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June 2022

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Letter from your former editor I told the new editor-in-chief to write this letter, but he suggested that since it was my last paper, I should write my last letter. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on my experience as editor and to introduce your new editors. I took on the role as editor at the begining of my junior year. Since then, alongside my co-editor, Carolina, I’ve led the production of four newspapers, two Us magazines and two yearbooks. I will miss walking out of 506 looking for quotes about random things and meeting some of the funniest and strangest people on campus sitting on the h-patio. Even coming up on the crumbled up newspaper on the ground gives me a sense of pride; like “wow I made that thing that someone used as a basketball for two seconds.” But seriously, publishing stories like in the Us magazine and on the instagram, guiding the process of story telling from that very first interview, to the final edit, to placing it on a page, to creative photography to FINALLY being able to send it to print, seeing people actually excited to read the magazine and the paper has been just a really cool experience for me and I cannot wait to pass it on to the next editors.

Speaking of whom, your next EIC of the Red and Black will be rising-senior Mathew Moreno. Matt has taken on the role almost entirely now, editing stories, motiviating whats left of the staff, leading deadline night and creating pages. You’ve probably seen Matt around campus or at sports games with a camera. He probably gave you a high five or asked how your days been. He has a cool sense of style and is naturally curious and will make an amazing EIC. Taking over the social media is rising-junior Jaden Mancini, aka little Jaden. Last school year when he wasn’t even on staff, Jaden would ASK to cover sporting events and genuinly thank me when I told him how to get to the games. He is one of the most wholehearted people I’ve ever met and I’ve known for a long time he would make a great leader. I’m so proud of the work everyone has put into the paper, and I know this staff is going to do amazing things, adding onto the legacy of this historic paper and telling people’s stories. For the last time, happy reading,

Covid-19 Update Dealing with Covid-19 recently, the BA.2 variant has been discovered and it is about 50 percent to 60 percent more contagious than the original BA.1 Omicron variant. Scientists have stated that the virus can be defended by the vaccine and boosters which will decrease its likelihood of being fatal. In total, Covid-19 caused a total of 6.14 million deaths worldwide and a total of 488 million cases worldwide, becoming one of the worst pandemics known in history. Although Covid is still very serious, there have been several metrics put in place to attempt to keep the virus at bay. CDC highly recommends taking the vaccine and boosters to reduce chances of contracting the virus.

story by treyvon hightower

New abortion regulations The Florida Senate passed Senate Bill 146 and its house counterpart HB5 commonly known as the “15-week Abortion ban,” which would prohibit doctors from performing abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Florida currently allows abortions until 24 weeks with no mandatory waiting period and has fewer restrictions compared to that of other southern states but this is set to change. The bill would significantly reduce access to late term

abortions for women across the southeast. This would be detrimental to the many women who travel hundreds of miles to get abortions in Florida because of strict abortion laws in the surrounding states. It also opens up the book to potentially stricter regulations on a woman’s reproductive rights and freedoms in the future. Coinciding with this is the recent leak of the Supreme Court draft decision to over turn Roe v. Wade, a precedential court case

that has protected a person’s right to an abortion since 1973. With both parts of the legislature being in full support of the bill, it is now being passed to Gov. Ron DeSantis. If DeSantis does sign the bill, it would formally take effect in Florida on July 1 according to the Florida Senate’s webpage. story by kaylee robinson grapic by isha modha

June 2022

John Milian: The Wrestler He stepped onto the black mat. He saw his opponent on the other side, coming up to the referee. He was nervous, to say the least, but he moved to the center as well, with confidence. At that moment, he was alone; he was the only one on his team that made it into the 2022 Wrestling State Championships in Osceola Highschool, Kissimmee. But he wasn’t really alone. Coach Patrick and Coach Chase Leone were at the corners of the mat, ready to guide Milian against his opponent. Senior John Milian faced the experienced wrestler, looking straight into his eyes. All odds were against him, as he stepped up against the number three in the state. Although in the same weight class, the title of his opponent got to Milian’s head. He went into his fighting position, the one the has made a thousand times before, during practices. The same one that got him through his district and regional duels. He shook the hand of his opponent. In his mind was his motto on repeat. It became a fact in his mind. “I go in there and I am either ‘I’m going to win, or I’m going to win’, there is no losing,” Milian said.




The referee blew the whistle. Every ounce of thought is gone. He rushed in, ready for anything. His flesh moved at lightning speeds. He only has one objective, and he is fighting. Till the last second for it.

“Everything is gone, there is no nerves, no nothing like that. I just feel good. I just go out there and wrestle,” Milian said. After some grueling minutes, he lost the match, his first match of the tournament. But thankfully he was not disqualified yet. This first match fueled an inner fire of his to keep going, and not lose the others he still had left. He went out to win his next matches over the next days. At the end of the tournament, Milian placed sixth place. He doesn’t feel defeated about his placement, he feels pride in having the chance of even making it there at all. He received a shiny medal, which he immediately gave to Coach Leone as a token of gratitude. Leone was there for the Hillsborough wrestling team at the

Senior John Milian pins down his oppenent during a wrestling match. beginning of the season when their last coach couldn’t coach for them. In Milian’s humble opinion, he wouldn’t have been in Kissimmee winning the medal if it wasn’t for Leone. He is thankful for this experience, especially for wrestling. He doesn’t know where he would be right now if it wasn’t for the sport. The requirements to be on the team kept him on track for school, and on the team is where he met most of his closest friends. Milian came back home as a hero. He

was the first person since 2014 that went to the State Wrestling Championship. A tradition in Hillsborough’s wrestling room is to hang up a photo of the wrestlers who make it to the states. So there Milian will be, overseeing future terrier wrestlers from his frame. After high school, he will be going to Wisconsin. There, Milian will be joining the wrestling team of a community college. story and photo by mathew moreno

Gabriella Vargas: The President

Junior Gabriella Vargas poses for a photo. photo by mathew moreno

The Student Government Association, or more commonly known as SGA, plays a large role at school. They attempt to make sure that every student’s needs and concerns are met as well as ensuring that every voice is heard and dignified. They organize student events like pep rallies, prom, and homecoming, but they also ensure that the teachers are appreciated with breakfasts and lunches. Being the president is no easy task. The president must be organized, have school spirit, and overall be the face of the school. Junior Gabriella Vargas is filling in as the next SGA president in the upcoming school year. Gabby Vargas, as most people know her, has been SGA’s Historian this past year, and as Historian, she managed all

the social media accounts. Her experience in this role has been fulfilling. She loves organizing activities and seeing all the different ideas from her peers come together in the end. “I see the stuff happen and think oh my gosh I really did that like I was a part of that, and it just makes me happy,” Vargas said. Every two weeks on Tuesdays, Vargas helps plans school dances after school with the rest of SGA. Vargas will be taking a hug role this upcoming year as president. It will be her duty to make sure that everything in SGA is in order and to try her best to really stay on top of all the activities. Vargas’s goal next year as president is to maintain a steadier communication with the

admins and gain more acceptance from them. “I have to really communicate with administration because sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch with them since they’re always so busy doing their work... SGA needs admins help with getting everything approved,” Vargas said. Not only is SGA a program and “the backbone of Hillsborough Highschool” as Vargas said, it’s also a tight nit community of close friends bouncing ideas off one another and gaining leadership skills at the same time. “We really do try our best to include everyone.” Vargas said. “This is it; it can’t get any better than that for me at least.” story by joscelyn rodriguez



June 2022


Why Fight? In the first fight of her life, and what she hopes is the last one, Mallory was pulled off of the girl she was slapping by a male teacher she didn’t know. The fight started in the bathroom, according to Donahoo, when another girl (unnamed for protection of identity) charged in. “This girl came into the bathroom and she had problems with my other friends but no personal problems with me and she just starts calling me a white b—--- and stuff and starts putting her phone in my face,” Donahoo said. The girl then left and came back with more people. When she approached Donahoo again, Donahoo kicked her leg. The girl then slapped her face, and Donahoo reacted by grabbing her. Donahoo knew then that she would be suspended but in the heat of the moment that didn’t really matter to her. Looking back now, Donahoo thinks there might have been a better way to handle the situation, even though she sees her reaction as self defense. “I don’t think I’m ever going to fight again. It was very immature and not the smartest option to handle a problem and I regret that now,” she said. After having to fill out a form with the police officer, Donahoo was given a week’s suspension and sent home. Punishments for fighting are mandated by the Student Code of Conduct given by the school district. It breaks punishments up into levels of infraction, depending on the severity of the issue. Administrators jobs after a fight are to assess the situation, and decide which level it fits into. That will help them determine the mandated punish-

ment of the students. According to Assistant Principal Samantha Witek, this helps the administration make fair decisions for punishments. Everything is in the guidelines, with few interpretations to be made. Witek and Assistant Principal Aaron Berry are in charge of issuing these repercussions, for example in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension or expulsion. The chart is detailed on page 24 of the student code of conduct for Hillsborough county. As for why people fight, senior Ahmari Wilson has a few ideas, after witnessing more fights than he can count over his time at Hillsborough.

“I dont think I’m ever going to fight again. It was very immature and not the smartest option to handle a problem and I regret that now” “Fights are always for three reasons: gang beef, over a female, or females talking about each other,” Wilson said. He remembers a huge fight at the beginning of this school year when he saw people rushing into the cafeteria, so he followed the crowd and hopped up onto the table to get a better view. About 20 kids were involved. He heard it had something to do with gangs. Trends with fights at Hillsborough are congruent with general trends across the nation. From the

The H-patio has been one of the common places for fights over the last school year. photo by mathew moreno student perspective, girls seem to have more spur-of-the-moment fights in secluded places like the bathrooms. Also for girls, usually the physical fight is an extension of a verbal argument. Things escalate from verbal arguments into a physical fight, while boys more often plan to fight at a specific time and meet up there. Therefore, weapons are more likely to be involved in

fights with boys. Donahoo has also witnessed a lot of fights, but never really understands why they start. She thinks it usually has something to do with drama on social media. “In general there’s just like people talking about other people always,” she said.

story by asher montgomery

AP Aaron Berry answers the question: How does the administration determine a student’s punishment for fighting? “There are lots of variables. Is it a fight or physical attack? There’s a difference from two people fighting and one student initiating the fight and the other acting out of defense. It’s usually pretty clear once we look at social media and the Assistant Principal Aaron Berry sits at his desk. photo by mathew moreno

cameras and with that we determine who is getting more days of ISS or OSS. Disabling is also progressive so if this is their first offense or not that comes into affect. If from times when fights result in severe bodily injury or severe disruption, that’s when we

decide of the student or students deserve what we call a possible change of placement to determine what environment is best for them to be safe and successful in.” collected by mercy ogonsola


June 2022



Trouble is brewing in the historic HHS auditorium On Friday, April 8, the Percy Jackson Lightning Thief musical was held in Hillsborough High’s auditorium. The crowd was packed more than ever. The beautifully performed play was organized by the school’s new English and Theater teacher Harrison Baxley. “I’m thinking of this as the first chapter in the Hillsborough High School theatre department story. We’re turning over a new leaf and trying out new things, we’ve made a lot of mistakes, but we’ve also learned a good lesson and we’re trying to lay a good base for the future of the department,” Baxley said. The play came together at the hands of everyone who was in it. The stagehands, costume and prop designers managed to both build the stage and immerse the audience. The actors played their part amazingly in just under seven weeks. “It was extremely fun working behind the scenes with everyone, at this point, I feel like this cast has become one big family,” said Lenz DePolis, the leading actor in the play. story by lia rojas picture by mathew moreno Cast rehearses the first act of the play before opening night. Bianca Intriago’s character, The oracle, is giving critical information to Lenz DePolis’ Percy Jackson.

Summer break plans

Students share their plans for summer break.

Freshman Alexis Cardona plans on going to the beach with her friends. She loves the beach because of the soft sand and the hot sun, she loves it enough to be there all day every day. Hanging out with her friends is something she is determined to do over the summer.

Sophomore Eliana Littlejohn loves to see her family and hang out with them. Over the summer she will visit her sister in North Carolina to hang with her mom’s side of the family.When she’s with her sister she wants to go to the malls and walk around the parks. She also plans on being at the beach with her friends 24/7. Her biggest goal for the summer is to relax and celebrate a successful and stressful school year.

During the summer, Junior Angelice Jackson is planning and working hard to get herself a car and moving into her own apartment. On her spare time, she plans to spend time with her friends and family. “We would go to the movies, skating, the pool, and the beach. We would do many different things to keep us entertained,” Jackson said.

collected by melanie columbie


June 2022

Summer break essentials Counting down the days until school ends. The weather is becoming hotter. Summer break is just around the corner. Soon enough there will be countless days of relaxation which will be perfect at the beach, travelling, going to amusement parks or just spending time outside. Whatever your summer plans consist of, there are many essentials that will be beneficial for your fun events. Sunscreen is a top essential. Applying sunscreen should be like an everyday routine however, even more so during the summer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is recommended to use sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher. This is important because it will help reduce the chances of sunburns or skin cancer while you are spending the day at the beach such as in Clearwater. Another essential are sunglasses. Just like sunscreen, sunglasses are necessary for keeping you protected. Having sunglasses that have at least a 98% protection from UVA and UVB rays are important for the day at an amusement park like Busch Gardens. Insect repellent is also a popular item that people keep around during the summer. It would be a horrendous experience if one were to go camping without any. A favorite essential of friends and mine are definitely treating ourselves to a cold treat. Whether it be ice cream, popsicles, iced tea, or lemonade, we love eating at local restaurants like Bo’s or Whatever Pops. The thought of summer break approaching and just spending a whole afternoon by the pool is very exciting. These essentials will surely be great to include in your summer plans. Have a great summer. story by meredith yen graphics from canva

LIFE Not yo fries It’s devastating when ordering an item from your favorite fast-food restaurant only to find out that it’s no longer available. Taco Bell’s nachos fries were first introduced in the year 2018, and since then we have been edged with this combination of delicious, well-seasoned fries paired with a tiny cup of warm nacho cheese to dip. Nacho fries have become Taco Bell’s best-selling item, but what a shame it’s only a limited-time offer. Taco Bell fans know the pain of having something good in your grasp only for it to be ripped away. It’s truly depressing when nacho fries leave our fanatical greedy fingertips. Freshmen Yuli Monrroy had a passionate opinion about them and went on to say. “ Taco Bell is disgusting and it makes everyone go to the bathroom.” Taco Bell does make everyone use the toilet, some good attributes of nacho fries are the crispness that happens to be the right amount, most of the time. Senior Frandy Davila says. “I’ve never had nacho fries but they sound pretty good.” In the wise words of Albert Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is intuition” and my intuition tells me that given the right batch of nacho fries anyone will love them. story by joscelyn rodriguez photo by mathew moreno


Senior Advice for Underclassmen Seniors give their best advice to rising juniors and sophomores. “I would say to take the time to learn how to balance your school and social life. It’s a little difficult at first but as long as you don’t procrastinate and stay on top of your work you should be fine. “ -Kristen Cordell

“Your surrounding friends will dictate your ambitions even if you don’t realize it. Choose wisely.” -Zion Crewe-White

“Have a planner and work on your time management skills. Make sure you stay in class and don’t skip, and work everyday to be the best you can be because that will greatly help u in the future” -Adam Tager collected by jamiah wright

LIFE Springing into Fashion


June 2022

Sophomore Kymori Cameron got her style when she was young. “I was inspired by early 2000s characters, think Bratz, Lindsay Lohan, and I loved Paris. I was also into academia: button downs, sweaters, sweater vests, pleated skirts, and Mary Janes, private school uniforms and pearls. I love pearls,” Cameron said. “I still wear those today, I also sometimes go with a kinda tom boy look which consists of more, casual baggy clothes. I love bright spring/ summer colors and gold accessories,” Cameron said.


Spotlight trend: Crochet Tops

Junior Sheilind Alvarez started crocheting in the second grade, after the mother-in-law of an old teacher introduced her to it. “I didn’t start doing difficult patterns until the start of quarantine, where I mostly taught myself. I’ve always found crocheting easy, maybe because I started at a young age,” Alvarez said. She makes everything from tops to

headbands, getting inspiration from Instagram and looking at different mediums of art. “Using crocheting as a way of winding down after a long day, instead of being on my phone. Looking at other art forms lets me stay original and have my own style of crocheting” Alvarez said. story by isolde rayman-moore

Senior Christian Cordero wears an all-black outfit with red sunglasses. “I got my style from a friend of mine. Junior year, he dressed like this everyday, so I started to care how I looked. Before all I did was slap on shorts and a jacket and call it a day. Now, I pick out outfits with jeans or tech-wear pants and a designer shirt or just full techwear,” Cordero said. Cordero likes his tech-wear style “It is pretty rare, but pretty cool looking. It has multiple straps and pockets for that futuristic look I was going for, and only black to give that feel of anonymity. Some people might even say it is what a hacker would wear,” Cordero said. compiled by isolde rayman-moore



June 2022


Hillsborough history: April Hillsborough High School is over 100 years old, and with that age comes years and years of history. Thanks to Rex Gordon, the Hilsborean Historian, here are some historical events throughout the years in April at the Big Red. All events and information have been taken from past editions of the Red and Black.

April 2008 As part of an effort to beautify the school after the extensive 2005 renovation, Hillsborough hired a local interior designer to add art to the 100 hallway, costing thousands of dollars. While many enjoyed the new additions, some felt they looked disorganized on the wall. Nurse Janice was quoted in the article, saying that she felt the new art did not match the school’s gothic architecture. She suggested that it should be replaced with old black and white pictures from the school to better match the look of the hallways and celebrate the past of the Big Red. Today, much of that artwork can still be seen on the north end of the hallway, just past the auditorium.

April 1962 Throughout the early 1960s, the iconic stained-glass windows in the auditorium were being installed. In April however, a new window was sponsored by the Hillsborough Sports Club. It would feature Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, who both led opposing sides in the American Civil War. To make space for it, the modern art window was moved further back in the auditorium and is no longer visible from inside. Students and teachers alike loved the new window and appreciated the beauty and uniqueness it added to the school. It was also decided that the auditorium lights would remain on at night to illuminate the windows to passers-by, which is still done to this day.

April 1942 April 1942 saw the middle of WWII, and with that, a major turning point after Tokyo was bombed by American forces in the Doolittle raid. As wartime efforts continued in America, many high school students were eager to join the armed forces and fight. Hillsborough students were encouraged to use their time at the Big Red wisely by learning as much as they could to prepare for the war after graduating. This was pushed as the most patriotic thing one could do for the country. Despite this, some still decided to leave and join the armed forces. Today, there are memorials for the brave alumni who fought in the war in the trophy room. collected by jaden mancini graphics by isha modha special thanks to rex gordon



June 2022


The ban on books needs to end Reading “Beloved” in English class was one of the most eye opening experiences of high school. I feel like I’ve always known about slavery. Meaning, I can’t remember learning about it, it feels like it is innate knowledge. In elementary school through early high school I could tell you it was horrible, because my teachers would say it was horrible and show us the pictures of the whipped men in the textbook. But it just didn’t sink in. I could learn about slavery and its role in the United States then go to my math class and forget about it. But when we read “Beloved” in class it stuck with me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It played a role in how I see the world, in how I see history. That’s what literature does. I remember, before we started reading it, reading the story “Beloved” was based on; A woman killed her baby to prevent the child from living a life of slavery. The story astounded us. How could someone kill their own newborn? Toni Morrisson, the author, saw that this narrative showed the complexity of this issue to people who would never understand. But now some Florida schools are rapidly pulling off the shelves of their libraries books like Morrison’s “Beloved” and “The Bluest Eye,” along with

a variety books that deal with fluid sexuality, citing Florida law, alledging they were “obscene and/or pornographic in material.” GOP legislators in Florida are reviewing legislation that would make it easier for parents to challenge books and get them banned in schools. Looking at the lists of books under review, I’ll admit some of them make sense. “Beloved” is violent and gory, and was scary at times, but that’s what made the book beautiful and impactful to me and my classmates. Some of the books on the list, though, make no sense whatsoever. One of them is a graphic novel I read in fifth grade called “Drama,” about a girl working on a school play. I can see no reason why this book would be banned. Some have said that this book was banned because it includes LGBTQ characters. I’m sorry parents, but we live in the 21st century. If your middle-schoolaged child doesn’t know what it means for someone to be gay, they’re going to be behind the times, and won’t understand anything their peers are talking about. And it’s not like children are going to be seeing worse material in books than they already see from peers at school or on the internet! Kids get phones as early as fifth grade, and probably even younger now. There’s no way to completely restrict what kids are

seeing online. Honestly, it’s probably better for them to read it in a book found in the school library. Another thing: Parents worried about violent content should not be worrying about books. When I was little, there was an inconspicuous game app that half of my class played on their phone where the whole purpose was to use different weapons to torture a dummy doll. And video games, gunning down people like they’re in war themselves. With videos and games, it’s hard to escape. It’s not a thoughtful violence or a teaching violence, and witnessing it requires nothing more than a slight bit of attention. Books, on the other hand, it doesn’t take much effort to take a break and process. We should be celebrating any student reading Beloved! They are becoming a worldly person! If they’re overwhelmed, it’s not hard to put it down and take a break. Banning books from schools will only make being able to read and having access to books more of a privilege than it already is. And, there’s no doubt in my mind that at the core of these bans and challenges is racism, homophobia, transphobia, and a desire to control the masses with censorship. To all the parents who want to ban books: it’s not your time anymore.

Knowledge shouldnt be hidden from us. History should not be hidden from us. We shouldnt back down at discussions of difficult topics. We need to rise up to them and be ready to face them. All in all, this isn’t really about banning books. I know that libraries are seldom used and any student who can’t find a book in the school library can walk across the street to check it out in the public library or just go online and download the pdf. But this is a smaller part of a much larger cultural trend — the

last, all-out attempt of conservatives to shape the picture of America. These book bans along with the attack on critical race theory and the GOP’s controlling of the curriculum show that these conservative politicians want students to see a fake picture of America, the idealistic picture that they grew up on. Well, sorry Desantis, but it’s not going to work. Everyone knows that banning a book only makes it more desirable.

column and graphic by asher montgomery

We’re moving backwards with DeSantis

Students protesting the nickamed “Don’t Say Gay” bill infront of the school during March 3rd. photo by mathew moreno

Officially named “Parental Rights In Education,” the “Don’t Say Gay” bill was recently signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. According to its text, House Bill 1557 is an attempt to “reinforce the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children.” While this may sound appealing to parents of young children, one of the main points of the bill states that “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on orientation or gender identity” is prohibited. The prohibition of these conversations reaffirms heteronormativity and creates a stigma around the topic of sexuality, making it a taboo subject for kids and restricting their freedom of speech. Sexuality plays a large part in the discussion of today. It is important for children to be able to participate in this discussion in an educated manner. The bill will restrict

curriculum that contains queer characters, continuing the unfortunate condition of heteronormativity. Heteronormativity is the concept that heterosexuality, or being straight, is the preferred or “normal” mode of sexual orientation. On top of that, queer kids will be unable to see themselves represented in fictional or historical characters they read about at school. Many parents believe that this law only affects K-3 grades. What they do not know is that 4-12 grades are also affected by this law. A broad restriction particularly aimed at sexual orientation will make educators have to question what kind of dialogue is or is not “appropriate” in a classroom. Questioning what is and is not okay to talk about will cause LGBTIQ students to question themselves and can ultimately lead to self-deprecation and hatred. This could lead to heightened suicide and depression rates. There is an estimate of at least one

LGBTQ youth between the ages of 13 and 24 that attempts suicide every 45 seconds in the U.S. This group of young individuals does not need to be targeted any more than they already are by the unfair norms of society. This type of law will take a huge toll on LGBTQ youth, especially the ones that remain unaccepted by their parents or families. This law will take away the supports LGBTQ children have outside of the home. Parents should not be worried about what their children want to hide, but rather why they want to hide it, especially if it comes to their sexuality. Schools should be safe places for children to express themselves and their opinions, and we should not be working on taking that from them, but rather working on making school a safer place for them.

column by lia rojas


June 2022


3 Dot Dash is overrated Three Dot Dash is a vegan kitchen on Florida, about a three-minute drive from school. As a lifelong vegetarian, I often have struggled finding food at restaurants beyond a typical sald or pasta dish (though this has changed in recent years). Their menu mainly consists of sandwiches and burgers, containing plant-based meat substitutes. Walking into the building, I was a bit startled. Instead of the regular dining experience I’m used to, the insides resembled a small liquor shop. For a moment, I believed I entered the wrong shop, before remembering the restaurant shares the space with Jug & Bottle Dept. At the register were a few different menus and desserts from WeVeganEats which is a South Tampa based bakery. I had decided on my order prior, using the menu on their website, due to my general anxiety of spending too long with the cashier. The meal was obviously more expensive than a fast-food joint, but Seminole Heights can often be overpriced, and so I appreciated being able to buy a filling meal for $13. “Could I get the Buff Mac and…” I paused, “a side order of fries?” I then asked the man at the register if there was a waiting area and he pointed me to the outside patio where a few groups were eating. It was a little hot but the breeze from the four hanging fans was enough to cool me down. In a quick eight minutes, my food was out. I was handed a white paper bag, with my receipt stapled to the front. I started with my sandwich. The chick’n pattie was covered in buffalo sauce. The first bite left me covered in sauce and throughout my meal I rationed the six napkins I was given. I was surprised I hadn’t left more stains of my white Charlie Brown t-shirt. Though the sauce was a bit overpowering, it was paired nicely with tomato, red onion, ranch, pickle, and a piece of fresh lettuce. The most exciting part of this sandwich was the number of toppings: lettuce, tomato, red onion, ranch, pickle, and a vegan mac and cheese. Though I am no stranger to MorningStar chiki’n pattie, it was a good blend of juicy, crispy, and soft. The mac and cheese, on the other hand, was quite bland. The only flavor was that of the buffalo sauce and a few times I wondered what the purpose of the mac n’ cheese was. Rather than elevate the sandwich, it felt like an unnecessary addition used to imitate “Instagram” food. To be fair, many restaurants fall into this trap. Rather

Disney’s Turning Red is the perfect coming of age film

TOP 3 Dot Dash’s Buff Mac Sandwhich with a side of fries BOTTOM The to go bag from three dot dash outside of the stores location on Florida and Hanna ave. photos by Isha Modha than focusing on the quality of the food, the meal is about aesthetics and trends. The fries were quite good, though I’m not a big fries person. Instead of eating them at the restaurant, I took them home where they were in my AirFyer and eaten with Chik-fil-a sauce. My gripe with the restaurant, though I enjoyed my meal, was the menu options. The choices all contained meat substitutes, maybe as a way


to appeal to non-vegans/ vegetarians. In my opinion, the beauty of vegan food is to create meals that are not centered around plantbased foods. Though I enjoyed my time here, it’s unlikely that I would choose Three Dot Dash for another meal, when I’ve had much more satisfying vegan food. It wasn’t outstanding in the way that I had hoped. It was just a sandwich. Just a plate of fries. review by isha modha

Turning Red is a 2022 Disney and Pixar movie about coming of age. The main star is 13-yearold Mei Lee who is discovering herself, yet still wants to be her mother’s perfect daughter. As the name suggests, Mei Lee turns into a big Red Panda whenever she feels extreme emotions. This causes her to isolate herself and see all the harm she can cause until she learns to control the panda. Her mom lets her know that there’s a ritual that is done during a Red Moon that would separate the panda from Mei Lee, yet it comes with a cost. The date of the next red moon is on May 25th -- the same day as the 4 Town concerts that Mei Lee and her friends were dying to go to. On top of the scheduling issue, they were $200 each. The four girls had to come up with a plan so they all could go. They made money by using Mei Lee’s panda as merch along with pictures and house parties. Showing that the girls were able to make the most of the situation that was happening. There’s a scene in which Mei Lee’s family are conducting the ritual to rid her of the panda. She iss supposed to part ways with the panda by stepping through a

A clip from the film Turning Red.

portal like the rest of them, but instead Mei Lee embraces the panda as a part of her that she could never let go of. This scene is important because it shows that someone could easily fall under the pressure of others to be ‘normal’ when in reality we should be embracing ourselves. In order to grow up, you can choose to follow the lead of others perfections or be yourself, flaws and all like what Mei Lee did. Her friends support helped her push through and break free of her mother’s grasp. This movie is a perfect representation of maturity and coming of age. Mei Lee is realizing her worth and that she only needs to impress herself not only her mom. She knows that her mom just wants the best for Mei Lee even though in the end Mei Lee was perfect in her own way. Turning Red is a great movie that everyone of all ages should watch as it shows that you should embrace what makes you happy, that breaking free could always lead to a better life that no one else has control over. Eventually you’ll gain the acceptance of others just like Mei Lee was able to do. review by haylee tyler

June 2022




Microgroove review Right on Florida Avenue, there is a own. Keith said, “A record store is a place small business called Microgroove. Miwhere my friends and I would always crogroove is a record store established in hang out, it was a place of comfort. I December 2011 where you can find CDs, encourage all the young people out there vinyl, cassette tapes, and vintage band to start sharing their music interests even tees for an affordable price. I came across if their tastes are completely different this store because one of my friends took because you never know what you might me there to check it out and since then I enjoy, that was something my friends and fell in love with the store. I did all the time.” Microgroove is relatively small but it People who love rock and punk music has a lot of character. There’s music conshould find their time here enjoyable. stantly playing which sets the vibe of the Popular bands can be found there such as entire store. Vinyl can be seen hanging on Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, The the walls and hundreds of CDS a set up in Beatles, and Metallica. If you aren’t into alphabetical order which makes finding rock music as much, artists such as Frank what you’re looking for considerably Ocean, Taylor Swift, and Mac Miller can easy. My favorite part about the record be found there. My overall experience at store is that as soon you walk in you just Microgroove was excellent. The service get engulfed in music, so it just starts my there was good, Keith is always quick to time there off with a bang. help me find whatever I needed whether The owner, Keith Ulrey started Miit was a CD or vinyl. I recommend this crogroove because he always had a love place to anyone who enjoys music and for music. Since he was a kid in the 80s collecting vinyl. and always wanted to start a store of his story and pictures by Trayvon Hightower

Pete Davidson vs. Kanye West: whose side are you on?

With all the controversy between musician Kanye West and comedian Pete Davidson, many people have their own opinions on whose side they’re on. Students at Hillsborough voted for whose side they’re on during this whole scandal. After all the votes came in, Pete Davidson won with a 58.9 percentage. poll by elisabella pease pie graph by mathew moreno



June 2022


Tom Brady is homesick The Buccaneers’ famous number twelve, the man with seven rings from each of his Super Bowl victories, Tom Brady, is back in the game. Tom Brady retired on February 1st, but he recently returned to the field on March 13th, already wearing his red, white, and black. Tom Brady posted his return on Twitter announcing his return back to the field. Some say it was less than two months before the Football star retired other sources say it was only 39 days, either way, he’s back and shooting for his 23rd season and 8th ring. “These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa.” While some are welcoming Brady with open arms, others are closing doors. When asking

opinions on Tom Brady at lunch, Sophmore Daibelyz Rosado just didnt know who that was. “ Tom Brady… Who is that,” Rosado said. When it was mentioned that he was a retired Super Bowl winner, it clicked. Brady is the awe-inspiring “GOAT”, the man who has run out of fingers, the man who is using his contract to help Hillsborough County and its schools flourish. Coach Hensel of the girl’s flag football team was granted the honor of being nominated for Buccaneer High School coach of the week. Coming with the name and bragging rights is 2,000 dollars from the buccaneer foundation. While our esteemed couch did not win this time, other opportunities will face Hillsborough High. Tom Brady is a lot of things spreading from a son, husband, father, mentor, friend, teammate, role model, and hero. Brady could

even add one more name to that list, influencer. He’s an impact on sports investment and school investment. While there might still be some questions and comments about Tom Brady, political or opinion controversy saying “Brady should have won MVP over Aaron Rodgers” quoted by Jackson Cande. Or feelings about the reason Brady came back, Lucas Johnson with “Tom figured out what life was with kids and said nope, let’s get back to work” There is one thing we know for sure, he is repping Tampa. Tom Brady is in red and black, it’s fitting. Kwamain Guyton yelled out with enthusiasm “ Yeah he became aggressive, Brady. But he’s the goat and more importantly, he’s my team. Tom Brady is back forever or for now, no idea but he’s out of the house and on the field.

story by jazzmine anderson graphic by tammy nguyen

First year as a terrier trainer Josue F Morales, HHS athletic trainer for all sports, has been apart of the Hillsborough family for two years now. Of all the benefits of coming to Hillsborough, Morales was looking forward to joining the Terrier staff. “I was most excited to be apart of the Big Red community,” Morales said. Throughout these two Athletic trainerJosue Morales poses for a photo. photo by jamiah wright

years Morales has struggled most with trying to be as available to everyone as possible. “The most challenging part of your job is probably that it’s just me and hundreds of student athletes. I try to be available as much as possible but that’s not realistic because I only see a small proportion of athletes. But sometimes its

ok not to see them because it means they’re not hurt,” he said. Last year, at the football game against King High school, there were three knee injuries and two shoulder injuries all at once within the last 2 minutes of the forth quarter. “That was a tough night. And I was just me,” Morales said.

Morales has good memories of his job as well, however. “It has to be seeing a student athlete return to play. One of the big ones was Isiah Center coming back to football after his ACL injury,” he said. story by jamiah wright

The bathroom hunt

Journalism Word Search Journalism Word Search U D Y Z U L J O U R N A L I S T D J Y G



ted pyramid





June 2022






comic created by isha modha

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word search created by melanie columbie



June 2022









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ACROSS 1ACROSS We are the big _____ 41Type visual Weofare thepoint big _____ 94Drag on Twitter Type of visual point 14 grape 9 Spanish Drag on Twitter 15 video game 14Old-school Spanish grape system 15 Old-school video game 16 Main artery from the system heart 16 Main artery from the 17 College heart entrance info, out 1600 entrance info, 17 ofCollege 19 IBout requirement, of 1600 extended _____ 19 IB requirement, 20 Stepped on it? Prepare extended _____ to20kiss it Stepped on it? Prepare 21 Tourist’s to kiss best it friend 23 Bills featuring Hamilton 21 Tourist's best friend 24 WWII conference 23 Bills featuring Hamilton 24 WWII conference 26 Lord of the Rings


26 Lord of the Rings menace 44 Co-Editor-In-Chief of 28The Bad in Barcelona Red and Black 31_____ Toxic element 46 meenyPb miney 32mo Scorch 34Not _____ above rest 47 bad, not the good 36Tyler Put out again 48 the Creator album 39Parks Some music holders 51 and _____ 42 Baseball lover the 52 Noisy style ofin dance BigFamous Apple indiv. 53 44Property Co-Editor-In-Chief 55 documentof The Red and Black 58 After "printemps" 46before _____ meeny miney "automne" moEvil spirit, archaic 60 47Santa's Not bad,pointy-eared not good 64 48helpers Tyler the Creator album 51Where Parks and _____ 66 one 52Co-Editor-In-Chief Noisy style of dance of 53The Famous Redindiv. and Black is studying next year

55 Property document Aftertime “printemps” 1 58 Quick to find a before club “automne” Evil spirit, archaic 2 60 Stage following precip. 64 Santa’s pointy-eared 3 Facts and figures 4 helpers Treatment during a spa 66 Where one day Co-Editor-In-Chief of 5 Lawrence of Arabia The and Black is starRed Peter next year 6 studying Classic 16th birthday 68 With 1-Across, this present title_____ of 7 newspaper’s What dreams 69 Bigger than 8 Bart's sister medium Obamacare 9 70 Significant other, slang poorfor taste 10 71 NoInhope success Fought with your legs 11 72 British bum Live _____ (Taco Bell 12 73 Obsessive fan 13 slogan) "Red", _____ ver. 18 Total mess 22 Squad


DOWN 1 Quick time to find a club 372 Picture Stage following precip. 383 Great breed of dog Facts and figures 404 Slugger Sammy Treatment during a spa 41day Run away to get 5 married Lawrence of Arabia 43star Where Peter to find a 42-Across 6 Classic 16th birthday 45present Math teacher's joke at beach 7 the What dreams _____ of 498 After Bart’s mid-life sister 509 Raised a child Significant other, slang 5410Drink, abbv. No hope for success 5511Money Britishyou bumowe 5612Songstress Fitzgerald Obsessive fan 5713Emergency “Red”, _____exit, ver. abbv. 5918"Walk _____ It" by Total It mess 22Migos, Squad feat. Drake 6125Palindromic Ankle bonestitle 6227Shamu a famous one Musicalispause 6328Legal regarding _____docs. and cheese 29confidentiality Australian rock band 65known Where forto find Lucy with diamonds “Thunderstruck” Star Wars creator 6730Charlemagne's domain, initially George

33 Mention or allude 35 Fortune teller’s tool 37 Picture 38 Great breed of dog 40 Slugger Sammy 41 Run away to get married 43 Where to find a 42-Across 45 Math teacher’s joke at the beach 49 After mid-life 50 Raised a child 54 Drink, abbv. 55 Money you owe 56 Songstress Fitzgerald 57 Emergency exit, abbv. 59 “Walk It _____ It” by Migos, feat. Drake 61 Palindromic title 62 Shamu is a famous one 63 Legal docs. regarding confidentiality 65 Where to find Lucy with diamonds 67 Charlemagne’s domain, initially

Looking for a new club? Hello HHS! We are Laura and Sheilind, co-founders and presidents of the HHS Cruciverbalist Club. Our sponsor is Mr. Welch. We are a club founded by and for crossword enthusiasts. The purpose of the club is to learn how to solve and write crossword puzzles. We plan to be featured in every issue of the Red and Black so you can enjoy the paper you already love even more. The eventual goal of the club is to have our work published in local or national newspapers like the New York Times! Interested in joining? contact us on Instagram: @sgiovaniaaa and @laura.dingdong or email Welch at: michael.welch@hcps.net