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Driving from Sanford Airport (SFD) to Heron Villa, High Grove Resort on Highway 27 via the 417 Toll and the 192 (Kissimmee)

The view in your mirror as you leave Sanford Airport. The road is divided here as you go past this sign. Take it easy, don't rush, enjoy!

The road continues as we travel into the trees.

Note the 40 Miles Per Hour sign.

Just after leaving the airport there is a right turn onto lake Mary Blvd. Old timers to Sanford will see how the old road has now become a very new road.

After approximately 2 miles, we come to the next traffic signal. The signs before say to turn left (onto R-427, S Sanford Ave.) and then to make another left onto SR-417. There is no need to do this as Sanford Ave. is usually very busy and neither left is a nice one for first time drivers... I will take you straight over this junction and under the SR-417 bridge to make one (easy) left to the 417 on-ramp...

... go across this light and make your way into the Left lane as soon as you can It's about 400 yards to the bridge and the left turn...

... take this rightmost left turn lane to place you in the slow on-ramp lane to get onto SR-417. It is then straight across one more signal and you merge on to SR-417 heading South.

You are now on The Central Florida Greeneway SR-417 and you should be in the clear for the next 20 minutes or so. It's a toll road so most trucks and locals have a tendency to avoid it.

Very soon you will pass under this sign. $1.50 for cars. Change - Receipts is over the right lane, so stay right.

The Green lanes, the 'Change' lanes, are the ones to use. You do have some money, $20 or smaller?

After driving over Lake Jesup (more like an inland sea)... another Toll Plaza and you come to the Intersection with SR-408. Note how SR-417 appears to divide here and that the 417 actually goes to the right. You would normally expect the road leaving to exit to the right, but not at this one. What is happening is that the road is becoming the 408 and the 417 turns off it. Just be prepared

This is you, on SR-417 passing over SR-408. This is the only 'unusual' part of SR-417.

The next exit, right after the bridge over 408 is the other exit for the 408. as expected now, the exit is in the right lane. Note the sign for the exit is in the right lane. SR-417's sign is on the left. In the USA you drive under signs to go to that place. Nothing specific on the sign, just 'South' and an indicator that Orlando international Airport is this way.

Next exit - Curry Road Road. Don't think the sell Curry or Fords here...

Just carry straight on.


Exit# 3 ~ Osceola Pkwy. One more exit to go. When you pass Exit# 3 keep in the right hand lane.


Use this Exit# 2, Celebration Ave. ****** The Toll Plaza at Celebration Ave. is un-manned. 50c will get you through.

The junction at the bottom of the SR-417 Exit 2 ‘off ramp’ and Celebration Ave. Turn Right here, - US Hwy 192 is .5 of a mile. Celebration Ave. meets US Hwy 192 at a 'T' junction. Across is the exit from a shopping area so it's normally not busy. Left Turn is towards Main Gate West, Walt disney World & I4 and High Grove which is on US Hwy 27 Two lanes for the Left turn. Pick the right lane (shown here) and you will be in the right lane of the centre lanes on the 192

This may be your first major Left turn while driving in the USA.! Take it easy - Celebration Ave/192 junction is usually quiet. This photo has our driver positioned in the Left turn lane ready to go... The light above our lane is lit Green the others are Red. The cars in front are turning out of a shopping area and we will go across the front of them and to the left. Remember to go all the way across the road and turn LEFT down the right side of the central reservation. There are white dashed lines on the road showing the lane to follow. You made it onto the 192 (Kissimmee)!

Now you are travelling WEST on US Hwy 192. Continue for 7.5 miles Do Not Tun Off until the Highway 27 Exit (North) This centre lane will take you to US Hwy 27. You can slide left if you want to avoid the freeway turn of from this lane after the bridges if you want.

When you pass a Publix supermarket that has a Hess Garage on your right you have about 600 yds to the end of 192 and the slip/junction of Highway 27 North towards Clermont.

Keep in middle lane as the right hand lane turns off early. The highway the goes to two lanes for the last 200 yds

You will see a sign for Highway 27 Clermont- North. (above) Turn right up slip onto 27 (Clermont- North). High Grove Resort is directly over the road at the top. Do not try to cross over here. Continue for 300 yards to Cagans Crossing filter to the left lane and do a U turn (Left) at the Wal-Mart lights also known as Cagans Crossing. (the BP garage is on your right) Come 300 yds back towards the 192. Getting in the Right hand Lane. Just past The Fantasy club you will see a new Irish Bar Devaineys (being built at the moment) and a Mattress Shop (Below).

Turn Right into High Grove Resort. Enter the gate code 1005

Turn right at the clubhouse (below) and follow the road round the loop for 200 yds.

Heron Villa 324 Summer Place Loop High Grove Clermont, 34714 is on your left opposite Caribbean Breeze, the road off to the right.

Enjoy your holiday. You are here !!


Directions to Heron Villa from Orlando Sanford airport


Directions to Heron Villa from Orlando Sanford airport