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Tough Decisions for Parents In today’s world parents need to be a lot more alert and savvy to keep their child safe. It is no wonder that they come into the office with a dilemma that they want to run by a professional because they feel polarized about it. After talking about how special their child is and singing their praises.... they then describe some behavior that is problematic and they wonder if they should “monitor or spy” on them to double check and make sure they are safe. Now I am a big believer in giving your child the independence they need to make good decisions and yet I know that it is imperative to pay attention to your gut and go to any means possible to insure their safety. I am the type of counselor who advocates that a client check in with the parent of a child who is hosting a sleepover or party to inquire about supervision, rules and expectations regardless of the concern of your child that you are being over protective or smothering. Now that the world is digitalized, it poses the need for extra scrutiny. I tell parents that if your child has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, it can only be approved if you have full accessibility to it at all times including your child’s passwords. I believe this is a better choice than parents who would like to use surveillance software to monitor their child’s peer communications or interests. That way if the parent sees something concerning, they can address it and use it as a teachable moment for their child. The dilemma gets tougher when your teenager decides to opt for more control and opens multiple accounts and you figure out that he or she has outsmarted you (temporarily) because they are so much savvier than you. If you have reason

to believe that your child has tried to exert this extra independence from you it is absolutely OK for you to use a software system that tracks keystrokes or applications and pictures. I do advise that it is important to “have the talk” prior to any problems, Carol Juergensen Sheets that you will give your child his independence but if you become suspect you will go to any means to make sure they are safe. In other words you explain to your child as you discuss internet expectations that you hope NEVER TO HAVE TO MONITOR ACTIVITY THIS WAY BUT IF YOU NEED TO YOU WILL AND THAT YOU WILL LET HIM/ HER KNOW WHEN YOU ARE DOING IT. Kids need to know that you are not going to match their deceit by deceiving them too. Besides that you need to be able to talk to them about your concerns which require that you share that you have monitored them because you have been suspicious of their actions. Regardless of your child’s age, as a parent you are always looking for teachable moments although the older they get....the angrier they will be about your need to monitor and control their actions. They will likely make you feel really guilty about your actions and they will understandably be incensed that you have violated their freedom. That is why I always advise parents to wait until they have solid reasons to use extraordinary measures to monitor their child’s actions. It is tough being a parent especially when you have to go to extraordinary means to keep your child safe!

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at www. or call her at 317-218-3479. Please say “I found it in the NEAKids’Directory!” Thanks!

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Tamolly’s Kids eat for 1.99 from the kids menu (nights only)


Pizza Hut Free kids buffet with adult buffet purchase Shorty Small’s Kids eat free after 5pm with purchase of adult meal Fazoli’s 5-8pm Kids 12 and under eat for .99 with adult meal Pizza Inn Free kids buffet with adult buffet purchase nights only


IHOP Wednesday- Kids eat free form 4-10pm with purchase of adult entrée Lenny’s Free kid’s meal on Wednesdays with adult combo


Front Page Café 1 free kids meal with purchase of adult meal after 4pm Ryan’s Kids eat for .99 with purchase of adult meal from 5-8pm


Dixie Café 11-4pm, kids eat for 1.99 plus get a free sundae with adult meal purchase


Slim Chickens 1 free kids meal per adult entrée purchase Lenny’s Sub Shop 10% off entire ticket with church bulletin (Please call ahead to verify details)

To have YOUR restaurant listed here,please call 870.931.8282 10

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June Calendar of Events June 1st- Cancer Survivor Day, 3:00pm @ Fowler Family Center 870-936-7005 June 4th- The Very Hungry Caterpillar 45th Anniversary, 11:00am @ Barnes and Noble June 4th- NEA Baptist Luncheon Series Diabetes & Your Heart, 11:30am @ Southwest Church of Christ 870-934-5128 June 5th- Red Cross Hero Celebration Luncheon, 11:30am @ Cooper Alumni Center 870-932-3212 June 5th- City Youth Journey of Faith Banquet, 6:00pm June 7th- June ACT Boot Camp @ ASU Education Building 870-972-3052 June 9th- Little Fashionista week long camp @ ASU 870-972-3052 June 9th- June 13th- Eat Sleep Read @ ASU 870-972-3052 June 13th- Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus presents Super Circus Heroes @ The Convocation Center June 14th- Father‛s Day Storytime, 11:00am @ Barnes and Noble June 16th- June 20th- Fractured Fairy Tales @ ASU 870-972-3052 June 23rd- June 27th- Sensation Station Math Fun @ ASU 870-972-3052 June 23rd- June 27th- Adventure Land Camp @ ASU 870-972-3052 June 24th- Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Storytime, 11:00am @ Barnes and Noble June 28th- July 1- “Les Miserables” @ The Jonesboro Forum

If you would like your event included in our monthly calendars, submit it by going to


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