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Tamolly’s Kids eat for 1.99 from the kids menu


Pizza Hut Free kids buffet with adult buffet purchase Shorty Small’s Kids eat free after 5pm with purchase of adult meal Fazoli’s 5-8pm Kids 12 and under eat for .99 with adult meal Pizza Inn Free kids buffet with adult buffet purchase nights only


IHOP Wednesday- Kids eat free form 4-10pm with purchase of adult entrée


Front Page Café 1 free kids meal with purchase of adult meal after 4pm Ryan’s Kids eat for .99 with purchase of adult meal from 5-8pm


Dixie Café 11-4pm, kids eat for 1.99 plus get a free sundae with adult meal purchase


Slim Chickens 1 free kids meal per adult entrée purchase Lenny’s Sub Shop 10% off entire ticket with church bulletin (Please call ahead to verify details)

To have YOUR restaurant listed here,please call 870.931.8282 Please say “I found it in the NEAKids’Directory!” Thanks!

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I have been a victim of Bullying... So have you. In fact, everyone has at some point in their lives. When we were children and now for our children a bully is a real threat and an everyday problem. I was often bullied as a child because I had a scar on my upper lip. My scar was a result of six different surgeries before the age of 5 due to being born with a birth defect, a Cleft Pallet. My Parents constantly told me I was special growing up, I was also adopted, and they filled me with confidence that I could do anything and be anyone I wanted in life if I was honest and worked hard enough. I started taking Martial Arts at the age of just 8 years old as I grew fond of the cool kicks while watching Chuck Norris movies with my Dad. I bought into the hype, yes; I believed when they said I was special and I believed my martial arts instructor when he told me that I didn’t have to fight other kids just because they said mean things. I decided to live positively. I decided that no one could hurt my feelings without my permission. Today, I am convinced that the best defense against bullying for children is to teach them the Mental and Emotional tools to use. I have found that building Confidence in a young child about themselves and building their Self Esteem is the key to their emotional strength.


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People often ask me what my secret is to always being in such a good mood and how I stay so positive each day. It is all about the choice you make as you awake in the morning, the decision to have a good or a bad day is all about your attitude and how you handle what happens to you. Children must be taught this critical skill for success. There are 3 main types of Bullying: Joey Perry Verbal, Social and Physical. Each month I will be writing about these types and how your child can deal with them and how you, the parent, can learn to deal with them as well. It all begins and ends with us as parents to guide the way. Everything I have in my life and what I am, I owe to the confidence and support of Charles and Nance Perry. I share this passion each day at my studio and I look forward to helping you share it with your children as well – See you next month. Joey Perry is a professional martial arts instructor with over 27 years experience. His studio has won the Top 100 schools in America the last 6 years in a row. He can be reached at or call him at (870) 910-3903.

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Teach about Force Fields Often times kids are not told how to react to conflict. More often times they are taught what not to do. Parents often feel powerless over the conflict or bullying. When I worked as an at risk school counselor I spent much of my time teaching kids to not take conflict personally. Whoever wrote “sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you” was not living in reality. Words are very powerful and do hurt children unless they learn how to depersonalize themselves. I thought I would throw out some ideas and then you can customize them for your kids and your family. Teach Your Child How to “Teflonize” Themselves When I work with a kid who has a verbally abusive parent, sibling or schoolmate I talk with them about visually protecting himself from the assaults by imagining that they have been sprayed with teflon. Most kids don’t know what teflon is so I explain that teflon is a protective coating that is glued to pots and pans so that food won’t stick and will easily slide out of the pan. Then I ask them to stand in front of me and I pretend to spray teflon all over their body....I tell them to turn around and I continue to spray their backside too as I vocalize “SSSSSSSS” and I tell them they are fully coated. So when sister says something hurtful that is not true....they are to imagine getting “teflonized” so that the words don’t stick. Sometimes I ask them to pick a supportive person who can spray the coating on them and Mom pretends to spray the child while making the sound of a spray can “SSSSSSSS.” The Force Field Another fun exercise is to ask the child to create a force field to keep them safe from verbal assaults. Some kids use a brick wall with a small opening to see out while others imagine a laser field that no one can see. They imagine

that the angry words get disintegrated by the force field and never reach them. Sometimes I talk about a plastic Plexiglas shield which keeps them protected but allows them to see the attack coming. Next, I ask them to come up with some words they might hear from their bully and they might report that they frequently hear the Carol Juergensen Sheets following: “You’re ugly. You’re fat. You are stupid. I hate you. I wish you were dead.” I ask permission to use those words and see if the force field works? I make sure they know that I hate using those ugly words and that I do not think those things about them. I then ask them to imagine the force fields and they have to imagine the words smashing up against the brick wall or hitting the Plexiglas and sliding off the glass or being disintegrated by the laser force field as I hurl the words. I repeat the words and they stand there and start to smile as I hurl the words at them. After the exercise, they tell me they saw the words swirling away or they watched a red beam of light chopping the words to pieces. I then tell them to use it the next time they get bullied and let me know how they do. Kids are so good at using their imagination that they come back and share the incredible force field stories with a new sense of empowerment that tells me they have just learned how to depersonalize the words to minimize the sting!

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at www. or call her at 317 218-3479.

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