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The Best Places To Go For 2013 Spring Break Parties That You Will Never Forget Summer season is just around the corner and if you are young looking for a place to for the spring break holiday, Partyreisen offers a whole range of packages like youth travels to many of the popular party spots in Europe. But if you like partying specifically, Jugendreisen will take you to Croatia where partying and music festivals are traditional offerings. Partyreisen Packages Partyreisen Party Jam takes you to the Costa Brava in Spain, that long stretch of Mediterranean Sea coast. You can go to Lloret Del Mar and Calella, which are fast becoming favorite destinations for the youth looking for exhilarating spring break parties. The discos and bars in the coastal city of Lloret are memorable experiences. The best party place in Spain is still Mallorca, though, where party nights, whether in Bierkönig, Mega park or Ballermann 6, are well-known for their exuberance. You can go to the Sun beach and Gold beach in Bulgaria and spend less money for experiencing exhibiting parties that are sure to be in full swing this summer. If you prefer something classic, you can go to the Coca Cola beach in Siofok, Hungary where the parties, attended by international DJs, are 24/7 affairs and where the amount money you bring wouldn’t matter much. And there’s Rimini in Italy, right beside the coast of the Adriatic sea where you experience more than just the usual ice cream, pizzas and pastas but partying in some of the hottest clubs with renown DJs providing some electrifying entertainment. And of course the Island of Pag in Novalja in Croatia where international party people and some of the best international DJs gather for the much awaited spring break parties. Other than spring break parties Partyreisen also offer school trips for children combining unwinding and learning activities. Jugendreisen Croatia You and friends will certainly experience a lot of fun and plenty of bonding time in case you have decided that this year it’s Croatia. Jugendreisen Croatia has various youth oriented activities lined-up and this is the best time for making preparations because from May 29 to June 6, a series of spring break activities are set to happen.

Croatia, specifically the Island of Pag in Novalja has always been a favorite getaway for the young looking to unwind from school or work. The island offers a long stretch of coast dotted by top-rated beaches where you can do sunbathing or do water sports like wake boarding, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, you name they have it. The parties though are one of its main attractions. This year they have boat parties and daytime parties. There are games in the beaches offering friendly competition, excellent for making new friends. The Papaya club offers some of the finest parties in the Novalja. It has swimming pools, a VIP area, bars and a restaurant offering incomparable eating experience. Whenever you and your friends are in the mood for these things, the Papaya club is the best place to go. You can also experience one of the most anticipated events in Novalja – the music festivals. Accommodations in Novalja are not difficult to find. There are apartments, complete e with baths, kitchens, showers, that can be rented cheap. They have balconies were you can relax after a particularly hectic day or see the sights.

Resource If you are planning where to go and what to do for the summer, the best choice is Croatia. To make your spring break more enjoyable, it is a lot easier when you do it with the help of Partyreisen and Jugendreisen. You are provided with a lot more choices whether you are going to Croatia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria or Hungary, as both provide you with the information about what you should expect in the place of your choice or how much you have to spend. If you have set your sights on Croatia, that traditional party capital of Europe, it is highly recommended to be equipped with the right kind of information, and supported by reliable travel arrangement providers.

The Best Places To Go For 2013 Spring Break Parties That You Will Never Forget