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Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

Volume 54 Edition 4

Food Fight

Assembly kicks off CFHS push to extend food drive win streak/ see OPINION page 2 Follow us on Twitter at tigerhiline, Facebook at TigerHilineOnline and on our website at

Senior starts local campaign to end mental health stigma

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is an American nonprofit organization that aims to provide hope for people struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, self-harm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. Based in Melbourne, Fla., it was founded by Jamie Tworkowski in March 2006. Tworkowski founded the organization from the seeds of a story he wrote about Renee Yohe, chronicling her struggles with addiction, depression, self-injury and attempted suicide. In 2012, Yohe’s story was made into a movie called “Day One” starring Kat Dennings. Part of the larger organization of TWLOHA is The Storytellers, which is a campaign for high schoolers to initiate a conversation about mental health issues. Senior Abigail Van Patten has recently gained permission to be a storyteller for the organization. “I tried to start it last year, but was not able to,” Van Patten said. ALPHA teacher Tim Kangas will be the group’s sponsor. The Storytellers campaign runs for two months in each high school and can include a variety of activities, some of which are suggested by TWLOHA. Van Patten said she stumbled upon TWLOHA on the Internet in eighth grade. She found out about the Storytellers program last year, which was the first year it was done. This will not be a school group, but rather a campaign

that will reach the entire school community and the larger community of Cedar Falls. The purpose of the campaign is to hold two events: one in October and one in November. As of now, Van Patten is planning a Fear vs. Dreams campaign and a benefit concert/silent auction. Bracelets will also be sold for $5 several weeks during the campaign. Van Patten wants to start this

“The topics are very near to me. I feel like I need to do this.” Senior Abigail

Van Patten

project because she wants to break mental and social barriers and create a community within the school. She also wants to break the mental health stigma that everyone sees. The months of October and November are a good time to have this campaign because winter is a prime time for depression. Van Patten has high hopes for this project, namely a sense of hope and healing and community within the school. Van Patten strongly believes in the importance of this project. “I’m super passionate about this,” she said. “The topics are very near to

Senior Abigail Van Patten is leading The Storytellers Campaign at Cedar Falls High School to bring awareness about the mental health stigma. The Storytellers Campaign is part of the larger organization of To Write Love On Her Arms, which strives to provide hope and healing for people struggling with depression, anxiety, addictions and suicide. me. I feel like I need to do this.” To find out more about To Write Love On Her Arms, visit and like the official TWLOHA page on Facebook. For the CF campaign, like The Storytellers - Cedar Falls High

School on Facebook and follow The Storytellers - CFHS on Twitter. prepared for the campaign here at CF in these next two months. Also, be prepared for events in the coming weeks. Next week, bracelets will be sold

for $5 before and after school in the lobby, and during lucnh shifts in the cafeteria.“Just keep your eyes and ears open,CF,” Van Patten said. News Editor Ellen







Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

At top, Ben Fienup, Elizabeth Sesker, Mariam Bartlett and Rayce Willett show they “can can” do it. Working clockwise, a series of three pictures show a winning combination for the team of health teacher Megan Youngkent, world language teacher Simone Sundblad, math teacher Joe Brown and social studies teacher Chad VanCleve. Next, science teacher John Black collects cans from the bleachers, and lastly, art teacher Emily Luensmann, math teacher Ethan Wiechmann, Spanish teacher Patricia Black and science teacher Ron Hoofnagle take it home in the contest. All these events were at the assembly on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Our View


Photos by Marissa Nunez and Jackie Norman

‘Come Together’ to feed this Valley Contact Us

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Be sure to pitch in to these events too

Sophomore Leadership will be collecting at Hy-Vee, Fareway and a couple of volleyball games. Junior leadership is organizing a raffle and silent auction. Senior leadership has organized Beatles week – today is “I Want To Hold Your Jar of Peanut Butter Thursday” and Friday is “Hey Tuna Fish.” The seniors will also hold a 5K run on Sunday, Oct. 20 as well as a student vs. staff volleyball

game in November. S t u d e n t Senate will be holding a competition to see who can paint the best parking spot. They will also be organizing Truck-or-Treat for Oct. 29 – please sign up to sponsor a trunk in the counseling office. Best Trunk gets all cans for 5th period. Student Senate will go

trick-or-treating for cans and will be sponsoring a dress up day on Halloween. Finally, all of the leadership groups are planning a tailgate event for the Oct. 24 home football game.




Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

Welcome to Yotopia:



Three frozen yogurt stores all worth a visit

Junior Nathan Hall hands money to a smiling cashier to purchase his yogurt at CherryBerry. What began with a single frozen yogurt store moving into Cedar Falls has now expanded to create a yogurt frenzy. With the opening of Brick House Yogurt, there are now three frozen yogurt stores that everyone can indulge in. Each one has its advantages, and they are all worth visiting to find the perfect yogurt experience. The first yogurt store to appear in Cedar Falls was Yogurt Pro, a family-owned business located at 5725 University Ave. next to Sakura. Since it was the first and only frozen yogurt store in Cedar Falls, it was immediately a hit. This store has a very futuristic, clean feel to it with its sleek, white furniture and giant flatscreen TVs. It has a large selection of 21 yogurt flavors, which you can mix and match as you please. Yogurt Pro features mostly fruity, tangy flavors, such as Honeydew and Hawaiian Pineapple. However, they also have flavors like Red Velvet and Chocolate. The yogurt here is a little icy, so it isn’t quite as soft as you would expect frozen yogurt to be. The flavors are nice and strong, but the texture leaves something to be desired. However, Yogurt Pro makes up for this in that they offer a nice sized selection of fruits and toppings such as Oreos and chocolate chips. It costs a cheap $0.43 per ounce, which is especially worth it if you head there straight after

eating at Sakura. CherryBerry was the second yogurt store to appear in Cedar Falls, and it is located at 6207 University Ave. next to Panda Express. It opened in the middle of this past summer as a part of the CherryBerry chain and was instantly visited by many who wished to compare it to Yogurt Pro. It has a bright, fun atmosphere that welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door with its sunlit red, green and white walls. CherryBerry also has a variety of seating options with leather couches, tall stools and even small chairs for kids. They have a nice variety of flavors of yogurt, such as Candy Bar Smash (which tastes like a chocolate bar) and Birthday Bash (which tastes like birthday cake), as well as a large selection of toppings. The yogurt itself is a nice, creamy soft serve, which comes in 18 different flavors for your selection. This store, by far, has the largest selection of toppings of any yogurt place in Cedar Falls. It has 16 dry topping choices, in addition to loads of fruits and sauces. This store has the exact same cost as Yogurt Pro. CherryBerry is definitely the place to go if you want to have a fun, yogurt-y night with the family or if you want to make a quick yogurt run with your friends. The final yogurt store to open was Brick House Fro-

zen Yogurt, which joined the competition just last week. It is located at 5315 University Ave., taking the place of Bead Happy. This store sits in a cozy building that reminds you of a cottage you would see in a fairy tale. It is colorful from inside to out, and the interior is incredibly comfortable, warm and inviting. The yogurt here is absolutely the best in town. It is smooth and creamy, and it melts perfectly in your mouth. The Berry Cheesecake flavor is to die for, and their Old Fashioned Peanut Butter flavor is perfect for any peanut butter craving you might have. With over 20 choices for toppings, it has all that you could possibly want to put in your yogurt. The toppings are even the perfect size, featuring tiny Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&M’s and more. The employees at Brick House Yogurt are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, completely willing to help customers or even just have a nice conversation with them. With the same price as its two competitors, Brick House Frozen Yogurt is at the top of the yogurt competition and is absolutely the place to go. The location might be a little inconvenient for those who live on the other side of Cedar Falls, but the extra mileage is certainly worth it for a heavenly frozen yogurt experience.

Senior Holly Prohaska adds some of her favorite toppings to her yogurt at Yogurt Pro.

Self-serve frozen yogurt machines at Brick House Frozen Yogurt. Story and Pictures by Feature Editor Mallory






Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

Sports Opinion: Steroids more than just cheating We are slowly moving past the “Steroid Era” in baseball, but does this even matter to Americans? 2011 MVP Ryan Braun was suspended for 65 games to end his 2013 season for using performance enhancing drugs and then lying about it. He gave up a mere $3.25 million that he was owed through the end of the year of his $145.5 million dollar contract and was forced to sit out a little more than a third of a season in which his team was not near playoff contention. In other words, very little impact was made by the suspension other than a slight tarnish of his reputation, which fans will get over if he simply puts up good numbers. We have come to the point where we just look the other way and are nonchalant about cheating in America’s past time. Steroids in baseball means more than just cheating, as they reflect modern day America and how people essentially are buying hard work and natural gifts. Strength and athleticism are not the only things purchased to enhance oneself. Energy, intelligence, youthful appearance, even happiness all can be bought at a store or pharmacy. The thing that is mind bog-

gling, is that fans don’t seem to care. Fans pay hundreds of dollars to go to games with the purchasing of tickets, food, gas, memorabilia and possibly a hotel. They want to see something amazing. They want to see elite power, speed and aggressiveness. They want to be amazed, and they don’t seem to care how this happens as long as it does happen. Iconic scandals like Pete Rose are considered far more severe than P.E.D.s. Pete Rose had so much confidence that he bet thousands of dollars a day on himself and his team to win. Considering the goal of the professional game is to win, it did not affect the actually playing of the game like those who unfairly and illegally become stronger and faster. He never bet against his team like the Black Sox did, but he was also banned for life from baseball. He is the all time leader in hits, and, as of right now, he will never be elected into the Hall of Fame. The youth of America have been indulged in the fact that cheating is OK. Baseball and sports have become more about winning and less about teaching lessons of teamwork, leadership, friendship and the

Swim team eyes undefeated season

The women’s swim team has an undefeated record this year and hoping not to change that throughout the rest of the season. The girls just added on to their undefeated record after winning against Dubuque Senior on Tuesday and are hoping to add another win to their record next Friday, Oct. 19 at the Mississippi Valley Conference (MVC) swimming meet at Mercer Aquatic Center. The swim team wakes up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for swim practice at 5:45, and on the mornings that they are not waking up to swim, they are getting in the weight room to work out. Even though the swim team has practice every weekday morning, they also have practice after school two hours every day as well. With an undefeated record the swim girls know what it feels like to win. “You

ability to have fun in all circumstances. When winning becomes the only objective in baseball, parents and coaches become obsessed with only caring about the W. Kids throw curve balls at a far too young age when their arm health is at great risk and the hitter cannot develop naturally. Parents argue with umpires who often are out there because they love the game. But while winning isn’t everything, it definitely is something. Without a winner and loser, the game becomes socialistic. In order to maintain a capitalist society, a winner must exist. The real world doesn’t allow ties and neither should baseball. In 1998, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire both were on record pace for home runs in a way that nobody had seen before. Not only was one player going to break the home run record but two were, and they were neck and neck trying to outdo the other. Both have and were associated with steroids, but most Americans did not care. They wanted to be entertained in a way they had never been before, and that’s what they got. Teens should be idolizing Jackie Robinson and the

women’s suffrage movement, but instead, celebrities with money, fame, prestige and many problems are looked at with envy. Steroids are bad, and just about everyone can agree with that. The question that allows great disparity is how bad exactly is using performance enhancing drugs? Players who are clean, fans who truly respect the game and a part of major league baseball might say that they are very bad. Casual fans on the other hand, may say something different. Baseball has been fair and honest over it’s founding until the steroid era. Baseball has been used as a distraction for the real world, even in a distraction from itself. When the “Black Sox” scandal occurred, the baseball community and soul was more elated with the emergence and dominance of Babe Ruth. Joe DiMaggio was in the midst of his 56-game hitting streak during World War II, which helped people forget. Baseball has always been there for America. The love for the game has always existed and will always exist, which allows Americans, whether it’s right or wrong, to look past cheating in America’s pastime. Sports Editor Austin


Europa planning bike ride for breast cancer research

feel like the coolest person. Even if it wasn’t a good team, when you win, you walk away feeling pretty awesome,” junior Martee Grainger said, explaining how it feels to win. The swim team girls do many different team bonding things, team meals and a big sister little sister program where they bring each other little gifts on home meets and most invitationals, and other bonding things that help them grow closer as a team. “My favorite part is probably the people you meet and the friends you make,” sophomore Anna Stillman said. This year the team has a couple goals they want to achieve. They are shooting to break all the relay records. They also have a shot to win State, but they are aiming for at least third place. Abby


For those who enjoy riding bikes or know a loved one who’s going through or has gone through cancer, Europa Cycle will be sponsoring its annual Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride again this year on Saturday, Oct. 12. And yes, helmets are required. A few years ago, CFHS world language teacher Lisa Hunnemuller passed away from breast cancer. In her memory, CFHS counselor Susan Langan encourages students and staff to participate in this ride. “It’s just a great way to support people who’ve had any kind of cancer, especially breast cancer. And especially a nice way to remember a former teacher.” The bike ride this year will begin at 10 a.m. It will start and finish at Europa Cycle and has two riding options: a 12-mile trail or a 26-mile trail. Cost is $30 and 100 percent of all profits will be going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Come early and

enjoy music by KOKZ, meet KWWL anchor Amanda Goodman, get mini chair massages by Health Wise Foundation and enjoy some snacks from Qdoba Mexican Grill. Postride treats will be from Panera, Scratch Cupcakery, Ramada and the Biker Baker. There will also be many prizes including a one-year membership to Jazzercise, a “suite” deal for an overnight stay in a Ramada, a prize for the best “pink” costume and many more options for fun. Registration can be done online at Europa’s website ( or pre-register in person at Europa. The first 100 who pre-register will receive a goody bag the morning of the trek. For those who would like to order a T-shirt, preorder it online only when registering. Cancer survivors registering online by Oct. 1 will get a free survivor T-shirt. Sara



Athlete of



Timmy Sevcik Cross Country

Senior Timmy Sevcik finished second at the metro meet. How’s the season going? It’s been going really well. The team has been training really hard, and we’re all competing. How are you preparing for a state title run? We’ve got two more weeks of hard training left before we start to taper, so we’re really pushing ourselves now, and we’ll back off at the end of the season to be ready for State. How has the rivalry between you and the other top runners fueled you? We’ve had a really good rivalry so far this year between Jonathon Smith, Jared Failor and I. We’ve all won at least one meet so far, and we all really push each other and look to get better for the team. What are your collegiate running plans? I’m not sure exactly where I want to go, but wherever it is I plan to run cross country and track. I’m trying to find the right blend of athletics and academics.

Tigers in



Lost to CR Prairie Next up: Dubuque Wahlert Oct. 11 at 7:15 p.m. Away


Beat Wahlert Next up: CR Washington Oct. 15 at 5:30 Home

Women’s CC

Next up: MVC Super Meet at Wahlert at 3:30 p.m. Oct. 10

Men’s CC

Next up: MVC Super Meet at Dubuque Soccer Complex at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 10

Women’s Swimming

Next up: Oct. 17 MVC Diving Super Meet At Iowa City High 5 p.m.

Oct. 10, 2013 Tiger Hi-Line  
Oct. 10, 2013 Tiger Hi-Line  

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