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Greetings! On March 20th, we will officially welcome SPRING!!! Aw, don’t we all LOVE springtime? We will celebrate several events this month. Some of these events will include Daylight Savings Time, St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday! What a very special time of year! Many of us will begin our annual spring cleaning routines where we attempt to clean out the clutter and donate the unused items we have accumulated over several months. We will begin to bring out spring wreaths, Easter eggs and adorable pastel baskets. If your family is like mine, we will all get together for a delightful Easter dinner and egg hunt, but all the while celebrating the true meaning of this unique holiday. I hope you all enjoy the smiles of little ones as they open their chocolate bunnies, smell the ham cooking in the oven, and open their eyes wide as you tell them of the wonderful Springs and Easters of years gone by. May we continue to pass along our love, faith and character from generation to generation. Live, Laugh & Love, dear friends!

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Expressions Memory Care: The Perfect Choice By TOM LOTSHAW The Daily Inter Lake

As a young nursing student in Toronto, Patricia Zinke knew she wanted to care for the elderly, even as the other students opted for careers in operating rooms or pediatrics.

Later, having moved to Montana and worked in extended care at North Valley Hospital and other nursing homes in the Flathead Valley, she knew she wanted to start her own business to follow that passion.

Life put that desire on hold for a while, as Zinke took 10 years off to raise her little girls, but the desire persisted.

“I just saw my white shoes there and thought, boy, I sure do miss it,” she said of her decision to start Expressions Inc., a specialized care home for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The goal is to give elderly people with dementia — a growing population — a homelike place that meets their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. “I just figured, I’m 52; if I’m going to do my own thing, I better do it,” Zinke said.

She applied for a Small Business Administration loan to “see if God had a plan for a nurse who wanted to take care of old people.” There was a plan. In fact, there was even a place for that plan to unfold.

In February 2010, Zinke and her husband, Ed Blackwell, bought 12 acres of land that included an old Catholic monastery tucked away in a scenic meadow off Montana 40 outside Columbia Falls. Run by Benedictine nuns, the former monastery had a history of being used to care for the elderly.

Zinke and her husband moved into the former monastery and, utilizing four bedrooms with private bathrooms downstairs, they started housing people in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia. But she had a bigger vision.

And Blackwell, a general contractor by day, helped make it happen, constructing a specially designed 10,000-square-foot building that can house as many as 26 people who need more assistance.

“Her heart is what made all this happen. She said, ‘If you build it, I’ll fill it.’ And I said, ‘OK, let’s do it,’” he said.

The facility and the care services are an interesting mix of building design, technology and good, old-fashioned human compassion. 4

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Residents are free to roam around the square-shaped building. It includes a party room, a dining area where they can get a snack or something to drink, even a salon with a beautician who visits every Thursday. And among the 40-some staff in all, an activities director works to make sure there’s always something to do.

“We have staffing at such high ratios that we can shower them every other day, do their nails, use heated towels. The ladies can have their hair curled. The food’s good, too,” Zinke said. “We give them lots of love.” Memory boxes on the walls outside each resident’s room hold pictures from the past, to help them find their way back to their rooms and make conversation with other residents and staff. People are free to come and go about the building, even by night.

Pressure-sensing mats that are put out under beds at night alert staff whenever anyone gets up to wander around, and video cameras throughout the building help staff make sure no one has fallen or gotten hurt.

“When you say good night, get their pajamas on, tuck them in and say God bless, you pull out the mat by the bed,” Zinke said. “Those call lights are going all night long. But we have an understanding that if someone gets up, it’s not a matter of trying to get them back to bed. You invite them to have a cup of coffee or a piece of pie or whatever their little heart desires,” she continued.

“If I come in at two in the morning, there might be six people up.” Zinke said she has found the perfect place for her passion. It’s helped by the serene meadow, the surrounding woods, the view of the mountains and the former monastery. “There is a peace here,” she said.

“One of the nuns who was here said she thought this spot was blessed always for caring for people and doing God’s work here. It’s needed and I feel blessed to be able to do it.” Source: Copyright 2012 The Daily Inter Lake

Call 406. 897.1017 & ask for Pat 240 Hidden Meadow Lane, Columbia Falls, MT This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people, but is also overflowing in any expressions of thanks to God. 2 Corinthians 9:1 Make sure you say, “Saw it in Seniors’ Scoop Today!”

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PET, HOME-CARE & SENIOR HELP All Pets, including Livestock! Overnights Available • 406.257.7155 10% off for first-time clients! Bonded & Insured

Cold Sore Relief is On Its Way

Tingling. Itchiness around the mouth. Tightness and soreness. If you’re a cold sore sufferer, these are symptoms with which you are all too familiar. And, if you’re part of the 40 percent of people that suffer from cold sores, you know that you have to start treatment right away. It’s never too soon to say ‘see you later’ to that pesky friend.

Cold sores, which are caused by a virus, can be brought on by many factors including stress, fatigue, and exposure to sun, wind or cold. With so many triggers, it may be difficult to understand when or why you’re getting cold sores. As such, it may be a good idea to keep a log of what you were doing, how you were feeling, and what happened in your life just before an outbreak occurred. You may just find a pattern that can help monitor flare-ups. Beyond monitoring the breakouts, try treating cold sores with Orajel™ Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment. With this revolutionary product, healing begins with one dose. The patented formula numbs the affected area for instant pain relief, and the one-time use Touch-Free applicator is convenient and easy to use. Typically, cold sores last 8 to10 days. During this time, remember to avoid skin-to-skin contact with others and keep your hands off the sore. By doing this, in combination with caring for the sore, you will have relief in no time. Then, you can wave ‘goodbye’ to cold sore pain. Source: Orajel


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Lunch with a Crunch

There was a time when an apple was the last place you would look to experiment with new flavors in the produce section. But today, there are nearly 100 commercial varieties to choose from, each with unique characteristics to tickle your taste buds.

One new variety called Opal is grown in Washington and offers a complex flavor that starts sweet and finishes with a slight tang. Vibrantly yellow and super crunchy, these apples are perfect for fresh salads and side dishes. And, unlike many types of apples, Opals naturally resist oxidation after cutting, which keeps them fresh and delicious for a lunch prepared before you head out for work, or snacking through the day.

An added benefit is that when you buy Opal apples, you are helping to fund the Youth Make a Difference Initiative grants, which provide funding for youth programs serving communities across the United States. For a lunch with a crunch, try adding apples in fun and delicious ways: • Dip apple slices in your favorite nut butter.

• Add thin slices of apple to your deli meat sandwich, or layer them with PB and J on raisin bread.

• Make your own cracker stackers with whole grain crackers, your favorite cheese, smoked turkey, and apple slices. • Add apples to a delicious salad, such as this spinach and apple salad with dried cherries, which is filled with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and antioxidants.

Spinach Apple Salad with Toasted Walnuts Servings: 4 Prep Time: 15 minutes

2 Opal apples 5 ounces baby spinach 1/3 cup dried tart cherries 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar 2 teaspoons fresh thyme (or 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed) 1 teaspoon lemon zest, freshly grated Source: Opal Apples Salt to taste, Ground pepper to taste 1/3 cup (about 2 ounces) goat cheese, crumbled 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, toasted

Core apples, and cut into thin slices (about 16 per apple). Place spinach in a large bowl; remove long stems and any bruised leaves. Add cherries and half of apples and set aside. In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, vinegar, thyme, lemon zest, salt and ground pepper to taste. Toss spinach, apples and

cherries with just enough dressing to coat. Top with remaining sliced apples, goat cheese and toasted walnuts.

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A Confident Smile

Firm, fixed and attached tooth replacement with dental implants Healthy, attractive teeth are an important part of feeling good about ourselves. They are critical to our ability to eat and to our self confidence. We should not take our teeth for granted.

“Life takes a toll on teeth; over the years, teeth are susceptible to injury and diseases like cavities and periodontitis,” says Dr. Todd Cahoon DDS, a local periodontist and owner of Montana Periodontics & Dental Implants. “Sometimes the only treatment option is tooth removal.” Missing teeth affect speech, hinder eating ability and diminish self esteem. They can cause bone defects, tooth tipping, accelerated wear of remaining teeth, bite problems, jaw joint changes, chewing difficulty, cracking and chipping of remaining teeth and facial changes.

Dental implants are a viable and long term solution. They have been in use for more

than 40 years. The dental implant serves as an anchor or artificial root, on which a replacement tooth can be built. It will not compromise adjacent teeth by grinding them down for a bridge or securing a partial denture. “Compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants are the most conservative to the remaining teeth and are the only option that actually helps to preserve the remaining bone of the jaws,” said Dr. Cahoon.

Dental implants are an effective treatment that can improve your quality of life and your self confidence. Dr. Cahoon recommends a consultation with a dental professional, such as a periodontist, for those who have missing teeth. A periodontist is a dentist with three years of additional specialized training in surgery of the bone and gum tissue around the teeth, including dental implant surgery.

Mention This Ad To Receive a Complimentary dental implant Evaluation 8

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THE MUSEUM AT CENTRAL SCHOOL 406-752-8381 FREE Quilting Workshop March 13 & 27, 1 pm – 4:30 pm FREE Historic Book Club Event March 14, 6:30 pm “When You and I Were Young, Whitefish”

Crits & Croissants: A Saturday Morning Artists’ Critique March 9, 10:30 am – 12 pm Enjoy coffee, croissants and a critique by local professional artist Mark Norley.

“The Indian Way” March 17, 2:30 pm Presented by author & museum member, Neil Van Sickle

Senior Tour & Tea Day March 14 Free admission for Members & Seniors age 60+. Docentled gallery tour at 10:30 am Complimentary coffee, tea & cookies served 10 am – 5 pm

FREE Movie and Popcorn March 26, 7 pm “Stagecoach”

Annual Meeting March 28, 4 pm – 6 pm Admission: Free/Open to the Public

HOCKADAY MUSEUM OF ART On Exhibit: The Eggstraordinary Egg Children’s Show March 1 thru March 30 This visual feast of egg inspired art features drawings, paintings, collages, and sculpture forms created by kindergarten through eighth grade students. Eggs abound in realistic images and abstract themes using design elements such as shapes, patterns, and 3-D forms.

GLACIER SYMPHONY Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance” March 16, 7:30 pm Whitefish Performing Arts Center

Opening Reception: The Eggstraordinary Egg Children’s Show March 7, 5 pm – 7 pm Admission: Free/Open to the Public


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March 17, 3 pm Whitefish Performing Arts Center Jazz Night with the Maestro March 28, 7:30 pm Alpine Ballroom Tickets are available to purchase for all GSC concerts on the web: or by calling 406-257-3241. CARLSON CHIROPRACTIC 410 1st Ave. W, Kalispell 212-1909 Health talks are every Monday at 6:30 pm & open to the public.

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EVENT CALENDAR KALISPELL SENIOR CENTER Bingo Pinochle Thursdays Tuesdays 1 pm & Fridays 1:30 pm Line Dance Thursdays 6 pm

Cribbage Mondays 1 pm

Open Paint Wednesdays 11 am

Art Class Fridays 12:30 pm

Exercise Class Mon’s, Wed’s, Fri’s 10 am

Computer Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am

Square Dance Second & Third Saturday of month 7 pm

Square Dance Class Mondays 6:30 pm

Swing Dance Fridays 7 pm

Contra Dance First & Fourth Saturday of each month 7pm

General Meeting Last Thursday of each month 5 pm

FLATHEAD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Northwest Montana Arms Collectors Spring Gun Show March 29, 12 pm – 6 pm March 30, 9 am – 6 pm March 31, 9 am – 2 pm Contact: 406-897-2989



WHITEFISH THEATRE COMPANY Call for admission, 862-5371

Charlotte’s Web March 1 – 2, 7:30 pm March 3, 4 pm $15/Adults, $8/Students ALL SEATS RESERVED Trout Fishing in America March 9, 7:30 am $15/Adults, $8/Students ALL SEATS RESERVED This is music for people who take their fun seriously. Four-time Grammy award nominees, Trout Fishing in America has been performing music for 3 decades that get kids and adults alike singing and bouncing along. With songs like “My Hair Had a Party Last Night”and “When I Was a Dinosaur”, Grimwood and Idlet are the Lennon and McCartney of kids music” - Kathy O’Connell, NPR. EASTER PARADES / EVENTS Kalispell March 17, 4 pm Check in will be at the corner of 4th Ave & 8th Street, or the southeast corner of Flathead High School Parking Lot. The parade will move North on Main Street through downtown Kalispell. Parade participants line up at 3pm. Contact: Mark Lalum, 406-7557400 or 406-261-1654 Admission is Free

Be on the lookout for our future monthly issues for More Fun Events! Make sure you say, “Saw it in Seniors’ Scoop Today!”

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Directory Listings ASSISTED LIVING Bee Hive Homes of Columbia Falls 1660 13th St. West, Columbia Falls, 406.407.3253, The Springs at Whitefish 1001 River Lakes Pkwy, Whitefish, 406.862.6322 Timber Creek Village 375 Meadow Lake Blvd., Columbia Falls, 406.892.3400, Wel-Life at Kalispell 156 Three Mile Rd., Kalispell, 406.756.8688, AUTOMOTIVE Howie’s Tire & Alignment 6470 Highway 93 South, Whitefish, 406.862.6666,

D i r e c t o r y

L i s t i n g s

Howie’s Tire & Auto Care 33 3rd Ave E.N., Kalispell, 406.755.6662 Montana Auto Center 601 East Idaho, Kalispell, 406.752.5511, The Good Car Company 1212 S Main St., Kalispell, 406.755.7777, CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Sarah Klingenberg 410 1st Ave W, Kalispell, MT 59901, 406.212.1909, DENTAL Glacier Denture Center 1340 Airport Road, Kalispell, MT 59901, 406.257.5283 Montana Periodontics 115 Commons Way Suite 101, Kalispell, 406.755.4722 Rocky Mountain Dentures 1825 Hwy 93 South, Suite A, Kalispell, 406.752.1003


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HEALTH FOOD Mountain Valley Foods Organic Grocery 25 Commons Way, Kalispell, 406.756.1422 HEALTH SERVICES The Sleep Medicine Center 200 Commons Way, Lower Level, Kalispell, 406.752.1729 HOME HEALTH CARE A Plus Health Care 1310 S. Main St, Kalispell, 406.755.4968, Flathead County Home Health Agency 736 S. Main St., Kalispell, 406.751.6800, INSURANCE AGENCIES Best Insurance 175 Hutton Ranch Rd, Suite 113, Kalispell, 406.755.8888 LONG-TERM NURSING CARE Heritage Place 171 Heritage Way, Kalispell, 406.755.0800,

D i r e c t o r y

MASSAGE THERAPY Touch for Life 103 Ponderosa Ln. Kalispell, 406.270.3847, Paula Rich Massage 20 Four Mile Dr, Suite 4, Kalispell, 406.249.6025, MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT INSURANCE Flathead Insurance 2330 Hwy 2 East, Kalispell, 406.752.7676,

L i s t i n g s

MEMORY CARE Edgewood Vista Assisted Living + Daycare Services 141 Interstate Lane, Kalispell, 406.755.3240, Expressions Memory Care Home 240 Hidden Meadow Lane, Columbia Falls, 406.897.1017, The Springs at Whitefish 1001 River Lakes Pkwy, Whitefish, 406.862.6322

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PHARMACIES Evergreen Compounding Pharmacy 2141 U.S. Hwy 2 East #300, Kalispell, 406.257.2083 PHYSICAL THERAPY Professional Therapy Associates 1234 Whitefish Stage Road, Kalispell, 406.756.7878, REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS NoDoubt Land Company 1103 S. Main St., Kalispell, 406.257.6638, West Venture Properties, LLC 17 1st Ave East, Kalispell, 406.751.5600, RESTAURANTS Café Max Soup Company 20 Commons Way, Kalispell, 406.257.7687, Café Max Soup Company 6475 Hwy 93 S, Whitefish, 406.270.9840,

D i r e c t o r y

L i s t i n g s

Cislo’s Family Restaurant 2046 Hwy 2 East, Kalispell, 406.756.7330 RETAIL Gold Rush Pawn Company 1353 Hwy 2 East, Kalispell, 406.257.7296 (PAWN), The Shops at Station 8 38 Hwy 2 East, Columbia Falls, 406.892.1123,

Contact us at to find out how you may list your business on our Directory Pages! 14

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Easter Basket Cupcakes Add a Special Touch

Go beyond store-bought marshmallow chicks and chocolate rabbits this year. Perfect for some-bunny special – or as a dessert to brighten any holiday table – A Tisket, A Tasket, A Cupcake Easter Basket cupcakes prove that it can be a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

“These cupcakes look impressive,” says Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton, “yet they require just a few easy steps. Simply bake cupcakes and use your favorite cake mix to help speed up prep time. Cool completely, place into Picket Fence Cupcake Wraps or Basket Cupcake Wraps and pipe with green-tinted icing to create grass. If piping isn’t possible, simply spatula ice the cupcakes; either way, they will impress.”

Wilton has a basketful of ideas for finishing these little cakes. Perch miniature nest decorations filled with jelly beans on the icing grass for a playful take on a robin’s springtime roost. Or, top cupcakes with pre-made icing flowers to echo the cheery hues of spring’s first blossoms. These treats will be the perfect end to any Easter hoppening. A Tisket, A Tasket, A Cupcake Easter Basket Yield: Each cupcake serves 1

White Standard Baking Cups

1 package (about 18 ounces) cake mix, any flavor

Water, vegetable oil and eggs to prepare cake mix Picket Fence Cupcake Wraps or Basket Cupcake Wraps

1 can (16 ounces) White Decorator Icing

Leaf Green Icing Color

Royal Icing Nests with Jelly Beans, Pink and Purple Posies or Multi-Colored Flower Icing Decorations

Preheat oven to 350°F. Place baking cups in standard muffin pan.

Prepare cake mix following package instructions; place batter in prepared pan. Bake 18-20 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean; cool completely. Insert cooled cupcakes into cupcake wraps. Tint icing green; pipe tip 233 “grass” over tops of cooled cupcakes. Arrange icing decorations on icing. Source: Wilton Products

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Rise and Dine

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to make breakfast more special, gather friends and family around the table to make some new memories together. This recipes is full of flavor and, best of all, easy to make, so you have more time to spend enjoying a delicious meal with the people you love.

Cornbread with Spicy Sausage and Red Peppers: Servings: 8 Prep: 25 min Bake: 20 min 1 12-ounce package Johnsonville Hot & Spicy or Original Recipe Breakfast Sausage 1 cup yellow cornmeal 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1 cup milk 1/4 cup butter, melted 3/4 cup chopped red bell pepper 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 425°F. Remove sausage links from casings. (Slice casing with knife and peel to remove.) In skillet, cook and crumble sausage until no longer pink; drain and set aside. In bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. In another bowl, combine eggs, milk and butter; stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Fold in sausage, red bell pepper and cheese. Pour into a greased 8-inch square baking pan. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm.


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Source: Johnsonville

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Protect Your Home from Winter’s Chill

When the temperatures drop, the last thing you need is for your heating or plumbing system to act up. Some basic maintenance can help to ensure your home plumbing and heating systems are functioning properly.

A regular maintenance schedule helps protect you against system or appliance failures that leave you with a crisis requiring urgent — and potentially very costly — solutions. To help protect your home during the cold winter months, American Home Shield, one of the nation’s leading providers of home warranty services, shares some tips for making sure your heating unit and plumbing system are in good condition to handle extreme temperatures. Heating Maintenance:

• Check filters every month.

• Make sure floor vents are not blocked to ensure clear air flow.

• Visually inspect exhaust vent for rust, damage or deterioration.

• Be familiar with the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations for your specific unit. This information is typically available online and in your owner’s guide.

Plumbing maintenance:

• Only flush toilet paper down a toilet.

• Maintain water softener according to manufacturer’s recommendations. • Water filters and icemaker filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Avoid using your garbage disposal if you’re on a septic system.

• Drain sediment from water heater tank according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

• If you aren’t familiar, locate your master valve so you can quickly turn your home’s water off if a line breaks. In most homes, the valve is located near the water heater, the clothes washer, or where the water service line enters your home.

• Check the hose bibs to clothes washers to ensure they are tightly connected to minimize leaks and overuse of the system.

Taking these steps can help keep your home systems in good working order throughout the winter. Source: American Home Shield

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Regular physical activity at any age can help you live longer, feel better and reduce health problems. But far too many people, including baby boomers, don’t get the exercise they need. According to the 2012 Participation Report from the Physical Activity Council (PAC), 35 percent of Americans over the age of 55 are physically inactive. Since regular exercise helps control blood pressure, body weight, cholesterol and so much more, boomers need to find ways to get their bodies moving so they can live longer, healthier lives.

Keeping Fit and Having Fun as We Age

“Though any amount of exercise is beneficial, ultimately adults should work up to getting at least 30 minutes most days of the week, as long as they feel comfortable and pain-free,” said world-renowned nutritionist Joy Bauer. “From taking a Zumba class to walking and stretching, getting regular physical activity helps the joints stay loose, maintains muscle mass, and gets the blood flowing – all of which make everyday tasks easier.”

The American Council on Exercise recommends older Americans choose exercise programs that include cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, and flexibility exercises. Low-impact, non-jarring exercises such as walking and swimming are good options. A key to sticking with a fitness program is making sure it’s enjoyable. A fun new program for older adults is Zumba Gold, a low-impact dancebased workout designed specifically for boomers and seniors. Workout routines combine salsa, merengue, flamenco and cumbia moves with fun music. For those that would prefer to work out in the comfort of their own home, there is also a Zumba Gold “Live it Up” DVD collection that offers 3 discs with workouts, as well as advice from experts in the fields of nutrition, brain health, enhancing your well-being and more.

The program was created by 71-year-old Joy Prouty, a veteran in the fitness industry and a former Rockette. “From cardio to toning, this collection brings together some of Zumba’s most popular offerings in a format enabling older adults to rediscover the energy of their youth,” said Prouty. To learn more about Zumba Gold, purchase the Zumba Gold “Live it Up” DVDs and find a class near you, visit www.zumbagold. com. Workout Safety Tips

Whenever beginning a new fitness activity or program, make sure you do it safely. • Wear comfortable shoes that fit well. • Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids.

• Listen to your body. If it hurts or it feels like too much, stop.


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You also need to be aware of danger signs while exercising. Stop the activity and call your doctor or 911 if you experience pain or pressure in your chest, arms, neck or jaw; feel lightheaded, nauseated or weak; become short of breath; develop pain in your legs, calves or back; or feel like your heart is beating too fast or skipping beats.

“It’s important to see your doctor before beginning any workout routine to receive a thorough cardiovascular evaluation,” said Bauer. “Once you’ve been cleared by your doctor, I recommend starting out slowly.” Pick an Activity that You Will Enjoy

The best way to find a regimen that will stick is to choose something that you enjoy. You’ll be more likely to stick with it and reap all the benefits the physical activity has to offer. Bauer adds that a program like Zumba Gold is great because, if you enjoy dancing, it won’t feel like exercise and it can also be a social outlet: “Combining physical activity with social time is a total win-win.” Source: Zumba Fitness

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Mornings can be one of the most hectic parts of the day for busy parents. While trying to get the kids dressed, fed and ready-to-go during the morning crunch, it’s easy to skimp on the little things that keep you at your best and ready for the rest of the day. Heinz Nutritionist Carla Addison shares a few easy tips to get the day started right and keep you feeling your best throughout the day – even on the busiest of mornings.

Smart Ways to Start the Day

Plan it Out. A good day starts with a good plan. Think about what you’ll eat not only for breakfast, but also throughout the day before hunger strikes. This way, you’re less likely to indulge and more likely to make smart choices. Also, be sure to plan healthy snacks for in between meal times. You’ll feel prepared and ready to take on the day with confidence.

Variety is the Spice of Life. By incorporating a variety of foods, you can break free from the same old cold cereal routine and also get the nutrients you need for the day. Fresh fruit on top of hot oatmeal or a quick fruit smoothie make tasty, yet healthful options. Also, Weight Watchers Smart Ones offers a variety of warm breakfast options, such as the Three Cheese Omelet that can be prepared in the microwave in just a few minutes.

Fresh Fruit is Your Friend. Always leave a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter so you never walk out of the door hungry – even if you’re in a big rush. Keep the fruit bowl at eye level so that it’s in sight and top of mind for everyone. For those extra hectic mornings when you don’t have time to sit down and eat, bananas, peaches, oranges and apples make great on-the-go options.

Start the Day with Protein. Lean meats are a great source of protein to fuel your day. If you’re looking for quick, convenient options, try Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwich with Turkey Sausage, which has 14g of protein, or the Smart Ones Pancakes with Turkey Sausage, which has 11g of protein. Other high protein options include whole grain breads with nut butters, cheese or hummus. Also, a side of cottage cheese or a hard-boiled egg offers a protein boost to any breakfast.

Write in a food journal. A food journal is a great way to identify the healthy choices that you’re making and recognize the food habits that you might need to change. Start the day with a few minutes of documentation, whether that’s writing down your snacks from the day before, a grocery list or a meal schedule for the coming week. Source: Smart Ones 20

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Pet Food Labels Decoded

With hundreds of pet food products available, how do you decide what’s best for your pet? It’s smart to start with the label — but labels can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Here’s what you need to know. Pet Food Names

According to the manual produced by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), if a pet food name says: —Chicken, beef, seafood, lamb — it must contain 95 percent of that ingredient.

—A combination of ingredients (Chicken and Liver) — the two named ingredients together must make up 95 percent of the total weight. The first ingredient should be the predominant one. This only applies to animal-based ingredients. —Dinner, entrée, platter, formula, etc. (Beef Dinner; Seafood Platter) — it must contain 25 percent of the listed ingredient. If more than one ingredient is included in the name, the combination of ingredients must total 25 percent of the product. —With (Lamb with Rice) — it must contain 3 percent of the primary ingredient. —Flavor (Chicken Flavored) — no minimum requirements, but the pet should be able to detect the taste. Ingredient List

The primary goal of pet food is to deliver key nutrients to your pet. Here’s a closer look at ingredients, the primary nutrients they deliver and the health benefits they offer.

—Fresh meat, chicken, poultry by-product meal, meat by-products, soybean meal and egg — High quality protein for muscle tone and development and healthy skin.

—Animal fat, fish oil and vegetable oil — Fats and essential fatty acids for energy, improved taste and healthy skin and coat. —Corn, rice, barley, sorghum — Carbohydrates for energy and other nutrients for healthy skin and coat.

—Cellulose, soybean mill run and beet pulp — Fiber sources that promote intestinal tract health; some are helpful in weight control. Chemical names in the ingredient list are most often vitamins or minerals added for complete nutrition.

A by-product is a secondary food item that is made from a primary ingredient production stream. A by-product like “chicken by-product meal” can contain organ meat that has a high nutritional value. In fact, it’s a more concentrated protein 22

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source than raw chicken alone and contains high quality, highly digestible protein. However, bargain brands may use inferior ingredients that include feathers or other lower-nutritional parts of the animal. Guaranteed Analyses

By law, pet food packaging must show the minimum percentages of crude protein and fat, as well as the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture in the product. This is not an indication of the actual nutrient content or a guarantee of nutritional quality. Nutritional Adequacy Statement

The AAFCO sets the nutritional guidelines for pet foods sold in the United States. The nutritional adequacy is determined by one of two methods — formulation and feeding trials. —Feeding trial method — This requires the manufacturer to utilize an AAFCOprotocol feeding trial using the food as the sole source of nutrition. The pets’ performance is documented when fed the food.

—Formulation method — This requires the manufacturer to formulate the food to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for dogs and cats. Because it is a calculation of nutrient levels, and AAFCO feeding trials with pets are not required, this is a faster, less-expensive method.

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