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The Twin Cities ultimate women’s business networking resource Directory

Encourage Her Network is a Twin Cities based women’s networking organization that embraces the concept of collaboration. By working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good is achieved.

We invite you to join us for our monthly networking luncheons on the 3rd Monday of every month. You are sure to make new connections! Time:

3 keys to productive ¯collaboration include strong leadership, checked egos, and clearly defined roles.

11:30 am - 2 pm

Where: The Chart House Restaurant and Event Center, 11287 Klamath Trail, Lakeville, MN 55044 (located behind The Burnsville Center). Ticket Price: Members, $25 Non Members, $35 Contact: Shannon Johnson, 952-217-6868 Bring plenty of business cards to share and invite a friend to join us. Your name will be entered into a drawing for lots of FREE prizes and giveaways! You could even win FREE advertising ^P[O\ZZVTVYLUL^J\Z[VTLYZJHUÄUK`V\ Get connected to our growing community of women helping women! This is an exciting group that is ready to inspire, encourage one another, build friendships and business partnerships. Our group includes women business owners, partners, entrepreneurs, key decision makers, business-to-business representatives and professionals from startups to established companies and corporations. You will have the opportunity to share about your business and meet likeminded businesswomen. You are sure to make new connections! Boost your professional image for 2014 with a fresh business headshot image at any of our luncheons for only $30. All attendees will be asked to sign a photo release so we can use the photography from our luncheons in our printed business resource directory.

For more information see pages 20 and 21 or contact us directly at 952-217-6868. 2 • 952-217-6868

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save $5.00

Issue 2 • 2014

in this issue: Publisher’s Page ..................................3 Courage To Change: There’s Hope With Some Help .............................. 4-5 Are You Feeling Crabby or Flabby? .. 6-7 Do You Have the “IT” Factor? ............8-9 The Directory ............................. 10-15 Calendar of Events ...................... 16-17 What is a Mastermind Group? .... 18-19 Encourage Her Network .2, 20-21, and 24

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Thank you for picking up the Twin Cities ultimate women’s business networking resource directory! In this issue, I want to introduce you to our new name for our networking group, Encourage Her Network. Members of the Twin Cities Metro Woman Directory have been meeting for networking on the 3rd Monday of each month since July of 2013. Our networking luncheons average 50-70+ women each month. This group of trailblazing women business owners and professionals has been growing month after month. With the growth of membership comes our new name and website. Members will now be recognized as Encourage Her Network. Our new website will release in the summer of 2014. Coming Soon… www.EncourageHerNetwork.Com. Come GROW with us!

i b e to u s ub scr

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Shannon Johnson Owner/Publisher

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Our mission is to empower women with the tools, resources and knowledge that they need to be successful players in business. We encourage professional women and organizations that support women in business to connect with each other, support one another and grow together. Hence, our tag line! CONNECT-> SUPPORT-> GROW. Together, we are stronger! Encourage Her Network is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by providing opportunities to embrace and enhance their unique strengths in an encouraging and welcoming environment.

Subscribe to us and stay connected with us online at: This directory, in part or in whole, may not be reproduced or copied without permission from Hidden Values, Inc. Twin Cities Metro Woman DirectoryTM. It’s publisher is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, or the action of our advertisers. Readers should verify advertised information with advertisers. Twin Cities Metro Woman DirectoryTM is a registered trademark of Hidden Values, In., Dallas, TX.

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Courage To Change: There’s Hope With Some Help

Carrie Guarrero Lizard Brain

REWIRE, Inc Subscribe to our blog at www.rewireinc. com/blog/ and you can check out The Lounge.

We all need help! I’m so drawn to the reality of the crying, screaming Lizard voice in my head that says, “WHAT, ARE YOU NUTS?!?”


As I sit here, having just re-read a post Steve Scanlon wrote about me joining REWIRE and the courage it took to quit my job and step into the unfamiliar, I’m so drawn to the reality of the crying, screaming Lizard voice in my head that says, “WHAT, ARE YOU NUTS?!?” and the importance of surrounding yourself with encouraging people. Firstly, I want to point out that I absolutely know that we all hear voices in our head. If we’re honest, we have more conversations with ourselves than we care to admit and if we haven’t been trained differently, many of those conversations aren’t positive. Research supports the fact that our brains are wired for the familiar; what we’ve always done. As a result, the voices that we hear will support our brain and what it has been familiar with hearing over time. Hence, the “Are you nuts!?!” question and the host of others that are less than encouraging when you’re looking to make a change. Our past experiences shape our feelings about the WYLZLU[0ILSPL]LZ\WWVY[PZHRL`LSLTLU[PUÄNO[PUN any familiarity battle. Whether we’re trying to start a new healthy habit, stop an old (not so healthy) one or move beyond that which is good into something amazing: we all need help. While there are tangible things that any of us can and should also do on our own, there truly isn’t anything that replaces good old-fashioned accountability and encouragement. “Iron sharpens iron,” as the old proverb says. That said, I urge you to exercise caution. Choose carefully the people with whom you share and from whom you seek wisdom and encouragement. You don’t want their voices to merely match the ones in your head! I was recently at a conference where I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Dr. Henry Cloud. In one of our sessions, he spoke about choosing the right monkey to join you in your cage. He made this point by citing a research study conducted on • 952-217-6868

monkeys that concluded that having another monkey in the cage diminished the stress SL]LSVM[OLÄYZ[TVURL`NYLH[S`;OH[^LJHU easily understand. However, he went on to explain a situation where a someone was repeatedly going to someone else who had a history of squashing them and yet expected encouragement or approval. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t invite that into your life. If you must inform those people about your life changes, make sure that you balance that with people who are going to support you. Prepare yourself for the negative by surrounding yourself with other people who will be honest and help you think, but simultaneously lift you up and walk along side you in your new journey! You can do it and we’re here to help!

Please mention you found them through Encourage Her Network! 5

BUSINESS Spotlight


Are You Feeling Crabby or Flabby? It Might Just Be Symptoms of Menopause or Perimenopause

For far too long menopause, the time when a woman’s vital hormonal production slows and essentially stops, was considered the beginning of the end for a woman. Now more than ever, there are safe and effective options before, during and well after menopause for us women to reclaim our energy, memory and vitality once again. For a woman in the midst of perimenopause (from her late 30s to early 50s), menopause (average age 51-53) or post menopause (any time after menopause) there are 35 possible symptoms most women encounter. Suzanne Somers, well known spokeswoman for women’s wellness, named her menopausal symptoms her 7 Dwarfs: 1. Itchy 2. Bitchy 3. Sweaty 4. Sleepy 5. Forgetful 6. Bloated, and 7. All dried up. Other well-known symptoms of the hormonal and nutritional imbalances include: ‹ /V[ÅHZOLZHUKUPNO[Z^LH[Z • Mood swings and irritability • Lost libido or painful intercourse • Weight gain • Hair loss or unwanted hair growth • Fatigue and Sleeplessness • Memory lapses or lost concentration • Osteoporosis Some women may experience just a few of these symptoms; others may experience many. 6

ALYSE HAMILTON, M.D. MEDICAL DIRECTOR Most of these negative side effects are caused by the faltering hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone —yes we woman require testosterone for good health, too! The results can also lead to weakened immune systems, faltering adrenal and thyroid glands and ultimately losing our health. So What Can You Do? You can try to go it alone. I did. (ZHIVHYKJLY[PÄLKPU[LYUHSTLKPJPUL doctor, I quickly learned that even with exercise, vitamins, and black cohosh, I was not well equipped to slow and YL]LYZLT`OV[ÅHZOLZ^LPNO[NHPUZHUK other menopausal symptoms. My solution was to literally go back to school. I studied for 2 more years to ILJVTLHIVHYKJLY[PÄLKHU[PHNPUNHUK regenerative medical doctor. The result ^HZ[OH[UV[VUS`KPK0Z[VW[OLÅHZOLZ and weight gains, I reclaimed my energy, memory and libido. I also decided to dedicate my entire medical practice to helping others reclaim their energy, memory and vitality. • 952-217-6868

Today I offer other women the same safe, effective approaches that have helped 1,000s of women rebalance their hormones and nutrition and get their lives back. If you are interested in reclaiming what’s missing in your life, I invite you go to: and complete our online hormonal health assessment. It’s Free! and our review with you will give insight into your hormonal health. Or come to our FREE monthly information seminar to learn more.

Dispelling the Myths of a Medically Supervised HCG Weight Loss Program ’Spring is in the air..

After a long and grueling winter, it’s time to think of bathing suits and those skinny jeans again.

Are you ready?

For those of us that have added on more pounds than is comfortable or who struggle with unhealthy extra weight, there are many ways to shed the pounds. We applaud the many safe and effective methods available. Contrary to what some may say, there is no one method that works for everyone. Some of us may suffer from physical problems that prevent exercise or from too much weight that is extremely unhealthy and demotivating One of the highly effective methods that we offer to our patients is a well proven, medically supervised, 40 day HCG weight loss program.

Fact VS Fiction:

Let’s dispel a few myths about this effective, medically supervised weight loss program Is it a fad? No. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is not a fad diet. It was successfully researched for 16 years by noted medical doctor/researcher Anthony Simeons, MD. We carefully follow Dr. Simeons’ proven protocols. We do not use over the counter diet drops.

This is a safe and serious, medically supervised program.

Can it be done safely? Yes. Our patients must undergo a TLKPJHS]PZP[^P[OHIVHYKJLY[PÄLK medical doctor. We run lab tests to JVUÄYTV]LYHSSNVVKOLHS[OHUK[OLU do a 7 day detox before we even begin. Then we carefully follow Dr Simeons’ protocols which took 16 years to create for this unique 40 day medical weight loss program. Our patients are medically monitored all the way through the program. Is it a starvation diet? No. Each pound of stubborn fat burned during the program holds 3,500 calories of energy and nutrients. Adding 500 cals a day is equivalent to consuming 4,000 cals a day. Hardly a starvation diet. Will I Be Hungry? Our patients that follow Dr. Simeons’ protocols report that there are literally no cravings or hunger. +Y:PTLVUZÄN\YLKV\[OV^[V eliminate that. Can I exercise? Of course. Light to TVKLYH[LL_LYJPZLPZHIZVS\[LS`ÄULHUK encouraged. What are the results? Nearly all patient report a weight loss of 20, 30 and 40 pounds in only 40 days. Can I keep the weight off once I lose it? Absolutely. We teach you healthy food, nutritional and exercise choices. Are you ready to get those skinny jeans out? You are only 40 days away from being 20, 30 and 40 pounds lighter. Call us to see if the HCG medically supervised weight loss program is right for you.

Call: 952-922-8005 or go to: Please mention you found them through Encourage Her Network!


Do You Have The “IT” Factor? What is the “IT” factor? It’s the invisible “thing” a person has that makes them stand out in any crowd. It’s not because they talk loud, look like a supermodel, or do things to draw attention to themself…

Sue Henry Sue Henry Talks, Inc.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.” Robert Kiyosaki

;OL¸0;¹MHJ[VYPZVULVM[OLRL`Z[VZ\JJLZZM\SHUKWYVÄ[HISL speaking gigs. 4`KLÄUP[PVUVM[OL¸0;¹MHJ[VYPZ[OPZ! ‹ *VUÄKLUJL^P[OO\TPSP[` • Genuine interest in others • A personal mission or “why” that is bigger than them Some people are born with the “IT” factor. For most of us, we have to acquire it. How does one go about gaining the “IT” factor? 1. Develop a skill and become really good at it. You don’t have to be better than everyone else, just a few notches above average. Recognizing and marketing your skills, abilities, and talents isn’t being prideful or conceited. It’s understanding that you have gifts to share with people who don’t have your same gifts - they have different ones. Hiding your skills under a basket and playing small is doing the world - and yourself - an injustice. It really isn’t all about you! 2. One of the easiest ways to become comfortable with people you don’t know is to ask questions. One of my favorites is “What’s been keeping you busy lately?” This non-intrusive question allows them to talk about what they want to talk about. Listen closely, ask questions. Each person has something fascinating about them. Make P[HNHTL[VÄN\YLV\[^OH[P[PZ7LVWSLJHU[LSS^OLU you are genuinely listening and present in the moment. 3. Your personal “why”. I’ve talked to hundreds of people about why they want to make more money. Not one person has ever said to me, “I want a huge mansion and billionaire lifestyle”. I hear things like paying for college, getting a car that is reliable, helping with the mortgage payments, having a family vacation, etc. When I follow up with “why did you choose this way to make money?” 90% of the time they answer, “Because I want to make a difference.”

Acquiring the “IT” factor will position you for greater success. Instead of being one of millions, you’ll stand out as one in a million. 5 P’s To Creating Powerful Stories That Sell It is said that great storytellers are the highest paid people in the world. With that in mind, it makes sense that each of us needs to hone our skills and become effective storytellers, regardless of what business we are in.

8 • 952-217-6868

Great storytelling is an extremely valuable skill in speaking, whether you are talking to 1 person VYHUH\KP[VYP\TÄSSLK^P[OWLVWSL*YLH[PUN and delivering stories that engage the audience, touch their heart, and move them to take action KVLZU»[OH]L[VILKPMÄJ\S[ 1. Paint a picture that your audience can see themselves in or be the star of 2. Pain - the pain that they are feeling is real. Using a spoon, dig a little to cause more discomfort. Make the FEEL it. 3. Promise - Offer a solution suggestion on how they can ease or stop the pain. Naturally you want to give good content without giving away your business. I teach my clients to share the “what” and not the “how”. 4. Proof - share the results of someone who has MVSSV^LK`V\YZ\NNLZ[PVU;OLTVYLZWLJPÄJ you can be, the more interested your audience will be. Let them “taste” the success because of following your solution. 5. Push your offer - What do you want them to do next? Is it a consult, strategy session, training program, webinar series? (Push DOES NOT mean pushy) This is an easy and effective formula for creating stories that engage your audience, help them “feel” the pain and results, and lead them to the help they want and need... from you!

NATIONAL AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Find out how you can make it happen

Roseville Campus

(651) 855-­6300

education An

that works for busy women


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Beavers Pond Press

Shannon Johnson 952.217.6868 twincities

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Mary Kay


Theresa Schmidtman. 651.238.3943

Sue Anderson. 952.548.9876


Business Coaching/ Consulting REWIRE, Inc

Christine DeGrammont. 952.435.6566

Carrie Guarrero. 612.599.9282

Beauty Services

Bodywear/ Shapewear Essential Bodywear Amy Holland. 612.207.7343

Business Coaching/ Consulting Beyond Boardroom Doors, Inc. Joy Pecchia. 952.471.2567

Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Business Coaching/ Consulting Ignite New Business Solutions

Dara Beevas & Amy Quale. 612.200.0983

Suzie O’Gorman. 612.799.5349

Book Publishing

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Business Coaching/ Consulting No More Excuses 4 U Annie Meehan. 952.994.8356

Business Coaching/ Consulting Vibrant You Living Linda Rasch. 612.616.0216

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Essential Oils Young Living Essential Oils Marie Middendorf. 320.290.9190

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Prosperwell Financial

Sandra Spore. 651.503.3873

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Lisa Christianson. 651.393.1212

Our directory is for members only. Contact us to learn how to become a member today! Please call 952-217-6868 and connect with Shannon Johnson, owner/Founder of Encourage Her Network.

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Above And Beyond )LULÄ[Z

Patricia Peterson. 651.795.9002

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Brightmont Academy

Lia Sophia/ Gems For a Cause

Michelle Ulland. 651.202.8586



1V(UU.YPMÄU 651.686.6203

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National American University


Shakira Williams. 651.855.6300 www.National.Edu

Barb Dusek. 612.269.3731

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Peter Hill Design

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Megan Junius. 612.925.1927

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Dawn Karlsen. 763.267.7196

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Tara Schmakel. 952.240.3834

Lindsey Kuhn. 612.916. 5340 ^^^MHZOPVUĂ„_TUJVT

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Enriched By Life

Sue Lund Photography

Alicia Stratman. 612.492.1707

Sue Lund. 952.217.0594

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Anne McClimon. 651.687.0440 products--services

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Retail/ Gifts Hope Chest For Breast Cancer Barbara Hensley. 952.471. 8700

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Lisa Saline.Com

The Savvy Grape

Lisa Saline. 952.212.6134

The Savvy Grape. 952.405.9595


Calendar of Events

Spring Career Fair When: Where: Cost: About:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 1:00pm National American University - Bloomington Campus Free!!! Career Services at National American University prepares and empowers individuals for employment and leadership in their communities. Through cultivating relationships in the community, we are able to create employment opportunities in a wide variety of JHYLLYÄLSKZMVYPUKP]PK\HSZMYVTHSS^HSRZVMSPML Come join us at the NAU Spring Career Fair! This event will be held at our Bloomington location, only a few minutes from the Mall of America. The event will be held from 1:00pm until 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 30th. Arrive dressed professionally and have multiple copies of your resume, as you will be handing out quite a few! The NAU Spring Career Fair is open to the public and will include representatives from a multitude of companies. *When signing in, make sure to mention you saw this event listed in the Twin Cities MetroWoman Directory! National American University 7801 Metro Parkway Suite 200 Bloomington, MN 55425

Contact: Direct:

Shakira Williams with any questions or to request more information! 651/855-6319 Email:

12th Annual Galleria Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Fashion Show & Brunch When: Where: Cost: About: 

Sunday, May 04, 2014 at 9:30am Galleria Individual Seating : $75/person Special Reserved Tables of 10: $1,000 Bring your mothers, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends to celebrate our survivors and honor the memories of our loved ones. Join us for brunch, Galleria giveaways, a fashion show featuring the latest styles from the shops of Galleria, YHMÅLT\ZPJHUKTVYL7\YJOHZL[PJRL[ZVUSPULH[! or by contacting Michelle Hanson at (952)471-8700 ext. 19.

“0Z*LY[PÄJH[PVU9PNO[-VY@V\&” Workshop; Lunch and Learn with WBDC When: >OLYL!  Cost:



Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 12:00–2:00 p.m. 6MÄJLVM3\YPL)LZPRVM3HWPK\Z *VTWHU`337HJJV\U[PUNÄYTH[ 2501 Wayzata Blvd, Mpls, 55405 (394 & Penn). Complimentary parking is H]HPSHISLVU[OLLHZ[ZPKLVM[OLI\PSKPUNVYPU[OLZ[YLL[7SLHZLÄUK the map and directions at The non-refundable workshop fee is $20. A light lunch will be included. Please register online by 05/13/14 at UpcomingWorkshopsEvents.aspx (click on the event, and then on “Register Now”). Have you been looking for that special something to help you “get in the door” • 952-217-6868

of large corporations? If you are a woman-owned and operated business, that something JV\SKIL[OL>VTLUZ)\ZPULZZ,U[LYWYPZL>),*LY[PÄJH[PVU(S[OV\NOUV[HN\HYHU[LLVM I\ZPULZZ[OL>),*LY[PÄJH[PVUOHZILLUWYV]LU[VWYV]PKLHJVTWL[P[P]LLKNLPUVI[HPUPUN corporate contracts. National in scope and issued by a third-party agency Women’s Business ,U[LYWYPZL5H[PVUHS*V\UJPS>),5*[OL>),*LY[PÄJH[PVUPZYLJVNUPaLKI`V]LYH[OV\sand major corporations and government agencies in the U.S. Attend our popular  ¸0Z*LY[PÄJH[PVU9PNO[-VY@V\&š^VYRZOVW[VZLLPM[OLSLHKPUN^VTHUZI\ZPULZZJLY[PÄJH[PVU is right for you. Ideal participants should be a part of a business that at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by a woman or women, and whose target market includes corporate America. The Workshop: Gain an understanding of whether or not your business could qualify for women I\ZPULZZJLY[PÄJH[PVUZ3LHYU[OLV]LYHSSILULÄ[ZVM>),JLY[PÄJH[PVUHUK[OLUILHISL[V KL[LYTPULPMJLY[PÄJH[PVU^PSSHJ[\HSS`ILULÄ[`V\YI\ZPULZZ(SSVM[OLSVJHSZ[H[LHUKMLKLYHS NV]LYUTLU[JLY[PÄJH[PVUZH]HPSHISLPU4PUULZV[H^PSSILJV]LYLK Who Should Attend: Participants must be part of a business that at least 51% owned, actively managed and controlled by a woman or women. In addition, participants should ILPU[LYLZ[LKPUHJX\PYPUNJVYWVYH[LJVU[YHJ[Z0M`V\HYLHSYLHK`JLY[PÄLKHZH>),[OYV\NO WBENC, you do not need to attend this workshop. Questions: Contact WBDC-MN at or 612-259-6584.

View additional Events online at

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What is a Mastermind Group?

18 • 952-217-6868

Strategy Sessions: New Mastermind Groups forming! ¯ Exclusively Members Only. @V\YÄYZ[ZLZZPVUPZPUJS\KLKPUTLTILYZOPW 6 month programs available.

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LY NET WOR Metro Woman Monthly Luncheon KING LUNCHEONS


Women, Money and Happiness, with Nicole Middendorf When: Cost:

Monday, May 19, 2014 at 11:30am 11:30 am - 1 pm; open networking until 2 pm $35 for guests $25 for members (Display Tables Are Available to Showcase Your Business)

June Metro Woman Monthly Luncheon

Speed Networking, with Shannon Johnson When: Cost:

Monday, June 16, 2014 at 11:30am $35 for guests $25 for members (Display Tables Are Available to Showcase Your Business)

Nicole Middendorf We invite you to join us for Women, Money, and Happiness, with Nicole Middendorf, CEO and LPL Financial Advisor at Prosperwell Financial. This luncheon will feature a fun and empowering workshop on investing for women!

Promote your business at our luncheons with your own display table! The Display Package includes these key ways to meet attendees and promote your business: • One admission to the luncheon • Display table • Option to collect contact information from attendees by providing an incentive or hosting a giveaway You will have up to 2 minutes to address all of our attendees as well.

Shannon Johnson (IV\[!>LPU]P[L`V\[VQVPU\ZMVYV\YÄYZ[ ever speed networking luncheon! Have you ever been to a networking event and wanted to meet everyone in the room but only had time to talk to a handful of people? This luncheon is for you! This will be a fun interactive luncheon that gives you the opportunity to meet everyone in the room! We normally have between 50-70 women attend our monthly networking luncheons. Our goal is to pack the house! Invite a friend, or 2, or 3, or more to join us!

Member price: $75.00 Non-member price: $100.00

20 • 952-217-6868







Metro Woman Monthly Luncheon


<UKLYZ[HUK`V\Y)LOH]PVYHS7YVÄSL with Carrie Guarrero

Metro Woman Monthly Luncheon


Dressing for Your Dreams, with Lindsey Kuhn


When Cost:

Monday, July 21, 2014 at 11:30am $35 for guests $25 for members (Display Tables Are Available to Showcase Your Business)

Monday, August 18, 2014 at 11:30am $35 for guests $25 for members (Display Tables Are Available to Showcase Your Business)

Carrie Guarrero

Lindsey Kuhn About: We’re excited to invite you to join us to learn how to Dress For Your Dreams! Our July Metro Woman Monthly Luncheon features -PUKPUN*VUÄKLUJLHUK:\JJLZZPU`V\Y Wardrobe, with Lindsey Kuhn. Lindsey will ZOHYLOLY[PWZHUK[YPJRZMVYHX\PJRMHZOPVUÄ_ You won’t want to miss this one! Bring all your latest fashion questions for our style expert. Lindsey is a professional stylist who has been transforming women for over a decade. She started her career as a personal shopper for major retail brands and now is the owner and lead stylist of Fashion Fix. Her mission PZ[VLTWV^LY^VTLUHUKI\PSKJVUÄKLUJL through a productive and styled wardrobe.

Register today by calling:


About: We invite you to join us for our August monthly networking luncheon. Carrie shares OV^\UKLYZ[HUKPUN`V\Y)LOH]PVYHS7YVÄSLHUK that of others can be a difference maker in your business and all of your relationships! As a member of the Rewire Team, Carrie brings her discernment and broad experience to help individual producers, managers and companies to resolve challenges and realize long-term success. Her success in a variety of capacities make her an excellent addition to the Rewire Team – Public speaking, training and facilita[PVUH[THQVYL]LU[ZUVUWYVÄ[HUK[YHKL association board service along with major curriculum development and execution.

Location for all Monthly Luncheons: The Chart House Restaurant and Event Center, 11287 Klamath Trail, Lakeville, MN 55044 (Behind The Burnsville Center)

Please mention you found them through Encourage Her Network! • 952-217-6868


22 â&#x20AC;˘ 952-217-6868

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Reach decision making women quickly and consistently. 4LTILYZOPWOHZL_JS\ZP]LILULÄ[Z

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Twin Cities Metro Woman  

May 2014 Issue

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