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25 years jubilee25th Festive magazine for customers, clients, colleagues study and travel companions & of course friends and familyTzenko)(Illustration:

I had the image in mind when I got off my bike from a trip to Santiago. I wrote it on 1 sheet of paper:

I want a national training agency for doctors so that they can work and live happily and competently.

On the following pages I share pictures and words that touch me. I wish for your own

I never thought that 25 years later and about 5,000 clients and training sessions, I would still enjoy working as a coach together with a group of fine colleagues.


Above all, I thank my family and friends for their unconditional support and love.

imagination when viewing this anniversary Thanksmagazine.toall customers, clients, colleagues, neighbours, study and travel companions for the trust over the past 25 years.

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25 years


How do you keep in touch when you are busy and sometimes far away from each other and even when you are close to each other?

“If everyone holds someone, no one will fall” (Maarten Stoffers) Connection

When I see this photo I get a smile on my face and I am back on the green moss field of Het Coachhuis in Leusden. Before corona, it was a good practice to share knowledge and experiences with the coaches and doctors with whom I work a few times a year.

You can figuratively be pregnant from other possibilities. Maybe you want to write a book, open your own clinic, or travel the world. Do you let the idea be born? Birth

Overwhelming, incomprehensible.

What an impact a birth has.

How do you deal with the situation if you suddenly become a mother or father? Or at a new job or living environment? Then you have to find a new balance.


Always dare to look at yourself in the mirror. Take responsibility for your decisions and actions. Also be mild and forgive the other and yourself. We’re just people.

25 years

Colleague Maarten once gave a heart skills course in which I participated. At the end of the day he handed me a postit with the text ‘human size’ on it. I’ve had this one on my calendar for a long time to remind me.


Coming home

Impatiently I get off the boat at Hoek van Holland with the bike. My inner urge to go home is growing by the kilometer. Great to see my son again, nice to see our own smell of our house. The garden, my own bed. Wonderfully familiar! As much as I love to travel, I can so enjoy coming home and being. How’s that for you?

The best thing about leaving is coming home...

25 years


Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King were three people I greatly admired and described in an essay as a 10 year old. Now, many years later, my admiration for them is no less.

Wonderful when people stand for their cause.

25 years

During a photo shoot for Touchnature we started working on the themes holding on, keeping the reins, what can you achieve together, what if one lets go, what does this mean for the other and yourself?

25 years

Letting go



25 years

From the photo series with the hands of my nieces Efke and Cabien. These are the photos I used for my second stationery and all of Touch’s communications. They modeled together on the beach on the Waal. Marion van Brakel shot the beautiful pictures.

25 years


“But we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy”

25 years Crazy

Crazy from Seal. My anthem. If I get a little too serious or feel too much responsibility, I put Seal on and dance and sing along.

Do it

He is so lively and enthusiastic that he sometimes stumbles over his words and stretches his body with energy. Fantastic to experience and feel his zest for life.

25 years

Grandson Boris knows what he wants and which way to go! Just do it!

25 years Curious

I learned in Nepal to make contact remotely (without shaking hands). Namaste!



25 years Develop

Law of two feet

Photo of my son Stijn, just 1 year old, on the dike in Tricht. Now 21 years and many steps further..

If at any time you discover You are neither learning, nor contributing You should use your tow feet and move on

25 years Bliss

Chief Dan George

“May the stars carry your sadness away May the flowers fill your heart with beauty May hope forever wipe away your tears And, above all, may silence make you strong”

25 years Be

The word ‘paco’ on the poster means to the Indians: ‘free man’ and is widely used in Portugal and HowSpain.fitting!

My father is waiting for the bus. Relaxing. Cycling in Normandy, on my way to Santiago. My father who accompanied me the first part of the Heroute.had everything with him because you never know. Even a tube of Zaanse mayonnaise. The spokes turned out to be less suitable for the load.

25 years Freedom

During a coaching conversation in the fall at my regular coaching spot outside on the Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt estate, the photographer manages to capture the golden yellow of autumn and our beautiful, instructive conversation in nature.

25 years Nature Dijk)VanenMoetwil(photo:

New forms emerge after death

25 years Dying



Beautiful trail with roots in the Dolomites.

Fairytale and the fact that there were bears around made it a little less relaxed…

25 years


During the coaching conversations outside or the rituals I do at important events, we are attentive to whether there are animals that demand attention or visit us.

The Indians call the dragonfly a power animal.

25 years



In my vision quest I observed dragonflies for hours. Almost every day I find a dragonfly in my path. Sometimes they stay with me for a while, like in the photo when I was walking in Leusden.

Love “Love is creating space where the other can be himself” Touch training & coaching * 25 years

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