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Dear Hello Switzerland community, Swiss summer is short and sweet, so here at Hello Switzerland we want you to make the most of it. How does an exciting biking adventure in wild Engadin sound? Or a swim at some iconic spots? Summer is also festival season and we have put together the definitive guide to Swiss music festivals for every type of music lover or party animal. From classical music to heavy metal, from electronic to jazz, from hip hop to country music, whatever your fancy, be inspired by our hand picked events. Here’s to a great summer!

GOODBYE SWITZERLAND Is your Swiss adventure coming to an end? Save time, stress and money and let us help you plan your next relocation abroad.

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Irina Ghita, Editor

Swiss Relocation Helpline Free advice from locals +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat:

Cover Photo: E-MTB Tour Swiss National Park, e-bikers at Val Müstair © Switzerland Tourism





Photo credits: © Switzerland Tourism /André Meier

Are you looking for the perfect way to start an incredible summer? Then an e-mountain bike tour in pristine nature is just the thing! This four day round trip around the Swiss National Park is a must for experienced bikers and aspiring enthusiasts alike. Single track fun at Val S-charl 4


The wild and romantic Val Vau

Hear the call of nature The sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing and countless butterflies flutter in the air. Welcome to Val S-charl, south of Scuol, on the edge of the Swiss National Park. The e-bike motor hums quietly, in keeping with the soft gurgle of the stream. Now and again you are taken unawares by the defiant whistling of marmots. Sometimes, a bear might amble through the undergrowth (don’t count on it, though).

Discover a paradise for e-bikers The region around the Swiss National Park (Graubünden) is paradise for e-mountain bikers. The terrain is neither too steep nor too flat, which makes it perfectly suited for a multi-day bike tour. If you’re an experienced cyclist, this trail might already be among your top things to do this summer. If you are a newbie, get ready to have a wonderful adventure! Did you know there is such a remarkable thing as the electric mountain bike? Hop on one, get your motor running and whirr over daunting hills or even mountain passes. When you feel like having a good work out, just turn off your motor and start pedaling. When you get tired, your zippy e-bike can take you further so you can admire the beautiful, wild scenery and maybe spot a marmot or two. You will start the tour at Scuol, then head to Livigno (Italy), via Val Müstair. Admire the charming and traffic free S-charl, then head to God da Tamangur where herds of wild horses graze peacefully under the centennial pine trees (the highest stone pine tree forest in Europe). Close to Müstair, enjoy the wildly romantic Val Vau. Remember to kiss the Mumma Veglia rock formation for good luck before you cross into Italy. After that, you will charge the Bernina Pass to the Upper Engadin all the way to Zuoz, then head back to Scuol. Each of the stages is between 50km and 60km long. With your e-bike, you’re going to have a blast!

The trip is also available as a bookable tour We warmly recommend it. Accommodation in a Swiss Bike Hotel is included, so you have a cozy place to charge your e-bike’s batteries (and your own) after a day’s ride. For more

Kiss Mumma Veglia for good luck

ideas on this exciting trip, check out the Welcome to the wilderness story on

Be inspired With MySwitzerland’s Summer Stories, let yourself be inspired by 11 more cycling trips that will delight your Swiss summer. Here’s to writing your own bike story! Happy trails and have an amazing summer adventure!

For more info on this exciting bike story or others featured under Summer Stories, please get in touch with or phone 0800 100 200 Find more inspirational experiences and tips at TRAVEL INSPIRATION




TOP 10 SPOTS TO GO SWIMMING In summertime, when the mercury rises to the top of the thermometer, the best place to cool down is in one of the many rivers, lakes, swimming holes and water parks. Here are some of Hello Switzerland’s favorite spots to swim in Switzerland.




Such a special place, it’s hard to describe properly. It’s a beautiful river near Locarno. After walking across the much photographed Roman’s Bridge, you can lounge on the rocks next to the refreshing river.

Lake Sils is nestled in the Upper Engadin Valley. Enjoy swimming, water sports and excellent hiking, and cool off in the beautiful water.

This little lake overlooking the Rigi Moutain is perfect for families, as the water tends to be a bit warmer.

Locarno, Ticino

2. CAUMASEE A beautiful alpine lake near Flims, with swimming, rock jumping, and paddle boats. It’s a bit chilly at about 16∘C, so wait for a hot day in the height of summer to enjoy this scenic lake.

Flims, Graubunden

3. AQUABASILEA While the Säntispark near St. Gallen is perfect for families, Aquabasilea is fun for adults. There are warm relaxing pools with massage jets, a sauna, and poolside bar.

Lauerz, Schwyz

Grisons, Graubunden



The Emme River winds through the Emmental Valley. For an exciting day out, head to Trubschachen to taste cookies at Kambly Factory and then cool off at a beautiful swimming hole off a garden path.

Winding through Berne, there are several spots where you can hop in the river. The currents can be strong, so take care and wear a floatie, if needed.

City of Berne

Trubschachen, Berne



This spa is the biggest thermal bath complex in the Swiss alps! Perfect for swimmers, families, couples.

Miss the sea? Head to the sandy beach at Yvonand on the Lake Neuchâtel. A favourite with locals!

Brig, Valais

Yvonand, Neuchâtel

Pratteln, Basel

Photo: © Jakob Edholm/Silsersee

4. BAINS DES PAQUÎS One of the most popular spots in Geneva, this is the perfect spot for relaxing and sunbathing during the warm summer days.

City of Geneva

For even more amazing locations, visit: 7

Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona © Unesco World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage properties in Switzerland

WELCOME TO THE WILDERNESS In Switzerland there are twelve UNESCO World Heritage properties to discover – nine sites of major cultural significance, and three outstanding natural phenomena. These sites represent authenticity, quality and diversity across the generations; values shared by all Swiss people.

The UNESCO World Heritage properties in Switzerland are a story of success, quality, originality and diversity. While some testify the history of the Earth and humankind long before the birth of our nation, others are representative of Switzerland’s contribution to civilisation.

Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. (UNESCO World Heritage Centre)


There are 1,073 sites in 167 countries on the World Heritage List, including twelve in Switzerland. These World Heritage properties bear witness to the history of the world and humanity. They speak of the emergence and formation of our country. As unique as each site is, they are all related to each other – shaped, inspired and formed by the interplay of the creative forces of nature and culture. World Heritage properties are places of contemplation, discovery, amazement, experience, learning and exchange. The great significance of these places and the fascination and admiration that they inspire cast a spell on those who visit them. They banish the everyday and take us on a journey through time. 8


Travel to these places and you will experience an outstanding, demanding Switzerland. Enchanting cityscapes, unique landscapes, historic legacies and hidden treasures – much of this heritage was left to us by our ancestors, but nature has also played its part in making the World Heritage properties an endless source of amazement. As unique as each site is, they all have one thing in common: the universal values that we share with the global community. Abbey Library St. Gallen © Roland Gerth

UNESCO World Heritage properties are landmarks or areas recognised by the United Nations for their significance to humankind – culturally, historically, scientifically, or otherwise. Protection of our world heritage comes from a revolutionary idea: that the protection and preservation of extraordinary cultural achievements and unique natural phenomena should be placed in the hands of the whole human race.

Discover the most enchanting Swiss Wonders 1 Convent of St. Gallen St. Gallen’s magnificent emblem is its sublime cathedral, which together with the Abbey District forms a historic ensemble. A visit to the Abbey Library is a must. 2 Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona Over millions of years the continental collision between Africa and Europe created a pile-up of peaks. The Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona reveals the extent of this phenomenon.

7 Swiss Alps JungfrauAletsch Dramatic mountain ranges, valleys steeped in traditions and the largest glacier in the Alps entice, as does the region’s rich cultural heritage. 8 Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces are part of Switzerland’s largest wine-growing region and are a shining example of how people harness their natural environment. 9 La Chaux-de-Fonds / Le Locle, Watchmaking Town Planning The towns are important watchmaking centres and successful symbiosis of urban and industrial planning.

3 Convent of St John at Müstair The monastery complex was founded by Charlemagne in the eighth century. It hides a fascinating blend of architectural styles and cultural treasures spanning 1,200 years of history. 10 Prehistoric Pile Dwellings The site counts 111 prehistoric settlements in six countries – of which 56 are in Switzerland. The best way to experience them is to visit the Laténium near Neuchâtel.

4 Rhaetian Railway

Albula/Bernina The spectacular 122 km stretch between Thusis and Tirano is a masterpiece of engineering from the early days of rail travel.

11 Old City of Bern Founded in 1191, Bern features a historic Old Town quarter renowned for its medieval magic, impressive cathedral and attractive arcades.

5 Three Castles of Bellinzona The three castles of Bellinzona – Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro – are among the most significant examples of medieval defensive architecture. 6 Monte San Giorgio Marvel at perfectly preserved fish and marine reptile fossils at the Fossil Museum of Monte San Giorgio in Meride and be transported 240 million years back in time.



Discover Now Embark on a journey to these natural and cultural treasures. Take advantage of our attractive offers:





4 8


7 5


World Heritage Days 9th and 10th June 2018 The World Heritage Sites open their doors and invite you to discover their secrets, their uniqueness and their extraordinary value. TRAVEL INSPIRATION


EVENTS May - June 2018

Discover more exciting events on

4 –13 May

BEA Expo Bern

A crowd magnet, BEA attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. There are special shows, animal demonstrations and a whole lot of fun to be had. Plus, you can sample as much free wine as you can handle! 5 May

Spring Market Romont, Vaud

A cute little market with craft work, local products and animations. 6 May

Gruyeres Cheese festival Gruyeres, Fribourg

A must for all cheese lovers. There will be demonstrations of the traditional preparation of cheese. Come and enjoy a beautiful cheesy day in Gruyeres! 19 – 20 May

Expat Expo Basel

The Expat Expo is already a well established event on the Swiss expat scene, a wonderful opportunity to meet with fellow expats. Admission is free and kids are welcome! Did we mention there’s a bouncy castle?

Caves Ouvertes Vaudoises – Open Wine Cellar Days

Along the Montreux Riviera

27 – 28 May

From Bonvillars to Chablais, from La Côte to Vully via Lavaux and Les Côtes de l’Orbe: six regions, six different types of climate, more than 300 unique discoveries. Have a wonderful day sampling the best wine in Switzerland.


27 May

Chef Alps Zurich

Watch internationally renowned star chefs live on stage, get to know exceptional products in the market hall, recognize trends and benefit from them. Be there when the Swiss gastronomy

scene gains inspiration, while daring to look beyond the frontiers and towards the future! 24 May – 3 June

Food Zurich Zurich

Throughout the eleven days of FOOD ZURICH, more than 150 events celebrate the city as a culinary hotspot where connoisseurs, curious foodies and families all come together. It’s a paradise for food aficionados of every shape, size and color. Dining and cooking events pop up almost everywhere imaginable – in established restaurants but also in a tunnel, museums, castles, or even private homes.


A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO QUALITY MANAGEMENT AT SIS Guaranteeing Quality at SIS Provided by: Andrea Furgler, CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG

Quality of service is a priority for SIS Swiss International School. To keep its promise of quality, several measures have been implemented. Evaluation of the schools is a capital step of the process All 16 SIS schools are based on a common educational concept with consistent quality standards. Every three years, each school is visited by a team who evaluates all facets of school life. “School evaluations allow us to maintain quality standards and identify areas for improvement,” explains Janet Meister, Chief Quality Officer of the SIS Group.

Evaluation of students’ performance is an excellent indicator “Students sit international benchmarking tests each year, which helps us understand the effectiveness of teaching and learning at SIS,” explains Janet Meister. “Students’ performance has, on average, exceeded that of comparative groups in recent years, which confirms the effectiveness of SIS’ bilingual concept,” adds Meister.

Teachers are the heart and soul of SIS schools

Photo: © SIS Swiss International School

The SIS teaching community is hugely responsible for the effectiveness of the bilingual education concept. Teachers’ professional development is thus a key part of the SIS quality management, as SIS

is committed to maintain a high level of teaching quality at all its schools.

At the core of it all: the SIS bilingual concept Languages are often likened to a key to other cultures, opening doors to new concepts and different ways of thinking and living. At SIS, we cherish the diversity of our multinational school community, made up of local and international students and staff.The SIS carefully developed bilingual curricula prepare students for both nationally and internationally recognised qualifications such as the bilingual Swiss Matura or the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB). Having received high-quality teaching by native speakers of German and English, SIS students are well prepared to continue their studies in Switzerland or abroad. Upon graduation, they have gained a strong sense of who they are, and they are equipped with a set of values that will guide them through life successfully no matter which corner of the world their journey may take them to.

ABOUT ANDREA FURGLER Andrea Furgler is the CEO of Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,600 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

Let us search for your perfect international school Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat: CHILDREN & FAMILY


EVENTS June - July 2018

2 June

24 June

8 July


Saas Fee, Valais

Rigi, Lucerne

A night of music, art, cinema, theater and dance. Party all night!

This very special hike promises to be THE culinary highlight of the summer in the Saas Valley. SaasFee’s best chefs and sommeliers will present their finest creations as participants stroll through the breathtaking mountain scenery.

Schwingen, Jass and Hornussen are just a few new notions you discover as you dig deeper into Swiss culture. The first one, traditional wrestling, is a lot of fun.

27 – 29 July

29 – 30 June

St. Moritz

Sleepless night in Locarno 9 – 10 June

World Heritage Days


11 UNESCO sites in Switzerland

A weekend dedicated to the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites. A chance to discover some of the most stunning natural wonders of Switzerland and also some of its most prized cultural treasures. Dive deep in prehistoric times at the perfectly reconstructed lake dwellings in Latenium, explore the 8th century Convent of St. Gall and its beautiful library (among the top 10 most beautiful libraries in the world!). Which amazing place will you choose? 14 – 17 June

Art Basel Basel

If you are an art lover, you absolutely must be at this huge art event. Art Basel is the world’s leading fair for modern and contemporary art. This year, 291 of the world’s leading galleries will show the works of over 4,000 artists. A full program of artworld talks takes place each day.


Discover more exciting events on

Saas Gourmet Trail

Chasselas Worldwide Festival Aigle, Valais

Celebrate and taste some of the best wine in Switzerland. A feast for wine aficionados in the beautiful surroundings of Aigle Castle.

Traditional Wrestling


Have a seat at the longest table in the Alps! On the last weekend in July, a colorful crowd of visitors and locals will take a seat at the 400-meter wooden table that winds through the streets of St.Moritz.

FREE 1 YEAR ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE A HELLO SWITZERLAND SPECIAL OFFER 8 reasons to join TCS As a Touring Club of Switzerland (TCS) member, you can rely on 24/7 breakdown assistance and roadside recovery 365 days a year, rain, snow or shine. With over 620 roadside patrols and partner garages, you can be sure that you’re covered in the case of a roadside emergency. Your membership protects you in any vehicle you drive, both cars and motorbikes, and comes with many advantages:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Quick response & 24hr breakdown assistance TCS patrols are there for you 24/7, all year round, with an average waiting time of 35 minutes.

Technical expertise No matter the make, engine or type of vehicle, our experts know how to get you back on the road.

Experienced patrol services 220 patrol members handle around 280,000 assignments every year. They know what they’re doing!


Special member offers Members enjoy special discounts: • Discount of up to 25% on cable cars and mountain railways • 2.5 cent savings per liter of fuel at BP • 2% fuel discount at Tamoil • Save up to CHF 100 at Adam Touring and Premio when purchasing four tires


Protection for the whole family With TCS, you don’t need to worry about your family members driving your vehicle. Family members in your household can get coverage for driving a vehicle registered to the policyholder.

Services Before you leave on a road trip, or at the onset of winter, your vehicle will be checked by experts at one of the 19 TCS technical centers at a favorable membership price.

7. 8.

Peace of mind Did you lock your key in the car? Have you run out of petrol? There’s no need to worry about these little problems — the TCS patrol will come to your rescue (even if you might be at fault).

Safe travels guaranteed In 8 out of 10 breakdowns your vehicle will be repaired on the spot. If your vehicle cannot be repaired straight away, we will arrange for a comfortable onward journey.

With over 1.5 million members, you can trust Switzerland’s #1 breakdown assistance.

Photo: © TCS

Free 1 year breakdown recovery service for Hello Switzerland readers Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat:



The Ultimate Summer Music Festival Guide From classical music to heavy metal, from electronic to jazz, from hip hop to country music, whatever your fancy, be inspired by our hand picked events. 18 – 21 May

Street Artists Festival Ascona, Ticino

Pantomimes, stage plays, dance performances, jugglers, tightrope walkers, fire eaters, musicians, clowns and many others. Over a hundred free performances fill the numerous small settings along the lakeside with a joyful atmosphere. 1 – 24 June

Zurich Festival Zurich

From culinary delights to exciting dance or theatre performances, you can’t miss this city party and fireworks show. 5 – 9 June

Caribana Lakeside Festival Nyon

Kick off festival season in style by the Lake Leman, while listening to The Passenger, Simple Minds and Patrick Bruel. In the mood for fresh electro music? Petit Biscuit will be there and loads of young artists. 14

7 – 9 June

Greenfield Festival Interlaken

Have a smashing good time with Volbeat and The Prodigy as the headliners! 14 – 16 June

B-Sides Festival Lucerne

Alternative music central. Let your inner hipster out and chillax. 14 – 17 June

Festi‘neuch Neuchâtel

Get ready for some serious lakeside fun! Lily Allen starts the festival, which is dominated by defiant French language artists (Orelsana, Kenny Arkana, Eddy de Pretto, Bigflo & Oli). 15 – 16 June

Blues n‘ Jazz Rapperswil-Jona

A jazz lovers’ favorite, the festival celebrates its 20th year in 2018. 20 – 23 June

Rock the Ring Hinwil, Zurich

24 June – 13 July

St. Gallen Opera Festival St. Gallen

Also known as the St. Gallen Cultural Festival, this festival has everything to melt the hearts of opera and ballet buffs. The stunning St. Gallen Abbey (a UNESCO World Heritage site) hosts some of the open-air performances.

Rock legends like Uriah Heep and Nazareth are on the line up. Feeling nostalgic?

28 June – 1 July

St. Gallen

Open Air St. Gallen

Jazz Ascona

With Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and The Killers as the headliners, make sure you get your tickets early!


21 – 30 June

200 concerts! From traditional Jazz to blues, Ascona becomes a music oasis. Cool cats everywhere, welcome!

29 June – 14 July

Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux

Yeehaw! For 3 days feel the Wild West in Interlaken, with line dancers, country music and, of course, trucks. This will be a riot!

It is still called a jazz festival, but it is more of a cultural phenomenon, featuring a multitude of musical styles and scores of different artists. Check out the free concerts at the spectacularly illuminated Parc Vernex or join the party boats on the lake.

22 – 24 June

Trucker & Country Festival Interlaken

Ticino palm trees. This festival is also called the “Montreux south of the Alps”.

9 – 11 August


13 July – 1 September

Gstaad Menuhin Festival

Peaceful Bern comes to life during this 1 August festival. Watch out for inspiring music and Farm National Day Brunch dance performers at every street corner.


Entire Switzerland

Now at its 62nd edition, the Gstaad Menuhin Festival is a spectacular classical music event.

Book your brunch at one of the 350 farms in all regions of Switzerland and 11 August celebrate Swiss National Day. Street Parade 16 – 22 July

Davos Sounds Good Davos

The sound of New Orleans jazz in the Swiss mountains. 17 – 22 July

Paleo Nyon

5 – 7 July


This is the biggest open air music festival in Switzerland. Expect rock music ‘royalty’ in the line up.

Simply the biggest hip hop festival in Europe. Eminem and Wiz Khalifa are the top headliners.

19 July – 5 August

Openair Frauenfeld

Verbier Music Festival Verbier

6 – 8 July

Tropical Caliente Festival

Exquisite music in a majestic alpine setting. This prestigious classical music festival celebrates 25 years.


Every year, Zurich is gripped by the Caliente fever. Check your salsa dancing skills on the Pista de Baile.

20 – 28 July


Blue Balls Festival

11 – 14 July

Gurten Festival

An amazing line up: Alanis Morissette, the British Tom Odell and the amazing Melody Gardot, an absolute gem!


Chill on top of Bern, on the lovely Gurten mountain. Gorillaz are headlining this year

3 – 5 August 13 – 21 July

Moon and Stars Locarno

Listening to great music in an utterly romantic setting, among the famous

Buskers Street Music Festival

Brienzersee Rock Festival Zurich

Hundreds of thousands will be dancing on the of Zurich. The Street Parade 11streets August sparks an incredible party atmosphere Street Parade with 30 love mobiles, hundreds of DJs Zurich and seven stages around Lake Zurich. Hundreds of thousands will world be dancing It is the largest techno party in the onindisputable the streets of Zurich.ofThe Street and an highlight Zurich’s sparks an incredible party eventParade calendar. atmosphere with 30 love mobiles, hundreds of DJs and seven stages around Lake Zurich. It is the largest 15 – techno 19 August party in the world and an Rock Oz’Arenes indisputable highlight of Zurich’s event calendar. Avenches, Vaud James Blunt and others will rock the huge open air Roman amphiteatre, one of best preserved in Europe. 17the August Swiss Food Festival Zermatt

16 –18 August Organized in close collaboration with Open Air Gampel Gault Millau restaurants and hotels, Gampel, this Valais festival is a must for all gourmets Another out massive there. festival with eclectic music. Party on! 18 – 19 August

Inferno Triathlon

17 August - 16 September Mürren, Schilthorn

Lucerne Classical Music Festival One of the most beautiful and

Lucerne spectacular endurance events in

Four the weeks of more than 100 concerts: Swiss mountains. The INFERNO International in triathlon,classical with its music ascentstars of 5500m, is the heart all and one of Switzerland. the toughestAinmust the for world classical music lovers! already ranks as a classic. Top sport in the world’s most scenic setting: in front of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau! Max. 333 participants. 22 – 25 August Zurich Open Air



Have a rocking good time next to one of the most stunning lakes in Switzerland.

Lots of electronic and rock music in one of the coolest settings in Switzerland. The lineup is top notch. 15



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SWISS CITIZENSHIP ACT Amendments from 1 January 2018 Amendments to the Swiss Citizenship Act entered into force on 1January 2018. The new law ensures that only well integrated foreigners may acquire Swiss citizenship. Becoming a Swiss citizen The amended Act specifies that people can become naturalized if the person: • is in possession of a permanent residence permit C • has lived in Switzerland for a minimum of ten years. The years spent in Switzerland between the completed age of 8 and 18 are counted double • has an unblemished reputation (no criminal records, no entries in the debt collection register, no dependence on social welfare during the past three years and no outstanding tax payments) • is verifiably well integrated in Switzerland. Integration means being capable to speak one of the national languages at a level of B1 orally and A2 written, respecting the public security and order as well as Swiss values, participating in the economy or acquiring education, participating in social and cultural life, and being familiar with Swiss customs and traditions. Before submitting an application for naturalization, a person must have lived for a minimum of two years in the same community. The application must be submitted to the cantonal or municipal authority. From the date of submission of the documents, it takes between one and two years to process naturalization requests.

Cantonal differences The revised Federal Act also has an effect on the cantonal law. The cantonal differences have been repealed and replaced by uniform and transparent rules in all Swiss cantons.

Simplified naturalization of third-generation foreigners As of 15 February 2018, a simplified naturalization has been available to young foreigners, under 25 years of age, and foreigners of the third generation. The naturalization process takes significantly less time than in the past and is less costly. An interim arrangement applies to applicants between the ages of 26 and 35 years old. They can apply for a facilitated naturalization within five years as of 15 February 2018, if the applicant was born in Switzerland, attended a Swiss school for at least five years and holds a permanent residence permit.

ABOUT GORDANA MUGGLER Gordana Muggler is Head of Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland. BDO’s experienced specialists are here to advise and support you and your family members on all aspects of international assignments, be it concerning the arrival to Switzerland or the deployment abroad, from the beginning of the preparations through to the return home.

T +41 44 444 35 55

All your immigration questions answered Quality support with personal compliance in Switzerland Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat:





FACT OR FICTION – 3 ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT SWISS BANKING EXPLAINED Switzerland, the country of banks – a reputation that comes with assumptions. Credit Suisse examined three of these in an attempt to set the record straight on how the Swiss do their banking.


A Swiss bank account entails a private concierge. Hard to believe but true. Benefit from the Bonviva Platinum Package – a worldwide concierge service to make your busy day-to-day life a bit less stressful.


Here in Switzerland, you can also pay with your phone. This is correct. With Credit Suisse TWINT, you can transfer money between friends and pay in no time online and in shops using only your phone!


The piggy banks make noises in Switzerland. True! Digipigi, the digital piggy bank for kids, reacts to money deposits and transactions with noises and facial expressions – to make saving money that much more fun.

Now that any misconceptions about Swiss banking are resolved, nothing stands in the way of opening a bank account. From little ones to grown-ups, Credit Suisse has something in store for everyone:

Adults: Bonviva Silver, Gold and Platinum package All banking services in one package for a fixed price. • Savings account and up to four private accounts with preferential interest rates • Free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland • Various debit and credit cards1 • Various security and travel services


Youngsters: Viva – the free banking package for young people and students

Children:Viva Kids – the free banking package for children under 12 years of age

• Private and savings account with preferential interest rate • Free cash withdrawals throughout Switzerland • Cash withdrawals using your smartphone • Access to discounted tickets for movies, festivals, museums, etc.

• Digipigi money box and Digipigi-apps for children and parents • Private and savings account with preferential interest rate • Possibility of a debit card (from age 7) • Access to Viva Kids World

Get in touch with the Hello Switzerland Relocation Helpline to find out more about Credit Suisse’ innovative products and to claim your Bonviva Silver package free for 2 years 058 356 17 77

Credit cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

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THE EASIEST WAY TO CONNECT: SWISSCOM BY HELLO SWITZERLAND Fast, uncomplicated, expat friendly: that’s the essence of our new Swisscom activation service.

Lina Bickel is the heart and soul of our Swiss Relocation Helpline, together with Julie, Daniela and Martijn. They are here to answer your every relocation related question and help you make the right choices in Switzerland. We have asked Lina to explain our service in a crystal clear way.



How does Swisscom factor in the relocation story? We take many things for granted, but once you have relocated, you realize what your most important needs are. Things like having an internet connection, having a phone that works, watching your favorite show on TV, they suddenly become important. It is these things that bring a feeling of home. When we say connectivity, maybe it sounds empty, but in fact, it means being connected to your previous life. We are not ready to let go of that. It helps the transition into our new life. Swisscom is our preferred partner for all connectivity services and for good reason: in a nutshell, they have amazing customer service (fast, responsive and reliable), they are expat friendly and they have top product packages.

I guess you get asked this a lot: why should I get connected to Swisscom by Hello Switzerland? ‘What’s in it for me?’ Let’s say you are abroad, soon to come to Switzerland. Maybe you have had a chance to come to Switzerland and see some houses and were lucky enough to find something you like. You are the lucky soon-to-move to Switzerland expat. Now what? Take a deep breath and call us. Step 1 is to get you connected. This way, by the time you move to Switzerland, you will be sure to have an internet connection, a mobile phone with great coverage and a cable connection with access to hundreds of international programmes.

Is this service only for newcomers? Of course not! For people who have been living here for some time, our service is simply the easiest way to change your provider. I mean, we are really, just a phone call away!

Is this service really free? Our service is free of charge. You simply have to decide which products you want from Swisscom. The cost of those Swisscom products is all you will pay.

What happens if I need to leave Switzerland? And fast… Well, then, you will get a quick lesson in Swiss strict rules – you have a notice of three months for virtually anything, including your telecom contract. What to do? Again, call us!

Any final piece of advice you would give our readers? We know international people, we know their needs and their fears, we know what they go through when they relocate to Switzerland. We started Hello Switzerland as a way to share our knowledge and to create a community support group. If you have any concern, question, query regarding relocating to, living in, leaving from Switzerland, call us! You can always expect honest advice and the best service from us and our carefully chosen partners.



With Swisscom you are guaranteed the best in all things telecom: • Ultra-fast home internet connection, with fiber optics to the home available in most cities • The mobile network with the best coverage • The most generous TV offer, with more than 300 channels in three dozen languages. No other digital TV provider is as expat friendly as Swisscom, with features like voice search in English and English subtitles to shows in German. • inOne packages that are easy to understand and that you can customize at any time, according to your current needs. • Leading customer service • Highly responsive technical support • Multilingual service and high proficiency in English. Contracts, monthly statements, technical support and after care services are all provided in English, in addition to German, French and Italian.

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider and one of its foremost IT companies. Swisscom focuses on great service and quality, investing massively in the networks of the future.

Swisscom by Hello Switzerland Helping you make the right choices To order Swisscom or find out more: +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) LIVING WELL IN SWITZERLAND






TEMPORARY SHARED OFFICES IN ZURICH, LAUSANNE ST. SULPICE, VEVEY, FRANKFURT AND BERLIN A forward-thinking concept for dynamic professionals Provided by: Jean-Marc Aiello of VISIONAPARTMENTS “Co-working spaces are booming at the moment. Multi-use concepts add value to our residential buildings and are highly appreciated by our tenants. With the mixture of apartments, wellness or fitness areas, VIP lounges and co-working spaces, we have created a successful symbiosis of living and working space.” VISIONAPARTMENTS’ modern and flexible co-working spaces have been tailored to meet the needs of international business travelers. The offices are available in two formats – private offices or open plan desks. Both versions are furnished and provide free access to the kitchen, a multi-functional printer and a lounge area with a coffee machine. Wi-Fi and cleaning are included in the price.

VISIONAPARTMENTS, the Swiss market leader in the serviced apartments industry, enhances its range of innovative services by offering shared offices. Co-working, the sharing of office space with other independent professionals, opposes the traditional workspace model, where offices are occupied only by employees of a single organization. This innovative concept offers several advantages: in contrast to traditional office leases, desks can be rented for months, weeks or days only. This is ideal for start-up entrepreneurs, freelancers or business travelers looking for a professional workspace without 26


the high upfront costs and long-term commitment. Another benefit is that it gives growing companies more flexibility. Accommodating additional employees is as simple as adding new memberships. Co-working also provides plenty of networking opportunities and puts together people who might have vastly different skillsets. In July 2016, VISIONAPARTMENTS’ first shared office opened on Militärstrasse in Zurich. After this successful pilot project, further locations in Lausanne St. Sulpice, Vevey, Frankfurt and Berlin were launched. “The shared office concept is perfect for our target market, which consists largely of international business travelers”, explains Anja Graf, CEO & Chairwoman of VISIONAPARTMENTS.

ABOUT JEAN-MARC AIELLO Jean-Marc works as a Head of Acquisition with VISIONAPARTMENTS in Zurich. He will be happy to assist you and help you find the perfect office space that suits your needs.

Talstrasse 62, CH-8001 Zurich T +41 76 393 55 55



ASSISTANCE INSURANCE Why the non-compulsory policies matter too CONNECT WITH SPECIALISED ADVISORS Jessica Barraud and François Bortolotti are insurance and pension advisors. They work at Helvetia’s Lausanne general agency and specialise in advising newcomers.

JESSICA BARRAUD People living in Switzerland are required to have a wide range of insurance policies – more than in most other countries. So it’s easy to forget that many important risks are not automatically covered. Jessica Barraud, an insurance and pension advisor at Helvetia, explains why Assistance insurance can be a useful complement to the policies you already have

Cancellation costs covered One of my clients had arranged to go away with his family and then at the last minute had to stand in for a colleague on a project at work, which put an abrupt end to his holiday plans. He was very relieved to learn that – thanks to his Assistance policy – Helvetia would pay the cancellation costs.

Assistance for persons Assistance insurance doesn’t just

protect you against the financial consequences of cancelling or delaying your trip. It’s also there to help while you are away: for example, if someone falls seriously ill or has an accident on holiday it will cover the costs of transport to the nearest doctor or hospital. +41 58 280 88 23


Motor Vehicle Assistance If your car breaks down or you’re involved in an accident, you’re well covered with Motor Vehicle Assistance. It includes breakdowns both in Switzerland and abroad. To find out about the various options for insuring yourself and your family, it makes sense to talk to an insurance advisor as soon as possible after arriving in Switzerland. That way we can put together a personalised package that’s precisely tailored to your needs.

Find out more here: +41 58 280 88 27

Helvetia Insurance: a comprehensive range Helvetia Insurance has been one of Switzerland’s leading insurance companies for 160 years. Helvetia offers customised solutions for a wide variety of insurance needs including private pensions and occupational benefits, indemnity insurance and mortgages.

Get Swiss insurance right Expert advice - the right partners - the best deals Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat: 28



Adriano Signorello and Sanela Junuzovic, Insurance Experts

Get important information on all aspects related to purchasing and financing your home.

Hosted by Hello Switzerland and insurance specialists from Helvetia, you’ll learn the financial basics of what it means to own a home in Switzerland. A short presentation by an expert will be followed by a convivial networking apero where you can ask questions. 21 June 2018, 18:30 - Henric Petri-Strasse 9, 4010 Basel Register now at:


INNOVATIVE PRACTICES AT THE INTERCOMMUNITY SCHOOL ZURICH (ICS) What makes the ICS pre-school and kindergarten special? Provided by: ICS Communications, Inter-Community School Zurich Julian Edwards, Primary Principal. Our teachers are experts in the field of early childhood education and they are also native English and German speakers.

Child-centered programme accredited by the International Baccalaureate® Organisation

The Early Years (EY) Programme, ICS’s pre-school programme for 3-to-6-year-olds is a harmonious and unique mix of bilingual education, investigations in nature, creative explorations, field trips and academic learning. This multitude of educational and creative offerings combined with the school’s holistic childcentered approach and state-ofthe-art facilities make the ICS Early Years Programme unique. Custom designed bilingual learning experiences Scientific studies show that participation in bilingual programmes at an early age gives children distinctive cognitive, social and academic advantages through life. At the EY Centre children are introduced to German in age-appropriate groups. They listen to stories in German, play games, learn German songs and attend German language theatre plays. “The idea is to make German language a normal part of everyone’s day,” says 30


The child-centered and inquiry-based EY Programme is focused on fostering learning and development across a range of spheres - cognitive, social, emotional and physical. The natural curiosity of children is nurtured through six transdisciplinary themes, called Units of Inquiry. This framework is developed and accredited by the International Baccalaureate® (IB) organization and is used by top international schools worldwide. The Units of Inquiry, including ‘Who We Are’, ‘How the World Works’ and ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ among others, promote play, discovery and exploration. Children are placed at the centre of the Curriculum with a strong emphasis on child-initiated explorations that stimulate creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills.

Forest time in any season The Waldkinder Programme (Children’s Forest) is an integral part of the EY Curriculum. Children go out into the forest every week throughout the school year. The EY Centre teachers received training in the UK to become qualified Forest School leaders. Each forest session includes discussions, inquiries and investigations. Children write and draw their observations in journals and take iPads into the forest to film videos and take photographs. The most recent project set up by our young forest explorers was an “Insects & Fashion Museum” event, where budding insect scientists and fashion designers exhibited their model of insects, paintings and self-created costumes inspired by nature.

Join the ICS Pre-school/ Kindergarten Our multifaceted bilingual Early Years Programme greatly benefits children’s wellbeing, emotional development, academic preparation and intellectual growth, while fostering meaningful social connections and creating numerous happy moments for children and their parents. New families from all over the world are always warmly welcomed and supported!

ABOUT INTER-COMMUNITY SCHOOL ZURICH The Inter-Community School Zurich (ICS) is the longest established international school in the Zurich area. A private co-educational day school, established in 1960, we provide a world-class international education for students aged 3 to 19. We welcome applications from prospective students throughout the year. Please contact us at if you have questions or would like to visit our campus.


inter-community school


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Our company has been providing high quality cleaning services for over 30 years. We know cleaning! Book an appointment today with experienced, trusted, cleaners.

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