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Color Layering™ mixes coordinated designs with a selection of harmonious inks to create stamped “layers.” Start with one of the new clear sets by Hero Arts, select your spectrum of ink colors, and with each stamping, using darker hues over lighter ones, you will see the mixing layers of color and progressive intensities come to life! Hero Arts clear stamps are premium quality, made in the USA.


CL887 Color Layering Christmas Tree (4” x 6”)

CL907 Color Layering Wreath (4” x 6”)

Coordinates with CL906

DI153 Color Layering Dimensional Bird Frame Cuts

Coordinates with CL887

DI154 Color Layering Christmas Tree Frame Cuts

Coordinates with CL907

DI152 Color Layering Wreath Frame Cuts

CL906 Color Layering Dimensional Bird (4” x 6”)


CL866 Color Layering Bird and Branch (4” x 6”)


CL886 Color Layering Fall Trees (4” x 6”)

DI140 Paper Layering Snowflake Fancy Die

DI151 Paper Layering Ornament Fancy Die

DI144 Paper Layering Tree Fancy Die

DI145 Paper Layering Pumpkin Fancy Die

Paper Layering™ is a new concept: cut as normal using these “half” Fancy Dies and then fold back the cut outs to reveal a complete dimensional design. Each die has cut and score lines that allow the design to “reveal” itself like a blooming flower as you open it up.


The Hero Arts team, like elves helping Santa, makes all of our wood and cling stamps by hand in our own workshop. We use all-natural rubber, wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests, then cut and assemble the ďŹ nished product by hand. Our clear stamps are made from the best USA-made photo-polymer. All of our inks, including those from our popular OmbrĂŠ line, are North American-made, non-toxic, long-lasting and quick drying. And our dies are American-made high-quality metal. A Hero Arts stamping product is like a gift from Santa! H6112 Polar Bear

Coordinates with CL884

G6108 Holiday Dachshund


DI155 Animal Blessings Frame Cuts

DC159 Winter Penguin Stamp & Cut (3” x 4”)

CL884 Animal Blessings (4” x 6”)

DC117 Fancy Cuts Holidays (3” x 4”)

DC160 Santa’s Elves Stamp & Cut (3” x 4”)

CL801 Bird & Branch Christmas (4” x 6”)


Coordinates with CL896

D6002 Small Snowflake

Coordinates with CL896 DI083 Jar

CL896 Winter Scene (4” x 6”)


DI148 Winter Scene Frame Cuts

CL803 Family and Friends (4” x 6”)

DC116 Fancy Cuts Christmas (3” x 4”)

H5957 Cross-Hatch Reindeer

H5806 Pen & Ink Christmas Tree


DI139 3-D House Fancy Die

CL885 3-D House Essentials (4” x 6”)


K6100 Snowy Scene

Our Bold Prints™ cling stamps are ideal for the holidays, giving you a versatile canvas for all of your projects. These 6x6 backgrounds offer maximum flexibility as you can use them in multiple ways: turn them in any direction and they will still fill a standard card; stamp multiple times to create your own design.

CG685 Hand Drawn Snowflakes Bold Prints

CG682 Dot Moire Bold Prints

TIP: Try stamping them in contrasting colors or layer tone-on-tone by stamping more then once, with each impression off-set from the previous one.


CL890 Holiday Greetings (4” x 6”)


CL889 Holiday Pine Branches (4” x 6”)

H6105 Season’s Greetings

H5979 Poinsettia with Berries

Coordinates with CL889

DI147 Pine Branch Frame Cuts

LP389 Happy Hanukkah (3.5” x 4”)


Coordinates with CL796

DI108 Poinsettia Frame Cuts

CL796 Peace Poinsettias (4” x 6”)

Coordinates with CL795 DI110 Holly Frame Cuts

CL795 Holly Jolly (4” x 6”)


CL787 Holiday Petals and Leaves (4” x 6”)

G6103 ho ho ho

Coordinates with CL909

DI146 Merry Cactus Frame Cuts CL909 Merry Cactus To You (4” x 6”)


C6015 Beauty of the Season


CG681 Candy Stripe Bold Prints

C6118 Made with Love Message

CG683 Branches Bold Prints

CG684 Garland Bold Prints

CL908 Sparkle Borders

G6117 Happy Happy New Year

D6012 Chalkboard Ornament

E5986 Happy Hanukkah

Coordinates with CL798

CL798 Winter Sparkle (4� x 6�) DI104 Ornaments Frame Cuts


CL880 Peace & Joy (4” x 6”)

CL722 Merry Christmas Messages (4” x 6”)


CL881 Joy To The World (4” x 6”)

DC170 Merry Stamp & Cut (3” x 4”)

DC169 Joy Stamp & Cut (3” x 4”)

Coordinates with F5967 and H5968

Coordinates with CL881

DI150 50 0 Joy To The h W World ld Frame Cuts

F5967 Christmas Small Tag

H5968 Merry Christmas Label

DI107 Tag and Label Frame Cuts


AF319 Light to Red Royal

K6113 Bold Jolly

H6116 Happy Happy Christmas

AF320 Lime to Forever Green

Ombré Ink

AF306 Pink to Red


Gradations of color in vibrant dye ink • 3.5" x 2.25" ink pad

AF307 Soft Granite AF308 Tide Pool to Navy to Black

AF309 Butter Bar to Orange Soda

AF310 Mint Julep to Emerald Green

AF311 Soft Brown to Cup O' Joe

AF312 Light to Dark Peach

AF313 Light Purple to Grape Juice

H5953 Bold Cheers

K6115 Fa La La Message

H6114 Bold Peace

K6104 Peace and Joy


DC162 Kelly’s Yeti Stamp & Cut (3” x 4”)


DC171 Kelly’s Holiday Clips (3” x 4”)

LP391 Kelly’s Holiday Planner Icons

Enjoy winter and holiday stamp adventures with Kelly Purkey! Kelly Purkey and Hero Arts help you organize, document, and navigate your hectic schedule during the holidays. Bring a playful whimsy to everything you do.

CL891 Kelly’s Fa La La La La (3” x 4”)

CL893 Kelly’s Noel (3” x 4”)

CL892 Kelly’s All Decked Out (3” x 4”)

CL894 Kelly’s S’no Problem (3” x 4”)


Handcraft your life with Lia this holiday! The Lia Griffith Collection™ by Hero Arts offers dies and stamps that coordinate to express your creativity, allowing you to wrap it, gift it, personalize it and stamp it for the holidays. 24

G6110 Joy by Lia

G6109 Sleeping Fox by Lia

G6111 Merry & Bright by Lia

DC166 Merry & Bright Tag Set by Lia (3” x 3”)

DC167 Joyful Tidings Tag Set by Lia (3” x 3”)

DI142 Poinsettia Cutting Set by Lia

DC168 Winter Cheer Tag Set by Lia (3” x 3”)



CL904 Happy Merry Messages by Lia (4” x 6”)

CL903 Cheers Messages by Lia (4” x 6”)

CL898 Deck The Halls by Lia (3” x 3”)

CL901 Snowflakes by Lia (3” x 3”)

CL897 Home Baked by Lia (3” x 3”)

CL900 Scandinavian Holiday by Lia (3” x 3”)

CL902 Build a Wreath by Lia (3” x 3”)

CL899 Elves by Lia (3” x 3”)

LP393 Holiday Messages by Lia

DI143 Ribbon Cutting Set by Lia


CL905 Ribbon Letters by Lia (4” x 6”)


CL895 Make a Gingerbread House by Lia (4” x 6”)

DC163 Winter Bear Set by Lia (3” x 4”)

DC164 Woodland Set by Lia (3” x 4”)

DC165 Polar Set by Lia (3” x 4”)

LP392 Animal Trio by Lia

Coordinates with CL895

DI141 Gingerbread House By Lia


E5998 East Drink Be Happy

E6086 Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Coordinates with CL882

CL882 Autumn (4” x 6”)


DI156 Autumn Frame Cuts

DI149 You’re My Boo Frame Cuts

C6017 Trick or Treat Message

CL879 Halloween Borders (4” x 6”) Coordinates with DI149

D6004 Spider in Web

F6107 You’re My Boo Ghost

E5988 Ghostly Pattern


C6014 Have a Joyful Thanksgiving

C6106 Moon and Bat

CL883 Bold Letter Set (4” x 6”) LP296 Trick or Treat


LP295 Thankful

E5992 Smiling Jack ‘o’ Lantern

D6003 Season of Thanks

CL788 Spooky Halloween (4” x 6”)

C6016 Happy Halloween

D6005 Happy Thanksgiving Seal

Coordinates with CL799

CL799 Thankful for You (4” x 6”) DC161 Witch Feet Stamp & Cut (3” x 4”)

DI109 Harvest Frame Cuts


SA066 Cubic Background Stencil


SA065 Star Snowflake Stencil

SA006 Message Wreath

SA007 Elegant Pine

SA016 Bubble Confetti

SA023 Four Snowflakes

SA026 Leaf & Flourish

SA032 Merry Christmas Reindeer

SA033 Subway Letters

SA034 Swirl Tree Stencil

SA046 Floral Elements Stencil



Designed to optimize stamping creativity

Vibrant and bold color • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade resistant • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF218 Neon Pink NK027 Reinker

AF232 Neon Purple NK031 Reinker

Shadow Ink®

AF259 Neon Red

AF220 Neon Yellow NK029 Reinker

AF265 Neon Sunshine

AF219 Neon Orange NK028 Reinker

AF221 Neon Green NK030 Reinker

AF267 Neon Chartreuse

AF231 Neon Blue NK032 Reinker

Soft and subtle; will dry to its true delicate color • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade resistant • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF134 Soft Lilac

AF167 Soft Purple

AF147 Soft Blossom

AF168 Soft Pink

AF242 Soft Cantaloupe

AF145 Soft Apricot

AF275 Soft Vanilla

AF169 Soft Yellow

AF144 Soft Sand

AF222 Soft Olive NK039 Reinker

AF142 Soft Green

AF123 Soft Leaf

AF170 Soft Brown

AF258 Gold

AF226 Soft Granite NK040 Reinker

AF257 Silver

AF244 Soft Sky

AF146 Soft Pool

Shadow Ink® Mid-Tone

AF124 Soft Stone

Gentle "mid-range" of color, revealing its full beauty once dried • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade resistant • 3.5" x 2.25"

AF263 Ultra Pink

AF208 Bubble Gum

AF247 Fresh Peach

AF260 Dark Quartz

AF233 Pale Tomato

AF256 Just Rust

AF224 Orange Soda NK034 Reinker

AF207 Butter Bar

AF261 Lemon Yellow

AF255 Pumpkin Pie

AF262 Lime Green

AF209 Green Hills

AF210 Field Greens

AF246 Mint Julep

AF223 Tide Pool NK033 Reinker

AF212 Pool

AF235 Cornflower

AF211 Stone Wash

AF243 Passion Flower

AF234 Navy

AF225 Red Royal NK035 Reinker

AF228 Raspberry Jam NK037 Reinker

AF227 Grape Juice NK036 Reinker

AF229 Forever Green NK038 Reinker

AF213 Wet Cement

AF214 Cup O’ Joe

AF236 Charcoal

AF314 Dusty Blue

AF315 Emerald Green

Dye Ink

Bold and bright, will feather and dry to a rich depth • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade resistant • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF150 Ruby Red

AF166 Lavender

Just For Kids®

CS108 Rainbow

CS103 Red

AF303 Formal Black, Gold, White, Silver

CS105 Hot Pink

AF101 Black NK024 Reinker

AF136 White

AF248 India Ink Black

CS110 Orange

CS111 Yellow

CS102 Green

CS106 Turquoise

CS101 Blue

CS104 Purple

CS109 Brown

White-based pastel colors • Pigment ink that dries quickly on non-glossy paper surfaces. • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF276 Pastel Pink

4-Color Cubes


AF120 ArtPrint Brown™

AF105 Green

Water-based, non-toxic ingredients (FD&C approved) • Child safe • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

Unicorn Pastel Ink

AF185 Snow

AF216 Ocean

AF103 Blue

AF277 Pastel Peach

AF278 Pastel Yellow

AF280 Pastel Mint

AF279 Pastel Green

AF281 Pastel Blue

AF249 Unicorn White NK026 (white)Reinker

Mini pops of pigment vibrance • 1.25" x 1.25" ink cubes • 4 colors per cube

AF300 Happy

Magenta, Turquoise, Orange, Fresh Green

AF301 Basics

Cranberry, Emerald Green, Canary, Royal Blue

AF304 Spring

Pistachio, Rosebud, Robin's Egg, Sweet Melon

AF305 Baby

Lemongrass, Lavender, Cupid, Cyan

AF302 Cake & Coffee Chestnut, Berry, Cocoa, Daffodil

CS100 Black

Cube Packs

A mix of Shadow Ink® colors. Acid-free and archival dye inks • 1.25" x 1.25" ink cubes • 4 ink cubes per pack

AF264 Early Spring

AF254 Christmas

AF296 Winter

AF238 Quiet Morning

Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver

Ink Daubers

AF323 Winter Reds by Lia

Sugar Plum, Cranberry, Mulled Wine, Winter Berry

AF241 Neon

AF298 Cool

AF297 Sweet

AF316 Color Lights by Lia

Frost Blue, Evergreen, Wintergreen, Mistletoe

Neon Red, Neon Purple, Neon Yellow, Neon Sunshine

Field Green, Tide Pool, Cornflower, Ultra Pink

Neon Red, Bubble Gum, Orange g Soda, Butter Bar

Black, Soft Granite, Charcoal, Unicorn

AF322 Winter Greens by Lia

AF274 Neon II

Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Blue

AF251 Blackboard

Soft Pool, Cornflower, Navy, y, Unicorn

Pale Tomato, Cup O’ Joe, Soft Pool, Field Greens

AF321 HeroHues Metallic Cubes 4-Pack

AF240 Field Notes

Passion Flower, Cornflower, Green Hills, Charcoal

Soft Cantaloupe, Pool, Wet Cement, Soft Olive

Tide Pool, Soft Granite, Butter Bar, Orange Soda

Mint Julep, Fresh Peach, Soft Cantaloupe, Soft Granite

Pastel Peach, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue

AF239 Just Beachy

AF253 Halloween

Orange Soda, Grape Juice, Green Hills, Black

AF237 Summer Splash

AF250 Garden

AF273 White Pastels

Dark Quartz, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Pastel Mint

Red Royal, Forever Green, Silver, Gold

AF317 Color Brights by Lia

Aqua, Lemonade, Seafoam, Sorbet

Strawberry, Peacock, Violet, Persimmon

AF318 Color Jewels by Lia Cranberry, Plum, Jade, Midnight

Pastel Daubers are white with a hint of color. Shadow Ink® Daubers are soft brights. Neon Daubers are stunningly bright. • Pastel are pigment while Shadow Ink® & Neon are dye ink. • Acid-free, archival, and fade resistant • 1 oz. bottle with a "Dauber" head.

Shadow Ink ® AD017 White

AD018 Charcoal

AD012 AD008 AD023 AD015 Wet Cement Butter Cup Lemon Yellow Orange Soda

AD013 Red Royal

AD007 Pale Tomato

AD025 Ultra Pink

AD022 AD024 AD011 AD014 Dark Quartz Cup O’ Joe Forever Green Lime Green

Pastel AD038 Navy Blue

AD028 AD029 AD030 AD026 AD027 Pastel Pink Pastel Peach Pastel Yellow Pastel Green Pastel Mint

AD037 Bubble Gum

AD016 Green Hills

AD010 Tide Pool

AD036 Cornflower

AD005 Neon Purple

AD001 Neon Pink

AD032 AD003 AD004 AD002 AD021 AD034 Neon Neon Red Neon Orange Neon Sunshine Neon Yellow Chartreuse Neon Green

AD031 Pastel Blue



AD006 Neon Blue

Vibrant neon and bold Shadow Ink® sprays • Water-based dye ink, acid-free, archival, and fade resistant • 1 oz. bottle in a spray head bottle.

WM111 Green Hill

WM119 Cornflower

WM110 Pool

WM120 Bubble Gum

WM112 Butter Bar

WM121 Navy Blue

WM114 Cup O' Joe

WM109 Neon Red

WM113 Pale Tomato

WM104 Neon Orange

WM115 Passion Flower

WM105 Neon Yellow

WM116 Gold Shimmer

WM106 Neon Green

WM117 Silver Shimmer

WM107 Neon Blue

WM118 Unicorn White

WM108 Neon Purple

WM103 Neon Pink



A stylish range of Hero Hues ® for cardmaking and stamping

Mixed Envelopes

PS613 Floral

• Pack of 12 envelopes • 4 each of 3 colors • Color outside, white inside • 5.75" x 4.5" (A2 size)

PS614 Blush

Mixed Folded Cards

PS567 Floral

PS619 Floral

PS617 Sea

PS638 Pool

PS569 Sunshine

PS570 Foliage

PS621 Sunshine

Folded Cards

• Pack of 10 envelopes • Pack of 10 folded cards • Color outside, white inside • Color outside, white inside • 5.75" x 4.5" (A2 size) • 80# card stock • 5.5" x 4.25"

PS571 Sea

PS639 Pool



PS698 Midnight

PS572 Earth

PS640 Pool

PS622 Foliage

PS623 Sea




PS697 Midnight

PS624 Earth

Acetate Cards

Recycled Paper

• 5 sets • Acetate Cards with White Cards and Envelopes • 4" x 5.25"

• 100% recycled post consumer content • Made in USA


Kraft Snow

PS699 Midnight

PS618 Earth

• Pack of 12 sheets • 4 each of 3 colors • Color on one side, white on other • 80# card stock • 8.5" x 11" (letter size)

PS620 Blush


PS616 Foliage

• Pack of 12 folded cards • 4 each of 3 colors • Color outside, white inside • 80# card stock • 5.5" x 4.25"

PS568 Blush

Mixed Layering Paper

PS615 Sunshine

PS627 8.5" x 11" (letter size), 65# kraft stock, 10 sheets per pack


PS507 5.5" x 4.25" (A2 size), 80# cover, 8 folded cards with 8 envelopes

EMBOSSING FOLDERS Stylish impression sets

657765 Birds n' Trees

657769 Holly Background

657858 Stripes and Frame

658280 Flourish

658281 Fun Stripes

658282 Joy Merry

658283 Snowflake Background

658287 Big Snowflake (Two Folders)


AF272 Chalkboard


VersaMark™ Ink


VC250 VersaMark (3" x 2") Create “watermark” or tone-on-tone impressions on colored paper.

SJ001 Jet Black (3" x 2") Permanent ink offering great detail

PD101 Watercolor Paint Wheel (24 colors)

M1002 Sponge Daubers (3 pcs, with caps)

WM101 Water Mist Bottle (2 oz.)

SS100 Silky Stamping Sponge

Holiday Favorites

ACCENTS Accent Pearls

Smooth pearls • Self-adhesive, acid-free • Shown actual size

CH252 Large (7mm, 24 pcs)

CH137 Medium (5mm, 36 pcs)

Sparkle Gemstones

Colored Gems

(5mm, 24 pcs)

(10mm, 15 pcs)

CH160 Green

CH125 Light Blue

Flat-faced décor • 2 Sizes per pack • Self-adhesive, acid-free • Shown actual size • 40 pieces per pack

CH190 Blue

CH189 Green

CH203 Black

CH202 Pewter

Clothes Pins

Assorted styles & shades

CH161 H161 Fe Felt Poinsettias & Leaves ea assorted, 30 pieces

CH162 Felt Snowflakes assorted, 24 pieces

CH185 Felt Trees

CH183 Felt Angels

assorted, 12 pieces

assorted, 12 pieces

Faceted gems • Asortments of festive shapes • Self-adhesive, acid-free

CH193 Star Gems

CH251 Diamond Gems

(8mm, 15 pcs)

(7mm, 20 pcs)

CH126 Yellow

CH154 Orange

Felt Accents

CH250 Diamond Gems

CH234 Diamond Gems

Faceted multicolored gems • 2 sizes per pack • Self-adhesive, acid-free • Shown actual size • 44 pieces per pack

CH201 Orange

Gem Shapes

CH235 Diamond Gems

(4mm, 32 pcs)

CH159 Red

Metallic Décor

(2 sizes, 42 pcs)

Gems in mixed colors, shapes, and sizes • Self-adhesive, acid-free • Pieces per pack as marked

CH236 Diamond Gems

CH117 Clear (103 pcs)

CH172 Midnight Black

CH136 Small (3mm, 48 pcs)

CH194 Ornament Gems

CH192 Snowflakes Gems

CH182 Felt Leaves

CH114 Little Clothes Pins

assorted, 12 pieces

(25 natural)

Art Flowers Assorted styles & sizes

CH165 White and Cream (70 pcs)

CH197 P Poinsettia i i Art Flowers solid and patterned, 24 pieces

TOOLS Clear Blocks & Stamp Cleaners

CL073 Acrylic Block (2" x 1.5")

NK200 Memories™ Stamp Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Best for use with rubber stamps.

CL033 Acrylic Block (3" x 2")

NK201 StāzOn® Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Also cleans VersaMark Ink.

NK205 Child Safe Stamp Cleaner (4 fl. oz.) Child safe. Non-toxic.

CL083 Acrylic Block (6" x 4.75")

CL074 Acrylic Block (3" x 3")

CL081 Acrylic Block (4" x 4.5")

NK202 Clear Design Ultra Clean Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) For both clear and rubber stamps.

NK301 Clear Design Scrubber Pad (7.5" x 4.5")


Embossing Powder

PW104 Clear

Use embossing powder with pigment ink pads to turn stamped impressions into sparkling raised images. (1 oz. bottle)

PW105 Sparkle

PW100 Gold

PW101 Silver

PW110 White

PW111 Ultra Fine

PW116 Copper

Hero Arts Design Team: Laura Ackerman Robin Edano Jackie Leventhal Manami Maeda Yuka Shinozaki

To see the entire collection of Hero Arts, visit heroarts.com Check out our popular daily blog at heroarts.com/blog, to watch “how-to” videos, try out techniques and stamping ideas, and find links to visit us on social media. Retailers can order 24-hours a day on our Retailers Website. Find promotions, ordering and tracking tools at heroarts.com/retailers. Email us at service@heroarts.com or call 1-800-822-4376.

Hero Arts, Inc. 1200 Harbour Way South, Richmond, California 94804 USA © 2015 Hero Arts, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

Hero Artists: Lucy Abrams Tami Hartley Libby Hickson Jennifer McGuire Kelly Rasmussen Lisa Spangler Sally Traidman

PW115 Brass

PW117 Platinum

PW118 White Statin Pearl

Web Design Team: Donna Mikasa Mariana Grigsby Yana Smakula

Special Thanks To: Kelly Purkey Lia Griffith

PS051 2015 Holiday Collection $3.00

Hero Arts is a family-run, green-certified, solar-powered, American small business. Read more at heroarts.com/green.


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Hero Arts 2015 Holiday  

Hero Arts 2015 Holiday  

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