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Feb/March 2014

Heart Health Meals that Heal Inflammation Candida-the Silent Killer

Protect Your Heart It’s a frozen February day but I’m excited about new developments for the Herbal Collective. These new developments Publisher’s Note will bring an increased readership to the magazine as I am working on ways to increase my vision of bringing this publication to a wider market. It was an online website, that helped me connect with a former advertiser – Gina Goad of Portal to Vital Health. She was happy to reconnect with the magazine and I would like to welcome her back to the Herbal Collective family. Goad previously ran her business in the Comox Valley before moving to Northern B.C. seven years ago to pursue her passion to get back to the land. She now lives on 160 acres with her husband raising chickens, turkeys and some organic vegetables as well as running her health business. Goad has recognized the viability of being part of an online magazine and using her skills to connect with others via the internet. You can read more about what she offers on page 2. That’s where you can also read about the power of aloe vera juice from Maureen Glowasky – who has also recognized the power of connecting with readers and her

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market through the internet. She has some powerful tips on how aloe vera can help improve health issues so make sure to check out her website. I also want to welcome Maureen back to the Herbal Collective family. Both Maureen and Gina also recognize the value and wisdom of having a blog that comes with valuable training to promote their businesses on the internet. If you are interested in learning more about this for your natural health business – please email me info@ Paula Youmell is another natural health provider who connected with the Herbal Collective through the internet – she has a book called Hands on Health so check her out on page 8. This issue is about heart health – both physical and mental/emotional. Often our heart health is connected to how we feel emotionally and mentally. Ever had something happen to you that was so intense that your heart hurt? That’s what I’m talking about – plus real heart pain – angina, palpitations and everything else connected with heart disease. It’s heart month so it’s really important to protect your heart – it’s what’s keeping you alive. So read through this issue carefully and completely – I really want you to have healthy hearts. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Contents The Theme: Heart Health - Discover how to protect and look after your heart - both physical and mental/emotional.

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Meals that Heal Inflammation


Julie Daniluk almost died from food poisoning but recovered to write about it. Photo submitted 4

Herbal Collective Feb/March’14

ulie Daniluk almost died from a food poisoning experience in Thailand. It was a long road back to health – eliminating all foods and substances that would irritate her stomach and healing herself by using herbs and spices. “I was in bed extremely immobilized,” says Daniluk of the 2001 experience. “I had a fever of 104 and I could barely speak.” She was told to take antibiotics and developed bleeding colitis as a result. She says the lining of her gut was so damaged from bacterial infection that she made a major shift in her diet and eliminated allergens like wheat, dairy and corn. “I had to take it all out,” says Daniluk. She used spices like ginger and herbs like turmeric to heal herself and this became the impetus for her new book ‘Meals that Heal Inflammation.’ Her husband encouraged her to write down her experiences with the herbs and spices which formed the basis for the book and the healing recipes in it. Daniluk says the line between herbs and food is blurred as people use herbs in their food. But what they don’t often realize is how the herbs heal and how the quantity can be increased to experience a greater benefit. “It’s what makes “Meals that Heal Inflammation’ a different book” says Daniluk, who weaves the healing information on herbs and spices into the common everyday ways people prepare food. As a result the book has been well received and people feel confident because it validates much of the folk wisdom on using herbs and spices. Daniluk’s favorite herb is ginger as it had such a huge impact on her healing, alleviating much of the nausea she felt. “The only thing that would take the edge off was a strong infusion of ginger,” she says. Ginger is a warming herb that is good for the digestive system and also provides an energy boost. Another herb Daniluk likes is turmeric as it is also good for the digestive system and “incredible for inflammation.” She says it does have contraindications for the gallbladder and liver though. Daniluk’s favorite western herbs are dandelion and burdock, which are both powerful herbs for healing the liver. “Dandelion is one of my all time favorite go to

“By lengthening the time we’re going to allow for more of the healing to go into the cup,� she says. Most herbal teas can be steeped for a longer period of time with the exception of herbs that have tannins, caffeine or piney herbs like white pine needle which tends to get bitter and develops a turpentine like flavor. Daniluk’s personal experience with healing herbs and spices in food blends well with her formal training. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 15 years ago and was trained by herbalist Michael Vertolli 10 years ago.She has also taken numerous cooking courses and will be at the Vancouver Health Show Feb.14-16. See page 22 for more details.

Julie Daniluk’s book-see page 11 for recipes. Photo submitted

herbs,â€? says Daniluk. “You can eat the entire plant, the leaves are good for the kidneys, the root for the liver. It’s great to help clear estrogen.â€? Daniluk says burdock root is good for the lymph and the liver, and she has a ‘wonderful burdock sautĂŠâ€? in her book, (see page 11 for recipe). Among the many sections in the book there is one that many people will relate well to – as it is about making herbal teas or infusions for healing. The section instructs readers on how to make a proper infusion as well as a decoction – which is where roots are boiled to extract the nutrients. An infusion is making tea – pouring boiling water over the herbs, but leaving them to steep longer than the usual 3-5 minutes for making a standard tea. “I think a lot of people understeep their herbs,â€? says Daniluk. “They pull their chamomile or nettle from the cup far too early.â€? Nettle can be steeped for a longer period of time – several hours even – to pull nutrients from the herb.





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Essential Oils for a

Healthy Heart

By Ian Gartshore


earts are obviously very important to our health and well-being. Without our having to consider them our healthy hearts pump about three million litres of blood every year –more if we (ideally) exercise! Because we don’t normally have to think about our hearts, however, it is easy to take this vital organ for granted. Is this why we have such high numbers of people who suffer heart problems? The readers of this magazine, however, are more likely to be wise –and know that like every other part of our divinely created beings we need to take care of this amazing organ, both physically and emotionally!

The problem

High blood pressure is another mystery to doctors, apart from diets too high in salt and activity levels too low. The real culprit to both high blood pressure and heart problems are our western diets, western lifestyles (for starters, 90% of us don’t get enough exercise) and toxic overloads.


Enough of the problems! What can we do to have better hearts? Healthy bodies depend on foods and other nutrients that provide both anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These foods include cruciferous

We are often told that heart disease is caused by foods high in "bad fats" that create artery-plugging cholesterol. If this is the case then the traditional Inuit diet (mostly comprised of fat) should have killed them a long time ago! Patients who have had a heart attack (the #1 killer in North America) are prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. These create some pretty awful sideeffects (sometimes including death). Increasingly heart specialists are recognizing food choices are better than drugs. Foods can both keep and return our hearts to health.

Experience the Power of Pure Oils! Tired of being dependent on drugs? Do you want to have a healthier life? More energy? Ancient wisdom and modern science can heal the problem, not merely treat the symptom! Free iniƟal consult Why wait? Call Ian now: 250-754-0698 Pure essen al oils can penetrate cell walls and kill viruses and bacteria, repair damaged cells and more -without dangerous side-effects! 6

Herbal Collective Feb/March’14

veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, bok choy), sweet potato, spinach and other dark leafy greens, mango's, berries, flax, tea, crushed garlic (reduces arterial inflammation), onion, turmeric, and other colourful foods such as root vegetables. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar is good, too. Blood pressure can be lowered by eating foods such as broccoli and potassium-rich foods (especially fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, acorn squash, avocados, cooked tomatoes, dried apricots, prunes, raisins, bananas). Potassium, a mineral, protects blood vessels from oxidative damage and keeps vessel walls healthy. A major contributor to heart (and other organ) damage is the consumption of refined sugars and other sweeteners, including consuming too much honey, other natural sweeteners and fruit juices (without the pulp). Eating white flour also spikes our blood sugar levels. So while these make our brains

feel very fine, our hearts are not grateful. More food suggestions and cautions can be seen on my website ( under Improving Wellness and Heart Health.

Essential oils for the Heart

• Marjoram has been found to help rejuvenate the smooth muscle tissue of the heart. • Oil of lemon helps promote leukocyte formation; helps to dissolve cholesterol and fats. • Helichrysum is said to regulate our cholesterol levels. It is excellent for cleansing our blood, increasing blood flow, and when combined with cistis is credited with removing the blockage of arteries • Clots may be broken up using the oils of clove, fennel or helichrysum • Rosewood is not only antiseptic and antibacterial, it helps to regenerate tissues and increase elasticity (great for the skin, too!) • Ylang ylang is a nutrient that has been found to help support heart function. Not recommended for those who have low blood pressure. • Cypress is an astringent, lymphatic decongestant that also strengthens connective tissues. • Reduction of inflammation may be obtained by using one or more of the following oils: thyme, fennel, rose, eucalyptus, clove and bergamot. Of these thyme (of the mint family) was founded by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to be the most powerful because of its very high carvacrol content. Note that

thyme is not recommended for those with high blood pressure. Combing the essential oils of lemon, rosewood, ylang ylang and cypress with hawthorn berry (credited with increasing blood circulation in the heart), garlic lobelia leaf, blackberry fruit and cayenne is said to overcome deficiencies and irregularities of the heart. Some people claim to have successfully used this combination to avoid heart surgery. High blood pressure may respond to the oils of ylang ylang, marjoram, eucalyptus, lavender, spearmint, clary sage, clove, balsam fir, goldenrod, lemon, nutmeg or wintergreen. Young Living’s blend called “Aroma Life” has been found to strengthen and improve the cardiovascular, lymphatic and circulatory systems, may help to lower high blood pressure, reduce stress and more. It contains cypress, marjoram, helichrysum, and ylang ylang, with sesame seed oil as the carrier. • The Ecuadorian oil of ocotea is credited not only with weight reduction goals and supporting the digestive system, but with removing blood clots as well. Native people know their plants! Why use essential oils? Because the best essential oils are highly concentrated plant components. One drop of pure essential oil can be equivalent to many handfuls of plant material. The more expensive the essential oil the more likely you are to be getting a pure plant essence. Any foods or oils high in phenylpropanoids are likely beneficial as they have been shown to increase the efficiency of the

cardiovascular system. Some are used to give foods their aroma. Phenylpropanoids are created in plants to protect them from attack, which is why organically-grown plants are superior. (No artificial protection from invaders means they have to fend for themselves). Plants particularly high in phenylpropanoids include marjoram, melaluca (tea tree), oregano, mountain savory, anise, fennel, terragon, basil, and thyme. These can be applied or consumed -but only if they are truly pure and high quality! Do not risk your health by using just any "essential oil." Many manufacturers add (dilute) or subtract (fractionate) from the essence. Some even create synthetic products that are harmful to human health if applied or ingested. This is why I only use Young Living essential oils. Not only are they individually tested for purity, if a batch does not contain all the properties of the plant it is discarded or sold to the competition. They reach this standard because of a patented low-temperature, low-pressure method of distillation.


If stress harms our hearts it must be true that love makes them stronger and last longer! Yes, there are oils that may help you to open your heart and love

Herbal Collective

Continued on page 9 Feb/March, ’14 7

Herbs are Healing Whole Foods By Paula Youmell


erbs are amazing HEART healing tools because herbs are whole foods. Whole foods nourish each and every cell in your body. Whole food eating means feeding our bodies the way nature intended. This means eating foods in their natural state, as close to the perfectly â&#x20AC;&#x153;wholeâ&#x20AC;? state in which nature provides them. This also means following the natural growing seasons and eating more foods that are locally grown and produced, in season. Whole food nutrition is eating in balance, which in turn keeps the body in balance. Foods grown naturally develop with the right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats intended for that particular

food. They contain balanced vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, and enzymes. This natural balance for each food ensures that the body can properly utilize the nutrients. The effects of moving away from our whole food diet and eating a refined, processed, and convenience food diet are very prevalent in our society. (Ask me for my educational handout titled Whole Food Eating for an easy introduction to healing body cells

Dr. Doug Kuramoto Naturopathic Physician

Pacific Holistic Center 595 Campbell St. Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 3G9 Ph: (250) 753-0280


525 Pioneer Crescent Parksville, B.C. V9P 1V1 Tel: (250) 954-1955

Herbal Collective Feb/Marchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;14

with whole food nutrition, One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poison over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation. Dr. Royal Lee As a culture, we have created the same scenario with our healing medicines, including those for healing the heart. We have moved away from whole, natural medicines to the processed, refined, factory made pharmaceuticals and foods that upset balance in the human body. Herbs, whether ingested as a medicinal infusion, taken as a tincture or in any other form of herbal medicine, are whole foods. The nutrients in the herbs: vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, and the nutrients yet to be discovered, are utilized by the body cells to cleanse, nourish, and heal each and every body cell. Herbs specific for the heart are nourishing to heart cells. So often we get the message from main stream media and medicine: Do NOT use herbs as they are potentially dangerous. This is as crazy as saying that eating beets, apples, or any other natural, whole food is potentially dangerous. When we eat a beet, an apple, some broccoli, or any whole food, our body digests and absorbs the nutrients in the whole food to nourish our cellular health. The same process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients happens with herbs. Herbs are whole food; herbs are healing medicine. Herbs are plants (leaf, root, stems, bark, berries, seeds), like a beet or an apple, that have nutritional and healing properties with affinities for certain tis-

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sues. Herbs for heart health are many and each has its own healing purpose. Some are: • Hawthorne berry • Cayenne • Garlic • Gingko • Linden • Motherwort • Yarrow • Nettles • Siberian ginseng • Passion flower • Oats • Prickly ash • Valerian • Nettles • Pigweed • Willow bark • Angelica • Purslane • Rosemary • Chicory Herbs for healing other organs: (Just to remind you how amazing herbs really are!) • Saw palmetto for the prostate • Red Raspberry leaf for the uterus • Rhubarb root for the colon • Milk thistle for the liver • Nettle as a general nutritive herb (I truly love nettles!) • Dandelion and burdock root for liver cleansing and nourishment The list of herbs and the cells / organs they nourish goes on and on. These are just a very few examples of herbs and the cells / organs they have affinities to nourish and promote healing. This healing action happens because the herb adds whole food nutrition to your body cells. This is the same thing a beet does; feeds your body cells.

With that said, I recommend you read up on the herb you want to ingest for its nourishing, medicinal abilities. Learn about the herb and its healing affinities before you make the decision to take it. Contact your local herbalist for help in choosing the right herb or blend of herbs to add to your whole food dietary plan to promote personal health and healing. Words from a happy wife and client that demonstrate my point about herbs and whole body healing; that body cells are nourished by ingesting herbs. ‘Thanks Paula! The heart herbs have really helped my husband. He told me that he feels great being off the cardiac meds! After taking cardiac meds for years, he is very happy to be healing with whole foods, including cardiac herbs.’ Dianne C. Herbs are whole foods. Use them wisely for whole body healing. Paula Youmell runs Hands on Health Holistic Healing. from page 7

Healthy Heart more deeply: Juniper, lavender, ylang ylang, and several Young Living blends such as Forgiveness, Joy, Sensation and Lady Sclareol. Note: Avoid using much lavender or ylang ylang if you have low blood pressure. Joy (an amazing blend of Bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, Roman chamomile, Palmarosa and rose) has a really lovely scent and is a far better, safe, alternative to commercial perfumes. It tends to bring back memories of being loved, held or connected to another. It can help with grief, too. When grieving, the adenoids and the adrenal glands tend to shut down; the oils in Joy tend to open these glands. It’s also excellent for the skin. The blend called Valor (containing spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense) may help you be courageous enough to break through the fear that is otherwise stopping you from forging a deeper relationship! As it turns out, the word “courage” comes from the old French word “corage” –meaning “heart!” Valor is about having a strong heart. It takes courage to live life well as it is too easy to become lazy about good nutrition, exercise, deepening valuable relationships and tuning in to what our hearts are saying. I invite you to be your own Valentine. Love yourself into life. Ian Gartshore loves health and owns Shore Wellness Solutions ( Herbal Collective Feb/March’14


Family or Lovers Retreat


amilies dream about being closer together, building great lasting memories and becoming stronger together, as a family unit. This dream will become reality with time invested in each individual in the family, the couple, & the family group. A family retreat is a great way to invest time and effort in strengthening family ties, developing better communications, resolving any issues, instilling family values & having fun together! All too often day-to-day demands of cooking, cleaning, school, work, business, volunteering, entertainment, sports, & other activities are so consuming that thoughts of a family retreat will seem an idyllic escape from the busyness of life. Families testify to the wonderful experience and closer bonds that result from time away together. Children grow up so fast that a family retreat is a valuable time that can be used to bring a familys’ mission & focus into perspective. A recent real-life example can provide testimony to the benefits of a family retreat. The family was typical with all of the stresses of work, business,

Come and Enjoy: Valentines Package Feb 14 or 15 (ask about other dates)

Personal 1 Week Wellness Retreat Customized to your needs

Group Retreats Ideal location for small groups

Call for Reservations: (250) 749-4252

1-888-749-4252 10 Herbal Collective Feb/March,’14

school, activities, volunteering, etc. They were having trouble finding time to eat meals together and talk about their family values in regard to everyday life issues that arise. The Family Retreat gave each of the children time with parents to discuss their dreams, aspirations, desires, goals, and family values. Journaling, scrapbooking family photos, hiking, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, lounging in the games room, salt water hot tub, & infrared sauna were some of the family experiences that they each enjoyed. Studies have shown that children & teens desperately desire to belong to a group to find their identity. What better group to feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, & togetherness than one’s own family, where there is true love and desire for the best for each other? Everyone in the Family Retreat settled in for a magical time together. The time away had been so special that they didn’t want to leave. They decided to strengthen their efforts to work together better, understand each other more, concentrate on better communications with each other, & eliminate a lot of evening work habits that were taking away from dinner & family time. Most importantly, they saw how much family meant to each of them and they openly expressed a desire to be closer and more loving. This family, like many others came home refreshed and already looking forward to the next one. Let Honeymoon Bay Lodge & Retreat create a beautiful, memorable, & enjoyable family retreat for you

& your family. Call: 1-888-749-4252 today or email: See website for more information at Submitted by Jennifer Clarke, RNCP , Honeymoon Bay

Got a Recipe to Contribute?

Sesame Burdock Saute Ingredients: 1 tbsp (15 mL) toasted sesame oil 1 cup (250 mL) julienned burdock root 1 cup (250 mL) vegetable or chicken broth, or filtered water (divided) 1 cup (250 mL) julienned carrots 1 tbsp (15 mL) tamari (wheat free) Directions: 1. In a medium or large skillet or wok, heat the sesame oil and sauté the burdock for 3 minutes over medium heat. 2. Add 1/2 cup (125 mL) of the broth, bring to a boil, cover, and continue to cook for 5 minutes. 3. Add the carrot, tamari and the remaining broth. Bring to a boil again, then cook over medium heat for another 5 minutes until vegetables are tender. Makes 3 servings. Burdock (also called gobo) is one of the most powerful healers in the Japanese diet. The name might be unfamiliar to you, but you may have experienced the plant’s burrs catching onto your clothes while walking through the woods. Burdock is often found in health-food stores or Asian grocery stores. It has been used traditionally to cleanse the liver, lymph and kidneys. Combined with anti-inflammatory sesame oil, this recipe is among the true healing dishes. Consider serving it with any fish or lentil dish. Tip: To prepare burdock, scrub the skin under running water with a brush. Do not peel burdock root, as most of the nutrients are right below the surface of the skin. Using the julienne cut commonly called for in burdock recipes) results in matchstick-sized pieces of the root. Recipes on this page courtesy of Julie Daniluk, Meals that Heal Inflammation, which advises on allergy-free eating that tastes great and assists the body in the healing process. As nutritionist and co-host of reality cooking show Healthy Gourmet (Oprah Winfrey Network), she negotiates the ongoing battle between taste and nutrition. Check out her amazing recipes and nutrition tips at www. Connect with Julie on Facebook at Julie Daniluk Nutrition and on Instagram and Twitter @

Please email to

Gingerroot Chai Tea 2 inches (5 cm) gingerroot 4 cups (1L) filtered water Finely chop gingerroot and steep in boiling filtered water for at least 20 minutes. Consider steeping it overnight—a long infusion maximizes the transfer of the active ingredients into the liquid. Makes 4 cups (1L). From there you can make…

Gingerroot Chai This drink is so grounding and anti-inflammatory, I recommend you have it to alleviate a brain fog or an upset tummy. This is my all-time favorite fall and winter beverage. It is naturally warming and comforting. 4 cups (1 L) unsweetened Almond Milk 4 cups (1 L) strong Gingerroot Tea 1/2 tsp (2.5 mL) cinnamon 1/2 tsp (2.5 mL) stevia powder 1/8 tsp (0.5 mL) nutmeg 1/8 tsp (0.5 mL) cloves, powdered Combine all ingredients in a 3 quart (3 L) saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes. Makes 8 cups (2L). It is no surprise that Japan—where gingerroot is used liberally—is home to the longest-living people in the world! Enjoy gingerroot tea whenever your stomach is upset or when you’re experiencing sore joints.

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In Matters of the Heart... Flower Remedies

By Sarah Brune, BFRP


s a mother of two teenagers and owner of two dogs, sometimes I just want to be able to bubble-wrap them so they can all be safe.

Last year it was traumatic when my son moved away to university, but once I had got over the initial shock and trauma and with the aid of texting it got easier to be able to let him fly the nest. I am not sure how I will cope when my daughter goes away travelling next year but that is another hurdle I will have to deal with. Teenagers are one thing but dogs are another, because they cannot tell you how they feel. Recently one of our dogs overdid it on a walk and became very lame. It was heart-breaking to watch her hobble home and them collapse in the yard before she could make

Inner Harmony Healing All natural Bach Flower Remedies

Introductory Courses on the Flower Remedies of Dr. Edward Bach *Gain a solid founda on in the Bach flower remedy system and the core principles of working with animals and people. *Learn how to choose remedies for both pets and people. *Experience the remedies first hand to incorporate them into your daily life.

Level One: March 1 & 2 - Courtenay, B.C. Sept 18 & 19 - Port Alberni, B.C.

Pets and their People-Level One May 24 & 25 - Courtenay

Sarah Brune, BFRP 250-331-3228 12

Herbal Collective Feb/March’14

it back inside. I am glad to say after a few days of bed rest she seems to be getting stronger and hopefully in less pain. I have been giving her some remedies, supplements, and lots of tender loving care and it seems to be doing some good, but I still worry. So how do we bubble-wrap our hearts to help us lessen the worries? Here are some Bach flower remedy suggestions that may assist, they have certainly helped me! For when you are lying in bed worrying about all the negative scenarios and the thoughts just keep going around and around try White Chestnut. This remedy will assist with a peace of mind and positive problem solving. If you find yourself worrying and being over-concerned for loved ones, Red Chestnut is the remedy that can provide us with calmness and rational concern. For known worries Mimulus can help us deal with all the trials and tribulations with courage and confidence and that all will be well. When you have a bad feeling about something, but cannot quite put your finger on the cause, or what it may be, Aspen can come to the rescue. This remedy can provide us with inner peace and security and fearlessness. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break from all the worry and try to get out and do something for ourselves that is fun. To give you some ‘spark’ and lively and enthusiastic interest in life try some Wild Rose. For a general tonic to help alleviate stress, worry, fear, and shock/trauma Rescue Remedy is always good to have on hand. Sarah Brune is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, author and educator, and has her Bach Flower practice in the Comox Valley. For more info 250 331 3228 or

Align with Your Values for a Healthier Heart By Garliq hese are urgent times! At least, that's how it seems a lot of the time. Turning on the news, social media, your email, they all bring news of how messed up the world is right now. Or they say "it's just fine" and you find that even more disturbing because you know things aren't quite right. If you're like me, you look at so much of the world and you can feel a twinge of pain in your heart. There's a disconnect, a difference between the world that your heart aches for and what you see.


This disparity is particularly painful if you're a parent because it's hard to explain why the world is as it is. (there's simply no easy way to explain to a 8 year old why the salmon don't return, why the rivers no longer have clean water or why food at the grocery store contains poisons). This aspect of heart health can be difficult to treat. Unless you have herbal medicines, that is. Herbal medicines allow you to have the medicines in your home fit with the values in your heart. And living your life in alignment with your values and deepest held beliefs is key to being happy and healthy. When you take a moment to think about how we use the word "heart", you can see that most of the time we mean something quite different than the organ in our chests. "Heart" is synonymous with passion, love, spirit, personal values or even the core/essence of something. In this article, I'm talking about heart in these terms. It is your connection to that which is most important and sacred to you. And it's in this area that I believe herbal medicines have the greatest power to keep you healthy while simultaneously healing the planet. When you get sick, for the most part you can roll with it. You slow down or sleep for a few days and then you bounce back and carry on. But what happens when you don't? What happens when you're quite sick and feel absolutely awful? Or when your kids get sick with a high fever? Fear, that's what happens. And fear easily becomes panic and powerlessness. It distorts your perceptions, your thoughts and your

reasoning. Fear will have you giving up your values in a heart beat if you think that your life is at risk (or worse your child's). So, how do herbs help this? Herbs can soothe your fears and reconnect you with your heart's values by restoring your sense of choice and power and by helping you to live without regret. If you hesitate to use pharmaceutical drugs, but sometimes feel that you have no choice, herbs can help. There are many herbs that are effective at treating almost every health condition ever documented. That means that you have options beyond "do I take the antibiotics or not." It doesn't mean that you won't ever decide to take the drugs. It means that when you do, you do so from a place of choice, after having tried the route that does resonate with your heart. You can have a sense of contentment, free from the nagging resentments we carry when we're forced to do something we don't want to do. And don't we sometimes tell ourselves, "I had no choice" as a way to try to soothe our regret? But what if you didn't have this regret because you knew your options and you made a heartfelt decision? Making decisions (not just about your health) that keep you aligned with the values of your heart is excellent preventative medicine. It reduces stress, helps you sleep at night and keeps you connected with that which you value most. I can honestly say that this is what herbal medicine has meant to me. I hope you also find empowerment in this world of living medicines. Garliq runs Urban Herb School in Vancouver, B.C. Herbal Collective



The Heart’s Connection to Water By Colin olin Gillies


sion (90-95% of hypertension cases) or for atheroardiovascular diseases are diseases that sclerosis. include the heart, blood vessels (arteries, In a book titled ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For capillaries, and veins) or both. Water’, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., the author makes The most common diseases are atherosclerosis the statement “You’re not sick; You’re thirsty. Don’t (thickening of walls of arteries due to build up of treat thirst with medication”. The simple truth is that calcium and fatty materials such as cholesterol) and high blood pressure (or hypertension) in the arteries. dehydration can cause disease. Homeopathy has many remedies suited to bringHypertension: ing the body back into balance. The selection of a High blood pressure is an adaptive process to a remedy is highly individualized and is based on the gross body water deficiency. totality of the symptoms. This system of medicine Basically, there are two oceans of water in the recognizes the interconnectivity of all body systems especially the cardiovascular system with respiratory body: one ocean is held inside the cells of the body and the other outside the cells. Water, together with (lungs) and renal (kidneys) systems. potassium, reguWhat I want to “The simple truth is that dehydration can cause disease.” lates the volume focus on in this of a cell from article is why inside. Sodium people may suffer from high blood pressure, why blood cholesterol (Salt) regulates the amount of water outside the cells levels can sometimes be too high and how it may be – the ocean around the cells is a last-resort way of retaining some water for filtering into cells. prevented. In water shortage and body drought, around 66% is Current medicine can’t come up with an obvious taken from the water volume held inside cells, 26% underlying cause for primary (essential) hypertenis taken from volume held outside the cells and 8% is taken from blood volume. The body’s balancing Colin J. Gillies, Homeopath mechanisms normally allow blood to retain its comAdv. Dip. Hom, MBCSH, MAHA, AROH Regd. position of elements in order to reach vital centers. When we do not drink enough water to serve all Homeopaths see health as a state of op mal physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence the needs of the body, some cells become dehydrated of disease or infirmity. By trea ng each person as an and capillary beds in some areas will close down to individual, homeopathy can help with all kinds of ailadjust for the slack in blood capacity.. ments or condi ons. This is one aspect to the physiology of hypertenSome examples are: sion. Capillary beds must remain open and offer no •Acute and childhood diseases •Arthri c condi ons resistance to blood circulation. When the capillary •Asthma and Respiratory disease beds are closed and offer resistance (due to dehydra•Autoimmune disease -Chronic tion), only an increased force behind the circulating Fa gue syndrome blood will ensure the passage of some fluids through •Diges ve complaints the system. •Hormonal issues •Mental and Emo onal distress Resistance can also occur in atherosclerosis (see •Neurological disease - Headache and Au sm below) when arteries’ lumen is reduced due to •Skin complaints Call Colin plaque accumulations on the arterial walls. Also, •Sleeping problems blood that is lacking sufficient water becoming less 250-947-0288 •Urinary complaints fluid, needs more force to push blood through capil12-221 2nd Avenue W, Qualicum Beach BC laries. 14

Herbal Collective, Feb/March14

When water shortage in the body reaches a more critical level, and delivery of water by injection into the cells (from the ocean outside cells) becomes the main route of supply to more and more cells, an associated rise in “injection pressure” (labeled hypertension) becomes necessary. Essential hypertension should primarily be treated with an increase in daily water intake. One of the common treatments for hypertension is to prescribe diuretics to get rid of salt. The problem with diuretics is the body becomes more dehydrated. When there is a water shortage in the body, the brain commands an increase in salt and water retention by the kidneys. This directive of the brain is the reason we get edema (fluid retention) when we don’t drink enough water. When we drink enough water to pass clear urine, we also pass out a lot of salt that was held back. This is how we can get rid of edema fluid from the body: by drinking more water. Water by itself is the best natural diuretic.

Atherosclerosis: Higher blood cholesterol is a sign that the cells of the body have developed a defense mechanism against the osmotic force of the blood that keeps drawing water out through cell membranes, or the concentrated blood cannot release sufficient water to go through the cell membrane and maintain normal cell functions. Cholesterol is a natural ‘clay’ that, when located in the gaps of the cell membrane, makes the cell wall impervious to the passage of water. Cholesterol’s ex-

cessive manufacture and deposition in the cell membrane is part of the natural design for the protection of living cells against dehydration. Further, due to dehydration the body as part of its process of water preservation secretes substances that constrict the walls of the heart arteries potentially causing heart pains, known as angina pains. These same substances can also set the stage for the deposit of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries. The deposit of cholesterol on the walls of the heart arteries can also produce hypertension due to the greater resistance to blood flow. If the body is properly hydrated there is less need for cholesterol for protection from dehydration in cell membranes and less cholesterol in the blood. Interestingly, the cholesterol we eat seems to have little to do with the high level of cholesterol in some people’s blood.

Prevention is better than cure Our body needs pure water. It is true that beverages such as tea, coffee, alcohol and manufactured beverages contain water but they also contain dehydrating agents. These beverages should not be considered a substitute for water. Salt is also an essential requirement of the body and has many functions including body water regulation. If you are on a low salt diet you will need to supplement your water intake with salt. With proper hydration, salt, good nutrition and exercise you are on the way to preventative health. Colin Gillies is a homeopath in Qualicum Beach. Herbal Collective

Feb/March, 2014


Herbs for Heart Palpitations By Marilyn Zink Most of us are familiar with having our hearts beat rapidly when we are anxious or nervous about something. Irregular, hard or rapid heartbeats and palpitation are common and often harmless. But chronic heart palpitations are not and are still considered abnormal cardiovascular behavior. Sometimes they are even indicators of more serious heart conditions. If you experience irregular heartbeats that occur unexpectedly or even while lying in bed and these are accompanied by dizziness, fear, shortness of breath and chest pain, then you need to do something about it. Being anxious about something can cause these heart palpitations or it can be an effect. Excessive caffeine, drugs, vigorous exercise, a compromised nervous system or adrenal glands, high blood pressure, pregnancy or an overactive thyroid can all be other reasons for heart palpitations. Some heart palpitations can indicate a more serious condition, especially if there are related symptoms such as dizziness – so it’s a good idea to get it checked out. Herbs can help calm the heart so the following herbs are ones to consider.

Hawthorn This herb, which is actually a fruit bearing shrub, has a long history as a medicinal herb for improving the cardiovascular system. Hawthorn has a stabilizing effect on heart muscles and increases the pumping force by improving the metabolic function of the heart and improving blood supply.

Sara Namazi, DHMS, RO

Homeopath 201-2786 W 16th Ave., Vancouver,BC

604-360-1215 Heal your life with Homeopathy Homeopathy is a system of medicine that helps the body to heal itself from chronic and acute conditions. I specialize in anxiety, depression, mental and physical chronic fatigue, hormonal balancing and more. Fees are based on a sliding scale.


Herbal Collective Feb/March’14

Hawthorn helps to regulate heart palpitations as well as relax cardiac muscles. A 2002 American study that analyzed hawthorn’s clinical value showed that it has flavonoids that improve the walls of blood vessels and improve oxygen use. Trials with Hawthorn (controlled and uncontrolled) also shows promise in treating congestive heart failure. Motherwort This herb benefits heart irregularities like arrhythmias and palpitations linked to tension and anxiety. Extracts of motherwort have been used internally for nervous heart conditions. It is antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has analgesic properties that boost the circulatory system. In 2012 Polish scientists conducting clinical trials discovered the herb has mild hypotensive and sedative abilities.

Peppermint Peppermint is an herb not normally associated with heart. However, like motherwort it is popular as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-oxidant and is a vasoconstrictor. These all benefit the heart. Experiments on young male volunteers show the herb benefits blood pressure and respiratory rates as well as exercise performance. Peppermint relaxes the smooth bronchial muscles as well as increasing ventilation and brain oxygen concentration. This is why experts recommend rubbing essential oil of peppermint externally several times a day to relieve pain associated with heart palpitations.

Lavender Lavender is an herb renowned for calming and relaxing the nervous system. Herbal baths or massaging oneself with the essential oil (which can be applied directly to the skin) help calm panic and anxiety attacks that often accompany heart palpitations. A study with healthy volunteers has shown that lavender oil can also cause a significant drop in blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature.

Gingko Biloba Gingko biloba is known for increasing blood flow to the brain, however the herb has also been shown to relax blood vessels and prevent platelets from clotting.

Get your blood pumping and keep your heart healthy with exercise - this couple enjoys a great day skiing. Extensive research on the herb confirms that is it effective at improving cardiovascular disorders and diseases.

Cayenne This spicy herb is recognized as a cardiac stimulant and is one of the best herbs to improve heart heart as it affects a variety of heart conditions that include angina pectoris, chest pain, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias and heart palpitations. Cayenne tones and strengthens the heart, balances circulation and calms heart palpitations. It has the dual purpose of encouraging the heart to beat faster without triggering irregular heart beats or palpitations.

Valerian Valerian, known as one of the most popular natural remedies for anxiety in Europe, is also beneficial to people suffering from anxiety and heart palpitations. Valerian can help restore the heart beat to a normal rhythm, however it should only be used in mild cases of heart palpitations.

Garlic Studies have shown that garlic has compounds that lower blood pressure, inhibit platelet aggregating as well as enhancing antioxidants. Garlic improves atherosclerosis and clogged arteries as well as toning and protecting the cardio system. Garlic controls the occurrence of cardiovascular conditions that trigger heart palpitations. It reduces the risk for blood clotting as well as blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

AnneMarie Gianni Skin Care See Herbal Products on page 23 Herbal Collective Feb/Marchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;14


Candida - the Silent Killer that can Lead to Cancer


s this often misdiagnosed condition making you ill? So many people go through life suffering from symptoms like fatigue, recurrinf yeast infections, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, itching and headaches. But as diverse as those symptoms sound, they often all have the same cause – an opportunistic fungus named Candida Albicans. Candida Albicans is a pathogen that takes advantage of a disruption in the balance of microorganisms in our gut. This balance of ‘gut flora’ is a crucial part of your immune system and digestive health, but it can easily be lost during periods of stress or after a course of antibiotics. When this balance is lost, the colonies of Candida Albicans are able to expand rapidly until they control a large portion of your gut. Candida Albicans releases up to 79 different byproducts, including uric acid and a powerful neurotoxin named acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde causes chronic headaches and brain fog, and was recently classified as a potential carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Uric acid can

cause joint pain and lead to gout if an excess builds up. Meanwhile, the change in our gut flora can lead to digestive problems, food intolerances, yeast infections and oral thrush. A study by Rice University found that around 70% of us have Candida Albicans in our guts. That sounds like a lot! However, the fact is that most of the time Candida is completely harmless. It exists in small colonies and is kept under control by the other microorganisms in our gut. Candida only becomes a problem when we do something to change that balance. The yeast becomes problematic when it grows beyond normal levels and spreads throughout the gastrointestinal tract… into the bloodstream and from there throughout the body. Once it's loose in our blood-stream, the yeast then does something remarkable and changes into a fungus. This fungus now settles itself into our tissue and a fungal colony quickly spreads. The fungus wrecks havoc on our body and excretes over 300 different mycotoxins into our blood stream as a result of its Continued page 21

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Our Incredible Gift of Wisdom


he incredible gift that we are given at birth is our body with its multiHypnotherapy ple resources and miracles. ByGermana Rovinelli Many of us give our body’s wisdom little thought, we might take many of our natural skills for granted. Everything that we have experienced in our lives has given us certain learnings and lessons, some delightful and delicious while other experiences may have been difficult to digest and process. The way we process life is unique to us all, the meaning we've given our life experiences impacts our body, mind and emotions without question. Sometimes we've experienced an event that left us conflicted in some way, if by some chance we haven't had the time or the resources to process a conflict or painful event it sits in our body like an invisible iceberg, taking up space and energy. Most of us will pretend (all is well) because that's how many of us get through a difficult event. That works for us in the short term. Yet, that internal iceberg could easily bump up against a person, place or thing that reminds the unconscious mind of that unresolved conflict and "ka boom," we're flooded with a tsunami of feelings or reactions that don't make sense. Those feelings, reactions and responses are often due to the frozen emotions and stress that's held within the iceberg. The iceberg is a metaphor for unfinished business, which could be anything that left its mark on your psyche. What seems to happen is "something happens" when we don't have the maturity or life experience to process it, say a disappointment when you’re a child. The child decides something like, " I'm not good enough, or smart enough, or I'm bad, or something's wrong with me," because I wasn't invited to my best friend’s birthday party. The child holds those feelings and attaches these meanings to them which become unconscious core beliefs. These become a theme for that person’s life as an adult. It may sound simplistic and it is on one hand and isn't on the other. The subconscious mind is the part of us that holds all of our learnings and understandings, how we walk, talk, communicate, succeed or not are all hard wired into the subconscious mind. So when someone is stuck and has a pattern of ‘stuckness,’ hypnotherapy is often the locksmith that lets the iceberg melt and sets the adult free from the limiting belief. All of our core beliefs are formed from 0-11 years of age for girls and 0-7 years of age for boys. Which means we may have decided something life altering about

ourselves and our self-worth or value at an age that we had no business doing so. The end result could become a history of broken relationships, body image and eating disorders, dead end jobs, addictions, codependency, burnout, and the list goes on. The good news is you can clear your psyche of limiting beliefs and behaviours for life by using hypnotherapy. It is the laser of therapies because you bypass the conscious critical assessing mind and go right to the hard drive - the subconscious mind to melt that iceberg. The body and mind feel clear and energized after you've cleaned up an old outdated message. The beauty of this approach is that its brief, 4-8 sessions is sufficient. You understand how powerful and resourceful your subconscious mind is, and you’re free of a burden that used to run your life theme. Now, are you curious as to how hypnotherapy could help you overcome something? I also teach laypeople how to become a well rounded hypnotherapist by studying on weekends over 10 months. My school is registered with the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association. Contact me about my services at, 250-591-5327

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Nourish Pets with Bones The foundation of the Pet Health mammalian body is the skeletal and muscular systems. By Carola Schleuss The skeletal system is the anatomical structure, upon which the entire body is built. The muscles are movement, make up approximately half the body’s mass (weight), and must work smoothly with the skeletal system to generate the energy for movement. Involuntary muscles, which include the cardiac muscle and other smooth muscles, are more physiologically interactive. For muscles to function optimally, they depend

Greta enjoys healthy food with bone broth. Photo submitted upon a healthy nervous system and blood supply. Th ttwo systems t id the th essential ti l movementt These provide and flow, providing power for the respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive system. The blood supply is connected to the spleen and liver - both store the blood. The spleen makes the blood from the discreetly selected contents of the stomach food. When we consume, or provide raw food, the food still contains all the heat sensitive nutrients, is still viable and alive. Eating mostly live 20

Herbal Collective Feb/March’14

food enhances the digestive process and takes stress off the digestive system, since the raw food will, due to its natural enzymes, begin to predigest before it moves into the enzyme stomach. As food moves through the digestive tract the pancreas secrete enzymes, the gallbladder secretes bile, (helps remove metabolic waste and enhance utilization of fats) and the small intestines secrete enzymes for complete digestion and absorption. Today many dogs and cats are suffering from extreme health problems; due to lack of real food nourishment (kibble) these health problems are painfully killing our animal friends before their time. Did you know the original life expectancy of small dogs may be almost as long as 30 years? Medium size to large dogs up can live up to 20 years, big dogs like Great Danes 11 years and cats around 35 years. I have meet many people who have had long lived animal friends. Our animal friends totally depend on us for their nourishment and care. Feeding out of convenience or because your veterinarian told you dogs and cats need a special diet of prescription canned or bagged food is keeping your animal friend’s state of health in a place of compromise. If you look at the research written by holistic veterinarians regarding the epidemic they are now facing with chronic illness, you will see many of them telling their patients to feed real food! Food is the foundation to ours and our animal friend’s health, they are also not advising annual vaccinations. I find adding raw bones supports the foundation of most important body systems which nourishes all the systems. Bone broth is especially rich in calcium, collagen, gelatin, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glycosamino glycans, proline, glycine, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Bone broth is also rich in healthy fats which help absorb calcium and is food for the brain and nervous system. Minerals such as calcium are not destroyed in cooking and adding lukewarm broth over raw food helps warm the food for strong digestion and provides those extra nutrients for joint, cardio, immune and muscular health. See sidebar for directions on how to make bone broth for your pet.

How to Make Bone Broth

•2-3 beef bones, chicken necks and back or a

whole chicken •2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar (*optional) •1 tsp. kelp •6 - 8 cups water (make sure to cover bones with water) Cooking options •Pressure Cooker - Pressure cook on low for one hour or until bones are soft. After broth is done I put the bone soup into a regular stainless pot and warm as needed for meals. •Pot (stainless steel) - Bring to boil then simmer on low for at least 12 hours. •Slow cooker - Put on medium -high and cook for at least 12 hours. *You may enhance calcium extraction by adding vinegar. I recommend cooking the first soup without vinegar, as the added vinegar imparts a much stronger odor and may prove offensive to some. Bone soup without vinegar smells as delicious as a roast. I like to add ¼ - 1 cup to the dog’s meal and 1

TBSP to the cat’s meal. To ensure my animal friends are getting all they need I like to add a herbal supplement such as nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, barley grass, alfalfa leaf, spirulina and kelp. Herbs grow everywhere, and dandelions and nettles can be found in your yard or close by. Comfrey which has wonderful bone healing properties grows in most peoples gardens. Health Canada only allows comfrey to be sold for external use, but know many have used comfrey internally for thousands of years with no ill effects. Dogs and cats which are allowed to forage will choose those plants which help keep their body in good health. Nettle Leaf: Urtica diolca Part Used: leaf preparation: dried, crumble and sprinkle over food or as a tea Taste: bitter General properties: rich in minerals, blood cleanser for eczema or hotspots, for allergies; anti-histamine, to supports kidney health, is antiinflammatory, a great tonic for fatigue. Use as an herbal rinse for wounds or skin conditions. Carola Schleuss, certified nutrition consultant –

Candida -frompage 18 own digestive processes. The fungus is protected as it has now left our gut and does not have the challenge of gut bacteria trying to eat it. Normally, before this gets out of hand, our immune system would identify and fight off this 'alien' intruder. Unfortunately, more and more people suffer from a low immune systems due to stress, bad diet, or general ill health. This means the immune system is not as strong as it needs to be to fight the Candida fungus or any other illness. This now can lead to cancer. Candida is often misdiagnosed but in our blog I’m going to explain exactly what it is, how it develops and how to treat it. I’ll list the most common causes of Candida overgrowth, and then I’ll share the key elements that must be included in a successful Candida treatment plan. In our blog you will discover that candida is found

in nearly all cancers,.. Is it Just a coincidence?... Request our 'Educational Health' newsletter… Follow our blog… Health info posted regularly. DID YOU KNOW… Probiotics have been shown to help hormonal issues in women, particularly when it comes to estrogen. Women with deficient or low numbers of probiotic organisms in their colon are at a high risk for breast cancer. A recent study also found that women who take antibiotics frequently are at a higher risk for breast cancer, most likely because the antibiotics kill the good bacteria that metabolize estrogen in the colon Blaylock Wellness Report Oct. 2006, Vol. 3, No. 10 Herbal Collective Feb/March.’14


Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2014 The 22nd Annual Wellness Show is coming to Vancouver February 14,15 & 16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre East Building. Here are the top trends health experts are currently seeing in health and wellness: Non-GMOs: Not only are genetically modified foods unkind to the environment, but they are also bad for our bodies. You'll find non-GMO-verified exhibitors at the Wellness Show, sampling new products like organic raw milk cheese (Beland Organics), Solar Kale Chips (Ecoideas), Omega 3 Gummy Worms for kids (Nordic Naturals), Tomato Ginger Crisp (Monkey Toast), and Green Superfood bars (Amazing Grass), just to name a few. Juicing: juicing allows us to pack a lot of nutrients into a glass. It's become extremely popular. Smoothies are also a great way to get a ton of vitamins and minerals in a very portable package. Vitamix will be one of the exhibitors at the show, and we'll also have juices to sample, and supplements like vegan protein powders and Greens+ Superfood to boost your juice. Natural Beauty: The 2013 word of the year was “selfie.” In this era where our faces are showing up on Facebook and Instagram, we want to look our best. Ideally, you want to treat yourself with naturallysourced products that are gentle on your skin and the environment. You can try, sample and purchase natural cosmetics, eco friendly aromatherapy lotions, diffusers, natural soaps and plenty of natural hair products and mini consultations will be available throughout the weekend from Conscious Cosmetics, Arbonne, Royal Herbs and Green Envee. Gentlemen, don't feel left out, we have products for you, as well. Good for your Gut: Fermented foods are great for us, because they contain helpful bacteria that help with immunity and digestion. While at the Wellness Show, sample some saurkraut, sip some kombucha, try some sourdough bread or yogurt from Liberte and Yoplait. You can also try the latest probiotics at Nature's Fare and Pure Pharmacy. Sprouting: 22

Herbal Collective Feb/March’14

Sprouting raw nuts, seeds, beans and grains is one of the quickest, easiest ways to pack a group of nutrients into your body in just one handful. Eating sprouted foods also aids in digestion and helps to make your body's PH more alkaline. Gluten-Free: It's not going away! More and more people are getting increased energy and a happier digestive system by cutting out gluten. The Wellness Show features an extensive gluten-free section, including Glutenell Bakery, Rudi's, Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puffs, Glutino, as well as Cooking Essence glutenfree pastas and pizza crusts. Breakfast options abound with gluten-free granola and quinoa muffins, cookies and bars from Wise Bites, as well as many, many more! Seeds: A source of protein, Omegas, Iron, calcium and fibre, seeds like hemp, chia, buckwheat, and sesame are your friends! Try some out from Manitoba Harvest, Prana, RA energy and Left Coast Naturals. A Good Night's Sleep: We all know how important a good night's sleep can be to your overall well-being. Check out the next generation of “healthy” mattress and bamboo and memory pillows from Ironman Mattress, Octaspring and Dormeo. New Fun Workouts: Put the spring back into your step, literally, with Jumping Fitness, a new fitness craze that uses minitrampolines. It's less impactful on the body, and a ton of fun! Or, learn how to set up your own home gym from Flaman Fitnness. Eat local, Wear Local: The 100-Mile Diet originated in Vancouver, and one of the pioneers in the movement was Nicolas Hipperson, Executive Chef of C Restaurant and RainCity Grill. Learn more about the Eat Local movement and Farm-to-Table from him and other celebrity chefs like Trevor Bird of Fable. Meet business owners who are passionate about bringing you locally-sourced food, like Nesters Market. The Wellness Show also features locally-sourced clothing from Blue Sky Clothing and TAB Firmawear.,, @thewellnessshow #wellness14-end-

Natural Health Directory The Natural Health h Directory is a resource for our readers who are looking for practitioners, products, education, herb farm or other herbal and natural health information. Each listing links to a listing on the Herbal Collective website with links and contact information to that particular business. Herbal Products Ayurvedic Herbs Direct Ayurvedic herbs, remedies and medicine from wellknown companies plus reference books and guides Healing Bliss Botanicals Herbal products are 100% natural, cruelty free, wildcrafted, never contain any preservatives Discover the Power of Aloe Vera Skin Care AnneMarie Gianni Skin Care - natural, organic ingredients free of chemicals and preservatives Triangle Healing Products, Wild Oil of Oregano,

Holistic Health Practitioners Ian Gartshore, Raindrop technique practitioner, marriage and family therapist, Bach Flowers Sarah Brune, Bach flower practitioner, Portal to Vital Health, Gina Goad, ptvh@xplornet. com............................................................1-877-786-015


Sara Namazi - specializing in depression, anxiety,

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mental and physical chronic fatigue, hormonal disorders,


Germana Rovinelli - create a better life with hypnotherapy,,

Natural Foods and Supplements Bell Lifestyle Products Offers a wide selection of natural health products and nutritional supplements....................................905-695-0631 Canadian Bio Supplements Quality manufacturer of natural health products backed by over 5 years of clinical trials...................306-291-0871

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Pacific Holistic Center, Dr Doug Kuramoto. In Nanaimo and Parksville.......................... 250-753-0280

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Heart health - herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, Bach flower remedies - how to protect the heart. Candida - silent killer that can cause ca...

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Heart health - herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, Bach flower remedies - how to protect the heart. Candida - silent killer that can cause ca...