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How Do I Love My Liver? l Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B. l Practise safe sex. l Avoid cosmetic, body piercing,

tattooing and other procedures where equipment is not fully sterilised. l Do not share injecting equipment. Call 1800 437 222 to find out more.

Why Love My Liver? It is the only one you have and you can’t live without it!

Protect your liver against 3 main threats: viral hepatitis, fatty liver and alcohol. l Maintain a healthy weight with

regular exercise. l Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. l Reduce alcohol intake - keep to 1 standard drink a day. l Avoid binge drinking - don’t drink more than 4 standard drinks in one sitting.

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Hepatitis SA provides information, support and education to people affected by hepatitis, and health and community workers.

Why Love My Liver?

What Makes My Liver Sick?

What if My Liver is Sick?

Your liver performs over 500 tasks vital to your health and wellbeing. It is the largest solid organ in your body. Your liver: l processes food to give you energy l makes proteins and enzymes needed by your body l stores iron, vitamins and essential minerals l removes toxins and waste l produces bile for breaking down fat l helps fight infection l controls fat, glucose and amino acid levels in your blood l makes and regulates hormones including sex hormones.

Toxins, alcohol, viruses and parasites. Many liver disorders can be prevented and treated if found early. The most common liver diseases are viral hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease. l hepatitis A - spread by contaminated food and drinks. Can be prevented by vaccination. l hepatitis B - spread by blood to bloodstream contact, sexual contact and from mother to baby. Can be prevented by vaccination. l hepatitis C - spread by blood to bloodstream contact. No vaccine. l Alcohol liver disease - caused by long-term heavy alcohol consumption.

Your liver can repair itself but only up to a point. If your liver is sick

When your liver is damaged, it tries to repair the injured cells. This causes scarring (fibrosis) and may lead to permanent, extensive liver damage (cirrhosis). Signs of liver disease may include: l jaundice (yellow skin and eyes) l fatigue l loss of appetite l itching l discomfort around the liver area. If you are concerned about your liver, talk to your doctor.

Why Love My Liver? English  

Printed copies of this resource are available from Hepatitis SA - email

Why Love My Liver? English  

Printed copies of this resource are available from Hepatitis SA - email