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EMSA GA Update Update 3


Meet the OC: Jeroen & Mojca It took me about a year getting to know Jeroen, and I am really happy that I have had this possibility. On the first occasions we met (about 2,5 years ago), he seemed to be easily distracted by things he did not like (remember his grumpy face at the time no payments were done?). By working together, Jeroen actually turned out to be a very sweet boy! Moreover, he is a very hard worker. If there’s something on his to-do list, he can’t rest until it’s done. And whenever we plan a meeting on an occasion which is

not very suitable for him, he’ll change his appointmenst to be able to be there as well. Last but not least, he always shows his real feelings and he is always honest.

Where would we be without our president, Mojca? Always there if you need advice or information about what to do next.

Meetings with her are very well regulated. Sometimes we wonder how she gets it all done because she also works as a PhD at Neurology. Mojca has knowledge of most of the positions in our OC and apart from being good at arranging things, she’s also very nice to talk to. With her as commander in chief of this GA, it has o be one of the most successful assemblies we’ve ever had. Would you also like to meet her? Come to the GA in Leiden!

In this issue: Meet the OC Jeroen-o-meter Farmers Golf Why should you come to a GA? Prof. Assendelft of PHEG



Farmers Golf In this part I'll tell you more about farmers golf. I know it's a weird name and actually it's also a weird game. But it's weird in the good sense of the word. I can promise that you will laugh the whole afternoon. It's game like midget golf. Are you all familiar with that? It's golf, but with small clubs on a small course. Well, farmers golf is not so small as midget golf. It's in the middle between real golf and midget

golf. The field is much more special. It's between the cows on a place that looks like the country side of the Netherlands. If you hit a cow, you'll receive a punishment point. You also have to cross small waters and will carry a wheelbarrow with your stuff. So don't hesitate and join us in this funny, typical dutch afternoon!

Dutch word of the month

Jeroen-o-meter:Keep our treasurer warm, and pay your fee as soon as possible! Because of all the registrations he’s busy and looking really serious!

Dutch word of the month:

Prof. Assendelft


Professor doctor Pim Assendelft is head of the department of Public Health and Family Medicine in the Leiden University Medical Centre, the department we are working together with for the EMSCon. He has really strengthened the research in both Public Health and Family Medicine. For a prof, he’s not that old, and neither are his ideas. As a family doctor, he is an icon in the field of prevention by introducing the “preventional doctor’s visit” in the Netherlands. Not all doctors are ready for this shift of tasks, but he will try to inspire us, the new generation, with his vision in the workshop he will be giving during the EMSCon program. Moreover, he will facilitate the first day’s program, right after his opening speech. Interested in meeting him? Leiden, The Netherlands

Photo by Leiden University Medical Centre


Why should you come to a GA? The right answer, of course, should be nothing else but “Why not?” In the slightest possibility that you are not that convinced yet, we will give you ten reasons. 1.

Meeting fellow students from all over Europe


Improve your projects by sharing experiences


Find a Twinning Partner


Get ideas for projects


Discover the possibilities of working on a European level


A time schedule is tightly kept to prevent situations like this: (at night in a plenary)



Try the national food and drinks of several European countries


Discover Leiden and The Netherlands


Experience the only real EMSA Spirit

Be a witness of EMSA’s biggest birthday party so far

Conclusion: register now!

EMSA GA 2011 - Newsletter#3  

EMSA GA 2011, Leiden, the Netherlands, OC Newsletter #3

EMSA GA 2011 - Newsletter#3  

EMSA GA 2011, Leiden, the Netherlands, OC Newsletter #3