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Reserve Collection March 2014

Herend porcelain’s exclusive Reserve Collection presents spectacular hand painted porcelain sculptures with a powerful presence. These statement pieces truly command center stage. Each is a very special work created for Herend connoisseurs and art aficionados with an eye for extraordinary compositions in porcelain. Adorned with 24-karat gold accents, most are limited editions that are meticulously crafted by many pairs of hands and take many hours, day and weeks to paint. Prepare to sense the passion of great sculptors, master painters and visionary designers imbued in every Reserve Collection piece they lovingly craft. Each is elegantly presented in a luxury case.

Carnival Woman and Man with Mask

After experiencing a Venetian Carnival firsthand, Imre Schrammel was inspired to create the Carnival Figurine series. The 16” tall “Carnival Woman with Mask” is in celebration of the 160th anniversary of the Queen Victoria pattern.

Limited Edition of 100

Stemming from the same inspiration, Imre Schrammel created the “Carnival Man with Mask, which stands an impressive 15.75� tall.

Limited Edition of 100


Beautifully hand painted and embellished with 24K gold accents, the proud Peacock stands 9.25� H. Limited Edition of 250

Tessarae Tortoise

Inspired from small pieces of stone, glass or ceramic used in mosaics, thirty eight different Herend patterns create a mosaic-like composition on the tortoise’s shell. The 3” tall Tessarae Tortoise stretches to 8.75” long. Limited Edition of 250

Flamingo Duet

A new symphony of fishnet colors in light orange, raspberry and rust makes a world-wide debut on the stunning Flamingo Duet figurine, which stands at an impressive 11� tall.

Limited Edition of 250

Painting Time: 13 hours

Watchful Owl stands proud and tall at 12�.

Watchful Owl

Limited Edition of 250

The Rothschild Birds

For the first time, the Rothschild Bird pattern has been rendered in sculptural form. Offering a stylized depiction of the birds, this lovely 6.5� tall figurine brings to life the story including the tree that anchors all 12 Rothschild Bird motifs. Limited Edition of 250


At 16� tall, the Rooster figurine proudly shows off a harmonious medley of fishnet colors, composed in concert to create a synchronized fishnet symphony.

Limited Edition of 250

Canadian Ducks

Two impressive painting techniques are combined to create this striking figurine: symphonic fishnet coupled with faux bois. Measures 9.5� in length and 7.75� in height. Limited Edition of 250


The fishnet Elk figurine was originally introduced in natural coloration in 1957, and designed by sculptor Janos Toth. It measures 11.5� long and stands11.5� tall.


Sitting 8.5� high, the Geisha is dressed in a kimono decorated in the ornate Empereu pattern which features lotus blossoms among other flower motifs.

Limited Edition of 250

Silk Road Elephant

A replica of an antique figurine depicting an elephant carrying goods along the historical Silk Road, the 9.5” tall and 10” wide Silk Road Elephant figurine was reissued from the Herend archives to commemorate the Manufactory’s 180th anniversary. Limited Edition of 180

Tropical Reef

This symphonic fishnet school of fish stands an impressive 13.5� tall and consists of 40 different components meticulously crafted and married to form a sculptural masterpiece.

Limited Edition of 100

Madonna and Child

Herend’s Madonna & Child is based on a Gothic wooden statue from (circa) 1420 called the Second Madonna of Toporc which is housed in the Hungarian National Gallery. The 22� tall porcelain version made its debut in 1940 when artist Kata Gacser reinterpreted the image for the Manufactory. Limited Edition of 250

Laughing Buddha

Painted in the Jiangxi pattern, this 14� tall figurine symbolizes happiness and generosity and serves as a talisman of good luck.

Limited Edition of 250


The Buddha measures 8.6� tall and is modeled after a smaller version that was sculped in 1937 by Kata Gaeser. Limited Edition of 250

Carps at Dragon’ s Gate

Inspired by Chinese mythology, the 7.5” long and 7.25” tall Carps at Dragon’s Gate figurine depicts the belief that any carp that can surmount the raging torrents at Dragon’s Gate in the Shanxi Province of China will soar into the sky and transform itself into a dragon, believed to be the most powerful and divine of all creatures. Limited Edition of 250


Herend’s mythical dragon is 11.5” long and 4.5” wide and hand painted in the Chrysanteme Orange pattern, Limited Edition of 300

Lion on Pedestal

Herend’s artists present their own unique interpretation of a feline gatekeeeper resting on a dramatic pedestal with a recurring motif. Highlighted in 24K gold the Lion on Pedestal stands guard at 13� tall. Limited Edition of 250

Large Giraffe

Standing an impressive 15.5� tall, the Large Giraffe features a modified fishnet painting technique intended to mimic the animal print that graces a giraffe.

Limited Edition of 250

Parrot Standing

Standing 10� tall and proudly showing off his colorful feathers, this parrot is painted in the symphonic fishnet style.

Limited Edition of 250


The Rainbow-Billed Toucan is perched at a stately 6.75” H. and exhibits a rainbow of Herend’s fishnet colors.

Limited Edition of 250

Twirl Rooster

The twirling kaleidoscope treatment which takes 6 hours to paint makes its debut on the boastful rooster and hen. The Twirl Rooster measures 6.25� in length and stands 9.25� tall.

Limited Edition of 100

Swirl Hen

Accompanying Twirl Rooster is Swirl Hen, which measures 5� in length and stands 7.25� tall.

Limited Edition of 100

Giant Clam

The Herend Manufactory has immortalized the world’s largest bivalve mollusk with this 8” long and 10.25” wide Giant Clam, with pearlized interior. Limited Edition of 250

Mermaid on Shell

Holding a 24K gold tulip shell while perched on a giant clam shell with its pearlized core exposed, Herend ’s Mermaid on Shell figurine measure 9” long and 10” tall.

Limited Edition of 250


Among Herend’s Carnival series by Imre Schrammel is the 13.5� tall Minotaur figurine, a Cretan monster that is embedded deep in European culture.

Limited Edition of 100


Measuring 11.5” long and 6.5” tall, the Sphinx is dressed in a breathtakingly intricate design called Tattoo. Because tattooing was practiced by the ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago, the design was a natural choice for Herend’s Sphinx. Limited Edition of 250


Green fishnet is offset by layers of alternating colors which dramatically highlight the armored back of this 16� long alligator. Limited Edition of 250

Horse Bust

Quiet dignity, abundant grace and unbridled spirit are adroitly captured in Herend’s porcelain portrayal of one of society’s best-loved animals. This magnificent thoroughbred bust measures 11.5” long and 11” tall. Limited Edition of 250

Covered Urn

With this introduction we celebrate Rothschild Bird and all of its many moods with a 14.4� tall covered urn featuring all 12 motifs as well as all of the border colors that have been presented over the years. The urn is inscribed with a special commemorative anniversary logo. Limited Edition of 250

Tulip Vase

Originally manufactured by the Alt Wein Porcelain Manufactory, the 18.25� tall Tulip Vase was replicated by Herend in the early 1900s and then reintroduced to great success in pink coloration in 2007 and yellow coloration in 2008. Limited Edition of 25


Herend artists create this 13.5� tall masterpiece by pairing a Chinese water dragon with the elaborate Jiangxi pattern.

Woodland Party Candelabra

Available in a limited edition of 100, the candelabra measures 14.5� long and stands 13� tall. Limited Edition of 100


The mastery of Herend’s artists is fully realized in this depiction of the Phoenix at the moment of death and rebirth. This figurine is 5.75” long and 7.25” high. Limited Edition of 150

Ming Dynasty Dragon

Inspired by the Ming Dynasty and its signature blue and white color scheme, this striking piece withstands time at 11.5� long and 4.5� high. Limited Edition of 100

Black Lab

Sitting in a proud stance with a hint of anticipation, this Labrador Retriever (8.5� high) could be an actual working dog or maybe he is just good at working the ball. Either way, his soulful eyes clearly have a story to tell. Limited Edition of 100

Tang Horse

A dynasty of prosperity, military expansion and artistic achievement, the most treasured art figurines eminating from the Tang Dynasty were ceramic horses glazed in cobalt blue. Herend offers its modern interpretation in striking sapphire fishnet. (14� long x 12� high.) Limited Edition of 150


The artists at Herend have clearly captured the presence of an alpha member of the pack (9.5” long x 4.5” high). The sophisticated coolness of the platinum and gray-tone fishnet yields center stage to the drama of the wolf ’s fiery eyes whose message is clearly in a universal language. Limited Edition of 150

Roosevelt Elk-

To honor the 1909 conservation efforts of President Theodore Roosevelt to protect the Olympic Elk, this impressive animal was renamed Roosevelt Elk. Almost as if he knows he is being talked about, this male (only males have antlers) has looked up from his normal grazing to allow us to admire Herend’s 9.75� tall interpretation. Limited Edition of 75

Fireworks Dragon

This dragon is clearly dressed to be part of a world-renown party – whether it’s carnival in Rio or a Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco. While he radiates the heat, intensity and energy of a fireworks show, his vibrant combination of black fishnet with swirls of color will fortunately be around long after the few remaining embers of a fleeting aerial display diminish. (11.5” long x 4.5” wide) Limited Edition of 100

Foo Dogs

This 6� tall duo, normally serving as guardians against evil spirits, must be resigned to the fact that their more noble function will take a back seat to the lure of aesthetics found in the striking combination of their sapphire color offset by 24K gold. Limited Edition of 100

Pair of Peacocks

Created by sculptor Eva Vastagh in 1937, this figurine wonderfully captures the determined energy of two peacocks engaged in a mock dual to win the favor of a peahen. 8.5� long and 5.25� high. Limited Edition of 75

Lioness and Cub

Reflecting a snapshot of every day life in a pride of lions, this mother and baby are honored to model a new mosaic fishnet color combination of gold, terracotta and chocolate. 10.25� long x 4� high. Limited Edition of 150

Bluebird on Sunflower

On a beautiful summer’s day, a striking new fishnet color, black sapphire, makes its debut on the bluebird. The figurine is 4.75” long and 8.5” tall. Limited Edition of 100

Weather Vane

A north wind blows in Herend today and the weather vane, standing 13.5� tall, proudly shows off his unique copper fishnet and sapphire blue tail feathers. Limited Edition of 100


North America’s largest land mammal was more hulking than handsome – until Herend’s artists covered him in a mantle of gold accents and dramatic chocolate fishnet. The bison is 10.75” long and 7.75” tall. Limited Edition of 250

Large Longhorn

Groomed by Mother Nature but enhanced by Herend, the hardy longhorn and its characteristic features are beautifully captured in this figurine which stands 14� long and 7.5� tall. Limited Edition of 150


Standing 8.5� tall, dramatic 24K gold leaves and alternating panels of key lime and butterscotch fishnet adorn Herend’s pineapple Limited Edition of 150

Rose Vase

The Rose vase captures a rose garden at the height of the season. The vase is 9.5� long and 9.25� tall.

Limited Edition of 100


Each parrot is a unique figurine and comes in its own luxury case. They are sold together as a set with the parrot looking down 6” long and 5.75” tall and the parrot looking straight 5.5” long and 6.5” tall. Limited Edition of 50

Herend Reserve Collection  

Herend’s exclusive Reserve Collection presents spectacular hand painted porcelain sculptures with a powerful presence, making them strong st...

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