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Stay healthy in Beijing!


Finally a way to dodge the pollution and keep sweating outdoors when Hey-ing, biking, running and, well, jumping around in general! Here’s some info about our favorite clean air mask! In these pages, we’ve gathered some information from the people @ Totobobo!

Continue breathing, & see you sweating & smiling, outdoors (!)! /The Heyrobics & HeyRunning Teams

PS. Wanna know where, what & when to buy a sip of clean air for your family, friends, exercise mates or grey-faced work colleagues – check out and we’ll tell you more! DS HEYROBICS.COM/CLEANAIR

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How do they look?!


What special about the masks?!



The unique features of all Totobobo masks are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and ease of use to everyone, including children. So in short, Totobobo is

The world’s first customizable mask! Weighs 20 grams!



Easy to use!

Maximum effectiveness!




Anti-virus additive!


Will it fit?!


Why is the mask transparent?!

To ensure your protection – all masks are customizable! Wearing a mask with wrong size is no fun, nor has it any point from a clean air perspective! Research shows most of our current competitors masks able to fit less than 40% of people. And naturally, we feel sorry for them. Totobobo can be customized to fit anyone from 5 years old onward. To ensure the size fit we even go one step further - you can download the Totobobo Simulator (available on to test if the mask fit the size of your face!

Being able to see through the mask and observe how it is touching the face increases the reliability of the seal check dramatically. Use above SImulaor and it should fit just fine!


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Hey, I’ve got glasses?!

Good for you! The mask does not interfere with spectacles (glasses), because it is very thin and light-weight, and made of materials that follow the nose profile closely.

VERY big or VERY small face?!

Nice! TOTOBOBO mask can fit most adults right out of the package! It can also be trimmed to fit smaller faces such as those of children and Asian female (yup, usually smaller faces!).

A little something for the detail-nerds among us: The face-length (distance from eye-level to chin bottom) it can fit is from 83mm to 128mm.

? ? ?

How long does a mask last?!

The mask is easily cleaned and can be reused a long time as long as you take care of it. Use it normally and it will last!

So, how about the straps?!

Unlike the cheap strap of a disposable mask, the TOTOBOBO super elastic strap is made of specially sourced materials, and can endure well over 5000 times of stretches without damage.

Is the strap made of rubber?!

Nope! The strap contains no rubber, or any other irritant substances. Nice!

Hey, check out NEXT PAGE for info on filters! HEYROBICS.COM/CLEANAIR


94% filters, what’s the point?!

Because those are the ones you’ll like the most! In short, it’s easy to breathe while maintaining high level of protection.

In long: The filters contain electro-static charges and is highly effective to trap fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron. The filtration efficiency is at least 94%! Each set of 10 filters are packed in sealed plastic bags to ensure cleanliness.


How long does a filter last?!

Up to you!! The effective usage time of the filter depends on a number of factors: – Concentration of contamination – Breathing rate – Heat – Humidity – Hygiene factors. These factors depend on your location and different environment. As a role of thumb, you should change the filters when the white filter turns grey. The filter should be changed before the particles turn the filter overly gray. To ensure total cleanliness, we recommended that a filter should not be used longer than 2 weeks, even when there’s no apparent sign of color change.

More filter info!

Totobobo’s tests on used filters from users from India, Vietnam, USA and Singapore shows that it is possible to use the color of the filters to determine, approximately, the remaining effectiveness of the filters.

Malaysia California Vietnam Bombay Bangalore 7 hrs 17 hrs 10 hrs 10 hrs 7 hrs


Below, the used filter samples come from different countries, and different shades of grey is observed. It also show the relative level of air pollution, for example, 7 hours of use turns the filter almost black and the remaining effectiveness left only with 50%. On the other hand, 17 hours of use in California turns the filter to the second level of grey and still have 70% of effectiveness remain.

So, when using them in China: Look at how grey the filters turn and change when appropriate! HEYROBICS.COM/CLEANAIR


Today’s China pollution?! Hey, for today’s values check out:

Web (Beijing): Apps (available in iTunes):

- Beijing Air Quality (FREE) - China Air Quality (4 USD)


Totobobo For Heyrobics Masks!  

Totobobo For Heyrobics Masks! Check out the brochure for a clean air brief!