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Logo Transition By Arch & Christy Fuston, Fuston Creative

2009 TCSD MEMBERS AWARDS Sunday, February 21st Location: University City Physical Therapy (“Old” Coastal Sports & Wellness Facility) Schedule: 12 pm Bike Ride or Run Option 2 pm BBQ & Pot Luck 3 pm Meeting & Awards


s triathletes, our lives are filled with transition, and not only in racing. What worked one year, might not work the next. Evolutions in products, training techniques, geographical changes, all contribute to our adaptation, or transitions, to these new scenarios set before us. A logo can experience transition as well. With all the new mediums developed since the 1990’s, a logo that was created primarily, if not exclusively for the print medium, faces certain challenges in the electronic age. These challenges, as well as the desire to have a logo that works hard across ALL mediums (print, Web, apparel, signage, mobile devices, etc.) was the motivation for the TCSD ”logo transition”. Understanding the equity of a logo is crucial. The equity of the original TCSD logo is profound within the core of club. Where the equity is challenged is outside of the club and how it is replicated to the masses... participants, general public, friends, family... anyone outside of the club that has a visual opportunity at the logo. Both ends of the equity spec-

trum were considered when transitioning the logo. Here is some insight into the creative process when designing the new logo: Shape: The triangle shape was maintained, but manipulated to take on the appearance of a wave, a geographical element unique to SoCal tri clubs. Form: The original logo was made up of multiple lines ranging from thin to thick. This was simplified by decreasing the number of “lines” to three, each representing one of the three aspects of the sport, and shaping the “lines” to form the triangular wave. The small, orange splashes between each “line” represent the transition in a triathlon. This evolution of the form allows effective reproduction of the logo on all mediums, and renders a mark that is visually strong. Color: The color palette was maintained with only slight modifications to achieve stronger results in electronic replication and on apparel. continued on page 20

FEBRUARY TCSD RACE CALENDAR CONTACTS Triathlon Club of San Diego P.O. Box 504366 San Diego, CA 92150-4366 Send correspondence to the address above or contact president Thomas Johnson. Membership & Renewal $60/year, $45 military (w/active ID), $110 family (2 adults). Additional years available at discount. Membership form available online or fill out and mail application if included in this newsletter. TCSD e-lists Subscribe to the TCSD e-mailing lists by sending a blank email with your name in the body to:

TCSD Duathlon February 13th, Saturday Location: Black Mountain Distance: TBD Check TCSD’s web site updated information.

SD Indoor Triathlon Series: Race 3 February 20th, fist wave 8am Location: Frog’s Fitness - Carmel Mountain Ranch Visit www.PedPowerPerformLab.comor complete details and entry form. Must pre-register! Limited race day registration, if space available.

Always refer to the Tri Club’s website calendar for the latest events and details.


Thomas Johnson

Vice President

John Hill


Wendy Harp


Farah Hedwig

Public Relations Director

David McMahon



Publisher & Design/Production

Beginner Coaches

Steve Koci Farah Hedwig Dean Rosenberg Steve Tally

Bike Case Rentals

Bob Rosen

Bike Coach

Andy Concors

Club Apparel

Devin Reilly

Creative Team

Arch & Christy Fuston

Expo Coordinator

Sprague Design, Dean Sprague

(858) 270-1605 Editor

Dawn Copenhaver Newsletter Articles and Ideas Please send to Dean Sprague at and/or Dawn Copenhaver at Contributing Writers Fuston Designs, Richard Duquette, Raja Lahti, and Craig Zelent. Newsletter Classifieds/Ads Contact David McMahon at

ARTICLES WANTED Want to Share Your Race Report? Please send article and digital images to Newsletter Publisher or Editor. Need by the 12th of the month for publications/consideration. Thanks for sharing!


(619) 987-8822

(619) 668-0066

(619) 895-0687

Anne Fleming

(760) 470-3947

Grand Prix (including Aqua & Duathlon) Dean Sprague

(858) 270-1605

Ironman Coach(es)

Mike Drury Liam Thier

Membership Director

Bethany Sotak

Newsletter Editor

Dawn Copenhaver

Newsletter Publisher

Dean Sprague

Open Water Safety Officer

Dave Huff

Race Director(s)

Ann Kelly Brian Wrona

Swim Director, Masters Coach

Mickey Murad

Swim Director, Open Water Director

Nikee Pomper

Track Coach

Jim Vance

Track Coach, North County

Mike Plumb

Web Administrator

John Hill Buck Williamson

Social Director

(858) 270-1605



TCSD FEBRUARY CLUB MEETING 2009 TCSD MEMBERS AWARDS Sunday, February 21st 12pm Bike Ride or Run Option 2pm BBQ & Pot Luck 3pm Meeting & Awards Where: University City Physical Therapy (“old” Coastal Sports & Wellness) 4010 Sorrento Vallely Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121

NEWBIE NETWORKING MEETING Monday, February 4th, 6:00 pm This monthly (first Thursday of every month) gathering is specifically designed to introduce you to the sport of triathlon and the Triathlon Club of San Diego. NON-MEMBERS WELCOME! Contact: Questions or comments can be sent to beginner coach Farah Hedwig,

Where: Hi-Tech Bikes 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1517




Sunday, February 21st, 8:30am

Monday, February 22nd, 6:00 pm

The TCSD Real Beginners’ Bike Ride takes place on the 56 bike path and is a club ride where NOBODY gets left behind. If you can ride comfortably for at least 60 minutes without stopping (total ride time 90 minutes) then this ride is for you. Please have at least minimal cycling ability (can ride, shift, and corner your bike adequately). Be ready for a couple of moderate climbs on the first half of the ride. Beginners need hills too!

Attention beginners! This monthly talk is specifically designed to get you started in the sport of triathlon, and our goal is to demystify triathlon, and remove the ’intimidation factor.’ We will cover triathlon basics from A to Z. All questions are fair game! NON-MEMBERS WELCOME!

We will have a brief bike talk at 8:30am, and be rolling by 9am. Helmets are MANDATORY. We will help you change your flats along the way, but please be equipped with your own tubes to carry on the ride. Contact Dean and ’the Steve’s’ at Schedule of Events: 8:30–8:50: Bike Q&A 9:00 - ??: Bike Ride

Contact: Questions or comments can be sent to beginner coaches Steve T, Dean R, and/or Steve K at

Where: B&L Bike & Sport San Diego Store 3603 Camino Del Rio West San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 294-9300

BEGINNER RUNNING & INJURY PREVENTION CLINIC Tuesday February 23rd, 6:00pm Dr. Victor Runco of the San Diego Running Institute will be discussing commonly seen injuries that tend to plague beginner runners. Topics will include, but not be limited to, Shin Splints, “Runner's Knee,” IT Band Syndrome, and more. Dr. Runco will help you to identify potential problem areas as well as dispel many of the false commonly held beliefs for how to self-treat various injuries. A limited number of chairs will be available, so bring your own just in case. Contact: Beginner coaches at:

Where: San Diego Running Institute 4760 Mission Gorge Place San Diego, CA 92120-4230 (619) 265-7374 On the night of the event all TCSD members will receive 15% off of shoes and 20% off of apparel.


Monday Open Water Swimming

Location: La Jolla Shores Swim (Beginning March 15th)

6:00 PM

Group Run, 4-6 miles, all paces welcome.

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Location: Moving Shoes, Encinitas.

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels. Bike Workout in Point Loma Run Workout, 5 miles

6:00 PM

Track Workout in Carlsbad, a coached session

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Moment Cycle Sports, 1357 Rosecrans.

6:30 AM 6:00 PM

Location: Mission Bay Boardwalk. Meet at south jetty parking lot. •

Location: Carlsbad H.S. Track.

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Advanced MTB Training • Location: Penasquitos Canyon Side Park (east pkg lot). Contact: Dave Krosch,

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Coronado

6:00 PM

Bike Workout in Cental San Diego • Location(s): varies, Contact: Andy Concors, details at

7:30 PM

Pool Swim (long course) in La Jolla/UTC

Age group: M 40-44

Location: Starting at Holland’s Bicycles.

Status: Married Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Developer

Location: JCC, 4126 Executive Dr.

Thursday 6:00 AM

Bike Workout in Solana Beach, 27 miles, all levels.

6:30 AM

Bike Workout in Point Loma

Location: Front of B&L Bikes.

Location: Starting at Moment Cycle Sports.

Favorite local restaurant: Oceanaire, in the Gas Lamp District.

Friday 6:45 AM

Ocean Swim in Solana Beach, in the water at 7am. (I-5, to Lomas Santa Fe west)

Location: at Fletcher Cove

Saturday 8:00 AM

Bike Workout in Del Mar, all levels welcome. (Hwy 101 & 15th st.)

Favorite thing(s) about TCSD: Promoting a great sport in a great town.


East County Trail Run; various start locations in Mission Trails Regional Park, Contact: Florian Hedwig for specific week’s information (619) 820-2388, or

7:30 AM

Penasquitos Trail Run

7:45 AM

Swim (starts at 8 sharp) and run follows towards Torrey Pines Park Powerhouse Park in Del Mar.

8:30 AM

REAL Beginners Bike Ride - Once a month (see following page for date & complete details)

Contact: Mark Kenny for more information (760) 271-2003 •

Before I became a triathlete, I was… A cyclist (road and mountain). Favorite Race/Tri Event: Santa Barbara Triathlon - Long Course

Location: Meet at Starbucks


When not training, I enjoy: Hanging-out with family (3 young boys).

Location: Meet at


Favorite segment (S, B or R): The Bike. PR/Best Race: Spring Sprint with a time of 00:55:58. Most embarrassing or disastrous moment: Standing in line for the restroom while I hear the announcer call the start of my wave! continued on page 7



RUNJUNK.COM IS EXCITED TO OFFER THE ELEMENTAL PERFORMANCE LINE OF ELITE SPORT SUPPLEMENTS Taken individually, stacked or introduced into your current regimen, Elemental Performance will help you increase your Endurance, Energy & Power limits in 2010.


% 1 10 0OOFFFF





By Craig Zelent

I was able to get Dean Sprague, the TCSD Newsletter Editor, to slow down long enough to talk triathlon. You have probably seen Dean at many TCSD events. It is time we get to know this great guy who has done so much for the club over the years. Craig: What was your athletic background prior to triathlon? Dean: Back in the day (Fifth or Sixth Grade??), I was involved in a cafeteria food fight which resulted in expulsion from the lunch room, so I ran home for lunch and got my fill of Leave It To Beaver and the Three Stooges. I participated in track during Middle School and Jr. High. Continuing on during my Freshman and Sophomore years, I competed in the half-mile, mile, two mile and in some of the team relays, messed around with hurdles, pole vault and the distance relays. I was not a speedster or anything like that. I didn't participate in any organized sports during college... too busy studying and working. During my years at Long Beach State, Los Angeles announced it was putting on a marathon and I wanted to be part of history, the 1st annual event (1986). That was my first “real” running race, with a finish time just under 4 hours. I have since competed in 38 stand-alone marathons and 50k’s, always wanting to improve. Self-coached, I managed to get my time down to a respectable 2:48 in a couple of marathons, Cape Town (South Africa) and Los Angeles. Craig: How did you get started racing triathlons? Dean: Ten years later, marathons were becoming boring even though they gave me a chance to compete all over the world. I wanted to change things up, everyone was doing them. To me, marathons had lost their “specialness”. Everyone was doing them, so I wanted to change things up. At the time I was living in Chicago and the Mrs. T’s Triathlon (the world‘s largest triathlon) was being advertised, so I

MEMBER PROFILE, continued Current Equipment Wetsuit: Xterra Bike: Kuota Kalibur Running shoe: Asics Equipment wish list: None, I have everything I want. Can’t race without: Speed laces. Best advice: Utilize organized group training. I train with Breakaway Training and it has made a big difference. The combination of structured workouts in a group setting fosters a competitive yet supportive environment which is invaluable. Also, owning your own business and having an understanding family doesn't hurt!

2004 California International Marathon (Sacramento) and 1986 Los Angeles Marathon. decided that would be my next challenge. I never had a road bike, just commuting back and forth to work on a mountain bike. Mrs. T’s had (and still does) a mountain bike division, so it was perfect. I had never swum or biked competitively. Fortunately, it was mid- summer and Lake Michigan was warm and close enough to be my training pool. I figured the biking part would not be a big deal to figure out. I think I signed up a couple of weeks before the race and started my training. (Back in the day, races did not sell out one year in advance.) before the race and started my training. I had no preconceptions of the outcome, but I knew I was a good runner and figured there would not be any “fast” people in the MTB division and I was right. I was the

BIKE & WHEEL CASE RENTAL TCSD has traveling bike and wheel cases for rent! We have hard-shell single and double bike cases and wheel cases that will hold three wheels. The single cases are shippable by UPS and FedEx. Rates per week: Single case $25 Double case $40 Wheel cases $25 Deduct $10 if renting both a bike case and a wheel case. To reserve a case or if you have any questions, contact Bob Rosen

continued on page 8


TCSD Conversation, continued Johanna Alandt Matthew Alder Jennifer Amble Luke Barrett Alexander Basa Cody Bishop Bradley Brink Sean Burke Bill Burns Patrick Castellani Justin Cisar Kimberly Cleary Nicolas Cocquerelle Tod Comin Jennifer Delaney Wanda Dickey Jackie Donaldson-Lopez Roger Drews David Espiritu Jenny Evans Kirk Focht Christopher Ford Heather Ford Alana Foster Mike Gabocy Brian Geddes Renata Grandelle Janelle Gutschenritter Jeffray Harns Elaine Harwell Jesse Hermanson Almadelia Hisazaga Meredith Hoehner Brian Horne Amy Horne Brian Horning Suzanne Husami Christina Jackson Robert Johns Trevor King Braden Klingaman Kristina Larsen continued on page 9


overall winner of the seventy-seven participants. I killed the field and would have placed in the top ten (age group) in the regular division. Racing on a mountain bike was great. I was competing against people with “real” bikes and kicking their burrs. Of course, I learned I needed to “soup up“ the bike; fast forward seat post, clip on aero bars, and change to slick tires to maintain that magic number of 20mph. Yes, I eventually purchased a “real“ bike because Ironman was my next challenge. Actually, I was part of a triathlon relay team, (the runner), and biathlon, (swim/run), nine years earlier, but don’t remember much about them. As such, I don't count that as any start point as a triathlete. Craig: You accomplished a long time goal during 2009 of racing the Hawaiian Ironman. How did you qualify?

age group who earns the coveted spot, done deal right? Well not this year. There were a couple of groups where it was rolling down six, ten, and thirteen deep. There was even a carry over spot that was added to my age group. The 1st place guy took his spot, 2nd already had a spot so the 3rd place took the next spot. That means one more left, unheard of, so the announcer starts calling for number 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 all no shows. It ended up rolling down to me, in 9th position. I was totally caught off guard. It was not part of my 2009 plan. Payment is required that instant and I did not bring any extra cash with me. I hesitated for a moment, but decided I had to take the spot and I said, YES! Then off to the ATM to get the cash. Craig: How was the race in Kona? Dean: I had to rearrange my season, 1998 Mrs. T’s Triathlon (Chicago). courtesy Daniel Derkacs


Dean: Through the years I have been very close to qualifying for the World Championship, but never “good/fast” enough. Yes, I finally reach my goal last year, although I had no intention of it. I happened to be at the right race the right year. I chose to participate in the Hawaii 70.3 because I 2008 Solana Beach Duathlon. wanted to race in Hawaii/Kona area, cancel travel plans and races I already made. I since I had resigned qualifying for the World’s was very excited and planned to have a great Championship and any more IM branded race in Kona. As the seasoned progressed, my events (yeah I know, entry fees are out of this left foot had a different idea. Plantar fasciitis world now!) I had a good race but nothing had interrupted my life and affected much of special. After the event, I was hanging out my late season races and required training. I with a few different groups of friends and had self-treated for as long as I could with some no place to go, so I decided to hang around PT and eventually hooked up with Dr. Martinez for the awards ceremony and all the hoopla. the Monday before heading to Kona for a Normally, I would have been long gone since I “magic” shot of cortisone. I hadn't ever tried was not an age group winner. Well, time comes anything like that before and didn't know what for the IM qualifying spots and roll down. to expect. I wanted to have a respectable race Usually it is the first or second person in the and that was my last option. As it turned out,

I was able to function pretty much pain free during the run, although at a much slower pace than I had hoped for. I was happy to finally participate at the 'Big Dance', despite not being in optimal physical condition Craig: What Ironman races have you done in your racing career and how did you do?

in Säter, Sweden and Nice, France. A couple of years back I participated in the ITU World Championship Long Course Duathlon since it was ”local” Richmond VA. Representing the USA is pretty cool, there are only a handful of people who are able to participate at this level; it’s kind of a mini Olympic feeling and very special. I may be fast, but at these events I barely finish in the top half. That’s fine with me, its just having the chance to compete at a different level and enjoy the different experience.

Dean: Ever since I started racing iron distance events, I have done two or three a year. I have chased my dream, (qualifying for World’s), at IM Korea, Craig: You have had a very diverse racMalaysia, three ing career. times at IM WIS, Dean: As with running marathons, a few times Ironman was losing it’s special appeal. in Lake Placid, I wanted something more exciting and Coeur d’Alene, less common, Xterra was the obvious etc… I think it is choice. At the time I was living in twenty two iron Chicago. No hills there so I made my distance races own off-road training courses up and now? Why, you down the lake front throughout variask? It's the rush, ous parks and varied terrain. I am not kicking some butt, a mountain biker by the thrill of comnature, but I petition. But now k n o w with the outra2001 IM FLA. how to geous entry fees (…and run, and the economy in question), I am cutting that is why back and finding better races that offer I was pretty the most miles per dollars spent. successful at Official IM events will not be seeing Xterra. One much of my money anymore. I have must always be yet to have my perfect race, howevaware and look er, I have improved in each disciahead, ride withpline, just not at the same event! in one‘s comfort My best overall time was my third level or it could be Ironman at IM FLA. I finished in dangerous. It’s very 10:23:25, had a great bike split but thrilling and rewarda lousy marathon. I want to go 2004 Xterra Eastern ing. Xterra also has back there this year and take off Championship, Richmond VA. it's “Holy Grail Race” in twenty minutes, but dollars are short and I may have to try setting a PR at Hawaii, however, that event was never my IM Arizona. Wanting to improve is addictive goal or feasible. My goal was to qualify and compete at the USA Championship held in Lake and keeps me motivated. Craig: What other high profile races have you Tahoe/Incline Village. They were a lot of fun and had different conditions every year. I done and how did they go for you? highly recommend changing things up. Just Dean: I have been fortunate to be a member race within your own skill level and you’ll have of Team USA at a couple of ITU World a blast. continued on page 16 Championship Long Course triathlons (which consists of a 4k swim, 130k bike and 30k run),

NEW MEMBERS, cont. Ryan Lazik Chris Lin James Lindsay Joanne Ludwig Victoria Mann Christopher Manuele Grant Markhart Gustavo Menezes Rachel Millstein David Montgomery Alfred O'Connor Alphonso Oates Kariem Ortiz-Vincenty Ashley Paulson Nicholas Petruzzelli Duane Pierce Ron Roberts Rebecca Robinson Casey Salmon Mark Schlam Emily Schmied Beacher Schneider Jamie Schuster Mehmet Sevinc Peter Spiller Christine Squillaci Chris Stafford Todd Tatham Wayne Tomasek Brian Weiss Curtis Williamson Shiu Wong Michael Wood


Visit our Miramar Showroom. Open Exclusively to TCSD Members by Appointment Only.

Contact: Scott Parker â– 760-650-5930 8485 Production Ave, San Diego, CA 92121



Kashi® GOLEAN Crunch!® Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes

LENDING A HELPING HAND HI-TECH Bikes’ “Bucks for Bikes” program donated used bikes to homeless families at Father Joe’s Villages.

Buttermilk lends just the right tenderness to the batter for these hearty pancakes with fiber and protein, made from one of our favorite Kashi cereals, GOLEAN Crunch!®

Received a voucher For up to

Makes 24 pancakes.


Ingredients 2 cups Kashi® GOLEAN Crunch!® cereal, crushed slightly 1 cup whole wheat flour ½ cup quick-cooking oats 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon nutmeg (optional) 1½ cups low fat organic buttermilk 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup 2 tablespoons expeller-pressed canola oil ¼ cup organic pineapple juice (use juice saved from crushed pineapple below) 2 large free-range eggs (or egg substitute) 1 – 8 oz. can crushed organic pineapple (no sugar added), drained (save juice for above) Optional Toppings Sliced organic bananas, organic nonfat vanilla yogurt, pure maple syrup. Directions In a large mixing bowl, add the first 5, dry ingredients together. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the next 5 ingredients. Set crushed pineapple aside.

Hi-Tech Bikes’ Customers $500 off a new bike for every bike donated to Father Joe’s

Fold the wet mixture into the dry mixture until combined. Refrigerate batter for at least one hour so the ingredients combine completely and batter thickens (you can also refrigerate the batter overnight). Coat griddle or large skillet with non-stick spray and heat pan over medium heat. Scoop about ¼ cup of pancake batter onto heated pan, leaving enough room between pancakes to allow them to spread. Drop a heaping tablespoon of crushed pineapple in the middle of each pancake and cook for about 45 seconds, or until tops of pancakes bubble and edges begin to firm up. Carefully turn the pancakes over and continue to cook for an additional minute or until golden brown. Serve with pineapple side up, topping each pancake with a dollop of yogurt, fruit slices and a drizzle of maple syrup. Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 2 pancakes (90g), Calories 150, Calories from Fat 40, Total Fat 4.5g, Saturated Fat 0.5g, Cholesterol 30mg, Sodium 180mg, Total Carbohydrate 23g, Dietary Fiber 4g, Sugars 7g, Protein 6g, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 2%, Calcium 6%, Iron 8%

On January 19, 2010, Hank Montrose, Owner of Hi-Tech Bikes met with Father Joe of St Vincent de Paul’s Center and handed over their donations of new and used bikes as part of their “Bucks for Bikes” program. From October 10, 2009 through December 27, 2009, Hi-Tech Bikes collected both new and used bikes in exchange for a voucher worth up to $500 off the purchase of a new bike. As a sponsor for the Challenged Athletes Foundation and local chapters of Team in Training, HiTech wanted to also provide support this holiday season for families in need. “Bucks for Bikes” celebrated Hi Tech Bikes desire to provide great deals to their customers and mission to give back to the local community. Hi-Tech Bikes’ “Bucks for Bikes” program was designed to help consumers get rid of their old bikes and get them in a new one. Their donation to the Father Joe’s charity sweetened the deal. “We want to thank all of those who participated in the Bucks for


Bikes program,” said Hank

Share Your Race Report and Story. Please send article and digital images to Newsletter Publisher or Editor. Need by the 14th of the month for publications consideration. Thanks for sharing!

Montrose, owner of Hi-Tech Bikes. “The donations benefited families here in San Diego by providing a form of transportation to a local person in need.”

Please, original content only (if on your blog or published elsewhere... sorry)



Hi-Tech Contact: Hank Montrose 7638 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1517 Discount: 10% bikes and wheels, 15% off accessories.

Moment Cycle Sport Contact: JT Lyons or Cory Osth 1357 Rosecrans St., Ste A San Diego, CA 92107 (619) 523-BIKE Discount: 10% off everything excluding labor, 15% off clothing.

Nytro Multisport 940 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 (800) 697-8007 Discount: 10% off retail for all products excluding labor, Zipp and Hed products.

Pulse Endurance Sports Contact: Mike Drury 1020 A-2 Tierra Del Rey, Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 656-5222 Discount: 10% off.

TitanFlex Bicycles Contact: Tom Piszkin Discount: 10% off cash payments.


The Triathlon Store 14041 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064 (216) 849-5468 Discount: 10% off CODE: TCSD when using the website.

Sergio Borges X Training (858) 558-1337 Discount: 5 to 20% depending on training program.

Rudy Project Discount: 40% off helmets and sunglasses. CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page.


Annullo Sports Academy Contact: James Branham 10671 Roselle Street San Diego, CA 92121 Email: Discount: 10% off on all services and products.

BreakAway Training Contact: Felipe Loureiro email: Discount: Discounts on groups workouts.

The Fit Stop Human Performance Lab Contact: Ken Nicodemus (760) 634-5169 Discount: 25% off select testing services.

Training Bible Contact: Jim Vance (619) 886-3227 Discount: $50 off all start-up fees and clinic/camp discounts announced as happening.

Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching Contact: Brian Maiorano (619) 977-4348 Discount: 10% for first month of standard coaching package.

TriPower Multisport Contact: Mike Plumb (760) 420-8032 Discount: Start up fee ($35.00) CODE: TCSD2010 in referral box.


Clothing with a purpose

SkinFit Contact: Trever Glavin (805) 322-7546 Discount: 15% off CODE: tcsd

Xterra Wetsuits Contact: Victoria du Roure (858) 565-9500 Discount: 25% off. CODE: Available on TCSD Member Discount web page.

Zoot Sports

WELLNESS Bikram Yoga Rancho Bernardo Discount: 50% off first class, 10% off retail and class packages (excluding food and beverage)

Movin Shoes Contact: Karl Johnson Discount: 10% of all product.

Iron Devil Girl Coaching Contact: Ruthy Vesler (720) 366-2144 email: Discount: 10% to 20% off Group swim classes. CODE: select the TCSD category.

Road Runner Sports 553 Copley Dr. San Diego, CA 92111

FlexPower Contact: Kenneth Yun 1562 Solano Ave. Berkeley, CA 94707 (510) 527-9955 Discount: 33% off. CODE: TRICLUB


MEDIA Gordon & Weiss Vision Institute Contact: Cindy Haskell (858) 455-6800 Discount: 5% for laser vision correction surgery, eye exams, glasses and contact lenses.

One Natural Experience

MHS Works Contact: Matt Sparks Discount: Contact for TCSD special pricing. Competitor Magazine

Rehab United Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc. 3959 Ruffin Rd., Ste. F San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 279-5570 Discount: 10% off services. Contact: Robert Mitchell 4901 Morena Blvd., Ste 323 San Diego, CA 92117 (619) 793-5877 Discount: Amount varies throughout the year. CODE: TCSD

Oak Hill Software Contact: John Hill


University City Physical Therapy & FunctionSMART Fitness Contact: Gino Cinco (858) 452-0282


ProSource (Carpet and Flooring) Contact: Scott Parker 760-650-5930 Discount: 40% off of carpet and 20% off of hard surface. Law Offices of Amanda Benedict Contact: Amanda Benedict (760) 942-0054 Discount: Free consultations. Prudential Realty Contact: Brian Long (760) 415-3329

FRS healthy energy Contact: Ryan Keck Discount: 25% off with 5% revenue share to the club. CODE: TCSD (only for online orders).

Richard Duquette, Bicycle Injury Lawyer Contact: Richard L. Duquette (760) 730-0500 or (800) 464-4123

Kashi Free Newsletter:

Gomez Law Contact: Laura Sasaki (619) 237-3490, (760) 585-6014

Robert’s Auto Service Contact: Keith Benline, 4630 Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109 (619) 275-1132 Discount: 10% to $100

And thanks to all the volunteers who keep the Club running so smoothly and professionally! Contact: Kevin Koresky



TRAIN SMART: A Critical Lesson So, you’re telling me VO2 Max isn’t the name of Top Gear’s (a British tv show) newest showcased sports car? I was sure I saw it came in LT & BMI editions as well. Sleek, zippy, and yes, weight really does matter with performance output. As it turns out, VO2 Max (maximal oxygen consumption), LT (lactic threshold) and BMI (body mass index) all metrics used by sports physiologists to gauge performance potential, output and efficiency. As a triathlete, these numbers matter, a lot. After seeing Ken Nicodemus’s (owner of The Fit Stop) special price posting on TCSD’s web forum, my husband Dave & I took the opportunity over the holidays to see what the myths & legends of VO2 Max/Lactate Threshold testing were all about. Would I survive? Would I register on the scale of “sorta-fit-athletes”? If Lance defines the high end of that scale, would

By Raja Lahti

I define the low end? If weight matters, would all of my holiday feastings be grossly apparent? In short, Yes, Yes, No, Kinda.

by a hard exertion lasting no more than 15-18 minutes. After the warm-up the wattage would increase slowly and steadily and I was to pedal at my The Experience: normal rate. As the It was a cold, damp afterwattage increased, the noon when Dave & I pulled up workload increased and to the small Fit Stop Lab. I eventually my body had no idea what to expect. wouldn’t be able to We both decided to do our maintain a decent testing for the bike rather cadence and the test than the run. Simply put, I would be over. This test abhor treadmills. Ken’s intro was a question of package advised not to exerwhen. When would the cise hard for 24hr previous, monkey jump on my skip the morning workout and Ken watching over Dave back, my legs turn to eat a light lunch. During our McMahon as he performs his lead and obey me no sit down briefing he advised VO2 Max evaluation. more? From this inforwe would be monitored by multiple computers tracking respiration, mation Ken would use his knowledge and heart rate, power, cadence and more. experience, testing hundreds and hunThere would be a warm-up period followed

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TCSD Conversation, continued Craig: Which events have been among your favorites and why? Dean: Having the fortunate opportunity to race and travel all over the world, it’s hard to ”select any single favorite event. Every event is special for it unique qualities; IM Malaysia was great for it’s ”third world” atmosphere, yet well organized. I had one of my fastest bike splits there, but a horrible run due to the unreal humidity. Silverman (Henderson, NV), is a great event for the toughness factor. I thought Lake Placid was a beautiful place until I raced in Coeur d’Alene, now it’s Redmond/Bend, OR and the Pacific Crest Festival up there. I do the half iron distance on Saturday and the Olympic distance on Sunday. The Chicago Triple Challenge is also great, three triathlons in two days. I like Gotta love Xterra ! the multi event/day stuff now. It’s just the next level of challenging myself. Craig: Speaking of favorites, what is your favorite part of being a TCSD member? Dean: It has to be the value of the membership. For such a “cheap” entry fee the Club


offers so much; food, friendship, racing, friendly competition and rivalry. Craig: You have seen the sport evolve in many ways over the years. What has been the biggest change for the good that you have noticed? Dean: Actually I missed out on the early years of triathlon. To me, the biggest change is the sport has grown so much and is accessible to everyone, any skill level, any age and physical ability. I love to see the “old timers” out there. I hope to be out there also as I age up. Craig: How about for the bad? Dean: Bad? Don’t know anything about that, when triathlon can bring so much joy into one’s life. Craig: What is the funniest thing you have done as a triathlete? Dean: Funniest? I usually don’t joke around. I call it having fun. The theme races the Club has, racing all out in a costume. I hope the club has more theme races, such as MTB/beach cruiser only

race, Final Four, etc… Craig: What do you do for a living? Dean: I am a freelance graphic designer (Sprague Design), apartment manager, bike fitter/coach for my own company (PedPowerPerform Lab), owner/ manufacturer of a “hands-free” hydration system (Oasis OneTwelve). I also am race director/ promoter for the San Diego Indoor Triathlon Series. Being the boss, I am able to set my own work and play schedule. Craig: Do you have any sponsors?

free entry into races. As a matter of fact, being a member for Triathlon Club of San Diego is just like being sponsored! Craig: What are your future triathlon goals? Dean: This year it’s to stay healthy/injury free, I will be keeping tabs on my foot issue. Without goals, participating in sports (and life) is kind of pointless. This year, my main goal is to set a PR at the iron distance, other than that, keep trying to improve upon previous times. No long-term goals. I just want to say, it does not matter what level of equipment or fitness level you start with. It’s about the journey, having fun, setting and surpassing goals and encouraging others along the way. Craig: Dean, thanks for sharing

Dean: I have had great opportunities to partner with individual products and companies over the years. Each has allowed me to grow as an athlete and individual. For 2010, I will be part of a “real” team, Team Trakkers. Trakkers ( is a wearable gps device that allows all your family and friends to follow your progress along a WHOLE training event, hike, TCSD Halloween and Final 4 Club races. race,and more in real time. After the event, one can track all the vital statistics your story with us. We are lucky to have you online. I’ll still have to prove my worthiness. as the newsletter editor and even more lucky Sponsorship is not just based on results, it’s to enjoy your friendship. Good luck as you about what one has done/can do in the com- continue to check off all of your goals. munity (sport and life), what and how one can Craig Zelent is a USA Triathlon Level 1 make the partnership grow. There are great Certified Coach. Craig can be reached at benefits; not paying full price for items, dis- 760-214-0055 or counted or free team uniforms, discounted or

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TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS Many race promoters offer TCSD members special discounts. Some events require club members to use mail-in application and include a photocopy of TCSD membership card, others may require a special code. Visit the Club’s discount section on the web for additional details and discount codes. Elite Racing Rock & Roll Marathon (San Diego) Discount: $10 off. Encinitas Triathlon Discount: $10 off. Jingle Bell 5K Benefits Arthritis Foundation. Discount: $5 off. Kathy Loper Events At least a dozen local 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. For a complete list go to the website. Discount: $3 off all events. Klein and Clark Sports Productions Desert Triathlon, Sprint and Olympic Races. Discount: $5 off Sprint/$9 off Olympic. Koz Enterprises Spring Sprint Triathlon, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach Triathlon, Mission Bay Triathlon, Silver Strand Half Marathon. Including SuperFrog & SuperSeal. Discount: $5 off all events. Pacific Sports LLC Los Angeles Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Long Beach Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon and Marathon and more. Discount: $10 off all events. continued on page 18

Trace your travels, route, hike, etc…, every time, everywhere, with your favorite GPS device and then the fun begins. Once the data is uploaded, view smooth reallife route replay, real and virtual races, route and performance analysis, fully-featured route editor, and much more.


A Critical Lesson, continued TCSD RACE DISCOUNTS, cont. Revolution 3 Triathlon Race Series Revolution 3 Knoxville (olympic and half), Knoxville TN May 9th Revolution 3: Quassy (olympic and half), Middlebury, CT June 5th Revolution 3: Cedar Point (half and full), Sandusky, Ohio September 12th Discount: Trakkers105, to receive $10.00 discount. Tri California Alcatraz, Pacific Grove, San Francisco, Wildflower Triathlons and Scott Tinley’s Adventures Discount: See TSCD’s Forum for discount code. Tri Events Los Angeles Triathlon Championship Series at Bonelli Park. Discount: 10% off race entry. Silverman Half iron distance and iron distance event, Henderson, NV. Discount: $10 off.

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dreds of athletes, to determine my personal metrics. Other than having a great experience, I came away with more than I could have ever imagined. The Big Deal: VO2 is a measure of how much oxygen your body can use. Lactate threshold (LT) is the point when your energy demands outrun your aerobic system’s ability to deliver energy and lactic acid begins to accumulate. (When you’re out on a hard ride or climbing a hill and your legs turn to bricks, you can generally blame it on an acidosis and neural fatigue that develops when above the LT) These numbers are important because they determine your current endurance performance potential and your optimal training zones. Potential is an interesting number, but more important are your optimal training zones. You can read every endurance training book on the shelves, or talk to as many coaches for advice, but the reality is everybody is different and you may, or may not, fall in assumed athletic zones based primarily on your age. Whether you have a coach providing you with training plans or following your own plan, do you really know where your lactate threshold really is? Do you know at what intensity your body is burning fat? I thought I had an idea and had been training accordingly over the last 5 or so years. Turns out I had been doing my long slow, fat burning rides too hard, and most of my interval work (choke) not hard enough. I used to call coach Lesley Patterson the “Scottish Devil” for her tough one-on-one workouts… but perhaps I should be calling her my “Great Scott” for actually getting my intensity up where it needs to be. Turns out her workouts were spot on. I learned what BMI stands for: Body Mass Index. It’s not nearly as frightening as I anticipated.I have a love for food and wine and find it impossible to diet. I do, however, try to eat healthy during peak training times; otherwise, I simply don‘t have the energy I need.

Even yet, I have always figured I could gain in performance to loose a few more pounds. After a l l , some of these age group athletes are skinny enough to be a human anatomy lesson. Trust me, when I say my current BMI isn’t at my “ideal” value, but for this time of the year, I’m on track. Surprisingly, I learned that at the end of the summer when I am usually peaking, I am at my ideal BMI. To be less means I am close to causing more harm than good and would have to get some professional advice on nutrition to make sure my body is being adequately fueled. VO2 Max, LT and BMI were only a few of the pearls I learned during my session at Fit Stop. I learned about my heart rate zones vs power zones and the difference when it came to training. I learned about areas to target for increase performance output. As valuable as these metrics are for me and my goals, I learned first hand that there are two ways to train; training to better tolerate fatigue, and training to go faster longer without fatigue. You can bet I will be back at Fit Stop in the next few months to measure my progress and gauge if my training program is doing what I want it to do. Whether you have a coach or are self-coached, learning your personal metrics is probably one of the most valuable tools we can use. With the limited hours we have to train between work, family and whatever else we do, training smarter is the only option when there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day. How smart do you train? Fit Stop Human Performance Lab is an official sponsor of TCSD. Ken can be reached at (760) 634-5169., Email: kjnico@fitstop-lab.comtel.



By Richard L. Duquette, Esq.

I’ve talked enough about law and cycling injuries this year, so let’s talk about the joys of cycling. It all started in 1973 for me, when I regularly saw an eccentric tall high school classmate riding to school on a Schwinn Paramount racing bicycle. He wore a fishnet helmet, and seemed to be in his own world at Edison High School in Huntington Beach. I always wondered about him, he hung out at Two Wheel Transit Authority Cycle shop on Main street in Huntington Beach. (I’ve often fantasized about being a bicycle mechanic in my own shop, in some remote place.) Then, there was a lifeguard neighbor and friend named Al. He rode from home to his lifeguard tower job and seemed to like it. In contrast, I just rode a few miles to High School, then later to Orange Coast College as I couldn’t afford a car. Ultimately, I tore the ligaments in my knee trying to stretch a double into a triple during a baseball game, and had surgery. So, bicycling became my rehabilitation. Being a bit compulsive, Al, the lifeguard, talked me into riding to Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico, one Christmas. I did, and my knee healed after 1,100 miles of pedaling across Baja, with fully loaded panniers. I’ll never forget the smells, sights, and sounds as I crossed the Baja countryside for 14 days and some times into the night. When I returned, I became a college and law school bicycle commuter for seven years, rain or shine. Riding home at night was an adventure, with a “T” light strapped to my outer leg, hoping cars saw me in the night. That sure was fun! I grew to love cycling so much, I decided one Spring break to pack my bike in a box and fly to

Lake Charles, Louisiana. That summer I bicycled solo across the South, through New Orleans to Gulf Port, Mississippi to visit a friend. The people in the remote rural gas stations, where I often stopped for a “cool drink,” (cold Coke), thought I was crazy riding across the dessert all the way from California. I didn’t let on, as I liked watching them just shake their heads in bewilderment. Well, I’m now a grown man and sure miss those days, and doing a lot of mountain bike/triathlon races – guess my priorities have changed. Nevertheless, I still ride, but not as often or as far, but when I do, work and life pressures fade away. It can be as simple as a mountain bike ride along the coast. One client recently loaned me the entire video set of Lance Armstrong wining the Tour de France. I now vicariously race through video! You know, I’m a trial lawyer by profession and when local cyclists visit me, it always brings joy to my day. It rekindles some of my fond cycling memories. Mr. Duquette is a California Personal Injury Trial Attorney who since 1983 has mixed law with his love of Bicycling and Surfing from Baja to Bali. He can be reached at (760) 730-0500 or email: web:

Logo Transition, continued The goal of the logo evolution was not discard, but to build on the solid foundation of the original logo. This resulted in a logo that adapts to all mediums and is powerful enough to be THE

visual element of all things TCSD. Used consistently, the new logo can continue to position TCSD as the nation’s premier triathlon club.

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I‘ve been helping San Diego athletes since 1983. As an experienced cyclist and triathlete, including 2 Ironman triathlons & former sponsor of the ATTORNEY FOR ATHLETES Triathlon and Mountain Bike Team, Mr. Duquette understand how an injury affect your active lifestyle.

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