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Guide to


not just for


As we come to the end of one year and look forward to the next… how do you feel? Do you reflect on this year with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve achieved, or do you feel a sense of underlying angst at another year having flown by

This time of year is often a time to

so fast, with goals and dreams still waiting to be realised?

look to the future and set New Years resolutions. There is nothing

How you ‘frame’ your life fundamentally controls how you

wrong with that notion in itself but I

perceive what you do. It’s interesting to compare those

encourage you to consider the

who have a very positive outlook to those who tend

quote below before you fling

towards a negative take on things. Often you’ll find it’s

yourself into this new space with a

simply their outlook that changes and not the events

head full of hyped up ambition that

surrounding the situation itself.

somehow this year ‘will be different’.


The holistic approach


With many of my coaching clients, I often hear

crazy mindset so often in life. It's like your

frustrated statements along the lines of: "I

head and your heart are competing with each

know that I should ...loose weight/stop

other. It's a crazy game and can so often lead

smoking/get fit/eat more veg/drink more water"

to exhaustion and disappointment when we

and I know how to do it but just can't seem to

feel we are letting ourselves down by not


following through with our good intentions.

I know they are not alone in this. I know

However in these moments of frustration is

because, myself included, experience this

often the idealised physical outcome we have


focused our attention on, overlooking the true intention behind our goal.

What is your ‘goal beyond the goal’?

"I want to loose weight" Ok, but why? What will that outcome bring to your life above and beyond the weight loss itself? This takes the thought process to a whole new level, a deeply personal and long term level creating a total mind shift and ultimately setting the foundations for a new lifestyle.

Your resolutions should hold meaning for you at the deepest level to bring about true change in your life.

No matter how driven, motivated or dedicated you may be to following that goal, it is the people around you that help pick you up when your mind or body falters, when you threaten to through in the towel, when the mountain just seems too high to climb.

Accountability is often key to a goal becoming reality. You want to loose weight? You want to run a marathon? You want to launch your own business?


Photographs: - Witthaya Phonsawat / stockimages / hyena reality / photostick

Tell people about it!!

Telling people about your goals takes the words from your mind to you mouth, they become grounded in a real life context giving you much less chance of backing out. Having people on your side fighting your corner and supporting you in your mission is also key to your success as you be will less tempted by their well meaning but often off course intentions (“go on just eat this last piece of cake”), your mind will be less overwhelmed with the task ahead of you and you’ll have people to bounce off and provide that sense of long term perspective and positivity when the going get’s a little tough. As a bonus your actions could well inspire those around you to realise goals of their own.

So will you be making resolutions come January? Chose your goals wisely, understand your goal beyond the goal and seek support along your journey.


The Aloe Vera mocktail has arrived! PAGE 10

It wouldn’t be Christmas or even New Year for that matter without a fabulous cocktail and the stunning Arch Hotel in London has created a masterpiece. Not only festive, not merely delicious but also fabulously healthy. You heard it here first! Aloe Vera does wonders for your skin, so just imagine what it can do on your insides! The Arch London, one of London’s finest contemporary boutique hotels, will launch an Aloe Vera Virgin Cocktail named ‘Virgin Vera’ in January 2015.

The mineral-rich juice is tipped to be the new must-have health drink, due to astonishing benefits, which include lowering cholesterol, aiding weight loss, combating bloating and indigestion, strengthening the immune system, and even easing general discomfort.

The Virgin Vera is part of a super healthy range of luxury mocktails served at The Arch London, which will include a Blueberry & Raspberry Martini and a Pomegranate Dream.

The use of Aloe Vera dates back to Egyptian times when it was used as a powerful herbal medicine. The plant extract contains a multitude of vitamins including A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3, B6 and is one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12, which helps with brain and nervous system function. It is also mineral-rich, containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron and potassium, as well as being packed with amino and fatty acids.

The Virgin Vera muddled fresh Lime and Raspberries, Aloe Vera Water and Guava Juice served over crushed ice Why not have yours professionally made in the hotel’s stylish bar, which oozes timeless London glamour. A stylish area with a unique arty ambience, it features original designer chairs by Tom Dixon, and intimate secluded leather booths veiled with floor-to-ceiling silk voile drapes. The perfect way to end a Christmas shopping trip to London perhaps? The Arch London, 50 Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London Photographs: The Arch Hotel London



Easy DIY recipes for essential oils…

Essential oils are the “essences” of plants, distilled or extracted as concentrated scents. The careful use of common oils can be an easy, rewarding complement to a self-monitored holistic health regimen. Try these engaging and rewarding recipes for creating your own home and beauty products, using nature’s purest ingredients!



Perfect Gifts Mint Lip Balm

Keep your lips from getting chapped by crafting your own homemade lip balm. The amounts listed below will create enough lip balm for the whole family, or even DIY gifts for friends! Make sure to store your finished product in a cool, dry place. If you would like to incorporate a natural preservative, add a few drops of Vitamin E:

1 tbsp beeswax 2 tbsp shea butter 2 tbsp coconut oil 20 drops spearmint essential oil

Use a double boiler method (a glass measuring cup sitting in a pan of 1-inch-deep water on medium heat) to melt the beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil. Once these ingredients melt, quickly stir in the spearmint oil, and (using a towel to protect your hand),

2 Citrus Room Fragrance You’ll need an oil burner for this one. A simple oil burner is usually a small dish atop an open flame. In the dish, combine the following ingredients:

pour the mixture into the jars or tins that you would like to use as lip balm containers. If you are using actual chapstick containers, you may want to use a beaker to distribute the mixture into the containers, instead of pouring.

A small amount of tepid water 2 drops sweet orange essential oil (top note) 3 drops juniper berry essential oil (middle note) 1 drop ginger essential oil (base note)

Light the flame or turn on the heater, and you’re ready to enjoy the warming, fragrant citrus top notes throughout your home or office space!

And there’s more…..

Photographs: - David Castillo Dominici


3 Lavender Massage Oil 2 fl. oz sweet almond oil 24 drops lavender essential oil

A safe dilution practice for essential oil home use is roughly 2% (12 drops for every fluid ounce). You can use a bit more or less, depending on preference, but it is recommended that you do not exceed 5% without the supervision of a certified aromatherapist (30 drops per fluid ounce).

Massage oils are exceedingly easy to create at home. Simply combine the sweet almond oil (or jojoba oil, or any carrier oil of your choice) with the essential oils, and you’re done! Massage oils can be used as warming “lotions” for dry skin, as well.

Remember to never apply essential oils “neat” (undiluted) onto bare skin – always use a carrier oil to soften the intensity of the essential oil.


Peppermint & Eucalyptus Diffuser

While a store-bought diffuser or humidifier may be helpful in this case, all you really need is a pot of simmering water. Simply add 2 drops of peppermint and 2 drops of eucalyptus to any diffuser, whether homemade or commercial, and relax as the freshness of these two potpourri favorites, popular for their touted congestion relief, moisturize the air.

Never diffuse any essential oil too heavily into a room – as I alluded to earlier, essential oils are intense and concentrated, and a little goes a long way. When in doubt, use less.


Photographs: - panuruangjan /

/ praisaeng / nuchylee / Serge Bertasius Photography / lemonade


Sweet Orange, Vetiver & Jasmine Perfume/Cologne

Essential oils make wonderful unisex fragrances – they are earthy and intensely aromatic. Consider a spicy alternative to your typical fragrance fare by adding some vetiver to the mix.

You may want to buy roller bottles for this project – they are relatively inexpensive to buy online or at a craft store, and I recommend buying frosted cobalt (blue) or amber (brown) bottles instead of clear, in order to protect the contents of the bottle from light.

10 ml jojoba oil 2 drops sweet orange essential oil 3 drops vetiver essential oil 1 drop jasmine essential oil

Combine the four ingredients in a roller bottle, and in one step, add aromatherapeutic benefits to your beauty regimen! The best part about essential use is that you can enjoy the experimentation that comes along with an essential oil hobby, create gifts for friends, and take initiative for caring for your own holistic health.

Suggested seasonal oils to try: allspice, anise, basil, balsam, bay, black pepper, cardamom, cassia, cedarwood, chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon, clove bud, coffee, sage, cypress, fennel, fir needle, frankincense, ginger, juniper berry, marjoram, myrrh, oakmoss, peppermint, spearmint, spruce, sweet orange, thyme, and vetiver.

Suggested carrier oils to try: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil (for solids), and grapeseed oil PAGE 16


My name is Samantha and I am the full-time carer for my husband, who has complex physical and mental health issues. I made a video and wrote the article because we all need to be talking more openly and honestly about mental health and how it effects both carers and carees. EDITOR: One of Samantha’s husband’s ‘personalities’ tells her that he doesn’t love her and can be hurtful and frightening., Samantha doesn’t know from one moment to the next ‘who’ her husband will be today, or what mood he will be in. The video at the end of this link is frank, honest and a very brave thing for both Samantha and her husband to share. Heart-achingly for both of them there are times when Samantha’s husband honestly asks her to leave him because he himself cannot bear that she is dealing with his condition. We are happy to share Samantha’s video link and we (along with Samantha) hope it helps others out there too.


e to stop the


SAMANTHA: For a long time I have been wanting to do more for spreading awareness of mental health.

I have been re-tweeting stuff on twitter, but I felt this was not enough. So my idea to do a video came to me one night while wide awake in bed. The original idea was just to have captions to music, but after discussing it with my husband we both agreed that actually talking about mental health would be better.

I was going to do the talking on the video, but I then thought it would be more impactful if we had both sides - mine as the carer and my husband’s as the caree.

We neither of us dreamed this would take us on such an emotional journey - some feelings that had been buried come up to the surface while doing the video. But most of all, doing this video reminded us of what a good team we really are.

During the editing process it almost felt like old times when we used edit wedding videos together. Just a pity we don't have a decent camera any more .

To find Samantha on twitter: @carersvent To view Samantha & her husbands video CLICK HERE PAGE 17

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Chocolate Mousse

2 ripe avocado diced up 3 ripe bananas 1/3 cup any nut butter ¼ cup cacao powder (available via the website or a good health food shop) 2 tbsp carob powder You can add any topping to serve – try fresh berries, coconut, dairy free cream etc.

This is a great recipe for this time of year - it is raw and packed full of fabulous ingredients!

Once you have de-stoned the avocado children can prepare all the ingredients and then do the entire recipe from start to end – very empowering!

Put everything into the food processor and give it a good whizz for about 30 seconds, until it looks about the right consistency. You can serve it into any bowls, glasses or paper cups that you have available. Put it into the fridge for at least half an hour before you eat it, and it won’t keep for long so can’t be frozen.

Using cacao instead of cocoa powder means you get a better flavour as well as lots of extra nutrients and good stuff like magnesium and calcium. This is great alternative to all the mousse you can buy that’s full of gelatine and sugar – however it does taste a lot less sweet. We have adjusted over time, but you may want to add a little something sweet initially or serve with a sweet fruit like strawberries.

Claire is a mum of 3 dairy intolerant, veggie kids, works part-time and runs her own business too. You can find her on Twitter @ClaireLyonsGrow or her blog she also has a very swanky website


Cooking with Kids

“Honestly mum I didn’t eat the chocolate mousse and no that isn’t chocolate on my cheek!”

Photographs: - vectorolie


Festive Quiz

What’s your St

Guys and Gals - ch C

Simply put a tick next to each st Now find the l


A Style Coach Natalie Butler and co-founder of Style Me Bridal offers us practical advice on how we can all love ourselves just a little bit more.

For more information about Style Coaching or to ask Natalie a question CLICK HERE The aim of a Style Coach is not just to provide rules of what to wear for your own body shape but to help both men and women to discover their true personal style and to understand what suits them and why. We hope that our clients become self assured ,confident choosing clothes and styling themselves. Knowing your Style Personality, can help you bring your style together and makes it uniquely you. Effortless style will start to become natural and carefree and getting dressed will become an enjoyable and creative experience. Style personalities are not set in stone and can change between work and play and through each decade of life. Try our fun Style personality quiz , you might be surprised‌.


tyle Personality?

heck out your true style personality with our very own Style Coach Natalie Butler’s fun, festive quiz.

tatement that describes you in each of the five lists. Next add up the number of ticks in each list. list with the most amount of ticks and read the personality profile that matches!




LADIES You love pretty colours such as pinks & peaches and like ruffles, frills, flounces & appliquĂŠs. You love skincare routines & beauty products and always wear perfume You prefer delicate jewellery - simple or elaborate like diamonds, pearls, sequins & diamante

You choose cashmere & angora, silk & voile and like floral prints, or flowery accessories / detail You choose romantic styles from bygone eras and prefer dresses & skirts to trousers You adore crisp cotton, lace and tulle and like ribbons, bows and feminine detailing

You have dainty, delicate and feminine features and makeup is often subtle, with emphasis on eyes You like softer lines with bust or waist definition and like kitten heels, peep toes, & Mary-Jane's You like to wear pretty, matching underwear and love silk scarves, soft furs & delicate gloves Your hair is softly curled & has gentle movement You like to express your femininity

GUYS You take good care of your appearance and place great importance on finer details You invest time in careful grooming & hairstyling and often wear aftershave You always choose luxury and buy quality items your wardrobe contains cashmere, silk & velvet You love shopping but only make careful purchases and prefer to buy quality over quantity You have more than a single wrist watch You choose healthy food options & exercise often You care for clothes & iron items before hanging your belt and shoes are always right for the outfit You check the mirror to make final adjustments You like to wear scarves, gloves & sometimes hats You have neatly trimmed nails & are well-groomed your hair is styled but has gentle movement You always dress appropriately for the occasion and believe that to get it right it is all important Photography: - stockimages



You like to wear suits and twin-sets and prefer smart trousers to jeans You don’t follow fashion, but prefer a timeless look You like to appear well turned-out but not overdone

You avoid too many colours in one outfit and prefer classic colour combinations You always prefer to buy quality over quantity and shop in a few trusted shops You like to tuck shirts in and like to wear a belt You like light wools, fine cottons and silks You have a timeless hairstyle you rarely change and hair colour is close to your natural colour


You consider your style elegant, mature & refined and your style is smart, understated & doesn’t shock You like tailored styles - not baggy or too loose and prefer straight or pencil skirts to full or pleated You have a safe & predictable makeup routine Your look is sophisticated & easily coordinated and your jewellery is classic

S T Y L e

You have great fun with your wardrobe choices and are inspired by catwalks but add your twists


You love bold, modern costume jewellery and love eye-catching, statement accessories You like to wear strong, contrasting colours and you may have an ethnic or even theatrical look You prefer ensemble dressing to mix & match and like fabrics that have glitter and shine making your style is unique, eclectic & unpredictable You love billowy lines & unusual silhouettes and love experimenting with exotic or geometric prints You may be a hoarder & can see use for everything Your clothes are a collection from different decades. To you, dressing is an art form!


You may have angular or prominent features Your hair style has long curls or is short & dramatic You often experiment with your makeup

Sometimes inappropriately dressed for the occasion


You are a trendsetter rather than a fashion follower and people admire your brave style combinations

Photographs: - marin / stockimages /




You like suits & feel comfortable in business wear and prefer smart trousers to jeans You don’t follow fashion, but prefer a timeless look You like to appear well turned-out You are a man of traditions and always opt for classic colour combinations You choose safe & avoid taking wardrobe risks! and shop in a few trusted & predictable shops You shop when you have to, not as a hobby! You like to tuck shirts in and like to wear a belt and you never wear fashion accessories and feel most comfortable in a shirt & tie You enjoy sports, but usually those with rules! You wear classic shoe styles and have one classic, quality wristwatch You consider your style inoffensive & understated Your wardrobe is neat, tidy and well-organised even when casual you have a refined, formal look. You have a safe & predictable hair styling routine and have a timeless hairstyle you rarely change

You have great fun with your wardrobe choices your wardrobe is varied, and unconventional You like to express your individual personality and like to wear unusual colour combinations You prefer one-off shops to high-street retailers You may feel stifled by formal wear and like to buy what catches your eye and avoid planning Your style is unique & unpredictable and your outfits reflect your mood on the day but you take pride in your brave style combinations You like to collect - belts, ties, shoes, cufflinks and enjoy browsing markets stalls & vintage shops You may be a hoarder & can see use for everything and your clothes are a collection from different decades You may be artistic, musical or enjoy writing! You like accessories & often wear statement pieces Your hairstyle may be textured, loose, or coloured!


/Serge Bertasius Photography

You’re not a “fashion follower” are not concerned about the opinions of others and you buy one-off pieces rather than complete outfits and like to jazz up outfits to make them your own


You like to make a big entrance and you

You love to follow the latest fashion trend a



You love to party & to be

Your wardrobe is full of impulse buys and y

You’d always rather be o

You love Hollywood glamour & Marilyn Monroe Ma You like to express your sexuality in your

Your hairstyle can be b

You love fashion magaz

You like bold colours and animal

You like to reinvent yo

You have trouble toning down your look for wo

GUYS You buy men’s fashion magazines regularly and love to keep up with the latest musthaves You follow the latest fashion trends and enjoy shopping for clothes and new gadgets!



Feeling comfortable is your top priority you have a relaxed, laid-back attitude to your look Your hair is often casual, unfussy & tousled you see grooming as a necessary chore

You love to socialise and make an entrance and your wardrobe is full of designer labels and trendy must-haves

You love jeans, cargo pants & drawstring slacks and feel uncomfortable in formal business wear

Practicality is not a consideration you often have expensive impulse buys

You get inpatient & bored with shopping to you, clothes should always be fuss-free & fast!

You may like fast cars, and a fast lifestyle!

You like loose-fitting clothes for active living and often wear whatever is at hand & ready to go

You buy many grooming products & use them you have a skin care routine & style your hair daily

You rarely iron clothes & like easy-care fabrics

You have shoes & accessories for every occasion

You visit the hairstylist when you “must” and often have “designer” stubble!

You change your hairstyle to keep it up-todate and have great body confidence you may have tattoos and / or trimmed facial hair

When you wear a bag it must be hands-free your favourite footwear are trainers & sandals

You like to wear splashes of colour for effect You like to reinvent yourself & try new look you take your style seriously, but enjoy it a lot You always think about outfits, even every day wear and are confident in your masculinity


Photographs: - photostock / stockimages

Your wardrobe’s full of casual & sportswear because you’d choose practicality over making a statement You get ready to go out in 30 minutes or less and you wear a multi-functional watch most of the time Your house is comfortable, homely, warm & cosy


ur top priority is to include “wow” factor

and Shopping is one of your top pastimes

e the “star of the show”!

you often sacrifice practicality to look good

over-dressed than under!

akeup is drama: striking red lips, luscious lashes! clothes You have good body confidence

bold, always well-styled

zines & beauty products

l prints and striking accessories

ourself & try new looks

ork and love to have “Red Carpet” occasions!



LADIES Feeling comfortable is your top priority .To you, style should always be fuss-free! Your hair is often casual, unfussy & tousled! You rarely wear twin-sets, preferring separates and like a simple, uncluttered look You love denim, khaki, cord & sometimes tweed, you love rough, nubby, linen & matt finish fabrics You wear minimal makeup & prefer to go natural and get bored by beauty routines & mirror-gazing You like loose-fitting clothes that you can move in and often wear whatever is at hand & ready to go You like hands-free bags to throw over the shoulder Your jewellery has earthy tones, wood, shell, stones You prefer jeans but like full or long skirts and dislike tight, constricting clothes You prefer flat shoes & boots whenever possible and always choose a kitten heel over a stiletto You like eye-catching detail but in moderation and don’t like being overdressed / too made-up You’d choose practicality over making a statement and can be a little tom-boyish & quite sporty

Now add together your scores and check your style personality on the next page… PAGE 27

The Results…

Guys, you join the party with celebrities like Sir Elton John who is renound for his flamboyant

Mostly A’s - Romantic

and eclectic outfits, bold colours brave

Nicole Kidman is the epitome of the Romantic

jewellery and statement eyewear. Sir Bob

often wearing pretty feminine details and

Geldof is known for his thrown together look,

luxurious frilly floaty fabrics. Penelope Cruz

always unique with his fun and unusual colour

always chooses dresses that feel romantic,

and fabric combinations.

lace and tuille are a major feature in her fashion repertoire.

And for the guys - both Sting and Prince are romantic dressers, luxury fabrics such as satin silk and velvet, and worn together with suits and blazers , with a great attention to detail

Mostly D’s - Dramatic Scarlett Johannson and Cheryl Fernandez Versini are dramatic dressers, old Hollywood glamour combined with sexy elements and retro looks, dramatic make up and plunging necklines.

Mostly B’s - Classic

Guys this puts you in the David Beckham

Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Beckham are an

league as a fashion follower but also sets new

obvious choice of a classical dressers,

trends as a style icon. Perfectly groomed, his

wearing simple jewellery and classical

outfits either casual or formal are always

colours, a timeless hairstyle pure

thought through to the last detail. Lewis


Hamilton wears expensive designer clothing and follows the latest fashion trends

Guys you join the ranks of Prince William and George Clooney, consistently inoffensive, and having an air of refinement, even when in casual clothes traditional combinations such as chinos shirts styled jeans and mocassins and fabulous suits, well groomed and traditional

Mostly E’s - Natural Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson are never more comfortable than when wearing a fantastic pair of fitted jeans and a relaxed top. They fashion a casual eclectic style, simple basics layered necklaces and relaxed not overstyled hair

Mostly C’s - Creative Sarah Jessica Parker and Sienna Miller and

Guys you have Jamie Oliver and Jude Law for

Kate Moss are creative dressers, not afraid to

company as both are Natural dressers, casual

take fashion risks and trend settlers rather

fuss free clothes, both comfortable and stylish,

than followers of fashion, Statement jewellery,

easy care clothes loose fitting, tousled hair

contrasting colour and print combinations

and stubble.


Best-Seller revised edition An holistic all encompassing approach to this debilitating disease

� rs e ff u s o h w e n o y n a r fo “Excellent guide

Fabulous healthy gifts… What will Santa leave you under the tree this year?

£22.99 PAGE 30




The best Vitamins, Supplements & gifts at prices to beat the high street PAGE 31

Disseminating your flame The New Moon in Sagittarius with

Andrew Smith

There is something very attractive in a young soul – the laughter and ever present smiles; the enthusiasm in the wonder of the little things; the joy that fills them. They are largely lacking in self-consciousness; they are innocent, yet wise and possess the infinite ability to trust implicitly everyone around them. A child's mind is not crooked or scheming. It is simple, straight, open and transparent. They are honest about what they want, what they like or dislike. They do not hide things and speak what they think.

If you have either raised or minded a child you know how long it takes to walk hand in hand with a youngling from one end of the street to the other. You simply have to stop every couple of steps to explore. It does not matter if it is a crack in the pavement; a leaf on the ground; the daisy in the grass or the feel of the wall. You have to explore.

And the questions – why is that (the flower) growing there? How do the worms live under the road? Why does that door look sad? Can’t you see the purple army of light in the Sun? True Zen-like questions; questions whose depth shake adults from their anxiety ridden, fear based comatose slumber.



Perhaps this is why, as adults, we love to travel to ‘new’ places, we are recreating this lost sense of adventure; we reconnect with the ‘new’; we reignite a sense of awe; we become young fools again – slowing down time, losing ourselves from time and rekindling love again (Ryanair stories and business trips aside!!!). In physical travelling we both lose and find ourselves! Our heart and eyes open as we experientially learn through connecting with souls not embedded with the same culturally influenced sense of reality. For me seeing everything I thought I knew in a different light and from an alternative angle is one of the great joys of traveling!

Harvard philosopher George Santayana wrote, before frequent flying became the norm, that we "need sometimes to escape into open solitudes, into aimlessness, into the moral holiday of running some pure hazard, in order to sharpen the edge of life, to taste hardship, and to be compelled to work desperately for a moment at no matter what."

And yet, do we need to physically travel? Can we not shake ourselves out of our complacencies by actively seeking to see with new eyes and not new places? Children do it all the time. They unconsciously and unconditionally disseminate Spirit. They see as life is; they hear as life speaks; they accept all without bigotry, judgement, assumption and prejudice. They seek to explore. They seek to know. They spread laughter, smiles and enthusiasm everywhere they roam. The gift that a child has to offer us is the gift of sight, of really seeing. They are truly of spirit. They are the fire that lights our hearts. I believe that children are infused with the highest vibrational potential of the solar archetype that is uppermost in our collective consciousness between the 22nd November and 21st December every year. Also known as


Sagittarius, that archetype is contained within

you access a deeper sense of purpose, but

you, regardless of whether you have any

you can become sustained through life’s

planetary archetypes nestled within this

vicissitudes. Without fire you can forget your

exploratory light. Sagittarius is all about

connection to spirit; without inner purpose,

sharing and spreading of your light. It is a

your soul’s intention may struggle to find

reciprocal process and therefore it also

expression; without vision, you cannot create

concerns the receiving and experiencing of

intention and therefore reality.

other people’s light! When you connect to what gives you passion Within the Western Astrological Tradition there

and purpose; when you truly understand what

are four ways through which consciousness

triggers your ego or sense of pride; then the

expresses itself from the one primary source –

dense emotional states such as fear, doubt

ether. Those four primal pathways are known

and insecurity can be dispelled.

as the elements. The sign of Sagittarius, also known as Mutable Fire, is one third of the fire

When teachers are passionate about what


they’re teaching, it is infectious. When you meet a ‘randomer’ in the street who tells you

Fire is your connection to pure spirit and when

to “have a good day” with a genuine smile, you

you are connected to your fire, not only can

cannot help but smile back. If a presenter is


Photographs: - Evgeni Dinev

enthusiastic, their energy fills the room and

If you are interested in placing this

their passion is contagious! When you are in

lunation in your own chart CLICK

the presence of innocent wonder, you see the world differently. You are in awe. You are


inspired. You are purified.

For an Audio version click here

An intention that I would invite you to hold a

Contact Andrew on the web:

space for during this Mutable Fiery month is that all shadows are embraced by the light, dastroc

consciousness is purified and truth is reborn. Through this fire, the thought of "I" can be

E-mail Andrew for an Appointment

burned away, leaving only the sense of this living passion.

Be here and now, in this very moment, in a flame of awareness, as a child is when he/ she explores his/ her world.

My best to you and yours

Our resident Astrologer Andrew Smith lives in Dublin, Ireland He runs Astrology Workshops and offers one to one appointments


Phil Cole BCMA .ALTT. BMT dip. Reg Teacher is a man of many talents, as well as being a Sarling Technique therapist (look out for his editorial on that in our next edition) he is also ‘an artist to the stars’ You can contact him via his website: The utilization of stones for health and healing has been around for thousands of years, in most cultures. The Japanese were known to have used heated stones to warm their abdomens to assist digestion. The Chinese have been using heated stones to relieve muscular tension& improve the function of the internal organs. Native Americans believed stones have souls & invoked memories of lost truths. Hawaiian Kahunas, (medicine-men), would heat smooth volcanic stones in the coals of a fire, rolling the stones in leaves & castor oil.

In 1993, Mary Nelson developed what is known today as LaStone Therapy which uses a system of 54 heated stones, 18 cold stones, and a single room temperature stone. Include a spiritual element, with use of Chakra crystals to heal the 7 inner energy vortexes.


Basalt stones are often rounded & smoothed, the volcanic thermal mineral structure retains heat longer than Jade or river stones.


Ocean or river tumbled stones can often be used in a natural state, but are not as heat-retaining as basalt.


Marble is a kind of metamorphosed limestone that is white or light in colour and formed beneath the sea floor. Physically, it is thought that the benefit of cold marble, improves the processing of calcium in the body.


White or green jade are often used more for cold treatments & crafted for specific tasks (facials or under eyes). Although jade can be used for heat, it will not hold the heat as long as basalt.


Photographs: - zirconicusso

Photographs: - njaj / lemonade


Warm stones or Thermotherapy often


Prone to blood clots, blood pressure

fascia structure faster & much deeper than

ailments or are on blood thinning

traditional massage therapies. Heated


stones increase blood circulation, lymph


receive hot stone massage.

flow, digestive fluids & create sedating effects. Alleviation of aches &

During pregnancy, you should NOT


If you have a depressed immune

musculoskeletal pain. There are a few

system from Lupus, HIV or AIDS.

conditions that may be exacerbated with

Cancer or chemotherapy.

the use of hot stones. Something to


Diabetics should be cautious & if you

remember is, any condition that is not safe

choose to do so, make sure your

to receive a common massage with, will

therapist uses a lower temperature.

definitely be contraindicated with a hot stone massage!



If you have multiple sclerosis or temperature sensitivity.

the injury increase their metabolism in an effort to consume more oxygen & repair themselves. When the oxygen is used up, the cells are at risk of dying, the damaged or constricted blood vessels cannot remove waste. Blood cells & fluid, in an attempt to protect those tissues, seep into the interstitial spaces in the surrounding area, which results in swelling and bruising.

It lowers the temperature of the damaged tissue through heat exchange & constricts local blood vessels. This slows metabolism & the consumption of oxygen, therefore reducing the rate of cell damage & decreasing fluid build-up or swelling.


Muscular injuries such as tendinitis, may benefit.


Anxiety smooth chilled marble stones are often used for this treatment & when placed on the body, the mind focus is on the body,


Varicose veins should be avoided

rather than the mental stress issues

in the localized area of the veins.

of life.

Cold stones or Cryotherapy, is a powerful


Menstrual pain & bloating may be

decongestant, pushing blood, fluid &

calmed with a cold stone therapy.

wastes out of chronically tense or inflamed

Cold stones placed in the abdominal

tissue. Cooling on a warm day or during hot

area will help draw swelling away


from the uterus & thus may help lessen menstrual discomfort.

Easing swelling or inflammation. After musculoskeletal injury, the tissue & blood


Sinus problems may be soothed,

vessels that deliver oxygen & nutrients to

the stones are placed on top of a

that area, are damaged. The cells around

cloth placed over the face to protect


the skin. The cold temperature of the

Hot & Cold stone alternating, strengths the

stones can work to alleviate nasal

immune system. Too much heat can be

swelling and reduce sinus

draining & depleting, producing laxity in


tissues, which can increase inflammation.

High blood pressure, stones are

Dramatically moving fluids within the

placed at strategic locations on the

circulatory system, alternate constriction &

body, increasing the overall

dilation of the blood vessels. This can be

circulation of the body, high blood

extremely effective with sports or over-use

pressure can be decreased.

injuries. Hot & Cold therapy should not be used on someone who has any circulatory

Fatigue, energy levels may be

related ailment.

revitalized, increasing circulation easing hyper-tense muscles.

Cold stone massage can help to act as a powerful decongestant when it comes to diffusing swelling in the circulatory system. Clients who have swelling due to sports injuries, will benefit from cold stone massage. Other clients who will benefit from this include those who want a rejuvenating therapy, causing the blood vessels to alternate between dilation & constriction.

Stimulating the autonomic nervous system, increasing metabolism & invigorating the body. Dispersing congestion, alleviate swelling & halter muscle spasms.


Photographs: - David Photographs: - Castillo AnusornDominici P nachol / nuchylee / stockimages

Guilt Free Gingerbread‌..


120g Coconut Flour (see website to order) plus extra for rolling out 180g of coconut sugar (see website to order) 2 free range organic eggs 1 tsp of ground ginger 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1/3 tsp cinnamon 125g organic butter 4 tbsp of maple syrup Place the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon into a food processor. Add the butter and blend until the mix looks like breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar.

Lightly beat the egg and maple syrup together, add to the food processor and pulse until the mixture forms into a dough. Tip the dough out, knead until smooth and wrap in cling-fim and chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180C before lining a baking trays with greaseproof paper. Roll out the dough to the thickness you desire and cut out your desired shapes before placing on the baking tray leaving a gap between them. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until lightly supplements

golden-brown. Leave to cool a little then transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling before decorating.



To c

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magazine this

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competition for

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ompetition time!

celebrate the launch of our Vitamins & Supplements

times our snowman here is in the

s month (including this pic) and HERE to send us your answer. be drawn at random and sent a

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us if you are under 18!

final and no correspondence will be entered into.

ash alternative will be offered

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an unsubscribe at any time


Photographs: - suphakit73


As clocks strike midn

spare a thought for th from the Brazilian Ama for tribal peoples’ righ


night this New Year….

he world’s disappearing tribes…I'm Nixiwaka, a Yawanawá Indian azon. I am working with Survival International, the global movement hts. Survival International champions global peoples rights across the globe Nixiwaka Yawanawá is living in London and working with Survival International to raise awareness of the rights of Amazon Indians. His tribe, the Yawanawá, numbers over 600.

The name Yawanawá translates as ‘The People of the Wild Boar’. This is because as a tribe, we are always together – when we hunt, and in life in general. We are a pack.

I was born in Kaxinawa, the most sacred part of the Yawanawá lands, where my people originate from. Kaxinawa is where my grandfather and all our great chiefs are buried. I lived there for a month as a baby, and we then moved to Tarauaca, a small town near our lands. My Father had been asked by FUNAI (the National Indian Foundation) to represent indigenous peoples in the area, which is why we moved to Tarauaca. I think he was one of the first Indians to be employed by FUNAI in Acre state, as a driver. He spoke very good Portuguese. I studied in town until I was 10 years old, then we moved back to our village, which is called ‘New Hope’. Kaxinawa is now known as ‘the sacred place’.

My Father was concerned that we were removed from our people and wanted us to be raised within the Yawanawá way of life. In the rainforest, you are completely connected to the elements; you are surrounded by the constant sounds of animals, insects, frogs and water. At night you are illuminated by the stars, which shine endlessly. It is beautiful!


I come from a large family. My father and

children carry the strong Yawanawá identity

mother are from different tribes: my father is

and I plan to teach them our traditions.

Yawanawá and my mother is half Shanenawa,

As a child, I was taught both Portuguese and

from the Nation of Parrots.

our own language, Yawanawá. Sadly, when we came into contact with outsiders, our

Together they have had five children, but I

people were forced to speak only

have 10 other siblings from my fathers’ other

Portuguese, so I didn’t have much


opportunity to speak the Yawanawá language. I was discriminated against at

I have three children: two boys from a

school. Today, the Yawanawá people speak

previous relationship and a girl from my

both languages, and still teach both to the

marriage to Oona Béat Yawanawá. They are

younger generations. And now, living in

all half Yawanawá from my side. All my

London, I’ve had to pick up a little English!


were forced to change the way we prayed, the way we dressed, the languages we spoke and even the way we saw the world. They criticized the way we lived and told us that their way of living was better than ours. Missionaries told us that our rituals were the Devil’s work. We felt ashamed and rejected.

We had no idea we needed a legal right to live on our own lands! The land was and is obviously ours. We’ve never doubted that. When white men first arrived in our Yawanawá lands they introduced us to things we had

says Davi Kopenawa of his Amazon home. Tribal peoples have lived in balance with their rainforests for millennia: they are the original guardians. (Survival International) never known before such as alcohol, sugar and Learning English has been a positive thing, as


I now understand far more about our rights as Brazilian indigenous citizens. I know how to

I think our own way of life is the healthiest way

use certain technologies and how to

for the Yawanawá to live in this world and still

communicate with white people. I hope I can

hold onto what we have learned from the

share with my people what is good and what

outside. We are happy to share what we know;

is not good about western ways of life.

the things we are still learning from the rainforest.

When we were first contacted, many Yawanawá people died from common colds,

But many young Yawanawá people still end up

from diseases they didn’t know about. Our

in cities, going to parties, drinking a lot and

shamans couldn’t cure them. After contact,

using prostitutes. Like many other tribes, we

white people forced their opinions on us. We

now also have a big problem with diabetes.


We have people who are known as ‘Doctors

plants, that is worn as a perfume to attract a

of the rainforest’. They know everything there

lover. The forest is a magical place.

is to know about medicinal plants. They say that this world is beautiful place to live in; that

I think the western world could perhaps learn

each one of us on earth has a responsibility to

to live a life of greater harmony and peace with

take care of it.

our surroundings from us. I look forward to a time when we can combine Yawanawá

I know that western medicine is now using our

knowledge and western ideas.

plants and remedies that we, the Yawanawá, have used for centuries. From tree bark to

Since time immemorial, the Yawanawá people

frog spit, we hold the answers for cures and

have used ‘rumê’ (snuff-tobacco with bark of a

poisons alike. Women rub a type of potato

specific tree), as part of our tradition and

plant called ‘rau’, on their tummies in order to

culture. We mostly use rumê in our sacred

try and conceive.

ceremonies with UNI (our sacred drink more commonly known as ayahuasca). But ‘rumê’

Other plants, such as the plant called

is also taken in the afternoon, before washing.

’Hukâshupa’, is used for lovers; to create luck

The water cleans our body and spirit; it’s our

in relationships. It is the sap of three crushed

favorite part of the day.


I first heard about Survival from a very close

Our land is our home, our house. It is our

friend of ours, who has been working with the

friend, our comrade. We have a lot of respect

Yawanawá for over 15 years. He was also a

for our land, and we have a responsibility to

sort of sponsor for my trip to London and has

look after it. My favorite time of day in the

supported my family and I in all possible ways.

rainforest is at the end of the afternoon, at

We are beyond grateful for his help and love.

sunset, when I take our sacred medicine. Everyone gathers on a large area of open

London is a beautiful city, rich in history and

land. At dusk, birds are come back to roost in

filled with ghosts. I feel a very strong energy in

the tacana trees, and there is the song of the

wintertime, when I walk in the parks.

brown Makukau birds all around us. It is a very

Sometimes I feel as if I am surrounded by

peaceful time of day. I miss it!

ghosts, who are walking beside me. The destruction of our rainforest land is I have only worked with Survival International

terrible, because the forest is alive. It is our

for one month but have already seen all the

life, and the animals’ life. We don’t separate

help they have given to families like mine, and

our existence from it, we are all one body and

to communities who fight for their lands

one being: the plants, water, trees and

against the bullies of the western world. I


believe that Survival is very important for

When we see harm come to the rainforest, it is

tribes like ours, as they are a promise for

as if a part of our own body has been hurt. It

change and help protect our lives. I feel

feels like an illness that rises up in us and

honored to work with such an established

needs to be cured.

group of real, kind and motivated people who truly care and believe in their work. Survival can really help to change people’s opinions by showing the world how indigenous people live, our traditions and beliefs, and the problems we face.

It is very difficult to hear that other people believe that tribal peoples are ‘backward’ or ‘primitive’. They are wrong. It is a lack of respect for the way we choose to live. It is now time we make our own decisions. It is now time we have a voice, and we choose to live the way we want to


It has now been 29 years since our lands

There are at least 100 un-contacted tribal

were demarcated, but that doesn’t stop the

peoples living in the 21st century.

deforestation that takes place on the border

Brazil’s Amazon is home to more un-

with Peru and Brazil. There is a fear that one

contacted tribes than anywhere else in the

day this might spread into our lands, which

world. According to FUNAI, Brazil’s Indian

will threaten our hunting, our security and the safety of the animals that live amongst us.

Deforestation is the cause of so many issues within indigenous communities. And the animals need the forest as much as we do. We have been struggling to protect our Mother Earth. The medicine shows to us, we

affairs department, there are at least 77 isolated groups in the rainforest.

They are the most vulnerable of all human societies on Earth. Following contact, violence and disease can quickly kill entire populations; all un-contacted tribes face catastrophe unless their land is protected.

need to spread our vision to those who can’t see how beautiful this place is.

Survival International is playing the leading role in securing their lands for them.


Photographs: courtesy of Survival International

Look gorgeous for Christmas and New Year, it’s not too late! You can do anything for 30 days a Create long term health a Feel more vibrant with increased energy a Become a slimmer you a Improve your fitness levels a Complete support provided a A personal plan to follow a Shopping guides a Lots of tasty recipes a Membership to an exclusive Facebook support group Come and join us!


Organic Small Space Ga

It’s been quite a good year for me

If you used the grow-bag method this

gardening wise, and as we round off

season, then this tip doesn’t apply. I begin

the year if you haven’t pulled your

preparing next years bean trench now.

runner beans out yet, I suggest you

Remove your canes and store them, then di

don’t. Instead cut the main stalk off at

a trench along the length of the row where

about six inches above soil level. If you

you grew your beans this year. It needs to b

have a compost bin, chop up the spent

about a foot wide and a foot deep.

storks and compost them. Place the roots from this year’s been plants Save as many leaves as you can and

in the bottom, (evenly spaced along its

they can be used with other materials in

length.) You will notice that the roots have

ground preparation for next year’s

swollen lumps on them. These are known as

beans. Chopping the stalks up helps

nodules and are full of goodness that will be

them to break down quicker. Make sure

released into the soil as the roots break

you remove any beans that you may


have missed when harvesting, as any you compost accidentally will probably

Through the winter you can place into your

shoot next year.

bean trench the leaves, green kitchen waste





loo roll centres, shredded newspaper, and any thing that will retain water. Try to avoid tomato pips etc, as when they shoot in spring, they will take precious nourishment from next season’s crop. Oh and try to avoid any thing that might attract rats and mice, such as meat scraps, chicken bones, bread etc. when the trench is about two thirds full, backfill and allow to settle.

You will find as the matter in the trench decomposes, you will have to top the trench up with soil. So don’t move the soil you dug out too far away. I hope this tip is of some use, in the mean time.



Enjoy the beans that you picked, blanched and froze at the end of the summer with your festive dinner in December and until next year - Happy gardening!



Wrap Up Some Festive Magic


To place an order please visit the website and enter 440003608 (referral Arbonne consultant ID ) or contact Natalie for more information on Arbonne products



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