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Andermatt a paradise for free riders, Cover image copyright: Martin Wabel


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Dear reader, This is the season of choices: raclette or fondue, skiing or aprés-ski? No matter your pleasure, Hello Switzerland is here to help you make the most of your winter adventures in Switzerland! Planning to travel for the holidays? Then be sure to check out Simple Family Travel’s 6 tips for flying with kids. Samantha Suarez-Maier Editor

Swiss Relocation Helpline Free advice from locals +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat:

Andermatt a paradise for free riders, Cover image copyright: Martin Wabel

Daniela Tanner


TOP TIPS FOR FLYING WITH KIDS The plane can be part of the fun! Dread flying with kids? A few expert tips can help you get to your destination with your wits still intact. The holiday season is upon us, and for many families this means travel. With only a few weeks to schedule maximum fun, you’ll want to be thinking more about the memories you’ll be making and spend less time worrying about flying with your kids. Allow me to help lighten your load by sharing some of my tips I’ve collected over the last 12 years of flying with babies, toddlers, and pre-teens! 5. Limit screen time. The bright light of iPads and inflight entertainment screens are known to interfere with sleep patterns. Try switching them off well before bedtime and encourage alternate activities. 6. Pack age-specific “busy” toys and snacks. Stickers can be a life saver and snacks that toddlers must eat one by one, like sultanas and blueberries, can help you wind down the clock.

You can find more helpful tips atlying

ABOUT KRISTIN REINHARD Blogger at Simple Family Travel Kristin Reinhard has called Switzerland home for 16 years, and is the author of the blog Simple Family Travel which documents her path towards less stuff and more life with her family. Facebook: simplefamilytravel Instagram:

Photo: © Simple Family Travel

1. Avoid flying at nap time on short haul flights. You want your baby or toddler fresh and happy and many won’t sleep on a plane. 2. Book a bassinet well in advance. Airline restrictions vary for bassinet use. Call your airline to ensure your baby can use one. 3. Book kids’ meals in advance. Not all airlines automatically provide a child’s meal. Check this at the time of booking. 4. Consider new travel products like CoziGo, a cover for airline bassinets and prams and Plane Pal, an inflatable footrest used to create a sleeping space for kids in economy. Check with your airline to ensure you can use them.



FREE 1 YEAR ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE A HELLO SWITZERLAND SPECIAL OFFER 8 reasons to join TCS As a Touring Club of Switzerland (TCS) member, you can depend on 24/7 breakdown assistance and roadside recovery, 365 days a year, rain or snow or shine. With over 620 roadside patrols and partner garages, you can be sure that you’re covered in the case of a roadside emergency. Your membership protects you in any vehicle you drive, both cars and motorbikes, and comes with many advantages:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Quick response & 24hr breakdown assistance TCS patrols are there for you 24/7, all year round, with an average waiting time of 35 minutes.

Technical expertise No matter the make, engine type, of your vehicle, our experts know how to get you back on the road.

Experienced patrol teams 220 patrol members handle around 280,000 assignments every year. They know what they’re doing!


Special member offers Members enjoy special discounts: • Discount of up to 25% on cable cars and mountain railways • 2.5 cent savings per liter of fuel at BP • 2% fuel discount at Tamoil • Save up to CHF 100 at Adam Touring and Premio when purchasing four tires


Protection for the whole family With TCS, you don’t need to worry about your family members driving your vehicle. Family members in your household can get coverage for driving a vehicle registered to the policyholder.

Services Before you leave on a road trip, or at the onset of winter, your vehicle will be checked by experts at one of 19 TCS technical centers at a favorable membership price.

7. 8.

Peace of mind Did you lock your key in the car? Have you run out of petrol? There’s no need to worry about these little problems — the TCS patrol will come to your rescue (even if you might be at fault).

Safe travels guaranteed In 8 out of 10 breakdowns your vehicle will be repaired on the spot. If your vehicle cannot be repaired straight away, we will arrange for a comfortable onward journey.

With over 1.5 million members, you can trust Switzerland’s #1 breakdown assistance.

Photo: © TCS

Free 1 year breakdown recovery service for Hello Switzerland readers Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat: SAFE TRAVELS



THE PENSION INSURANCE CERTIFICATE Benefits of occupational pension schemes The pension insurance certificate contains a lot of useful information if you understand how to read it. How the Swiss pension system is built up and how its 3 pillars interact, is explained in our Hello Switzerland website article The Swiss Pension System. For many people in Switzerland, their savings in the occupational pension scheme (2nd pillar) form the most significant portion of the retirement provision. Each year, you get a certificate which provides you with all necessary information regarding your benefits in this 2nd pillar.

The insurance certificate Your pension plan provider issues a certificate that – among other information – shows your pension benefit and your entitlement. As each pension fund provider has its own regulations and its own insurance certificate, your personal insurance certificate may not contain all the information shown in the example below.

If you have any specific questions regarding your company pension scheme or the insurance certificate, the members of the board of trustees will be your initial contact persons. Their names are indicated at the bottom of the insurance certificate (if not, ask your employer).

ABOUT GORDANA MUGGLER Gordana Muggler is Head of Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland. BDO’s experienced specialists are here to advise and support you and your family members on all aspects of international assignments, be it concerning the arrival to Switzerland or the deployment abroad, from the beginning of the preparations through to the return home.

You’ll find items A to K6 fully explained in our online guide:icate 6



EVENTS October - December 2017 28 OCT – 12 NOV Autumn Fair Basel

10-22 APRIL 2018

15 NOV – 31 DEC

Enjoy one of the oldest amusements fairs in Switzerland. This is a traditional and local favourite.

3 – 11 NOV International Film Festival Geneva

Geneva, already a cultural paradise, becomes even more international during the days of this film festival.

4 NOV Dance Night 40 – Funk Edition Aarau, Aargau

Get your groove on. Here’s a special dance night for those over 40.

23 NOV – 24 DEC Holiday bliss on a lake Montreux, Vaud

Montreux’s Christmas market features each year 160 decorated and illuminated chalets along the quays of Geneva’s lake. Enjoy mulled wine, regional specialties and the holiday atmosphere.

9 – 11 NOV Metropop Lausanne

Stunning visual displays, pop artists, DJs and a cool atmosphere. This event is a hipster’s delight (and a cool way to experience pop culture). 8

Rocky Horror Picture Show A cult classic. Join Brad and Janet as they meet some colourful characters. Let’s do the Time Warp again! Show and songs are in English. For tickets, visit: Call 0900 800 800 (1.19/min.)


Theatre 11, Zurich Accompany the Wicked Witch of the West along her extraordinary adventures, and prepare to be entertained with Wicked in this true modern classic! For tickets, visit: Call 0900 800 800 (1.19/min.)

23 NOV – 24 DEC O Christmas Tree

2 – 10 DEC Christmas at a Monastery


Einsiedeln, Schwyz

Come admire the 15m high, crystal encrusted Christmas tree, at the train station, or go to one of the romantic Christmas markets in the city centre.

Plan a visit to the world’s largest Christmas crib at this Christmas Market. Do you love gingerbread? Try the goods at the Goldapfel bakery.

27 NOV Zibelemärit

8 DEC A Foodie’s Christmas Market


Locarno, Ticino

The onions are taking over Berne. A traditional onion market in the scenic old city, a tasty time with lots of confetti!

A beautiful Christmas market in Locarno, with traditional gourmet treats.

21 NOV - 3 DEC

Dirty Dancing Basel

With all the beloved songs like, “She’s Like the Wind” and “The Time of my Life”, join in the fun and see dancing – salsa, merengue, mambo and go back to the summer of 1963! For tickets, visit: Call 0900 800 800 (1.19/min.)


EVENTS November - January 18 NOV Fondue World

3, 10 AND 17 DEC Fondue cruise

6 AND 13 DEC Raclette cruise




An international fondue cooking contest! Be a participant or be the judge.

Enjoy Fondue, cheese or Chinois, and Raclette in beautiful surroundings in the Three-lakes region. The boat sails from Murten.

Magnificent cruise on the lake, the staff will serve up delicious Raclette to go with the winter landscape.


5, 12 AND 19 DEC Steamboat Fondue cruise

14 DEC Raclette evening with wine

Special Swiss cheeses, and a large selection of side dishes served on a lake. Can you think of anything better to do in winter? We can’t.


Göschenen, Uri

Spend a perfect winter evening having a traditional fondue whilst sailing on Lake Zurich aboard an antique paddle steamer. Do we need to say more?

Raclette is served in the local stables to live music. There will also be a chance to try out wine presented by the experts from Gattlen’s Weine.

1 AND 8 DEC Fondue and Raclette cruise





ROLLING BARTENDER Provided by: Samantha Suarez-Maier, Editor of Hello Switzerland

Each day, Victor Costa covers 6,000 vertical metres with the après-ski train. Every day, he travels from his new home in Andermatt, Uri over the Oberalp Pass to Disentis, Graubünden and back, twice each way.

Andermatt, Après-Ski Train how he welcomes his guests. Alongside a wide range of drinks, he offers them traditional cheese and dried meat platters. Guests particularly enjoy these amenities in the train during heavy snowfall and in the icy temperatures. “Skiers get so engrossed in warming their hands that they often forget to

drink their coffee”, jokes the Portuguese driver.

From the Atlantic to the Alps. “The ocean is beautiful, but just look at these mountains!” For a long time, Victor was not interested in snow. Having grown up on the Atlantic coast in northern Portugal, Victor

became gripped by a spirit of discovery. Like Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco da Gama before him, he was drawn to foreign lands, albeit in a different direction. In 1994, he set sail and arrived in Andermatt as there were jobs available here. It was a journey into the unknown, but one which led Victor directly to happiness.

A mountain pass road connects Andermatt and Disentis in summer, but there is no way through in winter, except for Victor and his après-ski train. Many guests climb up to the Oberalp Pass at 2,033 metres above sea level – free with a valid ski pass. 12


Photos: © Switzerland Tourism / Schweiz Tourismus

What can I bring you?

Andermatt, Après-Ski Train

Andermatt – everyone out please

“Snow and the cold are not for everyone, but I like it.”

At exactly 4.19 p.m., the après-ski train reaches Andermatt for the second and final time. The around 35 remaining guests leave the après-ski train happy and satisfied, expressing their thanks to the bartender. “...until next time”, says Victor.

For the past 23 years, Victor has called Andermatt his home and he has no plans to leave any time soon. From the pastor to the baker, everyone knows Victor.

When the regular customers “ come over and ask me how I am, it gives me goose bumps because I am so happy they have returned and remember me.

For him, the day is not yet over. He collects the empty glasses, puts on his reflective waistcoat and crosses the train tracks. In the railway station building, a dishwasher is waiting to be loaded.

KAFI LUZ “Kafi Luz” features Luce rne in its name and is a speciality of Central Switzerland. 3 sugar cubes 1 dl hot water 2-4 cl Träsch (stone frui t brandy) 1/3 teaspoon of instant coffee powder For the best results, add the ingredients to the glass gradually and stir. Important: the impressive mountains should always be visible through the finished drink.

Victor has now served more than 200 drinks and must now ensure that also tomorrow’s guests want for nothing.

“Let’s see what the next trip brings…” ...says Victor, looking forward to the next journey, and wanders through the alleys of his new home at a wellearned end to his working day.

For more information visit: Switzerland Tourism offers custom-made experiences for everybody: DISCOVER SWITZERL AND


Your Swiss winter

Looking for an unforgettable holiday in the snow? Switzerland offers custom-made experiences for everybody.

Learn to ski: blue ski slope after three days.

Try to ski: First Ski Experience. With the First Ski Experience, guests can discover the fascination of skiing and snowboarding at an all-inclusive price. Includes equipment, ski pass and instructor, as well as guaranteed fun after the first successful run.

The Swiss Ski Schools guarantee: we’ll make you a highflyer! Their guest promise packs a punch: Learn to ski in three days – regardless of whether you’re a total beginner or making a cautious comeback! Come to the Swiss Ski Schools and experience it for yourselves. If this promise is not kept, then a repeat course is offered free of charge. Check out all offers on:

My Swiss Experience

From the city to the slopes

Test Swiss ski instructors

Travelling through time with night watchman Ludwig, dog-sledding with Olivia, hiking at full moon with Marco. Which guided tour is the one for you? Get to know a local host and discover a new side of Switzerland. Get inspired, select your experience and book:

Start the morning with an espresso in the city centre and be on the slopes enjoying the sun just a short time later. The Snow’n’Rail packages from SBB RailAway make this possible at reduced prices. Get to your favourite ski region fast and in comfort by public transport. myswissexperience

Put Swiss ski instructors to the test. On Saturday, 16 December 2017, try out the instructors on a few runs free of charge and without obligation in ski schools across Switzerland to check out their skills. To see which slopes will be hosting these tests, visit this website from the beginning of December:

You can find more information at or 0800 100 200 (freephone). 14



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Free relocation planning call from Hello Switzerland

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Helvetia welcomes all newcomers with its Welcome Package, which includes all insurance products that a new arrival needs to get off to a perfect start in Switzerland. 90 days for CHF 90 and it includes all mandatory insurances required. Be well insured from day one!

Hello Switzerland offers support and guidance at every step. Our Swiss Relocation Helpline is a complimentary service, and our Helpline advisers provide expert advice for all your questions.

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Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

IFM - Institute of Finance and Management

Ultra-fast internet, TV 2.0, and great mobile coverage

Volvo Cars - amazing discounts for expats

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, IFM University – Institute of Finance and Management has been the reference in business education since 1971. Recognised for its excellence, IFM is fully accredited by 3 major accreditation bodies. IFM offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (MBA) in: Business Administration, Management, Banking, Finance, International Business, Trading, Communication and Marketing.

Get connected with Swisscom quickly and easily simply by contacting the Swiss Relocation Helpline. You’ll enjoy quality service from our specialist advisers, from product advice to how to switch from your existing provider. Plus, you’ll always find the latest Swisscom special offer on the Hello Switzerland website.

Looking for a new car? Look no further! Discover discounts of up to CHF 45,000 off a new Volvo thanks to Volvo’s unique Expatriate Sales Program. This deal is only available via Volvo Expat Switzerland.

Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

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Your free one-hour briefing meeting with a BDO expert includes a general overview of the tax and social security system in Switzerland, and focuses on the tax & social security implications of your relocation. After the briefing, you will receive a brochure explaining the Swiss tax and social security system.

Together we’ll view the clockwork and follow the performance of the clockwork figures step by step. From inside the Clock Tower, you can follow the clock’s movements step by step, from its mechanical figures to the rooster’s famous third crow.

Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

Simply present this voucher at the Clock Tower. Valid 1 November 2017 – 31 March 2018, tour starts at 2.30 p.m.

*For detailed information regarding this offer, please see the legal disclaimer p.22

Free advice The right partners The best deals Speak with Confidence

Berlitz language training 10% off

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Boost your language skills! Hello Switzerland clients get 10% off Berlitz language courses — Private Face-to-Face or Virtual, Semi-Private Group, or Intensive Group.

Go for it and try out INDIGO Fitness clubs in Zug, Lucerne, Basel or Zurich.

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Available by contacting the Relocation Helpline

A professional fitness personal trainer will help you tailor a personalised training program in a free non-binding trial lesson worth CHF 130! Sign up your free lesson by going online. Get fit with INDIGO Fitness!


Swiss Relocation Helpline Free advice from locals

Call: +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) Skype: helloswitzerland.helpline (free) Mail: Web: Chat with us online! 17

MAKING THE GO/ NO-GO DECISION Relocating for a new job Provided by: Mirella de Boer, C2You! Career & Integration Services

Start off with the essentials and hire C2You! for the help you require. Making a ‘go or no-go’ decision is hardly simple. Carefully considered, it is a series of questions with a variety of answers. Relocating for a new job works best when it’s deliberate and at the right moment. Prepare for the local job market: educational gaps, permit requirements, diploma recognition - all of those are important and require time.



Try the job search yourself or hire specialist help? The support of a career and global mobility specialist will help you to focus in the right direction. Investing in yourself and expanding your personal skills is one of the joys of becoming an expatriate. If you are planning to relocate for a new job, don’t ask yourself ‘go or no-go?’ Instead consider under what conditions would you wish to go. C2You! is your local specialist with a proven success rate - so contact us!

ABOUT MIRELLA DE BOER Mirella de Boer is an ERC Worldwide certified Global Mobility Specialist, Director of C2You! providing expert Mobility Services in Recruitment, Candidates Readiness Assessment, Destination Services, Global Assignment Preparation Training, Language & Culture programs, Partner Career Support and Global Leadership Development Training.

+41 (0)21 641 11 90

NEW BILINGUAL SCHOOL IN PFÄFFIKON SZ SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz opens modern campus Provided by: Andrea Furgler, CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG

ABOUT ANDREA FURGLER Andrea Furgler is the CEO of Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,500 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

SIS Swiss International School bridges languages and cultures on its new state-of-the-art campus. Catering to the needs of an international community

Photo: © SIS Swiss International School

Situated in the Canton of Schwyz on the left shore of Upper Lake Zürich, Pfäffikon SZ has become an important hub for globally active businesses. As a consequence, there has been a growing need in the increasingly multicultural community for a variety of local as well as internationally oriented schooling options. As a bilingual day school, SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz offers an educational programme in German and English that is directed at both Swiss and expatriate families.

From small beginnings to an established school When SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz first opened its doors in August 2016, students were taught in a temporary modular building, while a new campus was being built according to specific SIS requirements on the adjacent property. Now, one year later, the new campus shines in modern splendour and offers an ideal learning environment for the rapidly growing number of children and adolescents from preschool through to secondary school.

Building on solid foundations SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz is part of the SIS Group with 16 schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil, and the school can thus draw on a wealth of wellestablished resources and structures. Supported by the SIS community, the

Discover more articles by SIS Swiss International School at: teachers and currently 110 students at SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz can now continue to implement the carefully developed bilingual educational concept and SIS curricula in their newly built home and make their own contribution to the colourful world that is SIS.

Let us search for your perfect international school Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat: LIVING WELL IN SWITZERL AND





VISIONAPARTMENTS, the Swiss market leader in the field of serviced apartments, will open its doors to a colourful world of wizards, witches, sorcery and magic: the cast and crew of the musical WICKED. From November to January, Zurich will be enchanted by the magical spell of the musical WICKED. This incredible production is one of Broadway and Westend’s most popular, astounding and successful musicals of all time. It features breathtaking technical wizardry, spectacular costumes and gasp-worthy songs by Stephen Schwartz, the threetime Academy Award winner.

VISIONAPARTMENTS will host the cast and crew of the musical in its fully furnished accommodations with service and style. With over 600 serviced apartments in Zurich, VISIONAPARTMENTS has plenty of premium living solutions for the 50 actors. For its special guests, the company offers customized services, such as group check-in, tailored cleaning service and many other VIP treatments. VISIONAPARTMENTS provides the exceptional tenants with stylish and comfortable housing and acts as their tranquil oasis throughout their busy and bustling stay in Zurich. “It is not the first entertainment group that we are hosting, but it’s always exciting to see the cast without their make-up and dresses. It feels like getting

a peek behind the scenes”, explains Katharina Kunze, Global Sales Manager at VISIONAPARTMENTS. The serviced apartments provider always tries to accommodate every request or wish, no matter if the tenants are travelling with a newborn baby or have friends and family come to visit. While VISIONAPARTMENTS was preparing for the soon-arriving group, the company also attended two different fairs, Zukunft Personal in Cologne and Salon RH in Geneva. Many more events are planned for the upcoming months, and VISIONAPARTMENTS can be found in its stylish booth at the mbt Meetingplace fair and GBTA Conference in Frankfurt, as well as the Personal Swiss 2017 in Zurich.

ABOUT KATHARINA KUNZE Katharina works as a Global Sales Manager with VISIONAPARTMENTS in Zurich. She and her team will be happy to assist you and help you find an apartment that suits your needs.

Steinmühleplatz 1, CH-8001 Zurich +41 44 248 34 01




THE WAY KIDS SAVE TODAY Adults know how to navigate the complex world of money – but how do children learn these skills? Viva Kids, the new banking package from Credit Suisse for children up to the age of 12, supports parents in this educational challenge. The responsible handling of money should be taught to the youngest of us. But that’s not exactly easy. First of all, children have to get a sense of what material values are in the first place. Add impatience to that: saving and waiting to fulfill your wishes is just not a childhood strength. For this reason, Credit Suisse is getting involved in this field with an innovative solution that helps parents with their children’s financial education. The Viva Kids banking package contains a private and a savings account, in addition to a digital money box called “Digipigi” and two apps – one for the child and one for parents. Setting Up and Achieving Saving Goals Digipigi and the related apps support

children and parents from the first pocket money to fulfilling their individual saving goals. The desired item is entered in the app with a photo and the price; every centime paid in brings little savers closer to their wish. Digipigi rewards all deposits with a happy face on its display. This incentive makes the savings account grow and helps develop an awareness of how much money is already available. With the Parents app, parents always keep their child’s transactions under control. This is also important because children – like grown-ups – can pay with a Maestro card, if their parents allow it. Of course, a low limit applies, so that children can gradually get used to this new freedom.

Read more about Credit Suisse Viva Kids and Digipigi at:

Legal Notice: The information provided in this publication is only intended for distribution and use by persons who are residents of Switzerland. In particular, it is not directed at, or intended for distribution to or use by or for the offer or solicitation of any products or services directed to, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in any jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability, use, offer or solicitation would be contrary to applicable law or regulation or which would subject Credit Suisse to any registration or licensing requirement within such jurisdiction Credit Suisse will not treat readers of this publication as its clients by virtue of them accessing it. Readers of this publication should seek the advice of their independent financial advisor prior to taking any investment decision on the basis of any information contained herein and no information herein constitutes general or specific investment, legal, tax or accounting advice of any kind, it is solely for marketing purposes. Copyright © 2017 Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.




In January 2016 the Swiss tax authorities introduced a general limitation on the tax deductibility of the costs for travelling to work .


23 23 

FOODIE’S GUIDE TO ZURICH Enjoy the culinary side of the international city By: Stacey Streuli of

Zürich has truly expanded its restaurant offerings into a diverse and multicultural scene. Whether you are visiting Zürich for a day or for a week, there is plenty to choose from! Lucky Dumpling (Langstr. 10) makes their Shanghai Xiao Long Bao dumplings right in front of the customer, giving you the chance to see both the artistry and the delicious ingredients that go into your dinner. Cartel Burrito Shack (Militärstr. 14) serves up Mexican burritos, tacos, and tortas in colourful and crazy environment. Whether you like your carnitas burrito “Gringo Bandito” mild or



“The Crazy One” spicy, your taste buds will thank you for stopping by. Yume Ramen (Reitergasse 6), is the little brother of Sala of Tokyo and an “Izakaya” or the Japanese version of a gastropub. Both the broth and the noodles are made fresh at Yume using local Swiss ingredients (and Japanese know-how), and they have a wide selection of drinks and Japanese whiskies to choose from. Kafi für Dich (Stauffacherstr. 141) is open from very early until very late every day of the week, but is particularly known for their breakfast and brunch offerings on the weekend. For just CHF 29, you can eat brunch “à discretion”, however reservations are strongly recommended. They are known for their child-friendly atmosphere, and their

nightly music scene. The Bite (Brauerstr. 15) is a SwissCanadian burger joint, which has been consistently named the best burger in Zürich. They aren’t inexpensive, however they are good sized and offer great options. Even vegetarians and vegans are covered here, so everyone is happy. Reservations are definitely recommended on the weekend. Les Halles (Pfingstweidstr.6) is a quirky, eclectic and cool place, fun and easy without any hint of pretension. The big draw here is the delicious “Moules Frites” or mussels in white wine sauce and fries. Bikes for sale in the hallway and an Italian market in the back – Les Halles is a crazy but delicious stop on your food tour.

CYBERTEACHERS CyberTeachers is an award winning, innovative and user-friendly interactive online learning platform. Interactive online learning around the clock

Valuable assistance in your daily work

CyberTeachers is the unique online platform that provides a personalized training program around the clock, covering your specific interests and preferred topics with a wide range of interactive tasks, speech training, memory exercises, and much more.

With this e-learning platform, you get unique support in your day-to-day work. For example, language assistants are available for presentations and e-mails. They also provide text modules that enable you to produce documents quickly and easily.



Simply select the Classic or Live version and purchase a flexible CyberTeachers license for three, six, or twelve months. CyberTeachers are available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch.

• Online language audit (language skills assessment, needs analysis, and selection of professional area)

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• Individual learning material for 218 professional areas in 20 industries • More than 800 lesson units to facilitate quick proficiency in a foreign language

• Motivational exercises for quick success • Valuable assistance in your daily work • Detailed reports that document learning progress • SOS Teacher feature: instructors help out if you have a question and correct texts

ABOUT REBECCA MORTON Rebecca Morton is the Key Account Manager at Berlitz Language Schools, Switzerland. Berlitz consults expats and their families individually to find the right language learning solution, whether in one of the many Berlitz schools, in the work place or virtually via one of their eLearning programmes, enabling the whole family to work and thrive in Switzerland.

Learn a New Language - 10% Off Take 10% off Berlitz courses, simply call the Helpline today! Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat: DAILY LIFE


KIDS AND TECHNOLOGY Moving to Switzerland is hard – but, relocating with children, preteens and teenagers presents its own challenges It seems that almost every child in Switzerland has a smartphone. The advantages to your child having access to technology are clear: in a new country, you want to make sure that your family is safe, accessible and that you’re easily in reach in case anything happens. But how do you handle the transition between your children and their new digital ecosystem? Real parents from the Hello Switzerland community relate their experiences.

When is the right time to let our kids have a smartphone in Switzerland?

Stacy S.: “My 8 year old has a watch that takes a SIM card and can make and receive phone calls to 3 preprogrammed numbers. We use this when she goes to places alone like the local playground or to the shop up the road. In our opinion, kids here have far more independence than kids in the United States, but not every kid is mature enough to make smart decisions. It depends on what’s right for your family.”

When the time is ready Kristin R.: “This is a tough topic. We are slowly introducing first the internet, and then an actual phone with WhatsApp and other apps. Our kids will then have a fully functioning smartphone from 13, ready for high school. It’s a challenging time as a parent.”

Check your kids’ smartphone usage Thomas M.: “We introduced our kids to technology early in life, mostly from necessity. When we moved to Switzerland, we really wanted to be sure that our kids could get in contact with us 24/7. One point of advice would be: make sure you clearly communicate to your kids (especially teenagers) that you are going to be checking their texts, apps, social media accounts and search history. Once they prove they are responsible, we gradually reduce our need to monitor their usage.”



Save usage as a treat Lisa B.: “My 4 and 6 year old “share” a tablet for kids with learning games. We allow very restricted internet usage, as well as restricted time usage. Our family mostly saves this for days when the weather isn’t being very compatible! We are not planning for a phone any time soon.”

Uncertainty regarding smartphones Maria G.: “We have an 8 year old and 6 year old, but no smartphones nor tablets. We will allow a mobile phone, although we don’t have a specific age in mind. This really depends on their needs (e.g. school far from home, need to stay in touch). But we’re still not sure about smartphones though.”

Teenagers and smartphones – let them be entertained Tim W.: “I was open to buying our teenagers a smartphone, but my partner was not so happy with this idea. When we started traveling more often back home to Hong Kong (and subsequent hours spent in and around airports), we went ahead and got them both a smartphone. Now, we think we made the right choice. Our kids love Netflix, being able to buy e-books through Amazon, listening to podcasts – and staying in contact with us, and with their friends and family back home.”

Photos: © Swisscom

It depends on what is right for your family

HOW TO USE SMARTPHONES AND TECHNOLOGY SAFELY Swisscom protects kids With Swisscom, your family can navigate the digital world. You can ensure that children and young adults use technology and digital media safely. Protect your children online with Internet Security With Internet Security, you will receive a child protection programme that blocks access to websites with adult content. You can select several age-dependent profiles that control which content can be viewed by which child. You can also specify at what times of day your children are allowed to surf the Internet and place time limits.

Find a balance between entertainment and family time You know that technology can play an important role in keeping your kids entertained when bad weather comes. So keep in mind that winter, and the very busy holiday season, is quickly approaching. If your kids enjoy surfing the web, playing games, or even just reading books on their Kindles, you might need to check up on your internet speed. Swisscom can help you make sure that your internet speed is as fast as you need it to be.

My Service ensures your computers and mobiles at home are safe If you do not feel comfortable handling technical devices, or if you don’t have the time to deal with them, the My Service experts from Swisscom will be happy to pay a visit to your home. There they will install the desired software for a fixed price. They can also provide

competent advice in relation to media protection for minors.

No 0900 telephone numbers for minors By default, Swisscom blocks access to adult entertainment for all customers under 16. In addition, customers under 16 cannot dial business numbers (beginning with 0900, 0901, 0906).

Restrict TV consumption and block programmes and channels With Swisscom TV, you have the option of protecting children and adolescents by using a PIN code to block certain channels and programmes. This makes it impossible for your children to watch programmes and films that you deem inappropriate.

ABOUT SWISSCOM Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider focusing on service and quality.

For everyone under 26: get access to the best network, with a CHF 20 discount If your family has someone aged under 26 in it, then you can take advantage of the inOne XTRA mobile subscription. This discount is for everyone under 26. If your parents also use Swisscom, then you can save up to CHF 40 monthly on your Swisscom services.

One subscription: Multi Device With Swisscom’s Multi Device service, up to 3 devices with a SIM slot can connect to the mobile network simultaneously. In this way your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch are ready for you to go online or make phone calls with the phone number of your inOne mobile subscriptions at any time. Swisscom recommends the new inOne products for people in the same household, but notes that same-time calls on the master and additional device are not possible.

Ideal for your family Learn more about Swisscom for families. To order Swisscom or find out more: +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) DAILY LIFE


ONE WORKOUT IS BETTER THAN NO WORKOUT There is no excuse for not doing fitness training! Do you feel demotivated because your busy schedule does not allow you to do many workouts a week? Many might feel discouraged, because with a busy schedule they do not have that much time to dedicate to workouts. Read some advice from a professional and be inspired to get active at least once a week.

ABOUT JONAS CATLISCH Jonas Caflisch, resident fitness expert at Hello Switzerland, is a certified sports instructor (D-HEST ETH Zurich). Jonas is the founder of the INDIGO Fitness Club, which has locations in Basel, Lucerne, Zug and Zurich.

Do you feel demotivated because your busy schedule does not allow you to do many workouts a week? Many might feel discouraged because with a busy schedule, they do not have that much time to dedicate to workouts. Read some advice from a professional and be inspired to get active at least once a week. Recently an acquaintance told me that he would like to start fitness training, but he simply does not have the time. He stated, visibly ashamed, that he could only train once a week. He had concluded in his mind, with resignation, that only one training per week would not achieve the kind of results he was looking for. One would have to get active at least two to three times a week to see results, everyone knows that.

My friend, of course, is not wrong. I would also recommend that you train two to three times a week – or even more frequently if you can. Two intensive strength units and two endurance units in the interval range would, in my view, be a desirable schedule. But be honest: do you train three or even four times a week? Or are you similar to my friend and manage to train at the most once a week? Then I have here some good news for you. Only one training session per week can make a big difference. The biggest training effect actually takes place between no training at all and a single weekly training. This is because the untrained body responds to a training unit much more quickly than the trained body.

Conversely, this also leads to the fact that the increase in output, for example, from four weekly units to five is very small. I do not accept the excuse that there is no time for fitness training. You will find time for at least one weekly training session. It is worth it because at least one training per week is so much better than none!

A professional fitness personal trainer will help you tailor a personalised training program in a free non-binding trial lesson worth CHF 130! 28


Photos: Š INDIGO Fitness

Get a free lesson with a personal trainer



WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE Provide for family members in your home country “I’ve worked in Switzerland for two years and have a good income – now I’d like to make financial provision for my family back home in case anything should happen to me. What should I do?” Those who move to Switzerland for work rarely lose all of their connections to their home country. In many cases, only some of the family makes the move too. Newcomers like you then contact Thomas Kohler and Peter Renggli. These two pension experts at the Schwyz-Uri general agency explain clearly and simply to their customers in a personal discussion how they can provide for family members back home.

Pension shortfalls in the event of a newcomer’s death If a newcomer to Switzerland dies, the result may be a considerable pension shortfall. Only minor or possibly even no financial benefits can be expected for family members back home. This is because financial benefits come from either the first pillar, with OASI and disability insurance (DI), or from the second pillar, the pension fund. This is mainly because people who have only recently started work in Switzerland have only been paying contributions to these social insurance schemes for a short time. Due to this reason, they have either only partial or no claims to benefits. Whole life insurance offers a simple and cost-effective possibility of providing for your family members who need financial support. To a large extent, you can define the terms yourself depending on your needs:

Decide on the beneficiaries:

SPECIALIZED ADVISORS Thomas Kohler and Peter Renggli are insurance and pension advisors. They work at Helvetia’s Schwyz-Uri general agency and specialize in advising newcomers.

You decide who the beneficiaries are and who will receive the benefits in the event of your death.

Determine the premium: You can determine the amount of the premium, and as a result, the benefit. Of course you must always comply with the tax-related requirements of your home country, as well as with inheritance provisions.

THOMAS KOHLER +41 58 280 64 78

Provision in the case of illness Making financial provision is a good idea, not only for family members back home, but also for loved ones who have moved to Switzerland with you. Thomas Kohler and Peter Renggli pay particular attention to the financial situation in the event of disability. This includes an analysis of the benefits to be expected from social security and the regulations of your pension funds shows whether – in the event of earning disability – your income would suffice to maintain the usual standard of living for you and your family. Considerable income shortfalls are a risk, in particular in the event of illness.

Find out more here:

PETER RENGGLI +41 58 280 64 82

Helvetia Insurance has been one of Switzerland’s leading insurance companies for over 150 years. Helvetia offers customized solutions for a wide variety of insurance needs including private pensions or occupational benefits, indemnity insurance and mortgages.

Get Swiss insurance right Expert advice - the right partners - the best deals Swiss Relocation Helpline +41 58 356 17 77 (regular rates) online chat: 30



THE NEW VOLVO XC60 Explore a new era in design and craftsmanship from Sweden. Introducing the new Volvo XC60. VOLVO-EXPAT.CH

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0041 (0)31 958 44 44

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