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Healthy Kids Act brings changes to lunch room, school

obesity rate for adults is 27.6 percent and 11.2 Staff Writer percent for children ages ten through seventeen. A speThe Cedar Falls School cific study on highschoolers District is striving to keep showed that twelve percent up with the latest state are obese and law, which 15.8 percent addresses new are overdaily health weight. needs for The HKA students and addresses all officials. The foods sold to students in Healthy Kids the school disAct (HKA) trict, includwas passed and ing anything went into affrom fund fect July 1. Its . goals are to de- —Food Supervisor raising, bake sales, vending velop healthy LaVonne Arndt machines and eating habits classroom and promote projects, to ala carte snacks. active lifestyles for all stuAthletic Director Troy dents. Health and Becker put it like this, “If nutrition is a real and growit’s something the school ing concern in the country offers, it needs to fall under right now. The numbers of obese and overweight adults the HKA rules.” There is no funding have been growing steadily since 1991. Currently Iowa’s coming in from the HKA,

Maya Amjadi

“If it’s

something the school offers, it needs to fall under the HKA rules

but the USDA funding for school meals increased by about 4 cents per meal this year, according to Food Service Supervisor LaVonne Arndt. Foods offered must meet nutritional standards for calories, sodium, fat, and sugar. Also, 50 percent of all grains offered must be whole grains. “Students may notice the absence of some of the more sugary favorites or smaller portion sizes of foods like cookie bars,” Arndt said. “[Also] beverages with carbonation are not allowed. This includes the 100 percent juices with some small amount of carbonation.” And that’s not all. In coming years the amount of sodium and fat in foods offered will have to decrease even further. The HKA has plans to keep cutting down Continued page 2

Maya Amjadi Photo

The Healthy Kids Act that recently went into effect has brought many changes to lunches like those of sophomores Holly Youngblood and Makaela Burke.

What do you think about the Florida pastor’s plans to burn the Quran?

The possible burning of the Quran by Terry Jones has recieved international media attention over the last week. Although it did not occur on this Sept. 11 as he had planned, he has suggested that it might happen at a later date. We asked students and teachers about thier opinions on the issue.

We always say that we’re a country of great acceptance and freedom. Yes, we have those freedoms to state what we believe and think, Michellle but only if we’re not Rathe not hurting someTeacher one else; that is the difference between freedom and a hate crime.

Many people are concerned that the burning of the Qurans will have serious repercussions for America, but what makes you think Sarah that erecting a Mosque Wallingford at Ground Zero won’t Senior also have repercussions?

Muhammad Shehata Senior

It would just cause more problems. There’s no point; it’s not going to solve anything, and for extremists it just gives them more of a reason to do what they do.

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SEPT. 14, 2010

From page 1 gradually over a span of several years. Some students have heard that ala carte will disappear. “[This is] just a rumor,” Arndt said. “There will be foods offered ala carte, just not the variety students have become accustomed to.” The main lunch line will not be seeing many changes other than several foods offered ala carte will now be put with other nutrition-filled side dishes and served as a meal (for example, pizza with fruits, vegetables and milk). “Companies are stepping up to the plate and developing foods that will meet the new rules. Companies like Kellogg and Frito are working on meeting the guidelines,” Arndtb said. “The hope is that students will develop healthy eating habits. We certainly hope that students will think about their food choices whether it is at school or at home.” Although this was the intention, not all students

are praising the cuts. “I don’t eat at lunch now, I just have a Gatorade. I am very upset [about the HKA]. I just go home and pig out and don’t eat at school,” said sophomore Ashley Griffin. “It should be a kid’s choice to eat healthy, it shouldn’t be the school making kids do it. There should be some healthy foods but also some things you can enjoy. They [students] are gonna eat junk food at home anyways. I don’t eat at lunch anymore,” said junior Donita Clark. The HKA also affects physical activity and requires CPR training. It is now required that high schoolers have 120 minutes of physical activity per week. “A goal for next year is to make a serious change in physical education, an improvement,” Becker said. “With the budget cuts from this year it would have been pretty difficult.” What many schools are doing to meet the physical education requirement is counting sports as the students activity. Therefore

if students are in a sport they could opt out of the PE requirement for as long as the sport is going. However, Cedar Falls has not decided if it will be doing this or not. According to Becker, the Physical Education Program Grant which gave money to the schools in the district for PE equipment, will be helpful in meeting these standards. “The PEP Grant will help meet the requirements,” Becker said. Many students have been using the new cardio room that the PEP Grant funded just last year. He commented that they are still deciding what to do to meet the CPR requirement. “Starting next year, CF needs to decide if they are going to offer hands on CPR. Recent research says compression only CPR is the way to go, and this will be easier to teach our students.” The school is waiting for the recommendation to get the right teaching methods going. For more information on the exact rules of the HKA, visit

didn’t think I would get pulled over for going 31 in a 25, but I did,” Naber said. She had two people with her in the car who were also surprised when it happened. “They’re doing their job,” said Kevin Stewart, a local drivers education instructor about the state patrol being at the high school. He explained how the high school is a good

place to find people breaking the law. Some students have mixed feelings about the state patrol cars being at the high school. “It was smart of the state patrol, but it would be bad to get caught,” junior Shelby Mckenzie said, but some students said they thought it was unfair that they were getting targeted. “We get blamed for being reckless and care-


Graphic from

State patrol cracks down on texting while driving at CFHS Melanie Rasmussen Staff Writer

Three state patrol cars stationed on Division Street cracked down on students texting while driving on Thursday, Sept. 2. Junior Leah Naber was one person who got pulled over that morning. She was going 31 in a 25 speed zone and was wearing no seat belt. “I

less drivers when we are not,” junior Kelsey McCrea said. Junior Lauren Berger agreed. “I have seen older people text and drive. They just expect teenagers to because were more in touch with technology.” Stewart also brought up that the overall quality of driving has decreased over the past 10 years

with the increased number of distractions affecting people’s driving abilities. “You shouldn’t be doing things that distract you while driving” Stewart said. However, Stewart also said that sometimes you have to take call that are important. “If I’m driving and someone calls that I need to talk to, I will answer it,” Stewart said.

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SEPT. 14, 2010

our view Quran burning threats ignore price of freedom We at the Tiger Hi-Line love the First Amendment. It entitles the freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion. This freedom is our power to reach the people. But with our power and freedom we must act responsibility. That’s why we believe that Rev. Terry Jones of Gainsville, Spiderman once said Fla., should that “With power, not go through there comes great at all with the responsibility.” plans to burn Qurans like he originally planned on Sept. 11. The act of burning this book will only fuel the fire for more hate between the United States and the followers of Islam around the globe. We think that Rev. Jones should instead use his power as a leader to promote peace and tolerance of other’s religious beliefs. Spiderman once said that “With power, there comes great responsibility,” and it’s time for Rev. Jones to use his power of free speech responsibly before causing serious harm to two worlds. This contoversy is selfish and undermind to our troops and citizens.

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Save money to save your life Insurance providers give discounts to safe drivers, good students

Aaron Parsons Staff Writer

Most of us know the feeling we get when we take that first meeting with our insurance company. You get that sinking feeling in your stomach, and even more in your bank account. I decided to contact my insurance agent, Christel Manson at State Farm, to get to the bottom of this madness. Manson said, “Actually, Iowa has some of the lowest rates in the nation. Rates depend on where you live, what you drive, your age, driving record, coverages you carry,and the total number of policies you have with the company. The more you use a policy, or the more moving violations you have, the higher the rates. But overall, the rates here really are lower than the rest of the country.” According to MSN Money, New Jersey has the highest rates in the country. Some people pay up to $1,182 a year for insurance, while Iowa ranks the lowest, averaging around $600 a year. Manson also said, “The higher the deductible a person carries, the lower their premium. Also, the more policies you carry, the better your driving record and the longer you have been with a company, the better your rates will be. Young drivers staying ticket and accident free save an additional 15 percent per payment period, while the Good Grades discount (3.0 GPA and above) saves you 15-30 percent per pay period.” I think that we should all aim for a GPA of 3.0 or

Aaron Parsons Photo

Sophomore Jared Hylton keeps his cool behind the wheel while saving money on his car insurance. higher so that we can save money and get good academic recognition. It saves me about $80/month, so it is definitely worth trying. Remember that your parents can always take away your keys. I think we should act with the utmost respect so that we can keep our cars. Manson said, “From a premium stand point, I suggest new drivers get a car that they do not have to carry full coverage insurance on. Full coverage insurance normally costs twice what liability insurance does, so if you can buy a car that costs around $2,000-$3,000 and doesn’t require a loan, your premiums will be lowest.” I don’t think that we need brand new cars, as we are relatively new drivers, and an added benefit is that your insurance will be much lower. When I took the meeting with State Farm, I found out that even different body styles of cars would have different rates. According to the insurance companies, the majority of boys are reckless, and would speed up the car to a dangerous

speed, and thus, wreck it. I do disagree with different rates for guys and girls. I think that the majority of boys know that driving is not something to be taken lightly. I have also done the other discount they offer for us teens, which is where you complete a little booklet called a “Steer Clear” and all you do is fill out five questions before you drive and five after. There are such questions as “Where are you going from/going to?” and “Did the trip take the expected time?” As you can see, i’ts really very easy. There are also two parent evaluations they have to fill out, grading your driving on a scale from one to 10. You just have to do this for 20 trips and watch a short DVD, and then you’re done. I would guess from my own rate that this saves you about 10 percent off my monthly rate. As you can see, insurance is something that you must have in Iowa, but if you take the time to investigate, you can shave a significant savings from the costs of caring coverage in the event of a fender bender.

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4 feature

SEPT. 14, 2010

H A KUNA Homecoming 2010: M A T A T A

Homecoming is upon CFHS already, and this year’s theme is Disney. It kicks off with seniors voting for the Homecoming Court tomorrow and ends with the Homecoming dance on the 25th. Here are all the events planned for the week.

Disney Sophomore Alexus Watts

I’ll go to the volleyball game because when there are whiteouts and blackouts they’re big games and more people go so its fun.

Junior Josh Schoon


l vol






Powder Puff

al b y e


Sophomore Ryan Ehrhardt

I’m going. I don’t work, so I have to do something besides homework.

The halls will be decorated from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the Powder Puff game on the practice field at 7 p.m.


Pirates vs. Ninjas Tuesday night is the blackout for the home volleyball game against Prairie at 5:30.



Sports Day

There will be an assembly in the morning to announce the Homecoming Court. The school will be voting for King and Queen.



Toga/Pajama Day

Hollywood Day

For this Dress Up Day, Seniors get to wear togas to school, while juniors and sophomores wear pajamas.

FRIDAY Spirit Day

The home football game against Cedar Rapids Xavier is Friday night. For Friday’s Dress Up Day, seniors wear black, juniors wear red, sophomores wear white.

Junior Rhydian Talbot

I’m very excited about I really like Homethe game on Friday. I coming week in genhope the Tigers win. eral because of the crazy energy everywhere.

Thursday is the night of the coronation ceremony for the homecoming court at 8 p.m.



Homecoming comes to an end on Saturday, Sept. 25 with the Homecoming dance at Orchard Hill Church from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.








s a g to

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SEPT. 14, 2010

new releases MUSIC

-Brandon Flowers Flamingo Band of Joy with Robert Plant Band of Joy Mavis Staples You Are Not Alone Linkin Park A Thousand Suns The Walkmen Lisbon Weezer Hurley


Around Town:

Staff writers explore options for fun in new weekly feature It’s safe to say that our Cedar Falls mall just isn’t giving us the entertainment we high school students crave anymore. Not to worry. Sophomores Justin Marshall and Jessica Dally are here, and we’re going


-Devil -Alpha and Omega -The Town -Never Let Me Go GAME S

-Space Invaders Infinity Game

-Cabela’s North -

This week’s feature podcast can be found on The Tiger Hi-Line Online (http://www. by following the podcast links.

It’s Magic

with host Austin Schaub

Now in its third year of existence, this show runs arts reviews in a regular rotation of video games, music and DVD releases. Sept. 15/Episode 1 In his second season, Austin Schaub is kicking off his series with a card trick that viewers can use to amaze their peers.

to share with you our adventures of affordable things to do in our area. This article you are reading will be printed each week. We will provide you with activities we’ve done and the activities we will be doing next week. You must know that Justin and I won’t always agree, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go try what we explore. We will also be switching off between the both of us. One week I will write the article and next week Justin will write the article. On our first expedition, we laced up our old ice skates and ventured out into the world of ice skating. We went to Young Arena located on 125 Commercial Street in Waterloo. The total

cost is $7. Admissions is $3 and skate rentals are $4. The skating times vary from time to time because of the Waterloo Black Hawks and the Warriors hockey teams. You call their number at 319291-4300, and they can give you the times they have open skate available to the public. Skating is a great way to exercise. Justin was very graceful while I fumbled around. We skated around a couple of times, and we were able to talk and joke around like we usually do. The people at the arena are very nice as well. I was unable to get money out of the ATM, and she allowed me to go on the ice for free. “I should have pre-

Justin was very graceful while I fumbled around.


American Adventures Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole


Jessica Dally

Justin Marshall tended that my ATM card didn’t work either,” Justin said. I’m not telling you to forget your money, but that just shows that money is not everything to them. So we both agree that you should get your old skates out of the garage or go rent a pair there and enjoy the ice. Make sure you bring a jacket, though. It does get quite chilly. Next week, Justin will be writing about our trip to the paintball arena. The arena is located at 2710 WCF & N Drive in Waterloo.

Apple’s nano sees big changes Marie Deviney Staff Writer

Apple Company just recently came out with a new iPod nano with multi-touch. The new nano is 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter than the older versions. It’s even smaller than the iPhone 4. This version also has a 1.5 inch color display, a 240x240 pixel resolution and a built in rechargeable battery that allows you 24 hours of music. It comes in an 8GB and 16GB, and it has a clip. The design takes risks by discontinuing long standing features. It has no Video or Voice Over feature like older iPods. The students here at Cedar Falls High School have varying opinions about the newest iPod. Sophomore Ryan Stabenow said, “Sounds kinda pointless.

They already have touch screen stuff. If they want a nano, then give them a regular nano and make a mini iTouch.” Junior Shelby Swarts agreed. “I like the iTouch better because it’s bigger and easier to see,” and senior Kirsten Weaver is just overwhelmed by frequent updates. She said, “I think it’s useless, and they should just stop upgrading.” Sophomore Haley McDermott is already a fan of the new nano. “This iPod is so cool. I can’t wait to get one.” The competition doesn’t seem phased. Verizon’s Manager Photo Ryan Samo said, “The same old thing, just a different size.” Regarding whether Verizon would make a product similar to the new nano, he said, “Prob-

ably not. We will just stick to what we do best, the larger touch screens.” He also added that newer Smart Phone genres will be available later this year.

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6 sports

SEPT. 14, 2010

Kim Pfalzgraf Photo

Kim Pfalzgraf Photo Top Left: Junior Billy Howard hits out of a sand trap at Hole 14 at the MVC Tri at Pheasant Ridge where the Tigers won over Dubuque Hempstead and Cedar Rapids Washington. Top Right: Head men’s golf coach Rich Strike observes the boys in action. Below: The sun sets on Pheasant after a day of practice.

Golf team drives to top

Billy Howard Photo

e n i l i h r e tig THE



SEPT. 14, 2010

Underclassmen contribute to top-rated Tiger football Jared Hylton Staff Writer

In the three wins the varsity Tigers Football Team have compiled this year two underclassmen have been a huge contributor. Hayden Shea, a 6’3” 285 pound sophomore, is an offensive tackle for the Tigers. “I’m not treated differently at all. They’ve really taken me in and accepted me. At first I didn’t really want to tell anybody I was moved up to Varsity, I didn’t want people to just know me as the kid who plays varsity.” Ross Pierschbacher, a 6’4” 240 pound freshman, is an offensive guard. Pierschbacher is also the only freshman linemen to play varsity as a ninth grader in recent Cedar Falls’ history. “I’m just one of the guys. I don’t really want to think about it. Sometimes when we’re getting water, some of the guys will call senority and tell me to

Hayden Shea sophomore

Ross Pierschbacher freshman

move, and in games they like to call me ‘freshman.’” Shea is the only sophomore playing varsity football this year. “It’s kind of nerve-racking being the only sophomore who got moved up, but it’s also kind of cool,” Shea said. It isn’t uncommon for sophomores to get moved up to varsity. Last season, Ben Challgren, Barkley Hill and James Harrington all started varsity. Both Hayden and Ross got their first varsity action on Friday, Aug. 27, when Cedar Falls defeated

Dubuque Hempstead 24-7 at home. “I was really pumped up at the beginning and when we were getting warmed up I was pretty nervous. But when I was standing on the sidelines it gave me a chance to get my composure, but as soon as I went back in I was nervous,” Shea said. “After a couple of series’ I felt right into it,” Pierschbacher said. Having some nerves during a varsity football game is understandable. “I don’t want to put

myself higher than anybody, I’m just one of the guys,” Pierschbacher said. Pierschbacher will probably go on to play college football, which begs the question, what school will he attend? “For college I kind of want to play football at Iowa right now and take some business and math classes, but I haven’t really thought about it too much,” Pierschbacher said. Both Shea and Pierschbacher are players that could go on to play college football. “I want to stay in Iowa for college. I want to study athletic training or study to become a cop,” Shea said. In their short Varsity careers, Shea and Pierschbacher have produced great results for the Tigers. The second-ranked Tigers look to keep seeing improvement from both of these young athletes. The next time the Tigers will be in action is Thursday, Sept. 16, at Cedar Rapids Jefferson.

Sports Opinion: Athletes should be better role models Jordan Burtch Staff Writer

Recently many professional sports players have gotten into some mischief, which in most people’s eyes aren’t deemed acceptable. For example, professional superstars Patrick Kane and Ben Roethlisberger had some altercations with assault charges. Kane and his cousin were in a cab in Buffalo, New York before last year’s hockey season started

up and assaulted their taxi driver for not having 20 cents worth of change. The taxi driver was punched repetitively in the face and ended up having his glasses broken by the Kane cousins. Kane pleaded guilty to his charges and was let off with no suspensions, just an apology letter to the 62-year-old taxi driver. In the real world outside of professional sports, if some average Joe committed such a crime, he/she would no

doubt be in jail. Along with the Kane incident, Roethlisberger got charged with sexual assault on a 20-year-old college student in a Georgia nightclub. This should be unacceptable having superstars getting away with such charges. The crime rate for all superstars in all sports has been snowballing. Athletic directors everywhere need to crack down on consequences for such actions. Longer suspensions

and higher fines and community service. If the players would talk to students about what happened and how they will get back on track, this would be more inspirational than trying to forget it ever happened. If someone like Roethlisberger came to the high school, he could plausibly make a huge impact on the student body and make the students want to change their lives for the better, not just his.

Athlete Week of the

Abbie Anderson Women’s Swimming Junior

1. How long have you been swimming? Since I was 7. 2. What’s your favorite part of the season and why? I love the team aspect of it. All the team bonding and parties are so fun, along with Friday breakfast. 3. What are your goals for this season? One of my biggest goals this season is for our team to win Districts. 4. Who’s your biggest influence? Why? My dad because he always supports me in everything I do, and he’s my biggest fan.

Tigers in Action Football Cedar Rapids Jefferson, Away @ 7:15 Volleyball Tuesday vs. Dubuque Hempstead, Home @ 5:30 Saturday @ Dubuque Wahlert Tournament, Away @ 9 a.m. Men’s/Women’s CC Rich Engel Invitational @ Birdsall Park, 4:45 Women’s Swimming Tuesday vs. Cedar Rapids Washington, away, 6 p.m. Saturday: IC High Invitational, 10 p.m.

8 captured

Junior In a mid-week practice at Peet Junior High, the juniors gathered to plot their way to their first Powder Puff title. This year’s seniors are also looking for their first win after losing last year to the two-time champion 2009-2010 senior team. The game is slated for Sunday, Sept. 19 at the stadium in back of the school.

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SEPT. 14, 2010

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