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8.Tempo! HEYRUNNING CAMP - SPRING 2012 DATE: SUNDAY APRIL 29, 10.15-11.45 Hey runners! Beautiful Hills earlier today - for next week, we’re in for a fast one! Location & starting time: We’re heading to Olympic Forest Park! We’ll gather 10.15 just inside the main park entrance next to the Olympic Forest Park subway station (Line 8 - approximately 21 minutes from Tuanjiehu/Sanlitun). After the training, we’re on with the HutongHeyarobicsHealthRave (4k run/jog/walk, food & drinks, inspirational lectures, workshops, sports brand gear discounts and more! ) Click HERE for info!!

Your regular running gear (shoes, t-shirt, shorts). Watch with lap timing functions is recommended (!) but optional!

How to train before Sunday: Up to you! See this week’s training schedule for inspiration! When training, make sure to vary your workouts in order not to be stiff or have injury tendencies when we start on Sun!

How to prepare for each Sunday training session: Sleep & eat well, but no later than 1-1,5 hours before training is set to start, or else you might cramp up. Also, make sure to drink enough – we will have water onsite, but bring your own in case you’re a big drinker!

This Sunday’s Theme: This Sunday will offer both a TEMPO running session, focusing on keeping a good, high pace up when running! More on tempu on next page!

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What to bring:

Tempo: the concept! One of the hardest types of training to get are Tempo runs. These are runs where we run at race pace or slightly faster during an extended period of time. These periods are usually set at 2-5 times per run depending on distance that you’re training for. For long distance runners doing 10k up to marathon, recommended tempo increases are 6-20 minutes long! To run like that, at a high pace for an extended period of time is not always easy. We gotta keep motivation up despite heavy breating & aching legs, we gotta keep technique/proper running form in place to test if it works in practice, and we gotta maintain the same tempo throughout the run which is not easy if you live in a place with few people to run with & lots of traffic. During our coming Tempo runs, we’re planning for outburst of 6 minutes each, repeated with 5 miutes rest, where slower runners are allowed to catch up. We will offer runners to run with us for a minimum of 5k of Tempo running, equalling 5-6k of a round. We provide coaches & sparring, you choose if you’ll stand up for 5, 10, more or less of intervals! .

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More about this, and more running tips (!), on Sunday!

Schedule explanation! Intervals!

These sessions aim to increase speed and/or fast endurance.


Use the Runs in order to find your own pace. Try to time your rounds to find and maintain your speed!


Use distance sessions to build up stamina. Be careful not to push yourself too hard, too long. Avoid injuries! Try instead to find a pace that you can maintain for the whole run.

Your choice!

* Fartlek: when you vary our speed during runs in spontaneous or pre planned pace increases (i.e running fast 15 seconds, jogging for a while to catch your breath, then another outburst). Fartlek should be run as long as pae in outburst are not decreased by ehaustion - i.e do it as long as you feel strong & fast!

Sources for inspiration! Alternate long interval tips, Yasso 800’s:,7120 ,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html

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Becoming a good runner is not anly about running. Take the opportunity to attend a different sport one or more days every week to keep overall fitness, avoiding injuries and perhaps most importantly, building up an urge for your next run!

Heyrunning Sunday - TEMPO  
Heyrunning Sunday - TEMPO  

10.15, Olympic Park