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fund her projects


WHY FUNDHERPROJECTS.COM? • We Understand and Value You • We Are Community Who Cares About Your Success • We Support Your Campaign from Start to Finish


• Rewards-Based Crowdfunding • Support for Meaningful Causes • Virtual Baby Showers for Mothers without Means • Back-to-School Gift Registry VISIT


Have a project that never quite got off the ground due to lack of funding? Fund Her Projects (FHP) is an innovative funding platform just for women. FHP is not your typical crowdfunding site, as it allows members to promote a wellintentioned cause and request needed items within the community. 2  H ERS Mag azine   |  Depar tment


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10 Embarrassing Fitness Questions

Find answers to the questions you never want to ask


Catalina Island

Find out if Catalina Island could be your next vacation spot

14 Finding A Healthy Sugar Balance 55 Fitness Goals

A photo spread that will get you moving

Helpful tips for kicking those sugar cravings

16 The Mediterranean Diet Could this diet be right for you?

31 Diet Culture Consumes Us Are we obsessed with perfection when it comes to dieting?

28 Hemp Vs. Cannabis

Learn how hemp and cannabis could benefit your health

20 Health Breakfast Bagels

Get new, healthy ideas to make your breakfast less boring

50 Fitness Fashion Roundup

24 Health & Fitness Gadgets Find useful gadgets that benefit your workout experience

Motivate your fitness goals with fashionable sports wear

18 Pepper: The Body Positive Bra

A bra company tailored for small breasts

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Discover the best and worst gifts to give your honey

35 Lottabody Hair Care

See if Lottabody’s products could strengthen your curls

40 Catalina Island

Find out if Catalina Island could be your next vacation spot

53 Book Review: The

WHOLE30 Slowcooker

Healthy meals to try out in your slow cooker

44 Book Review: Change


How gradual changes in your diet can make changes stick

45 Book Review: Vegan On A Budget

Yummy vegan meals that are easy on the wallet

46 Fitness Guru Janine Delaney

Janine’s secrets to a healthy body and mind

28 Hemp V Cannabis

Learn how hemp and cannabis could benefit your health

37 Fitness App Roundup

Discover your new favorite fitness app

32 Dieting With Your Sweetheart

Learn why you should have date nights at the gym

34 Is Exercise Bad For Your Teeth? Could exercise have negative side effects?

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JUST $9.95

FEATURES • HEART • FLAVOR • HEALTH LESSONS • WORK • PLAY W W W. H E R S - M A G A Z I N E . C O M 6  H ERS Mag azine   |  Depar tment

Editor’s Letter ‘Tis the season to get in shape in order to look and feel great! With that in mind, we feature Janine Delaney, who is the “Jump Rope Queen” known for her family-friendly workouts. She is making an impact on women across the country, becoming their online inspiration as a mother and career woman. Along with her, we feature a host of clean-eating diets, cookbook reviews, and healthy lifestyle tips. This is our first special edition for fitness, and we tried to make it distinct by even including gadgets and technology that could help with your workouts goals. One such app we reviewed incentivizes people with money, so you can bet against a friend or in a group and win as you lose weight. From having your own personal trainer on an app to being able to work out wherever whenever, we’ve reviewed some of the latest apps for you. Similarly, our fashion features include the latest in fitness and workout apparel. Perhaps the main challenge to attaining fitness goals is having the motivation to get started or remain consistent. Thus, we discuss ways to keep you motivated before, during

and after your diet or workout program. While it’s always best to decide to eat right and exercise prior to the onset of illness or physical restrictions, there is no time like the present. We can’t undo the past and are not guaranteed the future, but we can do something today to improve the way we physically feel. Hopefully, this issue will inspire you to do just that. Take hold of what you do have now and try to make it the best possible outcome. Listen to your bodies, as no amount of expert advice is more important than the signals and feedback your own body provides. The goal with this issue is to become more in-tune with the thing that has to support your lifestyle for years to come: your body. As always, we ask that you share the magazine with family and friends, especially this issue, because it is specially-designed with your longevity in mind. Enjoy,

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MERILEE KERN As the executive editor and producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern is an internationally-regarded consumer product trends expert and hospitality industry voice of authority. She is a travel, dining, leisure and lifestyle expert who spotlights noteworthy marketplace innovations, change makers, movers and shakers. She reports on exemplary travel destinations and experiences, extraordinary events and newsworthy products, and also services across all categories.

ILANA MUHLSTEIN Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N., co-creator of Beachbody’s 2B Mindset program, is a Registered Dietitian, the highest standard in the field of nutrition. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of Maryland, sits on the prestigious Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association and leads the Bruin Health Improvement Program at UCLA. Muhlstein acts as a nutrition consultant for several companies, including Beachbody and Whole Foods Market. She is also a contributor for publications such as SELF, the Huffington Post and the Journal of Obesity.

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Your Most Embarrassing Fitness Questions Answered


hen cruising through fitness models on Instagram, we are besieged by women at the gym who look supremely confident, airbrushed and without a bead of sweat. The reality is, most of us don’t look or smell our best after a tough workout. Not everyone is comfortable walking into a class of strangers in form-fitting gym clothes. Vince Sant, a 25-year-old ISSA Certified fitness trainer, is the Co-Founder of V Shred, an online fitness and nutrition portal. Sant’s mission is to offer a sustainable and transformative lifestyle-based training program designed to put the fun back into fitness and nutrition. In 2015, Sant co-founded V Shred along with Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall and Kevin Pearn. They each sought out to create a healthy fitness movement specifically designed to deliver profound changes in your body with minimal amount of workout time. Here are some of the most embarrassing fitness questions answered by Sant. 10  HERS Mag azin e   | HE R H ealth

1. Why do I let out a little pee when I exercise?

This is very common amongst anyone whose had a child. The term is stress incontinence, meaning you involuntarily leak out a little urine. It can happen when you exercise, laugh or even sneeze. Learn how to do Kegels and practice engaging your pelvic floor in Pilates-based exercises. Both of these actions can help strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce the severity of your stress incontinence. 2. Will running make my boobs sag?

Sag happens to all breasts that are natural. It’s normal for the collagen that keeps breasts firm to stretch out thanks to gravity, time, pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss. The up and down motion of running could logically contribute to sagging as well, but the health benefits of running definitely outweigh that possibility. If you wear the right sports bra, your breasts shouldn’t experience a lot of movement anyway. So, don’t be afraid to run!


3. Why do I seem to sweat so much more than other people at the gym?

How much you sweat is really individual and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything positive or negative about your exercising ability. On average, men tend to sweat more than women, and if you are overweight you may sweat more near the end of your workout because it takes more for your body to cool itself down. Ultimately, it’s not a bad thing if you find yourself drenched in sweat while the person next to you on their machine seems to be relatively dry. 4. Why does running long distances make me have to poop?

Long distance running can aggravate some people’s digestive systems, particularly if you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. You don’t necessarily have to have pre-existing digestive issues to get some unpleasant stomach symptoms on long runs. For example, studies show that as much as 50 percent of runners in a 10k race experience digestive issues, including runner’s trots. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but there are things you can do to combat the unpleasant reality of urgent, frequent bathroom trips. Avoid high-fiber foods a few days before a big race, stay well-hydrated and avoid caffeine. 5. Why do I tend to pass gas during certain yoga poses?

Passing gas during the occasional downward dog is extremely common. You’re bending and stretching, which massages the internal organs and can sometimes stimulate your digestion. There’s even a yoga pose called ‘wind reliever.’ I recommend limiting any high fiber snacks beforehand and stretching before your actual class.

7. My skin chafes almost everywhere — my butt cheeks, under my arms and inner thighs. How do I reduce the pain?

Skin-to-skin and skin-to-clothing rubbing can cause a red, raw rash that can bleed, sting and cause pain during your post-workout shower. Moisture and salt on the body makes it worse. Underarms, inner thighs, along with the bra line and nipples are vulnerable spots. Wear moisture-wicking, seamless, tag-less gear. The fit is important. Baggy shirts have excess material that can cause irritation and a too-snug sports bra can dig into skin. Apply Vaseline, sports lube, Band-Aids or Nip Guards before you run. And moisturize after you shower. Drier skin tends to chafe more. 8. Am I too overweight to work out?

Forget the fancy equipment, you don’t need anything to start. Keep it low impact and rest when you need to. Jog for 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk for 5 minutes to get your breath back, just do it — then jog for another 30 seconds. Do that 3 times. Then when you’ve done that for a couple of days, jog for 10 more seconds each time. Then only take 4.5 minutes to get your breath back. As you lower the rest time, repeat it 5 times instead of 3. Keeping the overall workout time at around 20 minutes total is fine. If you haven’t exercised for a while, the body heat, breathlessness and sore muscles can be off-putting, but those feelings quickly become more manageable. If you have any concerns about your health and ability to work out, always consult with your doctor first.

6. I have gym anxiety. What should I do?

There are four psychological reasons for gym anxiety — not being sure what to do, comparing yourself to other people in the gym, feeling like people are judging you and feeling like you don’t belong. Ask friends how they feel about their own programs. You can even try to go to the gym with a friend, which is a great way to stop feeling like you’re getting judged. Watch YouTube videos for each of the exercises you plan to do on your first day at the gym. Wear workout clothes that you feel are both flattering and comfortable. Pick a gym that is known for being more lowkey as opposed to a meat market or a [fancy] gym. If going to the gym is too anxiety provoking, you can try an online fitness platform.

Vince Sant, Co-Founder of V Shred.

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The Best and Worst Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day BY MARIA SULLIVAN

Valentine’s Day is filled with an unbelievable amount of pressure to find the perfect gift for your partner. What if it’s a first date? Should you still a get a gift? (The answer is yes!) What if you two have been married for 20 years and you’ve gotten each other every gift you could possibly think of? Whatever the case, finding a gift for someone you care about can be a stressful decision. Whether it’s a first date or millionth date, this list will help you snag the perfect gift for your honey!

12  HERS Mag azi n e   |  H ER H ear t


The Best:

The Worst:

Your Favorite Experience

The Hallmark

If your significant other gifts you with an experience like tickets to see your favorite artist or a weekend getaway, you can be sure they are devoted to your relationship. Experiential gifts are thoughtful and fun for both parties. While the event will come and go, you will be building memories that will last a lifetime and always remind you of your significant other. If your partner is willing to plan ahead and treat you to one of your favorite activities, this means they see a future with you and want you to enjoy life in your element.

Something Personal Yet Essential Some of the best gifts are things you desperately need in your life, but don’t want to purchase on your own dollar. Items like wallets or watches — with personal engravings or monograms — are tasteful gifts you can use every day. If your partner gifts something you can take with you wherever you go, adding this personal touch shows they want you to be reminded of them when you use it.

The least thoughtful gifts are those that can be pulled right out of a low budget romance film. If your significant other resorts to a box of cheap chocolates and a teddy bear, it shows that they didn’t put much thought into the holiday or into what you like. Odds are you don’t sleep with a teddy bear anymore, and you don’t enjoy high-fructose corn syrup. While any gesture is a nice gesture, if you have been with your partner for a significant amount of time, a cookie cutter Valentine’s Day gift is almost worse than none.

A Gift Card Similar to the Hallmark gesture, a gift card shows little to no effort and seems… last minute. If your significant other gets you a gift card this Valentine’s Day, it insinuates that they aren’t paying much attention to you, or what you like. Gift cards are okay when they come from your boss or your Aunt Marsha, not your lover and supposed-to-be best friend.

Diamonds The DIY Every couple sees Valentine’s Day different. Some are heavily invested in sweeping their partner off their feet with grand gestures, while others like to keep things casual. Big or small, a do-it-yourself kind of gift speaks volumes when it comes to melting their heart. For those who aren’t big on the holiday, something simple like a hand decorated mug or a makeshift flower vase will still radiate romance. For those looking to go the extra mile, a jar of handwritten compliments or a picture book of memories will pull those romance movie heart strings. If your significant other is willing to put in the effort to make something unique and special just for you, whatever it is, cherish the fact they care for you so deeply.

While diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, receiving such a grand gesture from your significant other might be a red flag or an uncomfortable predicament, depending on the relationship status. If you have been dating for a year or less, such an expensive gift can make partners feel uncomfortable or like their own present is insignificant. It can be a turn off as well if the gift seems too premature. While diamonds are beautiful, this gift can make you feel pressure within the relationship.

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Sweet Tooth Cravings BY ILANA MUHLSTEIN

In my own weight loss, I found that having a positive mindset about food — focusing on what I could eat instead of what I couldn't — made me so much stronger, resilient and more successful at losing weight over time. That's why I'm all about helping people find ways to say "yes" when a sweet tooth or food craving kicks in. If gummy bears, chocolate or other candy beckons to you from the fridge, try swapping them out for healthy alternatives, such as fruits and nuts. Check out these healthy, nectarous snacks to cure those sugar cravings! (Makes 1 serving) Total Time:  10 min. Prep Time:  10 min. Cooking Time:  None. What you’ll need: 1 cup water 1 cup ice 1 scoop Café Latte Shakeology 1 Tbsp. mascarpone cheese 1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa powder ½ tsp. pure rum extract Recipe 1. Place water, ice, Shakeology, cheese, cocoa powder and extract in blender. 2. Blend until smooth.

14  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER F lavor

Tiramisu Shakeology


Chocolate Almond Whip (Makes 1 serving) Total Time:  10 min. Prep Time:  10 min. Cooking Time:  None. What you’ll need: 1 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder 1 Tbsp. unsweetened shredded coconut (reserve a small amount for garnish) 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 1-2 drops liquid stevia (optional) 1 tsp. cacao nibs (for garnish, optional) Recipe 1. Combine yogurt, cocoa powder, coconut, extract, and stevia (if desired) in a medium bowl — mix well. 2. Place in a medium serving bowl. 3. Garnish with coconut and cacao nibs, if desired.

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Scamihorn Discusses the Mediterranean Diet BY KEITH JOHNSON


ith so many different diets to choose from, it can be hard determining which diet would be best for your body and lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet could be a new diet to try if you’re still struggling to make your lifestyle changes stick. The Mediterranean diet focuses on produce, nuts, fruits and other various plant-based foods. Another key component is avoiding red meat, sugar and saturated fats. A 2016 study published in the journal The Lancet found that participants who tried this diet lost more weight than those on a low-fat diet.

16  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER F lavor


Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn is one of Italy’s top culinary and diet experts, and she answered some frequently asked questions when stepping into this new diet craze.

Q: What is the primary intent of the Mediterranean diet? First and foremost, we have to remember that ‘diet’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘lifestyle,’ which includes not only what you eat, but also how the ingredients are cultivated, how you prepare the food, how and with whom you consume it and so on. For example, in my book ‘The Mamma Mia! Diet,’ I’ve reinterpreted the Mediterranean lifestyle to help you make a series of healthy choices that will enhance your overall well-being, including controlling your weight, improving heart and brain health, reducing risk of cancer, diabetes and other illnesses. You will live longer and with better health.

Q: How do you meal prep on the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is simple and based on fresh, seasonal and high-quality ingredients. Food prep starts with smart food shopping. By stocking your shelves with only healthy and genuine ingredients, you remove the temptation to eat poorly. It will be easier to prepare healthy meals.

Q: What do you eat for breakfast on the Mediterranean diet? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast provides the right nutrients and fuel we need to get through our busy mornings. In fact, research has linked skipping breakfast to increased obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease, and more generally to an unhealthy lifestyle and lower dietary quality. Your breakfast should contain some complex carbs, some protein and some fruits. For example, you can eat 1–2 slices of whole grain bread with low sugar jam, or unsweetened cereal, or oatmeal porridge with fruit, 2–3 nuts and a tablespoon of seeds. You can drink coffee, tea and some milk — cow or soy — or yogurt.

Q: What’s the best way to transition to the Mediterranean diet? It depends on what your starting point is. In any case, you should cut down on refined sugar, salt, red meat, fat cheeses and unhealthy fats. Say goodbye to processed food, fast food and soft drinks. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole

grains, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, seeds and a few nuts. Top it off with a splash of red wine during your evening meal, if you like, but just one glass! Last but not least, stay physically active. The change will not be instant, but by the time you get used to it, you will be thankful that you have a healthy figure and can look forward to more years of good health than your peers.

Q: For people who don’t really cook, what can they do to ensure they stick to the diet? You can whip up a delicious recipe with only a few ingredients in no time — pasta, love and creativity, and you are good to go. You need a little bit of initiative and a few extra minutes — just remember, it’s not a waste of time, but an investment in your health!

Q: What are some homemade snacks people can easily prepare? Two light snacks throughout the day would include a halfcup of yogurt, a fruit or a few unsalted nuts. This keeps your appetite and weight gain under control.

Q: Where is the best place to get meal ideas? My blog, of course! Inspiration can come in unexpected ways and literally anywhere. I usually get my meal ideas when food shopping, for example. There is nothing I love more than shopping at the farmers' market in my own town of Como [Italy]. There is nothing better than selecting fresh and seasonal produce, local cheese, organic meat, fresh fish and talking to the farmers and sampling their latest produce. It is a great way to socialize and get new ideas, too. If you don't have the opportunity to go to a farmers’ market, at least try to shop at the fresh produce section of your supermarket — concentrating on local and seasonal produce.

Q: Why do you prefer this diet? I have found that I just feel better when I live this lifestyle. I am in good shape and have more energy. My body needs good nutrients to function. When you learn to recognize the taste and benefits of good food, you cannot go back to junk food anymore.

Q: What are some of its greatest benefits? Several epidemiological studies have demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower incidence of mortality from all causes, and it is also related to a lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   17





here has been an ongoing battle between women and intimate apparel designers for decades. The battle of the bosom has always led to the misconception that bigger is better. This misconception has left many small busted women feeling left out and unsatisfied when it comes to finding a proper fitting bra that celebrates their size — without extra padding to give the illusion of bigger breasts. Jaclyn Fu is the co-founder and CEO of Pepper, the first body positive bra company for women with small busts. She knew firsthand the struggle of being a small busted woman searching for a proper fitting bra. Fu’s own personal search for a bra that would fit well took her and co-founder Lia Winograd on a journey that would lead to the question of what would a better bra for small busted women look and feel like, and why is there nothing out there to fit this body type? Fu and Winograd began to talk with groups of women who identified as small busted, and the answers were the same, they could not find bras that fit, so they just settled and accepted the ill-fitting bra. The next questions they posed was, “What does fit mean to you, and how do you know it doesn’t fit?” When asked, a large number of the women spoke of cup gaps and how this made them feel inadequate and that they didn’t meet the standards. Cup gaps are when the cups are too deep and your breasts can't fill it, so there is spacing between the bra and your body. This was one of the biggest fit issues they wanted to solve. Many women also shared they did not like shopping at some of the larger chain stores because, if they had small

breasts, a sales associate would immediately hand them a push-up bra. The assumption was they’re breasts are small, so they must want them to look bigger. Fu said, “This isn't always true, maybe you just want to look like yourself, but at the best version of yourself.” With this information in hand, Pepper was birthed. Fu and Winograd knew they wanted their first design to be lightly padded, to have a flattering fit and to give you natural cleavage and lift — without heavy push-up padding — they wanted something authentic. Fu, whose background is marketing, and Winograd, a management consultant, had no experience in bra sizing, designing or manufacturing — they just knew there was a mandate to solve a problem for women who were deserving of a bra that not only fit well, but was flattering. They began talking with bra designers in the industry to get a better understanding of bras, fabrics, shapes and fit to create a bra that would allow a woman with smaller breasts to find satisfaction in her bra experience. In April 2017, a Kickstarter campaign was launched and within the first 10 hours, Pepper had reached 100% of their goal, and after a 13-day campaign, they were 470% funded. Fu and Winograd became connected to one of the biggest bra manufacturers in Columbia who created a prototype. This company took a chance on their vision so they could achieve their mission — empowering women. Fu says, “The company is socially responsible, everyone is paid fair wages and benefits. They hire single mothers and female heads of households. This is important to our brand — not only did we want to help women feel great about their bodies, but we also wanted to provide opportunities for women everywhere.” After the enormous success of their Kickstarter campaign, they shipped almost three thousand pre-orders and were fully launched by April 2018. After the formal launch, they began working on new styles. So many inquiries came in about new products, many of which were about a wireless bra. Fu shared, “We’ve spent the last year developing a wireless bra that would be perfect for this audience.” Pepper recently launched their Limitless Wirefree Bra. The creation and launch of Pepper has given a voice to women who have been ridiculed because of their body type. They have provided a solution for the age-old problem of illfitting smaller bras. They are also in tune to the needs of their customer base, while providing support to women physically, emotionally and socially. They are truly teaching women that size does not define you, so “embrace the flat in flattery” and live your life to its fullest. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   19


Healthy Breakfast Bagels Roundup BY BROOKE ALLEN

Whether you wake up at 5 a.m. or run breathlessly out the door every morning, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thankfully, bagel and coffee shops like Einstein Bagels open early enough for their most motivated customers. If you’re looking for a quick, healthy breakfast, here below are some balanced options to make your morning better!

20  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER F lavor


Plain Bagel

For those who usually don’t have a huge appetite in the morning, the Plain Bagel is the best go-to. With 9 grams of protein, it’ll keep you full without making you feel overstuffed. Top it off with one of the several cream cheese options Einstein Bros. Bagels features, like Honey Almond Reduced Fat Shmear, Strawberry Reduced Fat Shmear or the Daiya Dairy-Free Shmear. Calories: 270 Total Fat: 1 Total Carbs: 56 Protein: 9

Avocado Toast

Guacamole lovers rejoice! If regular ol’ plain bagels are too, well, plain, then try the Avocado Toast. The Plain Bagel is heavily coated with fresh avocado then topped off with a spice mix, including sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic, caraway seeds, kosher salt and black pepper. Calories: 400 Total Fat: 12 Total Carbs: 61 Protein: 11

Bacon and Spinach

If you’re always starving in the morning, then this may be the perfect bagel for you. With 28 grams of protein, you might be satisfied until dinner. This bagel features cage-free eggs cooked to “fluffy perfection,” bacon, swiss cheese, spinach and a roasted tomato spread. Calories: 700 Total Fat: 42 Total Carbs: 57 Protein: 28 Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   21


Sante Fe Thintastic Egg White

Have you been wanting to ‘spice’ up your morning? This spicy bagel could light up some fire in your tummy. The Asiago Cheese Bagel is topped with turkey sausage, egg whites, pepper jack cheese and a Jalapeño Salsa Reduced Fat Shmear. Calories: 410 Total Fat: 16 Total Carbs: 42 Protein: 25

Nova Lox

If you’ve ever woken up one morning and thought, “Wow, I’m really craving some salmon,” then try to keep your excitement contained because this bagel was made for you. Salmon lovers can top their choice of bagel with some shmear, red onion, capers, sliced tomatoes and cold-smoked Nova Lox salmon. Calories: 480 Total Fat: 17 Total Carbs: 60 Protein: 22


JUST $9.95

FEATURES • HEART • FLAVOR • HEALTH LESSONS • WORK • PLAY W W W. H E R S - M A G A Z I N E . C O M Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   23



24  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER Work


With reports citing that 2019 will be a pivotal year for consumer technology, here’s a look at some noteworthy lifestyle-enhancing solutions.

Rowkin True Wireless Earbuds The Ascent Charge+ model features an ergonomic fit primed for security and comfort. Constructed with a premium mylar diaphragm driver, as well as an acoustic cavity, these earbuds produce dynamic sound and impactful bass with the benefit of touch controls. The case is Qi-compatible for wireless charging, comes with a Qi wireless charger in the box, and also doubles as a power bank to keep your other devices charged, courtesy of USB-C rapid charging. The Ascent Charge+ also features a mobile app for locating your earbuds and personalizing your sound profile. The Ascent Micro model also has many similar features to the Ascent Charge+ but is even more compact for easy portability. While small, the Ascent Micro charging case keeps your earbuds charged for up to 17+ hours. These earbuds are priced at $139.99.

Aquio Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle Designed in the United States, Aquio water bottles are made with a detachable Bluetooth speaker and powered by iHomeAudio. Aquio water bottles are manufactured with high-quality stainless steel that is also notably BPA-free. Available in four fashionable colors — midnight, seafoam, merlot and blush — it is an ideal hydration bottle for those who lead an active lifestyle and love taking their music with them on-the-go. Aquio’s removable speaker is powerful, IP67rated waterproof, sand-proof and features designer weatherresistant woven acoustic fabric. Its rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of wireless audio playback time. The 16-ounce bottle — designed to fit all cup holders — is double wall steel-insulated maintaining temperatures up to 14-hours for hot liquids and a full 24-hours for cold. Aquio’s mission is to reduce the world’s reliance on disposable plastic water bottles by making reusable bottles fun and fashionable. This water bottle is priced at $49.95. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   25


iHome Zenergy Aroma Bluetooth Therapy Speaker Create a calming environment throughout your home with the combination of light, sound and aroma therapy. iHome’s iZABT50 Zenergy Bluetooth Speaker features six different sound therapy tracks designed to calm your mind, lower your breathing and heart rate and prepare your body for sleep. You can also select from seven different light therapy modes designed to align your circadian rhythm at night and improve your mood throughout the day. iHome’s Zenergy Aroma Bluetooth Therapy Speaker features two audio sources — built-in sound therapy and Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from your mobile device. It also includes aromatherapy to help create a calming environment with the use of essential oils with absolutely no water needed. This speaker is priced at $79.99.

Lumen and FoodMarble Showcased at this year’s CES show, Lumen and FoodMarble are both pocket-sized devices that users blow into. They pair with smartphone apps that tell people things like how well they are digesting food or burning calories. The firm behind Lumen states that their device provides a way for people to monitor their metabolisms. The device also has the capability of determining if the user is burning carbs or fats. Meanwhile, FoodMarble measures hydrogen levels in an attempt to make deductions about a person's digestive health. The thought is that the device can help people avoid foods that cause bloating, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Lumen is currently priced at $249 as a pre-order special. FoodMarble is priced at $159.

26  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER Work


Naked Home Body Scanner Leverage the power of infrared light to capture a 3D model of your body with the Home Body Scanner from Naked Labs. The scanner itself is built into an attractive smart mirror with sensors that measure important metrics and calculate measurements. An integrated app allows you to track your progress. The Naked body scanner is designed to help you visualize your progress and body fat percentage as it happens, with a focus on weight loss and performance. You’ll be able to literally watch your body as it changes each day. This scanner is priced at $1,395.

Escali Primo Digital Scale With the Escali Primo Digital Scale’s accuracy, speed and simplicity, it’s twice been rated as a best value by a leading independent consumer magazine and was also recently named the “best kitchen scale for most people” by other key media. This device is capable of measuring in increments of 1 gram or 0.05 ounces and has the capacity to measure up to 11 pounds of food at once. Two-button controls facilitate ease of use, and a protective shield on the control panel prevents accidental spills from compromising performance. Battery life is also prolonged with an auto shut-off feature. This scale is priced at $39.95.

Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   27



Hemp v Cannabis Oil:

What Consumers Need To Know ELIZABETH NOURYEH


hen we think of hemp or cannabis, it’s difficult to not picture a smoky cloud over local teenagers listening to Grateful Dead and smoking marijuana. However, in the last several years, more research has been conducted to show the benefits of hemp and cannabis. Cannabis is a family of plants with two primary classifications —  Indica and Sativa. Hemp is a member of the Cannabis Sativa family. Marijuana, on the other hand, can be considered a member of either the Indica or Sativa families. According to Dr. Jenelle Kim, Co-Founder and Leader Formulator at JBK Wellness Labs, both Indica and Sativa have crucial differences in their chemical composition. Kim explains that hemp contains a very low concentration of THC (0.3 percent or less), and marijuana is abundant in THC with concentrations between 15-40 percent. Unlike marijuana, hemp and cannabis are not able to produce a high. Hemp is grown for industrial purposes, such as biofuel, paper products, clothing and oil. As a textile, it is incredibly durable and needs half the amount of water and land that cotton needs. Cannabis usage has grown in popularity as researchers have discovered it aids in pain, anxiety and seizures. People with anxiety disorders often try countless medicines before finding one, if anything, that helps their anxiety. Cannabis products give users a natural alternative with little side effects. “Beginning thousands of year ago, the healing properties of hemp were used to help balance a variety of conditions — from calming the mind and body, balancing digestive disorders, improving skin and hair health, etc.,” Kim said. Regardless of the ample benefits of cannabis, cannabis still carries a negative connotation. Using cannabis products still

attracts biases and judgement. Less than half of the states have passed laws for medical marijuana usage. Politicians like Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Marco Rubio have made clear cases against the use of cannabis in any form. “I find that the stigma surrounding hemp and CBD oil quickly diminished when we are reminded of how long Hemp/ Cannabis has been used throughout history,” Kim said. “Hemp as an herb to improve one’s condition is much different and in no way in the same arena as marijuana and its purpose to alter the mind.” With advocates like Kim pushing to destigmatize cannabis, it’s only a matter of time until more people recognize the benefits of hemp and cannabis. Cannabis may prove to be a safer and more environmentally safe alternative.

Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   29


JUST $9.95

FEATURES • HEART • FLAVOR • HEALTH LESSONS • WORK • PLAY W W W. H E R S - M A G A Z I N E . C O M 30  HERS Mag azin e   |  Depar tment


Navigating the Consuming American Diet Culture ELIZABETH NOURYEH


ur society's diet culture has become fixated on the idea that thinness equates to beauty, and the smaller the waist, the more desirable we are. This toxic trend has become detrimental to our wellbeing, mental health and body image. Women are under constant pressure to look and feel their best, no matter the consequences. We are told that we are too fat, too thin, too loud, too quiet, too bossy, too passive, too emotional — the list goes one. Eventually, these ‘too’s’ absorb into our beings and we are left lacking confidence in nearly everything we do, and it takes years of grit to gain it back. To no surprise, dieting has been around since ancient Greece, which they called diaita. However, diaita didn’t solely focus on losing weight, but instead an all-encompassing diet — exercise, food and lifestyle. According to the Atlantic, the ancient Grecian ideal body type was male. Grecian women weren't thought to live up to the males' slender and muscular physique. Since then, the morbid obsession with thinness has only worsened. According to the Body Image Therapy Center, 89 percent of girls have dieted by age 17, and 42 percent of girls grades first through third have said they want to lose weight. Based on those numbers, young girls ages 6 to 9 years-old have already felt the effects of American's diet culture. "Diet's a system of oppression," registered dietician and eating disorder specialist Bethany Wheeler said. "It is the way that power is held over people, and specifically with diet culture, it is really telling people that they are not worthy because of the way that they eat, or the way that they don't eat, or the way that they look or don't look, or the shape of their body." This is fundamentally wrong and results in harmful, even fatal effects for countless men and women. Worth is not measured by the number on the scale or on the waistline of skinny jeans. Diet culture has also had a severe effect on the prevalence

of eating disorders. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses, with someone dying because of an eating disorder every 62 minutes. Yet, America is still obsessed with the thinness and the idea that thinness equates to health. That is not the case. "People believe that fatness increases mortality, which actually isn't the case," Wheeler says. "It's not actually scientifically based at all, it's biased based, not scientific based." Fatphobia and weight bias have penetrated the health care system, especially surrounding eating disorder treatment. Anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder are often misdiagnosed due to existing weight biases. When we think anorexia, we picture a sickly thin model. However, anorexia nervosa does not mean the patient is sickly thin, but it's classified by restrictive eating and the persistent fear of gaining weight. Patients who enter treatment that have anorexia, but a larger body than expected, may be misdiagnosed based on their body size. If that person is misdiagnosed, then they won't be receiving the type of treatment needed. The body positivity movement was created to combat the septic diet culture within America. Major companies like Aerie and Modcloth have made the promise to use different body types and no retouching in their ads. Stars like Zendaya, Lady Gaga and Kate Winslet have all stood up to publications that heavily photoshopped their pictures without consent. “The way that we talk about bodies, the way we talk about food, the way we talk about people in general — kids pick up on that,” Wheeler stressed. Combating diet culture starts with us. It's imperative to set a positive example for the generations who follow to love their bodies and their true selves. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   31


3 Reasons Dieting with Your Sweetheart Pays



t’s been well-proven that “social dieting” makes weight loss more fun and successful —especially with programs that include elements like competition, teamwork, encouragement and, of course, gentle peer pressure. Programs like the cash-and-camaraderie-fueled challenges that couples can partake in with HealthyWage are not only a powerful and effective weight loss method, but also an exciting means to bring couples closer together and even subsidize their date night outings with monetary rewards realized for pound shedding success. Below, HealthyWage offers 3 reasons why it’s a sweet idea to “diet-for-dollars” with your loved one:

1. Teamwork makes weight loss more fun, accountable and successful. Some financially incentivized diet contests leverage the power of “social norms feedback” and other key behavioral economics principles — being strategically designed to help couples and other team-based participants stay engaged in the positive new behaviors. In addition to making a couple’s weight loss effort more successful, it also makes it a lot more fun as they work together toward a common goal! In fact, not only can losing weight with a loved one in a competition format make weight loss easier, but also more likely since there is more accountability — one has a

32  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER H ealth

direct stake in the other’s success. The result is an elevated incidence of support and positive peer pressure. The desire to win both money and bragging rights adds to the exhilaration and motivation in a contest where cash prizes are at stake. A Brown University study supports this paradigm, having concluded that social networks and teamwork play a significant role in enhancing weight loss outcomes in weight loss interventions. The study found that teambased weight loss competitions significantly influenced each other’s weight loss, further substantiating the connection between social networks and health behaviors — particularly related to diet and exercise.

2. The money motivation model can sweeten the deal for both parties. Leading academics have repeatedly found that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly more likely to lose weight. You'd think health and vanity alone would be strong enough motivators for weight loss, but financial incentives provide additional benefits that are critical to success. Those financial winnings can ultimately benefit both participants. Cash-based challenges are powerful tools that help couples not only


commit to a specific starting point — eliminating pre-diet procrastination — but also avoid quitting before goals have been accomplished. In fact, a widely cited study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found those who have a financial incentive to lose weight were almost five times more likely to reach their target than dieters with no money at stake. In this study, it was further established that the “double-incentivization model” is highly effective. You are more likely to succeed if both dynamics are at play.

3. Studies show weight gain — and loss — is contagious. In a Harvard study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that social networks play a significant role in the incidence of obesity, including both its proliferation and its remediation. In other words, people with obese partners or other family members are more likely to be obese themselves. The researchers concluded that social networks are closely tied to obesity. They also examined the reasons why social networks affect people’s weight, including the fact that people “are influenced by

the evident appearance and behaviors of those around them” and because “social contacts might change a person’s tolerance for being obese or might influence his or her adoption of specific behaviors.” The researchers also found that “weight-loss interventions that provide peer support — that is, that modify the person’s social network — are more successful than those that do not. People are connected, and so their health is connected.” Ultimately, couples working together in a weightloss gamification scenario can proffer many benefits. This includes each participant’s individual health, of course, but also the well-being of a relationship at large because emotional bonds like respect, admiration, pride and appreciation are made stronger through the process. Making hard work into a game tends to make participants more engaged and successful, and programs like HealthyWage, which follow academic and industry research on gamification, provide users with thrilling challenges that remove pre-diet procrastination and helps prevent codieters from giving up.

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Good for Your Body But Bad for Your Teeth?


ometimes, what begins with good intentions has unintended, negative consequences. Take working out, for example. People do it to strengthen their bodies and improve their overall health, but they also can damage their dental health in the process. Numerous studies and dental professionals have found that vigorous exercise can harm teeth, gums and jaw without proper techniques or equipment being used. The problems often start with jaw-clenching or teethgrinding — both are common during high-intensity workouts or demanding sports. Someone who engages in such strenuous activities on a regular basis may develop clenching or grinding habits, and over time they will feel the results. Dr. Shab Krish, author of “Restore Your Rest: Solutions for TMJ and Sleep Disorders” says, “Weightlifters or others exerting maximum effort often clench their jaw, and the cumulative effect can be fractures, chips or holes in their teeth. The constant stress of lifting can also damage your jaw joints — a potentially very big problem.” Other oral health issues can surface as a result of exercise, and Krish gives tips on how to prevent them while working out vigorously. • Wear an oral appliance This puts a thin barrier between the upper and lower teeth — far better than leaving them unprotected. Krish suggests a custom-made appliance — one aligning and supporting the jaw — by a dentist for optimal effectiveness and comfort. “You need the kind of oral appliance that not only protects your teeth, but your jaw, facial and neck muscles as well,” Dr. Krish says. • Breathe through the nose A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found that mouth-breathing during exercise

34  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER H ealth

dries out the mouth. The result is a reduction of saliva, which protects the teeth, and that creates an environment for bacteria, leading to more tooth decay. Krish says, “Nosebreathing can improve your airflow and relax your jaw and neck muscles, which reduces clenching. It also has physiological advantages [by] increasing your lung absorption capacity and helping lower blood pressure.” • Ease up on sports drinks Kirsh stresses to drink water for the healthiest hydration. “Sports drinks refuel the body with electrolytes, but they also tear up your teeth by eroding enamel and causing cavities.” A study in the clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry found that excessive acid in sports drinks can damage teeth after just five days of consumption. Natural coconut water without additives and bottled or tap water with lemon are healthy alternatives. “We all know exercise is great for us,” Krish says. “Dental damage while exercising is kind of the untold other side of the story, and the challenge is to get the utmost out of physical activity while knowing how to prevent damage to your mouth, jaw and gums.”


Product Review: Lottabody's New Milk & Honey Collection BY CIARA JOHNSON


ith more women now choosing to wear their natural hair, Lottabody has launched its new Milk & Honey collection, which is enriched with milk protein and honey. We decided to test the product line in one of Atlanta’s premier natural hair salons, Too Groovy, and get feedback from one of its top stylist, Danny Williams. As a natural hair aficionado with 40-plus years of experience, Danny thought the product worked best at moisturizing the hair. “It’s a good product, “ he said and compared it to Crème of Nature, which is one of the wellknown, longtime products for moisturizing and detangling natural hair. With no sulfates, the Lottabody Restore Me Cream shampoo still suds well, so consumers can feels as if their hair is getting clean. The conditioner seeps into the hair quickly and leaves the hair feeling instantly moisturized. In using the products for myself as a licensed stylist, I liked the fact that they weren’t overly perfumed, and it gets the hair very clean without leaving a residue. The leave-in conditioner doesn't weigh the hair down. However, I did notice that it caused some light flakes when Danny blowdried the hair after going under a steamer to infuse moisture. He felt it was caused due to the “extra” or unused product (conditioner) that didn’t go in the hair shaft during the steaming process. Lottabody setting lotion, otherwise known as their foam wrap, has always been considered one of the best in the industry. Walk into almost any African-American hair salon and you’re guaranteed to see it at least one or two stations. The new Tame Me edge control has now become one of my favorites, though. You don't have to keep reapplying it every

day because it actually lasts for two days. It did leave a white residue, but if you just comb it in, it will dissipate. The NEW Milk & Honey collection includes a cream shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, curl defining mousse, and edge control gel. The formulas, with milk and honey, are aimed at nourishing and treating dry, rough strands and restoring moisture for natural hair.

The Collection Includes: RESTORE ME Cream Shampoo ($4.99; 10.1 oz.) – Removes Product Build-Up, Restores Moisture, Makes Hair Soft & Manageable RESTORE ME Cream Conditioner ($4.99; 10.1 oz.) – Deeply Moisturizes, Makes Hair Soft & Manageable NOURISH ME Leave-In Conditioner ($5.49; 8 oz.) – Locks-In Moisture, Continuous, Intense Hydration, Detangles & Adds Shine REFINE ME Curl Defining Mousse ($5.49; 7 oz.) – Medium Hold for Soft Curls, Defines Curls, Adds Body & Shine TAME ME 24Hr Edge Control ($4.49; 2.25 oz.) – Adds Incredible Shine, Non-Flaking, Sticky or Greasy, Lays Edges to Perfection for up to 24 hours

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REVIEW: Trianiac Trainiac is a fitness app that you can use for one-on-one daily workouts whenever or wherever for a $50 per month for unlimited training sessions. Trainiac has provides customization of goals and accountability that is unique among workout apps. The Good

Unlike other fitness apps, Trainiac is not just a pool of hundreds of workout videos to pick from. Trainiac connects you with a personal trainer and through a 1-1 relationship, helps you come up with workout plans based on your specific goals. The best part is that you can pick your trainer rather than merely being assigned one.

The Bad

Getting started in a consistent workout program is still difficult. I would suggest the app send prompts of some kind initially. Have a “scheduled” first meeting should be part of the sign-up.

No Ugly

The app is great. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   37



REVIEW: HealthyWage Talk about motivation, this app actually pays you to lose weight! With the HealthyWage app, you determine how much weight you want to lose, how long you want to take to lose it, and how much you want to wager each month. If you successfully reach your goal by the end date of your challenge, you win your prize. The average HealthyWager prize is over $1,200. You can also join team challenges, jackpot challenges, and step challenges through the app. Participants have collectively lost over 1 million pounds and gained over $20,000,000 since the company’s inception, and over $13,000,000 in 2018, alone.

Jackpot Challenges

Individuals and teams try to achieve specific weight loss goals to earn a share of the pot.

Step Challenge

Individuals and teams connect step devices to calculate a custom goal. If they achieve the step goal, they earn a share of the pot.

The Good:

Lots of participation options. There are four different types of HealthyWage Challenges you can join through the app including:

The HealthyWager

Make a "bet" on your own weight loss, and you can win up to $10,000.

$10,000 Team Challenge

Teams of five compete to win cash prizes; first prize is $10,000. 38  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER H ealth

The Bad:

The biggest issue with this app is the user experience, namely the navigation, which is rather busy and somewhat overwhelming. Registering others to join your team and tracking progress are somewhat confusing as well.



REVIEW: Gixo Gixo is a workout app that you can use for daily workouts in your home, work, park or wherever for a $20 per month or $180 per year. Gixo has instructor-led classes that have been pre-recorded, but the best part about Gixo is the real-time classes where you can have actual dialogue with your instructor.

The Good

You get a great workout at your comfort level, at the time that you are available. You don’t have to beat the traffic to rush to a class. Also, you can ask the instructors questions during the workout if you are having any challenges. You can also have accountability by building a network of your friends and have workouts together.

The Bad

I never saw where there was anything stated what would be needed for a class until the instructor stated what would be used for the workout. While you can interact with the instructor, you have to actually stop and type your questions. It would be easier if you can actually verbally ask the questions or concerns. I would have also liked if I could have used the app on my TV or computer and not just on my phone. Some of the exercise moves would have been easier to see.

No Ugly

I generally really like this app. I had some great workouts while away on a work trip in my hotel room. There is no harassment at a gym or confusion on what to do each day because there is a planned workout you can do every day of the week. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   39


Catalina Island: A Pacific Playground BY MERILEE KERN

Just 22 miles off the southern California coast, Catalina Island has long been regarded as a Pacific paradise where families, romantics, adventurers and business folk come to stay and play. The island’s idyllic small beach town charm is just a quick boat ride away from fast-paced city life. Whether venturing over for a day, a weekend, or longer, Catalina Island is teeming with leisure and adrenaline-pumping activities suitable for adults and children alike. I recently jaunted over Catalina Island for a three-day family sabbatical where we enjoyed the perfect mix of lodging, lounging, learning, dining and entertainment. Below is a print-ready overview of our itinerary should you want to replicate the experience for your own unforgettable Catalina Island escape.


Day 1: 9:50am: Depart to Catalina Island from Dana Point on Catalina Express.

Catalina Express whisks you off to Catalina Island in just a 60-minute journey from Dana Point among other ports of call that include San Pedro and Long Beach. The company’s fleet of modern, high-speed luxury catamarans and mono hull vessels offer a comfortable ride with airline-style seating both inside and out, large view windows where you can catch a glimpse of dolphins in their natural habitat, and light refreshments available for purchase. The upper deck features a premium-priced Commodore Lounge, offering upgraded leather-trimmed seats, overhead storage, priority boarding and complimentary beverage and snack service. The further upgraded Captain’s Lounge seats up to eight passengers or it can be used as a hostess center for larger groups. This option also includes priority boarding, plush upgraded seating and complimentary beverage.

11:30am: Check-in for three nights at the Pavilion Hotel.

Located just a five-minute walk or quick taxi ride from the dock where the Catalina Express disembarks, you will arrive at the newly renovated Pavilion Hotel. Its new design is now centered around the lush garden courtyard area that features semi-private lanais for the ground-level rooms accessed through large French doors. There are also public lounge areas off the courtyard, including a large fire ring and both closed and open-air, ocean-view lounges adjacent to the front lobby. What I particularly loved about this property is that every booking comes with complimentary daily Continental breakfasts as well as a late afternoon wine and cheese event.

1:30pm: Play mini golf at Golf Gardens.

Located just off of the Tour Plaza and a mere block off the waterfront, Golf Gardens is a great way to spend the afternoon. This appropriately challenging 18-hole mini golf course attracts players of all ages. Immersed in plant life and with bubbling streams throughout, the course is very beautiful and serene. It is open every day, year-round.

4:30pm-5:30pm: Indulge in complimentary wine and cheese happy hour at the Pavilion Hotel. As mentioned above, this happy hour event takes place each evening at the open-air lounge and features an assortment of wine and cheese that can be enjoyed as dusk sets in. It’s a wonderful way to get the evening started and

also enjoy the spirited and communal atmosphere among the guests this event fosters. Of course, there are also nonalcoholic beverage selections for the kids!

6:00pm: Enjoy casual dinner at The Lobster Trap.

Located one block away from the Green Pier, The Lobster Trap is a casual eatery that features fresh seafood fare as well as appetizers, poultry and beef entrees, sandwiches and pasta. There is even a menu for the kiddos with all their favorites! During the summer, Friday and Saturday nights feature live music to accompany your meal.

Day 2: 11:00am: Catch Santa Catalina Island Company’s Undersea Expedition Semi-Sub Tour Expedition.

The tour leaves from the Green Pier and takes about 45 minutes. Kids and adults will love traveling five feet under water in this semi-submersible boat’s climate-controlled cabin with windows around the perimeter. Here passengers revel in the beauty of Catalina’s marine life. This undersea adventure reveals all kinds of ocean dwellers, including sharks and sea lions, and even comes with a colorful Fish Finder Guide to help accurately identify the various types of fish encountered. An informative guide also conveys interesting facts about Catalina and its ocean environment throughout the tour.

2:00pm: Experience the Exhilarating East End Adventure.

This two-hour tour provides an unprecedented view of the entire island, the ocean, and the surrounding facets of nature. You’ll climb into an open air H1 Hummer and wind your way up to 1,500 feet above sea level to enjoy spectacular views all the way back to the mainland. The tour also includes rugged interior terrain and the opportunity to catch sight of local wildlife (like the majestic buffalo and mule eared deer seen during our tour) and stunning, fragrant trees, plants, and flowers of various types. You’ll even stop by the Island’s exciting Zip Line Eco Tour where brave souls propel down 5 separate zip lines dropping from 500 feet to 60 feet above sea level. Throughout the East End Adventure tour, a knowledgeable and engaging guide drops fascinating factoids about nearly everything in sight — from local businesses to bugs to the Island’s rich history with the Wrigley family — all along the way.

Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   41


6:00pm: Enjoy a casual dinner at Antonio's Pizzeria & Cabaret. As a fixture on the Island for nearly two decades, this family-style restaurant offers all the Italian pizza and pasta favorites, plus steak, seafood and chicken entrees, burgers, soups and salads — not to mention a menu just for the kids. Then there is the assortment of tempting desserts. The waterfront restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating that’s a great place to eat, people watch, gaze at the boats and watch the sea lions swim about.

Day 3: 12 noon: Enjoy lunch overlooking the ocean at the Descanso Beach Club.

Located one cove past the landmark Casino Ballroom is the Descanso Beach Club, which is about a 15-minute seaside walk from the center of town. This ocean-based bar and restaurant offers casual beach fare like peel-and-eat-shrimp, salads, burgers and tropical cocktails. The Descanso Beach Club is the perfect locale to sip a fruity libation, grab a bit to eat and bask in the beautiful Avalon sun and scenery while enjoying Caribbean-style music.

2:00pm: Go fishing off the Green Pleasure Pier.

Located at the foot of Catalina Avenue is a 300-foot-long pier built all the way back in 1920. This is the perfect spot to enjoy fishing because gear is available for rent. Among other things, you can also rent paddle boats, outboard motor boats and diving equipment, as well as arrange other excursions like the Glass Bottom Boat Voyage from the pier.

6pm: Enjoy an upscale dinner at Avalon Grille.

Conveniently located on Crescent Avenue at the foot of the Green Pier, this popular Avalon eatery features American regional dishes with a seasonal menu where everyone in the family is sure to find something they love. Pick your spot on the outdoor patio to enjoy the scenery or sit indoors in the elegant yet cozy dining room as you recount the wonders of your Catalina adventure. Even though our vacation was brief, this itinerary provided the perfect balance of relaxation and revelry. While much ground was covered relative to the Island’s familyfriendly activity options, the destination offers so much more. There are a wide range of day and night tours and activities to suit everyone’s interests, including golf, the casino, copious

42  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER Play

expeditions, rock climbing and a wide selection of divine dining. No matter how you choose to spend your time on Catalina Island, it’s sure to be a retreat to remember.



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ood can be the culprit for so many health issues ranging from obesity to heart disease. Marissa S. Costonis, H.C., the author of “Change Bites: Change Your Plate, Change Your Life,” developed neuropathy and other various health issues, and in order to change her life, she learned better eating habits. Costonis spent over a decade in a change management consulting career before making a hard switch to becoming a Certified Health Coach. In her book, she states, “I brushed off several health problems, including chronic sinus and viral infections, which left me in bed for weeks, a lifelong battle with constipation, migraines, congestion, excessive fatigue, high white blood cell count, and an episode of Bell’s palsy…” With these health problems consuming her life, Costonis decided to listen to her body and make numerous changes to her diet. When her doctor suggested to change her diet, she was at a loss for where to begin. All of the outlets she researched simply explained what to eat and what not to eat— no one explained how to change life-long habits. In her book, she said, “Managing the change and the transition to a new way of eating was the missing piece. This was going to be the real challenge.” This book does not mainly focus on what to eat, but rather how to create better eating habits. The sudden change a new diet brings can be a big struggle for many people. This book acts as a workbook filled with personal anecdotes to help readers change their habits little by little, so the changes stick. “Change Bites” offers readers a different approach to dieting by focusing on all aspects of health and diet.

44  HERS Mag azin e   |  H ER F lavor


Quick and Tasty Vegan Meals On A Budget BY KEITH JOHNSON


f cooking, eating, and staying healthy in the long run sounds good, this is the book for you. There are always those lingering veggies and carbs we have no idea what to do with. The author of “Liv B’s Vegan On A Budget” found a creative and nutritious way to use those foods. She will make fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds become more recognizable to your plate and your palate. Olivia Biermann is the twenty-four-old creator and host of the Liv B channel on YouTube, which has over 63,000 subscribers and followers who support vegan lifestyles. If you’re not a vegetarian, this book helps rid the naysayer of the price and taste related myths of eating vegan foods. This book makes a vegan diet less costly and more nutritious than most meat and dairy based diets. People who do not eat meat or dairy are 5% and 2% of the US populace, and some of the most energetic and healthy persons according to the FDA. Beirmann takes us into the world of scrumptious eating, even featuring vegan sweets like pies, cookies and cakes. Going vegan alters a person’s life and would help them to lose excess weight. On average, vegans are 10 to 20 pounds lighter than adult meat-eaters. Women

generally need to eat less than 2,000 calories each day to sustain a healthy weight. A common American woman now weighs as much as the average 1960s man. The consumption of calories becomes 1,500 a day with a vegan diet. Observational studies comparing vegans to vegetarians and the general population report that vegans benefit from a 75% lower risk of developing high blood pressure. Vegan diets may benefit health by significantly helping to prevent heart disease, reducing Cardiac health, stroke and reducing the risk of diabetes. Share Olivia’s passion for effortless dishes, and have a great time preparing quick meals that you’ll never forget. You’ll never see most of these recipes coming, like the utterly tempting edible cookie made without raw eggs or flour! Instead of sneaking to eat cookie dough at 3am like a ghost, prepare your own for that sole purpose. There are more than a hundred simple recipes that are physically and ecologically life changing. With serving times no more than 30 minutes, these simple and delicious plant-based recipes have exquisite flavor that can be found no where else other than your local store and Liv B’s “Vegan On A Budget.”

Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   45


JANINE DELANEY Fitness Guru On Empowerment And Priorities BY BROOKE ALLEN

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hysical exercise affects fitness enthusiast Janine Delaney’s mentality so much that it can completely alter her mood. Exercise is “like meditation” to her. She said, “The one consistency in life that I’ve always had was physical fitness, and I could be in the worst mood — very stressed out — and I go to the gym, or I work out at home, and within that one to two hours, I’m a different person.” Delaney endures a constant motion of working a full-time job, raising a family, keeping a healthy marriage, exercising daily and managing 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Delaney, “The Jump Rope Queen,” is a 49-year-old fitness guru, psychologist and mother of two daughters. She is also a former professional ballerina and two-time National Physique Committee Figure Champion. She first dove into social media two years ago and quickly grew a following with her inspiring fitness videos. With her energetic personality and inclusive advice, she became a role model for over a million people. Delaney has many passions but providing others with proper exercise and nutrition information is one of her most important passions. She even personally responds to the comments and messages she receives. “I actually know a lot of people that have a large following, [but] they don’t manage their pages — they have someone they hire who will. And I wouldn’t do that. I actually go through even my direct messages, and I will respond to people because that’s why I’m doing this— it’s enjoyable to me.” Although she frequently gives advice to the people she interacts with on her social media, sometimes those followers even have tips and advice for her. She always remains open to new ideas when it comes to body and mind health. She said, “I never profess to be an expert — I try to learn from other people. Sometimes people have tips or advice [for me] and I just look at it like I’m like everybody else, and we’re just a bunch of people who are trying to get to life and be as healthy as possible. So, I just I look at myself as [my followers] friend and we communicate and help each other out.” Before her 1.9 million followers, she didn’t even have a Facebook page. She described herself as a very private person before her following. She said, “I didn’t want anyone to know where I was going to eat or what I was doing, where I was stationed or [anything].” As a private person, she never thought she would enjoy being so involved in the public’s eye. She said, “When I got married, I didn’t want to walk down the aisle in a white dress because I didn’t want the attention on me — it was very embarrassing to me. I did a meetup last weekend in New York


City with a couple of my sponsors, and they brought people who came to meet with me, and it was so, so rewarding. These [were] people I had never met, but they knew me, they follow me [and] they told me their personal [weight loss] stories. They told me how I helped inspire them, and it’s just, when you’re having a bad day, and you get a message from somebody and they tell you you’ve made a difference, no matter how big or how small in their life, you just know you’re doing the right thing.” Now that she is so involved with so many weight loss journeys’, the stories she hears motivates her to keep her Instagram page alive and well. “Recently I’ve been getting so many transformational messages from people who have lost a significant amount of weight — men and women — and they find me, and because I guess of my age, and the fact that I’m a career mom, and I’m not like the typical fitness expert, I have all these other things they really relate to, and it makes everything so rewarding,” Delaney said. With a lack of time on her plate, she often has to “unplug” her life to find time with her family. “I make time to prioritize. So, there’s days where my family knows I have to work, and then there’s days where we put the phone down, we get away

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from the computer and we spend quality time together.” Balancing her time with her social media family and her immediate family was tough for her. “I’ve definitely learned to kind of create my own little space, especially when it comes to my family. I don’t ever want my family feeling like I’m ignoring them or giving [social media] priority. I do have to turn [the screen] off on occasion.” An organized schedule is the key to her success with managing her priorities. “So, my advice to anybody who is really juggling multiple priorities is to — number one — make sure that what you have on your plate is what you truly want. There’s a lot of people who get caught up in things that are really not meaningful to them. So, just take those off your plate — focus on what’s truly important,” she said. “Once you’ve identified what that is, then you do need to have some careful planning in place. You can’t really just wing it all the time because that makes it a little difficult to get everything done, so you do have to be organized and plan fully. And then the second thing is to really make sure that you are giving each area in your life the priority and quality time that it deserves.” With her immediate family and her social media family, Delaney has a lot of people to keep up with. However, she always finds time to spend with her family because her and her daughters both love to exercise. When raising her daughters, she “was never very strong handed” when it came to diet and exercise. “I kind of just let them live their life, and then they saw me engaging in certain activities,” Delaney said. “They saw how good it made me feel — how happy it made me, so as they became older, it’s really nice that — on their own — they want to do these things.” She loves being able to work out with her daughters. “Sometimes my daughters will find certain workouts that they like on YouTube and we’ll try to do them together. And it’s nice that I have that to share now with my kids.” 48  HERS Mag azin e   | HE R H ealth

As a fitness guru, Delaney is always searching for ways to strengthen her body, but as a psychologist, she also seeks ways to strengthen her mentality. Writing is a healing outlet for her. “I love to write. I never thought when I got into the fitness side of social media that it would give me an opportunity to write. So, it’s just it’s been such a godsend now that, aside from being able to share exercises and workouts, I get to contribute to high-quality magazines, and I get to share different topics and different things that are meaningful, and I think that’s one of my favorite parts about this.” When she first discovered a fascination with the human body, she decided to major in pre-med. However, she found her true passion through her minor in psychology. Through learning psychology, she was fascinated with how the mind “has an impact on your physical well-being.” She said, “So, I switched my major to go into psychology, and that’s kind of been the premise of really my entire career — which is how, mentally, physical fitness [and] taking care of yourself in all aspects just leads you to a healthier lifestyle, longevity, and a better mentality.” Exercise strongly affects Delaney’s state of mind, especially when she was a child. As a young girl, her father was terminally ill, and she lived in and out of hospitals. But, her father’s state of mind was so positive that he would not even park in a handicapped parking space. His healthy mental health helped Delaney get through the stress of worrying about her father. “He went to work and showed up every day, and when he when he couldn’t work anymore, he started to paint and entered art shows. So, I saw him as somebody who, despite his physical failings, was able to mentally rise to the occasion,” she said. “And I really believe that is the main reason why I feel that the mind is so powerful. And being able to do ballet as a young girl while I was going through that was my escape. Mentally, it helped me to feel good, to get in my


zone. [It] empowered me to face all the difficult situations.” While ballet provided her with empowerment during her adolescent years, the advice she gives her two daughters seeks to provide them with empowerment as well. She said, “The last thing I want is for them to think that it’s all about luck, and they have to look perfect. So, what I try to do is, I always focus on the well-being aspect of fitness. We never talked about like, ‘That person is fat,’ or ‘That person is skinny.’ We never focused on words like that. We would just focus on traits that were like, ‘You’re athletic,’ or ‘You’re creative.’ And so, they understood that physical appearance isn’t something that you should give top priority — you should give top priority to what makes you feel good.”

With advice surrounding physical fitness and mental well-being, Delaney’s common, empowering theme is acceptance. “We’re all unique and we all have really super positive things about us. And we all have — they’re not flaws, per se — but they’re just unique character traits, and that’s what makes us special. I think a lot of people just get insecure because that’s how this world is today — everybody tries to make us feel less than. I feel like the more confident you feel, then the more you’re able to handle criticism.”

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The WHOLE30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Freedom BY ANNETTE JOHNSON


hole30 is a 30-day diet that eliminates all grains, legumes, dairy, added sugars, and processed foods, and replaces them exclusively with fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. The founders of Whole30, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, apparently realizing that prepwaring these meals would be a challenge, wrote this book with 150 slow cooker and Instant Pot recipes. According to the authors, the foods that you’re asked to eliminate completely are “foods that scientific literature” and their clinical experience have deemed “the most commonly problematic in one of four areas: cravings, metabolism, digestion, and immune system.” The diet is said to improve and even cure some medical ailments, including asthma, high blood pressure and depression. While eliminating alcohol for 30 days may not present a problem for those who, like me, are social drinkers, but avoiding sugar in all forms was a challenge. Not until you start studying, not just reading, food labels do you realize that most everything has some form of sugar. The other challenge, at least for me, was eating so much meat. I had recently been diagnosed with the onset of gout, so I was told to reduce my intake or avoid meat, especially seafood. I was basically left with eating fruits and vegetables, and always feeling hungry. Thank goodness, nuts like pecans were allowed. The book is filled with great salad and stew recipes along

with beautiful pictures as motivation. The only challenge is that some of the ingredients will require some hunting, including the coconut aminos, harissa or Red Boat fish sauce. My suggestion to combat this would be to go through the book and gather all the less widely accessible ingredients before beginning the diet. My main suggestion in organizing the book would be that it should be organized by meal, such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. It would then be more practical for daily use rather than special meals. Other than that, the authors have done a phenomenal job in providing recipes and resources, such as people (partners and coaches) and places (companies), that can assist (Whole30-approved) in your dietary success. The diet does indeed provide health benefits, such as increased energy. I’d have to visit my doctor to tell you about the complete reversal of arthritic inflammation. From the looks of it, however, I have had no other flare-ups of inflammation, which was becoming a consistent issue prior to the diet. At the very least, I would recommend this book to those who suffer from food-related allergies and other ailments. Food can be our medicine if we know what works best for our bodies. Consider the Whole30 as the beginning of that journey. Febr uar y 2 0 1 9   |   H ERS M ag az i ne   53

POWER THROUGH YOU Body builder and former National Guard service member Melody Wyatt believes in developing what you are given, in her case mind and body. Wyatt began her journey after having her baby, and fell in love with her results so much so that she became part of the body building community. As a certified trainer, Wyatt is on a mission to inspire moms and other people to begin their fitness journey. In this two-page photo spread, Wyatt faces her inner struggles trying to overcome her self-doubt and physical exhaustion to attain her workout goals. Photos by Brandon Tackett

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Her-iscopes: Career Predictions from the Stars

Happy Birthday, Capricorn and Aquarius!

CA PRICORN December 22-January 19 Strengths: Wise, patient, ambitious, practical Weaknesses: Stubborn, self-conscious, moody You’re in a mood to trim excess from your life, Capricorn, and with it will come clarity on your true dreams and values. But conventional messages on trimming the fat might not ring true for you. Maybe you need to step back from social media because it’s not making you happy—or maybe you need to grow a following to wow your next investor. Focus on what’s true for you—not your mom, not your SO, not a mean girl from high school you want to prove you’re better than—you. AQUARIU S January 20-February 18 Strengths: Generous, curious, inventive, loyal Weaknesses: Inconsistent, standoffish, extremist Aquarius, you’re about to get lucky. Get your mind out of the gutter—lucky in your career. Social seeds you sow in November will start to sprout in December and bloom and bear fruit all throughout 2019. As they say in improv comedy, come from a place of “yes.” “Yes” you do want to go to your high school reunion. “Yes” you do want to get coffee with your favorite college professor who’s in town. You’ll be socially burned out by New Year’s, but with so many more people willing to go to bat for you and let you know of new opportunities on the horizon.

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S CO R PI O October 23-November 21 Ghosting: you’re either on the receiving end from an interview that seemed promising, or you’re thinking about doing it for a job that’s definitely not promising. For the former, don’t sweat it, a better opportunity will come along after the lunar eclipse in late January. For the latter, don’t do it. Give your employer at least the traditional 2 weeks and bow out gracefully. Don’t burn those bridges, you will need them later this year. S AG I T TA R I US November 22-December 21 As winter ends, Venus begins to enter Aquarius, which for you means that the love planet may make you more charming. Now is a good time to make a good first impression, like in an interview or with a potential client. Mid-January, a customer will come to you with concerns, and at first they will seem silly but it’s very important that you don’t blow them off. Charm them as well, but also work hard to fix their problem.


PI SCE S February 19-March 20

CA N C E R June 21-July 22

One of the great things about you, Pisces, is your open, generous heart. These are qualities not usually treasured in the business world, but your ruler Neptune is present all throughout 2019, so you can make your natural softness work for you. A bigwig will remember that you’re a great listener and present you with a lucrative opportunity towards the end of January. And towards the end of February, someone will need your help. Give it to them, they will remember!

You’ve been feeling a little adrift lately. Fortunately, January will give you a sense of purpose and direction. If you have an idea that’s a bit offbeat, now’s the time to pitch it, Cancer. Not everyone will be on board, but you’ll have the grace to understand that “no” means “not right now” rather than “you’re not good enough.” Conversely, someone will try to rush you into signing a contract. Go with what your gut says, it will tell you when something’s not right.

ARI ES March 21-April 18

LE O July 23-August 22

“Power” is more than a Starz show to you this month. Your ruling planet Mars gives you energy and focus, so lean into your ambitions. With the solar eclipse in January comes a new responsibility in your role. It’s the perfect time for this to happen because your confidence is banishing impostor syndrome. However, do remember as the year goes on that you wouldn’t have been trusted with this if people didn’t believe in you.

Leo, you started the year off with a bang! All your hard work from 2018 is paying off. Keep the momentum going by getting organized. Press the pause button if you’re asked to multitask, you’ll thrive if you work on one thing at a time. You’ll also probably find “brainstorming” meetings to be dull and a waste of time, so try to work as an individual without a lot of people’s opinions rattling around in your head. When winter turns into spring, you’ll wow your team with your contributions.

TAURU S April 20-May 20

VIRGO August 23-September 22

If the holidays and end of 2018 were tough for you, 2019 brings relief. A tense work situation clears up during the lunar eclipse at the end of January. As January turns into February, someone requests your wisdom on a topic and you learn that you enjoy teaching. Perhaps not enough for a career pivot but certainly for a mentorship or volunteer position. Some people just want to watch the world learn.

The first third of your year will be defined by a competitive streak—get it, girl! In January, distance yourself from anyone who’s a dead weight: an unsupportive partner, pessimistic colleague, or boss who doesn’t notice you. Don’t burn bridges, but do pay it forward for someone who believes in your vision. Say ‘yes’ to something that scares you, like presenting at your first conference. It’s difficult for you to be emotionally vulnerable and admit your weaknesses, but don’t let anyone hold you back, even if it’s you holding you back!

GEMINI May 21-June 20 One of the rules of improvisational comedy is to “come from a place of yes.” Your 2019 will be about coming from a place of yes. You’re already very flexible, Gemini, so use this to your advantage in January to negotiate a deal. Don’t be afraid to walk away from it, though. In late February, satiate your curiosity about a new subject. Later in the year, you’ll need to network, so you’ll apply these interesting tidbits you learned this spring.

LI B R A September 23-October 22 Play the long game, Libra. Make long-term, stable investments rather than trusting your money to the stock market. Reach out to your connections to see if they have an opportunity for you. At the end of February, you might be given a project that requires you to travel—go for it! But Mercury goes into retrograde around that time, so be sure to triple-check your travel plans and documents so it gets off to a good start.

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