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2015 Academic Titles

Dictionary of Daily Life Reflecting the Eternal Jesus and the Remains Dante’s Divine Comedy in of His Day in Biblical & Postthe Novels of C. S. Lewis Studies in Jesus and the Biblical Antiquity Vol. 1 A-Da; Vol. 2 De-H Edited by Edwin Yamauchi and Marvin Wilson

By Marsha Daigle-Williamson 9781619706651 • Retail $14.95

Vol. 1: 9781619704602 • Retail $24.95 Vol. 2: 9781619706408 • Retail $24.95 “This is an outstanding resource. It is not another biblical dictionary; rather, it is a reference work like no other. It contains substantial, wellwritten entries on significant topics that flesh out the world of biblical and postbiblical antiquity. Each entry is accompanied by a lengthy, up-to-date bibliography. This important work belongs in every library.” —Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College

“An impressive feat of C. S. Lewis scholarship, both for its theme and for its comprehensive and complete treatment of that theme, which combines clarity with profundity, accuracy in detail with ‘big picture’ wisdom, and theological theory with moral practice.” —Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College Author of C. S. Lewis for the Third Millennium, Between Heaven and Hell, and Back to Virtue

Evidence of Material Culture By Craig A. Evans 9781619707054 • Retail $44.95

“This is a splendid collection of state-of-the-question essays. On topic after topic having to do with archaeology and the historical Jesus, Evans shows himself to be not only exceedingly well informed but also judicious. This book has much to teach all of us.”— Dale C. Allison, Jr., Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary

Bind Up the Testimony

Explorations in the Genesis of the Book of Isaiah Edited by Daniel I. Block & Richard L. Schultz 9781619705999 • Retail $39.95 “This timely volume will provide an unprecedented glimpse of cutting-edge evangelical scholarship pertaining to the composition of Isaiah. Readers are bound to find information here that disrupts their categories.... Welcome to the twenty-first century in evangelical Isaianic scholarship!”—John Walton, Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College • • 800-358-3111

Theology of Work Bible Commentary

Theology of Work Bible Commentary

Theology of Work Bible Commentary

Theology of Work Bible Commentary

Theology of Work Bible Commentary

9781619706606 • Retail $24.95

9781619707092 • Retail $24.95

9781619707504 • Retail $24.95

9781619705265 • Retail $24.95

9781619705968 • Retail $24.95

Karl Barth

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Emil Brunner

9781619707351 • Retail $14.95

9781619707542 • Retail $14.95

Vol. 1 Genesis through Deuteronomy By Theology of Work Project

Makers of the Modern Theological Mind By David L. Mueller

Vol. 2 Joshua through Song of Songs By Theology of Work Project

Makers of the Modern Theological Mind By Dallas M. Roark

Vol. 3 Isaiah through Malachi By Theology of Work Project

Makers of the Modern Theological Mind By J. Edward Humphrey

9781619707368 • Retail $14.95

Vol. 4 Matthew through Acts By Theology of Work Project

Codex Sinaiticus

The Story of the World’s Oldest Bible By David C. Parker

9781598565768 • Retail $34.95

Vol. 5 Romans through Revelation By Theology of Work Project

Codex Sinaiticus

New Perspectives on the Ancient Biblical Manuscript By Scot McKendrick, David Parker, et al.

9781619706477 • Retail $84.95

UBS5 Grk NT Reader, Hardcover

UBS5 Grk NT Reader, Black Flex

BHS Reader’s Edition, Hardcover

BHS Reader’s Edition, Black Flex

9781619706187 • Retail $59.95

9781619706194 • Retail $79.95

9781598563429 • Retail $59.95

9781598567496 • Retail $79.95

German Bible Society

German Bible Society

German Bible Society

German Bible Society • • 800-358-3111

BHQ Genesis

German Bible Society

9781619708389 • Retail $109.95

The Sacred Bridge Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World By Anson Rainey and R. Steven Notley

Carta’s New Century Handbook & Atlas of the Bible By Anson Rainey and R. Steven Notley

9789652208491 • Retail $120.00 9789652207036 • Retail $60.00

The Raging Torrent Haggadah of the 2nd Updated Edition Sages By Mordechai Cogan

9789652208682 • Retail $84.00

By Schmuel & Ze’ev Safrai

9789652207067 • Retail $60.00

The Carta Bible Atlas 5th Edition By Aharoni, Avi-Yonah, Rainey, Safrai & Notley

Teaching History & Echoes from the Past Historical Geography Hebrew and Cognate of Bible Lands Inscriptions from the A Syllabus By Anson F. Rainey

9789652208149 • Retail $50.00

9789652208217 • Retail $35.00

Parables of the Sages

Carta’s Historical Atlas of Jerusalem

By R. Steven Notley & Ze’ev Safrai

By Dan Bahat

9789652208392 • Retail $17.95

Biblical Period By Shmuel Ahituv

9789652207081 • Retail $98.00

Bound for Exile

Israelites and Judeans Under Imperial Yoke By Mordechai Cogan

9789652208439 • Retail $64.00

9789652208293 • Retail $84.00

Understanding the Old Testament 9789652203649 • Retail $14.95

Understanding the New Testament 9789652205254 • Retail $14.95

Understanding Biblical Archaeology 9789652208460 • Retail $18.00

Carta’s Illustrated History of Christianity 3rd Edition 9789652206664 • Retail $32.95

The Carta Jerusalem In the Master’s Steps Understanding the The Gospels in the Land Alphabet of the Atlas, 3rd Edition Dead Sea Scrolls By R. Steven Notley By Dan Bahat 9789652208071 • Retail $60.00

9789652208514 • Retail $25.00

9789652208583 • Retail $18.00

Understanding the Geography of the Bible

9789652205889 • Retail $14.95

Understanding Biblical Kingdoms & Empires 9789652207869 • Retail $14.95 • • 800-358-3111

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Apocalyptic Literature

A Reader By Mitchell G. Reddish

9781619706811 • Retail $29.95

An Introduction to Ugaritic By John Huehnergard

9781598568202 • Retail $69.95

A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew with CD By Jo Ann Hackett

9781598560282 • Retail $39.95

Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament A Practical Introduction for Teaching and Exegesis By Steven E. Runge

9781598565836 • Retail $49.95

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