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If you are looking for valves for cryogenic industrial gas and LNG applications, get in touch with the world’s leading service provider. Herose Ltd will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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The leading manufacturer of valves for the Industrial Gas and LNG industries globally.

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Herose Limited

Valves Built To Endure

Valves Built To Endure


Since 2002 our specialists have been working in the LNG market in China. They can advise on and supply the right valves and packages. Keith Stewart — Director, Herose Ltd

As a world-leading cryogenic service provider, Herose have been supplying LNG valves to the Chinese market for over a decade. Herose and Herose Approved valves can be found on LNG vessels, trailers, containers and at over 200 shaving stations and LNG production plants throughout the country.

We supplied complete packages comprising over 1,300 valves for the full range of plant equipment for storage vessels, liquid feed lines, gas feed lines and all supporting equipment including: • • • • •

Our recent work to supply comprehensive valve packages for one of the largest shaving stations ever built in Hefei, Eastern China, highlights how efficiency and safety must go hand-in-hand to meet the demands of this rapidly developing nation. Hefei is the largest city of Anhui Province and has a population of nearly 7.5 million. Over the last 12 years the size of LNG plants such as the one at Hefei have increased dramatically as China finds ways to meet the energy needs of its growing industries and the public.

Our comprehensive ranges of Herose and Herose Approved valves combined with specialist advice and training meant that we were the LNG cryogenic provider of choice for this ambitious project in China.

Herose worked in collaboration with Shaanxi Rongke Cryogenic Equipment Co. Ltd, a Chinese cryogenic equipment provider with a wealth of knowledge in LNG process plants and engineering. Together onsite we oversaw the installation of valves and completed training for operational staff at the shaving station.

Herose supplied the complete valve package for this project that included over 1,300 valves


The installation of valves for a project of this scope would have taken many weeks if not months to complete in the western hemisphere, highlighting the need for safe working practices and top quality equipment that was fit for purpose.

Globe Valves This package includes fire-safe manual, control and ESD valves. The ESD valves are suitable for use in class 1, div 1 hazardous zones, with closing times of less than 3 seconds.

Herose Limited Herose LNG Valves – The Complete Package In China

1/2” to 12” cryogenic manual globe valves 6” to 14” cryogenic manual and ESD ball valves 1” to 4” cryogenic ESD globe valves 1” to 4” cryogenic control globe valves 1/2” to 6” safety valves

The fire-safe emergency shutdown (ESD) valves used in this project are designed to cut off LNG supply in the event of an emergency. They are manufactured to international standards such as DIN EN 10497 that requires flammable mediums to be held back for over 30 minutes if a plant is engulfed in fire. The Herose control valves also have this feature.

Owned and operated by Hefei Gas, the plant has two 4,500 M3 LNG storage vessels that are regularly topped up with LNG from trailers. The LNG is then vaporised and pressurised before being fed into the city gas ring mains to maintain gas pressures during peak demand.

The installation of valves in Chinese plants is quite different to the way they’re installed in Europe or the US. For example within 48 hours after the arrival on site of 24 large diameter valves, they were installed in the piping system fully welded with support frames in place. During this time Hefei personnel were given training on Herose safety valves, manual globes, ESD globes and control valves. In addition, training on all other types of valve including the 14” actuated valves was completed. Over the next 24 hours all the electrics were installed and the valves were fully commissioned.

Herose Limited

Ball Valves This range includes manual and ESD actuated valves, suitable for use in class 1, div 1 hazardous zones, with closing times of less than 3 seconds.

Safety Valves This is a full range of stainless steel valves from ¼” threaded thermal relief valves to fully flanged safety valves for plant use.

Herose Limited Herose LNG Valves – The Complete Package In China

Herose LNG Valves - The complete package in China