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Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors

Moving Forward T he adhesive, filler, finish and subfloor product categories always seem to be changing. That’s why it’s important to keep abreast of the major players, keeping an eye peeled for the greatest and latest coming down the pike. Here, once again, is Hardwood Floors’ annual Adhesive, Filler, Finish and Subfloor Product Focus.

ADHESIVES Advanced Adhesive Technologies Inc.

Ardex Engineered Cements/ W.W. Henry Co.

AAT-535C Professional Wood Flooring Adhesive utilizes proprietary solvent technology to produce an aggressive, VOC-compliant adhesive with coverage rates up to 90 square feet per gallon. The company says it requires no open time, rapidly develops tremendous strength and can be used for installing bamboo, solid and engineered wood flooring.

Ardex’s Henry brand 1171N SureLoc- Acrylic Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive is a professional acrylic urethane adhesive for installing solid wood, engineered wood plank, wood parquet flooring, and cork underlayment. Ardex says it has excellent initial grab, fast strength development, high ultimate bond strength and elongation, and anti-microbial product protection

Bona US Bona US says its moisture-controlling, silane-based adhesives are unique and have a carefully weighted combination of elasticity and strength. The company says its adhesives are an integral part of the Bona system for bringing out the best in hardwood floors.

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Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Adhesives

Bostik Inc.

DriTac Flooring Products LLC

Bostik’s Ultra-Set SingleStep is a one-part, trowel-applied, tacking, moisture-cure urethane adhesive, as well as a moisture-vapor and sound-reduction membrane. This scientifically formulated adhesive and membrane is very tenacious, has very low moisture permeability, and is formulated with the company’s patent-pending Thickness-Control Spacer Technology to ensure proper thickness between hardwood flooring and the substrate, Bostik adds.

DriTac says its 7500 Eco-Urethane is the only urethane wood flooring adhesive to be certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label Plus Program for Indoor Air Quality. Containing zero VOCs and zero solvents, DriTac 7500 Eco-Urethane offers an easy-to-spread formula that is very low in odor.

Harris Wood Floors/QEP Co. Inc.


Harris’ Roberts brand R1530 is a solvent-free, 100-percent-solids moisture cure urethane product that performs as an all-in-one, single-application adhesive, moisture vapor barrier and sound reducer for wood and bamboo flooring installations. It helps to protect against unforeseen moisture vapors emissions that can destroy a wood flooring installation.

MAPEI says its new Ultrabond ECO 995 provides both superior bonding and moisture vapor emission control of up to 15 pounds (6.80 kg.) MVER or 85 percent relative humidity. MAPEI says this single-component, 100 percent-solids, moisturecure urethane system is excellent for all types of wood flooring, including exotics and bamboo.

Royal Adhesives and Sealants


EMC 4011 is a one-part moisture cure urethane adhesive and moisture-control system in a single product, and it can be used for gluedown installations of all types of wood flooring. For new-construction concrete applications, no moisture testing is required; it need only be dry to the touch with no visible dampness, Royal says.

CBR 970 is a moisture-cured product designed to adhere wood flooring directly over old cutback mastic without removing the existing cutback. CBR 970 was specifically designed to not dissolve the old cutback and will provide a shear ar strength of up to 218 psi. Stauf says it will not ot damage finish when leftft on for prolonged periods ods of time.

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Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Fillers

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.


Synthetic Surfaces Inc. says that many installers prefer its Nordot Adhesive #113D because it’s a user-friendly, one-part curing urethane that pours and spreads easily, unlike paste adhesives. Nordot Adhesive #113D is environmentally friendly, VOC-compliant, low-hazard and water-free, Synthetic Surfaces says. Plus, it fights mold and does not contain toxic or flammable solvents, the company adds.

H.B. Fuller’s TEC brand Multi-Powered Wood Flooring Adhesive can be applied to damp concrete (ranging from 75-90 percent RH) and has up to 120 minutes of open time, reducing waste from product skinning. It features a strong initial grab as well as sound-deadening and crack-bridging capabilities.

UFloor Systems Inc. The Pallmann brand P5 is a one-component moisture-cured silane terminated prepolymer hybrid adhesive that, UFloor says, combines the powerful flexibility of a polyurethane adhesive with the advantages of modern modified silane technology.

FILLERS ATOM Ventures LLC Gork’s GoodFilla from ATOM Ventures LLC is a water-based wood filler that does not shrink, sink or crack. ATOM Ventures says it is proudly made in the U.S. from a proprietary formula, and that it is odorless, stainable, sandable, tintable and has an unlimited shelf life.

Bona US

Glitsa, a division of Rudd Co.

Pacific Filler is a waterborne compound specifically designed for filling cracks, holes, chips, gouges and broken edges in hardwood floors prior to finishing. Its high-solid formula is ready to use and trowelable direct from the pail, or it can be thinned with water for full-trowel filling. It is also Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Glitsa says its Wood Flour Cement provides an exact match between filler and flooring. It uses actual sanding dust from the same species of wood as the floor and will take on the color of the sanding dust used. Wood Flour Cement accepts stain and ages consistently with the flooring since the actual sanding dust is used.

February|March 2013 ■ Hardwood Floors 55

Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Fillers

Timbermate Group

UFloor Systems Inc.

Timbermate Group says its wood filler is a no-waste product. If it dries out, it can be reconstituted with water, and the filler’s excess material can be returned to the container for future use. The VOCand toxin-free filler is freeze/ thaw stable and available in 13 pre-mixed colors or a neutral tint for custom color matching.

UFloor’s Pallmann brand Pall-X Kitt is a waterbased joint filler compound intended to be mixed with sanding dust and used for joint- and trowelfilling wood floors. UFloor says it is suitable for strip, plank and parquet flooring of all species where color-matching is important and where filler stability and adhesion are vital.

Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products says it is continuing its research and development efforts to keep up with the wood flooring industry, and its wood fillers have been formulated to meet the demands of wood flooring experts. Its line of Wood Fillers includes: Woodwise Full-Trowel Filler, Wood Patch, No Shrink Patch-Quick, Powdered Wood Filler, Pre-Finish Filler, and Epoxy Wood Patch.

FINISHES Absolute Coatings Inc. LNL-1500 Commercial Grade WaterborneWood Floor Finish incorporates added protection with aluminum oxide, Microban antimicrobial protection, and UV absorbers in a single-component, non-yellowing urethane finish, and it is backed by a 15-year residential wear warranty. Absolute Coatings says the waterborne formula is environmentally friendly, and that the finish has low odor and a fast dry time.

Arboritec USA Inc.

Basic Coatings

Arboritec says its Avenue is a highperformance commercial twocomponent waterborne wood floor finish, and that it is enhanced with ceramic, which provides extreme durability. It is produced with the company’s exclusive accelerated NanoTechnology and offers exceptional flow, leveling and adhesion. What’s more, Arboritec adds that it will not show white stretch lines.

Basic Coatings says its Emulsion Pro is designed for the wood coating professional and provides excellent de-foaming coupled with maximum leveling that makes the toughest jobs easy. Emulsion Pro is a versatile, self-sealing, dual-cure polyurethane water-based wood finish that, Basic adds, offers fast dry times, water-cleanup and superior durability that common oil-based products lack.

56 Hardwood Floors ■ February|March 2013

Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Finishes

Berger-Seidle America

Bona US

Berger-Seidle says its reputation is built on providing dependable, high-quality and environmentally friendly products at a solid price-to-performance ratio. The Berger-Seidle family of wood finish products are produced to work together as a system that will give contractors optimal confidence in achieving a beautiful hardwood floor.

Bona US says its industry-leading waterborne finishes have always been VOC-compliant and healthier for people and the environment than most other finishes. Along with unsurpassed durability and beauty, Bona says that when using its finishes there is no need for the homeowner to vacate during the finishing process. Plus, it’s Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.


Glitsa, a division of Rudd Co.

DuraSeal’s DuraClear WaterBased Polyurethane is a highperformance, low-VOC alternative to oil-based finishes. Ideal for lighter colored wood, DuraClear spreads easily with exceptional flow and leveling for a non-ambering floor finish without an additional hardener. The company says that floors will retain their commercial-grade durability long after application.

Glitsa says its Infinity II single-component waterborne finish was developed specifically for professional wood flooring contractors. Infinity II is 100 percent urethane waterborne and can be used as a self-sealing system or over a sealer. Infinity II’s optional crosslinker, CrossLink, can be added for faster full curing and improved durability.

Harco Clear Coatings


Harco Clear Coatings’ Radiance is a one-part oil-modified waterborne polyurethane wood floor finish. The finish does not require a catalyst or crosslinker, and Harco says it has a rich traditional oil look. What’s more, the residential and commercial finish has low odor and low VOCs.

Monocoat says its natural oil floor finish provides extraordinary durability and ease of maintenance. Entirely VOC-free, Monocoat says its interior and exterior finishes are an important element in any environmentally sound application. They are available in clear as well as more than 30 colors, all of which are applied in a single coat.

February|March 2013 ■ Hardwood Floors 57

Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Finishes

Old Western Paint Co. Inc.

Professional Coatings Inc.

Old Western Paint Co. says its Poly Faux Polyurethane Finish is a unique interior pigmented coating system designed to help create a rich faux-stain look. It offers eight colors and four sheens for covering stains, flaws and imperfections on hardwood floors, giving a beautiful look over problem areas.

Pro-Coat Premium Radcoat is an aliphatic UV waterborne urethane finish designed for on-site, heavy commercial applications with limited downtime. Because of new polymerization technology, this product yields outstanding scuff-, scratch- and abrasionresistance, Professional Coatings adds.


UFloor Systems Inc.

NSB is the new waterborne sealer from PoloPlaz. It features fast drying, excellent adhesion and easy abrading. It is also resistant to sidebonding and panelization. NSB is compatible with all PoloPlaz waterborne or polyurethane finishes, and it is available in 1and 5-gallon containers.

UFloor’s Pallmann brand Magic Oil 2K is a two-component oil/ wax hybrid penetrating finish for residential and commercial applications. UFloor says it provides a velvety, matte finish that repels dirt and water, and that it gives the floor a rich European hand-rubbed appearance.

Waterlox Coatings Corporation


The Hawkins family says its American-made resin-modified tung oil products have been nurturing and beautifying wood by penetrating and building to a film to seal and protect for over 102 years. Its finish remains elastic, is easy to maintain, and moves with the wood to accommodate changing conditions and heavy traffic.

WOCA is a penetrating and hardening oil finish for commercial and residential applications. It provides a hard-wearing and natural-looking floor, WoodCareUSA says, and is available in many colors. This easy-to-repair finish is VOC-free and requires only one application when using the WOCA single-coat polishing pad, the company adds. www.woodcareusa. com

58 Hardwood Floors â– February|March 2013

Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Subfloor Prep

SUBFLOOR PREP Ardex Engineered Cements/W.W. Henry Co. Ardex Feather Finish provides a smooth, permanent finish to a variety of substrates prior to the installation of today’s demanding floor coverings. The product mixes with water, is ready for flooring in as little as 15 minutes and covers up to 300 square feet per bag.

DriTac Flooring Products LLC DriTac says its Moisture Block 3-In-1 is a green concrete moisture control urethane wood flooring adhesive that also acts as a crack suppressant. Containing zero VOCs and zero solvents, DriTac Moisture Block 3-In-1 is a onepart, trowel applied eco-friendly adhesive system that offers a one-day installation of hardwood flooring when a concrete moisture control system is required.

Fortifiber Building Systems Group Fortifiber’s Aquabar B Class II, HWD-15 and Seekure Class III vapor retarders for wood flooring have all earned the prestigious NWFA Accepted Product Seal. The company also makes Moistop Ultra Class I, an impermeable moisture and radon barrier for use over concrete and in crawl spaces.

Foam Products Corporation Foam Products Corporation says its Eco Ultimate Silencer is the industry’s most durable and versatile underlayment, and that it offers unparalleled acoustical properties. It can be used in floating, glue-down and nail-down applications, and it is made in the U.S. with recycled granulated rubber tires and high-density polyurethane foam.

Harris Wood Floors/QEP Co. Inc.


QEP’s Natural Cork Underlayment is available in two forms—rolls and sheets—to meet the needs of an assortment of professionals. These rolls and sheets are offered in a range of thickness and lengths, making them readily available for a variety of room sizes.

MAPEI offers three products for subfloor preparation. Planiprep AR (adhesive remover) softens and lifts old latex adhesive residues from the concrete subfloor. Planiprep SA (scouring agent) eliminates any adhesive remover residue and etches the concrete. And Planiprep ET (epoxy treatment) caps the subfloor to control moisture emission rates and prepare the floor for new adhesives.

February|March 2013 ■ Hardwood Floors 59

Product Focus | Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes + Subfloors Subfloor Prep

RB Rubber Products Inc.

Signature Innovations LLC

RB Silent-Tread is an acoustical underlayment designed to dramatically reduce room-to-room and in-room ambient noise. RB Silent-Tread exceeds national building code and property association sound reduction requirements, and RB Rubber Products says it is the superior choice for high-rise, office, hotel and multi-family applications, or simply for the personal comfort of the homeowner.

Signature Innovations’ FlexiKork is manufactured from cork and recycled rubber. It offers sound control, flexibility and shock absorption. It is antimicrobial and has a construction height as low as 1⁄8 inch. The company says it’s suitable for use with all floor heating systems.

Sound Seal


Sound Seal says its CeraZorb is a lightweight 5-mm-thick synthetic cork underlayment offering excellent thermal insulation under radiant floor heating systems. CeraZorb offers highenergy impact with low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads, the company says.

LiquiDam by H.B. Fuller’s TEC brand is formulated to be applied to concrete as little as 48 hours old (up to 100 percent RH), and is designed to reduce the MVER to less than 3 pounds per 1000 square feet per 24 hours. It penetrates to fill gaps and voids and contains low VOCs. www.tecspecialty. com

UFloor Systems Inc.

Weyerhaeuser Company

UFloor says its new Pallmann brand P25 self-leveling, rapid-setting underlayment and smoothing compound with Level Plus Effect has been designed exclusively for wood floor installations.

Weyerhaeuser’s premium OSB flooring product—Edge Gold— has a proprietary edge seal to help eliminate edge swell, and Down Pore drainage technology that channels rainwater through the panel, reducing construction delays. Weyerhaeuser offers a 200-day no-sand guarantee plus a 50-year limited warranty against panel delamination.

www.woodbywy. com/edgegold

60 Hardwood Floors ■ February|March 2013

Feb/March 2013 Product Focus  

Adhesives, Fillers, Finishes & Subfloors

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