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Dear readers, Our winter edition brings a top-notch selection of events, including some of our favorite Christmas markets. The International Hot Air Balloon Festival at Château-d’Oex is a unique and magical event – find out what makes it so special and be sure not to miss it.

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Cover photo: At the Basel Christmas Market, © Switzerland Tourism/ Andre Meier

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CHÂTEAU-d’OEX INTERNATIONAL HOT AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL Mark your calendars for this magical event: 25 January – 2 February 2020 Text by: Rashida Rahim, Hello Switzerland contributor. Photos provided by: Switzerland Tourism

Every year at the end of January, this festival takes place in a small village in Vaud which offers perfect flying conditions for these graceful aeronautical elephants. 6


A small village in the Vaud Alps Winter in Switzerland is anything but dull. From skiing to snowshoeing, tobogganing to ice-skating, high altitude music festivals and spas, the possibilities are endless. However, if there’s one event not to be missed for families, amateur photographers, mountain lovers and adventurers – it’s the International Hot Air Balloon Festival at Château-d’Oex . A bit of history It all began back in the 1970s when Hans Bücker and Charles-André Ramseier, a former director of the Château-d’Oex tourist office, offered visitors winter balloon flights to take in the grandeur of the snow-covered peaks of the Paysd’Enhaut. From there the attraction grew into an event – the first international meeting being held in 1979.

Around 40’000 visitors attend every year Nowadays hundreds of takeoffs — brightening the skies with their colorful and shapely balloons — and their pilots compete in a variety of competitions. Some of these are skill-based competitions, focusing around targets. Asked why they return to the festival every year, Loïc from Ballons du Leman in Rolle (a long-time participant of the event) replies, “It’s a unique venue, and one of the few international events taking place in winter in the mountains. It’s technically challenging, as you have to understand the thermals linked to the ranges.” It’s also an opportunity for him and his fellow aerostiers (balloon engineers) from around the world to catch up during this wintertime spectacular.

An exciting programme for young and old And it’s not just a spectator sport either. If you have children, a whole afternoon is dedicated to the discovery of the wondrous world of ballooning, with shows and activities. They can even take a tethered flight to whet their appetites for the sport. Meanwhile the grown-up adrenaline-seekers can sign up for an actual balloon or helicopter flight. But if your taste is to watch hypnotic contraptions rise up and defy gravity — like graceful aeronautic elephants of the sky — there’s a compelling air show. This includes aerobatic flying, airships, paragliders, air chariots and wingsuits. Or you can watch the spectacular NightGlow Show. This magical presentation (weather permitting) has hundreds of performers, dozens of balloon crews, skiers, skydivers, pyrotechnic experts and sound engineers. They all come together to offer a breathtaking musical show surrounded by the omnipresent mountains at dusk.

Discover more spectacular experiences throughout Switzerland on Use this website in English to plan your perfect winter outing: For more travel infos and tips throughout Switzerland, please get in touch with or phone 0800 100 200 TRAVEL INSPIRATION



RELIABLE TAX SUPPORT Are you required to handle your annual taxes by yourself? Has your employer stopped paying for your tax support? Are you searching for alternatives to your current tax accountant? Do you need a tax accountant that understands your Swiss and/ or your international situation? Gordana Muggler and her team of tax specialists at BDO are here to help Perhaps your employer supported you with your taxes during your first couple of years in Switzerland, and this support has now come to an end. Or perhaps you’ve decided that you’d like professional help with your tax return simply to ensure that you don’t over-pay on Swiss tax.

Why choose BDO? A leading financial advisory company with a global presence of over 80,000 people in 162 countries, BDO also

Taxes:Done! You can trust BDO to support you with expert advice on all matters related to your taxes. BDO tax advisors will answer all questions about tax and social security issues, including when and how to file a tax return. They will advise on your tax implications for foreign assignments and support you with tax planning and tax optimization. benefits from a strong local network of 34 offices in Switzerland. This is important for resident foreigners, as the international perspective often lies beyond the remit of purely local accounting firms. Relax in the knowledge that thanks to its global footprint, BDO will correctly apply Swiss tax law as well as the rules of international tax agreements between Switzerland and your relevant country. With BDO, you’ll benefit from the best of both local and global tax support and you are certain to receive complete support with personal compliance.

GET CONNECTED WITH TAX EXPERTS: Gordana Muggler is the Head of Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland. Gordana and her team of tax specialists are here to support you and your family members on your personal tax situation.

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Events November 2 – 3 November

Season Closing Ceremony Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum

Celebrate the end of the season in a place steeped in tradition. In the morning, cook sauerkraut, at noon prepare tarte flambée and in the afternoon fresh fruit pies. The Chocolaterie offers delicious chocolate specialties and the Balleberg garden team will be selling fresh vegetables on site. Mule rides for kids also available.

Every Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast buffet on Top of Appenzell Hoher Kasten revolving restaurant


Enjoy a good breakfast buffet with local specialties on the Hoher Kasten. The only revolving restaurant in Eastern Switzerland revolves around its own axis within an hour, allowing for spectacular panoramic views. The cableway will ride from the village Brülisau to the summit in no less than eight minutes. 9 November

Childrens Book Launch Basel

Acclaimed author Roger Bonner will launch his exciting detective story, ‘Lost treasure of the Swiss Alps’ for kids 5 years and up. 9 November

Turnip Lantern Parade /Räbechilbi Richterswil, Zürich

For the annual Räbechilbi in Richterswil, around 30 tons of turnips (Räben) are transformed into countless artistically carved lanterns and displayed in the form of themed floats on a spectacular procession through the village. 16 – 24 November

Piano Festival Lucerne

A festival with top pianists in the KKL perfect acoustics hall. Unmissable for classical music lovers! 20 November– 31 December

Lausanne Festival of Lights Lausanne

For over a month from November to the end of December, Lausanne is brightly illuminated by the contemporary works of about fifteen artists whose sculptures aren’t made of stone but light! Follow the path of sculptures through the streets of the city center and the old town and

soak up the mystical atmosphere of the Olympic capital. It’s free and totally unique! 22 November– 24 November

Herofest Bern

Festival for gaming, esports and cosplay. Cosplay stars from all over the world, Switzerland’s biggest esports tournaments, the most popular game studios‘ hottest releases, gaming stations, state of the art PCs, fantasy artists, geeky booths, roleplay and board games as well as the largest LAN party in the German speaking part of the world – that’s HeroFest in a nutshell.

25 November

Onion Market/ Zibelemärit Bern

An absolute riot and an unmissable event. The quiet Bern is completely transformed on this day, full of confetti, loud noises, music, smell of mulled wine and, of course, onions and garlic. People come as early as 5am and start the festivities with a glass of wine.

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WOMEN BACK TO BUSINESS For women on the move Provided by: Patricia Widmer, WBB Programme Head • The partner companies ensure that course content is closely related to practice and guarantee early contacts to potential employers. • Flexible and individualized solutions (structure/schedule) are available. For many women, the most difficult barriers are a lack of awareness of their own professional and personal impact. Here, the management education for women at the University of St.Gallen is building a real bridge to success. An external evaluation of the German speaking programme shows that 75% of the graduates have found satisfying employment. Are you inspired to take the next step? Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to find out more.

Did you recently move to Switzerland and are you looking for a professional challenge? Or do you want to return to the workforce after a family break, or reposition yourself on the job market? The University of St.Gallen, one of the leading European Business Schools, offers the English speaking management programme “Women Back to Business (WBB)”. It is tailored for women with an university degree. This programme is aimed especially at expat partners who would like to use their time in Switzerland to obtain a Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) or at women living permanently in Switzerland who would like to re-enter the workforce or reposition themselves in an international environment after a family break. 12


Here are the benefits of this programme: • You will get a professional education and support during your personal change process. • You will be updated on the latest concepts and models for the most relevant management topics and will develop a deep understanding for the current challenges. • Your appeal for potential employers will increase. • You will receive professional support for your career transition through individual and group coaching sessions, with the opportunity for conscious reflection on how to meet new challenges. • You will widen your professional network with managers in leadership positions as well as with women who find themselves in a similar position as yours. • The programme is structured in separate modules, enabling you to integrate it smoothly into your family’s schedule.

NEXT INFO EVENT 5 November in WeSpaceZurich

ABOUT PATRICIA WIDMER 071 224 75 35 Patricia Widmer is the WBB Programme Head and will be delighted to help you find out more about this unique programme.

Events Women Back to Business Info Events

30 November

Oysters & Wine Aran, Vaud

In the heart of the Vaud wine country, Lavaux, taste a refined pairing of oysters and wine from Caveau de Villette. 7 December

St. Nicholas Parade A series of info events about the ‘Women back to Business’ programme for women with a university degree or advanced technical college degree who desire to return to the workforce or reposition themselves after a longer hiatus.

5 November

Hotel Euler, Basel

WeSpace Zurich

19 November

Hotel Intercontinental, Lausanne

3 January

WeSpace Zurich

28 January


A must-see parade, this is probably the largest event in the stunning town of Fribourg. Use this massive event to discover the rich Catholic heritage of the town and its unique architecture.

An info event about the ‘Women back to Business’ programme for women with a university degree or advanced technical college degree who desire to return to the workforce or reposition themselves after a longer hiatus.

22 – 25 January

Inferno Race

25 January – 2 February

Mürren, Bern

Hot air balloon festival

The inferno race will be held for the 75th time in 2018. What began in 1928 with a handful of British ski enthusiasts is today a major event with 1,850 racers.

Chateau d’Oex, Vaud

The Swiss hot air balloon capital, Château-d’Oex, is host to hundreds of hot air balloons in January of each year. This colourful 9-day festival includes a night-time show, hot air balloon rides and activities for kids.

31 January – 8 February

Sommets musicaux Gstaad, Bern

One of the top classical music events of the winter season. Concerts are held in three exceptional locations: the Gstaad Chappel and the churches of Rougemont and Saanen.

Beautiful Christmas markets You might already know the larger Christmas markets in all major cities in Switzerland. But the smaller off-the-beaten path markets are often more charming, and you can use them as an excuse to do some sightseeing. 21 November – 24 December Montreux

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland. A big Ferris wheel, children’s workshops, the additional site in the town of Caux above Montreux and Santa’s house atop Rochers de Naye make it a very special Christmas destination. Noël 26 November – 23 December Rheingasse, Basel

Definitely not your traditional Christmas market, and definitely worth a visit. Their manifesto is ‘more than kitsch and trade’. Here is more of the organizers’ promise: ‘we do not imitate traditions but create our own. The best example is our Sorell hotel fondue party: on this evening we serve you cheese at long tables in the middle of the street. You only have to bring your Caquelon and a fork, everything else is taken care of’. You had us at ‘no kitsch’, the fondue just makes things perfect. 27 November – 1 December Huttwil, Bern


29 November – 8 December

1 – 31 December

Einsiedeln, Schwyz

Gruyères, Fribourg

Einsiedeln is known as the charming “Monastery Town” of Switzerland. Just in front of the imposing Benedictine monastery, this festive market is worth a visit, with beautifully decorated market stalls, and a huge Christmas tree. If you like nativity scenes, plan a visit to the world’s largest Christmas crib at the Diorama Bethlehem.

The medieval city of Gruyères will be illuminated with a thousand lights for Christmas and provide activities for the whole family. Don’t miss the gift hunting for children aged between 2 and 12, on 22 December.

Stein am Rhein, Schaffhausen

30 November - 1 December Brienz, Bern

The market takes place on one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. You can expect a Mini Zoo, see a woodcarver at work, crafts demonstrations, a Christmas train, musical performances, carousel, ice carving. 4 – 31 December Every December, this well-preserved medieval town turns into a magical place. A canopy of lights over the Rhine bridge, the illuminated castle and lovingly decorated shop windows delight visitors of all ages. A carousel, Santa Claus with his ponies, storytellers and trips on a miniature steam railway wow the young. 30 November - 1 December (weekends only) Chateau Chillon, Vaud

Nestled in the beautiful Oberaargau hills, Huttwil is a delightful village with a charming Christmas market. You can expect only handmade products, art, Christmas-specific goods, and culinary specialties.

Only on advent weekends, this is a special medieval market and festival. You can expect medieval food, music, arts, workshops ranging from calligraphy to cooking, games and dancing, all to give you a better picture of how Christmas was celebrated in the olden days.

Photo: © Bern Welcome

5 - 22 December

13 – 30 December


Lenzerheide, Arosa, Graubünden

Lucerne is a beautiful city, but it is especially beautiful at Christmas time. Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a glass of mulled wine and taste many other delicacies. 7 – 23 December

13 – 15 December Murten, Fribourg

The ‘Magic Forest’ in Lenzerheide is a festival under the open sky which combines light art, music, culinary and a Christmas market. The light installations in the forest make this a unique experience.

Sion is a charming historic town at the heart of the Valais wine country. You can expect beautiful views, historic buildings (the first mention of a settlement in Sion is from 1179!), numerous local artisans and Christmas attractions.

The old city of Murten/Morat provides an enchanting backdrop for the Christmas market. Beautifully decorated 15 - 22 December wooden chalets, and a sea of lights The best breakdown assistance Bellinzona, Ticino from both candles and lamps transport you in fromSwitzerland everyday life. Tasty, regional Christmas decorations will take over specialties and handcrafted products Castelgrande, this spectacular make this an unforgettable experience UNESCO heritage site.! for the entire family!

Sion, Valais


Christmas hot spots in Bern 23 November – 23 December

24 November – 24 December

Chalet Alpenland

Øscår Elch - an unusual Christmas market


This wooden chalet was built especially for the winter, so you can enjoy a cozy alpine atmosphere and delicious food. Flammkuchen, fondue and raclette are served – variety is the keyword here. How about a beer fondue, for example? Or would you prefer the champagne version?


Photo: © Bern Welcome

30 November – 24 December 28 November – 29 December


Traditional Christmas market

Kleine Schanze

Minster/ Münster Square

The newest of Bern’s Christmas markets is located just a stone’s throw from the railway station in the idyllic park Kleine Schanze. The atmosphere is magical due to the beautiful setting and light installations. The food is simply amazing, and you will find here a mix of traditional craftsmanship stands, as well as modern design items. An absolute must do!


This is one of the most creative, colorful and cheerful Christmas markets. Under the watchful eye of Øscår Elch, the moose, containers are assembled, framed with wood and converted into a Christmas bar and winter food chalet. Gourmets can look forward to the unique homemade Hot Mules, Raclette from Jumi or the soulwarming Swedish mulled wine “Glögg”.

18 December – 16 February The Bern Minster Christmas Market Ice Rink combines craftsmanship and tradition: Parliament Square/ Bundesplatz in the middle of old town buildings dating from the 15th to 17th centuries, The artificial ice rink in front of lovingly decorated stands offer the unique scenery of the Swiss handcrafted products. Most of the Parliament Building is popular with artists are there in person and are locals and guests alike: every year, happy to tell the story of their unique thousands of visitors lace up their pieces. Rumor has it the mulled skates and show their skills on the wine served in the on-site restaurant, 600 m2 of this vast illuminated ice Become a member of Switzerland’s #1 mobility ‘Märitbeizli’, is the best in Bern. rink. Entrance is free. club

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Find out more about other magical Christmas hot spots in Bern on:


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• Providing quotes for the end cleaning of your apartment • Accompany you at the apartment handback • Maximize your chance of getting your deposit back • Assistance to cancel utilities • Coordinate repairs and provide quotes from local trusted providers • Help finding new tenants and arrange viewings This is why you need it Our support will make a world of difference especially if you don’t speak the local language of your Swiss region or if you do not know Swiss tenancy law. A relocation consultant will make sure that the exit inspection of your apartment is handled in a fair manner and in line with Swiss lease standards. This will minimize your chances to be held accountable for damages to the property.

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RELOCATION -switzerland

AN OASIS OF PEACE AND RELAXATION AT LAKE LUCERNE See-und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina Forget about the daily rush in this secret garden with stunning views on the lake. Provided by See-und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina • Photo credits: © See- und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina

Lake Lucerne is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Lake Lucerne is the lake with the greatest scenic variety in Switzerland. It is somewhat reminiscent of a fjord landscape yet remains characterized by a mild lake climate. FloraAlpina: a secret garden designed by a famous architect

A lovely hotel with sensational views

Impressive wellness area

The See-und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina is located in Vitznau, in the middle of a beautifully designed parkland, the brainchild of landscape gardener Gustav Ammann.

FloraAlpina offers direct access to Lake Lucerne and is simply an oasis of peace and relaxation, with a breathtaking view over the lake.

The wellness area has a heated outdoor pool and whirlpool plus a steam bath, Bio-sauna, experiential shower and relaxation room. If you need more privacy, you can book the steam bath in the old boathouse by the lake. And if you’re up for it, after a hot soak, you can enjoy a refreshing jump into the lake.

Who is Gustav Ammann might you ask? For those of you who are not architecture buffs, he is a famous garden architect based in Zurich and considered the key figure of garden and landscape architecture in Switzerland of the first half of the 20th century.



Enjoy an exquisite meal out on its large panoramic terrace or bask in the most beautiful sunset central Switzerland has to offer over a drink in the Panorama Lounge. All ingredients are sourced locally from the lake and the nearby woods.

The hotel has 56 individually designed rooms and 5 apartments in the adjacent Villa Margarita. With its panorama terrace, exquisite restaurant and event tent, the FloraAlpina offers the perfect ambience for wedding aperitifs, family celebrations and business events.

Book the Package:

«Wellness and Pleasure» in See-und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina • 1 night in a room with lake view • Rich breakfast buffet • 4-course dinner menu • Free access to the wellness outdoor landscape as well to the wellness area with bio-sauna and steam bath • 1x Private use of the steam bath on the lake incl. Prosecco and aperitif (50 min.) • Transport to the Rigibahn / boat station Vitznau • excl. tourism tax

Price per double room CHF 398 Price per single room CHF 249

Book the package now:




GREEN BONDS EXPLAINED Combine returns and climate protection. With impact investments. Would you like to reconcile your financial interests and climate protection? New ways to invest such as impact investments and sustainable investments make this possible. Now you can use green bonds to make targeted investments in environmental projects without forgoing returns. by the market is green bonds. The funds from green bonds must be used for ecological projects that have a positive impact on the environment and the global climate.

Return of impact investments is comparable to ordinary bonds

Impact investments combine climate protection and returns The global warming of land and sea is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Many people would like to combine their financial interests with making a contribution to environmental or climate protection. As a result, new investment forms that combine aspects of traditional, purely return-oriented investments and donations motivated by philanthropic considerations have arisen on the market – these forms are known as sustainable investments and impact investments.

Sustainable investing is often based on a process of exclusion. For example, companies from controversial sectors such as the tobacco or arms industry are excluded from sustainable portfolios. By contrast, impact investing aims to have an effect. With impact investing, investors can use their investments to achieve a specific, measurable impact – and thus help solve social and environmental problems. One impact investing category that is already available to a broad range of investors and has been well received

Aside from the use of the funds, green bonds work like ordinary bonds. The issuer is liable in the same way as for other bonds. The financial returns on bonds in the same currency and with the same maturity are therefore roughly the same – with the difference being that an investment in green bonds has a positive impact on the climate or the environment. Impact investing enjoys widespread popularity around the world.

You can find more information at:

If you wish to become a Credit Suisse customer, please refer to the Bonviva Silver special deal on page 16.

Legal Notice: The reader acknowledges that the information provided in this publication is only intended for distribution and use by persons who are residents of Switzerland. In particular, it is not directed at, or intended for distribution to or use by or for the offer or solicitation of any products or services directed to any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in any jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability, use, offer or solicitation would be contrary to applicable law or regulation or which would subject Credit Suisse to any registration or licensing requirement within such jurisdiction. Credit Suisse will not treat readers of this publication as its clients by virtue of them accessing it. Readers of this publication should seek the advice of their independent financial advisor prior to taking any investment decision on the basis of any information contained herein and no information herein constitutes general or specific investment, legal, tax or accounting advice of any kind, it is solely for marketing purposes. Copyright © Credit Suisse AG and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.





PIONIEERING BILINGUAL EDUCATION 20 Years of SIS Swiss International School Provided by: Marcel Stähli, CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG

SIS Swiss International School is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. This year’s Summerfest at SIS Basel marked the event and saw students, parents, friends and family come together for a lot of fun, activities and performances. Looking Back and Moving Forward At the end of the millennium, three students and two teachers formed the first bilingual class and laid the basis for SIS at SIS Basel. Today, SIS is a community of sixteen schools in three countries, eight of which are located in Switzerland, with more than 3.800 students living and learning in two languages.

“Summerfest has been an ongoing party for many years at SIS Basel. This year several members of the former and current SIS management team were present, there was a wall of pictures going back 20 years and I also gave a speech that highlighted our 20 years of service in the community,” explains Andrew Wulfers, principal of SIS Basel.

Flash Mob and Raffle At its highpoint, there were approximately 500 to 700 people in attendance at this year’s Summerfest. The community atmosphere was as jovial and vivacious as ever. “In addition to jumpy castles, climbing walls, and other games, we also had performances by the school music bands, the choir and more,” says Andrew Wulfers. This also included a flash mob. “It was special in that it was our ukulele orchestra that came out unexpectedly and gave a fantastic performance in the main foyer,”

adds the principal. The raffle was another major highlight with more than 30 prizes going out to families. Children were busy having fun, playing games, making things and being with their friends. Parents, families and friends really enjoyed seeing the performances, sharing the culinary delights and the social opportunity. For our students, school is a place to learn and thrive – an environment that is stable and nurturing. English and German play equal roles in the classroom and in all parts of day-to-day school life. Discover the benefits of bilingual education for your child today!

GET CONNECTED WITH THE SIS TEAM OF EDUCATORS: Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,800 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

Direct access to the SIS team of educators Find out more about the benefits of bilingual education +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates)

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Fast and efficient results with Berlitz.

B-permit-holders not complying with an integration agreement may lose their right to stay in Switzerland. C-permit holders who do not meet the required language skills and/or fail to comply with an integration agreement may be relegated to a temporary residence status (B-permit). With Berlitz’ special TELC and FIDE courses, you can quickly acquire the required proficiency and take the first step towards a successful exam.

Free placement test Berlitz allows you to accurately test your current level of German, French, Italian, Spanish and English with a free online placement test.

Are you looking for language training with fast and efficient results, as well as flexible learning options? Berlitz offers the fastest, most effective way to learn a new language - with the cultural understanding to get the most out of these new skills. Thanks to flexible learning options and customized learning programs, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to start speaking a new language right away.

Highly effective method Language learning with Berlitz is an immersive experience. The Berlitz Method® was invented in 1878 and is still the most effective language learning technique used today.

Flexible learning options From individual to group classes, from face to face to cyber learning, Berlitz offers a wide range of flexible options catering to the needs of the busiest professionals, but also to those with more time to spare.


Unique online platform The Berlitz Virtual Classroom® is a live online language training platform that allows you to take your lessons from anywhere, following your own schedule and pace. You will interact in real time with a highly skilled Berlitz language instructor.

TELC and FIDE certificates available

Roxana Schwickert, Center Director, and her team of professional language instructors at Berlitz will help you find the most effective type of language instruction to significantly and rapidly boost your language skills.

Since January 2019, all non-Swiss nationals must prove proficiency in the language spoken in the desired place of residence when applying for a residence or settlement permit.

Boost your language skills Sign up for effective language training +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates)




Learn a new language. Open your world.

Call Hello Switzerland for a free online placement test

Berlitz is one of the leading providers of language training in the world and the Berlitz Method , developed in 1878 and continuously improved since then, is one of the most successful methods when it comes to learning and understanding languages.

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101 ROOMS IN REFURBISHED «HOTEL DE FAMILLE» IN VEVEY An outstanding living experience awaits you Provided by: Isabelle Chalifour of VISIONAPARTMENTS

Have you ever dreamt of living in a tranquil city with mild climate, surrounded by vineyards and located directly at the lakeshore? The “Pearl of the Swiss Riviera”, Vevey, might just be the place for you.

It enjoys an international reputation, being home to many different companies such as the headquarters of Nestle, the global Beverage Group. A substantial number of excellent international schools make Vevey a first choice for plenty of expats. The city has always attracted many people: Also, the famous comedian, filmmaker and composer Charlie Chaplin spent his last 25 years of life here!

offers 101 rooms furnished in either the Aegean Sea or the South African style. The typical VISIONAPARTMENTS’ services are included in the price: • Ancillary costs • WIFI and TV • Weekly cleaning • Change of bed linen and towels • Local support team assistance • Free use of the laundry facilities On top of that, the new location has shared offices and a conference room which may all be used by tenants and external parties alike. However, the community concept essentially applies not just for work but also for cooking. This is rendered possible by a shared kitchen with individual, lockable refrigerators and a common dining area. Those not wanting to do any cooking may enjoy being served at the in-house restaurant or they may order room service. Tenants also have access to an in-house spa with swimming pool, sauna and hammam.


Isabelle Chalifour works as a Group Sales Leader at VISIONAPARTMENTS Vevey. She will be happy to assist you and help you find the perfect room or furnished apartment in Vevey or Lausanne.

At Rue des Communaux 20, in the immediate vicinity of the train station and the lakefront promenade, VISIONAPARTMENTS Hotel de Famille

Direct access to specialist customer advisers Book temporary accommodation with service and style +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates)

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SHOULD YOU THINK ABOUT PENSIONS AT THE AGE OF 40? Here is why single people should plan and build up their pensions as early as possible. If they become sick and are unable to work, the missing years of contributions may mean they only have limited entitlement to social security benefits. They may also face severe reductions in old age too, based on Helvetia’s pension analysis. For people with an annual income in the upper six-digit range, benefits from the first pillar and the mandatory part of the 2nd pillar will not even cover 40% of their previous salary. To maintain their accustomed standard of living, they need at least 70% of their former income.

GET CONNECTED WITH SPECIALIZED INSURANCE ADVISERS FOR EXPATS: Marcus Vinti and Brian Bickel are highly experienced pension and insurance experts at the Helvetia general agency in Zurich. They are part of a broad network of Helvetia advisors who specialize in the specific needs of newcomers to Switzerland. Contact Hello Switzerland and receive direct access to insurance advisers in your region.

Save tax with pension provision

So you’re single, you have a good job and would like to stay in Switzerland permanently. How does that affect your pension and what do you need to do about it? Not many 40-year-olds are thinking about their pension like you are. For a single person with a great job and a good income, the topic of pension seems a long way off.

Newcomers miss years of contributions An analysis by Marcus Vinti and Brian Bickel, pension experts at Helvetia, shows that this impression is misleading. Newcomers to Switzerland often have substantial gaps in their pension provision.

Our specialist pension advisors for newcomers suggest building up a private third-pillar pension. You can protect yourself with an unrestricted pillar-3b pension with risk insurance for a disability pension of CHF 36,000 per year in the event of illness and possibly also accidents. It also makes sense to start building up your retirement assets, for which you can use pillar 3a. This retirement provision is promoted by the state, as you can deduct contributions of up to CHF 6,826 per year from your taxable income – thus saving almost CHF 2,000 in tax.


BRIAN BICKEL Over more than 160 years, Helvetia has grown to be one of Switzerland’s leading insurance companies and offers a wide range of services and solutions in the areas of insurance and pensions.

Tailored solutions from specialists A personal pension solution ensures you have the best cover and sufficient financial flexibility in different situations in your life.

Direct access to specialized insurance advisers Expert consultancy for international residents in Switzerland +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates)

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Your car subscription. Everything besides gas is included. Carvolution means all the benefits of owning a car, without the hassle.

Hello Switzerland exclusive deal: Mercedes-Benz C220 D T-Model AMG Line at

CHF 999 CHF 1,179 per month

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Cleaning Services

Professional real estate services in Basel and surroundings. Kristina Covino owner of IMMO77 has 16 years of experience and an impressive track record of successfully sold properties.

Clean, careful and reliable. Caring for our customers for over 30 years! Book an appointment today with experienced, trusted and professional cleaners. |

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Hello Switzerland Issue 4/2019  

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