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Friday, 18 January 13


What is the Camp? 10 WEEKS FUN& PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS & ADVANCED RUNNERS! * DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for HeyRunning Members! * More about Camp, Benefits, etc in the PDF VERSION! Copyright: Heyrobics International 2013. All rights reserved, Friday, 18 January 13

Pace yourself against other runners!

Train for your race! PRE-RACE ACTIVITIES!


Signup OPEN until CAMP IS FULL!!




“Just a quick note to say thanks for all the help, advice and running over the last few weeks, as well as the support on the course


today. I had a lot of fun in the sun, and a marathon time


happy with and can improve on next year!” Paul M, Full Marathon

from previous participants

“Awesome running camp!” Christelle G, Running for fun

“A special appreciation for the


Peter R, 1/2 Marathon

“You guys seriously rock, I promote Heyrobics as much as I can because it's the ideal way to find a good

group of healthy, fun people in Beijing.

Your energy is infectious and makes Heyrobics one of the best activities in Beijing. Erin H, 1/2 Marathon

that the leaders were conveying!”

“At Sunday trainings in general, I loved the

variety and the dynamic of the group and instructors. Also, getting into Chinese running races is really difficult for foreigners, so I appreciated SO much that you all did the work for us, happy to pay for that! More: I also liked learning

new running exercises and stretches!” E H, 1/2 Marathon

“Smiles and encouragement from all the coaches, with a feeling of confidence and

“the training gave me all the confidence,

acceptance. Barefoot running was great; also,

education, knowledge, and best of all, let me

having (a race) as a goal!” Patty H, 1/2 Marathon

fall in love with running” K-W, 5k

Copyright: Heyrobics International 2013. All rights reserved, Friday, 18 January 13

Benefits TRAINING:

Hey, 30 sessions in total!

Each SUNDAY (Locations vary) Weekly training sessions Each WEDNESDAY, Chaoyang Park: HeyRunning Any day of the week: Heyrobics / Heyrobics Circle Themed sessions to prepare you for a race and/or facilitate your training!*

* Themed sessions include Barefoot Running, No Injuries, Eating as a Runner and more * We may also do one HILLS excursion! A charge of 50 RMB will be levied upon those joining, all other costs included!


All runners will get a proposed training program depending on their time goals with the training! At each session, we will have experienced runners to answer your questions Online tools include a weekly email & dedicated page at


Races: at several of the races, we will have people onsite to help you prepare. We will also supply selected camp-only activities! Camp T-shirt & selected clothing discounts Nutrition: Water at training sessions, race nutrition packages & gear discounts!

Copyright: Heyrobics International 2013. All rights reserved, Friday, 18 January 13

Coaches: Who are we?

Head Coaches! Linus is a devoted exercise fanatic & runner with race experiences from New York to Shanghai, and ranks among the best marathon runners in Sweden. In China, he also spearheads the Heyrobics project!

Coaches! We have a team of 9 HeyRunning Coaches with experience in coaching groups and individuals in and from all over the world! Each responsible of coaching one or more of the dedicated workshops!

Copyright: Heyrobics International 2013. All rights reserved, Friday, 18 January 13

And many more! We also have 5 “pacemakers” to support smaller groups. You’ll meet and run with them on Sundays!

Sign up! Fee, and what you get! One-time (no camp benefits included): 80 RMB Full 10-week access + benefits: 700 RMB (incl T-shirt)! Contact us for price/availability!

Sign up!

Hey, get it all for 500 !* * For all signups until March 3 OR until 50 of 80 spots are filled. Note that spots in camp are subject to availability.

Just send us an email to, titled “SIGN-UP�, with your full name, age, email&phone, and let us know the distance you train for (race name & distance) - or just train for fitness/fun. How to pay will be advised upon registration. For additional info about the Camp, check out!



Friday, 18 January 13

HeyRunning Camp Beijing - SPRING 2013 Invitation - PDF!  

Hey! Join China's first and funkiest Running Camp - coached by HeyRunning Coaches! More info in brochure + on!

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