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Heritage Foods USA Purveyor of Pasture-Raised Heritage Meat

Fall 2016/Winter 2017 Catalog

Dear Friends, Future Customers, and Heritage Foods USA Supporters, Heritage Foods USA customers enjoy the finest tasting meat in the world, with the confidence of knowing that our animals are raised humanely and sustainably, without antibiotics or hormones, using traditional farming methods. We champion the strict protocols our farmers practice, and the extraordinary taste and flavor that results from raising animals well. We are extremely proud of our farmer partners who make the commitment to raise healthier, slower-growing heritage breeds. These animals have been bred over hundreds of years by many generations of independent family farmers because they are the best breeds of their kind, and not simply because they grow the fastest, like their industrially raised brethren. By consuming these rare breeds you are ensuring that they have a long future on farms and tables around the country. The incredible flavor of heritage meat has driven our business since we began. From our first Turkey Project in 2002, we grew to embrace pork and lamb farmers, and eventually expanded into all livestock and charcuterie. We are proud to count among our clients 130 fantastic American restaurants, a bold landscape of fine dining and down-to-earth good taste. As ever, we are here to serve you, and are constantly foraging for rare delights and opportunities to promote and support the heritage breeds that are the foundation of traditional American farming, and to strengthen our long-standing farm-to-table partnerships. Thanks again for all of your support, we look forward to hearing from you! Very truly yours, The Heritage Foods USA Team

Tamarack Sheep Farm, Corinth, Vermont

For the Pork Lover

Our farmers are committed to raising healthier, slower-growing heritage breeds, on pasture, without antibiotics. Each breed offers its own wonderfully nuanced flavor profile.

Porterhouse Pork Chops

Spare Rib Slabs

Cut from the tenderloin and center-cut loin.

Rich and well-marbled, these flavorful ribs are irresistible when cooked low and slow.

Six 14 oz chops, bone-in $69 Fourteen 14 oz chops, bone-in $125

Two 3.5lb slabs $95

All breeds available *

All breeds available *

Bacon Fennel Sausage

Tenderloin Medallions

Porterhouse Pork Chops

Spare Ribs

Try all 5 cuts in our Pork Lover’s Package $199 13lb total!

Tenderloin Medallions

Signature Bacon

Fennel Sausages

Appetizer treats, or the heart of the meal – a perfect party starter!

Maple sugar cured for a classic, sweet flavor in every bite.

Berkshire pork liberally seasoned with fennel & herbs — a delicious take on the Sweet Italian sausage.

Berkshire Only

All breeds available *

2 oz medallions, 3lb total $52

Three 1lb packs $65

Three 1lb packs $55

*Heritage Pork Breed Tasting Notes Berkshire: Balanced, umami, mushroom, and fig

Red Wattle: Robust, cinnamon, spice, and butter cream

Gloucestershire Old Spot: Clean, sweet, and creamy

Tamworth: Fruity, earthy, rootsy and minerally

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!


Our Signature Wagyu Steaks Ribeye Steaks, boneless

NY Strip Steaks, boneless

Cut from the standing rib roast, our Wagyu ribeye steaks are exceptionally tender, with ribbons of marbling throughout. One of the most spectacular ribeyes on the market today.

This steakhouse classic represents the apex of toothsome beef. Our Wagyu strip is dense, firm, and leaner than our other steaks. Perfect on the grill, pan-seared, or au poivre.

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu Four 14-16 oz steaks $125

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu Four 14-16 oz steaks $125

Pure Akaushi Wagyu Four 12 oz steaks $165

Pure Akaushi Wagyu Four 12 oz steaks $165

Porterhouse Steaks

NY Strip Steaks, bone-in

The king of all steaks. Cut 1.5 inches thick, the porterhouse includes both the New York strip and tenderloin. This 32 oz bone-in masterpiece makes a show-stopping dinner for two.

For those who love their steak bone-in, there is no tastier version than this hard-to-find Wagyu New York strip. Each juicy and robust steak feeds one to two people.

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu One 32 oz steak $95

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu Two 18-20 oz steaks $99


City Roasts, boneless

The filet mignon reigns supreme as the most buttery, tender, elegant, melt-in-your-mouth steak experience — and our Wagyu tenderloin is truly exceptional.

Our ribeye and strip city roasts are the best place to start if you want to cut steaks to your own specs — or roast them whole for a fantastic centerpiece.

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu One 2.5lb roast $119

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu One 4lb Ribeye or Strip $119

What is Wagyu? “Wagyu” refers to any Japanese breed of beef. Kobe is a type of Wagyu, as is Mishima. For the past decade, Heritage Foods has sourced Akaushi, a spectacular breed of Wagyu, arguably the most intensely marbled beef in the world. Akaushi is the Japanese Red Cow, a national treasure in Japan. The first Akaushi cattle arrived to the United States in 1992. Three bulls and eight cows left Japan on a custom equipped 747, headed for the Texas heartland, where they have been treated as celebrities ever since. Our Akaushi steaks are sourced from the very same family of farms that first brought the breed to America. Purebred Akaushi is the authentic taste of Japanese beef, lighter than you might expect, with a silky quality and a surprising elegance. Akaushi/Angus, our top-selling steak, is a Wagyu that results from cross breeding the revered Akaushi with America’s best breed, the mighty Angus. Boasting a bold, classic steak flavor, punctuated with the nuance of perfect marbling, this is profound dining pleasure. Beyond the legacy of two great beef cultures — Japan and Texas —it’s also nice to know that Akaushi beef has among the lowest cholesterol of any meat sold in the USA, making these steaks a healthier indulgence as well as sure-fire crowd pleasers.

More Ribeye Favorites! 75-Day Dry Aged Ribeyes, bone-in

Bison Ribeyes, boneless

Steak is at its best when its essence is concentrated. The product of perfect aging, our aged ribeye has a bold, funky, umami flavor and a personality all its own.

This is the first bison we’ve tasted that is just as juicy, decadent, and tender as beef, despite having an incredibly low fat content. 100 percent grass-fed.

Two 18-20 oz steaks Holstein $124

Four 16 oz steaks $164

Ribeye Variety Package Try all of our ribeye variations, plus an extraordinary Tajima Black Wagyu ribeye, only available in this package. Eight steaks in all, 8-8.5lb total $380


Call us at (718) 389-0985! We’re here to help answer any questions.

Akaushi/Angus Wagyu Porterhouse Steak


Easy t o prepar e. Elegan ce made simple !

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

Beef Ribeye Roast, boneless

Beef Strip Roast, boneless

Beef Tenderloin

Carves beautifully. Handsome presentation, robust flavor. A little seasoning is all you need — the classic holiday roast.

The most festive version of America’s favorite steak! When cooked to medium rare, this is a world-class sensory experience.

Elevates any dinner to a grand occasion. Sliced into filet mignon medallions or served whole, the ne plus ultra of beef centerpieces.

4lb Akaushi/Angus Wagyu $119 12lb Akaushi/Angus Wagyu $347

4lb Akaushi/Angus Wagyu $119 10lb Akaushi/Angus Wagyu $287

2.5lb Akaushi/Angus Wagyu $119 6lb Akaushi/Angus Wagyu $274

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Loin

Maple Sugar Cured Ham

The filet mignon of pork! Silky, tender, and easy to roast to perfection. Each pig only produces two pounds of delicate tenderloin. Prepared simply, marinated, or wrapped in bacon, every bite is a masterpiece!

The most iconic cut in the butcher’s case, a stunning centerpiece! Bone-in loin can be cut into magnificent chops (see back cover), the boneless loin makes perfect medallions.

There is no better centerpiece ham!

4lb bone-in, Berkshire $75 8lb bone-in, Tamworth $140 4lb boneless, Red Wattle $75 8lb boneless, Old Spot $140

A delicious new Heritage tradition, handcrafted by a true master.

Two 1lb each Berkshire $45 Four 1lb each Red Wattle $80

9-11lb bone-in $125 4lb/8lb boneless $60/$110 see page 13


5-6lb boneless $150 see page 9

Pro Tips: There is no wrong way to cook great meat, but we recommend keeping it simple. Just use salt,

pepper, and your favorite herbs as primary seasoning. We recommend pulling your roast five to ten degrees

before it reaches your target temperature. The internal temperature of your roast will continue to rise even after coming out of the oven. Don’t forget always let your roast rest before carving to allow the juices to redistribute.


For recipes and more pro tips, visit

Leg of Lamb, bone-in Leg of lamb is a decadent treat, and our heritage breeds are the most delicately nuanced and flavorful. A taste epiphany. 8lb Dorset Horn or Tunis $149

Rack of Lamb There is nothing more festive than a roast rack of lamb — whole or cut into chops, a feast fit for a royal banquet! 2.5-3lb Navajo-Churro or Tunis $88

Lamb Chop Tasting Kit Experience the delicious differences between our three heritage breeds. Six 6 oz chops each, bone-in, from three breeds, 6.75lb total $195

Lamb Culinary World Tour Our breeds originated in Spain, Tunisia, and England, and are raised in America. Three fabulous centerpieces plus ground. 8lb leg, 3lb rack, four 6 oz chops, 2lb ground lamb, 14.5lb total $309

Leg of Lamb, Rack of Lamb, and Lamb Chops

Heritage Lamb Breed Tasting Notes

Spanning history, from biblical times to the White House lawn, thousands of years of tradition in every bite.

Navajo-Churro: Herbaceous and savory Tunis: Earthy and buttermilk Dorset Horn: Floral, clean, and light

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Chicken

Whole Chickens Our customers agree, Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch chicken has incredible depth of flavor, and eating one is like tasting chicken for the first time. Cook very low and slow for best results. Two 3-4lb chickens Cornish $69

Whole Chicken Tasting Kit Try all our heritage breeds at once! Three chickens, 7-8lb total Cornish, New Hampshire, and Barred Rock $82

NEW! Pheasant Raised humanely in Dorset, Vermont.

Coming in December Duck & Goose From Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!


Farmed in Kansas

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Standard Bronze turkey, Kansas, 2016

Frank Reese’s Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys can trace their genetics back 173 years — and have been continually raised in the great state of Kansas since their storied arrival there in 1916, a genuine milestone for American agriculture. Long-time Heritage customers know that we got our start selling Frank’s turkeys, and our relationship with him is truly the cornerstone of our business. Frank counts among his fans Alice Waters, who says “These turkeys are without a doubt the tastiest birds you can possibly serve,” and Mario Batali, who proudly claims “I’ve served these turkeys for my Thanksgiving every year for the past 12 years and always will.” Frank is a true hero of the Heritage food movement — he is the first and only commercial farmer to receive certification by the American Poultry Association for his birds as purebreds, standards that were set in 1873. He has been featured in publications ranging from the New York Times to National Geographic. His story is the Rosetta Stone of the modern sustainable agricultural movement, and the reason the word “heritage” is synonymous with “heirloom” when it comes to meat. Good Shepherd turkeys are the oldest line of turkey in America, 100 percent antibiotic-free, pasture-raised on the Kansas prairie, never frozen, and delivered fresh to you for a most memorable Thanksgiving.

Heritage Turkeys Delivered fresh with neck and giblets, Tuesday, November 22nd.

8-10lb .................. $99

10-12lb .................. $119

12-14lb .................. $139 14-16lb .................. $159 16-18lb .................. $179 18-20lb .................. $199 Award-winning Standard Bronze turkeys, Kansas, 1916

Supplies are limited!

You will receive a Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, White Holland, Black, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Jersey Buff, or Slate turkey raised in Kansas on Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch. Calculate about 1lb per person. All turkeys come with cooking instructions. Turkeys are shipped via FedEx Overnight for $50. Our free shipping offer does not apply to Heritage turkeys.


For a full list of our partner farmers, visit


Traditional Porchetta 5-6lb rolled and seasoned roast $150

Our New Top Seller!

Our porchettas are handcrafted by the legendary third-generation Swiss butcher Thomas Odermatt, whose Roli Roti porchetta sandwich has become a culinary landmark in his hometown of San Francisco. We’re proud to offer his traditional porchetta — our Berkshire pork loin wrapped in gorgeous, fatty belly, rolled in garlic and herbs, and traditionally tied in the Old-World style. His newest creations, “Turk-etta” Rolata, and “Chick-etta” Rolatina with blue cheese, are also taste epiphanies. All are oven-ready and easy to roast!






Chick-etta with Blue Cheese

“Turk-etta” Rolata

“Chick-etta” Rolatina with Blue Cheese

To make the Turk-etta, Thomas debones an entire pasture-raised turkey, seasons it with traditional porchetta herbs and spices, and then rolls and ties it into a beautiful oven-ready roast!

Pasture-raised chicken breasts deboned and stuffed with award-winning Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese from Jasper Hill Creamery, one of Vermont’s most decorated dairies. A true work of gastronomic art!

6-7lb roast $145

Two 2lb pieces $60

Four 2lb pieces $110

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!


Bacon Pepper-Crusted Bacon

Signature Bacon

A perfect pick for those who like to push past the boundaries of tradition. Try it on a BLT, or as an exciting alternative at breakfast.

Our signature bacon is extremely balanced and easy to enjoy with every meal, from breakfast to midnight snack! A true classic.

Three 1lb packs $65

Three 1lb packs $65

Jowl Bacon

Broadbent Bacon

The fat of the jowl caramelizes as it cooks, resulting in our sweetest bacon variety, with decadent, velvety fat.

The saltiest of our bacons, this Kentucky institution will drive everything you cook towards flavor perfection — from pasta to salad and cassoulet.

Three 1lb packs $65

Three 14 oz packs $65

Edwards Bacon

Benton’s Bacon

We are lucky to still have a small supply of this smoky, salty, and sweet bacon from Surry, Virginia. Ninety years of tradition in every slice!

Al Benton cures one of America’s most strongly smoked bacon in his fabled curehouse in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Three 12 oz packs $65

Three 1lb packs $65


Bacon Sampler There is an astounding spectrum of flavors in heritage bacon, but all speak to the fine art of curing by hand. Our bacon is made by America’s most heralded curemasters, with hundreds of years of experience between them. Our elite selection runs the taste gamut from mild-mannered to bold, sweet, salty, spicy, and super smoky — all from heritage breeds. This package makes a fantastic gift for the bacon aficionado in the family. Everyone loves bacon, but true, artisanal bacon will change your life. One thing is for sure, you can never have enough bacon in the fridge — everything is better wrapped in bacon!

Try All Six Together!

One pack each from our six varieties, 5.5lb total $130






Sausages, Our Core Four! Tunisian-Style Lamb Merguez

Try all 4 in our Sampler Kit

Homestyle Bratwurst

Fennel Pork

Starwurst Bratwurst

Starwurst Bratwurst

Fennel Pork Sausage

A traditional Swiss-style bratwurst, these exquisite sausages are made with milk to give them their signature smooth texture. Starwurst pork and beef bratwursts have remarkable flavor, subtly seasoned with nutmeg and cardamom.

After peperoncino, fennel is the most commonly

12 links, 3lb total $55

12 links, 3lb total $55

Tunisian-Style Lamb Merguez

Homestyle Bratwurst

A traditional Middle Eastern sausage, perfectly spiced with cumin and chili pepper. Made with our exceptional Dorset Horn lamb, this is the best merguez we’ve ever tried.

The only ingredients are heritage pork, salt, pepper, and herbs. The heavy hitter of the sausage world, our juicy brats are made with 100 percent Gloucestershire Old Spot pork.

16 links, 3lb total $66

12 links, 3lb total $55

used flavoring in Tuscan cuisine. Liberally seasoned with fennel and herbs, these sausages are a delicious take on the Sweet Italian sausage. Made using only Berkshire and Red Wattle pork.

Sausage Sampler Kit

Two four-link packs from each of our four sausage varieties, 7.5lb total $149

Ground Meat — True Nose-to-Tail Dining!

Ground meat is the key to sustainable, nose-to-tail dining. Our ground is made from the best cuts from our heritage breeds, and makes for incredible burgers, ragù, and, of course, meatballs!

Beef Hamburgers Ground Pork

Six 8 oz patties $49

Three 1lb packs $29

Ground Lamb

Three 1lb packs $59

Ground Goat

Three 1lb packs $55

Ground Chicken Three 1lb packs $55 Ground Bison

Three 1lb packs $66

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!



The original everyman’s food, charcuterie in all its glorious forms is essential to have on hand for snacks, spur-of-the-moment parties, and thoughtful wine pairings. Cured to last, we recommend always having some of these Old-World style meats in your pantry or fridge.


Dry-cured salami is an art form that concentrates the essence of flavor in spectacular fashion.

Salametto Piccante


Batali Salumi

More refined than any “hot” salami we have ever tried — subtle with layered flavors and a pleasing, lingering heat. Curemaster Cesare Casella represents 300 years of “Norcini,” the traveling local butchers of his hometown in Tuscany. This salami is sure to seduce any guest at your table.

Elegantly stacked flavors, a genuine example of Old-World refinement — a real eye-opener for lovers of Italian cured meat. Cesare produces among the most consistent, balanced, and delicious salami in the world, and this sweet fennel version is sure to become a staple in your home.

All charcuterie at Batali Salumi is crafted in Seattle by just three people — one of the smallest production teams anywhere — and is produced in extremely limited quantities. Their creations are unique, charismatic, and bold, just like the Batalis themselves!

Two 14-16 oz pieces $49

Two 14-16 oz pieces $49

Two 14-16 oz pieces $49

Prosciutto-Style Hams

Heritage ham, long-aged in the New-World with Old-World taste.

S. Wallace Edwards


Painstakingly cured for 400 days, the last of Sam Edwards’ pre-fire hams are incredible examples of an extremely smoky, slightly salty flavor with a hint of porky sweetness. Sam was the first curemaster to launch a heritage pasture-raised line, making him a true pioneer of American gastronomy. Supplies are very limited.

New-World and Old-World collide in this fresh example of heritage cured ham. After over 100 years, Broadbent is premiering a pasture-raised heritage product line and the results are a lighter, sweet, and salty American prosciutto, perfect with summer melon or on a homemade pizza. Applause to a new tradition!

Back in 1917, Nancy Newsom’s grandfather started a curing tradition in his old Kentucky home that allowed seasonal changes to flavor the hams naturally. After 99 years, Colonel Newsom’s company is still thriving! A fantastic example of regional American tradition and natural, season-driven flavor.

One 3lb piece $112

One 3lb piece $112

One 2.5-3lb piece $150

Col. Newsom’s


If there's one thing all meat lovers can agree on, America needs more great, artisanal pâté!

NEW! ’Nduja

Summer Pâté

We are proud to offer an intensely delicious, spreadable experience! Fourth-generation ’nduja artisan Antonio Fiasche crafts his specialty in Chicago, where his family has run Ristorante Agostino for 32 years. Antonio was introduced to us at the 2016 Good Food Awards, honoring America’s great artisans. His ’nduja is sweet up front, followed by a subtle but uninhibited heat. We guarantee you’ll find this traditional Calabrian spread an unexpected and unforgettable, bold delicacy.

A rustic pork pâté flavored with bacon and onions, following the German tradition. An Old-World, country-style treat, perfect with beer or wine, for a picnic or cocktail party. Don’t let the name fool you, this is great all year round!

Three 6 oz packs $36

Three 12 oz packs $39


Call us at (718) 389-0985! We’re here to help answer any questions.

Salametto Piccante


Edwards Prosciutto-Style Ham


Easy Entertaining Package

The perfect solution for a fantastic cocktail party! Ready to slice thin and serve — a beautiful spread in seconds, catered by America’s greatest traditional artisans.

Small $199 suggested for 15-20 guests

Large $395 suggested for 30-40 guests

Includes: Salametto Piccante, Finocchiona, S. Wallace Edwards Surryano Ham, ’Nduja, Summer Pâté, and Salame di Manzo. Plus spicy New York State Honey, hand-made Quince Jam, Cured Anchovies and our favorite Pickled Green Beans.

The Sam Edwards Story Sam Edwards of S. Wallace Edwards has been one of our greatest partners for many years, curing our best hams for 400 days until they are perfect and ready to serve, not to mention producing fantastic hickory-smoked bacon and artisanal smoked sausage. Sadly, Sam’s entire facility in Surry, Virginia, was destroyed in a fire early this year,

including his smokehouse, and literally thousands of hams. It was an incredible blow to our good friend Sam and his

family that trickled down to everyone that is part of the Heritage Foods chain. Our entire network of family farmers and

processors who depended on Sam’s business every week were potentially devastated by this loss. We now had hams and other cuts building up that Sam would normally have smoked and cured.

Incredibly, our extended community of curemasters came together and helped by boosting their heritage charcuterie production, or starting new curing lines. The generosity and vision of Cesare Casella, Nancy Newsom, Al Benton,

Ronny Drennan of Broadbent Ham, and Antonio Fiasche of ’Nduja Artisans turned a disaster into a new Heritage Foods initiative to improve the quality and taste of American charcuterie through the use of the best pasture-raised

ingredients. We are so happy and honored to be able to premiere a full line of cured meats from a group of legendary curemasters with generations of experience and dedicated to the art of curing by hand, even as we continue to offer Sam’s great hams while they are still available, and help him rebuild his business.

Heritage Maple Sugar Cured Hams Our Berkshire and Red Wattle hams are smoked and cured to the apex of flavor by our friends at Paradise Locker Meats in Trimble, Missouri, and we promise you will not find a more delicious, easy-to-serve centerpiece. Often the cornerstone of Sunday dinners and holiday celebrations 4lb boneless ............... $60 (not to mention 8lb boneless ............... $110 sandwiches the next 9-11lb bone-in ............. $125 day!), Heritage hams are in a class of their own. 22-24lb bone-in .......... $195

Top-Selling Gift Collections

Filet Mignon

Bone-In Strips

Porterhouse Steak

Steak Lover’s Package

Ribeye Steaks

Steak Lover’s Package

Mighty City Roasts

Steaks, Chops & Bacon

Wagyu Porterhouse, Bone-in Strip, Ribeye, and Filet Mignon. A spectacular exhibition of nuanced flavor! This handselected variety of cuts is the best way to experience the depth of Wagyu flavor, arguably the most marbled beef in the world.

One roast each from the highly marbled Ribeye, slightly leaner Strip, and coveted Tenderloin, aka Filet Mignon. Roasts for daily feasts or holiday dinner parties! Each one is a banquet waiting to happen — and makes for the best leftovers of all time!

Porterhouse Pork Chops, our Signature Bacon, and Wagyu Ribeye Steaks. Our single most popular package. Plenty to share, easy to prepare! Great for a group or to freeze and enjoy over time.

8.5lb total $365

10.5lb total $349

9.5lb total $199

Chop Variety Package Bone-in Porterhouse Chops from across our heritage breeds. Amazing lamb, goat, pork, and beef. An embarrassment of riches, the winner’s circle of heritage meat. 9lb total $239

Comes with a free bottle of Spicy Honey!

Premiere! Rabbit Pinwheel, A Rare Treat Now Available! A light, delicate pinwheel sausage in the Swiss tradition. Handcrafted with rabbit and white wine by Thomas Odermatt, one of the most revered food artisans in America. A very special treat! Three 10-12 oz pinwheels $44

Gift Certificates A gift everyone can agree on! Call us for Corporate Gifting! Gift Wrapping Available!

Heritage Subscriptions

A little bit of Heritage love every month! The easiest, most delicious gifts for lovers of pasture-raised, heritage breed American meat. Shipped on the first of every month — choose from three, six, or twelve month subscriptions.

Ribeye Subscription

Top Seller! Bacon Subscription

Amazing steaks every month, each package serves three to four. Features our finest Wagyu, bison, dry-aged selections, and many more.

Does anything say love like bacon? Each month receive a new take on American bacon! Three packs in each shipment, a new style and curemaster every month.



Sausage Subscription

Chop Subscription

Handcrafted sausage from a different curemaster each month. Savor a selection of pork, lamb, bison, and beef sausages, from the best we’ve ever tried. $60/month

Chops every month from our favorite pastureraised livestock. Experience a fantastic array of the most succulent cut from the world’s best breeds! $99/month

Let us know if you’d like to change your subscription ship date. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

To place an order and to see our entire line of Heritage Foods USA steaks, chops, bacon, provisions, gifts, and more, please visit or call us at (718) 389-0985 — we’d love to hear from you! Orders placed by 8am EST Monday-Thursday ship the same day, but we are happy to ship whenever you’d like.

All orders ship via FedEx 2-Day and Overnight. Products come frozen, unless indicated otherwise, in temperature controlled packaging — we gladly ship fresh upon request. All breeds and farms are clearly marked.

Our Shipping Tiers

$349 and over = Free Shipping* $1-$99 = $28 $100-$199 = $36 $200-$348 = $46 Add $25 for Overnight Shipping

*Does not apply to our Heritage turkeys which ship via FedEx Overnight for $50 each. Availability of weight ranges may vary. See our website for details or call us.

Our Loyalty Program: Receive a $20 Gift Card for your second order, a

Bone-in Pork Loin ($75 value) with every 5th order, a $200 coupon with every 25th order, and free shipping on every order over $349.

We are here to help answer any questions, provide recipes, or to hear your feedback. Reach us by phone at (718) 389-0985, by email at, or by mail at 790 Washington Ave. Box 303, Brooklyn, NY 11238!

Printed on recycled paper by Rolling Press. Designed by Catherine Greeley. Photos by Alexes McLaughlin. Special thanks to Charles Steinberg, Mike Edison, Serena di Liberto and Patrick Martins!

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!

Heritage Foods USA 790 Washington Ave, Box 303 Brooklyn, NY 11238

Heritage Foods Loyalty Program

Free shipping on orders over $349!

Start earning with your first order! · Receive a $20 Gift Card for your second order. · Every fifth order receive a Free Bone-in Berkshire or Red Wattle Pork Loin (pictured above).

· Every 25th order receive a $200 Gift Card.

Heritage Foods USA 2016-2017 Catalog  
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