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to all our readers from around the world Our readership is growing month on month and on behalf of all the therapists, writers, contributors and people who work behind the scenes to ensure this vital information is put before you, I welcome you all from over 20 countries worldwide! This month we are looking at the dangers that Sugar poses to World Health and we welcome our new regular contributor the fabulous Homeopath Thierry Clerc to our writing team with his opening article on Diabetes. Also this month we welcome Style Coach Natalie Butler, who will be regularly sharing her tips and advice for feeling confident on the inside to enable you to sparkle effortlessly on the outside. In addition we are looking at the devastating effects that Endometriosis has on the lives of women throughout the world, where an average of 33% of women are caught in the web of this Auto-Immune condition. Aptly too, we feature an article on how to deal with chronic pain given an incredible 1 in 5 people in Europe are known to endeavour to live a life despite coping with abnormal levels of pain. As always our fabulous team of therapists are on hand in our Facebook Group (led by the wonderful Pete Bowman) to offer help and advice on specific issues and if you have joined us on Twitter you will know we have held the first of a series of Twitter Q&As, so watch for the hashtag #chmparty for the next one and you too could chat to our lovely team. Please do get in touch with us via the links below as we love to share our knowledge with you.

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days for a more

confident you

Style Coach Natalie Butler and co-founder of Style Me Bridal begins the first of her regular columns for us. Style Coaching is the secret of looking great and feeling fantastic and Natalie’s aim is to make you look great on the outside and help you feel fabulous on the inside. Her 7 day confidence plan brings together the key principles of Style Coaching, so why not give it a try. As Natalie says,


Day 1 - Your Aim: To make a very special effort with your appearance, regardless of what the day has in store! Think carefully today about what you will wear! Choose clothes that you know help you to feel good and ensure that they are appropriate for what you are doing today. Take a little more care with ever thing from brushing and styling your hair, to polishing your shoes. And for the ladies this includes choosing a piece of jewellery, putting on a pair of earrings to using a tinted moisturiser, if you don’t already, try using mascara lightly on the tips of your lashes, check your finger nails – no chipped polish?

Day 2 - Your Aim: To use your physical body to create confidence and give the impression of having and being confident! Today, become aware of your body language: hold and carry yourself in a relaxed confident way, no crossed arms, no limp handshakes (or overly enthusiastic bone crushers!) no twiddling or fidgeting! Look around at people. Feel confident - Confident people walk tall and smile. Write on your phone (tablet, diary, piece of paper) “physical confidence” to remind yourself of what you are aiming to achieve. Find your walking pace and walk with purpose (The most important thing is to have your shoulders back, and your ‘ears over your shoulders’) walk tall and keep it up for the whole day. Relax those fascial muscles; no frowns, looks of fear worry or anxiety and Smile, Smile, Smile!


Day 3 - Your Aim: To listen to yourself in two ways – firstly, what you say to yourself on the inside and secondly what you say to others. It is said that 75% of what we say to ourselves about ourselves is negative, this is of course incredibly detrimental and destructive. Whenever you hear yourself in your mind saying anything unconstructive, pessimistic or un-useful think about it and challenge it: ie - “I always mess up”, really? Always? Why not tell yourself instead, “Well I might have made a few mistakes and things might not have gone so well, but what did I learn from those mistakes and anyway aren’t mistakes all part of the learning curve?” Focus on what you want – not what you don’t want! Next think about what you say to others. Sometimes we are not aware of how often we apologise, demean or belittle ourselves. Start sending much more positive and encouraging messages to your brain from now on! Beware of saying things like: “oh, I’m just stupid” or “I’ve always been clumsy” and today only verbalise good things and have powerful internal communication with yourself

Day 4 - Your Aim: Increase your confidence using the art of small talk! Practice your small talk skills today at every opportunity!


When buying something, instead of simply handing over the money with just a basic “thanks” comment on the product/item ie if it is true, “this is the best-ever shampoo for dry hair”. The sales assistant is likely to respond “oh really, that’s good to know – I was thinking of trying it”, add a couple of smiles too and your trip to the shop has become a more positive experience. Make someone’s day! A few words to an elderly person in a queue can really make their day and brighten yours! Smile! Some people are self-conscious and afraid of rejection by smiling you are saying to people “talk to me”.

Day 5 - Your Aim: To think about one particular area that you don’t feel so confident in and decide for yourself what would be a positive, useful action to take in order to gain a little more confidence in this area. Think of a particular area that you are lacking in confidence in and start to address this. Perhaps ‘knowing what clothes I like/what styles I like’ so an action to take could be buying a couple of style / fashion magazines, choose average magazines that are likely to feature everyday clothing you would probably wear. Enjoy looking at the pages and think about how you would like to see yourself dressed; are there any celebrities whose style you admire? Or perhaps ‘I get really flustered, hot & bothered talking to people on the phone’ so an action might be to sit down with everything you need in front of you, highlight important numbers and write down the points you want to make. Give yourself peace and quiet choose a good time! You can always practice if it helps before you dial the number! The important point today is to come up with your own solutions to the small areas, in which you feel unsure, doubt yourself.

Day 6 - Your Aim:

To put aside some time for YOU! .Say a minimum of 30 minutes, although a couple of hours would be wonderful. So often in today’s world we feel we should be doing something constructive every minute of every day! Running here and there juggling too many balls, and trying to be superhuman.

Take time to do something you enjoy - go for a walk , read a book, join a Dance or Yoga class, indulge in a long luxurious bath! Exercise releases happy hormones and helps get rid of lethargy, so why not join an exercise? Joining a class also stretches you out from your comfort zone you get to meet new people, is a way of relaxing (even if it is hard work !), keeps mind and body healthy, and gives you a new topic of conversation. Be sure though whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm and do it for YOU!


Day 7 - Your Aim: To take control of your environment. Chaos, clutter, and jumble all suggest a lack of control! To be in control of your life can help you to feel more able for the challenges today may bring. You’ll be amazed at how uplifting and confidence-boosting organising your home, work area and wardrobe can be . Set tasks and goals around getting rid and getting organised! Decide on what you want to achieve and set yourself a deadline (being realistic!). Decide how you are going to achieve your goals, what you can do now, later,or even tomorrow? When you know what you want to achieve then do it and don’t stop until it’s done!

DAY 8 and BEYOND….. The weeks following your seven day plan need to be spent practicing and bringing together all of the various exercises into each and every day. Remember you are building confidence fitness ! You will need to exercise every day and the more you exercise the fitter you will become. As your confidence improves the things that used to seem difficult won’t be such a challenge anymore! You will have the confidence you have always desired and deserve.


Photographs: - stockimages / marin / serge bertasius photography /photostock


Womb Raide

What is it really like t



to live with Endometriosis? ‘Womb Raider’ is the term one of my friends uses to describe the debilitating condition

that both she and I suffer from - Endometriosis. I am the Editor of this magazine and Endometriosis was the first auto-immune issue to blight my life.

Quite simply, it ruined my romantic relationships, it impacted and limited my work and career choices, it robbed me of having children. Pain so unbearable that my GP likened it to going through the agony of giving birth every 21 days, was my constant shadow, until unable to bear it any longer I underwent a hysterectomy aged 40.

Thirty odd years ago when my friend and I were growing up we were told to toughen up and called ‘wimps’ outright in front of the class by our Physical Education teachers. After all, we were told - it was only period and every woman has one, but actually we later learned that they don’t, not every woman has a period the way a woman with Endometriosis does.

Once we started work, life was even tougher for us, no-one back then had even heard of Endometriosis, both my friend and I spent the first thirty years of our lives (as neither of us were diagnosed until our thirties despite a history of painful, heavy periods and our respective doctors giving us ever increasing doses of pain medication) individually thinking that we were complete and utter failures as women because of our inability to endure the knife stabbing pain of a period.

When I met Carla Gai on Twitter, I was immediately drawn to offer her a forum for raising awareness of this terrible affliction that one third (yes incredibly over 30%) of the female population worldwide endures. Carla is going to give a frank and searing account of life with Endometriosis over the page, in the hope that sharing her story will encourage other women to seek help and feel better about themselves. As for the medical community - come on folks! We are over third of the female population of the world and we DESERVE better than invasive operations and hormone interfering therapies. Now over to Carla….


What is a life with Endometriosis?

I find myself asking this question on a daily basis. I'm not sure that the question I'm asking is what life is like, but I think I'm really asking myself who I am with endo and what my lifestyle is now like.

You see, part of my biggest struggle has been bowing down to the restrictions that I now have to call a regular part of my life, or my new lifestyle. Because my endometriosis greatly affects my digestive system and causes unexpected “violent attacks� I have to always know where a restroom is, and either not eat or try to eat very bland and very little before and while I'm out. I haven't proven that food is directly related, but I have been less likely to have attacks while fasting. I also can't travel because I'm too afraid of being violently ill while flying or driving on a highway, so I stay very close to home.

I'm also 29 and married to a handsome wonderful man. Part of my biggest struggle has been readjusting what is means to me to be a wife. We haven't been able to live the young, wild, and


free romantic life that we had envisioned 10

feel like all that I do is still being a great wife in

years ago when we said our vows. No

his book. It has always just been my mind that

honeymoon and no travelling the world, or

held me back in understanding this new

being spontaneous and carefree.

lifestyle, I can't do it all, and sometimes I can

Instead our marriage has had to adjust to a

do nothing, and that's ok. It doesn't mean I'm

romance-less, hospital-ful, patient kind of

a bad wife, or that I make my husband


unhappy, it just means our lives are defined in our own way.

I believe this is the “for worse� part we promised. I've had to allow myself to

So, who am I now, knowing that I have

understand that being a good wife for us

endometriosis, what is my lifestyle? I am the

didn't include the sexy, social, overachieving,

same person but with more fight in me, and I

and vivacious parts. I do what I can, and

now live a life full of fatigue, pain, medicine,

have made a huge change in my priorities. I

doctors appointments, and procrastination,

can't clean the house, make dinner, and be

indeed it has taken me days upon days just to

ready for a night of wine and sweet nothings.

get to the computer to write this article. But I

Instead I may choose one, sometimes none

do live a full life, just of caution and selfish

of those, and opt for a day curled up in a ball

prioritization. I may always be exhausted,

on the floor with a heating pad until pain pills

heavier, less active, and less social, but I

kick in.

really am still the same person, it's thinking I'm not or that those things are what matter

I'm blessed to have an understanding

most that made living with endometriosis

husband who has somehow still made me


The blessing in this curse is finding the real joys of life and truly savoring the small

Carla Gai lives in Pittsburgh, USA with her husband and is an Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia sufferer. She is in her own words

moments that are more rare to people like me.

If you live with Endometriosis, please see our website link where we have listed some holistic ways you can use to help yourself manage the condition

You can check out Carla’s blog at:



w a R

Raw = high power! Following my short article in the April edition on

The problem with salt

how to get more raw food into your diet, I wanted

Have you ever noticed that after eating a salty

to elaborate further and talk about some of the real

meal you find your face and stomach have

benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables and

bloated? Do you feel and look ‘fatter’? Well, this

particularly living a vegan lifestyle.

is down to excess intake of salt. For every gram of salt your body receives from food, it holds on

I believe It is a common misconception that fruit is

to 100g of water! That is a huge amount of

too high in sugar to be enjoyed in great quantity.

water retention and it is hard for the body to get

In fact, the people who usually say this are the

rid of this sodium.

people who will have no second thoughts about enjoying a Big Mac for lunch or a processed

If you think of all the food that has extra salt in

sugar-laden cake of an afternoon! The fact is,

(cheese, meat, sauces etc.) and add up what

fructose, the naturally occurring sugar in fruit is…

you may consume over the course of one day,

wait for it… GOOD FOR YOU!

it is easy to see how people are ingesting well


over the recommended daily amount of 6g.

Every cell in your body runs off glucose, so it is really important to feed your body the food it

The best thing to do is become a label reader.

requires so that it can function properly. How

Check how much salt is in what you are eating,

many people have tried fruit and carb free diets

add it up. Or better still, try and eliminate it all

and spent the course of it moody, lethargic and

together. Try regular body brushing and

tired? Your body needs carbs; they are not the

cardiovascular exercise to help drain the lymph

enemy. Carbohydrates fuel your body, giving you

glands and get that nasty excess salt out of

the energy to exercise and reach your full

your system. Say goodbye to bloating and a


puffy face!

But remember, we should be eating

non-processed carbohydrates – doughnuts and cakes are out!

The fat you eat is the fat you wear When moving to the vegan lifestyle, one of the

Human beings are meant to be lean beans – we

main reasons that people do not get the desired

shouldn’t be carrying around huge amounts of

results is because they are getting the majority

excess weight, or putting on 4 stone plus when

of their calories from fat instead of from clean

pregnant. It is all about being educated on what

carbohydrates. Yes there are good fats, but

foods are good, and what are bad. The best

they need to eaten in moderation. Don’t forget

lifestyle to follow is a low fat, low sodium, high carb

that you need to feed your cells with glucose, so


it is better to have a couple of bananas than a


bag of nuts. You will stay fuller for longer and have the energy to continue with your day. So – make sure you get enough carbs earlier on in the day which will prevent you snacking on fatty foods.

It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet This isn’t a fad diet that will help you lose weight in a couple of weeks which you will only regain once you start eating ‘normally’. This lifestyle will stop the yo-yo and vicious circle of constantly losing the same 10 pounds over and over again. It is a long-term switch to a better way of eating and looking after yourself, with the focus on health, not a get-thin-fast remedy. Incorporating more fruit and vegetables will give you more energy and make you feel like you have the motivation to get things done.

Cardio power Exercise is key to a happy, healthy body and if you are looking to shift some pounds and get your heart and lymphatic system pumping well, there is no better exercise for you than cardio. Try cycling and running; getting outdoors and in the fresh air is much better than a slog on a treadmill. See nature and enjoy it. It is so important to ensure that the lymph system is clean, healthy and able to flow freely, so let it look after you the best way it can: eat well and exercise!

Tips for the future A smoothie is the best way to get a lot of fruit into your system without it being over facing. Start having a few bananas blended together with some dates, almond milk and a dash of cinnamon for breakfast – this will give you the energy you need and prevent you getting ravenous later on in the morning. Don’t forget – carbs are good for you! Try and have more rice and vegetables, potatoes, gluten free pasta, oriental food (but be careful of oil) and of course an abundance of fruit!

Consistency is the key Things don’t happen overnight, and we all know what happens after a fad, quick weight loss diet. The focus needs to be on health as opposed to losing fat. Yes, following this lifestyle will enable you to become lean and fabulous in the long term; but you have to put the work in. Your body will thank you for it.

a freelance writer who is travelling through Europe as she transitions from a vegetarian to a low fat, high carb, raw vegan. She loves culture, exploring new and wondrous places and spending time with the people (and cat) she loves. PAGE 18



from an unlikely teacher on

with pain

Yesterday I was on my roof cleaning the gutters. This alone is cause for celebration. I felt strong

enough and steady enough to be doing it. What was so amazing was the vivid lesson about my reaction to pain that I received by an unlikely ally, a yellow jacket (a wasp).

I was cleaning out the gutter, minding my own business when I hear a very distinct and close BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ! A yellow jacket was buzzing around my head and near my face. I freaked! Thoughts ran through my mind, “ I could fall if I got stung, I could lose an eye! I’ll make it more angry if I swipe at it.” It took everything I had to just stay still and shut my eyes. My whole body was rigid with fear but I stayed still. I tried to breathe to let some of the fear go and after what seemed like an eternity the buzzing faded and stopped.

Do yellow jackets sense fear? Are they attracted by it? Or was it the bright orange latex gloves I was wearing? I have no idea but as I felt into my body I realized that I was reacting just like I do when pain buzzes by.

All of my muscles went rigid with fear, my breathing was shallow - I held my breath for a while, and my attention was completely focused on the buzzing and the what-ifs. This was a natural reaction


Photographs: - phanlop88

but not very useful! I flashed on this metaphor

Buzz, buzz, buzz came again and again, while

and decided that my reaction set me up for

I worked to finish up the gutters and the more

more pain - in this case a sting, and that letting

dangerous task of pruning the tree from the

go of the fearful reaction might help.

roof, my reactions were less and less intense.

Just then, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz and my theory

I thought to myself, “I mean worse case

was put to the test. I took a deep breath

scenario I would get stung and I’m not allergic.

through my nose as I didn’t want the yellow

I could get down the ladder and put a poultice

jacket in my mouth! Yes, I had that thought

on it.”

which made letting go of the fear more difficult. I unclenched my face and attempted not to get

I had warning by the buzzing, most of the time,

so tense. This was more difficult when I could

I had my tools of taking care through

hear the buzzing near my face. The buzzing


went away after a while and I had successfully

muscles through awareness, and last but by

kept breathing.

no means least, my desire for clean gutters!





Lessons I can use with my chronic pain! I We went through a few more rounds, my new

know many of my triggers but sometimes it

teacher the yellow jacket and I. Each time I

does come out of no-where.

breathed, remembered that fear was not going to help and was finally able to not tense






up. I felt proud that I had overcome.

challenging my fearful thoughts, and being engaged with life with goals and purpose all

Oh what a great metaphor and teacher when

help me to thrive with pain. Thank you yellow

DANG! All of a sudden out of the gutter came

jacket for the reminders!

a bee as I reached in. Scared the #@#@%& out of me! It blew all that mindfulness and breathing in an instant.

Just like my pain,

when it comes at me so suddenly and out of the blue. Bam!

I was able to take a deep breath and release some of the adrenaline with muttering.

C Amber Rose Dullea, M.A., M.Div. (Pictured above left) founder of ‘Thriving with Pain LLC’ works with people with chronic pain to get their lives back. She lives in Portland Oregon with her Spouse and two service dogs.

(Swearing has actually been shown to help with pain relief).

A visceral reminder that

control is an illusion as because I was working on my mindfulness and reactivity, I recovered quite quickly.



Dare to go bare‌ As we go into the midst of summer don't you love to feel the grass beneath your feet or feel the sand between your toes? Well there is now a really good health reason for doing just that. The earth possesses a limitless supply of free electrons obtained from lightening. This charges the ground with large sources of electrons, negatively charging the earth. This provides us with a natural source of electrons for your body that are transferred from the earth, this process in called grounding.

Our cells within our bodies communicate with one another through electrical signals and so are conductive, these elections can carry electrical energy transferable from one cell to another. These electrical fields are essential for many processes within our bodies. Our red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen around the body and have an electrical charge on their surface called zeta potential. This is a measure of the electrical force that exists between the red cells in the blood. The zeta potential's strength determines the amount of materials such as nutrients and wastes that fluids such as your blood can carry and therefore assists with their supply and removal. When the zeta potential decreases the blood flow becomes sluggish and blood may be more prone to clot. This is because the red cells clump together since the charge repelling them apart lessens. This sluggish blood will be more difficult for the heart to pump and can lead to cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

By grounding regularly this naturally increases the surface charge on your red blood cells and thereby reduces blood viscosity and clumping of your cells. Grounding appears to be one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.

Many of us are electrically insulated from the earths natural energy most of the time due to wearing rubber sole shoes, walking on carpeted, wood and vinyl floors and spending too long in our rubber tyred vehicles. There are many health benefits to be gained in reconnecting to the earth so come on and kick of those shoes, find some grass, sand, even concrete will do and walk bare foot as often as you can, now is the best time to bare your soles.

Photographs: - photostock


DIABETES Are you the

ONE in THREE? Diabetes is on the rise, and will keep rising.... A few weeks ago, the BBC reported a study that one in three adults in the UK have diagnostics-reading close to diabetes-level (from one in ten 10 years ago).

With an extensive scientific background (and Masters of Science in electromagnetic engineering) Thierry Clerc’s interest in natural healing was re-ignited when a severe form of arthritis that almost crippled him was treated successfully by a Homeopath. From there he decided to study how the body & mind works, homeopathy, herbal therapy and nutrition. Thierry’s successful Homeopathic Clinic is in Cambridge, UK and as well as teaching in the UK, France & Spain, Thierry’s dream is to help bridge the gap between conventional medicine, homeopathy and nutrition. PAGE 24

Photography: - stockimages

For people who are diabetics or close to it, changing their lifestyle may not be as easy as it seems and also not as effective as the damage of many years of poor diet, stress or exposure to toxins will not be reversed just over a few months of eating "good food".

For most people in the West, the bad habits have started at a very early age, and society does not make it easy, with processed food usually cheaper than vegetables.

between 0.8 and 1.2 gram per litre of blood when fasting. Below that level, someone will faint, and above that, the sugar level may become too high for the body, potentially causing life-threatening complications.

Sugar is used by all cells of the body, but is a primary food for the muscles and the brain. For this reason, sugar is highly needed when we are under physical or emotional stress.

The pancreas, a very large organ, is in charge of checking the sugar level in the blood. If it is too high, it will release the insulin hormone, so that the excess glucose is stored into glycogen or fat. If the glucose level is too low, the pancreas will release the glucagon hormone so that the body processes fat or glycogen back into sugar. The liver is the primary processor of this glucose / fatPhysiologically, blood sugar balance can also

glycogen process.

be hard to reverse without the right kind of support and assistance.

Here are some

background information on this condition, that everybody will find useful, not only diabetes sufferers and their relatives.

It is a condition close to my heart as many of my family members and close friends suffer from it, and I was always worried about it for myself, until I changed my life.

So, what is diabetes?

The condition of Diabetes is split into two: Type I diabetes: this is when the pancreas does not produce insulin anymore, and the blood sugar level is not regulated by this organ. While Type I is very difficult to fully cure with a holistic approach (and potentially impossible), a sound approach will help reduce the required levels of insulin and the side-effects related to diabetes. It will bring a better quality of life.

Simply defined, diabetes means that the body

Type II diabetes (about 80% of diagnosed

is unable to balance the level of glucose in the

diabetes): this is when the liver does not

blood. Glucose is the simplest type of sugar.

respond to insulin - the body basically refuses

Normal glucose or sugar levels should be

to respond to the requests of the pancreas.


Type II covers about 90% of the cases of diabetes in the West, and it can be greatly improved if the person is ready to change diet and take a treatment to re-nourish the body and strengthen his or her vital organs. What are the main causes behind this diabetes' epidemic? Before the discovery of the Americas, diabetes





disease" The first sugar-beet arrived on the European shores in the XVIth century. In the early XXth century, sugar was representing in terms of calories about 5% of the average

body. Here again, if this is found out early

intake of a Western European. Now this is

enough, this can be greatly improve.

20% but our genes have not changed so fast, and we are now basically over-feeding

Medication - Some types of conventional

ourselves with sugar, a potentially toxic food

medications can also increase sugar levels.

for the body.

For example, Statin has been known to increase your blood sugar level by 10 to 15%

However, sugar and diet is not the only culprit.

by French medical studies.

Often in health, there is a combination of elements that create a condition. When

Viral infections - this is a very common cause

seeing clients, I would always investigate

of Type 1 (when the pancreas does not work).

these possibilities as well:

A good holistic treatment will also help, even if this can be very difficult to fully "revitalise"

Emotional stress - when people are under

the pancreas.

stress, the body requires sugar, and if there is immense stress, the body's response may just

Why is it so hard to stop sugar?



Because of my background, when I took up

unaddressed trauma, injury or emotional

my studies in complementary medical studies,


I thought "well, sugar is no good, I should stop


over-drive. need


For be




integrated by the body.

it from tomorrow" and on the day after, I decided to have a healthy breakfast with no

Hormonal imbalance - diabetes is a known

jam, no sugar, no honey. Well, at 10AM, I was


completely shaking, ready to open up by force




changes will also impact the sugar level in the


the vending machine to get a Mars bar!

protein until your body adapts. In that case, you will not have the crazing or bad temper associated with sugar withdrawal. A holistic approach will also assist in "regenerating" the liver and the pancreas. Have a look at the "pancreas" advice on my diet tips for the hormonal system. This may help you to feel much healthier and better.

If I am taking Diabetes medications or suspect diabetes, what shall I do? First, you need to understand that taking a Sugar is hard to stop because it is highly

synthetic hormone such as insulin is not a

addictive. It is highly addictive because a body

good sign of health. It is helping you cope with

who is commonly under the influence of sugar

a poorly-functioning pancreas or a weak

will have drastically adapted its ways to deal

response to sugar, but it is not about bringing

with blood glucose. The pancreas and the

your health back. While you should not stop

liver will be struggle to deal with it, and this

insulin, it in important that you are aware of the

means that the body finds it difficult to function


without that addition of sugar.

medications. Insulin, while helping you, also





has unwanted side-effects such as weightNo wonder why sugar is added in so much

grain or increased high blood pressure.

food because it is so addictive that people need to buy it! It took me 2 years to have a

For a detailed list of the side-effects of insulin,

whole 3 days without any craving of sugar.

check here. It is important that you do not

This is how long it takes, if like me you have

stop your insulin or diabetes medications, and

been on a lot of sugar for 30 years!

continue taking them as suggested by your conventional doctor. However, if you are really

What can I do to help my blood sugar

serious at making a long-term difference in


your health and life, it will be necessary to

By experience, it is very difficult to just stop

develop a complementary approach based on

sugar when you have been classified as "pre-

nutrition and holistic medicine.

diabetic" or if you have an issue with feeling dizzy if you skip a meal. The best and simple way is to have a customised diet for you, that will be high in


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We scour the shows and health news to bring you the latest in holistic health innovations. As always please remember we are not recommending these products/services and you should always do your own research to ensure they are right for you!

Noxicare produce a range of herbal tablets and pain relief cream using natures own pain relievers: Turmeric, Willow Bark, Ginger, Basil, Rosemary and Boswellia

It can be used to ease acute and chronic inflammation (your body's immune response to irritation or other injuries with features like redness, swelling, warmth and pain), Muscle aches (muscle aches can be acute (as a result of athletic injury) or chronic and involve ligaments, tendons, bones and organs) and Nerve pain (painful nerve endings in the layers of your skin can cause burning, throbbing and stinging). Order via

Apricot kernel oil is very similar to peach kernel oil, containing vitamin A, various of the B vitamins and vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants helping to combat the emergence of free radicals and other damaging elements in the skin making apricot kernel oil particularly suited for nourishing the skin and moisturising eczema. Also available delivered to your door via

Photographs: - stuart miles / ambro



shocking things yo

know about


One can of soda can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar 200 years ago the average American consumed 2 pounds of sugar a year - today it is 152 pounds! Sugar can damage your health as it suppresses your immune system and can lead to diabetes, gastrointestinal issues and eyesight loss Sugar can tamper with the structure of your DNA Sugar feeds cancer cells and is linked to Breast, Bowel, Pancreas, Ovary cancers and more Candida infection overgrowth (linked to exacerbating CFS & Fibromyalgia) is fed by Sugar Sugar can impair the structure of collagen causing your skin to age Sugar is addictive and can cause hormone disruption in both men and women and cause depression and emotional instability Limiting sugar in Young People has been shown to reduce Anti-Social behaviour by up to 44% Foods of 50% fat and 50% sugar foods (such as donuts) set off the ‘addiction’ response in the brain & can lead to obesity PAGE 30

ou didn’t


% off

Photographs: - tiverylucky



Energy in mo Let me ask you to reflect, for a moment, on

failures, but what would be the point without

what it would be like if you spent time with a

experiencing the accompanying feelings?

close friend, but couldn’t feel the love between you? What if you attended your

Emotion gives substance and meaning to

son’s first school play and you couldn’t feel

your life and is one of the four places from

the utter joy and pride as he stands on the

which we live (the others being Spirit, Body

stage, his nerves melting into a huge smile

and Thought). The ancient Greeks called

having actively sought and found your face in

these places, the Elements. Within that

the crowd?

tradition, emotions are associated with the element Water and they are our life giver. We

What if you felt nothing as you stand on top of

cannot survive without her. Water’s fixity

a mountain looking down over creation as the

shaped and sculpted the earth during the Ice

Sun rises on a clear summer’s morning, or if

Age; her cardinality continues to shape our

your favourite sports team finally wins their

land and give us energy in the form of waves;

first trophy after years of trying?

and her mutability pours her life giving elixir

Your emotions are a natural part of your

on us in the form of rain clouds.

existence and they allow you to experience the textures and colour of life. Without them,

Ours is the blue planet, so named because of

you can still spend time with your family and

this element. We have built our cities on the

friends, attend the milestones in your child’s

landscape she has shaped – riverbeds,

life and witness your team’s successes and

alluvial planes, coastlines. She can extinguish


worse. They add to the quality of your life, and can rob you of vitality. Your emotions reveal what you truly love and value. They nourish your creative, artistic and intuitive abilities. In fact, having all the wealth in the world does not matter if you do not feel good.


You have a wonderful capacity to feel a vast array of emotions, from sorrow to elation; anxiety



peace; you







emotions within minutes, each one colouring your perception, adding or subtracting from the quality of a moment. You can feel uplifted and radiant when someone compliments you

even the hottest known fire, lava; flood or fertilise our earth; and cool our air. She nourishes and activates life.

In terms of consciousness, water is simply energy in motion (e-motion). Emotions are electro-magnetic charges that move rapidly through fluids across the membrane of the cell walls.

about how great you look at a party, but also uncomfortable when you scan the room,

Emotional energy works at a faster speed

catching a glimpse of someone who you have

than the speed of thought. This is because

had a conflict with. As you hear the news that

the feeling world operates at a higher speed

an old school friend of yours has been

than the mind. Scientists have repeatedly

diagnosed with cancer, your emotions sink

confirmed that our emotional reactions show

further, but are uplifted by a bear hug that you

up in brain activity before we even have time

receive from an old friend that you have not

to think. We evaluate everything emotionally

seen in a long time!

as we perceive it. We think about it afterward. Your emotions are your inner guidance

But you have been conditioned to seeing

system. They fuel you as they drive many of

yourself as being separate from the world

your decisions and actions, for better or for

rather than as being part of your world. You


have been trained to only have feelings about

give it to you? Moreover, what if you were to

something in response to something that has


already occurred outside of yourself.

compassion and love, as opposed to irritation







or anger to any stresses and strains that arise If, as the ancient traditions suggest, you are

in your life?

participating within a holographic Multiverse, rather than being mere observer; if everything

Your emotions can enrich your life but when

is ultimately one and that an independent,

you do not use your emotions wisely they can

detached reality does not exist; then when

act as destructive force in your life. By being

you take the time to generate a new emotional

continually aware of the feelings generated as

response to something in your life, you

a consequence of combining your thoughts

effectively create a new template of possibility

(Air) and emotions (Water), you can steer

that is available for anyone to access. You

your life in more conscious direction instead

become an emotional generator. Or to use

of being swept along on a river of external

astrological language - you access the inner

thoughts and “situations�, under the influence

Cancerian within you.

or even direct control of others.

For example, the Sun does not shine much in

Each time that you chose a new emotional

Ireland, a damp and cloudy island in the far

response to the challenges of your life, it

north-westerly reaches of Europe. It is striking

makes it easier for someone else to access

to observe the beaming grins that radiate from

that path. That is your power as being an

our pale and pasty faces is in response to the

Emotional Generator, or Cancerian - the

light and gentle warmth of that yellow thing in

possibility that you are creating a template in

the sky when it is finally spotted on the few

which others have access to.

occasions that the clouds part and a blue tapestry is revealed! But what if on a normal

You do not have to be born within the month

grey day, you were to choose to have a good

that the Sun apparently moves through the

feeling even if the weather outside does not

tropical sign of Cancer to access this


Photographs: - luigi diamante/ dan

dimension of your Soul. Everyone contains an

emotions of a lower vibrational expression,

inner Cancerian! Granted if you were born

but to acknowledge them. In acknowledging

with a planetary archetype within Cancer, you

them, however, you do not have to give into

will have a more conscious experience of

them or indeed articulate them as they have

creating an emotional response in your world,

served to bring you on to a path of self-

though a specific component of your soul.

knowledge and now you are invited to heal that path and to choose something new.

However, if you understand where Cancer lies within your birth chart, you will better

As you move through this Cardinal Water

understand what arena of your life generates

time, if something provokes an intense

these powerful feelings and you can also plot

emotional reaction in you, take a step back

what facets of your experience of life that are

and ask yourself whether there is a possibility

being invoked during the Cancerian New

of an alternative reaction. Each time you

Moon on the 27th June 2014. For assistance

change your reactions; each time you chose

on locating this lunation I have prepared a

the path of love and not fear or anger; each

PDF for you

time you view the possibility that any challenge you are encountering is the last

The forthcoming Cardinal Water lunation

vestiges of an old thought form rearing its

additionally takes place during a time when

head asking for a greater healing; you open

Mercury, the planetary archetype associated

up a pathway that all those you touch in your

with thought, is moving backwards from

life have access to.

Cardinal Water (emotional generation) into Mutable Air (free expression of thought)

Moreover, remember that you are a part of all

giving rise to a time wherein you are afforded

that you experience and every choice that you

the opportunity to focus on the emotions that

make has some influence on the world around

drive your thought process (Emotionally

you. I invite you to choose consciously.

Charged Thoughts – Mercury Retrograde).

What you choose to emotionally carry through this time – hate, judgement, bigotry, fascism, intolerance or love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance – is collectively contributing to the creation of new conditions of living, as we continue to create the vibratory possibility of a new way of being, as reflected in the quadrature between Pluto and Uranus.

It is

important not to deny or suppress any

We love Andrew Smith’s unique take on Astrology and you can contact Andrew and receive further insights here: For an Audio version of this article E-mail Andrew Find Andrew on Facebook PAGE 35

I know people who read ‘proper’ books might turn their nose up at a John Grisham novel but when I was asked to write the article for this month the advice was think of three books that made you think – this one made me think. As someone used the UK justice system which is by no means perfect what I learned from this book about the American justice system horrified me. It is a typical Grisham storyline of little man trying to get to the truth and big corporation using money and power to hide it. In this instance we have a woman in a small town in Mississippi whose husband and son died within weeks of each other, victims of cancer allegedly caused by deliberate costcutting spills into the town’s drinking water by big, bad Krane Chemical. This is a story about the little man versus the big corporation. What comes out on top, justice or power?? Read on….


The true story of a Saudi Arabian princess, a woman born to fabulous, uncountable wealth but in reality lives in a gilded cage. She has no freedom, no control over her own life, no value but as a bearer of sons. Hidden behind her black floor-length veil, she is a prisoner, jailed by her father, her husband, her sons, and her country. Sultana tells of her own life, from her turbulent childhood to her arranged marriage and of the lives of her sisters, her friends and her servants. They share a history of appalling oppressions, everyday occurrences that in any other culture would be seen as shocking human rights violations; from 13 year-old girls forced to marry men 5 times their age to isolation in the ‘women's room’, a padded, windowless cell with neither light nor conversation until death claims them, allowing us to see beyond the veils of this secret society, to the heart of a nation where men reign supreme.

An unforgettable journey through a very unconventional childhood. When Joshua Safran was 4 years old his mother, determined to protect him from the threats of nuclear war and Ronald Reagan, took to the open road with her young son, leaving the San Francisco counter-cultural scene behind. Together they embarked on a journey to find a utopia they could call home. Safran tells the harrowing, yet wryly funny story of his childhood chasing this perfect life off the grid and how they survived the imperfect one they found instead. Encountering a cast of strange and humorous characters along the way, he finds himself yearning for a "normal" life, but when he finally re-enters society through school, he finds "America" a difficult and confusing place. Bullied and beaten by classmates for being different, this is a journey of the spirit, a tale of overcoming adversity; and a captivating read about a childhood unlike any other.

Photography: - phaitoon and Amazon

Coconut & Banana Smoothie 2 ripe bananas ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 big tablespoons of honey – any old kind 1 tablespoon coconut flour 2 cups crushed ice 1 cup coconut flakes 1 cup soya cream (please ensure non GMO) / coconut cream 1 cup soya milk (please ensure non GMO) / almond milk

This is a lovely easy recipe, you just need to add everything into a blender or food processor and pulse until the banana and ice are ground up. Then give it a longish blend until you have a smooth consistency.

The drink is very creamy and may be too thick for some people – you can use two cups of milk and leave out the cream if that suits you better. In the unlikely event that your smoothie is left for a while it will begin to separate, but it can be kept in the fridge and give a good shake to re-blend.

Claire is a mum of 3, works part-time and runs her own business too. You can connect with Claire: on Twitter @ClaireLyonsGrow her blog Or her very swanky website

We love Grace’s nails (left) Claire!


Rei So what exactly is Reiki and what does it do is a common question I am asked. Reiki is the name

Reiki can heal ease, it amplifies innate abilities, balances the spirit, makes the body healthy and thus helps to achieve happiness

given to a healing system devised by a man named Mikao Usui. The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy.

Rei - means ‘Universal”.

It is accepted by Reiki

practitioners as the “higher spiritual consciousness’ that understands the root cause of all problems and difficulties. KI - means ‘Life Force Energy’. It is Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit and Mana in Hawaiian and means vital life force that flows through all living things. Ki surrounds and animates all life and is the main source of our thoughts, emotions and spiritual existence.


Photography: - imagerymajestic/david castillo

i-ki The word Reiki is of Japanese origin, but has existed for many thousands of years. It is a healing system that is very simple to use either using a hands on or hands off approach. It can be used by those who study the Philosophy of Reiki and who have been attuned to the energy system. Reiki practitioners will have undergone extensive training with a Reiki Mater Teacher to learn about the energy system, they will go through various levels: Reiki I deals mainly with healing oneself and helping friends and family. Reiki II - symbols will be given to enhance the power of reiki. Reiki Master - Master symbols are used. Reiki Master Teacher - whereby the Reiki Master is given training on how to teach Reiki.

Once the practitioner has been attuned to Reiki they become a clear channel through which the Universal Life Force Energy can flow to give healing. It has its own intelligence and will flow to wherever in the body healing is needed. Hands are placed on the major energy centres in the body (known as Chakras). The Life Force that flows through us runs through energy pathways, and where these cross they form what is known as Chakras. This energy that flows through our Chakras allows our body to experience good health and well being, nourishing our cells and organs, however


when these become blocked we can become ill or suffer from dis-ease. The chakra system is thought to be the gateway to spirit. Ok so now we understand about what Reiki is, we also know a little of the history of how it all started with a chap called Dr Mikao Usui - who was born in Japan and entered a Buddhist school from the age of four. He studied health and healing disciplines but found they often depleted one’s own energy so he set out to understand a way to change this. His studies included medicine, psychology, religion and was a member of a metaphysical group dedicated to developing psychic abilities. He later went on to become the Mayor of Tokyo.

As a sensitive spiritualist Usui became disillusioned in his life and decided to travel to a holy mountain, Mt Kurama, to undertake a 21 day training course run by the Buddhist monks.

We believe Usui fasted and

meditated, chanted and prayed for 21 days at Mt Kurama and through meditation he received the gift of Reiki energy, along with sacred symbols and the philosophy. With this new healing ability to help others he spent the next seven years working with the poor of Kyoto. Eventually he moved to Tokyo and started a healing society and a Reiki clinic.

In 1923 a great

earthquake devastated Tokyo, Usui began treating the sick with Reiki. The Japanese government awarded him a Kun San To for his honourable work.

Dr Usui died in 1926 but not before teaching some 2,000 students and initiating 16 teachers.

These teachers

have passed the healing system of Reiki down through their own students and teachers creating a lineage.

The inscription on the Usui memorial reads: Someone who studies hard (eg studies meditation) and works assiduously to improve body and mind for the sake of becoming a better person is called a man of great spirit. People who use that great spirit for a social purpose, that


Photographs: - dan / sirikul

is, to teach the right way to many people and do

People use Reiki to relax and strengthen their

collective good, are called teachers.

well being, reduce pain, anxiety and fatigue. It helps to manage symptoms, reduce side

The Original Reiki Ideals

effects of medications and support recovery

The secret of inviting happiness

after injuries or surgery.

The miraculous medicine of diseases

Reiki offers relief during emotional distress and

Just for today, I will not anger

sorrow and is becoming sought after for treating

Just for today, I will not worry


Just for today, I will earn my living honestly

associated elements e.g: insomnia, irritability,

Just for today I will show gratitude for everything

anger, sadness, motivation and fatigue.






Devote yourself to work and be kind to people Reiki combines will with other complementary Great that sounds interesting, so I wonder how

therapies and with orthodox medical care to

it can help me? Well, all dis-ease can be

accelerate your body’s own healing process.

thought of as a state of energy imbalance. Reiki re-balances our system to promote

Wow a healing system that is natural and has a

optimum well being in mind, body and spirit. It

strong history to back it up - but wait there is

replenishes your energy supply to assist your

more. Reiki works with your body and its own

body in healing itself. We believe that the body

natural energy and people will have different

is self healing.

experiences during their treatment. One of the many wonderful by products of Reiki is that it

On a physical level our cells in our bodies can

can enhance and develop your spiritual

be invaded by unwanted micro-organisms

awareness, many people find this a great

which cause damage or mutate and even

introduction to becoming more attuned and

cause your body to rebel. The body will do its

aware of their spiritual selves.

best to heal itself, defend itself and even try to restore the balance. Reiki is a natural nonevasive healing system that can alter the flow of energy to cells helping to correct these changes or altering the way cells behave.

Our emotional and mental well being underpins all health and well-being. It influences how we

Lesley Parker is a Reiki Master - 12th Lineage to Dr Usui and you can contact Lesley via her website

think, how we feel about ourselves and others, how we interpret situations, communication, our ability to cope and mange change, life events like the birth of a child or bereavement and ill health.


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Recipe Mango & Nectarine Passion Smoothie

250 ml of Oat milk

6 cubes of mango

1 nectarine chopped off the stone

A scoop of Vanilla

½ passion fruit

Juice Plus Complete

Whizzed for 30 seconds how fast and fabulous is that & it tastes fantastic! Have a go



Our recent



Q: Can Homeopathy & Reiki help Fibro & CFS?

These are just some answered live onlin questions we ran ou

Q: Does Hypno birthing take the pain away without drugs?






witter party

pHealthMag ( #chm )


Q: How to reduce sugar cravings?

Q: What’s your favourite trick when it comes to raw food?

of the questions we ne and apologies for ut of time to answer!

Taking part:

@MissRachidaB (raw food)

Melanietomsett1 (homeopathy)

Louise_Joslin (NLP & Hypno) @Lesleykparker (reiki)

@ClaireLyonsGrow (recipes) @BrattonGroup (crystals)


Questions & Answers

Photographs: - dan

Hello and welcome to a new section of the magazine. Here we hope to broaden your horizons and introduce to you new ways of thinking and empowering you to be the best that you can be. I am Lesley Parker a medium, healer and tutor. I have been aware of spirit from an early age and continually developing myself over the years in many aspects such as Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, EFT, Clairvoyance, Psychic awareness

Psychic Hub

and all forms of mediumship. I work independently and alongside others, including another medium Caroline Tobin - who we will hear from in later chapters, I believe she has some lovely meditations to inspire you.


Is a Psychic the same as a Medium?


A Medium will connect with the spirit world and bring loving messages of comfort from those that have passed over. Mediums are also Psychic. A Psychic will bring messages of support and guidance, but will not connect with loved ones from the other side. A Psychic is not always a medium. Both ways of working bring much needed comfort and guidance to us here, but this is worth bearing in mind so you can choose the best person for you

How do you do it? When we work we are able to shift our awareness and enter into a light altered state, which allows us to work with the finer vibration of the spirit world. We may connect in some of these ways: Clairvoyance - seeing spirit communicators in our minds eye, how they looked, where they lived Clairaudience - hear communicators in our thoughts, we may be told names Clairsentience - feel the spirit person, feel their ailments, how they passed, how they felt, emotions

How can I develop? We all have intuition don't we? We all have imagination and dreams? I believe we can all develop if we choose too, that these abilities are a natural state within all of us. However, to really strengthen your faculties then Meditation is a very good place to start. I hope that this has given you a glimpse into a new way to be and I look forward to sharing more great insights and wisdom with you. Please contact me with any questions you may have and maybe we can answer a selection in the next edition.


Organic Small Space Gardening I’m a bit frustrated at the moment. Why? Well some people have what they call bad hair days, others prefer to call them off days. Its definitely not what I‘m calling them at the moment, because mine has gone from day to “days” and the problem hasn’t gone away yet, nor will it for some time to come. Before I go any further, let me give you a little bit of advice when labelling your seeds and pots. Always check the lead in your pencil. Or to put it another way, make sure the ink in your pen is up to the job you what it to do. Confused? Well, not nearly as confused as I am at the moment because some of my tomato’s that should be standing erect and full of the joys of spring, seem to be showing signs of brewers droop. There’s nothing wrong


with them its just the type of tomato. Before things






speaking” let me enlighten you as to the cause of my frustration. To do that I must take you back to Christmas. A very cherished and practical Christmas gift from my youngest daughter has prompted a change in this month’s advice. The gift came in two parts. Part one a box containing some small peat pots, peat plugs, nice shiny reusable labelling sticks, a packet of seeds and a small advice booklet. Also in the box was a little note informing me, the second part of the gift would be received at monthly intervals. The note went on to explain, a packet of seeds will arrive at the beginning of each month for a year and sure enough since January, I have received little


brown envelopes with different types of unusual vegetable seeds. I have a small lean to type greenhouse where I start my tomatoes and cucumbers etc, so each month as the seeds arrived, I dutifully planted a couple of pots and waited‌. and waited‌. and waited. The seeds I have planted so far are, Salsify, Gourd, Cardoon, Aubergine, Parsnip and a tomato called Tigerella, (very exotic). Each time a packet arrived, I followed the instructions on the packet and set about planting the seeds in modules as instructed. Carefully using the labelling sticks provided as all good gardeners would do. As they are reusable labelling sticks, I also used them to label my own tomatoes, cucumbers, runner beans etc, and I usually grow about ten varieties of tomatoes, various squash, two types of cucumber, so imagine my annoyance when I discovered the ink marker I used on the shiny new labelling sticks had washed off during the watering process. Leaving me with no idea as to what type of tomato, cucumber etc was in which pot. Not a big deal I hear you say, however, now that the tomato, cucumbers, etc, have been planted out into their final position and are quite well established the problem is quite evident. Do you remember in the article on balcony growing in which I advised growing cordon tomatoes up canes in front of runner beans? Well, some of what I thought were


cordon tomato, have turned out to be trailing tomatoes. I grow my trailing tomatoes in hanging baskets and it turns out that the tomatoes in the baskets are steak tomatoes, a variety which need plenty of root room and sturdy canes for truss support. I am praying I have my cucumbers in the green house and not in the outside containers where I grow squash! I also hope that the cucumber I have planted inside are of a glass house type, and not ridge - an outside cucumber.

Alas, time will tell. One thing that has perked me up over the last three weeks though is being able to take fresh lettuce leaves from the outside of my lettuces and have them in a wrap for breakfast. The six lettuces in my balcony size garden allow my wife and I to take half a dozen leaves a day although at the moment I have to use bought tomatoes and cucumbers but hopefully that will change in the next few weeks. I have also picked the first half dozen runner beans which doesn’t sound a lot but you have to pick ‘as and when’ because if you don’t your plants will bolt to seed. The little trick I use that allows me to pick so early, will be covered in next month’s article and whilst it is too late in the season to use it this year it will give you a chance to decide where and if you have enough space and would like to try what I call, extended season growing next year! It is a method I have used for a number of years with my runners, lettuce, spring onions, radish and tomatoes and you really cannot beat the taste of fresh grown salad and vegetables and not something that has spent two or three days getting from the farm to the shop and been treated with all manor of chemicals. Until next month, happy gardening. Photographs: - simon horden / phanlop88 / lobster20 /cbenjasuwan / grant cochrane / voraorn


How to choo “Close your eyes and put out your hand and feel which crystal is right for you” is what I say to people when they ask me how to choose a crystal. The books and the Internet all say different things but the best person to choose a crystal for you is usually you.

If you wake up thinking about a crystal then this a crystal worth you having, if you are immediately drawn to a crystal out of a whole selection then that is the one for you regardless of how the crystal looks or what it is ‘supposed’ to do. I display most of my tumble stones in glass bowls and when people have chosen what type of stone they want they often ask me to select one from the bowl and I lift the bowl and ask them to “close your eyes and feel the one for you”.

People often start telling me what is wrong with them and ask me which crystal will help but what is wrong with them might be the ‘symptom’ of the problem and not the problem itself. For example, you may want a crystal for a headache but if it being is caused by stress then you will need a crystal for the stress instead and then the headache also goes away!

If someone really can’t choose then I will help and I first connect with them with a line which has their energy flowing through it and then I send my energy back to them.





A few weeks ago I had a request to select

Mum says that us children are becoming more

some crystals for someone who lives a long

and more ‘intuitive’ and spiritual; she says that

way from us and had been told she had

her job as an adult is to help me have the

throat cancer, I felt her energy line and put

choice to be whatever I want to be, to feel how

every crystal which felt right in a little bag.

I feel, and connect with crystals and people in

Out of interest Mum then read a crystal book

the sky in the way I want to. Mum has never

and suggested that there was one crystal

read us a spiritual book or told us what we

which was really good for cancer which we

should or should not believe. Mum says we

didn’t have in stock. We held back sending

should believe what we feel for ourselves.

the collection by a few days until we had managed to get to the wholesalers and get

How we use crystals

the missing crystal, then I am really pleased

There are some amazingly complicated things

to share that we found out she doesn’t have

you can do with crystals but I normally just do

cancer and so even the books agree that I

simple things. There are loads of books,

had selected the perfect crystals for what

websites and people giving advice, so I

was wrong with her!

thought I would do something a bit different and I am going to share how we use crystals

A couple of months ago I had my crystals at

in our home.

a lovely spiritual exhibition and a boy of about 13 came up to the stand, he was immediately

I keep my rose quartz dog in a little box with a

drawn to a piece of agate; it was like a

pillow and a sparkly pink felt blanket on my

magnet to him. His mum and her friend came

bedside table, and I have a gorgeous rose

over and the friend took the agate out of his

quartz lamp which I love having on when I

hand and said “you don’t need that, you need

sleep. Mum keeps her large ball of orange

this” and picked up a hematite tumble for him

calcite on her bedside table. Bedside tables

because she had read about it. Well the

are a great place to put crystals as you will be

boy’s face was really sad, he knew which

in one place for a long period of time and the

crystal was right for him and so did I; I saw

energy is close to you, I suggest you don’t put

the connection between him and the agate

one there though if you find it gives you lots of

and so did my Mum. I told them that a crystal

energy as it might keep you awake.

should be chosen by feeling not by theory but they bought the hematite.

Mum often puts crystals in her bra which is quiet funny when she takes her bra off and

The boy came back to my stand at least 3

crystals fall out, she only puts little crystals in

times, every time he was drawn to the

her bra though, it would be really funny if she

original piece of agate and yet still the mother

put big crystals in there! My sister and mum

continued to listen to the friend.

often wear a crystal pendant on a chain and


Photographs: freedigitalphotos

they swap the pendants about depending on

In some of our windows we have crystal

how they feel. A low cost way of wearing

pendants which is lovely because when the

crystals is a wire crystal holder in which you

sun shines they make baby rainbows all

can put any tumble stone you want to carry

around the room. Dad says they “split the light

and you can wear it like a pendant; these are

from being clear into all the colours in the

really cheap and they are especially useful

rainbow”. We also have agate crystal mobiles

for girls and ladies as we sometimes don’t

which clang as well as let the light shine

have any pockets!

through, but I prefer the ones which make baby rainbows.

In our sitting room we have a lovely collection of Selenite on our coffee table which as well

I don’t do much hands on healing but when

as looking really good brings a lovely energy

Mum does she often gives the person she is

to the room. In the window we have a

healing a crystal to hold as it helps make the

gorgeous large rainbow quartz point to which


many people are attracted, I have noticed

sometimes she puts a crystal underneath their

that a smaller one from my collection has

chair. ‘Fully trained’ healers can do some

somehow appeared next to it?

great things with crystal wands and crystal






grids but that is a big topic which I will talk Mum always keeps a crystal on her desk as

about another month!

she says it absorbs the energy sent out by the computer. She has selenite on her desk

One of the most unusual ways I share crystals

at the moment and Dad has green calcite.

is when we go geocaching (which is a bit like

We often have different crystals in unusual

a treasure hunt where you go on a walk and

places for example we have citrine on our

find things hidden by other people and then

stairs which mum put there years ago, each

you swap it with something of yours) and I

week our cleaner moves it and each week

have a pot of little crystals which we take with

mum puts it back – a bit like weekly habit!

us, and so each time we find treasure I swap

Sometimes I will move something and there

it for a crystal. One of the easiest ways to use

will be a crystal which my sister or Mum have

a crystal is to pop one in your pocket (or bra if

put there. I leave crystals in places too but I

you are a lady) as they stay close to you all

know where I put them so it is not a surprise

day. Don’t put big crystals in your bra though

when I find them, once I put some

as that would look a lot silly!

moonstone on top of the microwave and Mum was wondering why but it was just because I emptied my cardigan pockets

To order crystals from Emma E-MAIL HERE

before it went in the wash and the microwave is above the washing machine! - Boians Cho Joo Young

Editor: I can’t resist and have to ask where do you keep yours? PAGE 55


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