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Paragon Plus™


• Essential nutrient needed to help maintain bone density.*

• Provides antioxidant support.*

Vitamin D-3 1000 IU

Lipoic Acid MP™ 300 mg • Increases antioxidant protection by recycling other antioxidants.*

• Supplies 1000 IU of the bioactive D3 form of vitamin D.

60 vegicaps

100 softgels



Save Up To $2.10

Save Up To $12.81


Natural Max

Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Pizza • A reinvention of pizza.

Stay Healthy during Seasons' Changes

• Gluten, soy & dairy free, but full of taste.

All-Well™ Formula

• No cholesterol.

13 ounces

Paragon Plus™

• Feel full, gain energy & boost metabolism.*

• Helps support a healthy immune system.*

• Whey + plant-Based omegas from chia, flax & hemp.

• An exclusive blend of nutrients, herbs & medicinal mushrooms.

17 ounces

60 capsules



Save Up To $3.81 Jane Carter Solution


Sweet Potatoes & White Beans Baby Food

Restore Creamy Conditioning Cleanser

• Introduce your baby to new flavors. • Stage 2 organic baby food. • No added sugar, flavors or preservatives.

4 ounces

$1.66 Save Up To $1.13




Chocolate Fix Skinny Fast Diet Shake

Save Up To $9.35! Soap Box Soaps

Black Soap Body & Soul Wash

• Gently cleanses & infuses hair with restorative essential oils.

• Helps you feel clean, soft & nourished.

• Surfactant free co-wash with jojoba oil & nettle extract.

• With shea butter, aloe & jojoba oil.

8 ounces

14 ounces



Save Up To $4.00

Save Up To $1.30

Heritage Select

Gnu Food

Mexican Style Basmati Rice • Mexican seasoned basmati rice pilaf with orzo pasta. • Low sodium.

6.5 ounces


$19.88 Save Up To $6.41 Evamor

Natural Artesian Water • Naturally alkaline artesian water. • Supports overall health.* • Clean, refreshing taste.

32 ounces

$1.23 Save Up To 72¢

Cinnamon Raisin Fiber Love Bar • Soft-baked fiber bar. • Chewy & full of plump raisins.


35% OFF



• 48% of daily fiber per bar. 1.4 ounces

2 FOR $3

Chamberlin’S • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to shop is simple! ™

Begley's And Bill's

All Natural Cream Soda

R.W. Knudsen

R.W. Knudsen

• 100% cranberry juice from concentrate.

• Mango flavored sparkling beverage from concentrates.

Just Cranberry Juice

• All natural craft soda.

• Rich in antioxidants.

• Refreshing, satisfying & guilt free.

• Undiluted & unsweetened.

4/ 12 ounce bottles

32 ounces

Mango Fandango Spritzer • Real fruit juice & sparkling water. • No sugar added.

• 10.5 ounces


Gold Kiwi Aloe Vera King • Delicious & refreshing aloe drink. • Made with aloe vera gel & juice. • No preservatives.

16.9 ounces





Save Up To $1.10

Save Up To $3.72

Save Up To 40¢

Save Up To 39¢

Traditional Medicinals

Teas Tea

Nature's Guru

• Pure green tea.

• Powdered coconut water for hydration on the go.

Oregon Café

Original Chai Tea Concentrate Organic Roasted Dandelion • Black tea, vanilla, spices & honey. Root Tea • Just add milk to create a sweet & spicy drink.

Pure Green Teas’ Tea

• Promotes healthy liver function.*

• Unsweetened.

• Organic.

• Naturally caffeine free herbal tea.

• Supplies natural tea antioxidants.

32 ounces

• Organic.

16.9 ounces

16 bags

$3.49 Save Up To $1.50

Dairy & Gluten Free Vegetable Pizza • Roasted peppers, eggplant, onion, artichokes, dried tomato & vegan cheese. • Gluten free multigrain crust. • 100% vegan.

• Low calories & fat free.

5 ounces



Save Up To $1.53

Save Up To 50¢

Save Up To 93¢


Crunch Ma Me

• Julienne cut sweet potato fries with sea salt.

• Supplies 8 g soy protein & 3 g fiber.

Sweet Potato Fries • Excellent source of vitamin A. • Low sodium.

Seasoned Edamame Snack • Edamame veggie snack. • Only 90 calories.

0.7 ounce

15 ounces



Save Up To $1.11

Save Up To 69¢



• A classic Italian favorite.

• Great tasting and naturally good.

• Gluten free natural burrito.

• Made with organic rice pasta & vegetables.

• Made with organic corn, rice, all natural refried beans, salsa and authentic seasonings.

• Non-dairy.

• Baked eggplant with roasted vegetables, cheese & sundried tomato sauce.


Vegetarian Bean & Cheese Burrito

Baked Ziti Bowl

9.5 ounces

Eggplant Parmesan

• All natural, with no trans fats.

10 ounces

4 ounces

20.2 ounces

• Supplies 5 essential electrolytes.


natural GROCERY ITEMS Better 4 U!

Instant Tender Coconut Water





Save Up To $3.21

Save Up To 93¢

Save Up To $1.72

Save Up To $1.83

Cibo Naturals

Food For Life

Organic Valley


Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Bread

• A rich, delicious pesto. • Combines roasted red peppers, Parmesan cheese & basil.

6 ounces

• Sprouted whole grain bread with sprouted flax. • Source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. • Made with organic grains.

24 ounces

Organic Lactose Free Low Fat Milk

Cafe Latté Dessert Bars • Smooth, creamy, & rich coffee dessert.

• Made from wholesome organic milk.

• Premium café latte dipped in rich dark chocolate.

• All of the nutrition, none of the lactose.

• Milk free.

0.5 gallon

12 bars





Save Up To $1.24

Save Up To $1.72

Save Up To $2.42

Save Up To $1.62


Chamberlin’s • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to shop is simple! ™


Monk Fruit Natural Sweetener

Lovely Candy Co

Chewy Original Caramels

Naked Infusions

Rustic Blue Cheese Salsa

Skinny Pop

Plain Popcorn • Guilt-free snacking.

• Unique, flavorful gourmet salsa.

• Only 39 calories per cup.

• No soy, corn, wheat or gluten.

• A mouth-watering blend of tomatoes, jalapenos & blue cheese.

• Dairy, nut & gluten free.

• 6 ounces

16 ounces





Save Up To 82¢

Save Up To 46¢

Save Up To $2.00

Save Up To $1.20

Sustainable Seas

New England Naturals

Kay’s Naturals


• A low-calorie alternative to artificial sweeteners & sugar.

• All natural soft, buttery caramels.

• Made from monk fruit. • 0.5 calories per serving.

40 packets

No Salt Added Solid Albacore Tuna

Organic Berry Coconut Granola

Chili Nacho Cheese Protein Chips

4.4 ounces

Strawberry Banana Bar • For weight & glucose management.*

• Wild pole-caught tuna.

• Unsweetened gluten free granola.

• A tasty way to get protein and fiber.

• High in protein & fiber, low net carbs.

• Dolphin & turtle safe.

• High in fiber.

• Satisfying & filling.

• Diabetic friendly.

• Packed in water.

• Good source of iron.

• Lower carb, high crunch!

2 ounces

4.1 ounces

12 ounces

1.2 ounces





Save Up To $1.14

Save Up To $1.53

Save Up To 30¢

Save Up To 52¢

Himala Salt

Desert Pepper

• Himalayan pink sea salt & organic black peppercorns.

• Slow-fire-roasted tomatoes with the smoky heat of chipotle chiles.

Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

• Refillable grinders.

1 set

Roasted Tomato Chipotle Corn Salsa • Balanced with sweet yellow corn. • Medium hot.

16 ounces



Save Up To $2.84

Save Up To $1.00

Back To Nature

Bela Olhao

Chocolate Chunk Cookies • Loaded with rich chocolate chunks. • No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. • No hydrogenated oils.

9.5 ounces

Sardines In Cayenne Olive Oil • Lightly smoked Portuguese sardines. • Packed in cayenne pepper olive oil. • Wild caught & sustainable.

4.25 ounces

natural GROCERY ITEMS Wasa

Lite Rye Crispbread • Contains 17 grams of whole grains & 3 grams of fiber. • Lightly baked and extra fine. • Compliments even the mildest toppings.

9.5 ounces

Clif Bar

Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar • Nutrition for sustained energy. • Good source of protein & fiber. • Made with organic oats & soybeans.

2.4 ounces





Save Up To $1.32

Save Up To 61¢

Save Up To 60¢

Save Up To 47¢

Pure Via

Tanka Bar


Raw Cane Sugar & Stevia Blend

Spicy Pepper Tanka Bar • Buffalo meat with cranberries & peppers.

• Makes your foods & beverages naturally delicious.

• Slightly sweet & spicy.

• With crunchy golden crystals that taste like sugar.

1 ounce

• 7g protein per serving.


Non Dairy Ranch Dressing

• Organic hazelnut spread with cocoa & milk.

• Full-bodied organic dressing.

• Delicious spread for toast or biscuits.

• No refined sugar added.

• Great for dessert recipes.

• Gluten Free.

9.52 ounces

8 ounces

1.5 pounds

Hazelnut Spread




Save Up To $1.60

Save Up To 79¢

Save Up To $1.14

$4.76 Save Up To $1.23

Mail Orders at or 1-800-800-3133 (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily).



Natural Soy-Free Veg Protein • Protein booster for vegans & vegetarians.* • Pea, potato & spirulina formula. • Provides 21 g protein + B12, calcium & iron.

1 pound

$15.99 Save Up To $4.00 Calnaturale

Cappuccino Svelte Protein Shake • Sustained energy soy protein drink. • Supplies 11g protein & 5g fiber. • Low sugar.

4 / 11 ounce cartons

$9.46 Save Up To $2.23 Nature’s Way

Alive! Citrus Liquid Multi • Potent liquid multivitamin with whole food energizers. • Provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs & fatty acids. • Natural citrus flavor.

30 ounces

METABOLIC SYNDROME: BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL Approximately one-fifth of the adult U.S. population is at high risk for metabolic syndrome, a combination of cardiac and diabetic risk factors resulting from insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when your muscle, fat and liver cells don’t use insulin properly. Causes for insulin resistance include excess weight and not exercising – both things that can be changed. Better food choices, regular exercise and specific nutrient support can help to protect you against the damage of this syndrome.

Save Up To $8.75

• High potency Coenzyme Q10 in a base of rice bran oil for enhanced absorption.

Coenzyme Q10 100 mg • Antioxidant protection.* • Essential for energy production in the body.*

32 ounces

100 capsules

$7.29 Save Up To $3.50 Paragon Plus™

Opti-Extract™ Cinnamon

Save Up To $8.00

• Helps support a healthy digestive system.*

• Preservative free.

• Enhanced with B6 for optimum use in the body.

Include some specific nutrients that have been shown to be key in fighting metabolic syndrome. The minerals chromium and magnesium are essential for healthy blood sugar control. Studies have shown that people with higher levels of magnesium had lower incidence of metabolic syndrome. Chromium helps insulin function more effectively. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body utilize blood sugar efficiently, while cinnamon has been shown to help improve blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Natural Factors

• Helps sustain & promote healthy regularity.*

• Essential mineral for healthy nerves and muscles.*

• Supports healthy blood sugar control.*

Lily Of The Desert

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice

Magnesium 500 mg

A diet high in fiber, antioxidants and Omega-3 will be most beneficial in controlling blood sugar. Choose a variety of brightcolored fruits and vegetables for antioxidant protection. Include high fiber foods and grains, such as oat bran and psyllium, to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides and to slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, chia, hemp or flaxseeds may help improve insulin status.

Don’t become a statistic – make changes to prevent metabolic syndrome in your life today


Nature’s Life

30 softgels


Cholesterol Aged Garlic Extract • Supports healthy cholesterol levels.* • High potency aged, odorless garlic extract, combined with lecithin. • Formula 104.

• High quality standardized extract. • Concentrated liquid extract in convenient capsule form.

60 liquidcaps

$17.98 Chamberlin's™

Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg • Supports glucose metabolism.* • Plays a role in regulating metabolism.* • Premium source of chromium.

100 capsules


Save Up To $4.67 Symbiotics

Colostrum Plus • Helps strengthen the immune response.* • Supports GI tract health.* • High bio-availability.

120 capsules

100 capsules





Save Up To $3.20

Save Up To $6.17

Save Up To $3.02

Save Up To $6.00

Crystal Star

American Health

Renew Life


• Daily maintenance probiotic for ages 15-49.*

• Shows improvement in joint comfort in 7 days.*

Tummy Control • Herbal blend with green tea, garcinia cambogia, cleavers & St. John’s wort. • Reduces tummy bulge problems.* • Relieves stress.*

60 vegicaps

$20.76 Save Up To $5.19


Ester-C 1000 mg with Bioflavonoids • Immune support.* • Unique gentle form of vitamin C.

Ultimate Flora Critical Care • 10 strains of beneficial flora, with high bifido content.

No. 7 Joint Comfort • Increased mobility & flexibility.*

• Enteric-coated.

• Once daily formula.

30 capsules

30 vegicaps




Save Up To $5.20

Save Up To $8.00

Save Up To $5.00

• Non-acidic.

90 capsules

Chamberlin’s • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to shop is simple! ™

Health and Beauty Nelson’s

Country Life

• Natural first aid for bruises.

• High potency B vitamin.

Arnica Cream • Healing & soothing for sore muscles. • Homeopathic cream.

0.9 ounce

Biotin 5 mg • Necessary for healthy hair, scalp and nails.* • Yeast free.

60 capsules



Save Up To $1.89

Save Up To $3.20


Kirk’s Castile

Nourishing Shampoo or Conditioner • For dry or damager hair. • Formulated with fair trade shea butter, honey & rooibos tea.

8 ounces

Herb Corner: Nettles

If you have ever been “stung” by stinging nettles, or thought it to be a pesky weed, you may want to think twice before avoiding nettles – the health benefits seem to outweigh any of its faults. Nettle as a remedy has been used since ancient times. Records from Hippocrates include more than 60 remedies using nettle. Throughout early Europe, nettles were used for their nourishing and immunestimulating properties, used for scurvy, anemia and fatigue. This may be due to nettles’ high levels of iron, vitamin C, magnesium, and other nutrients. Today, nettle is most commonly used for prostate health and for allergies. Nettle has documented anti-inflammatory benefits and is highly prized for urinary tract and kidney support. These benefits translate into its use for prostate health. Studies have shown that nettle may help decrease nighttime urination associated with an enlarged prostate. For allergies, nettle has known anti-histamine activity, making it an effective remedy for allergies. One study demonstrated significant relief from hayfever symptoms in those using freeze-dried nettle, while another study found that 48% of nettle users reported the natural remedy to be more effective than over-the-counter allergy medications. Naturtint

Paragon Plus™

• Permanent hair colorant.

• Supports the allergy response.*

• Pure botanical coconut oil soap.

• Healthy, gentle hair care.

• Ultra gentle with no drying residue.

• With active vegetable ingredients.

• Traditionally used as a mild diuretic.*

Original Coco Castile Soap Bar • Hyoallergenic.

4 ounces

Hair Color 5N-Light Chestnut

4.5 ounces

IntegriHerb™ Nettles

• Naturally rich in trace minerals.

90 veggie caps




Save Up To $1.48

Save Up To 58¢

Save Up To $6.02

Save Up To $2.95



Dr. Tung’s

Nature’s Alchemy

• Natural double-sided plaque removers.

• 100% pure essential oil of peppermint.

• Patented zinc free denture adhesive.

• With a tapered, anatomical profile.

• 12 hour holding power.

• Made from eco-certified, biodegradable Nordic birch.

• Refreshes and energizes the body, mind and spirit.

$7.47 Vitamin E Stick • Superior protection.* • Soothes & protects against dryness & sun or wind damage. • For lips & eye area.

0.125 ounce

Secure Denture Bonding Cream • Waterproof.

1.4 ounces


Thin Perio Sticks

100 count

Peppermint Essential Oil

• Perfect for your aromatherapy needs.

0.5 ounce




Save Up To $1.05

Save Up To $2.13

Save Up To 93¢

Save Up To $1.77

Kiss My Face

Aura Cacia

Derma E


• Pure, simple & natural soap.

• Calming, relaxing & refreshing scent.

• Superbly moisturizing & perfect for all skin types.

• A popular scent for aromatherapy.

Pure Olive Oil Soap

• Fragrance free.

8 ounces

Lavender Essential Oil • 100% pure essential oil.

0.5 ounce



Save Up To $2.00

Save Up To $2.53

Evenly Radiant Day Crème SPF 15

Body Deodorant Spray • All natural protection.

• Intensive skin brightening complex with madonna lily.

• No aluminum chlorohydrate. Hypoallergenic.

• Brightens & evens skin tone.

• Fragrance & paraben free.

• For all skin types.

4 ounces

2 ounces



Save Up To $8.20

Save Up To $1.02

Mail Orders at or 1-800-800-3133 (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily).


3 Steps to Healthy Detox  Because the body is constantly bombarded with toxins, including pollutants, pesticides and excess alcohol, nutrition experts suggest cleansing the body periodically to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Here are 3 steps to a healthy detox.


CLEANSE/DETOX When you cleanse your body, it is best to eliminate obvious toxins, such as refined foods, alcohol and excess caffeine. Instead, eat organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, seeds and nuts, and drink plenty of water. Emphasize antioxidant rich foods and superfruits to build antioxidant defenses. Increase fiber intake to help eliminate toxins and improve colon function. Utilize appropriate detox herbs, including milk thistle for the liver and cranberry for the urinary tract.


REBUILD When coming off a cleanse program, it is important to maintain a good healthy diet of fresh foods, still avoiding fried and rich foods. Use greenfoods to rebuild and nourish the body, and probiotics to help rebuild a good intestinal environment.


MAINTAIN Maintain good health through diet and supplement support. Consume a healthy diet, rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, along with beneficial fats. Take a basic regimen of supplements for overall health including a high quality multivitamin, essential fatty acids, and an antioxidant complex, such as a superfruit or greenfoods formula.



• Provides support for normal absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.*

• With DMAE, ginkgo and amino acids.

Multidophilus 12 • Supplies 12 strains of beneficial probiotic organisms.

Power Thought • Phosphatidyl Serine formula.

• Enteric coated.

• Scientifically formulated to support healthy brain function.*

50 vegicaps

30 capsules



Save Up To $3.61

Save Up To $2.97

Yerba Prima

Kava Kava Root

Psyllium Whole Husks • All natural fiber supplement and colon cleanser.*

• Provides ultimate support for relaxation.* • Promotes calmness.*

• Supports heart health.*

• Concentrated liquid extract in convenient capsule form.

12 ounces

60 liquid phyto-caps

• Promotes regularity.*



Save Up To $2.10

Save Up To $6.00

Trace Minerals Research

Irwin Naturals

• Supports nutrition, digestion & the body’s natural defenses.*

• Balanced, relaxed, calm.*

Berry Greens Pak

• With antioxidant value of 15 servings of fruits & veggies in every packet. • Vegan.

30 packets

Stress-Defy • Stressful day neutralizer.* • With rhodiola, L-theanine, GABA & more.

84 softgels



Save Up To $6.53

Save Up To $6.40

Nature’s Secret


Acai Power Berry Pure-Body Cleanse

Melatonin 1 mg Liquid • Drug-free nighttime sleep aid.*

• Balanced blend to cleanse, purify & eliminate toxins.*

• Promotes normal sleep patterns.*

• With superfruit antioxidant Acai.*

• 100% vegetarian.

56 tablets

2 ounces



Save Up To $2.12

Save Up To $2.00

Jarrow Formulas



• For intestinal and immune health.*

• May support healthy bones.*

• Cellular energy boost.*

• Provides 4 probiotic strains.

• Supplies 500 IU vitamin D3 per serving.

• 3 forms of B12 for maximum utilization.

• Natural mixed berry flavor.

• Complete liquid B complex.

1 ounce

4 ounces





Save Up To $4.99

Save Up To $2.25

Save Up To $6.02

Save Up To $4.98

Yum-Yum Dophilus • Great tasting sugar free chewable for kids and adults. • Natural raspberry flavor.

Liquid Vitamin D3

Ultra B-12 Liquid

60 chewables


Essential Source

HCA Garcinia Cambogia • Suppress appetite.* • Block fat.* • Liquid delivery system.

2 ounces

Chamberlin’s • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to shop is simple! ™


Edward & Sons

• Freeze-dried blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & blackberries.

• Deliciously crisp brown rice crackers.

Very Berry Fruit Crunchies

Healthy snacks and more Once Again

Organic Creamy Peanut Butter

• Rich in fiber, antioxidants & nutrients.

1 ounce

Rice Snax Lightly Salted • 26g whole grain per serving. • No trans fats.

2.8 ounces



Save Up To $1.35

Save Up To 45¢

Journey Bar


The Gluten Free Pantry

• Savory baked whole grain travel bar.

• Traditional pickled beets from Poland.

Coconut Curry Bar

• Made with dry roasted, organic peanuts.

• Made with real food ingredients.

• No stirring needed.

16 ounces

Pickled Baby Beets

Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix

• Non-GMO.

• Makes rich chocolaty brownies.

• Naturally lower in sugar.

• Organic.

• Wheat free.

1.76 ounces

25.04 ounces

• Gluten free.

16 ounces




Save Up To $1.80

Save Up To 72¢

Save Up To $1.13

Save Up To $1.70

Enjoy Life

Earth Balance

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Hail Merry

$7.19 Dark Chocolate boomCHOCOboom Bar

Soy Free Natural Buttery Spread

Pancake & Waffle Mix • Make light and fluffy pancakes with this convenient mix.

• Dark, divine & delicious chocolate bar.

• Non-dairy buttery spread.

• Rich, smooth flavor.

• Great buttery taste.

• Gluten, dairy, nut & soy free.

• No trans fat.

• Peanut free, dairy free, egg free, and nut free.

1.4 ounces

15 ounces

18 ounces

Meyer Lemon Miracle Tart • Filled with a heavenly lemon ganache made with coconut oil & blue agave. • Made with raw oils. • Vegan.

3 ounces




Save Up To 40¢

Save Up To $1.72

Save Up To $1.22

Save Up To $1.30




Hi I’M Skinny

• Ultra-purified water.

• The classic taste of meatballs— without the meat!

Penta Water • Advanced hydration.*

Classic Meatless Meatballs

Half & Half Green Tea with Lemonade

$3.49 Sea Salt Skinny Sticks • Multi-grain snack sticks.

• 100% vegetarian.

• Fair trade green tea blended with lemonade.

• Super low in calories, super high in taste.

• Low fat & cholesterol free.

• Zero calorie - sweetened with stevia.

• 40% less fat than leading brands of potato chips.

12 ounces

16 ounces

7 ounces





Save Up To 43¢

Save Up To $1.10

Save Up To 30¢

Save Up To 93¢

Biochem Sports

Raw Chocolate

Bakery On Main

Crown Prince

• Ultra-filtered/Micro-filtered whey protein isolate.

• Nature’s highest quality plant based protein.

• Wild caught sardines.

• 100% natural.

• 15 g protein per serving.

• Made with certified gluten free oats & plump juicy raisins.

• Low sugar, lactose free.

• Raw, Vegan & nonGMO.

14.9 ounces

1.7 pounds

• Enhanced performance.*

16.9 ounces

Vanilla 100% Whey Protein

Plant Head Protein



Save Up To $7.03

Save Up To $6.01

Cinnamon Raisin Fiber Power Granola • 9 grams of fiber per serving. • Low in sodium.

12 ounces

Brisling Sardines in Pure Olive Oil • Naturally wood smoked. • Hand-packed in pure olive oil.

3.75 ounces



Save Up To $1.23

Save Up To $1.12

Mail Orders at or 1-800-800-3133 (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily).




$1.00 oFF!




*EXPIRES 3/27/14 CODE # 107481

- over -

f! Rebody 50% Of SafSlim Berry or Tangerine 16 ounces 094922021120


- up to -

f! 40% Of

14.99 Fusion Diet Systems

Raspberry Ketone Fusion 60 capsules 851295004002


- over -

% Of f !


11.98 Neo Water

Neo Energy

8.4 ounces 728028241488

$ - up to -

30% Of


f! Cadia Chunk Light Tongol Tuna 5 ounces 815369010672



$1.00 oFF! *EXPIRES 3/27/14 CODE # 114608


Royal Hawaiian Orchards

• Deliciously sweet & unique fruits.

• Perfectly roasted macadamias with a dash of sea salt.

Whole Lychees • With a crisp, sweet, scent & pale white, juicy flesh. • In heavy syrup.

20 ounces


Vanilla Bean Sugar Free Ice Cream • Rich & creamy ice cream.

Sea Salt Macadamias

16 ounces


• A delicious whole food snack.

Save Up To $1.62

• Cholesterol free.

Think Thin

• 5 ounces

Mixed Nuts Crunch Bar



Save Up To 72¢

Save Up To $1.35

Kinnikinnick Foods


• Soft & chewy New York style plain bagel.

• Tart & tangy frozen dessert.

Save Up To $1.06

• Only 90 calories per serving.


Plain Soft Bagels • Vegan. • No wheat, gluten, dairy, soy or nuts.

12.1 ounces

• The lower sugar nut bar. • 70% less sugar than fruit & nut bars.

1.41 ounces

Strawberry Frozen Kefir

1 pint

• Old fashioned tangy cultured cottage cheese.


Save Up To $2.31

Save Up To $1.91

Fusion Diet Systems

Vitamin Universe™

• Pure green coffee bean extract with GCA®.

Organic Low Fat Cottage Cheese

• With 10 probiotics for digestive health.*


Green Coffee Bean Extract


16 ouces


Save Up To $2.44

Hawaiian Noni Juice Concentrate

• Good source of antioxidants & chlorogenic acid.*

• Contains the nutrients & enzymes naturally found in noni.*

60 vegicaps

32 ounces



Save Up To $6.11

Save Up To $7.41

Jeff's Naturals

Garlic Stuffed Olives • Colossal-sized olives, hand stuffed with fresh garlic.

7.5 ounces

$4.48 Save Up To $1.91

helpful symbols

Dairy Free

Peanut Free

Gluten Free

follow us on Low Glycemic


No Salt Added

Sugar Free

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