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Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

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Choir joins classic rock band on stage at Gallagher Bluedorn It may have only been a mere 30 seconds of fame, but the CFHS choir students experienced something pretty special on Gallagher Bluedorn’s stage a few short weeks ago. Foreigner, a popular band from the late seventies and early eighties, made a stop in Cedar Falls for their “Unplugged Tour” on Nov. 19. The band sang acoustic covers of top hits, like “I Want to Know What Love is” and “Feels Like the First Time.” In an article from the Courier, Kelly Hansen, Foreigner’s lead singer talked about the acoustic tour. “That’s the beauty of doing songs like this — breaking it down to its basic elements. If it can survive with just a basic guitar and piano arrangement then you really know it’s a good song.” However, Foreigner was not alone in their performance on the 19th. Twelve choir students made their debut on stage to sing with the band for the final

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Joining Foreigner on stage on Nov. 19 at the Gallagher Bluedorn for their “Unplugged Tour” are 12 members of the high school choir. The choir sang backup on the song “I Want to Know What Love Is.” number of the night. Among them were Alexa Balong, Porter Beland, Angelle Waltz, Makenna Carroll, Cassidy Christopher,

Aidan Flack, Hunter Hadlock, Bekah Bass, Sam Schmitz, Annie Leasure, Sofia Baronio and Maegan Neibert.

Access sidewalk added to north lot The north student parking lot has been renovated with a new curb-cut in order to ensure equal access and independence for all people who utilize the high school. “We are thankful to our School Safety committee members, faculty and staff as well as our outstanding custodial staff for making the necessary improvements to our building to ensure that all our students have access to our facilitates. A special shout-out goes to Steven Pitz, Jason Wedgbury and Dan Conrad our secondary school facilities coordinator, Principal and Director of secondary Education respectively for making the continual updates and improvements to our seasoned building to make this a great place for all students to learn,” Associate Principal Dr. Dana Deines said. Rick Gersema, who oversees the district buildings, said, “As a whole, Cedar Falls Community Schools strives to provide facilities that will meet the needs of our students. We work very closely with design professionals that advise and design spaces both new and renovated that will meet most of the needs we encounter from day to day. Given the age of some of our

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In early November, an addition to the sidewalk from the north parking was finished to allow access for those like instructional support staff Jon Bachman and sophomore Kylie Elser. structures, resolving all possible access issues can be quite a challenge forcing us to be rather creative at times to make accommodations. Individual handicaps are as varied as the stars in the sky, and there may be times that our ability to provide just exactly

what may be needed by an individual student could be limited; however, we continue to make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations whenever er possible.” By Staff Writer Halie


The students sold CDs for the band before the concert and were given free admission to watch the concert after. They

then joined the band on stage to sing the closing number: “I Want to Know What Love is.” Foreigner offers the opportunity for students to sing with them in each city that they visit in an effort to support high school music programs across the country. The CFHS music program was given a $500 grant for performing with the band. Proceeds from albums sold at the concert also went toward the Grammy Foundation, which is an organization that works to fund music and art education. While the experience does work to fund school choir programs, it also provides students with a moment that they’ll undoubtedly never forget. “I’ve never been on stage in front of that many people. It was incredible,” junior Alexa Balong said. “It was just absolutely amazing.” By Staff Writer Clare


School psychologist embraces taking small steps for change After the passing of school psychology awareness week before Thanksgiving break with a theme of “Small Steps Change Lives,” school psychologist Mark Groen endoresed the goal to inform how taking small steps can lead to greater success and build on the academic and social skills students need for personal achievement and a sense of wellbeing. Unlike a school counselor who would work with all students, Groen assists students with disabilities and helps families going through tough times. He wants students to realize that all the small steps forward they take make a difference for their success. Practicing, studying or exploring — small individual steps help build a path to a positive school community. School psychologists are a unique addition to the school staff. They have a background in educational psychology, assessment and child development. They provide support to both students and teachers. They come together with families, school administrators and students to help achieve sup-

portive learning communities. “I’ve always had a love for learning, psychology and working with young adults,” Groen said. “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of being a school psychologist is that there are always new challenges. While I have a typical routine, I never know what situations or problems may need to be addressed from day to day. One day I may be testing a student’s reading skills and the next I may be helping a family in crisis. This variability makes each day unique and interesting.” Groen said for those interested in education and supporting kids, school psychology would be a good career to explore, and there’s a school psychology training program right here at UNI. Groen, a graduate of UNI’s program, said that his favorite thing about the work is, “Working with children and families. It’s very rewarding to see students successfully transition into adulthood.” And many times those changes come slowly, one step at a time. By Staff Writer Lilah






SENIOR SAYS It was a Friday evening in late May, and Marjorie Hall and her sister were at a local dance. The two were swaying softly to the music, when a handsome man named Cecil Goodman strolled into the room. Marjorie nudged her sister. She had written Cecil a letter while he was away serving in the second world war. Cecil made his way over to the two girls and took Marjorie’s hand. “May I have this dance?” he asked, his eyes sparkling. “I’ll bet you can figure out what I said,” Marjorie laughed, leaning back in her rocker, twiddling her fingers in her red fleece blanket. Although she was 92 years old, her eyes were bright and full of life. “Yes, Cecil and I dated for two years then after that, and we were married on August 7, 1948.” She had a melancholy look in her eye as she stared up at the wall, where the same letter she had sent Cecil during the war was neatly preserved and pinned. Marjorie Goodman is a twoyear resident of Windhaven in Cedar Falls. She grew up on a farm in a small town south of Williamsburg, Iowa, known as North English. The daughter of Murry and Bessie Hall, she is the eldest of nine children. Marjorie graduated from

Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Reaching out leads to big differences

North English high school in 1943 and took her first job as a teacher in a country school. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to go into the teaching profession. Leaning into me, she said a matter of factly, “If I had to be an unmarried lady, fine, but I knew I was going to be a teacher.” And while she did become a teacher, she didn’t end up living out her life as an unmarried lady. In the summer of 1948, she was wed to Cecil Goodman. The two had three children: Ellen, Janice and Ruth. Marjorie raised her kids in Cedar Rapids to keep them close to their grandparents, and she remained there until moving to Windhaven two years ago. While Marjorie’s life has been filled with many blessings, she’s also had her fair share of hardships. Both the deaths of her father and her husband Cecil took a great toll on her, and in the late seventies, Marjorie was diagnosed with bone cancer. They came in and told Marjorie that she had cancer after a week of trying to figure out what was wrong with her down at Mayo Clinic. “You know I’m not going to let that beat me,” she said stubbornly. The doctor kind of smiled

and patted her on the back. He knew the likelihood of her survival was very slim. But a little over a year later, Marjorie was cancer free. She underwent chemo and radiation therapy, all the while never getting sick and losing little to no hair. It was as if the cancer had no power over her. While many get caught up in the miraculousness of it, Marjorie is simply grateful. “I had cancer, and I beat it.” She smiled. Overall, Marjorie’s life experiences have taught her a lot about how to live life. “Just be a good person. Speak to people when you walk down the hallway any time of day and say good morning or good afternoon. You know, maybe that person has not had anyone speak to them, and maybe that person will think, ‘gosh that makes me feel better’ because one person recognized the importance of saying hello to them,” she squeezed my hand and looked back up at her letter to Cecil pinned to the wall, “That’s one of the ways that you can make yourself feel good, and hopefully make someone else feel good too.” By Staff Writer Clare


Junior Ben Eastman

Background in Art: “My parents have always surrounded me with design and encouraged creativity, so I’m thankful for that. I’ve always liked to draw, and it’s still one of my favorite things to do because I can kind of forget about everything else going on around me. Being creative is important to me because I feel like a lot of students get caught up in the expectations of their parents/teachers and forget to relax and express themselves.” Inspiration and Meaning: “Without really thinking about it, my pieces tend to be inspired by artists/people that I look up to. If I see something that I think is wild or interesting, I won’t forget about it, and I like to add it to whatever I’m working on. For example, I’m doing a portrait right now of rapper

Lil Uzi Vert, who has a playful personality — pink hair, face tats — you name it. The way he expresses himself inspires me, and because of how vibrant he is, I’m trying to use the loudest colors to shade his face to completely encapsulate who he is as well as who I am. Challenges: “Coming up with ideas is tough for me. It’s easy to just get told what to do, but the hardest part for me is being original and going out of my comfort zone. Experimenting with color is also tough for me because it’s kind of intimidating.” Best field of art: “Drawing is my favorite class, but I do better in design because I have a more design-based way of thinking.” Aspirations: “I’m hoping to continue being creative but also including productivity to what I do in the future. I know I’ll go to school for something along the lines of design, but I’m looking forward to see how it unfolds.” By Staff Writer Claire


Coconut oil has many uses beyond kitchens


More fun follows final week of NaNoWriMo Hey Wrimos! Finally, November, National Novel Writing Month is over! So now it’s time to reflect on your experience: Did you finish your novel? What was your ending word count? What did you learn from NaNoWriMo that you didn’t know before? And most importantly, what’s next? Every writer who participates in NaNoWriMo is different. Some write just to say they have done it, some write to practice their writing pace for something more important they’re working on and some write because they’ve had an idea forever and want to share it with the world. If you are the latter writer, here are a few options you have to advance your story’s progress in the world of creation. You can show your novel to some friends, and have them write down any questions they have while reading, and edit grammar and punctuation errors. This offers you a first audience, and an opportunity to fix any plot holes in your story. You can spend December editing it by yourself. A lot of people who participate in NaNoWriMo like to edit their work, even if they never plan on sharing it with anyone but

of Artist theweek


themselves. If you had any writing buddies, maybe ask them if they also wanted to be editing buddies. Design a cover. If you finally found a title and have a semi-finished novel in front of you, why not try your hand at some graphic design or drawing and design a cover for your novel? It would really make the month feel finished. Otherwise, you can just let it sit there. The novel you’ve written is only as public as you want it to be, it never even has to see the light of day if you don’t want it to. While I’ve never seen someone not publicly talk about his or her novel after finishing it, you could be the first. Some people genuinely write their novels to just get words out of themselves, or to say they accomplished NaNoWriMo. It’s not the way/reason I do it, but if it’s your reason then that’s OK. I hope you’ve had fun following along with me through NaNoWriMo 2016, and I urge you to continue writing daily, even if it’s just about your day. You never know when or where inspiration will strike. By Staff Writer Albie


Coconut oil might be one of the most versatile foods on the planet. Not only is it a superfood, it’s a natural form of medicine and beauty. AKA: go get coconut oil. 1. Creamer for your Coffee: Adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your coffee can act as an energizer and a sweetener. Replace the dairy and add oil instead for a natural taste and boost. 2. Sports Drink Replacement: Coconut oil will give the body quick energy by the form of MCFA (medium-chain triglyceride) fats. So instead of getting energy from a sugary drink, try blending coconut oil, fresh fruits and some water. 3. Homemade Toothpaste: Mix equal amount of coconut oil and baking soda and adding peppermint essential oil,or whatever flavor you desire for taste. 4. Oil Pulling: Swish one tablespoon of coconut oil in mouth for 10-20 minutes. Follow by rinsing with sea salt water. Oil pulling is used to kill bacteria, prevents tooth decay and kills bad breath. 5. Makeup Remover: Applying a small amount of coconut oil to the face will start to liquify the makeup making it easier to take off. Rub the oil gently all over the face, and rinse it off with lukewarm water. The oil will not make the face irritated or sting like commercial makeup removers. 6. Sunscreen/Sunburn: Coconut oil has SPF 4, just enough to protect against sun damage and has nonvolatile

herbal oils. If a sunburn occurs, apply the oil to the affected areas. The oil will act as a soother and will promote healing of the skin. 7. Acne Fighter: Acne is common in teens and young adults. It is caused by bacteria overgrowth and imbalance of oil on the skin. Coconut oil will act as a natural antibiotic and kill the bacteria. For best outcomes, mix the oil with tea tree oil and raw honey. 8. Fighting Against Swelling: Coconut oil creates a healthy liver and kidneys. It’s because coconut oil has a inhibitory effect and makes the liver and kidneys strong, helping to fight inflammation in the body. Consume coconut oil regularly for the best effects. 9.Help Sick Pets: Dogs and cats can benefit the same way humans can with coconut oil. Consuming the oil will help with the dog’s digestive system. It can also be applied topically to help fight skin rashes, allergic reactions and soothe wounds. Unlike other medications for pets, there are no worries about the animal consuming the salve, since it’s edible. 10. Rust Reducer: Rub some oil on the desired spot, let it sit for one to two hours. After either, wipe off the oil or wash it off. A difference will be spotted right away. By Staff Writer Madison


3 Jewish students highlight upcoming Hanukkah The



Friday, Dec. 2, 2016


Christmas is approaching, and along with it is the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. Many have heard of this holiday for years, yet still do not have an understanding of it. Senior Sam Schillinger celebrates Hanukkah with his family due to his Jewish mother and tells of the similarities each holiday holds. “Well, in terms of celebrating them, both holidays involve gift giving. Similar to Christmas, on Hanukkah the kids get very excited about receiving gifts, but just like xmas, parents also receive gifts as well. Another thing is that Hanukkah usually falls around the same time as Christmas, taking place in mid to late December. Again, similar to Christmas carols, there are various Jewish tunes that families sing together during Hanukkah.” Jewish sophomore Maya Gabriele clarified the dates of this

holiday and the name. “Well, Hanukkah and Christmas begin on the same day this year. The Jewish calendar (the Gregorian calendar) is different, so the starting date of Hanukkah changes every year. Hanukkah is basically called the Festival of Lights, which is accurate.” Hanukkah and Christmas are very different in many ways. Schillinger said, “One notable difference is that Hanukkah is celebrated for eight nights rather than just one day. The eight nights are symbolic of the oil that was only supposed to last one night but lasted eight nights, miraculously. Another significant difference is that Hanukkah does not celebrate the birth of someone but rather to commemorate religious freedom for the Jewish community when Judah Macabee’s Jewish army defeated the Greeks. Having said this, like Christmas for Christians,

Hanukkah is one of the most important celebrations of the year for the Jewish community.” Explaining one of the most symbolic pieces of the holiday, Gabriele said, “On Hanukkah we have something called a menorah, which is a stand that holds nine candles. We light another candle for each day of Hanukkah, while singing a Hebrew song. Yes, there are only eight days of Hanukkah, but there are nine candles because the one in the middle, called the Shabbos candle, is used to light the other eight.” These rituals are very meaningful to Schillinger, especially the menorah. He said, “Personally, my favorite part of Hanukkah is lighting the menorah with my family. This is a ritual that takes place every night during Hanukkah and is a very special time. Prayers are read before and after lighting the

menorah. Songs are sung to celebrate, and the candles are left burning until they burn out by themselves to signify that the religious freedom never ends. I also like that my family takes turns lighting the candles each night so that everyone gets a chance to partake in the ceremony.” Gabriele also has favorite moments of this season. “I think my favorite part is the food because it’s hella good, and we only have it around Hanukkah. I also enjoy getting together with friends/family and having a good time. Hanukkah is the biggest (by biggest I mean most celebrated, not necessarily considered the most important) Jewish holiday. There are lots of other holidays throughout the year, like how Christians have Easter, but they are not celebrated in the same way Hanukkah is.” Some Jewish families are very

strict to just celebrating this holiday like Gabrieles. “My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas at all. A lot of my Jewish friends do. That’s usually because one of their parents is Jewish, and one is not. Both of my parents are Jewish, so we only celebrate Hanukkah.” Schillinger, however, has a Catholic father and a Jewish mother. Best of both worlds. He said, “My family honors the traditions of both religions and we take part in the celebration of both Christmas and Hanukkah. I am very grateful for this, because it gives me the opportunity to learn the meaning behind both holidays and to experience traditions of multiple faiths while sharing these experiences with others and helping them grow as well.” By Staff Writer Claire

During the holiday season, the Cedar Falls Historical Society has a few events at the Victorian house on West 3rd Street here in Cedar Falls. The house, dating back to the 1800s, is open for visitations on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am until 4pm and on Sundays from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. The Victorian House is divided into two parts: the first part of the house is the carriage house, which has the exhibits and galleries of the history in Cedar Falls, and the second part of the house is the Victorian house where the families from the elegant era once lived. The Victorian House is the leading house of the Historical Society. The Italianate style house was built in 1863 by a businessman named Azel D. Barnum, who started up a grain, seed and farm implement warehouse on the Cedar River. Barnum lived in the house with his family of four for five years before selling the home to the Bryant family of five in 1874. The Bryant family hosted many elegant gatherings in the family parlor, and Mr. Bryant worked in the lumber industry, which allowed him to stay active within the community. The Bryant family sold the home to Dempster’s in 1947, and afterward, the house was converted into a duplex and then, into smaller apartments. In 1966, The Historical Society purchased the home from the Dempsters and created the old-styled home into a community

museum for the public to witness what life was like for a wealthy family in the 1800s during the Victorian era. The home stores everyday household treasures from the 1800s through the 1900s and is open for the public to see first hand what Cedar Falls was like long ago at free admission. The Cedar Falls Historical Society on Dec. 16 is wrapping up their invention exhibit in the Carriage House, which they have been showcasing since February this It’s time to deck the hall at the Vicoyear. The exhibit includes inventions rian House on West 3rd Street. that were made in Cedar Falls rently lives in the household. and has a special compartment Starting on Dec. 4 this year at that shows awards that were won the Carriage House, the Historical by the CFHS robotics team from Society is hosting an event called the 2015-2016 season. The comRE-Inventing the Holidays, a twopartment also includes the robotpart class seminar that lasts from ics team’s winning robot named 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., and the admisCricket. sion fee is $20, which includes the On Nov. 28, the members of supplies needed for the class. the Historical Society decked the The first part of the event is Victorian House with Christmas about how to make holidays less decorations that a family from the stressful for families: make them Victorian Era would have adorned more meaningful, family-oriented, their house with during that peless expensive, etc. The second riod. The house has an authentic part of the event features an artstyle and looks like a family curist by the name of Jonna Boman

who is teaching a class about how to make glass projects, jewelry, etc. from recycled items. This year the Historical Society will not be participating in the famous Cedar Falls Christmas Walk, which allows the public to walk through the historical sites surrounded by tree lights because of recent changes in the program that began last year. The program now focuses on the current attractions on Main Street including Holiday Hoopla, and it was difficult to coordinate other sites into the program this year. Instead of the Christmas Walk, the Historical Society came up with a new fun way to experience the history within the Victorian house by hosting a Gingerbread Hunt this holiday season. From Nov. 29 through Dec. 23, anyone can come to the Victorian House during office hours and join the adventure of searching for little gingerbread men. Kids can look around the house in search to find the 12 laminated gingerbread men while learning more about the treasures of the magnificent house. Participants receive candy canes for finding gingerbread men while having a blast with friends and family with no charge. After the Gingerbread Hunt is over, the Victorian House will be closed from Dec. 24 through February in preparation for the next year’s events. The Historical Society is partnering with the Cedar Falls Fire Department throughout the month of January in prepa-

ration for the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Cedar Falls Fire Department. The celebration takes place at the fire station during the month of February, starting on the first Monday in February. The celebration showcases the history of the Fire Department, includes interactions, story time with the firefighters and many more fun activities. Throughout the year, the Historical Society hosts many fun events that help the public have a more clear knowledge of this town’s past. The Historical Society is excited to see new faces come into the sites while being able to stay connected with the entire community. They want to preserve the love of history in the city by broadening their base, which means partnering with more organizations. The University of Northern Iowa has partnered with the Historical Society in the past and have enjoyed reaching out to the community. The Historical Society loves working with their volunteers and is ecstatic to see younger people have interest with being a part of their society. The Society is very interested in historical pieces from Cedar Falls and loves collecting them from the public. The group emphasizes that history is an important part of our society, and it allows people to learn more about their past. Story and Photo by Staff Writer Kimmie


Old fashioned Christmas arrives at Victorian house; Historical Society also plans gingerbread hunt, more






Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Mane Taming


Six easy braids can weave the way to turning unruly hair into lovely locks

Everyone’s hair is different, and most of the time the styles that you see everywhere are not able to be done on every kind of hair. Here are some looks that should tame most, if not all, hair types.

Wrap-around Lace Braid

Start by putting a smoothing serum in the hair to lock down the flyaways. (I used Garnier Sleek And Shine). Next, take a small section of hair near the front of the head and do one stitch of a braid. The next time you do a stitch, add in a piece of hair near the top of the head, not adding any on the bottom. Continue in a diagonal along the head, going across the crown and ending in the back. Proceed normally, braiding without adding anything in. Finish off with a clear elastic.

Half Up French Braid

To begin this style, grab three strands from the front of the head, and start a French braid. Take peices from each side and add them to the outside strands. Repeat until you get to the middle of the head. Instead of braiding down, tie it off in the middle of the braid. Take a piece from the new ponytail, and wrap it around the hair-tie. Pin the hair in place with a bobby pin, but you don’t have to wrap the hair around if you don’t want to.

Double Braid into Bun

Dutch Milkmaid Braids

To start, spray in texturizing spray to add To start, tame the hair with a serum. Begin texture to the hair. This helps the knit hold the process of a Dutch braid across the front on. On both sides of the head, do a French of your head. A Dutch braid is like a French braid, which is where you add pieces of braid, but braid the strands under each other hair into the braid on the side strands every and not over. In this braid, only take half of stitch. Add hair in until you are grabbing the hair. Divide the rest of the hair in half pieces from the crown. Stop and braid and do two normal braids down the head. down. Do a simple twist bun with the rest Don’t forget to put elastic at the ends. Pin the of the hair, put the hair in a pony tail, wrap braids next to the Dutch braid, so that they the hair around the base and tie with elas- overlap. Pin them in place, tucking the ends tic. To finish, wrap the braids around the under the other braid. Then simply wrap the bun, pinning them off in place. rest of the Dutch braid around the head.

Mini Braids with a Fishtail

Begin by making small, normal braids around the hairline. Bring all the hair into a ponytail. Start a fishtail. This is done by splitting your hair in two, then bringing hair from the back sections to the front, and into the opposing section. Repeat this action all of the way down the hair. Try to keep the fishtail tight to prevent hair falling out. Finish the end with a clear elastic. You can put a scrunchie in, but that is optional.

Two French Braids

Simply start by brushing the hair so it’s smooth. Divide the hair in half, vertically. Do a simple French braid on one side, adding new hair to each strand every stitch. Temporarily tie with elastic, then do the same to the other side. Take the elastic out of the first braid and tie them together. Then you can do a messy bun or a pony, whatever you like. I opted for a bun on the short hair because the pony tail stuck out mostly due to the hair being shorter. By Staff Writer Lillian





Tearing It Up Friday, Dec. 2, 2016



Follow these simple styles for ways to wear ripped jeans In the fashion world, each season brings a new trend that is shown on the runway that was designed by famous designers from all over the country. Styles in the summer typically include clothing that keeps us looking colorful in the summer heat, and styles in the winter tend to make sure we are warm while looking trendy. Fall styles are a combination of keeping us warm during the autumn wind and cool during the sunny atmosphere. Fall trends these days seem to have one thing in common, which is ripped jeans. There are many different styles you can wear with ripped jeans whether the jeans are a tighter fit or have a more baggy look to them. The only ripped jeans I have are the boyfriend style jeans, which are baggier than skinny jeans, but they aren’t as loose fitted as sweatpants. The styles are what are very common, but there are other styles to choose from including wearing a comfy sweatshirt with your ripped jeans. The styles I chose were ones I saw or felt were very simple to wear and fashion forward in today’s culture. The looks can be completed with any accessories or hairstylethat you think matches the outfit. The following outifts are style ideas for those who can not discover what thei right ripped jean style suits them.

The first outfit is very comfortable and simple to wear on a warm, breezy autumn day. The top is a quarter length with a blue/gray color and a loose fit. The fabric is cotton and is open backed with a criss-cross design. The ripped jeans I am wearing are the casual boyfriend style, but you can choose other ripped jean styles. The shoes are beige with a lace design on them and have little shoe laces attached to them.

The second style keeps you warm while looking edgy. The top is a black turtleneck with no sleeves and a tight fit. The turtleneck is made out of nylon and spandex and ends at an average length (not a crop top). The cardigan sweater is half-buttoned and is black and white checkered with acrylic fabric. The cardigan sweater is very toasty and will keep the warmth in your body. The ripped jeans are the same as before, and the shoes are black wedges with a couple inch heels.

The fourth style will keep you very warm during the cold fall mornings and comfortable throughout the rest of your days. The top is a dark green, slightly oversized sweater with the sides having small zippers attached to them toward the bottom of the sweater. The sweater is made out of cotton, acrylic, nylon and wool. The ripped jeans are the same as the previous style and the shoes are short medium brown boots with shoelaces on the center and zippers on the outsides.

The fifth style feels very light, which is nice to wear when the sun is out and there is a gentle breeze. The top is a longsleeved, light pink collared button up with gems on the ends of the collar. The top is made out of polyester, and the ripped jeans are the same ones as previous styles. The shoes are silver sparkly Toms and are simple to wear on warmer days.

The sixth style is very simple and casual to wear in the autumn afternoon sun. The top is a white, shortsleeved, long T-shirt with a black and gray mural design on the front with the words Urban Rescue at the bottom of the design. The T-shirt is made out of cotton and is very comfortable to wear for long days. The ripped jeans are the same as the previous style, and the shoes are black high-top Converse, which are easy to wear anytime.

The third style is nice to wear when the sun is out, but it's still chilly outside. The style is fun and vibrant with a dressy casual look. The top is a black high-low button up with a neutral colored cheetah print design through the center and a giant cheetah design on the back of the shirt. The fabric is polyester and is very flowy. The ripped jeans are the same, and the shoes are black suede booties with a slight heel. The last style is clean and chic with a speck of color. The top is a shortsleeved, black peplum top which is tighter at the top and flares at the bottom of it. The top is made out of polyester, rayon and spandex. The ripped jeans are the same as before, and the shoes have a neutral-colored cheetah print and have black shoelaces at the top, which gives the look a little color.

By Staff Writer Kim





Our View

Follow these steps to safe winter driving With winter quickly approaching, ice and slippery streets come with. In a very cramped parking lot, winter driving can be dangerous, so follow these steps when Cedar Falls turns into a winter wonderland.

1. Slow Down

Quite a few accidents could be prevented by just slowing down, especially in winter. When there is snow and ice on the road, going fast is completely reckless and dangerous. Stomping on the brake is not an option. You’ll end up either crashing your vehicle into a snow bank or hitting another person’s car.

2. Brake slowly

When it comes to stopping in the winter, many times you will hit a patch of ice, causing drivers to stomp heavily on their brakes. This is a big mistake, as your vehicle will continue to slide across the ice. The easiest way to combat this is to tap on your brakes slowly as you approach a stop sign or stop light. Start braking a ways out from wherever you are stopping and carefully apply pressure more and more as you begin to slow down.

3. Turn into swerve

Inveitably you will end up getting into some kind of a swerve in your lifetime in Iowa. Whether it’s when you’re coming home from work and you slide turning a corner on a sidestreet, or turning onto a major road, it is very easy to slide. The only thing you can do when you are swerving is to turn into the swerve. If your tail-end is spinning counter-clockwise, turn the steering wheel counter-clockwise as well.

4. Weight

When attempting to get around in winter, especially in a pickup truck, weight in the back of your vehicle is very important. Most truck owners put generally four 75 pound sandbags in their beds. For car owners, only one sandbag is needed. The weight in the back will give you more traction by pushing your tires deeper into the snow.

Dashing through the Snow

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Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Warm Fuzzies Imagine screaming, yelling and fighting to stay calm only to have the rug pulled out from under you. Imagine facing new people each and every day. Imagine making new footsteps in an unmarked territory. No, really, imagine that. Doesn’t sound like sunshine and butterflies, does it? According to ChildrensRights. org, there are approximately 650,000 kids who spend time in foster care each year. This mean each kid is stepping into a new environment every single day. When my little brother first officially joined the family, we rejoiced. It was like finding the missing puzzle piece to our family; he had finally found his way to his home. Little did we know, after so much change, every day wouldn’t be as perfect as adoption day. Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) affects infants by the lack of attachment to any specific caregiver, parent or guardian, and results in a inability for the child diagnosed to form normal, loving relationships with others. I never would think that this would be the issue with my brother, Ty. He is the kid who loves interacting at school, the kid who gives me an endless amount of hugs every day and the kid who makes sure every single family member of the house says goodnight, but we were all introduced to the idea of Ty having RAD only a few months ago. It hurts me to know what my six year old brother has been through, that some stranger out there physically and emotionally abused him, that they are the reason he acts the way he does. No one can come close to imagining the things he has seen, heard and experienced. Ty arrived at our home on Dec. 4, 2013, and let me tell you, the first six months of fostering Tysean was absolutely terrifying and one of the hardest things to watch, feel and hear. “We did not want to give up on Ty because if we did, then someone else might, and the cycle goes on. As a family we talked about the adoption process for Ty and if he was forever fit for our family,” Melanie Tournier, my and Ty’s mother, said. Tournier said with the help of therapy, patience, a strong family, and friends, they got through it all. “At the beginning it was very hard because his behaviors were out of control, and we were not sure how to handle his outrages, plus it was tearing our family apart,” Tournier said. For days on end there would be tantrums, screaming, arguing until one day it just stopped. We would


Foster families worth extra efforts

Submitted Photos

Foster families have endless possibilities for happy moments, like the one above with siblings Aaliyah, Ty and Tehya Tournier, but it takes effort, and Aaliyah’s Furries for Fosters program is spreading the love. go back and forth for months. He would make good choices and be the kindest little boy, and then in a couple more months we would get right back to where we started. Now things are getting easier. Ty still deals with his emotions differently, has anger and behavioral issues, but he is just like any other six year old on the playground. “We were able to get things under control and show him the love he never knew,” Tournier said. He still argues, still pushes buttons, but each day is just a step closer to where he needs to be. To be honest, at first, I didn’t want to adopt Ty. I thought he was hurting my family, but now I know you have to push through the hard times to get to the good, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Since adopting Ty, my family and I had talked about the foster care system and what changes it needed to be better, and we’ve always wanted to help the kids that go through what my brother had encountered. My little sister came up with a way to incorporate our experience into a way to help kids in the foster system. She created “Furries For Fosters,” a nonprofit organization that takes new blankets and stuffed animals for donations to babies, kids and teenagers throughout the Cedar Valley foster care system. Aaliyah wanted to be able to provide new stuffed animals and blankets to help comfort foster kids

in their unknown environments. “I am very proud of Aaliyah on taking the steps to start an organization for foster children. She has a heart of gold and has seen how her stuffed animals and blankets comforted children that we fostered.” Furries For Fosters has been around for about a year and a half and has donated many stuffed animals, blankets and attended foster care events around the Cedar Valley. “I think Ty is proud because he always wants to help organize the stuffed animals and blankets. He also wants to be a part of making the videos when Aaliyah puts her goals on Facebook, and I think one of these days we will make that happen.” Aaliyah has delivered stuffed animals to Allen Child Protection Center, been featured in The Courier, raised $500 for foster kids who have graduated high school and received donations from people states away. This month her goal is to receive a donation of 150 blankets, and she will continue to collect for the Foster Care Christmas Party on Dec. 13. Those who would like to donate should visit the Furries For Foster Facebook page. Although every day is a new adventure in the Tournier house, I am very proud of where Ty is today and the accomplishments my family and I have made within the three years Ty has been with us. By Staff Writer Teyha






Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Adults should validate reality of teenage teenage romances High school relationships are a cliche topic to talk about. So many adults laugh at the idea of teenage love as if they haven’t experienced their first love. Relationships are something that maybe should wait until after high school; there should be more focus on school and yourself. But nonetheless people fall in love left and right. It’s not a joke when 16 year olds start a relationship. I’ve realised human connection is what life is about. People gain a sense of purpose through other people. It’s the basis of life, in a way. Human attraction binds us together, and I think falling in love is something very real for teenagers. We have feelings, and we understand certain feelings. Sadness, anger, disappointment. Everyone knows off the bat how to interpret those. Yet love is something very new to a lot of us, and when we experience it, it’s unlike anything. It’s a new chapter in our lives, and because of this, we start to grow within ourselves. We have the chance to learn how to accept other people through their flaws. We learn how to care for someone. We learn how to emotionally connect with someone, which is rare to actually find. Love gives us the chance to become better versions of who we are. In a lot of ways we gain a sense of self. But don’t mistake any of that for sex. Many of us are experimenting with it, and because of that many people seem to think that’s what love is supposed to be. Yes, it can be a result of love, but I think there’s a fine line be-

tween the two. I get that humans have needs, physically and mentally, but sometimes they don’t equal the same thing. Relationships are meant to be joyful. Arguments are bound to happen, but it teaches us how to agree to disagree. Our feelings are very much real, and falling in love is a feeling that should not be denied. Having someone to make memories with is what life is about. Having someone beside you capturing moments makes life surreal. I strongly believe there are some things you must experience with someone in order to really capture them. Being ashamed to admit you’re in love is beyond me. Love can take you so many places, and it’s a chance to learn so much about yourself and someone else. Despite what our parents must say, we’re not necessarily being dramatic about our feelings. At some point we all find someone who makes us feel at home within their heart. We meet someone who adores us just as much as we adore them. We meet someone who listens to our words and what our heart has to say, and when that happens, hold on. It’s rare you find someone who you connect with. Our lives are about change and growth. Love is a major factor in how we bloom into better people. By Staff Writer Lexi



Make it ‘win, win’ in approaching authorities for change or concerns

According to Social Anxiety Home, over 60 percent of high school students have a fear of authority. This is a problem that can flare up when talking to teachers, going for job interviews and presenting ideas to the principal. To be successful, there are five steps that one might take to communicate with those at the top. Step 1: Don’t take it personally be more likely to listen to what you have The relationship that you have with this person should be strictly professional during this conversation. Even if this person is your mother, you have to be able to disconnect from your emotions. A way to help you do this is to make your point in a third person perspective. Instead of saying things like “I need” or “I want,” say things like “Wouldn’t it be nice if.” This makes you sound more professional, and it keeps your feelings from interrupting this discussion.

Step 2: Mind your manners

Update: authority figures are people too, and they want to be treated as such. In the beginning of your conversation, greet them politely and give a quick introduction of why you are there. While you are in the back and forth of the discussion, wait until they are completely done with their ideas. Interrupting them will make them feel disrespected, and nobody deserves to have their time wasted by a disrespectful student.

Step 3: Focus on the positive

If asked a question, focus on the things that are good about your idea. For example, if you are asking for a change in school policy, don’t talk about how bad the problem is. Instead, talk about how good your change is. If they see that you are being positive about your situation, then they will

to say. If what you are discussing has very little positive about it, make sure you keep up a good attitude while talking about it. This shows them that you can have a positive outlook on things, even if life is getting hard.

Step 4: Know what to say when you don’t know the answer

One of the worst things that you can do when faced with the unknown is hesitating. When you are asked something that you don’t know, you can’t just stand there and say “umm.” Some alternate phrases that you could use are “I didn’t find that in any of my searches,” or “I don’t know that at the moment, but I can get back to you.” Saying that you don’t know is 100 times better than trying to fake your way through the rest of the conversation.

Step 5: Be direct

When talking to a person, be kind and gentle, but stick to the point. Beating around the bush wastes both the authority’s time and yours. If you want something done, say it. For example, if you are talking to your boss about getting hours off, don’t try to say things that don’t relate. Stay on topic, and the whole scenario will be less awkward. By Staff Writer Katie


With many other world-wide religions, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ Christmas just one of many celebrations is the best Christmas carol Religion is an interesting with 1.226 billion followers, of money to the first mosque, Letter to the Editor

Christmas season is beginning, which means Christmas music on the radio 24/7. Love it or hate it, carols are a fixture in our life until December 25th. However, in the sea of songs that flood the airwaves each December, one song stands out. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is indisputably the best Christmas song. The carols we know and love (or hate) are nothing new. Most carols were written before 1900. However, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is a song that even respected newspaper The New Yorker calls “the worthy modern addition to the holiday canon.” The only other relevant Christmas carols written after 1900 are “Do You Hear What I Hear?” and “The Little Drummer Boy,” both of which disgrace music and Christianity. Mariah Carey’s classic is the best Christmas song because it is the only modern carol of quality.

Don’t believe me? The rest of the world thinks that “All I Want for Christmas is You” is great as well. So many people like it that it is the 11th best-selling single of all time. This song is in the same caliber as classics like “My Heart Will Go On” and “You’re The One That I Want.” If you don’t think “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is the best carol, then it’s time to face the facts. Most importantly, the best Christmas song is the best because of its universal message. Most carols focus on Christmas traditions or the birth of Jesus, but Mariah Carey gives a message that anyone of any religion can understand. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” reminds us of what really matters: not material possessions, but our loved ones. No other song can compete with “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” By Junior Andrew


topic. During Christmas, what is the first religion you think of? Christianity, right? But not everyone is Christian or Catholic. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Respecting that is part of life. So this holidays, Holmes student counsel will no longer decorate the halls with red, green and gold Christmas colors. In the top five religions only two of five celebrate Christmas. The top five are Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Agnosticism. Only Christians and Catholics celebrate Christmas out of the five religions listed. As it may seem that Christians blow the numbers out of the water, they really don’t. With Christians having about 2.04 billion followers, Islam

Catholics with 1.142 billion followers, Hindus with 828 million followers and Agnostics with 639 million followers. These other religions celebrate different interesting holidays. Starting with Islam, two official holidays represent Islam: Eid Al-fitr and Eid Al-adha. These holidays are at the end of every fasting period. In the summer, Muslims fast for 30 days, and at the end of that 30 day period, they have Eid Al-fitr. Eid is a day of forgiveness and cleansing. Eid is the day to appreciate by giving gifts. This is called the month of Ramadan. Also, Islam has an annual charity called zakat. It is a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Participants travel there and donate a certain amount

an Islamic house of worship. Next is Hinduism. In contrast to Islam, Hinduism has many more celebrations. Diwali, Festival of Lights, is a major holiday that is also celebrated by Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. It extends over five days and celebrates the victory of good over evil. Some Jains may choose to fast for the two days of Diwali. Another holiday is Holi, simply a festival of colors, the opening day of spring. I bet you didn’t know that a Buddhist birthday was called a Vesak, and they have a whole festival on it. There are a lot of festivals and events for different religions, so to only decorate for Christmas is kind of unfair. By Staff Writer Jibreel






Friday, Dec. 2, 2016


Castro abandoned his early vision for revolutionary change in Cuba

All states should embrace benefits available through medical marijuana

A notorious man has now died of natural causes at the age of 90, after 638 failed assassination attempts throughout his controversial (to say the least) life. This man’s name is Fidel Castro, a name many Americans jeer at when they hear, and for good reason. The man was a dictator, which is under my own moral code (and many others) as one of the worst things you could end up being, but still you will find that most Americans have only seen one side of the story from our rather one-sided textbooks provided in many schools within this dear old “land of the free.” Many people are now celebrating his death, comparing him to Hitler and Stalin. I will state this now before we continue: Castro was nowhere close to the evils of Hitler and Stalin. In the wake of his death, I feel now it is more important than ever for more Americans to realize their skewed projection of Castro is a very false one, even if still in the end he was a dictator. I want to shine light on some of the good done under Castro’s rule, just so people will be able to see both sides to the story. How Castro rose to power is something I personally extremely support, as before the Cuban Revolution, the country was ruled by another dictator (this time instead of a communist, the man was a fascist), by the name of Fulgencio Batista. Batista was a man who took the role as leader in Cuba by leading a coup to preempt the election about to take place in 1952 where he was sure to lose. After taking power, he drove the country straight into the ground with mass censorship of the people, and he exploited the country commercially, as well as used brutal torture and public executions, ending with him being responsible for the death of around 20,000 people after his reign. Castro saw this horrendous manipulation of his country take place and couldn’t stand to see the self destruction Batista was causing, but still (unlike what a biased perspective would try to say) he did not go directly to revolution. First, he and many other activists took Batista to court on several occasions in an attempt to peacefully remove him from power, but the courts were heavily biased, and there was no chance it could work. Only after they had exhausted the legal and peaceful options did they resort to a revolution. The Cuban Revolution managed to kick Batista out, and Castro was put in the role as president, which would have made for a very good end to a story about beating your oppressors if he did not over the years slowly but surely became a dictator in his own resects. Anyone who is a dictator I would never address as a good leader of a nation as I feel the first objective of any good leader should be the rights of the people, but still there were many positives when addressing his time as leader that are not addressed often. One of the largest ones would be that under Castro the literacy rate skyrocketed under his communist inspired education

After some states have decriminal- was immeasurable, and marijuana helped ized it, marijuana has developed a long immensely with her anxiety. list of medical contributions to those in The amount of weight loss she went need. It has been used to treat glaucoma, through was huge, and the appetite it epileptic seizures, anxiety, muscle spasms, gave her really helped her eat food and try inflammatory bowel diseases, lupus, auto to slow the weight loss. immune disorder and veterans with PTSD. My cousin lived in northern Florida It has been used to decrease symptoms of where he raised his three beautiful kids. Dravet's Syndrome. There, medical marijuana became legal Marijuana has reduced the nausea and after the election. vomiting caused by chemotherapy and Even though it was not legal, my has helped cancer patients gain weight cousin still used marijuana, but not to the by improving their appetites, which is im- extent my aunt did because he could not portant because some patients undergo come across it that easily. unhealthy weight loss. For cancer patients, He would use marijuana for the side it has also relieved pain and effects of chemo, to gain helped them sleep. weight and to help him Throughout the past few sleep. years, cancer has impacted He went to a doctor to me and my family's life treget approved to use medimendously. I have seen first cal marijuana because until hand how the use of medithe recent election, Florida cal marijuana can improve had laws that could only the quality of life to those in give terminal patients mediTana Gam-ad Graphic cal marijuana that was low immense pain. Just in the past three months, my aunt in THC. He was approved, and the elec(57) and my cousin (42) have died from ter- tion even ensured he could get what he minal cancers. needed, but sadly he died before he ever In August, my aunt moved to California got to use it. to stay with her daughters. In California, So far Iowa only allows patients that medical marijuana has been legalized for have intractable epilepsy with a neuroloa few years. gist recommendation, to obtain 32 ounces Marijuana helped my aunt ease the of cannabis oil with 3% of THC. awful pain, anxiety and lack of appetite. I think that Iowa expand their law to the Toward the end, the pain of her cancer use of medical marijuana because of of the was building, and the pain medicine didn’t people that could benefit from it. It would help as much while also making her unre- also help keep people's ill family members sponsive and out of it. Marijuana allowed from moving away just to obtain medical her to be able to do things and really live marijuana. By Staff Writer Lily in the time she had left. BECKER The emotional toll cancer had on her

On Nov. 25, 2016, a man died the same way most people die: a man who betrayed his own beliefs. plans to a staggering 99.7 percent, which is absolutely insane. To put this into perspective, the U.S. literacy rate is estimated to be around 86 percent, so this just goes to show how absolutely amazing the education system flourished under Castro. Another thing we usually don’t mention is that while the United States was supporting the monsters enforcing apartheid in South Africa, Castro showed his complete support for Nelson Mandela, a name any school child now could tell you belongs to one of the greatest men who ever lived. When Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005 and the United States desperately needed help in rebuilding neighborhoods, Castro, out of the kindness in his heart, even though America had tried to overthrow him so many times by that point, offered to help America rebuild and tried to provide them with the money they needed, but the United States refused all assistance like a petty child holding a pointless grudge against a younger sibling. Even when he tried to help our country we didn’t let him, so how possibly could he? It is also important to note that the quote spreading across social media of “I will not rest until America is destroyed” was never actually said by Castro, it being a joke started online that people confused for a true phrase spoken by him. In the end, should Castro be remembered fondly? No. As far as I see it, no person who suppresses freedom of speech in their country could be someone I see in a positive light, and also including his staunch opposition to gay rights (which was extremely odd for someone so left) leaves me severely disappointed and disgusted with Castro, but when addressing what he truly did, it is extremely worrying when I see his actions and views distorted so astonishingly out of shape, showing true bias in quite a bit of our history books and media. Castro is not someone to look up to as a symbol of revolution, but he also is in no way an awful human being who spent his life wishing for the death of all Americans. He was a man with pure intentions, who along the path was distorted and muddled in his goals, leading to someone who could have been an amazing icon for anti-fascism, but instead turned into what I can only call a disappointment to me. He did some wonderful things, I just wish that applied to all of him, but it doesn’t. On Nov. 25, 2016, a man died the same way most people die: a man who betrayed his own beliefs. By Staff Writer Jackson


United States should explore positive steps for criminal rehab The rehabilitation of criminals in the United States has been a heavily debated subject for many years. Many prisons across the world are practicing different methods of rehabilitation and changing the environment for the prisoners enclosed in their facilities. The best way to rehabilitate prisoners is to create an environment of peace and tranquility, such as offering ways to release pent up energy, and classes to reduce stress and anger. One prison in Buckinghamshire England is offering college course criminology classes to inmates, covering material such as “what is a legitimate use of power?” and “why do people obey the law?” The inmates are treated as equals with Cambridge postgraduate students. I believe this to be an extremely well planned way to handle people who have disobeyed the law, for it is important that they understand the error of their ways before they are set free, and the best way to do this, in my opinion, is to have them learn about this field from a professional. Results of this experiment have yet to be concluded as classes are still going on for the inmates and the students.

“Being able to put our past behind us and do something positive like this has helped our confidence, transforming our lives,” says one student from the Learning Together Prison Education Program. Rehabilitation processes like this are what is able to help inmates turn their lives around once they leave prison, and possibly pursue a higher education. This can only help to reduce the amount of repeat offenders. One possible problem that can be seen from this program is the possibility of the overpopulation of prisoners participating if this initiative was ever brought over to America, since we have many more convicts than the United Kingdom does. People who have done the wrong thing need to learn why it is wrong and what the alternative would be. I do understand that in some cases such as serial murder or infanticide, there really is no way of successful rehabilitation, but in these cases these people need special attention and one on one counseling, as opposed to hoping that they will some day learn the error of their ways. By Staff Writer Andrew





Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

What Lies Beneath

Many teenager girls and guys find themselves looking through a mirror several times a day. Rather than admiring themselves for their facial features or beautiful bodies, the majority unintentionally begin a “list” of physical improvements in their mind, many of which are difficult to change. Renownedly once taboo, plastic surgery has become a typical quick fix for individuals seeking to alter their physical appearances to meet social standards, personal standards and “perfection.” With a single swipe on a screen, teenage users of social media are easily exposed to seemingly flawless celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé. While plastic surgery may still seem like a luxury, it is undeniably becoming more common and desired with large amounts of today’s role models undergoing such bodily reconstruction methods. Senior Kayla Vanderwerf said, “Plastic surgery is all around us on social media. Almost every celebrity undergoes at least one surgery in their lifetime. I think a lot of times we forget they have had work done and just assume they are beyond fortunate with their appearance. Of course there are celebrities that would still be insanely beautiful either way, but we are too often times deceived and don’t see what goes on behind the scenes.” In a survey of approximately 200 CFHS students, roughly 45 percent of

students admitted to potentially seeking plastic surgery in the future. Among that group, 68 students said they would consider facial reconstruction while 56 would consider reconstruction below the neck. The most popular reasoning in defense of plastic surgery is the idea that eliminating specific areas that cause an individual to not feel beautiful will boost selfconfidence. Seventy-nine students said if they were to receive plastic surgery, it would be solely for selfesteem purposes. When asked to explain, 68 students suggested it would improve their physicality, confidence and allow them to fit into societal standards more so than their current, natural-self. Vanderwerf said, “If you want to get plastic surgery to feel better about yourself, go for it. However, I think that confidence comes from within. A new



Before exploring cosmetic surgeries, teens should embrace personal attributes nose, lips or breasts might make you look ‘better,’ but eventually you have to find self-esteem and love in yourself, flawless or not.” Senior Justin Gray added, “I feel as though plastic surgery for beauty and confidence is not the best option. I think it does help with scarring or small cosmetic issues, but it will not help your confidence which is essential for living a happy life.” So, where should we the draw the line on the strive for perfection? Highly impressionable magazines, television and the media are constantly bringing onto the surface innovative ways for women and men to run further away from natural beauty and closer to an unrealistic image that is constantly changing with trends. Even if we try to constantly adjust, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Truth is, we can’t keep up.

Junior Alexandra Gudgeon said, “Beauty standards are constantly changing. Being insanely skinny used to be highly in-style, but now it seems as though curves and being ‘thick’ is what’s popular. The same can be said about eyebrows, lips or any body part. Sure, people can keep changing with surgery or makeup to adjust, but it’s a never-ending cycle.” The end to the misconception that plastic surgery will drastically change self-esteem must end by pushing the idea that the most ultimate satisfaction comes from loving and being kind to your current body. Junior Mikaela Elenz said, “Loving everyone for their faults is a way to improve the confidence of others. Knowing our own faults and loving ourselves despite flaws will also help with our inner issues.” Vanderwerf added, “It’s normal for people to dislike certain areas about themselves. However, we shouldn’t immediately decide the solution is changing it. I think people will find the most fulfillment in loving and accepting their unique bodies and facial features.” Before you stand in the mirror to pinpoint societal flaws within yourself, admire your attributes that make you different. Perfection is unattainable, therefore, pull your confidence from within and embrace your imperfect self. Text and Graphic by Staff Writer Maddie


Pinning Hopes on Support

Staff, students share many reasons for wearing safety pins

Since the new epidemic of small metal clips attached to people’s clothing began, a lot of mixed emotions have been stirred up all across the country, as well as in the halls of Cedar Falls High School. People have chosen to begin wearing safety pins on a daily basis for a multitude of reasons; however, many of those reasons have become commonly misunderstood since the election. To combat the spreading of misinformation and confusion, several students and staff have shared their reasons for wearing a safety pin here. Olivia HabinckSenior

“I wear a safety pin to let people who are fearful of the future of this nation know they have a person that stands with them and is there for them. I personally am fearful of the uncertainty of what is to come for the next four years, and it does make me feel better to see many other people wearing safety pins.”

Bekah Bass- Senior

“The safety pins on my shirt are simply a symbol of support and solidar-

ity. I do not agree with those who are bashing Trump supporters because, as an individual asking mere tolerance of others, I understand that I must afford this courtesy to others. If you are upset or offended by people wearing safety pins, I encourage you to reevaluate your beliefs. Only you can decide whether showing compassion and support for others is making a political statement.”

Meron AbebeJunior

“The safety pin movement gained traction after the election in November. The pin is a symbol of solidarity with any group that has experienced ongoing vulnerability, prejudice and/or

harm due to misleading stereotypes that have been especially prevalent in American culture since the beginning of this election cycle. I wear my safety pin to show support for those of us — people of color, women, people with disabilities, Muslims, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, etc. — that have been marginalized.”

Eliott KranzStaff Member

“ I choose to wear the safety pin to let anyone know I am a person they can come to talk to and feel safe about anything.”

C h a d V a n CleveStaff Member

“ T h e Constitution of the United States allows people to freely express themselves as long they do not infringe on the rights of others. Wearing a safety pin to proclaim you are an ally to those who have been the targets of harassment and that you will help to provide a safe environment for others is not only a use of this great Constitutional right, this action is by definition, the basis of what the United States was founded upon. Securing rights for those who have been marginalized or to paraphrase James Otis, no taxation without representation. There are

people who have stated the wearing the safety pin is an act that is anti-Trump and therefore anti-America. I fail to see the evidence that proves or supports such a position. What I am reminded of when I hear such statements is a quote by James Madison, author of the Constitution of the United States. "As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is at liberty to exercise it, different opinions will be formed." The safety pin can have different meanings for different people, but I hope that those who are in need of an ally will be able to find pin wearing allies when allies are needed. By Staff Writer Mallorie





Reporting for Duty With the decline of public popularity of mainstream games like Call of Duty, the public needs a new multiplayer. Let me introduce you to Titanfall. The sequel to an Xbox exclusive is now on both consoles and PC. The first person shooter is fast and plays aggressively. It’s easy to get used to the controls, and as long as you’ve played shooters before, you can get really good really quick. First let’s start with the campaign. Missing in the first edition of the series, many of the complaints were about the lack of a campaign. The first campaign of the series maybe lacks in story, but makes up for it in entertainment. The story lacks a compelling narrative, and I still wasn’t sure what the purpose of me fighting through the first couple of levels was for, but the amusing dialogue between Jack Cooper (the main character) and your titan made up for it. After Cooper is given the reigns of your titan, you must fight through levels and hordes of enemies on your way to the final boss. The storyline throughout the campaign is hard to follow and sometimes gets incredibly boring. On top of the that, the payoff isn’t all that great either. The objective isn’t ingenious or creative in any way, and I constantly felt like I was back playing Halo or Call of Duty. And while it was fun, I felt like

it was missing something. All in all, the fun and destructive play was worth a playthrough, but nothing more. The multiplayer in Titanfall 2 capitalizes on what it had going for it in the original, and adds to what it needed to fix. The pace is immediately what jumped out to me as a significant positive. You always need to keep your head on a swivel. R u n n i n g around the map, quick and indecisive strikes are what will make you an unstoppable force against your opponents. When I ran around the map, something I found accommodating was picking efficient routes around and to the objective. That’s what else I loved about this game; the ability to be aggressive and not be heavily penalized for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re risks don’t pay off because you immediately get right back into the game. An additional thing I loved about the game is the little amount of accuracy you needed to succeed. As long



Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Titanfall satisfies empty space left by underwhelming Call of Duty as you have a quick reaction time and are able to hit anywhere on the body, you can achieve success. I often times would just slide blindly into the objective and slaughter enemies. The weapons in the game were just as easy to get a hang of and master. Both the assault rifles and submachine classes are easily manageable and masterable. Along with some advantages and disadvantages. The submachine classes have great fire rate with a powerful punch, but, on the other hand, it’s hard to score from range. I tended to use burst firing and really just hoped I got lucky. With these classes, I really relied on aggressiveness and smart route running. Assault rifle classes are more for your average Battlefield or Call of Duty gamer. You can hit enemies from sizable range, while suffering a cutback in damage. Then there’s the titan, the biggest and most effective weapon in

the game. If you can hold back the enemy team from advancing onto the objectives, you can guarantee a win for yourself and teammates. Opponents I fought against who were great titan players were always the most defeating and frustrating enemies to play against. There are no dominant titans either; every titan has significant weaknesses as well as strong suits. I found that for my playstyle, Legion’s massive machine gun and blowback abilities along with Tone’s railgun and rockets where the best, but there’s a titan for every style. Ronin has a massive and effective sword, and Northstar has a nice combination of flight and sniping for a more guerilla type warfare. My tips for any new comer to the robotic fighting; never let up. Titanfall is a great game that can make up for the disappointment of this year’s edition of Call of Duty. The campaign is entertaining, and although it is drained storyline wise, it gets the job done. The multiplayer is great and incredibly fun. Not everything is perfect, but the fun playstyle makes up for the lack of good maps and modes. It’s a fun and aggressive game that is a frontrunner for one of the best multiplayer games this year. By Staff Writer Ben


Re-Runners These five shows deserve followup seasons

A few weeks ago, I did an article about top five video games that deserve a remake. This week, along that topic, I will be doing top five underrated shows that deserve another season. These shows will either have loose ends that were never tied up, have rushed endings or basically should get another season because the story could have and should have kept going. As always, this is my opinion, and if we don’t share the same, well that’s fine. The first show is an anime called “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” The basic plot of this story is that the girls can get magic powers, for a wish. The only catch is they must fight against these beings called witches. The reason this show deserves another season, or even a remake of some sort, is because it ended too fast. It was only 12 episodes, and it was rushed, like very, very rushed. When watching this on my own time, one episode’s starting point came out of nowhere, and it confused me very much. The ending came out of nowhere and was honestly only good for a first watch. The show has received three movies, but a movie is not as good as the show itself.

The second show is “Baka and Test.” This show, while a little odd, only received two seasons, and while many hope for a season 3, we never got it. The basic plot is the students can fight with avatars in different subjects. At the start of the year, you take a test, and your score in each subject is your “Power level” when fighting in that subject. While it did receive two whole seasons, season 2 ended in an unmemorable way and there were so many loose ends to tie up, that I can’t even list them all.

The third show that deserves another season is the show “Sword Art Online.” This show had an amazing first and second season, but could still have more. The show, or at least the first season, is based around kids trapped in an online virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. It’s more of a show you need to watch to get, in my personal opinion. The reason this show deserves a third season is because season 2 ended, not in a way that was unmemorable, but just, there could be more. The second part, each season being split into two parts, is basically Asuna, the female of the series, tying up some loose ends with her mother. While this progresses the story, it was not nearly a good enough ending to end the series.

The fourth show that deserves another season is “Bakugan.” “Bakugan” is a very odd but entertaining show. One day out of nowhere, strange cards come falling from the sky. They are cards from another world, and together Dan Kuso and his friends must use their Bakugan friends to fight against the people using doom cards. Doom cards, if used, would send defeated Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, a dark world where no Bakugan can return from. The reason this show deserves another season is because no one liked the fourth season, and there were so many possibilities to do with this show. So many missed opportunities could easily be solved with a fifth season.

The fifth and final show is “Noragami.” This show is amazing from every angle: the theme song, the show itself, the plot, the characters. However, it only received two seasons, which it did not deserve. The plot of this show is that a god named Yato is looking for a new weapon, when he meets a human girl that can leave her body after being hit by a car. This is unusual, but he still goes with it, and the story progresses, may I add, amazingly. The second season kinda ended on a weird tone, so a third season would help tie up the many, many loose ends. No matter what show you look at, everyone has at least one show that ended in confusion about one thing or another. Very few shows end well, but these five especially need another show for some wrap-up. By Staff Writer Noah





Friday, Dec. 2, 2016



Brennan Kohls Photos

Flyway Highway Mississppi waterfowl flyway provides new duck hunting experience

On the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, while most students enjoyed sleeping in on their day off from school, my dad and I were awake at 4:15 a.m. to go out in a boat blind to hunt ducks on the Mississippi River. We were guided by Eric Moltzan of Muddy Miss Guide Service in hopes of getting a good end-of-season duck hunt in. We had absolutely terrible conditions for duck hunting: no wind, rain and fog. We still had a few mallards and divers fly over, but none of them wanted anything to do with our spread or calls. Finally we bagged one green-winged teal, but nothing else wanted to come down into the spread. It was still a great hunt, inside a heated blind boat looking out over the tremendous river. Unfortunately, the waterfowl migration will not be coming down the Mississipi flyway during the season this year once again. By Opinoin Editor Brennan


Top Left: My dad stands lookout for ducks, while our lone green-wing teal hangs from the gamestrap. Top Middle: An overview of the blind on top of a 24’ long flat bottom boat with a 250 hp outboard motor. Top Right: A water droplet hangs from a stick in the blind as the rain came down. Bottom: Rain hits my Stoeger M3000 while it sits silently waiting for some ducks to fly in.



SPORTS High school women start off victoriously With their jamboree last Monday at Waterloo East, the girls basketball team dominated with a lead of 36-11 to start the season, and on Tuesday, Nov. 29, they also battled Dubuque Hempstead away and came out the winners with 5751. Cynthia Wolf contributed big with 14 points, and Kiana Barney threw down the most with 16 points scored. In a recap of last season, head coach Gregg Groen said, “I have been very fortunate to have some very talented basketball players the last few years. The girls really focus on the team concept, play very unselfish and do a great job of encouraging each other. We have some girls back this year who have been major contributors to the success the last two years, and we have a great mixture of incoming players who will greatly help this team. The team has gone 40-9 over the last two years and two state trips, making it to the semi-finals last season.” Groen has been coaching at CF for 16 years, and is heading into his third year as varsity head coach. “This team has the ability to make it to state,” he said, “but right now we need to first focus on doing the little things right in practice and getting bet-

Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

ter as a team so we can put ourselves in a position to have that opportunity to make it to State. There is much time between now and March, and what we do with that time in practice and competing against great competition will best prepare us for that opportunity.” He said the team is still developing its own dynamics. “I think it is too early in the season yet to know how this team will be different from last year’s team. Each team, each year, creates its own identity, and right now in each practice we are trying to establish what this team’s identity will be. We need to focus on the strengths the players collectively bring to the team to help it be successful.” One of the returning letterwinners from last year’s team, junior Kiana Barney, said, “This is my favorite sport. I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember. It has always been a dream of mine to play Division I basketball, and my sophomore year (last year) after the season, I committed to UNI. Our team this year has a lot of goals, and it is definitely a goal to make it to State. There’s no doubt in my mind that we can’t make it there and compete to be state champions if we keep practicing hard and

making each other better. We have a lot of returning players who have grown a lot from last season as players. This year we are really focusing on being relentless and working harder than anyone else. I love how I can use basketball to escape anything that’s going on and just to relax. I can spend hours just shooting. I also love the relationships it forms.” In her last year, teammate Ally Conrad said, “This is my favorite sport. I have been playing since as long as I can remember, maybe like second grade. I have been looking at Wartburg to play college basketball, but I am still unsure if that’s what I want to do. I am so confident in our team that we can achieve the goal of making it to the Well. We have so many strengths that make us different from other teams. This year will be different from last because we will have a deeper bench, and there will be lots of girls that will play. I love this team.” The girls will have 20 games left guaranteed, and then a shot in the Wells Fargo Arena. Their next game is today after school, Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m. at home. They will be against Washington. By Staff Writer Claire


Emmey Sherbon Photos

Freshman Cael Loecher worked all sides of the ball in the Peet win vs. New Hampton, 63-14, on Nov. 28.

Holmes, Peet men’s teams open with wins The men’s basketball teams at Peet and Holmes are off to a fast start after racking up wins at the beginning of the season. The Peet Tigers beat New Hampton last Monday, Nov. 28, 63-14, and beat West High School, 69-33, on Tuesday, Nov. 29. Starting player Adis Sabic said, “I think we have about 95 percent chance

of being undefeated or at least be in the top three in our conference this season.” Holmes is also having a great start to the season after winning its first game against Waverly-Shell Rock, 68-43, on Tuesday, Nov. 29. “We are looking forward to a great season. Everyone has been working extremely hard, and it definitely has

showed off in the game against Waverly. Let’s just hope it pays off the rest of season” player Milo Simpson said. Both teams have upcoming games, including Peet’s game tonight, Dec. 2, at Waverly-Shell Rock at 6 p.m and Holmes has a game at Grundy Center, Dec.5, at 7:30 p.m By Staff Writer Emmey



HI-LINE Sports Opinion Hawkeyes return to relevance after late season efforts Iowa football is back on track after a disappointing 5-4 start. At the beginning of the season, Iowa started out ranked No. 17 i.n the AP top 25, eventually getting to No. 13 before getting upset by North Dakota State 2321 in week three. After three more losses to Northwestern, Wisconsin and Penn State, it very much seemed like the Iowa season was over, as if to validate the scrutiny they received after getting trounced by Stanford in the Rose Bowl last year. But Iowa has turned it around these past three weeks, as the Hawkeyes beat Michigan who was unbeaten at the time, as well as beating No. 17 Nebraska last week. Now the Hawkeyes are No. 17 in this week’s AP poll, despite not being ranked at all in the College Football Playoff rankings. Iowa’s strong defense has really been one of the keys to keeping the team competitive this entire year, as the offense has struggled plenty throughout the entire season. Iowa’s game has almost always been keeping the contest a low scoring one. Iowa is not made to to be an offensive shootout, which has gotten them in trouble in certain games. CJ Beathard was supposed to be more of a gunslinger quarterback, but he has looked somewhat shaky this season due to his reliance on the checkdown. Losses against Northwestern and Penn State are good examples of Iowa’s struggles. Iowa lost 38-31 to Northwestern and 41-14 to Penn State. Iowa’s running game has been one of the only things offensively that they can rely on. In every single one of Iowa’s wins, the two main running backs, Akrum Wadley and Leshun Daniels Jr., have combined for at least 150 yards on the ground. The Iowa hecklers have been real Fox Sports media personality Colin Cowherd has ripped into Iowa on several occasions, calling them the fake I.D of college football, and questioning their non-conference scheduling, calling them weak. After Iowa beat Michigan 14-13 and destroyed Nebraska 40-10, my man Cowherd hasn’t said anything, so Iowa silenced the haters, and the return to the top 25 proves it. Iowa has proven that they have flaws, especially on offense, but still deserve to be considered a top football program. Iowa has returned to relevance in college football, and is now back on the prowl on the top of college football. By Staff Writer Colin


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