fair game! NON-MEMBERS WELCOME!

Contact: Questions or comments can be sent to beginner coach Farah Hedwig,

Where: Hi-Tech Bikes 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1517

We will have a brief bike talk at 8:30am, and be rolling by 9am. Helmets are MANDATORY. We will help you change your flats along the way, but please be equipped with your own tubes to carry on the ride. Contact Dean and ’the Steve’s’ at

MARCH TCSD DUATHLON Powered by Kashi Sunday, March 6th 7am start Where: Carlsbad Course: Coastal or Inland depending on weather. Always refer to the TCSD web side for the latest inlformation.


Contact: Questions or comments can be sent to beginner coaches Steve T, Dean R, and/or Steve K at

Where: B&L Bike & Sport San Diego Store 3603 Camino Del Rio West San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 294-9300

Schedule of Events: Bike Q&A: 8:30–8:50 Bike Ride: 9:00 - ??

Always refer to the Tri Club’s website calendar for the latest events and details.


By Craig Zelent

I had the opportunity recently to talk triathlon with the TCSD’s new Ironman Coach, Liam Thier. Please join me as we get to know this well travelled triathlete and down to earth great guy.

MEMBER PROFILE, continued Equipment wish list: Just want my health, no equipment necessary.

Craig: What was your sports background before triathlon?

Area, and late in 2000 I found my way to San Diego for work.

Can’t Race Without: Red nail polish.

Liam: I started participating in sports in high school, wrestling was my first venture and would be my main focus through high school. I took a hiatus from organized sports during college. Upon moving to San Diego I decided to try my hand at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and soon found myself training in boxing and Muay Thai as well. It seemed the natural progression was to give Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) a go, it’s simply an efficient way of training in all 3 sports.

Craig: What led you to take up triathlon?

Best advice: HAVE FUN!

Craig: You are originally from the Finger Lakes Region of New York. What brought you out west? Liam: I came to California in 1994 to attend the University of Southern California to study physics and computer science. After 5 years in Los Angeles, I needed a break from all the congestion and people. I spent a year in Stockton, just outside the San Francisco Bay

Liam: After several injuries which prevented me from competing in MMA, I stumbled across the Oceanside Half in 2005 and figured I’d give it a go. So began the rabbit hole which is triathlon. Craig: What Ironman distance races have you done and how did you do? (tell us the name of the race, the location, the year and your time.) Liam: I’ve competeted in: Silverman Triathlon, Henderson, NV (just outside of Las Vegas): 2005 (~15 hours), 2006 (~14 hours), and 2007 (~12 hours).

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Norseman which is a point to point race traversing a good portion of central Norway, from Eidfjord to Gustatoppen: 2006 (~15.5 hours). continued on page 8

BIKE & WHEEL CASE RENTAL TCSD has traveling bike and wheel cases for rent! We have hard-shell single and double bike cases and wheel cases that will hold three wheels. The single cases are shippable by UPS and FedEx. Rates per week: Single case $25 Double case $40 Wheel cases $25 Deduct $10 if renting both a bike case and a wheel case. To reserve a case or if you have any questions, contact Bob Rosen

Getting ready for a desert ride (Ocotillo to Calexico). Left to right; Esteban, Sara Malm, Liam Thier (in black), Mike Kelley.


Congratulations IM Finishers! NEW MEMBERS Edward Agunos Jennifer Ainsworth Amine Ale-Ali Anthony Armijo Amanda Austin Julie Barnwell Chris Barnwell Elva Bastida Elisabeth Bentley Javier Berrellez Terrish Bilbrey Ryan Bittorf Daniel Bock David Bolton Terry Breunig Jamie Vanden Broeder Margrete Chadwick Cory Chapman Elise Chetzron John Ciullo Nicholas Coniaris Ria Custodio Vincent Daughrity Marlene Demirdjian Daniela Dunne Wendy Endsley Mary Fain Elizabeth Foster Jorge Galdamez Adriana Galdamez Patricia Garcia Bennet Goff Christina Golden Jesse Gros Damon Hamel David Hekel Daniel Hood Joseph Huy Julie Hyslop Ryan Hyslop Monique Jouglet Suzy Kay Alfred Kaye continued on page 9


IM Western Australia - December 5, 2009 Al Tarkington Mickie Shapiro

Time 16:33:25 16:33:25

OV 1106 790

AG Rank 1 1

AG M70-74 F70-74

Swim 1:13 1:47

Bike 6:09 7:58

Run 5:56 6:48

1,123 Participants. Seconds and transitions not included.

Indicates qualified for 2010 IM World’s Championship.

If you are entered in an “iron” distance event (or longer), please email TCSD’s Ironman Coaches. Mike Drury or Liam Thier at That’s the only way to get listed in the TCSD results.

TCSD Conversation, continued IM Lake Placid: 2005 (~11 1/2 hours) IM Arizona: 2008 (~10 hours) IM Canada: 2009 (~12 hours) IM Wisconsin: 2009 (~ 11 hours) Challenge Wanaka in Wanaka, New Zealand: 2010 (~ 12 hours) Craig: Which Ironman experience was your favorite and why? Liam: I’d have to say the Norseman was my favorite experience, as it’s unlike any other full distance race I’ve done. The race has 2 aid stations, both on the run, the first of which is at km 25, and the second at km 37, the logistics of nutrition and aid stations is up to you and your support crew. The nice part is you choose where your aid stations are. I was nervous and had been particularly stoic. Thursday night, I was outside looking over the swim course wondering why I was being such an ass to everyone. A gentleman came up and asked what was troubling me. We spoke for a bit, and he advised me it’s just another day, have fun, and be nice to your crew, they will be taking care of you come Saturday. Friday at the pre-race meeting, the gentleman I spoke to got up and began welcoming everybody. He was the race director. At the end of his speech, he reminded all the athletes, be kind to your crew, they will be taking care of you tomorrow. I spent much of the race with these words echoing in my head. Before the day was

done, I’d a new found appreciation for the grandeur of Norway, and the importance of genuinely enjoying races. I’m not showing up for a paycheck, and I’m not going to win, so I better be enjoying my day. Craig: What advice would you want to share with people who are considering an international triathlon? Liam: Make it more about the adventure than the race. Get there a few days early. International travel has a substantially higher risk of missing connecting flights, and lugging around a bike box makes customs people very curious about what you are doing. Try to spend the bulk of your visit after the race, so you can get the full experience rather than being consumed with race preparation. Craig: You are also a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach. What are the 3 most important tips you would share with someone who wants to do their first Half Ironman or longer race? Liam: First, completing long course events is more a factor of consistency, determination, and fortitude than athleticism. If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dave Scott speak, you’ll recognize these last 2 tips. Enjoy the day, it’s a long day, and there will be highs and lows, focus on the moment: do what you can at the moment. And finally, if you finish first people will love you, and more importantly, if

you finish last, the people that matter will still love you. Craig: You are one of the owners of Pulse Endurance Sports, the tri shop located in Chula Vista which is a TCSD sponsor. How did Pulse come to be? Liam: I’d known Mike Drury (TCSD’s other Ironman Coach) from some of the shops and races around San Diego. During 2007, Mike and I started training together pretty frequently, he was building up for IM France, and I for IM Lake Placid. We continued training together through the fall, he was preparing for IM Florida, and I was getting ready for Silverman. He mentioned he was going to open a tri shop, one that was built around triathletes that are willing to share their experience and know the sport. After a month or 2 of going back and forth with ideas Mike asked if I’d be interested in partnering with him on the venture.

knowledge and experience, more importantly, smart enough to realize every interaction has the capacity to teach you something, be it with the guy that just heard about triathlon and is curious to learn what you know, or the lady that’s been doing triathlon for the last 30 years. Pulse also offers several training groups to help prepare individuals for upcoming races. We are currently running training groups for Wildflower - Long Course and Olympic, San Diego Rock ’n Roll Marathon, and the Spring Sprint Triathlon. Craig: What is the best part of being a TCSD member? Liam: TCSD has a wealth of resources, from veteran triathletes to first timers. There are numerous group workouts and gatherings offering an opportunity to network. Without TCSD, Pulse would be far different, if it even existed. Craig: What is one of your funniest triathlon stories?

IM Wisconsin, 2009. Craig: What is unique about Pulse? Liam: We built Pulse to be much more than a repository for retail items. It’s a place you can go to draw on our experience and share your experience, something of a triathlon library. It’s the intangibles that most differentiate us from other shops. Pulse employees are active participants in the sports we cater to, down to earth, easy to talk to, happy to share their

Liam: I’d dedicated myself to doing well at IM Lake Placid and trained hard and consistently for the race. A couple weeks before I went to New York, Mike and I were riding and noticed my front derailleur cable was frayed, I mentioned this and that I need to replace that before the race. I kept putting it off and went so far as to pack a new cable with my bike. I got to New York, unpacked my bike and saw the cable, I decided I was too lazy to deal with it. Within the first 5 miles of the bike course, I shift up into the big ring, and all the tension released from the shifter. That frayed cable just turned my IM race into a 112 mile small chain ring high cadence drill. The cable broke,

NEW MEMBERS, cont. Jon Knight Julie Kulas Giovanna Labbate Linda Lee Ember Lee Louise Lerminiaux Dustin Manning Erik Matson Robert McBride Elizabeth McCausland Kari McDonald Ivar Milana Sean Miller Tom Miller David Molina Jacqueline Natter Trey Nichols Mary Obidinski Ryan Pallas Darren Regina Vicnor Reynante Christine Ridings Daniel Ridings William Robertson Jonathan Romanowski Mehrdad Saeidi Maire Scharpegge Maria Cecilia Scimia Nicole Seifts Chris Shadel Keith Simmons RJ Snyder Marc Trahand Thieny Trinh Stephen Vail Stephen Walker Jessie Weddle Denise Weisman Douglas Winters Doreen Wolf Trevor Young

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TCSD Conversation, continued I stopped at an aid station, they checked with race support and were unable to find a derailleur cable. I was relegated to the small chain ring for the entire bike portion. Craig: What are your future triathlon related goals? Liam: My primary ambition is to see Pulse grow to be a centerpiece of our triathlon culture, it’s more than just some place to go and buy items. With the rise of Internet shopping, brick and mortar shops can no longer survive as such, that need is served by the Internet. There has to be more value, Pulse is happy to share the wealth of our experience gained through the tens of thousands of hours we’ve trained for and competed in our sports. We seek to be a reference and resource, first and foremost, our primary goal is to help people, as well as learn from them. Our goal is to grow Pulse as a resource, a place to get advice, share advice, and just be part of the community. A secondary ambition is to add race and travel packages to our offerings in the future, providing an opportunity to travel to races and have Pulse take care of the details. Craig: Liam, thanks for sharing your story. Both you and Mike and the entire team at Pulse have made a huge contribution to the TCSD and our local triathlon community. I’m certain you will meet and exceed all of your goals. Craig Zelent is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach. Craig can be reached at 760-214-0055 or






Directions ■ In a medium bowl, mix together cookie crumbs, 3 tablespoons sugar, and melted butter. Press mixture into the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan. ■

In a saucepan, combine raspberries, 2 tablespoons sugar, cornstarch, and water. Bring to boil, and continue boiling 5 minutes, or until sauce is thick. Strain sauce through a mesh strainer to remove seeds. *If you use the preserves, still heat up and strain if you like... however, you don't have to take out the seeds and it still turns out great. You do need to heat it so you can swirl it into the cheesecake mixture easier.* Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). In a metal bowl over a pan of simmering water, melt white chocolate chips with half-and-half, stirring occasionally until smooth. (Or... you can put the chips and cream together in a bowl and place in microwave for 1 minute and stir, repeat till totally melted and smooth. approx 4 minutes.)

In a large bowl, mix together cream cheese and 1/2 cup sugar/splenda until smooth. Beat in eggs one at a time. Blend in vanilla and melted white chocolate. Pour half of batter over crust. Spoon 3 tablespoons raspberry sauce over batter. Pour remaining cheesecake batter into pan, and again spoon 3 tablespoons raspberry sauce over the top. Swirl batter with the tip of a knife to create a marbled effect.

Bake for 55 to 60 minutes, or until filling is set. Cool, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 8 hours before removing from pan. Serve with remaining raspberry sauce.

Show us your TCSD Spirit!

Ingredients 1 cup chocolate cookie crumbs (oreo cookies work great, or for Diabetics, sugar free chocolate cookies.) 3 tablespoons white sugar/splenda (if using oreo cookies, omit sugar) 1/4 cup butter, melted 1-10 oz package frozen raspberries (using sugar free Raspberry preserves works great and tastes wonderful too) 2 tablespoons white sugar (omit if using preserves) 2 teaspoons cornstarch (omit if using preserves) 1/2 cup water (omit if using preserves) 2 cups white chocolate chips (one 16oz bag of chips does it!) 1/2 cup half-and-half cream (heavy whipping cream works great too and so yummy) 3-8 oz packages cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup white sugar/splenda 3 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Snap a shot of any TCSD item (uniform, water bottle, T-shirt... etc) in an interesting/famous/unique location and submit to for possible publication in the newsletter and/or website.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

A special feature for the newsletter and website.




B&L Bike and Sports Contact: Scott Porter (858) 481-4148 Discount: 10% on soft goods excluding labor, Zipp, Hed or Oakley products. Hi-Tech

Contact: Hank Montrose 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1517 Discount: 10% bikes and wheels, 15% off accessories.

Moment Cycle Sport Contact: JT Lyons or Cory Osth 1357 Rosecrans St., Ste A San Diego, CA 92107 (619) 523-BIKE Discount: 10% off everything excluding labor, 15% off clothing.

Nytro Multisport 940 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 (800) 697-8007 Discount: 10% off retail for all products excluding labor, Zipp and Hed products.

Pulse Endurance Sports Contact: Mike Drury 1020 A-2 Tierra Del Rey, Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 656-5222 Discount: 10% off.

TitanFlex Bicycles Contact: Tom Piszkin Discount: 10% off cash payments.

The Triathlete Store 14041 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064 (216) 849-5468 Discount: 10% off CODE: TCSD when using the website.

Iron Devil Girl Coaching Contact: Ruthy Vesler (720) 366-2144 email: Discount: 10% to 20% off Group swim classes. CODE: select the TCSD category.

Annullo Sports Academy Contact: James Branham 10671 Roselle Street San Diego, CA 92121 Email: Discount: 10% off on all services and products.


Jaggad Dural, Australia 011 612 9651 3307 Discount: 10%, use code 07aca3 Movin Shoes Contact: Karl Johnson Discount: 10% of all product.

Sergio Borges X Training (858) 558-1337 Discount: 5 to 20% depending on training program.


BreakAway Training Contact: Felipe Loureiro email: Discount: Discounts on groups workouts.


The Fit Stop Human Performance Lab Contact: Ken Nicodemus (760) 634-5169 Discount: 25% off select testing services.

TriPower Multisport Contact: Mike Plumb (760) 420-8032 Discount: Start up fee ($35.00) CODE: TCSD2010 in referral box.

Training Bible Coaching Contact: Jim Vance (619) 886-3227 Discount: $50 off all start-up fees and clinic/camp discounts announced as happening.

Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching Contact: Brian Maiorano (619) 977-4348 Discount: 10% for first month of standard coaching package.

Road Runner Sports 553 Copley Dr. San Diego, CA 92111

Rudy Project Discount: 40% off helmets and sunglasses. CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page.

Clothing with a purpose

SkinFit Contact: Trever Glavin (805) 322-7546 Discount: 15% off CODE: tcsd


Xterra Wetsuits Contact: Victoria du Roure (858) 565-9500 Discount: 25% off. CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page.

Rehab United Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc. 3959 Ruffin Rd., Ste. F San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 279-5570 Discount: 10% off services.

Law Offices of Amanda Benedict Contact: Amanda Benedict (760) 942-0054 Discount: Free consultations.

ProSource (Carpet and Flooring) Contact: Scott Parker 760-650-5930 Discount: 40% off of carpet and 20% off of hard surface.

Zoot Sports


Bikram Yoga Rancho Bernardo Discount: 50% off first class, 10% off retail and class packages (excluding food and beverage)

FlexPower Contact: Kenneth Yun 1562 Solano Ave. Berkeley, CA 94707 (510) 527-9955 Discount: 33% off. CODE: TRICLUB

Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute Contact: Cindy Haskell (858) 455-6800 Discount: 5% for laser vision correction surgery, eye exams, glasses and contact lenses.

University City Physical Therapy & FunctionSMART Fitness Contact: Gino Cinco (858) 452-0282


FRS healthy energy Contact: Ryan Keck Discount: 25% off with 5% revenue share to the club. CODE: TCSD (only for online orders).

Richard Duquette, Bicycle Injury Lawyer Contact: Richard L. Duquette (760) 730-0500 or (800) 464-4123

Gomez Law Contact: Laura Sasaki (619) 237-3490, (760) 585-6014

Prudential Realty Contact: Brian Long (760) 415-3329

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SAFETY TIP: NIGHT RIDERS AND COMMUTERS In this economy people are constantly finding new ways to improve their health and save money; it is not surprising that more and more people make the choice to commute on their bicycle in the dark. While this can be good for the heart and good for the planet, you have to take safety seriously; I have seen many bicyclists injured in the dark by motorists who failed to see them. Do you know what your rights are if this type of accident happens? You should. If you get hit by a vehicle while riding your bicycle in the dark you could learn the hard way that insurance companies are likely to find you “partially at fault” or “contributorily negligent” and pay less for your claim. Don't fall victim to these common insurance industry practices; protect yourself by following the rules set forth by the California Vehicle Code. First of all, when, legally, is it considered dark? California Vehicle Code §21201 states that “darkness” is defined as half an hour before dark, or half an hour before sunrise, or when visibility is less than 100 feet (i.e. fog). During winter in San Diego, sunrise is at about 6:34 a.m. and sunset is at about 4:42 pm. When you’re riding during these times, California Vehicle Code § 21201, states that you must follow these rules and guidelines for visibility: Front: The front light of your bicycle must be seen from 300 feet away and from the front. (Tip: I suggest that you securely mount a light on your bicycle handlebars so that it illuminates both your bike and the road in front of you. As an extra precaution I also suggest mounting a light onto your helmet. I don't recommend using a helmet light as your only source of light, though, because when your


By Richard L. Duquette, Esq.

head is turned, so is your light. You want to make sure oncoming cars can see you no matter the direction in which your head is turned.) There are several bicycle light types to choose from. The two most popular are the HID light and the LED light. The HID (High Intensity Driving) light is the same bluetinted light you see in newer car headlights, whereas the LED (Light Emitting Diode) light is a clean, white light. I tend to recommend LED bicycle lights over HID lights because they last a long time and tend to shine more brightly over a wider area. For more choices, though, check out, they’e a great online source for bicycle light information and more. Back: The rear of your bike must have a red reflector on it visible from 500 feet away. (Tip: Check auto-parts stores and bicycle shops to find a red reflector and mount it securely where it can be seen. Make sure that nothing obscures the reflector while you ride. I've seen many cases in which bicyclists have unintentionally covered their rear reflectors.) Pedals: Your pedals must be white. (Tip: People often change pedals. If you don’t currently have white pedals, wear day-glow white ankle reflector straps around both ankles so you can be

seen from 200 feet away. You can also attach lights to your legs as extra insurance.) Wheels: Your wheels must have white or red reflectors on both your front and rear wheels. (Tip: Some people choose to illuminate their sidewall tires, install reflectors in their spokes, or put reflective tape on the forks or tubing too. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your turning wheels are illuminated for any approaching vehicles.) Clothing: Your clothing should be bright and reflective so that you are visible to vehicles at night. If you’re still not sure exactly what you need to do to stay safe, visit my blog ( and check out the bicycle safety video clip called “Let’s Get Visible.“ It is an informative (and fun) two minute video about night-riding visibility. Riding in the dark is serious business, even if you do follow all the rules. I recently took the case of an injured triathlete that

made me think twice about riding at night. On a training ride after work she hit a 4X4 beam that was left negligently in the bicycle lane near a construction site. Because she had followed all the rules about riding in the dark we didn't have to settle for anything less than she deserved. To read more about this case and to get more tips on safely riding in the dark, visit the article on Remember: While riding in the dark make sure to protect yourself with high-visibility equipment and defensive riding. It is a small investment to make considering your life is at stake! Richard Duquette is a California Personal Injury Trial Attorney who since 1983 has mixed law with his love of Bicycling and Surfing from Baja to Bali. He can be reached at (760) 730-0500 or email: web:


2010 TriExpo RECAP & HIGHLIGHTS TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Many local and distance events offer TCSD members special discounts. Some events require club members to use mail-in application and include a photocopy of TCSD membership card, others may require a special code. Visit the Club’s discount section on the web for complete listing and additional details or discount codes. Elite Racing Rock & Roll Marathon (San Diego) Discount: $10 off. Encinitas Triathlon Discount: $10 off. Jingle Bell 5K Benefits Arthritis Foundation. Discount: $5 off. Kathy Loper Events At least a dozen local 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. For a complete list go to the website. Discount: $3 off all events. Klein and Clark Sports Productions Desert Triathlon, Sprint and Olympic Races. Discount: $5 off Sprint/$9 off Olympic. Koz Enterprises Spring Sprint Triathlon, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach Triathlon, Mission Bay Triathlon, Silver Strand Half Marathon. Including SuperFrog & SuperSeal. Discount: $5 off all events. Moment Sporting Events San Diego Triathlon Classic USAT Olympic Distance September 18, 2010 Discount: $20 off with code TCSD2010

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If you say “expo” to a triathlete, they’ll likely assume you mean a race expo, and will wish you luck on your upcoming competition. But the TriExpo, held on January 29 and 30 at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa, didn’t have race numbers or timing chips. There was no course talk, and attendees couldn’t pick up their tshirt or register late for the race, because there was no race. Instead, the TriExpo was held in conjunction with the Endurance Sports Awards, and was billed as “the biggest and best tri consumer show.” Coming at the beginning of the 2010 racing season, it was a chance for triathletes to preview the newest gear, sample the latest nutritional products, and catch up with friends. I saw Steve Pierce near the Info Booth, where people had amassed to submit their name for the raffle. Steve had come to the TriExpo to get motivated for the upcoming season. He’d test-ridden the ElliptiGO, a bicycle powered by elliptical pedals, and called it, “Unusual.” It’s definitely not a replacement for either a bike or run workout, but could be a great crosstraining activity. Steve thought it would be great for a cruise along the beach. Nutrition Clif Shot Roks were released late last fall as a portable recovery aid that’s an alternative to the tough protein bar we’ve all

By Michelle Panik

choked down after a long workout. Each package contains 10 Roks that are the size of globe grapes, with a chewy center similar in consistency to a PowerBar. Each Rok is covered with a hard shell. Inspired by Reese’s Pieces’ slogan, these Roks are indestructible, and would travel well in a gym bag or cycling jersey. They’re available in chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, and—my favorite—peanut butter. Each 10-piece bag contains 270 calories, 37-38 grams of carboh y d r a t e s (depending on flavor), 20 grams of protein, 4.5 grams of fat, and retails for $2.99. One of the booth workers, Ben, told me, “I tried them before they were out, and…they’ve worked out a lot of things.” There are very few tasty protein bars on the market, and Clif Bar has made a product that’s not only palatable, but tasty. The 10-piece serving configuration is another plus. It can be hard to get down a full nutrition bar after a workout, and these Roks can be eaten slowly or shared with a friend. Gear If you were looking for a product to tell friends about, the Scott T2 Pro shoe was it. Designed with a flap-down heel, it’s a triathlon-specific shoe where the laces remain continued on page 18


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TriExpo, continued TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS,


Pacific Sports LLC Los Angeles Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon and Marathon and more. Discount: $10 off all events. Revolution 3 Triathlon Race Series May 9th - Revolution 3 Knoxville (olympic and half), Knoxville TN June 5th- Revolution 3: Quassy (olympic and half), Middlebury, CT September 12th- Revolution 3: Cedar Point (half and full), Sandusky, Ohio Discount: Trakkers105, to receive $10.00 discount. Tri California Alcatraz, Pacific Grove, San Francisco, Wildflower Triathlons and Scott Tinley’s Adventures Discount: See TSCD’s Forum for discount code. Tri Events Los Angeles Triathlon Championship Series at Bonelli Park. Discount: 10% off race entry. Silverman Half iron distance and iron distance event, Henderson, NV. Discount: $10 off.


tied and the foot slips in. The heel then snaps onto the rest of the shoe, and you’re out of T2 while the poor sap next to you is still wrapping one bunny ear around the other. Of course, there is always the stretchy laces option (which I personally can’t run without), but this shoe has a coolness that neon, elastic laces just can’t match. The T2 Pro’s technology doesn’t stop at a gadget. The shoe is built on a rocker platform called the Ergonomic Ride Midsole that encourages forefoot running and turnover. The sole is solid instead of being cut out under the arch, which is designed to promote energy transfer. Perhaps it also contributes to the shoe’s weight of 230 grams (men’s) and 195 grams (women’s). The T2 Pro debuted January 1 and sells for $110. Scott McCoubrey, co-owner of the Seattle Running Company and working the Scott USA booth, told me that the T2 Pro was the number-two selling shoe in his store during January. Gadgets I caught up with Gerry Forman (shown here with Michile Jones) and Buck Williamson at the Compex Active Recovery Zone, which was outside between the main tent and Enchanted Cove. Working the exhibit was Tri Club member and Compex’s Director of Sales, Greg Houlgate, and Compex user Michellie Jones. A group of people was sprawled on chairs trying out the electrical stimulation machines, which are both a workout and recovery tool. Each machine offers several stimulation programs to target different muscle groups with a variety of electrical frequencies and intensi-

ties. Testing has proven that using a Compex increases blood flow, reduces lactic acid, and encourages muscle relaxation. Gerry agreed to try one out and give me his thoughts. After Greg affixed electrodes to Gerry’s quadriceps and gluteal muscles, Jones explained how to operate the Stimulator. Greg told me that some users affix the electrodes to their quadriceps and use the machine while on the trainer to get a better workout in less time. While Gerry worked out in the comfort of a lawn chair, Jones told us all how much she likes the Wii Fit’s Soccer Heading game, which consists of standing on the console’s balance board and shifting your weight to make contact with balls and dodge flying shoes. That afternoon I went home and booted up my Wii Fit Plus. She was right; I never liked soccer, but hitting imaginary headers is a blast. When Gerry’s treatment plan had run its course he stood up and, while walking about, remarked, “It feels like I’ve been stretched out.” Compex offers four stimulation models that range from $429-$999 and are available at most TCSD sponsor stores. The TriExpo drew 3,000 people to its 47 exhibitors and clinics covering everything from open-water swimming to time-trialing. Early-morning attendees took part in a bike ride and run with pros like Chris Lieto and Dean Karnazes. Geoff Barnett, Competitor’s Expo Sales Manager, said, “The inaugural Tri Expo was a huge success. It’s extremely gratifying that we were able to provide the triathlon community with a fun event that will only get bigger and better in the future.”

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So we wouldn’t lose 3rd place (where we had a reasonably solid position after some early back and forth), Dave and Osamu went out together on the 14th lap in case someone flatted or had another issue with their bike, or someone just bonked. It was thought Osamu would be tired with only a one lap rest. Dave started out fast and on the first hill Osamu roared past him. Dave hung to his wheel thinking “Well, I guess Osamu is getting the finish glory.” Through a quick single track to the second steep serpentine climb, on one of the hairpins Dave called out to Osamu above him “Go get ‘em Osamu” and his response was “I’m just pacing you.” Dave’s thought? “Huh?” On the next hill Osamu finally backed off and Dave raced with reckless abandon almost crashing several times while going far too fast at night and escaping his comfort zone. With about 5 minutes to go until 9 pm, as Dave looked at his watch, he became a little nervous he wouldn’t make it. The pace then picked up and Dave ended upon crossing the finish line with 2-3 minutes to spare and a last lap time of 54:54 and a final hold for Team Albion Brewing on 3rd place. One race down and two to go in defense of Albion Brewing’s 2009 crown. Team racing is a good break from the Triathlon grind, (whether road or off road/Xterra). You have others to share the highs and lows with. Plus, where else can you BBQ and eat a Brat after your 3rd lap without digestive penalty? Dave Krosch has been a TCSD member since 1991. He has completed over 200 multisport events since 1986 including qualifying and racing at the IM World’s Championship. He is active on the off road Xterra circuit having raced the Worlds and Nationals Championships. His other passion is adventure racing; raced numerous 24 hour races and has reached the podium in numerous 12 hour less AR’s Currently, he partners with Terry Hedgecock on the TCSD’s Annual January 1st Iron Mountain run (13 years and running) as well as organizing the TCSD Wednesday night advanced MTB ride for 12 years.

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An Evening With The Challenged Athletes Foundation SPECIAL GUEST: Sarah Reinertsen,CAF Melissa Stockwell, CAF Operation Rebound Cody McCasla...

TCSD newsletter 0310  

An Evening With The Challenged Athletes Foundation SPECIAL GUEST: Sarah Reinertsen,CAF Melissa Stockwell, CAF Operation Rebound Cody McCasla...