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MAKE A WONDER Table Mountain is one of 28 finalists in the New 7 Wonders of nature competition, in which the world’s top natural sites are being whittled down to seven winners in an exercise in global democracy that is expected to draw over a billion participants. In 2007, the New 7 Wonders Foundation, a Zurich-based non-profit organisation, announced the New 7(man-made) Wonders of the World after more than 100 million votes were cast via the internet. Its follow-up campaign, to choose the ‘big seven’ of the natural world, entered its final stage on 21 July 2009, when a panel of experts, led by former Unesco Director-General Federico Mayor, announced the 28 finalists. The panel made its selection from a list of 77 nominees that were chosen from a list of 261

national and cross-national representative sites, by people around the world in internet voting. The final, two-year round voting to choose the New 7 Wonders of nature runs through to the final official declaration of the seven winners, which will take place on 11 November 2011. (11.11.11) AN AFRICAN HONOR Only one other African site – Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro – made the list of finalists, which include some of the world’s most spectacular mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls, ocean reefs and a myriad of other natural attractions. These range from the extremely famous – the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador, and the Amazon rainforest

spanning nine South American countries – to relatively lesser-known sites, such as the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan and the Puerto Princesa underground river in the Philippines. HOW TO VOTE Anyone can vote online, via SMS or by Phone. • Visit (you will get the chance to cast 7 votes for your choice of 7 Wonders.) • SMS the word TABLE to 34874. SMSs cost R2 each. • Phone 0044 20 334 709 01 and punch in 7725 (Table Mountain‘s voting code). Once you hear the “thank you” message, you have voted and may hang up. This is an international call to the United Kingdom.

REASONS TO VOTE FOR TABLE MOUNTAIN • Whichever way you look at it, Table Mountain is simply stunning. Take a look at the gallery on . • Table Mountain forms part of Table Mountain National Park, one of the few conservation areas in the world that is entirely surrounded by a city. • Table Mountain forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a Unesco world heritage site that is one of the richest areas for plants in the world. Table Mountain National Park has more plant species within its 25,000 ha than the entire British Isles or New Zealand. • The trip up the Table Mountain cableway to the plateau 1 km above Cape Town is not to be missed. To the north are vistas of the city, Table Bay and Robben Island, and to the west and south the Atlantic seaboard. Yes, there are panoramas in the world to beat this, but they're strictly reserved for high-end rock climbers. • Speaking of rock climbers- and hikers, paragliders and adrenaline junkies (the world's highest commercial abseil happens right here)- Table Mountain offers an accessible fix. • Table Mountain is the only terrestrial feature to give its name to a constellation. The constellation Mensa- meaning 'The Table'- is seen in the Southern Hemisphere, below Orion, around midnight in mid-July.

TRANSLATING YOUR VOTE TO ECONOMICS South Africa could benefit by an estimated US$200-million (1.4-billionRands) a year, equivalent to over $1-billion for the first five years, if Table Mountain is chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, according to consultancy Grant Thornton – and that's counting direct economic impact only. A report conducted by Grant Thornton and released on Friday found that tourism to Cape Town would increase by about 20%, mostly from international tourists, if Table Mountain were to get the global vote in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition.

opportunities in South Africa." Grant Thornton's projections are based on a previous campaign, to choose the New 7 (man-made) Wonders of the World, culminating in 2007 with over 100-million votes cast.

The increase in tourists that would flow from being one of the seven would, according to Grant Thornton, "generate an additional R1.4-billion in revenue for the year or about R116-million a month, and the expenditure would support around 11 000 employment

The man-made New 7 Wonders of the World have "become part of school curriculums all over the world, and if the same happens to the New 7 Wonders of Nature, children from every corner of the globe will be learning about Table Mountain and South Africa as a

Grant Thornton found that "measurable" results were seen at sites which made the top seven shortlisted in that campaign. "Visitors to Petra in Jordan increased by 61%, and visitors to Christ the Redeemer in Brazil increased by 30%."

destination," the report found. Jean-Paul de la Fuente, director of New 7 Wonders, said that Grant Thornton's findings confirmed the conclusions of an academic study released last year by London-based publisher Pearson (publisher of the Financial Times newspaper) in which the worldwide economic contribution made by the campaign to elect the man-made New 7 Wonders was valued at more than $5-billion. De la Fuente also pointed out that the Grant Thornton report referred to purely economic value only. "If you add the marketing, advertising, image and branding value, you would easily double the numbers, which means that the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign is likely to generate well over $10-billion in economic and marketing value globally." SOURCE: SAinfo reporter

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Make a Wonder Make a Wonder - Table Mountain One and Only Smart Living Smart Living A day on the Beach A day on the Beach A day on the Beach Peddlars A day on a Bicycle Crystal Towers Hotel Lookout Deck A day in the City A day in the City A day in the City Ferrymans A day in the Garden A day in the Garden A day in the Garden Iziko Sea Point Sea Point Iziko Peninsula Hotel A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve SASSI / Ocean Basket SASSI / Ocean Basket A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve A day in the Nature Reserve


Living in a modern world in the last decades is facing us with the consequences of Urbanism and materialism. In every material we pick-up to read and in every conversation looking into the future, the subjects that immerge and circulates are a group of ideas which are hoping to allow us a more peaceful being with our surrounding. Amongst these ideas, most if not all of you have heard about Sustainability, Cost efficiency, Energy saving and a few others which all lies under the vast umbrella of the Living Green concept. From our love to Cape Town, we edited this issue of Hello Festive Season to bring all the above ideas to life to remind you how great and versatile the city we live in is. How can we all protect it and benefit out of all the beauty and activities this dame has to offer. We thank our sponsors for allowing us to feature their persistent, qualitative initiatives and works and we are certain that each and every one of you will find amazing opportunities to explore in the coming months. In order for the entire world to see and share our good luck and happy being, we are joining the City of Cape Town and all major interested parties in their call to SMS for Table Mountain before the end of October so we can become part of the exclusive group of Nature’s 7 Wonders. This recognition together with hopefully becoming a Design Capital for 2014 is much more than awards. They are known to give an economic boost to the awarded locations and Cape Town is having the rare opportunity to be accoladeand gain twice: once from our environmental habitat and secondly from the amazing things that its’ habitants are creating. We wish all our patrons and readers an enjoyable summer and a prosperous season.

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estates and farms to explore in S.A.


Winelands maps courtesy of WOSA

ONE&ONLY CAPE TOWN is gearing up for the festive season with an exciting programme of Christmas activities and a choice of elaborate menus for celebratory lunches and dinners in our two signature restaurants, Reuben’s and Nobu. Not to mention the accommodation, where One&Only features the largest rooms and suites in all of Cape Town, the majestic seven-story Marina Rise is a model of luxury and comfort. Starting in December, Afternoon Tea buffet in the Vista Bar&Lounge will be transformed into a festive feast with beautifully decorated cakes, cupcakes festooned with stars, luscious fruit tarts, traditional European Christmas cookies and many more. Included in the price of R145 per person is unlimited speciality teas and coffees. Offering exceptional service, a wonderful ambience and world-class cuisine, One&Only Cape Town is a clever choice for exclusive Festive Year End functions and parties that will make friends and colleagues feel very spoilt. Choose from three-course set menus priced from as little as R255 per person or buffet menus from R295 per person. Reuben’s will be hosting a magnificent buffet on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, featuring more than a dozen starters and a few of the ‘main events’ on the buffet will be traditional honey glazed ham with three mustards, roast turkey with all the trimmings; and pepper-crusted sirloin with Yorkshire pudding. For dessert, guests will of course be spoilt for choice. The cost for these two special buffets is R675 per person for dinner and R695 for lunch (R125 for 7-12 years, and R400 for teens 13-17 years). Celebrate New Year’s Eve in glamorous style at Nobu, with a beautifully executed set menu showcasing some of the famous Japanese chef ’s signature dishes and a complimentary glass of bubbly all for R2100 per person. Or bring in the New Year at Reuben’s, with a sophisticated set menu featuring langoustine, salmon, duck, milk-fed veal and strawberries and a glass of bubbly for R1500 per person. For the ultimate gift, why not purchase a One&Only Spa Voucher? With soothing therapies and calming rituals, One&Only Spa has created a carefully considered environment for total well-being and is a true reflection of today’s modern Spa. All treatments purchased include complimentary use of the Thermal Suites (Steam Room, Sauna, Vitality Pool and Experience Showers). Reservation Details Restaurant: +2721 431 4511 Accommodation: +2721 431 5800 or +2721 431 5888 Spa: or +2721 431 5810 Website:

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SMART LIVING HOW CAPE TOWN IS AFFECTED Climate change is affecting, and will affect, people whose homes, household goods, money, pensions, savings, natural assets, livelihood support networks and food security are damaged or destroyed through drought, floods, heat waves and the social dislocation that these events bring. The first people to suffer these consequences are the poor, who are most likely to live in areas at risk. Already in Cape Town a significant number of disasters and events have been associated with weather conditions. These include the Cape Flats floods (1994 and 2001), the Manenberg wind storms (1999 and 2002), the South Peninsula fires (2000), the Joe Slovo informal settlement fires (2000, 2004, 2005), cut-off low severe storms (2003, 2004, 2005) and recurrent severe droughts (2002-2005). And now, a 2008 sea-level rise risk assessment conducted on behalf of the City of Cape Town concluded that within the next 25 years there is a 85% chance that 60,9km² (2% of the Metro area) of the area in which we live will be covered by sea for a short period. The

expected loss of property value is just under R20bn. Other ways in which Cape Town is being and will be affected by climate change include:

Alongside this the City developed the Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change in the City of Cape Town (FAC4T). This sets a number of goals, including:

• increased water stress in the city due to reduction in rainfall and increased evaporation (caused by increased temperature) • a rise in sea-level, which will increase the vulnerability of beaches, shorelines and coastal developments and infrastructure to storms and erosion • increased temperatures, which could lead more intense fires, more frequently • damage to infrastructure by severe storms • damage to health, well-being and livelihoods, especially through the risk of fires, changes in air pollution and loss of social networks caused by disruption and dislocation

• a 10% reduction in electricity consumption on the 2006/7 baseline by 2014 • energy-efficient lighting in 90% of all households by 2020 • a 10% decrease in private vehicles commuting into the city centre by 2010 • 10% renewable energy supply by 2020 The City currently has a large number of programmes and projects underway, which address energy efficiency or renewable energy. Some of the current projects include: • the energy-efficient retrofitting of Cityowned buildings • greening of housing developments, with solar-water heating, for example • Green Building guidelines • Smart Living, Smart Savings campaign • sale of Green Energy Certificates from the Darling Wind Farm to the public • retrofit of streetlights and traffic lights for energy efficiency

WHAT THE CITY IS DOING The City’s Energy and Climate Change Strategy of 2006 sets out the vision, objectives, targets, measures and projects for all of its energy activities. It is based on the State of Energy Report, which maps out Cape Town’s energy profile, and issues such as the city’s energy security, resident's access to energy services and vulnerability to climate change impacts.

• Green Goal 2010 carbon offset projects • mass use of solar water heaters • methane for energy from waste projects


The Environmental Resource Management department I the City of Cape Town issued a comprehensive tips guideline for smart living and saving. This includes saving tip for: water, energy, waste reduction, sustainability, fuel and Paraffin. Those lists can be explored and downloaded true: en/EnvironmentalResourceManagement under Tips for Smart Living.

Our top tips include: Turn - Turn down your geyser temperature to 60˚C. This will save you 5% on your electricity bill.

Fit - Install an energy-efficient showerhead. It’s designed to use up to 40% less hot water and saves you R480 or more on your electricity bill every year..

Install - Invest in a solar water heater. It uses the sun to heat up your water, saving you 25% or more on your electricity bill.

Flip - Rather take a shower. You will save up to 40% in water and use 5 times less electricity than heating a bath water.

Cover - Insulate your geyser with a geyser blanket. This prevents heat loss, reducing the cost of electricity needed to keep water hot by R500 or more a year.

Match - Use a hot plate that’s most similar to the size of your pot. An electric stove loses up to 40% of its heat when he pot is too small, which means you waste electricity.

Press & Pull - Switch off appliances at the wall and pull out chargers. Leaving them in standby mode could cost you up to 6% more electricity.

Lay - Insulate your ceiling. It affects heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, saving up to 16% of the electricity you need annually to heat or cool your home.

Set - Run your pool pump for fewer hours. At 10 hours a day, it uses about 11% of your electricity. Cutting down to 6 hours in summer and 4 in winter will use 6%.

Twist - Replace regular bulbs with energy-saving ones that use 6 times less electricity.

Wrap - Insulate your hot water pipes. It prevents heat loss, reducing the cost of electricity needed to keep water hot.

Wear - Put on warm clothes instead of switching on a heater. If you still need warmth, use a gas, small-bar heater or 2-kW fan heater to heat more efficiently.

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A DAY O Cape Town is famous for the variety of experiences available at its beautiful beaches. When deciding where to go, visitors

and residents can choose Blue Flag beaches, secure in the knowledge that high standards of beach management are guaranteed and lifesavers will be on duty every day during Blue Flag season, December to March. The Blue Flag is awarded annually to beaches and marinas that meet a specific set of criteria, encompassing: • water quality; • safety and services; • environmental management; and • environmental education and information. Cape Town’s picturesque coastline extends for 307 km along the West Coast, around the Cape Peninsula, and beyond False Bay to the Kogelberg coast in the east. The combination of the warm Agulhas current that sweeps down the east coast, and the cold Benguela current that flows up the west coast, results in an incredibly rich and varied marine flora and fauna.

SILWERSTROOMSTRANDA WEST COAST RESORT Silwerstroomstrand is a coastal resort with pilot Blue Flag status on the West Coast, used mainly by residents of nearby Atlantis and Mamre. The resort lies at the southern edge of an immense bay bordered by Bokpunt in the north, and Springfontein se Punt in the south. Within this bay, a smaller rocky point called Wintersteen provides added protection from the swell for safe swimming in the sea, and there is also a tidal pool for those wanting a warmer dip without the waves. There are picnic sites and braai areas for day visitors, while holidaymakers can stay at the bungalows or caravan park. A slipway is available for boat-launching, and the shore angling is good too, particularly for hottentot during January and February. Lifesavers are on duty during Blue Flag season. Silwerstroomstrand is ideal for long walks on the beach, which extends as an unbroken stretch of sand for some 3 km. The northern half of the beach is backed by a vast dunefield, oriented diagonally to the shore as it reflects the direction of sand blown off the beach by the prevailing southerly winds. Part of the dunefield is a bare sheet of migrating sand, while the rest is covered with strandveld vegetation, which is particularly attractive when it flowers in spring from August to September. Due to its conservation worthiness, this is the southern limit of a potential core area identified for the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve. The habitat here supports a rich diversity of birds, so it is a popular stop on the West Coast birding route.Silwerstroomstrand is named after the ‘silver stream’ to the north of the resort. The stream rises from a spring at

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the edge of the Atlantis dunefield, which supplies water to the town from its underground aquifer.

CLIFTON 4TH BEACHTHE HEART OF CAPE TOWN’S BEACH SCENE Clifton’s four dazzlingly white beaches, separated by outcrops of granite rock, are the most sheltered in Cape Town. Clifton 4th Beach has Blue Flag status, being closest to ablution facilities and parking areas. Clifton pulsates with the energy of the bronzed and beautiful, but is also frequented by family groups. It is a place to see and be seen, with itsy-bitsy bikinis and designer sunglasses the order of the day. Just offshore, a few yachts lying at anchor in the clear blue waters add to the exotic flavour. Temperatures can soar on the back beach, but down near the water’s edge, the icy sea has a welcome cooling effect. Here, on the

hard, wet sand, more active types work up a sweat with beach bats and frisbees, periodically taking a refreshing dunk in the shallows. Others prefer a quick shower to cool off when roasting in the sun gets uncomfortably hot. Vendors ply the beaches selling snacks and drinks, so it is possible to spend a few hours here without wandering far. Even at the end of the day, parking is still in short supply, because as the sunseekers depart, another surge of people arrive for sundowners, beach volleyball and other alfresco pastimes. Clifton 4th Beach is patrolled during Blue Flag season, December to March, by volunteer lifesavers from the Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club. The club periodically hosts surf lifesaving competitions, and a surfski race is held here on Friday evenings during the summer months. The Clifton Beach Challenge, held each December, raises funds for the club and pits lifesavers against Springbok rugby players in tests of skill (touch rugby), speed (flag races), fitness (push-ups and sit-ups) and strength (tug-of-war(.Other sporting events

N THE BEACH include the monthly Clifton Cold Water Mile swim and the annual Clifton Ski Race,which starts at Granger Bay and finishes on 4th Beach. The moonstruck music festival is held in February.The offshore granite rocks are colourful diving sites, but can be visited only in very calm conditions, as thesurge is often too strong for safe diving.

CAMPS BAY- REMINISCENT OF THE FRENCH RIVIERA Camps Bay can lay claim to having Cape Town’s most glamorous beach. Its sweeping arc of brilliant white sand is skirted by a row of elegant palm trees, while the beachfront Promenade along Victoria Road is lined with trendy restaurants and bars, reminiscent of the French Riviera. As well as being popular with the tanned and trendy set, this is also a very family-oriented beach, the great expanse of sand providing plenty of space for children to play. The beach itself is not very safe for swimming, with powerful waves and a strong backwash, but there is a spacious tidal pool. Lifesavers are on duty every day during Blue Flag season, December to March. Camps Bay is not as sheltered as Clifton, and visitors can escape windblown sand on the lawns behind the beach, where there are patches of shade beneath the palms. Parking spaces along the Promenade fill up very quickly on beach-weather days, but after a bit of searching, it is always possible to find a spot up the side streets. During summer, various outdoor entertainment events take place.

LLANDUDNO- FOR SUNSETS AND SUNDOWNERS Llandudno has pilot Blue Flag status, and is undoubtedly oneof Cape Town’s most picturesque beaches. Motorists drivingalong Victoria Road on the way to and from Hout Bay canstop at the lookout site to gaze down on an enticing whitebeach, and admire from afar the exclusive suburb’s architecturalshowpieces clinging to the steep slopes. From

thewater’s edge, the setting is even more appealing, with thebeach framed by natural bush, and Judas Peak and KleinLeeukoppie (‘little lion’s head’) rearing up on either side toform a dramatic mountain backdrop. However, few people venture into the water for more than a quick dip, because the sea is usually icy coldin summer, the currents strong, and the power of the breakers sometimes intimidating to all but the mostconfident of surfers and bodyboarders. The beach is popular for sunbathing and sundowners, though somepeople opt for the surrounding granite boulders, which retain the sun’s heat, and provide a better view of thesun setting over the sea. In fact, the rocky headland to the left of the beach is known as Sunset Rocks. The Logies Bay promontory to the right of the beach has several caves among the granite boulders. Thesewere once used by Khoisan ‘strandlopers’, as evidenced by a nearby shell midden excavated in 1953. Llandudno Surf Lifesaving Club provides a voluntary serviceevery day during Blue Flag season. Other than an ablution block, beachgoers will not find anyother facilities here, although vendors do roam the beach,selling snacks and cool drinks during busy periods. The beachrarely becomes overcrowded, largely

because the car park isvery small, which necessitates finding a spot in one of theside streets, and possibly having a long walk down the steep road to the beach. Dogs should be left at home during the summer months, as the locals have agreed that the beach be keptpooch-free between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 from 1 September to 31 March.

MUIZENBERG- A PREMIER SEASIDE RESORT Muizenberg was once South Africa’s premier seaside resort, where the rich and famous built their holiday homes. Its beaches remain popular for their warm water, safe swimming and good surfing. The main car park at Surfer’s Corner is lined with surf shops, internet cafés and trendy eateries, and the area is becoming fashionable once more. The beach behind the Pavilion complex has Blue Flag status. The red-and-white-striped Muizenberg Pavilion houses an information centre run by Cape Town Tourism, and a functions hall used for conferences, concerts and weddings. The Pavilion complex includes a recreational park with a paddling pool, puttputt (mini-golf) course and waterslide, as well as an elevated promenade. Surfer’s Corner is considered the place where

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A DAY ON THE BEACH surfing in South Africa started around 1910. It is still the place to learn to surf, and there are a number of surf schools catering for both young ‘grommets’ and late starters. Collisions with bathers necessitated a separate area to be demarcated for surfers. The shark-spotting initiative, begun here in October 2004 by a local surfing personality, has since been expanded to other beaches by the City of Cape Town. Muizenberg is the only Blue Flag beach that can be reached by train. To the east of Surfer’s Corner is Muizenberg Beach, the main swimming beach. The presence of plough snails honing in on washed-up jellyfish and flotsam indicates that this is a safe beach with a gentle slope, regular waves and few currents. Lifesavers are on duty every day during Blue Flag Season, December to March. A colourful row of bathing boxes serves mainly as a picturesque tribute to the area’s historical heyday, when folk hired boxes for changing and storing their beach equipment, and basked in the sun in the sheltered zone behind the boxes known fondly as the ‘snake pit’.

MNANDI- LOVELY, JUST RIGHT Mnandi is a day resort with excellentfacilities, including a large freshwaterpool with waterslides, landscaped lawnswith playground apparatuses, picnictables and braai sites, as well as long,sandy beaches that are good forwalking and fishing. Lifesavers are onduty every day during Blue Flag season,December to March, and keep watchover a stretch of beach that is safe forswimming in the warm water. This beachalso offers scenic views of the WolfgatNature Reserve’s limestone cliffs. Mnandi was reserved for black peopleduring the apartheid era. Its name canbe translated as ‘lovely, just right’. A little way offshore is arocky outcrop known as Kapteinsklip, which means ‘captain’sstone’. The resort was granted Blue Flag pilot status

for the 2003summer season, and awarded full status a year later. It hasmaintained Blue Flag status ever since.

BIKINI BEACH- A GEM AT GORDON’S BAY Bikini Beach lies east of Gordon’s Bay harbor and is rated one of Cape Town’s top beaches due to its excellent facilities, cleanliness and safety standards. It is sheltered from the wind, and is especially popular among trendy teenagers and Stellenbosch students for sunbathing, swimming and socialising. The beach slope is steeper here than in the rest of Gordon’s Bay, dropping off quickly into deep water, so the waves are larger and more powerful, sometimes breaking as ‘dumpers’ on the shore. Surfers ride the left-hand break off the harbour wall, ending up at the beach.

STRANDFONTEIN- A DAY RESORT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Strandfontein is a large day resort with an enormous tidal pool backed by a pavilion and flanked by sandy beaches. It has braai sites as well as grassed terraces that make good picnic areas. Lifesavers are on duty every day during Blue Flag season, December to March, and other peak periods. The National Sea Rescue Institute’s (NSRI) Station 16 is based here. The resort is very popular with beach anglers, who come from far and wide in the hope of hooking fish such as white steenbras and galjoen, but it is mostly visited by residents of the nearby suburbs.


The full and comprehensive booklet which includes more information regarding winds, NSRI, The Shark-Spotting programme and Whale-watching was prepared by the Environmental resource management department at the City of Cape Town municipality and the full booklet can be read and down loaded on the city's web site.

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Peddlars on the Bend is without a doubt one of the best known landmarks in Constantia. Having recently celebrated its 18th birthday, it is fortunate to have built up a substantial following of loyal customers. Like a good wine, Peddlars has matured well over the years and for many tourists (whether from up-country or overseas), a day in Constantia would not be complete without a visit to this popular establishment. Peddlars has a unique ambience and, with versatile seating and dining in the restaurant, bar and garden, is perfectly positioned to cater for all tastes. To make your reservation for end of year functions and corporate functions, contact Natasha on: Tel: 021 794 7747 Fax: 021 794 2730 SMS the word Peddlars to 34007 and we will call you back! Spaanschemat River Road, Constantia. Email: Website:

A DAY ON A BICYCLE IRT BIKE PATHS DESIGNED FOR CYCLISTS, BY CYCLISTS Few Capetonians consider regularly travelling by bicycle, despite the obvious health and cost benefits and that bicycle can be significantly faster than cars in peak traffic. A major problem with bike commuting is that moving through traffic is difficult and dangerous, while obstacles and uneven surfaces make pavements a frustrating and unreliable alternative. On top of this, the distances may be discouragingly far and there is the risk of bad weather, punctures, fatigue and crime. But these issues will largely disappear as Cape Town’s Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) system is rolled out across the city, with dedicated cycle paths making cycling an option for many. A key feature of the new IRT system is the network of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian pathways around the main bus trunk routes. The West Coast IRT starter service that was launch this year features a smooth three metre wide tarred cycle path running along its entire 16km length from the city centre to the middle of Blaauberg. To help people reach the main route, a secondary network of cycleways has also been designed for 500m along all its intersecting roads, although due to lower usage, these will generally consist only of painted cycle lanes on the existing roads. As far as possible networks like this will be extended along all IRT

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trunk routes as the system is expanded. The exceptional feature of the IRT’s cycle system is that on the main routes cyclists can opt to switch to a bus to finish the journey. This provides a backup for cyclists who are not confident of their ability, or encounter a problem. The bicycle lanes along IRT trunk routes are completely separate from the roadway, and therefore much safer. Extensive signage at all intersections alerts motorists to the presence of cyclists, while dedicated security guards at all stations, CCTV cameras in stations and on the route itself and 24 hour lighting also contribute to making cycling safer. Many of the IRT’s engineers, architects and planners are cyclists themselves, and their personal insights have helped them to create a better system. One noticeable enhancement on the bicycle lane is that the surface changes as it approaches intersections from about 20m, then changes again in the area immediately surrounding the intersection. These subtle variations, together with warning and yield signs, provide a clear signal that pedestrians or vehicles may be present in the area, particularly as cyclists could be travelling up to 25km an hour along some stretches.

CYCLING IN THE INNER CITY Cape Town has just been honoured with the accolade of being noted as one of CNN’s

Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World. This exciting affirmation comes off the back of Cape Town’s new bicycle routes and independently produced Cape Town Bicycle Map (explore and download at: ) . The MyCiTi buses also permit passengers to bring their bicycles on board, to allow greater mobility between bus and residential areas, and there are planned lock-up stations for bikes at convenient points. Cycling and bicycles themselves have the potential to bring new ideas, new employment and new ways of living to the citizens of Cape Town – think bike-friendly shops, restaurants and bars, bicycle service centres and wash stops, bicycle boutiques and networking events for cyclists. The list is endless. The new bus and cycle routes also mean that it is more accessible than ever to live in the City Centre. We are one step closer to Cape Town’s becoming a centre where students, businesses and residents can live, work and play – a city that functions fully by day and night because of the people in it. Whether you are looking to experience the city the way a tourist would do or just a good opportunity to explore and get educated about Cape Town while being on a bicycle you will find that more than a few initiatives provide organized tours throughout the city. Among those you can try City Cycle Tours ( and AWOL (


At the heart of Century City lies the luxurious oasis of the African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa. Within close proximity to Table Mountain, Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Ratanga Junction theme park as well as Cape Town’s city centre and airport, this hotel has so much to offer. Each room is a haven of serenity, with mood-enhancing lighting, unique circular shower and added extras such as complimentary DVDs. Enjoy cocktails and sushi while watching the sunset from our pool deck followed by a fine dining experience in our Towers restaurant. End the evening off with something sweet from our 24hour deli.

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African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa

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A DAY IN THE CITY THE CAPE TOWN DESIGN ROUTE Now in its third year, Design Indaba is on show all year around. The Cape Town Design Route includes Western Cape-based Design Indaba exhibitors who have been approved by a curatorial panel of industry experts, ensuring that you will find the highest standard and quality of South African design at any studio or shop situated on the route map. Maps can be obtained for free at any Cape Town Tourism visitor center or downloaded from along with the Creative Cape Town Map, Art Deco Map, Arts & Crafts Map, Craft Shopping Map and Other Maps that will give you a great pleasure and wide opportunities to explore the city.

metropolitan area, cover a wide time frame, comprising sites associated with the Cape’s unique natural history, paleontological finds, early man, stone-age hunter-gatherers and pastoralists, explorers, Dutch colonial settlements, slavery, the British colonial period, the Union, apartheid, the struggle for democracy, and the new South Africa. One of the most obvious benefits of our heritage is that it is a drawcard for tourists. With our tourism income estimated at between R1 billion and R3 billion per year, it is easy to see why it makes sense to look after these resources. In promoting tourism, well-protected and managed heritage resources result in significant job creation: It is said that every eight tourists create one job. Also, well-preserved historic areas or places in the vicinity of heritage landscape areas are also attractive environments in which to live. But more importantly, Cape Town’s built and natural heritage, cultural landscapes and scenic beauty give us a sense of social, regional and

cultural identity; a place where we can feel‘at home’, and a reason to be proudly Capetonian. In drawing from and protecting this unique heritage we are building on the future in which the next generation has a stake. An archaeologist on a dig in the Cape Winelands was once asked in which period he was working, to which he replied, “The future!”

MOBILITY IN THE CITY: MY CITY GARDENSCIVIC-WATERFRONT (INTERIM ROUTE) From at least 06:00 until 20:00 MyCiTi buses give easy access to the central business district, entertainment zones, hotels, restaurants and public spaces, cultural and historic landmarks, from the Gardens via Long and Loop Street to the Waterfront, via the Convention Centre and Green Point.

A FOCUS ON HERITAGE Natural and cultural heritage is also at the core of sound economic development and growth of our city. Cape Town is a world class visitor destination and if we protect and develop our unique assets, these will continue to add to economic growth and job creation opportunities, a sense of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. We want sound and sensible economic growth which acknowledges and builds on these assets, so as to retain and build on our mantle as one of the world’s most desirable cities. Heritage resources, in the context of the Cape

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This is an interim service, to be replaced by a much larger network of permanent routes around the central city next year. The buses run every 10 minutes during peak hours and every 20 minutes the rest of the day. The fare is R5 per trip and tickets are sold on the bus singly, or in booklets of ten tickets, which can also be used on other MyCiTi services in the Table View area and on the trunk route. There are several buses running this route, to ensure a frequent service. These buses depart from the Civic Centre station for the Convention Centre, the Stadium Station, which is near the Green Point Urban Park, and the Waterfront, and then return to the Civic Centre station. Construction of the permanent central city routes will soon begin for network of nine permanent routes around the central city and surrounds. These routes will be launched next year. They will travel to Hout Bay and ImizamoYethu, the Atlantic Seaboard, Oranjezicht, Tamboerskloof, Walmer Estate, Woodstock, Salt River, the Foreshore and the Waterfront. Many will intersect,alowing easy transfers. These routes will pass major transport junctions as well as schools, colleges, major places of work and entertainment hotspot.

A DAY IN THE CITY The Fringe: Cape Town’s Design and Innovation District As part of its work to promote design in Cape Town, Creative Cape Town is project managing the development of The Fringe: Cape Town’s Design and Innovation District – previously known as the East City Design Initiative. The design and informatics hub in Cape Town’s east city was conceptualized in 2007 when a range of local stakeholders began to engage government on the need for an environment to support innovation and development in the design, media and ICT (information and communications technology) sectors. After interim business feasibility study by research firm Kaiser Associates showed how the setting up of such a district could impact upon sector growth, the decision was taken to formulate an institutional vehicle to drive it forward. The vision for The Fringe has been to create “the premier African environment for design, media and ICT innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship”. The project is heavily supported by the Provincial Government of the Western Cape’s department of economic development and tourism through its Cape Catalyst Initiative, in recognition of the importance of the creative sector in growing the provincial economy through relevant infrastructure. The project is also supported by a number of departments in the City of Cape Town, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s (CPUT) faculty of informatics and design, and other civil society bodies. It is currently being project managed by the Cape Town Partnership through its Creative Cape Town program and forms an important element of Cape Town’s World Design Capital 20124 bid. The Fringe’s key boundaries are Roeland and Darling streets, Buitenkant and Canterbury streets, and a strip of land, connecting the area to CPUT from Longmarket through to Tenant Street. It borders onto the proposed District Six development, and the area’s toolong neglected “edge” or “fringe” relationship to the central city has given the project its name. The area’s development will by necessity be a careful mix of public and private investments – the details of which are being researched currently. The Fringe is based on an urban “science park” model, as defined by the International Association of Science Parks: “an organisation managed by specialised professionals,

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whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions”. It is understood that this requires a strong relationship between “universities, R&D institutions, companies and markets” leading to “incubation and spin off processes; and provides other value added services together with high quality space and facilities” – and therefore economic growth. Successful models the area will be benchmarked against include 22@Barcelona, the Toronto Fashion Incubator and Design London, amongst others. The area proposed for The Fringe is already a happening environment. It is currently home to two sector bodies – the Cape Craft & Design Institute (CCDI) and the Cape Fashion Council (both set up with government and private sector involvement to further sector development in the province). The organisations have jointly opened a new facility in Harrington Street that houses a Creative Enterprises Training Unit. The area

is also home to Open Innovation Studios, a social entrepreneurship environment as well as a range of small and medium sized design and ICT firms. Most importantly the presence nearby of various design related educational institutions – in particular CPUT’s faculty of informatics and design – makes this an environment ready for the science park model. An important element of modern day science parks are cafes, bars and other venues for networking and gathering – the area is already blessed with many of these: The Field Office, Charly’s Bakery, Dias Tavern, The Fugard Theatre, District Six Museum and its Homecoming Centre, 38 Special, The Assembly, QuePasa, the Book Lounge, and the Kimberley Hotel, to name a few. Proposals for relevant public space improvements have also been made, in the interest of increasing opportunities and interest in the area. The Fringe website – za – will be a central point for information, working as a community notice board for projects in the area.

Officially the first tenant at the Waterfront, Ferrymans Tavern opened doors in 1989 and renowned for its quality, flavorsome food. Twenty years on, Ferrymans Tavern is still run by the original owners and has a loyal following of regulars, both from Cape Town as well as internationally.

Known for its marvelously warm pub atmosphere, the tavern has many pieces that accentuate the homely feel; from the cozy pub with a wood-burning fireplace, to the newly renovate upstairs restaurant, the outside beer garden with a kids play area to a live band on Sunday evenings in the summer months, Ferrymans caters for everyone’s needs.

Open daily from 11am for lunch and dinner. Book now all functions – from year end parties to private dinners. For further information and reservations contact us on: Tel: (021) 419 7748 Fax: (021) 421 4463 Webpage: www. Email:

A DAY IN Where would you find over 5 000 hectares of clean, safe and accessible open space on your doorstep? The answer is right

here in Cape Town – and our open spaces are among the most beautiful in the world! The City manages the parks, cemeteries, greenbelts, road amenities, street trees and many other public open spaces, while conserving, enhancing and developing them for present and future generations. It is our goal to be recognised as a leading provider of quality parks, dignified cemeteries and the green areas we manage so that we may contribute to a better life for all. We encourage you to explore these areas of freedom, fun, flowers and fresh air! Our parks are a wonderful place to de-stress, get fit and enjoy some healthy living – and there’s no better time than now to utilise them. City Parks manages & maintains:11 (245 hectares) district parks. 3133 (1711 hectares) community parks . 10 (114 hectares) biodiversity areas.38 (526 hectares) cemeteries.1572 hectares of greenbelts.1862 hectares of road verges/amenities.1 nursery

THE COMPANY'S GARDEN The public section of the garden has been enjoyed by visitors for the sheer beauty of its flora and the allure of its historic setting since it was proclaimed for public use in 1848. It is abutted by numerous important landmarks, including the lodge house for the slaves who built large parts of the historic city, the present day Houses of Parliament, the Iziko SA Museum and Planetarium, St George's Cathedral (which is the seat of the Anglican church in SA), the National Library of SA, the SA National Gallery, the Great Synagogue and Holocaust Centre and Tuynhuys, which is used by the President on State occasions. Other attractions include: • The oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa circa 1652) • A rose garden designed and built in 1929 • A well stocked fish pond • Dellville Wood Memorial Garden, which commemorates the World War 1 battle at Delville Wood in France, in which a predominantly SA force of more than 3 000 soldiers was reduced to 755 survivors by German forces • An aviary - a great favourite with children • Restaurant - the Garden Tea Room - a Capetonianfavourite! • Botanically and historically valuable trees • Local arts and crafts along the avenue • Grassy lawns and benches • A herb and succulent garden • Historic statues On May 2010 a visitor's center was opened in the renovated Victorian House in the garden, acenter which would be of educational and informational benefit to residents and tourists who visit the garden. This venue provides a comprehensive overview of the early history of the Cape of Good Hope and the development of the Company's Garden. It also provides information on an ongoing basis of developments within the garden as the display has a capacity to be regularly updated and additions made and information on the many facets of the garden and how they developed. The landscape of the garden is unique in that it is the only example of how two different land-

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scape styles have been overlaid to produce the garden as it exists today - the two styles being the Dutch 'produce garden' grid pattern and the later Victorian informal style known as 'Victorian Romantic' which was influenced by the 17th century English landscape style. The combination of these two types of design, give the garden a unique heritage. The garden also playes an important role in the connection of cultures and continents and this is also elaborated on within the display. Address: Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town (at the top end of AdderleyStreet( Opening Times- Summer: 07:00–19:00, Winter: 07:00–18:00

ARDERNE GARDENS Arderne Gardens is a picturesque park situated on Main Road in Claremont, Cape Town, and is open to visitors throughout the day. There is no entrance fee. The 4,5 hectare garden contains one of the richest collections of exotic trees and shrubs in South Africa, with more than 300 magnificent trees including giant Norfolk Island Pines.

City Parks works with the FOTA (Friends of the Arderne Gardens) to maintain and improve the gardens. The park forms part of the original Stellenberg estate, which was was acquired by Ralph Henry Arderne (1802-1885) in 1845. He named it The Hill, and began to collect trees, shrubs and perennials from around the world. His elder son, Henry Matthew Arderne (1834-1914), was equally enthusiastic as a collector of plants. The Ardernes had intended to create a garden containing the representatives of all the flora of the world, and sourced many of their trees and shrubs from Australia and New Zealand, by trading them for local plants with passing ships. The Hill was sold in 1914, and subsequently subdivided: a portion of 4,5 hectares was registered in favour of the Council of the City of Cape Town in July 1928. It was this section that became known as Arderne Gardens in 1961. Inside the park: • Exotic trees and shrubs • Giant Norfolk Island Pines • Duck and fish ponds • Benches • A Japanese garden • Shady glades and romantic nooks • A cherished venue for wedding photographs



WYNBERG PARK WYNBERG PARK Wynberg Park, which ranges over 22 hectares of sloping ground, is where the spring of the Krakeelwater river begins (hence “Springfield” Convent and School below the park). The park is visited throughout the year for its conifer garden, and in summer boasts an attractive display of hydrangeas. Higher up the slopes of the park, visitors are able to see vestiges of the silvertree (Leucodendronargenteum), which were once so prevalent in the area. Loss of habitat has decimated the numbers of this prominent and attractive tree. If you amble up to the section of the park which borders Trovato Link Road, you'll find a white marble fountain inscribed with the following words: “To commemorate the Coronation of Kind Edward VII, 9 August 1902.” The land for the Kind Edward Park, as it was then known, was obtained via the combined efforts of William Horne, a Wynberg resident and William Morom, a councillor of the Wynberg Municipality. Together these two men negotiated the grant for this extensive stretch of ground on Wynberg Hill in the 1890s. Once granted, the park was magnificently landscaped with waterways, lawns, trees, shrubs and formal flower displays, although a large section was allowed to remain wild. A tea-room was provided, as was a bandstand in which the military band played to large audiences. The park was formally opened in 1902 by the Honourable Thomas Graham, who spoke eloquently about the good fortune that had befallen Wynberg residents in having such natural assets, and commented prophetically that in years to

come they would be glad they had conserved their open spaces. After the opening ceremony at the ornamental fountain, the Guild of Loyal Women (formed during the South Africa War), planted commemorative saplings that are now handsome trees shading an area close to the duck pond. Despite losing some of its land to the freeway, the park has been well preserved and is a favoured place for recreation and relaxation. Inside the park: • Attractive paths • Children's playground • Duck pond • Lawns, ideal for picnics and braais • Concerts and fun days • The City's Come and Play teams offer extreme sports demonstrations, games, stage activities and fun activities for smaller children. • Conifer garden

MAYNARDVILLE PARK Maynardville Park is managed by the Maynardville Park Action Committee (MPAC), a publicprivate partnership between the City of Cape Town and the Wynberg community. The MPAC envisages Maynardville Park a sustainable and dignified civic park of local and metropolitan significance, which provides recreational and cultural opportunities to all. Not only does Maynardville have sweeping lawns, planted with mature trees, for leisurely recreation and a famous open-air theatre, but it also hosts carnivals, fairs, markets, motor shows, wedding receptions, religious gatherings, etc. The original Maynard’s Villa was the home of financier James Maynard from 1836 until his

death in 1874. After it was damaged by fire, Maynard’s Villa was rebuilt by Maynard’s nephew, William Farmer. It remained as a family home until Farmer’s daughter, Enid Bernard, died in 1949. It was then sold to the municipality who demolished the dilapidated house, but preserved the grounds as a public park. Many trees in the park are a legacy of a once fine Victorian garden established at a time when collecting exotic trees was fashionable amongst the elite of Cape Town. The Maynard/Farmer family commissioned a horticulturist from Kew Gardens to landscape the garden in the style of the day. Some interesting trees that can be seen include the diagonally trunked Mediterranean Cork Oak (Quercussuber), which is a perfect tree for the beginner tree climber;three fine conical shaped Swamp Cypress (Taxodiumdistichum) from the Southern USA; and the pale and elegant Lemonscented Gum trees (Eucalyptus citriodora) in the library car park which are magnificent by day and ghostly by moonlight. Crush a leaf before you leave. One of the charms of the parks is the Krakeelwater, which resurfaces in Maynardville, broadening at one point into a pond. A large flock of Cattle Egrets roosts on the island. Other birds common to the area are Egyptian Geese, Moorhens, Hadedas and Sacred Ibis, Red-knobbed Coots and Reed Cormorants. A wooden bridge crosses the stream where a short stretch of it can be seen in its natural state. The gates to Napoleon’s tomb once stood at the park entrance nearest Carr’s Hill, after being relocated from St Helena, but has long since been returned. In the 1950s the park was visited by two imaginative theatre enthusiasts Cecilia Sonnenberg and Rene Abrenson, who saw its potential for presenting Shakespearian plays and with assistance transformed the old archery lawn into an enchanting setting for an annual Shakespearean season. In 1956 the theatre was launched with the staging of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ by the Spotlight Theatre Company. The statue of William Shakespeare, just visible through the gate, once stood above the Juta& Co Building. It was snapped up by two ladies and placed in its present appropriate position. Before the summer performances, patrons usually gather on the lawns and enjoy a picnic under the stars. Inside the Park: • Sweeping lawns • Mature trees • Open-air theatre • Krakeelwater pond • Venue for markets, fairs, wedding receptions, religious gatherings

DURBANVILLE ROSE GARDEN This 3.5 hectare garden includes 500 varietals

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A DAY IN THE GARDENS and 4 500 rose bushes. Visitors can enjoy the layout of hybrid teas along Drakenstein Street, beds of miniatures, a gazebo that includes the ‘Fairest Cape’ rose, a tea garden, beds of medal winners, antique roses planted around graves, floribundas near the parking and climbers and shrubs against the fence. Four workers tend the garden, supplemented by additional gardeners on occasion, to tend to the watering, feeding and spraying. The ‘Friends of the Rose Garden’ club make a valuable contribution by donating their expertise and time. This beautiful rose garden was established in 1979 as an initiative of the Western Cape Rose Society under the auspices of Mr and Mrs Lind-

ner, and the then Durbanville Municipality. Inside the park: - 500 varieties of roses - 4,500 rose bushes - A tea garden - Aeds of medal winners - Beds of miniatures Address: Durban Road, Durbanville Opening hours: Sunrise to Sunset


In April the city officially opened a rose garden at City Parks’ Westridge Gardens in Mitch-

ells Plain. City Parks has regularly upgraded Westridge Gardens over the years, but the park received a major cash boost in the last financial year. City parks staff came up with the idea of developing a rose garden, which is now complete and in full bloom. “Westridge Gardens has long been the closest and most convenient public open space for residents of Mitchells Plain to enjoy family picnics, take wedding pictures or simply get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life,” says Director of City Parks, Chantal Hanslo. “The addition of a rose garden to this public open space creates an even more attractive environment. City parks is extremely proud of the fact that Westridge Gardens is now one of Cape Town’s flagship facilities, specifically for the enjoyment of Mitchells Plain residents”. The City considers Westridge Gardens as a model for the transformation of public parks through the commitment and passion of the local City Parks staff. The gardens are beautiful, peaceful, well-kept and well-utilised by the community, and this park is a benchmark for future improvement projects. The public open space in Westridge Gardens can be hired for events and small functions and is frequently used for weddings and children’s parties. There are demarcated areas for various activities including: • A Skateboard park • A children’s play area which includes facilities for children with physical disabilities. • Park benches for relaxation • Vast open lawns and trees for free play • Indigenous dunes.



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The newest edition to urban outdoor lovers which also forms part of the 2010 World Cup Green legacy as opened to the public early this year. The common grounds of the park contain two main areas: the formal part and the biodiversity garden. The park is open every day from 07:00 until 19:00 and entry is free. Key facts • Picnics are permitted • Swimming, skateboarding, fires, braais, camping, loud music, flower picking and alcohol are not permitted • Dogs are welcome in the park, provided t at they are on a lead and owners pick up and dispose of their excrement. Dogs are not allowed in the biodiversity garden • Parking is available near the entrances on the corner of Beach/Vlei Roads; on Bill Peters Drive (near the entrance to the Virgin Active gym); and on Bay Road (near the Mouille Point lighthouse). There are also numerous pedestrian links to surrounding areas • The park has an outdoor gym and play park

Drum Cover Girl Marie Hallowi, Kent, 1966 Š James Barnor/Autograph ABP

Iziko South African National Gallery

EVER YOUNG JAMES BARNOR The Iziko South African National Gallery, in association with Autograph ABP, presents local audiences with the opportunity to view, for the first time, the work of Ghanaian photographer James Barnor, studio portraitist, photojournalist and photographer for Drum magazine.

DATE: 07.09.2011 - 29.01.2012 Iziko South African National Gallery, Government Ave, Company’s Garden, Cape Town Tel: 021 481 3970 Open daily: 10: 00 - 17:00 Closed: Workers Day and Christmas Day Visitors, 19 years and older R20, SA Pensioners and Students: R10

Tour to Cape Town supported by the

Naked wine lounge located at the base of the Ritz hotel brings you quality wines at affordable prices In a cozy setting. We have stripped not only the labels but also the prices. Come enjoy your favourite glass of wine with your you favourite board game

Ritz Plaza Shop 6, Main Road Sea Point Tel: 021 439 5363 email

Constantly taking place among the top chinese restaurants in Cape Town is our confirmation for prominent excellence

Opening hours: 7 days a week 12:00pm - 2:00pm / 6: 00pm - 10:30pm 178A Main Road Sea point 178 Tel: 021 439 2239 Email: mrchan,

The Sea Point business strip outstrips many others

Local property developers say that commercial investment to the Sea Point commercial strip tops half a billion Rands over the last five to seven years and the area continues to boom. In this, the Sea Point CID, with its emphasis on top-up security and cleansing services and showing little tolerance for anti-social behaviour such as graffiti, littering and public misdemeanour, is a major contributor to increased investor confidence. The CID was the initiative of a group of local roleplayers from both the business and security areas which, once it got the green light from local business and property owners some eight years ago and supported by the local authority, started to make waves into what was fast becoming a rather rundown and seedy suburb. Sea Point started to see the turn around just over 10 years ago when the notorious Sizzlers murders (in which eight men were killed in an attempted robbery) took place and residents, led by the local police forum gave an anti-crime memorandum to government officials. Business owners supported the formation of the CID which assisted with the clean-up of the area. The increased security attracted investment as slum buildings were cleaned up. Refurbished upmarket residential/retail ‘mixed use’ buildings such as The Firmount then followed suit and this soon led to other exciting developments along Main and Regent Roads. In the past three to five years the area has seen the development of several upmarket venues, the most well-known being St John’s Piazza, the Arthur’s Road development, the ABSA bank refurbishment, Da Luz Mall and new King’s Hotel complex, the Atlantic Christian Assembly building and conference centre, the Palms retirement centre, the Equinox (formerly Medical Centre building), the new commercial hub beneath the Ritz Hotel and most recently, recentl refurbished shops and office space on the corner of St John’s Road and Main Road. The Standard Bank and Nedbank have refurbished their interiors, Checkers Galleria has a brand new layout and several new shops in the CID area have opened. Mention must also be made here of a trio of tourist-orientated craft and curio shops which have opened along the strip obviously hoping to cash in on the soccer 2010 fiesta and Sea Point’s proximity to all the action. With the departure of the Tafelberg High School from its prominent Main Road site at the end of June and with an historic facade and trees which are heritage protected, role players in the area are hoping for a sensitive but equally exciting development for this venue. The CID is adamant that all redeveloping areas should be crime and grime-free and every attempt will be made to ensure that whoever takes control of this development will do so to the benefit and not detriment of the surrounding business and residential community. The CID has made a concerted effort on the crime and grime front in order to have everything in good order for the soccer and a recent initiative to bring in a supplementary law enforcement unit concentrating on by-law transgressions. Motorists must be aware that the parking bylaws are there to be adhered to and no-stopping zones, red lines and disabled bays are no go areas unless you have a valid disabled sticker for a designated bay or are a commercial vehicle with permission to offload goods.

2 Kloof Street, Sea Point Tel: 021 434 1234 / 021 434 7883

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Year-End Festivities Office Parties (including crackers and hats!) Join your colleagues and celebrate the year-end at The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel with this all-inclusive Dinner Dance Package every Thursday night. We are offering a three-course set menu including mince pies, coffee as well as LIVE MUSIC. All this for only R180 per person. Maximum capacity 80 pax and a minimum75 of 40 pax guarantees an exclusive venue. We also have a fantastic selection of other choices for your office year-end party, both buffet and set menus. Three course meals including mince pies and coffee R1 75pp start from R180 per person

Christmas Day Buffet This delicious Christmas Buffet includes an eclectic array of cuisine from salad starter, various traditional Christmas roasts followed by a selection of tasty desserts and coffee – R250 per person Price includes live music, hats and crackers! Half price for children under the age of 12 years

New Year’s Eve – Cocktail Dance Party Herald in the New Year with your friends and family. Enjoy a welcome drink, live music and a large selection of festive finger food served at the various Fish, Red Meat, Poultry and Dessert Stations. All guests will be seated and waiter service will be available for only R270 per person Don’t forget our new Sunet Deck which is the free ideal venue for sundowners and our fine dining restaurant, Sunset Restaurant with live music on Thursday evenings. Every last Thursday of the month, we have a Wine and Dine Evening with R1 a different winery each month offering an exceptional 5 course meal including wine at R225 per month

313 Beach Road, Sea Point, Cape Town (t) 021 430 7777 • (f) 021 430 7776 •

A DAY IN TH The second edition of the Nature reserves book is a useful A5-size book now covers the City’s more than 30 nature reserves

and natural areas. A comprehensive and colourful resource which showcases the many nature reserves and natural areas managed by the City of Cape Town. The book is available for R23,00 at these locations only: Helderberg, Rietvlei, Rondevlei and Tygerberg Nature Reserves, Eerstesteen Resort (BCA). It is also available at the Botanical Society bookshop in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The full list contains over 30 nature reserves and natural areas, either owned or managed by the City of Cape Town. Please note that opening hours and tariffs are subject to change. We suggest that you contact the relevant reserve for confirmation beforehand.

MAMRE NATURE GARDEN ADDRESS: Head Office: Corner of R27 and Dassenberg Drive, Atlantis OPENING HOURS: By prior arrangement only SIZE: 254 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic site, short trail, 1.5-hour hiking trail to Louwskloof - a National Heritage Site (by prior arrangement only), alien clearing, woodcutting (alien trees) ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: By prior arrangement only CONTACT: Tel 021 577 5000/2/3/4; Fax 021 577 5001 Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve (includesSilwerstroomstrand Conservation Area & Atlantis Dunefields) ADDRESS: Corner of R27 and Dassenberg Drive, Atlantis OPENING HOURS: For activities in the Atlantis Dunefields: 07:00-19:00 (with pre-arranged permits( SIZE: Approximately 3 000 ha ENTRANCE FEE (2010/11): Pre-arranged day permits: R10 per person on foot, R105 per 4X4 vehicle (incl. 4 people), R65 per quad-bike/motorcycle (passengers R10 per person extra) - Annual permits (pro-rata): 4X4 vehicles R1 020, quad-bikes/motorcycles R685 (Must have green ID book when applying for annual permit as well as vehicle/trailer make, model, colour and registration number)- Permits only available to purchase

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at: 1) the City's Bulk Water head office, 8th floor, 38 Wale Street, Cape Town (Tel 021 487 2485) or 2) at the Wesfleur Cash Office, opposite the police station in Atlantis - opening hours: 08:00-12:30 weekdays and the first and last Saturday of the month (Tel 021 577 241) PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Sand-boarding, beach-walking, rock pools, filming, 4x4 driving, camping (caravans, chalets & tents), picnic sites, braai areas, birdwatching, whale watching and fishing (coast only - permit required). Guided hikes are available upon request. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Formal programmes by appointment FILMING: Small companies (still shoots) with a maximum of ten vehicles and 25 people pay one rate, with a higher rate applying for commercials and film shoots CONTACT: Tel 021 577 5000/2/3/4; Fax 086 628 4872

BLAAUWBERG CONSERVATION AREA (BCA) ADDRESS: Bloubergstrand and Eerstesteen Resort, Otto du Plessis Drive, Blouberg OPENING HOURS: Coastal section: Sunrise to sunset (seven days a week); Eerstesteen braai and picnic facility: 08:00-19:00 (Nov-Apr), 08:0017:00 (May-Oct) SIZE: 953 ha BLAAUWBERG HILL: By prior arrangement only ENTRANCE FEE (2010/11): For Eerstesteen Resort only - adults R10; children (3-13 years), students and senior citizens R5; children under 3 years free - Vehicles: R16 - Learner/student groups: R4 per learner (prebooked) -'Friends' of the BCA: free (proof of membership required) - Season Tickets (annual): adults R105, family R160 (parents & any 3 children up to 13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R53. The season ticket provides unlimited entry into the following nature reserves: Helderberg, Tygerberg, Rietvlei, Rondevlei and Eerstesteen Resort (BCA) PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus

ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic sites, braai areas, hiking trails, historic buildings, surfing, windsurfing, birdwatching, whale-watching and fishing (permit required) ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Classes on history, archaeology, geography and geology, as well as on the plants and animals in the local ecosystems (booking essential) FRIENDS GROUP: The Friends of BCA host monthly activities CONTACT: Tel/Fax 021 554 0957 WEBSITE:

DIEP RIVER AND FYNBOS CORRIDOR ADDRESS: Gie Road, Parklands OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 216 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES: Walking - by prior arrangement ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: None CONTACT: Tel 021 550 1086

MILNERTON RACECOURSE NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: Grand National Boulevard, Royal Ascot OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 19,4 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None; only northern area accessible PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: 20-minute walking trail in the northern area, bird watching ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: By prior arrangement CONTACT: Tel 021 550 1086 WEBSITE:

RIETVLEI WETLAND RESERVE ADDRESS: Grey Avenue, Table View OPENING HOURS: 07:30-17:30 (daily); water sports hours 10:00-17:00 (weekdays), 09:00-17:00

HE NATURE RESERVE (weekends) SIZE: 663,27 ha ENTRANCE FEE (2010/11): adults R10, children (3-13 years), students and senior citizens R5, children under 3 years free.Vehicles: R16.Learner/student groups: R4 per learner (pre-booked). 'Friend' of this reserve: free (proof of membership required) - Season Tickets (annual): adults R105, family R160 (parents & any 3 children up to 13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R53. The season ticket provides unlimited entry into the following nature reserves: Helderberg, Tygerberg, Rietvlei, Rondevlei and Eerstesteen Resort (BCA) - Day Fishing Permits (excl. entrance fee): adults R34 (13 years & older), children R12 (3-13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R12. Maximum of 2 rods with 2 hooks per rod PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Boating, picnic and braai areas, fishing, hiking and two bird hides ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Rietvlei Education Centre FRIENDS GROUP: Friends of Rietvlei, www. CONTACT: Tel 021 557 5509 & 021 550 1086; Fax 021 550 1003

City of Cape Town Nature Reserves

ZOARVLEI WETLANDS ADDRESS: Between Donegal Street, Rugby; and Milner Street, Metro Industrial Township (Access points at Donegal Road, Rugby; Boundary Road, Milnerton; Milner Street, Metro Industrial Township; Wemyss Road or Justin Street, Brooklyn; and Section Street at the Canal, bordering PaardenEiland and Brooklyn) OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 140 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES: Birdwatching, walking, jogging, hiking, photography and picnics (no liquor permitted). There is also a 5 km wheelchair-friendly pathway. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: West Coast Field Studies Centre. For bookings, contact education officer Frank Wygold on 021 511 2384, 083 338 9319 or e-mail c/o FRIENDS GROUP: Friends of the PaardenEiland Wetlands CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 689 8935 / 021 689 4184 (These wetlands are jointly managed by the City Parks and Environmental Resource Management departments, City of Cape Town)



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RAAPENBERG BIRD SANCTUARY ADDRESS: Between Liesbeek Parkway and Station Road, Observatory OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 10 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi, bus or train ACTIVITIES: Birdwatching, walking, picnicking FRIENDS GROUP: Friends of the Liesbeek, CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 689 9141 (This bird sanctuary is managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town)

RONDEBOSCH COMMON ADDRESS: Park and Campground Roads, Rondebosch OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 40 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi, bus or train ACTIVITIES: Spring flower-spotting, history rambles, running, dogwalking ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: No formal programmes, but suitablefor nature and history lessons FRIENDS GROUP: The Friends of Rondebosch Common keep the area clean, safe and free from litter and fire. The group controls the spread of alien vegetation, organises spring walks, keeps information boards updated, and has compiled a book on the common’s history, fauna and flora. CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 689 9141 (This common is managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town)

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ADDRESS: Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth OPENING HOURS: By prior arrangement only SIZE: 52 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi, bus or train ACTIVITIES:Walks, and Friends of the KRCA activities (E-mail fkrca-owner@yahoogroups. com for bookings). ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Programmes and presentations available upon request CONTACT: Tel 021 700 1843; Fax: 021 797 6008 WEBSITE: (This conservation area is owned by Gold Circle, but is managed by the City of Cape Town)

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Rondevlei Environmental Education Centre and Leonard Gill Field Museum (booking essential). ACCOMMODATION: Island bush camp, run by Imvubu Nature Tours FRIENDS GROUP AND BIRDERS: The Friends of Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei consist of local community members who support the reserve. The Cape Bird Club and A Rocha International run birding and bird-ringing programmes. CONTACT: Tel 021 706 2404; Fax 021 706 2405 For accommodation, contact Imvubu Nature Tours on or 021 706 0842. For environmental education camps, phone Cape Town Environmental Education Trust on 021 706 8523. WEBSITE:

RONDEVLEI NATURE RESERVE (Part of the greater False Bay Ecology Park) ADDRESS: Corner of Perth Road and Fisherman’s Walk, Grassy Park OPENING HOURS: 07:30-17:00 (seven days a week); 07:30-19:00 (on Saturdays and Sundays from December to February only); closed on Christmas Day SIZE: 290 ha ENTRANCE FEE (2010/11): adults R10, children (3-13 years), students and senior citizens R5, children under 3 years free. Learner/student groups: R4 per learner (pre-booked). 'Friend' of this reserve: free (proof of membership required). Season Tickets (annual): adults R105, family R160 (parents & any 3 children up to 13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R53. The season ticket provides unlimited entry into the following nature reserves: Helderberg, Tygerberg, Rietvlei, Rondevlei and Eerstesteen Resort (BCA) Day Fishing Permits (excl. entrance fee): adults R34 (13 years & older), children R12 (3-13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R12. Maximum of 2 rods with 2 hooks per rod Boat Trips: adults R12/hour, children (3-13 years) R7/hour PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnicking, bird hides, lookout towers, museum, lecture theatre, aquarium, fishing platforms, boat trips, overnight island bush camp, a boma and conference facilities

ZEEKOEVLEI NATURE RESERVE (Part of the greater False Bay Ecology Park) ADDRESS: Zeekoevlei Road, Pelican Park OPENING HOURS: 07:30-19:30 (summer), 07:30-18:00 (winter) SIZE: 344 ha ENTRANCE FEE: Only for power boats, payable to the Cape Peninsula Aquatics Club PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES: Picnicking, fishing, boating, birdwatching ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Zeekoevlei Environmental Education Centre, Tel 021 396 1272 ACCOMMODATION: School camps, Tel 021 706 8523 FRIENDS GROUP AND BIRDERS: The Friends of Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei consist of local community members who support the reserve. The Cape Bird Club runs birding and bird-ringingprogrammes. CONTACT: Tel 021 706 2404; Fax 021 706 2405

E NATURE RESERVE common. CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 762 9180 &The Friends of Meadowridge Common Tel 021 715 9206 WEBSITE: http://meadowridgecommon. (This common is managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town)


HELDERBERG NATURE RESERVE ZANDVLEI ESTUARY NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: Coniston Avenue, Marina Da Gama OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 (weekdays), closed on weekends SIZE: 200 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi, train or bus (within walking distance of Steenberg and Lakeside Station as well as Main Road) ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Jetty, bird hides, picnic sites, boating, walking, windsurfing. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Zandvlei Environmental Education Centre is within walking distance of Steenberg Station, and offers field trips for primary learners. (Book in advance for live reptile displays.) FRIENDS GROUP: The Friends of the Zandvlei Trust help with conservation, education and awareness projects. CONTACT: Tel 021 701 7542; Fax 021 701 7542

DE HEL NATURE AREA ADDRESS: Between Southern Cross Drive and Constantia Nek Road, Constantia OPENING HOURS: Sunrise to sunset

SIZE: 21,3 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES:Walking, jogging, birdwatching and photography ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: None FRIENDS GROUP: Friends of Constantia Valley Greenbelts CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 689 9141 (This nature area is managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town)

ADDRESS: Lakeview and Midwood Avenues, Bergvliet OPENING HOURS: 07:00-19:00 daily SIZE: 1,2 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES:Walking, birdwatching and quiet recreation. (Dogs, sports games and swimming are not allowed.) Guided visits can be arranged through the Friends of Die Oog. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: For school learner programmes, contact the Friends of Die Oog. FRIENDS GROUP: Friends of Die Oog CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 762 9180 & Friends of Die Oog Tel/Fax 021 715 8665 E-MAIL: (Friends of Die Oog) WEBSITE: (This conservation area is managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town)

MEADOWRIDGE COMMON ADDRESS: Accessible from Edison Drive and Faraday Way, Meadowridge OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 8 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Bus or taxi ACTIVITIES: Dog-walking, wild flowers, recreation ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Illustrated talks given upon request FRIENDS GROUP: The Friends of Meadowridge Common assist with keeping the site clean and tidy, and controlling invasive alien species. The group keeps detailed botanical records, arranges spring walks, provides signage, and monitors the activities on the

LOWER SILVERMINE RIVER WETLANDS ADDRESS: Clovelly Road, Clovelly OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: Not applicable ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Train or taxi. A 15-minute walk from Fish Hoek Station, or free parking just off Clovelly Road, at the traffic lights on Main Road ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES:Walking, birdwatching, self-guided trail for the blind,

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The ocean has always been viewed as a bottomless resource but the reality is that marine resources are finite. The ocean provides us with tremendous and often unseen economic, social and cultural benefits; it acts as a vast highway for commerce, it provides a place for recreation and, importantly, it supplies food or income for 2.6 billion people worldwide. Today, however, the ancient tradition of fishing has in many cases left in its wake dangerously depleted fish stocks and an ecosystem whose balance has been sufficiently tipped to jeopardize the existence of a number of key species. - 85% of the world´s fish stocks are either overexploited or exploited to their maximum (2010 United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organisation report). - No fishing gear is completely selective. As a result, many non-target fish or endangered species of albatrosses, sharks and turtles are accidentally caught as bycatch. Globally, it is estimated that approximately a quarter of what is caught is thrown back, often dead, and wasted (2010 United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organisation report). - Some fishing techniques pose a threat to marine habitats which are the life support system for marine life. - Marine ecosystems exist in a delicate balance – therefore harvesting a species can have implications for the function of the entire system. Although this problem may seem insurmountable, it is not and the WWF Sustainable Fisheries Programme is in a unique position to provide practical solutions. Placed at the interface between civil society, the private sector and government, the program has the unique ability to work across the seafood supply chain to address this challenge in the holistic manner required.

It is now widely accepted that commercial fisheries are in a state of decline worldwide. 80% of the world fish stocks are over exploited or exploited to their maximum; this was indicated in The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report (SOFIA) from The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) released in 2008. Total world marine capture fisheries for 2006 was estimated at 81.9 million tons, down from 2005 which was around the 84 million ton mark, the average for the past decade. Aquaculture production, however, has been on a steady increase since 2000 and in 2006 contributed more than a third of the total fish production (wild caught and farmed). There have also been a growing number of papers published in top scientific journals addressing the impacts and issues around overfishing. Perhaps the most worrying trend is that some fisheries have failed to show any signs of recovery even after many years of protection. The best (or worst) example is the northwest stock of Atlantic cod (Gadusmorhua) which in Canadian waters has been closed to fishing since 1990, and is now listed as ‘Vulnerable’ by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Fishery Improvement Projects underway fish

Species in the RED list with a black background are illegal to sell in South Africa. Either specially protected or recreational “no sale” species. Never buy these.

LOOK OUT FOR THE MSC LOGO The MSC eco-label indicates that a product is certified to be from a well-managed and sustainable fishery. For more information, visit:

Seafood is now a more popular food choice than ever before. It’s the healthy, sensible and guilt-free choice…or is it? More and more people are considering seafood as a healthy and natural protein source in a time when many consumers regard products from conventional commercial land-based farms with increasing


KEY TO SYMBOLS Specially protected species


Alaskan Salmon Anchovy Angelfish Atlantic Mackerel Calamari (Squid) Dorado Gurnard (offshore trawl)* Hake Herring Horse Mackerel/ Maasbanker Mussels Oysters

Panga (line caught)* Portuguese Sardines Queen Mackerel Santer South African Sardines South African Snoek Tuna (pole caught only)* West Coast Rock Lobster Yellowtail

Remember the product must carry the MSC logo to be sure it comes from a MSC certified fishery.

suspicion. The continued globalisation of markets has seen seafood become the most traded global food commodity in the world and has resulted in an explosion in the popularity of formerly “exotic” cuisine such as sushi, driven on by the trend-setters of the culinary world. What is less widely known or publicised are conservation issues surrounding seafood species, and the fact that many of our seafood sources are harvested at unsustainable rates, and that in many cases the activity of fishing may cause unacceptable damage to the oceans ecosystem with potential long-term negative effects. If we want to continue to enjoy the variety and diversity of seafood that we have become accustomed to for decades to come, we need to start making informed choices right now.

RESTAURANT SUPPORTERS All of the SASSI Restaurant Programme Supporters have identified that there are issues around seafood sustainability. Being a SASSI Supporter means that these restaurants have attended an annual SASSI training course and are committed to providing consumers with more information about the sustainability of their seafood and assisting them to make ocean-friendly choices. Once a restaurant has completed the basic requirements they will be considered a SASSI Restaurant Supporter and in order to communicate their support of SASSI, all Restaurant Supporters will be given a SASSI certificate similar to the one displayed here. These certificates are valid for a year after the Restaurant Supporter has attended training.

ORANGE - THINK TWICE Monk Abalone (farmed)* Atlantic/Norwegian Salmon New Zealand Kingklip/ (farmed)* Ling Pangasius/Basa (farmed)* Cape Dory Prawns Carpenter (line caught)* Red Roman Catface Rockcod African Sharptooth Catfish Sharks (line caught)* (farmed)* Skates and Rays* Slinger Englishman Sole (East Coast) Geelbek/Cape Salmon (line caught)* Swordfish Tuna (local longline)* Hake (longline)* White Stumpnose Hottentot (line caught)* Jacopever (offshore trawl)* Yellowtail (locally farmed)* King Mackerel Kingklip Kob (farmed at sea or line caught)*

*See for details

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*See for details

RED - DON’T BUY Black Musselcracker/ Poenskop Dageraad Kob (trawl caught)* Red Steenbras Red Stumpnose/ Miss Lucy Scotsman Sharks (trawl caught)* Tuna (imported longline)*

White-edge Rockcod Yellowbelly Rockcod

NO SALE SPECIES Baardman/Belman Blacktail/Dassie Brindle Bass Bronze Bream Cape Stumpnose Galjoen Garrick King Fish Knife Jaw Natal Stumpnose Natal Wrasse Potato Bass River Snapper Seventy-four Spotted Grunter West Coast Steenbras White Musselcracker White Steenbras

*See for details

WHAT CAN WE DO? With so many different seafood options available in restaurants and supermarkets, how can you ensure you make the best choice for you and for the environment? There so many factors to consider and choosing seafood can be a real challenge! BUT by asking the right questions, and knowing what to look for and what to avoid, you can better choose seafood that is good for you and good for the environment! To help you make better seafood choices, SASSI have created numerous ways for YOU to get all the information you need to make up your mind about the seafood you choose. We have taken a fairly simple, yet effective, approach. It is similar to a traffic light system - when the species is listed as green, go for it! When it is orange, think twice about it! And red, well that is a definite no-no! Along with this simple system, we have a whole host of places where you can get this information from, whether you are on the internet at home, sitting in a restaurant or ANYWHERE with a cellphone and some signal. There is loads of information to try and remember about all the different seafood choices: • What colour categories do they fall into: "Green, Orange or Red" - many factors can have an effect on the colour categories the different seafood falls into. The specific animals biology, the impact the fishery has on the environment and how well that species stock is managed within the area of capture. • What questions to ask when buying seafood: "What? Where? How?" - asking the right questions about your seafood can make a huge impact! There

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are three, yes only three questions we have come up with that, when asked, will give people the message that "we want to know about our seafood, we want it to be sustainable and we want it NOW!" • Buying seafood: "Who to buy from, and what to choose?" - there are so many places out there which sell seafood, and the choices on all of the menu`s is endless. However, if you want to still be enjoying fish in the next 40 years, make sure you choose the right fish and from the right establishments. So, thus far you know that different species of fish fall into different colour categories, you also know what questions you are going to ask next time you order seafood and you know what you are going to get and where! But how on earth are you going to remember all of this information?!? That`s the beauty of it all, you don`t have to...we have got it all for you, at your fingertips! Have a look at this list below to find out just how easy it is: SASSI`s mobi site The SASSI mobi site allows you to access the SASSI seafood database from any cell phone which has the ability to browse the internet. The mobi site offers a wide range of information, from general information about SASSI, the Green, Orange and Red lists (also allowing you to search the lists), the restaurants which are part of the Restaurant Participation Scheme (RPS), the rules and regulations for recreational angling and information on how to get hold of us. The address to use on your phone is "wwfsassi. mobi"; save it as a favourite and make sure you use it when you are out for dinner. Use it to make the right, sustainable choices today that will make a difference in the future. FishMS (079 499 8795)


This number should be saved in your phone by the time you get to the end of this sentence! Your seafood choices today will have an effect on what is available in the future. The FishMS service, a world first, allows consumers to make on-the-spot choices about the seafood with just one SMS. All you have to do is type the name of the seafood species into a text message and send it to 079 499 8795. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a response with the colour category - telling you whether it is ok to tuck in, think twice or avoid - and biological information about the species if we have assessed it. In addition to this, if the species is a commonly caught linefish species, there will be information about minimum size and bag limits which are set by the Department of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries (DAFF). Still want to know more? Contact us... You have read through everything, and you still have questions? That´s great; we need people asking questions and learning as much as they can about what is really going on in our environment! Feel free to contact us; send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Why we are here • Promote voluntary compliance of the law through education and awareness • Shift consumer demand away from over-exploited species to more sustainable options • Create awareness around marine conservation issues

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WESTERN CAPE: Cape Gate 021 981 0331, C.T Airport 021 934 8441, Cavendish 021 683 2139, Century City 021 555 2331, De Ville - Opening soon Edgemead 021 558 0266, Glengarry 021 981 8948, Gordons Bay 021 856 0328, Hermanus 028 312 1313, Hout Bay 021 790 0380, Kloof Street 021 422 0322, Mitchells Plain 021 376 5500, N1 City 021 595 4262, Noordhoek 021 785 3841, Paarl 021 870 1908, Plumstead 021 761 0765, Robertson 023 626 2554, Seapoint 021 433 0450, Somerset Mall 021 851 2353, Table View 021 556 2277, Tygervalley 021 914 5360, VanGate 021 633 6716, V&A Waterfront 021 425 2596, Westlake 021 702 0814, Worcester 023 342 0787, Zevenwacht 021 903 0994. EASTERN CAPE: East London 043 726 8809, Port Alfred 1727, Port Elizabeth (Fig Tree) 041 368 5525, 046 624 172 Port Elizabeth (Brookes) 041 584 0059, Jeffreys Bay 042 293 2228. GARDEN ROUTE: Garden Route Mall 044 887 0172, Knysna 044 382 4862, Mossel Bay 044 690 3535. Hello Festive Season / 35

cycling. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: None FRIENDS GROUP: The Riverine Rovers are a subgroup of the Friends of Silvermine Nature Area (FOSNA) CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 701 1233 &The Riverine Rovers Tel 021 782 6144; Fax 086 603 7554 )These wetlands are managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town(

GLENCAIRN WETLAND ADDRESS: Glen Road, Glencairn OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 20 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Bus or train ACTIVITIES:Walking, birdwatching, guided hikes ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: School programmes; booking is essential. (Contact Rob Erasmus on FRIENDS GROUP: Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts (GEESE) CONTACT: City Parks Tel 021 701 1233 & GEESE Tel 021 782 6400; Fax 021 782 5016 E-MAIL: (GEESE) WEBSITE: (This wetland is managed by the City Parks department, City of Cape Town)

EDITH STEPHENS WETLAND PARK ADDRESS: Lansdowne Road, Philippi OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 (weekdays); bookings essential for weekends SIZE: 39 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic sites, birdwatching, Working for Wetlands nursery, urban agriculture garden, medicinal garden ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: The environmental education centre provides local residents and schools with conservation, recreational and educational opportunities, from teacher's workshops to children's holiday programmes. CONTACT: Tel 021 691 8070; Fax 021 691 7375

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A DAY IN TH run, popular venue, and contains a resource centre with a library and a herbarium. Lessons on a variety of topics, including geography, town planning and ecology, are offered. Booking is essential. FRIENDS GROUP: Join the Tygerberg Bird Club, the Friends of the Tygerberg Hills or CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wild Flowers) for lectures, hikes, bird watching, rare plant surveys and alien plant hacks. E-mail for more information. CONTACT: Tel 021 913 5695; Fax 021 913 6268

DURBANVILLE NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: Racecourse Road, Durbanville OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 (weekdays), 07:00-19:00 (weekends ) SIZE: 6 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic sites, wheelchair-friendly pathways, birdwatching, gazebo for meetings ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Educational activities for children in partnership with Cape for Kids (booking essential) CONTACT: Tel 021 970 3097; Fax 021 979 0093

TYGERBERG NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: Main gate: Totius Street, Welgemoed; Secondary gate: Meyboom Street, Plattekloof OPENING HOURS: Summer 07:30-18:00 (weekdays), 07:30-19:00 (weekends and public holidays). Winter 07:30-17:00 (weekdays), 07:30-18:00 (weekends and public holidays). SIZE: 300 ha ENTRANCE FEE (2010/11): adults R10, children (3-13 years), students and senior citizens R5, children under 3 years free. Learner/student groups: R4 per learner (pre-booked). 'Friend' of this reserve: free (proof of membership required). Season Tickets (annual): adults R105, family R160 (parents & any 3 children up to 13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R53. The season ticket provides unlimited entry into the following nature reserves: Helderberg, Tygerberg, Rietvlei, Rondevlei and Eerstesteen Resort (BCA) PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Hiking, picnic sites, birdwatching, panoramic views ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: The KristoPienaar Environmental Education Centre is a well-

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SIZE: 32 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES: Nature walks amid a small wetland; interesting plants, birds and frogs FRIENDS GROUP: Uitkamp Action Group, email: CONTACT: Tel 021 970 3097; Fax 021 979 0093

BRACKEN NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: 2 Reservoir Road, Brackenfell OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 (weekdays), closed on weekends SIZE: 36 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic areas, walking trails, birdwatching, wheelchair-friendly trail ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Brackenfell Environmental Education Centre (booking essential) FRIENDS GROUP: The Friends of Bracken and CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wild Flowers) arrange walks, birdwatching, plant surveys and alien clearing. CONTACT: Tel 021 982 1323; Fax 021 982 7135 WEBSITE:

UITKAMP WETLANDS ADDRESS: Mosselbank Road, Durbanville OPENING HOURS: Not applicable

WOLFGAT NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: Baden Powell Drive, Mitchell’s Plain OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 (weekdays), closed on weekends SIZE: 248 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES: Picnicking, fishing in designated areas (permit required), watching coastal birds, swimming, paragliding ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: An education officer assists schools with field trips for groups of 30-40 learners. Larger groups could take part in special programmes, like coastal hikes and clean-up campaigns. CONTACT: Tel 021 392 5134/5; Fax 021 392 8878


HE NATURE RESERVE 852 8831) FRIENDS GROUP: The Friends of the Helderberg Nature Reserve are active, and support the reserve manager by running programmes for environmental education, fundraising, maintenance, upgrades and promotions. They also run a museum, a shop and an indigenous nursery. CONTACT: Tel 021 851 6982; Fax 021 851 2148 WEBSITE:



MACASSAR DUNES CONSERVATION AREA ADDRESS: Macassar Road, Khayelitsha; Baden Powell Drive, Macassar OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 (weekdays); closed on weekends SIZE: 1 116 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi or bus ACTIVITIES: Picnicking, fishing in designated areas (permit required), hiking, swimming, birdwatching ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Outdoor educational programmes are offered to mark special environmental events, such as Arbor Day, Water Week and Marine Week. CONTACT: Tel 021 392 5134/5; Fax 021 392 8878

required) - Season Tickets (annual): adults R105, family R160 (parents & any 3 children up to 13 years), senior citizens (60+ years) R53. The season ticket provides unlimited entry into the following nature reserves: Helderberg, Tygerberg, Rietvlei, Rondevlei and Eerstesteen Resort (BCA) PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic area, Oak CafĂŠ, hiking trails, summer sunset concerts, information centre, gift shop, museum displays in the Maskew Miller Herbarium (10:00-16:00) ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Mike Woods Environmental Education Centre (bookings: 021

ADDRESS: Van Gogh Road, Somerset West OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 4,9 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Hiking trails, birdwatching ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: No formal programme CONTACT: Tel 021 851 6982; Fax 021 851 2148 WEBSITE:

LOURENS RIVER PROTECTED NATURAL ENVIRONMENT ADDRESS: Somerset West to Strand OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: The river is 23 km long. ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Picnic area, hiking trails, birdwatching

HELDERBERG NATURE RESERVE ADDRESS: Verster Avenue, Somerset West OPENING HOURS: 07:30-17:30, May-October; 07:30-19:00, November-April SIZE: 398 ha ENTRANCE FEE (2010/11): adults R10, children (3-13 years), students and senior citizens R5, children under 3 years free - Vehicles: R5 - Learner/student groups: R4 per learner (prebooked) - 'Friend' of this reserve: free (proof of membership


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A DAY IN THE NATURE RESERVE As a result of overwhelmingly positive public and expert comment, the City of Cape Town is to apply to Western Cape Provincial Government to have two new nature reserves proclaimed, and another expanded. The Botterblom Park in Vierlanden, Durbanville, has already been declared a new City nature reserve, and the False Bay Ecology Park has been extended to include portions of the False Bay coastline in the False Bay Nature Reserve. The Diep River, Rietvlei,

Zoarvlei and Milnerton Race Course have been amalgamated into one reserve, now known as the Table Bay Nature Reserve. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: None CONTACT: Tel 021 851 6982; Fax 021 851 2148 WEBSITE:


ACCOMMODATION: The Kogel Bay Resort offers camping and caravanning facilities on the beachfront (reservations: 021 850 4172) CONTACT: Tel 021 856 5605; Fax 021 851 2148

ADDRESS: 11th Avenue, Strand OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 9 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Plant monitoring, spring flowers, walking trail ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: The Harmony Flats Working Group, supported and trained by CREW and Cape Flats Nature, organises lessons and plant monitoring. CONTACT: Tel 021 856 5605; Fax 021 851 2148

KOGELBERG NATURE RESERVE ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: No formal programme CONTACT: Tel 021 851 6982; Fax 021 851 2148 WEBSITE:

DICK DENT BIRD SANCTUARY ADDRESS: Broadway Boulevard, Strand OPENING HOURS: Not applicable SIZE: 10 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES: The site offers a bird hide, and birdwatchers are advised to visit in groups.

ADDRESS: Gordon’s Bay - 8 km along the R44 (Clarence Drive) OPENING HOURS: 07:30-16:00 SIZE: Approximately 3 000 ha ENTRANCE FEE: None PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Taxi ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Hiking trail*, abseiling, kloof jumping (run by external company), whale watching, scenic drive and fishing (permit required). *Please note: The Steenbras River Gorge hiking trails were closed from 1 May 2011 to allow for vegetation regeneration. Please check that they reopened. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: None

For provincial and national nature reserves in the Western Cape, visit the following websites:

CapeNature manages 24 nature reserves and wilderness areas throughout the Western Cape. Most reserves offer overnight accommodation and/or camping and a variety of activities. South African National Parks (SANParks) manages five national parks within the 'Cape Cluster': Bontebok, Table Mountain, Tankwa Karoo, Agulhas and West Coast National Parks

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Eden on Big Bay is the Cape’s unique new shopping and lifestyle destination. This mixed-use development is situated on a prime location on Blouberg’s Big Bay along the West Coast and just a 20 minute drive from Cape Town. It boasts an admirable mix of upmarket stores and restaurants, literally a “pebble’s throw” from a world-class beach with a picture-perfect postcard-view of majestic Table Mountain and Lions head across Table Bay.

ticks all the boxes! Integrity



We Deliver


YOU make us tick! Blaauwberg 021 557 1115 | Big Bay 021 554 0033 | Parklands Piazza 021 556 2362 Parklands on Main 021 556 3019 | Sunset Beach 021 551 8640

Trading Hours Mondays - Fridays

9am - 6pm


9am - 5pm


10am - 3pm

Public Holidays

10am - 3pm

Pick n Pay Exquisite Eyes Tandem Hair VACANT Belevante About Cats & Dogs Bargain Books Flight Centre Vees Video Exclusive Taylors Cigar Emporium Alex Jewellery Pick n Pay Liquor Snoekies KFC Tiki Bar Inside Sports Lounge Café Sofia Chilli-mer The Lovell Gallery Beachcomber Deli EDEN STORE ROOM Yo Eastern Fusion Smoothe Kairos Biltong MTN Voice La Fleur Gift Laundry @ Eden Zen Aeshetic Dental Spa VACANT VACANT Wave Rock Blossom Boutique Houtstok Kauai Just Letting Dreamz Showtime Izabellas Moyo Surf Zone Eden Café Cabrinha Kiteboarding Sunset Beach Trading 196CC Karoo Cattle and Land Ciao Baby Cucina Cappello Clicks ATM ABSA ATM FNB ATM Nedbank ATM Standard Bank Perfect Car Hoodoo Tatoo

021 554 4321 021 554 9611 021 554 9609 021 554 9605 021 554 9636 021 554 0711 021 554 8940 021 554 9612 021 554 5888 021 554 9626 021 554 9614 021 554 9656 021 554 9652 021 554 0296 021 554 9616 021 554 4065 021 554 4752 021 554 9631 021 554 9607 083 212 2944 021 554 9690 021 554 2312 021 554 9888 021 554 9604

021 554 9619 021 200 1818 021 554 9634 021 554 9692 021 554 9721 021 554 9650 021 554 9671 021 554 9672 021 554 9633 021 554 9660 021 554 1729 021 554 9777 021 554 4286 021 554 5128 021 554 9696 021 554 3702 021 440 4911 021 528 5900 011 295 7113 021 401 3103

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Phone: 021 554 9697 E-mail:

P ‘n P


(and Pick n Pay Liquor store)

Shop No 1 Eden on Big Bay, corner

Beach Bar Shop 17 Eden on the Bay Bloubergstrand 021 554 0296

EST DEALS EVERYDAY Sir David Baird & Otto Du Plessis Drives, Big Bay 7441• 021 554 4321

open early till late



7-9 october, Cloof Wine Estate, Darling Rocking the Daisies. 6 years in and just getting better! Fresh off our second win in a row at the SA Climate Change Leadership Awards, we are back to bring you a 2011 Daisy adventure, from 7th - 9th Oct 2011! In addition to our 4 stages, we will be bringing you the SHNIT International Short Film Festival, our very own rugby world cup fan park (come on BOKKE) exciting new ways to travel to the festival and entertainment you can only dream of!



2-4 November CTICC Now in its ninth year, The FNB Whisky Live Festival has grown into the largest & liveliest whisky and lifestyle event of its kind, attracting more visitors and brands than any other whisky festival globally. Tickets to the Tasting Hall cost R190, with a range of other ticketing options available through Webtickets. Due to the increasing popularity of the show, visitors are urged to pre-book to avoid disappointment. We will be limiting the number of visitors to the show to ensure that a quality experience is enjoyed by all.


Sunday, 13 November 2011 - Cape Town surrounds The Big Walk Trust, owners of the Discovery Cape Times Big Walk, is a non – profit entity with the sole mandate to raise funds for charity and community development. The Trust has two partners – Spartan Harriers Athletics Club and the Rotary Club of Claremont – with six trustees who guide the affairs of the Trust. 100% of the proceeds of this annual Cape Town event are donated to worthy charities and causes with these amounts being supplemented by the use of other Rotary Clubs and service organizations to supply the manpower and services on the day. The funds paid to these organizations are then channeled into their causes of choice.


22- 23 October The 17th Cape Town International Kite Festival is proudly hosted by Cape Mental Health. The event will take flight at the beautiful scenic grounds of Zandvlei in Muizenberg – a family event not to be missed! The Kite Festival is an annual fund-raising and awareness raising event for Cape Mental Health, promoting positive mental health in an uplifting, fun and colourful way. Entry fee is R15 per adult and R5 per child – gates open at 10:00 and close at 18:00 on both days. 697 3566


22 — 30 October, 2011 ARTSCAPE Theatre This triple bill features two international works of outstanding character, flanking a work by acclaimed South African choreographer, Adele Bank.

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25-27 November Hamiltonn's Rugby Club South Africa’s largest festival of beer is back and this year’s celebrations will be even bigger and better! The three day festival celebrates all things beer, with world class brewers, local micro-breweries, awesome local entertainment, great food and activities. Public tickets are on sale for: Day pass R60, 2 Days R100, 3 days R120. Kings Table: Entrance and table for 10 plus an individual draught tap per table, 30L keg, branded mug, personal fraulein service - R2500 Corporate package: Entrance over all 3 days, 10 beer vouchers, tastings, designated table with allocated seating, voucher for a meal, event shirt and beer mug – R500 per person VIP tickets: Access for all 3 days, branded mug and cap, 6 SAB and 4 exhibition beer vouchers, voucher for a meal – R500 per person Robertson Wine on the River Now five years old, the Robertson Wine on the River will take place 14 - 16 October 2011. This idyllic open-air wine festival takes place on the banks of the Breede River at the Goudmyn Farm between Robertson and Bonnievale.


02 Dec 2011 - 04 Dec 2011 Franschhoek - Huguenot Monument Now in its fifth successful year, the Festival will be welcoming visitors from around the country over the weekend of 2 to 4 December to this annual social calendar highlight. This popular festival will have a new fashionable twist with a black and white emphasis. Taste some of France’s best Champagnes alongside the finest Cap Classiques to emerge from the wine cellars of South Africa. With the winemaking method virtually the same, it comes down to the terroir and skill of the winemakers, something which South African winemakers have mastered throughout the years. Renowned wineries participating in this popular festival include Backsberg, Colmant, Graham Beck Wines, Krone, La Motte, Morena, Môreson, Pierre Jourdan, Simonsig, Steenberg, Topiary Wines and Villiera. World renowned Champagnes will be represented by brands such as Billecart Salmon, Tribaut and VeuveClicquot. The centrepiece of the festival is the grand marquee situated on the sprawling lawns surrounding Franschhoek’s famous Huguenot Monument, where Cap Classique and Champagne stalls will be interspersed with local restaurants offering delicious delicacies to match, and live entertainment setting the tone for the celebrations. Visitors to the festival will be treated to multilayered gastronomic delights, as local restaurants get the chance to showcase Franschhoek’s status as one of the world’s premier culinary destinations. Some of the participating fine dining restaurants include Babylonstoren, Le Quartier Français, The Restaurant at Grande Provence, Bread & Wine, Mange Tout at Mont Rochelle Hotel, La Petite Ferme, Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant, L’Ermitage, Monneaux Restaurant, Reuben’s, The SalmonBar, DieuDonné, Bistro AlléeBleue and Le Franschhoek. 876 2861


16-18 December 2011, Cape Town Staduim The Cape Town Bike Festival is an annual event and includes an Expo, Live Acts both international and local as well as live "Masters of Dirt Extreme MotorCross Bike Show" The Festival also showcases the Miss Biker SA contest that runs over 3 days. The international act on the 16th of December will be Seether. 518 3932


2 January While new year always arrives with a big bang in the Mother City, it’s the Cape Minstrel Carnival, known as TweedeNuweJaar (second new year), that gives the celebration its local colour. The Cape Minstrel Carnival is Cape Town’s longest-running street party, tracing back to old slave traditions during the days of the Cape Colony. Historically celebrated on January 2, the one day Cape slaves were given off every year, the carnival is still marked today, typically on January 1, by merrymaking, music and a parade: Performers from local communities, dressed as minstrels and waving parasols, dance and sing their way from Zonnebloem, formerly District Six, through the city centre.



Buitenverwachting Wine Estate Constantia Fresh’ features a total of three palateinspiring events t is possible thanks to the support of the host region and participating Constantia producers namely Constantia Uitsig, Klein Constantia, Groot Constantia, Steenberg, Eagle’s Nest, Buitenverwachting and Constantia Glen. Pfützner has extended the invitation to the top South African Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc blend producers.




7 January, Kenilworth Race Track Dress code: Strictly Blue and White L'Ormarins Queen's Plate race is one of South Africa's premier horse races over 1600m and a weight-for-age contest in line with the world's most prestigious Grade 1 events. The event features a further nine races on the day. This historic horse race was first held in 1861 in honour of Queen Victoria. When she died the race became the King's Plate during the reigns of Edward VII and George VI but reverted to its original name in 1953 after the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. L'Ormarins Queen's Plate on January 8th 2011 will be the 150th running of this race, which makes it the oldest race in the South African racing calendar. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is represented by the British High Commissioner and the celebrated sponsor, L'Ormarins.

The J&B Met

28 January 021 700 1808

MARCH 2012

Project of the Africa Centre, every year in February, Infecting the City emerges from the bricks, flagstones and pavements of the City to challenge Cape Town's idea of art, itself and its streets.


24 February- 4 March The annual Cape Town Pride Festival is a celebration of our wonderful diversity, and also creates awareness around issues impacting on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities locally and throughout Africa. Cape Town Pride is driven by volunteers who give of their time, effort and energy freely, with energy and passion.

2-4 March, CTICC Presenting the very best of South African creativity, Design Indaba Expo is a showcase of exceptional design across all disciplines, including advertising, architecture, craft, décor, film, fashion, graphic design, interior design, jewellery, new media, publishing, product design, visual media and more. Setting a high professional standard, each exhibitor is pre-approved by a curatorial panel of industry experts, ensuring that you will only see bespoke designs of the highest quality on the Design Indaba Expo floor. 17 March, Long Street Over the past 400 years tumultuous events have enabled Cape Town’s cosmopolitan nature. The indigenous Khoi and San communities, played host to the arrival of very many people at The Cape of Good Hope. As a port city Cape Town soon became host to many European Settlers. Slaves were brought to Cape Town from the Indonesian Archipelago and they richly impacted on our cultural and creative diversity. So too, did Nguni speaking people contribute to our cultural aesthetic, as a result of continued migration down the East Coast of Africa. Cape Town Carnival will find expression for this diversity while harnessing a consolidating aesthetic in The New South Africa.


30-31 March, CTICC Festival has grown into a hugely successful international event since its inception in the year 2000. Attendance figures have increased from the initial 14 000 to 34 000 in the last 12 years. Melodytrip has ranked this proudly South African event as No.4 in the world, outshining events such as Switzerland's Montreaux Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland. The festival’s winning formula of bringing more than 40 International and Local artists to perform over two days on five stages has earned it the status of being the most prestigious event on the African continent. Known as Africa's Grandest Gathering, the festival which will be in its thirteen year when it takes place on Friday 30 March and Saturday 31 March 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Once again Cape Town International Jazz festival will thrill loyal and new fans with world class music.

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27- 30 April, Sandringham, Stellenbosch Agri-Expo is once again negotiating permission for alternative access roads into the venue; parking blocks will be numbered; the possibility of a separate exit road for exhibitors is being investigated; even more parasols for shade will be brought in until the planted trees supply adequate shade; and more emphasis on the exclusivity of this stylish gourmet event will be applied to the image of next year’s Festival.



24- 27 May, CTICC These 30-minute live demonstrations by celebrity chefs are known to have audiences simultaneously captivated, taking notes, roaring with laughter and desperate to get into the kitchen. Charismatic, daring, entertaining and sheer cooking brilliance describe the impressive combination of next year’s star studded line up. This Show highlight is guaranteed to be a memorable experience, and worth the effort of booking early to avoid disappointment.



Food and wine enthusiasts can nose, sip and taste their way through the heart-warming offerings of wine farms on this verdant wine route, a mere 20 minutes from the city centre. Discover the luscious, fruity merlots from the Durbanville Wine Valley and why it’s one of the most food-loving, funloving, soup-loving red wines around. This friends-and-family-friendly winter feast takes a laid-back approach to the art of food and wine pairing, as vintners join hands with chefs to find soulful partners for the variety of soups, chowders and gumbos from around the world. “Although the cooler weather calls for red wine with blazing fires, don’t be surprised if sauvignon blanc, the valley’s signature white, makes a guest appearance with a creamy mussel bisque”, says Michelle van Staden of the Durbanville Wine Valley Association.” The event is host on all twelve participating farms.


Easter Weekend, Bloemendal Wine estate, Durbanville Live Bands, French Champagne and Local Bubbly , “Shuck and Slurp” Competition, 20,000Oysters, Kids Entertainment 021 976 2682


The Riebeek Valley Olive Festival is a lifestyle festival - voted one of the best food festivals in the Western Cape, because of the devine olives, wine, cheese, pickles, jams, bread and an eclectic mix of local character, to name but a few ingredients making up this memorable feast. www.riebeekvalley.info022 448 1545


Baxter Theatre, UCT lovingCapetonians descend on the Baxter Theatre Centre in Rondebosch for the ever popular Vodacom Funny Festival. For one hilarious month, from June 13 to July 10, the world’s top jokesters will be tickling our funny bones with their laugh-a-minute acts.


26- 29 April, CTICC Come along to Decorex Cape Town 2012 for an interior design experience expressing the Mother City´s innovative energy. A hotbed of captivating colours, forms, shapes and silhouettes of the moment, the award-winning exhibition offers an abundance of choices. Browse through a star lineup of leading brands, emerging talent and trends hot off the home fashion catwalks. Stock up on the new and the nouveau, make the most of free how-to workshops and show specials orr simply soak up the spectacular displays and provocative room settings.

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18 - 19 May 2012 The Klein Karoo town of Calitzdorp is the portwine capital of South Africa. Its annual port festival is hosted by the eight wine cellars of Calitzdorp. There's a historical treasure hunt around the town, local arts and crafts, lifestyle market stalls to suit all tastes, the Port Dance, restaurants, food stalls and the annual South African boules Championships, plus much more.

15-17 June, CTICC The Cape Town Book Fair organisers announce that the Cape Town Book Fair will not be staged in 2011, but in a new and remodeled format in 2012, along with the IPA Publishers Congress which is going to be held in Cape Town 12 – 14 June 2012. The reason for this new move is that publishers in South Africa have voiced their support for a biennale Fair, starting in 2012. We thank all exhibitors and interested parties for their support and very much hope to be able to accommodate their needs and wishes again in 2012. A planning committee will start working and planning a revamped Cape Town Book Fair for 2012 very soon and will be announcing new details for the fair as soon as they become available.


14-15 July, Franschhoek The area has throughout the years been linked with the pursuit of freedom, as the destination where the French Huguenots sought refuge from persecution. Aside from the European legacy, the connection with freedom is also evident in a local context with the Drakenstein Prison (formerly Victor Verster), the prison from which the iconic Nelson Mandela was released, situated between Franschhoek and Paarl. The Food and Wine Marquee, open from 12 noon until 5pm, is always the focal point which draws people to the hub of activity. This popular meeting place allows visitors the chance to meet up with friends while enjoying fine wines from some of Franschhoek’s award-winning wine estates, and indulge in mouth-watering dishes created by the Valley’s highly acclaimed chefs. Delicious food on offer includes oysters, sushi, hand-made chocolate and fresh salmon trout from the area.


A Celebration of the Vine from fine wines and culinary creations to music and the arts is the focus of the 11th annual Stellenbosch Wine Festival, one of the biggest and oldest country food and wine festivals in the Cape. A joyous experience of all things epicurean, the festival showcases over 500 Stellenbosch wines for visitors to sample along with gourmet delights from top chefs, educational wine and food workshops, and some of the finest entertainment and artistic talent these famous winelands have to offer, all under one roof.


The Cape Town Fashion Week showcases some of the most promising designers in African fashion! African Fashion International (AFI) along with the Cape Town Fashion Council and SA and Cape Town Tourism, expertly selected the designers participating in this fashion week in a strict curatorial process and invited them show, rather pay to take part.


30 Wineries and Guesthouses from Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor and Robertson will welcome visitors into their homes, to their dining tables and onto their farms for a food & wine experience enjoyed SLOWLY. Guests can look forward to dinners at the homes of our winemaking families, cooking traditional Robertson Country Fare such as WaterblommetjieBredie, 7-course Organic Meal, Braai Snoek and Karoo Venison. As always wine will be central to the weekend and you will have ample opportunity to meet with our winemakers to taste and discuss their wines. The weekend will also include some great options where you can learn to make honey, try your hand at making pasta or learn how to blend your own wine. Other activities will include Horse Riding, Boating and Fynbos and Renosterveld Walks as well as Nordic Hiking.


Nominated one of the 10 Best Wine Shows in South Africa! Taste more than 200 wines from Elgin to Elim Producers at the Hermanus Wine & Food Festival Welcome to our world of wine! Wine Festivals are an experience for all who love fabulous wine accompanied by great food. The Hermanus Wine and Food Fair has all the above and located in the beautiful Hemel en Aarde Village, Hermanus. Three days of indulgence offering a wide array of world-class premium wine and an assortment of fresh, local culinary creations.


Say goodbye to the grey moods of winter and celebrate the arrival of spring by heading off to the beautiful village of Franschhoek over the first weekend of September for the annual Franschhoek Uncorked festival. Franschhoek wineries in and around the scenic valley welcome the fresh, new season, using the opportunity to showcase their exciting new vintages and releases, and putting on a string of special events for visitors. Pack the car and set off for the winelands with its fresh country air and exquisite views whilst travelling from farm to farm. Be sure not to miss some of the live entertainment on offer as you plan your voyage of discovery of the region’s great wines and delectable culinary treats. With most of the Franschhoek wineries participating in this fun festival, there promises to be something for everyone, which includes cellar and vineyard tours, barrel tastings, food and wine pairings, art exhibitions, a fresh food market as well as a micro-brewery tasting, to name but a few. Music fans can expect to be kept entertained with a variety of live shows, ranging from talented jazz musicians and blues bands to French inspired music, with local musicians providing the ‘local is lekker’ flavour. Car enthusiasts will be thrilled with a rare exhibition of über-luxury cars, which include the ultimate marques of Aston Martin, Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari.


Every year, southern right whales travel thousands of miles to the Cape south coast to mate and calve in the bays. Join the villagers of Hermanus for an entertainment-packed festival, in the town with the best land-based whale watching in the world.


26 - 27 September , CTICC Vindaba will run in parallel with Cape Wine. www. Wine Tourism in South Africa dates back to 1971 when the the Stellenbosch WIne route was first established. Today there are over 20 wine routes, all set in constantly changing but always breathtaking landscapes. Along them you’ll find a plethora of different people, cultures, languages and histories. You’ll find mountains and oceans, distractions for nature lovers and luxury lovers, thrill seekers and relaxation seekers. You’ll find some of the world’s best hotels and guesthouses, spas, golf courses and restaurants. And, of course, hectares of vineyards and hundreds of wineries and estates. Come and discover all this for yourself. Vindaba will include exhibitions, seminars, one-onone meetings and tailor made pre and post tours to our wine routes – the most beautiful in the world.

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Van Ryn’s Distillery

For tastings, tours and more info visit or call 021 881 3875. Address: Van Ryn Road, Vlottenburg, Stellenbosch. Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 4:30pm | Sat: 9am – 2pm Sun: 11am – 4pm (only during Oct – April) GPS: S 33 57’ 42.8” E 18 48’ 02.9”

Judged the world’s best brandy 2011.

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18.


Discover the birthplace of the world’s finest brandy.

Distinction in cheese and wine, from purveyors of a fair view Nestled on the slopes of Paarl Mountain, the Fairview estate, one of South Africa’s internationally recognised and award-winning wine and cheese producers, offers visitors a true Cape winelands experience, including wine and cheese tastings and fun lunches for the whole family all year round. Fairview estate is a third generation family-owned farm with a winemaking heritage dating back to 1693. Located on the slopes of Paarl Mountain in the Western Cape, one of the country’s top wine producing regions, the farm has been bottling wine under its own label since 1974 and has become a respected and awarded producer. Under the guidance of Charles Back, Fairview’s innovative and award-winning wines are internationally recognised and appreciated. In the main tasting room Fairview’s range of over 35 wines and 25 artisanal cheeses are presented for tasting seven days a week. There are a number of tasting stations called pods with dedicated hosts. A standard tasting includes six wines, and selection of six to eight of Fairview’s Jersey milk and goats’ milk cheeses tasted at a separate tasting pod. For those seeking a more formal tasting, the Beryl Back tasting room is set apart from the main tasting area and offers seated, tutored tastings. Various tasting options and recommendations are put together, including pairing of wines and cheeses. Guests are treated to a selection of premium wines, including flagship and single vineyard bottling, as well as an olive oil tasting - Fairview has three varieties of olive oil, produced from trees that are grown on the farm. The Fairview cheese shop is situated within the cheese tasting area and stocks the full range of Jersey cows’ milk and goats’ milk cheeses as well as a wide range of artisanal breads, including croissants, ciabattas, ryes and sourdoughs, that are baked daily on the farm. The shop also stocks a wide range of condiments and delicious accompaniments, like delicious olives, jams and balsamic glazes. For a bite to eat, The Goatshed, Fairview’s relaxed Mediterranean-style lunch spot, offers a variety of delicious home-style meals and a comprehensive wine list including the full range of Fairview, Spice Route and Goats do Roam wine at cellar-door prices. A lunch venue suitable for all seasons; the interior extends onto a terrace for alfresco dining in summer, and it is transformed into a cosy indoor lunch spot during the colder winter months.

Suid-Agter Paarl RoadSuider-Paarl, 7646 ● S 33° 46′ 22.00″ E 18° 55′ 24.50″ Fairview tasting room, farm shop & general enquiries: +27 21 863 2450 Goatshed Restaurant reservations: +27 21 863 3609


The Waterfront Boat Company caters for a range of pleasure from a jet boat for adrenalin junky’s through harbour and fun cruises, all the way to traditional sailing and whale watching and trips on a luxury catamaran (, Tel: 021 418 5806). On another location of the fun scale you’ll find The Jolly Roger, the only authentic Pirate ship in South Africa which sales daily from Quay 5 in the V&A Waterfront to watch the sun set over the sea, leaving Cape Town to shelter under the Table Mountain (, Tel: 021 421 0909).

the inner city Loop- Gardens – city centre –waterfront and the route to Table View (Blaauwberg Strand) and back. All routes connect at the civic centre on Hertzog Blvd.


The Atlantic Rail takes you to Simon’s Town and back on board wooden bodied vintage coaches dating from 1922 to 1938 attached to a steam locomotive. Tours departs from Cape Town at 10:30 am and later departing Simon’s Town at 3pm. The interval time at Simon’s Town is approximately 3 hours. Booking is essential (, Tel: 021 556 1012).


Well known to experienced travellers, CitySightseeing is Cape Town Hop on - Hop off bus with two routes and commentary in 16 languages (www., Tel: 021 511 6000). Traditional guided bus ours with a wide range of full or half day options are made by Springbok Atlas. Their tours menu have a long established reputation for quality information and destinations (, Tel: 021 460 4700). The most recent addition to the transportation system In Cape Town are My Citi buses; New and facilitated with all travellers needs including space for bicycles and luggage. Three routes are operating currently: from the airport to the cityand backward,


A handful of options waits for those who are looking to explore Cape Town in a new way or focus around a specific theme. No matter how unique your curiosity is, you’ll most likely be surprised to find the right guide, from hardcore history lovers to the fashion route tour for ultimate fashionistas. Cape Town Tourism Information centres in City Centre, in the Waterfront, in the Airport, in the CTICC, on Table Mountain and in eleven more locations that will provide you with maps for self guide tours or if you prefer with the most recent contacts for a tour that concentrates around your preferred subject (, Tel: 021 487 6859, 8:00 – 21:00 everyday)


Either you choose to experience the city and it’s out skirts in the green way or on the Voom way, few options lays ahead: bicycle tours and rentals are offered by City Cycle Tours (www.citycycletours., Tel: 021 511 4766) and by AWOL tours (, Tel: 083 2346 428). A motorcycle rental is a world of possibilities. Big Boy offers scooters that are fun and cheap to run ( Tel: 021 433 1735)and you can also get faster on any brand, from Harley – Davidson ( Tel: 087 8083750) to BMW (, Tel 083 377 1133) and Yamaha ( Tel: 074 190 9977 &, Tel: 021 465 6883)


The traditional way will be to hire a motorcycle with a side car attached and to go either on one of the recommended routes or self-itinerary using vintage World War II sidecar ( Tel: 021 434 9855). If you speak the language of cool and luxury then you should BOOM: it is the name if a three wheel bike especially delivered from Europe. All new, shiny and seats comfortably two adults on leather chairs elevated behind the driver that will guide and take you to a once in a life time sightseeing experience ( Tel: 071 219 1036)

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Coming to South Africa: the vodka that gained the Trump name. Trump, The World’s Finest Super Premium Vodka


For retails and wholesalers orders, call

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082 8

Not for Sale to Persons

Quintuple – distilled in Holland by renowned Dutch master distiller Jacques de Lat, Trump Super Premium Vodka is the epitome of vodka that will demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself. Trump Super Premium Vodka is bottled in a unique, beautiful, and luxurious design, with labels and outer decorations by world famous New York designer and artist Milton Glaser.

8 888 88

during office hours

Under the Age of 18

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KIDZ ZONE Sea Point Putt Putt (Mini golf) Putt Putt provides great entertainment for both young and old. Spectacular views of the mountain and ocean are a bonus! Choose between 2 different courses (or do both) – each course consists of 18 holes of varying difficulty. 1 round of 18 holes takes about 30 - 45 minutes. www. (021) 434 6805

Ratanga Junction Ratanga Junction is packed with more than 30 exhilarating rides and attractions. Pumping thrill rides, more gentle family and kiddie rides as well as an exciting live entertainment programme all add to the entertainment equation ensuring something for everyone. 021 550 8504

Tots n Pots Tots n’ Pots is a fun, hands on workshop dedicated to providing Moms, Dads or Grannys some valuable time with their child as well as the opportunity to create memorable moments. The workshops allow your child to be creative whilst having fun… and the best part… you can leave the mess to us! Tots n Pots, Southern Peninsula Cape Town Tel: 0849998068 Email: Tots n Pots, Tableview/Parklands, Cape Town Tel: 0795134491 Email: Tots n Pots Constantia, CT Tel: 0836497405 Email:

Ostrich Farm You are most welcome to join us on a guided tour of the farm. Our well trained team will be more then happy to show you around and give you detailed information about the life cycle of an ostrich from egg to the adult bird. 021 7809294

Snowman building every Wednesday between 10:30am - 11:30am during school holidays

Kids Parties: Dawn 083 303 4907 • School Outings & Team Building: Helga Pinto 082 292 4030 Tel: 021 535 2260 • Fax: 021 535 2263 The Ice Station at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World boasts an Olympic ice arena. Visit for more info

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Allworks have been in operation for 12 years and we offer a broad spectrum of services which include the following: Our core business is that of construction to the hospitality industry. We specialise in the construction of outlets to the fast food industry, restaurants and night clubs. We are able to construct a store from scratch to final occupation by the end user. Turn Key Operations - Our professional team includes engineers, architects, graphic design & interior decorating. Stripping, rubble removal, hording, counter points, skirtings, ceilings, pedestal & joinery, doors & frames,wall repairs and paint,granite works. Construction of walls and shop fitting as well as the covering of walls and floors - screeds & floor re-airs and the tiling thereof. All aspects of shop fitting, bulkheads and carpentry. All aspects of electrical including installation of electrical points as well as the issue of the releveant certificate of electrical compliance. All plumbing including the installation and/or moving of plumbing points as well as waterproofing. All wet works are undertaken by Allworks. Installation of ventilation & extraction canopy systems. Stainless Steel work, balustrades and specialised sheet metal works as per requirements. Manufacture & upholstery of couches, chairs, bar stools, lamp shades etc. We include buying & selling of catering equipment, air conditioner systems and the construction of cold rooms & freezer rooms. Our after sales service includes maintenance & repair to refrigeration and air conditioner systems. The bulk of our spectrum is in-house (including certified electrician), we outsource specialised professional services as and when required. (eg Engineers &architechts as per individual store requirements/specifications). We actively participate on site with our service team to ensure our best service at all times.

Cnr 12th Ave & Nyman Street Kensington, Cape Town, 7405 Tel: (021) 593 0021 Mobile: 082 445 9536 (Caroline) Fax: (086) 681 1048 Email:

GautenG Celebrations in the City of Gold


ast paced and bursting with energy, the Gauteng province referred to as a ‘World Class african City’ is rich in history and culture. It is the intersection of african and global trade - incorporating Johannesburg, Pretoria and Soweto. the smallest of the nine provinces, Gauteng is home to about 8 million people-a multicultural mix of people from all walks of life. the success of the 2010 FIFa World Cup changed the world’s perspective of South africa and will have everlasting positive effects. When in Gauteng pay a visit to Soccer City designed to look like the traditional african Calabash in Soweto, ellis Park in Johannesburg or Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria. the people are friendly and driven particularly in Johannesburg-the economic hub of Gauteng where most live by a ‘work hard, party hard’ attitude and who would blame them with the range of entertainment, arts and culture to choose from. For lively nightlife activities party at ‘Movida’ where you will be treated to weekly cabaret shows and it also serves as a function venue for Bachelorette/Hen Parties and even corporate functions. a variety of Live theatre e.g. comedy clubs, ballet, contemporary dance and classical concerts is easily accessible. theatre venues include the grand State theatre complex in Pretoria, the more vibrant Johannesburg Civic theatre complex and the Market theatre, renowned for its use of drama as a weapon against apartheid. the Barnyard theatres have become extremely popular with their unique spin of the typical theatre venue. the ‘barnyard’ themed venue is a relaxed environment and you can order food at the venue or bring your own food and drinks whilst watching the shows. Joe Parkers Comedy Club in Monte Casino is the first and only comedy club in South Africa and with some of the best comedic talent every night will have you in stitches. You can enjoy dinner and drinks whilst watching the shows. It is best to book online and seating is available on a first come first serve basis. If you prefer trying your hand at the poker table or playing a classic game of roulette, venture into the casino situated inside Monte Casino or enjoy dinner or a cup of coffee at one of the many restaurants. emperors Palace, situated alongside O.R tambo

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International airport, is an extremely popular tourist destination with its large casino, classy hotel resorts such the trendy Peermont group of hotels, fine dining including the popular african themed tribes restaurant, luxurious spas and the recently constructed cinema. In Hatfield, a suburb of Pretoria which lies north of Gauteng lays one of the biggest night-time playgrounds in South Africa - Hatfield Square. Daytime it’s a shopping and entertainment centre and it hosts a wide range of events every year. Hatfield Square’s slogan rings “Still the place to be,” which it holds true to. this uniquely african ‘urban jungle’ also has several natural tourist attractions from zoos and snake parks to aquariums. escape city life and enjoy a walk or leisurely picnic through the Walter Sisulu national Botanical Gardens. Proud sanctuary of the endangered breeding pair of Black eagles often seen soaring gracefully above the breathtaking waterfall. Venture to the Reitvlei Dam nature reserve within the Pretoria municipal area which is populated by large herds of Blesbuck, eland and Black wildebeest, as well as threatened species such as oribi, white rhinoceros and aardwolf. Soweto tours, provide a glimpse of how many South africans live in this former township. tours include visits to the Hector Pieterson memorial, Vilikazi street and the former home of nelson Mandela and the Regina Mundi Church. no tour would be complete without sampling traditional food at Wandy’s Restaurant. need some retail therapy? then the Sandton and Rosebank malls as well as the fairly new Greenstone Shopping centre remain popular shopping destinations - with the best of local and international goods, a modern and sophisticated atmosphere as well as secure, ample parking, they make for a pleasant shopping experience. Gauteng tourism agency tel: +27 11 327 2000 Fax: +27 11 327 7000 e-mail: Website:

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the Festive Season at an Oasis in the country Relaxing summer days | Excellent Al Fresco dining Breathtaking gardens

OPEN OVER THE FESTIVE SEASON Phone +27 11 589 3495 Email

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Mobile +27 76 681 7295

KwaZulu-Natal Celebrations on the East Coast!


wazulu Natal also referred to as ‘Zulu Kingdom’ is a warm province offering white sandy beaches washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, subtropical climate , game parks, rolling green hills, numerous sugar cane plantations and vestiges of the great battles in South african history. Extensive savannah to the east and the grandiose Drakensberg mountain range to the west, make the Kwazulu Natal the perfect holiday destination. Durban “the Place where the Earth and the Ocean Meet” is the capital of the Kwazulu Natal and is a melting pot of african, European and Indian cultures. From the popular Gateway centre, to the Fleamarkets filled with african crafts and oriental bazaars fragrant with spice, Durban offers exciting shopping choices. Visit the Moses Mabhida stadium created for the FIFa world Cup in South africa which has become a landmark in this province. a golfer’s paradise, the Country Club Beach in Durban is the best golf course of the city and remains open throughout the year. the visitors coming here can enjoy other activities

let your hair down at Coco’s in the umhlanga Sands Hotel for a guaranteed party or for a quieter evening have dinner at one of the quality restaurants in Ballito’s lifestyle Centre.

gain fascinating insight about these often feared, cold blooded mammals. uShaka Marine world is a must-see and was opened to the general public on april 30th 2004. For the brave at heart immerse yourself in the world of sharks with the Shark cage experience or explore the sea life with its beautiful coral as you float above the surface at Snorkel lagoon. want to take a walk on the wild side? the Ocean walker allows you a slow walk much like an astronaut on the floor of the Open Ocean exhibit amongst the sand sharks, huge fish and rays. For a unique experience dine with the sharks at Cargo Hold Restaurant or sit back and enjoy the dolphin shows, seal shows or penguin presentations. Relax on the uShaka Beach, visit the aquarium or enjoy some retail therapy at the open air shops. It truly offers something for the whole family.

the Natal Sharks Board in umhlanga is the only organization of its kind in the world. It’s not only involved in preventing shark attacks with its extensive network of shark nets extending 320 kilometers along the coastline but also plays a huge role in research on sharks and works toward the conservation of sharks. You will

Pietermaritzburg, which is located in the Natal Midlands should be your next stop. Near the town of Howick, several waterfalls can be found such as the Cascade Falls (25 meters), Shelter Falls (37 meters), Karkloof Falls (105 meters). wander towards the pastoral beauty of the Midlands Meander just north of Pietermaritzburg. this stun-

such as squash, bowling, billiard room, tennis or a dip in the swimming pool. learn about the city’s rich historical heritage at the Da Gama Clock, given to the city by the Portuguese government. the memorial commemorates the explorer Vasco Da Gama’s initial discovery of Durban. the Botanical Gardens is regarded as one of the major tourist attractions of Durban. Infamous for the ‘orchid house’, collection of South african cycad species and the on-hand experience with the original specimens of Encephalartos woodii-the rarest plant in the world.

ning 80 km stretch is full of amazing sights, sounds and activities. Enjoy this ‘arts and crafts route’ with 160 places to eat, drink, sleep, shop and explore the mix of arts and crafts. For water sport enthusiasts enjoy windsurfing, sailing, boating and canoeing at Midmar Dam. Take the Battlefield tours to learn the tales behind every historical building, battle site and memorial. the Valley of 1000 Hills Route forms around the majestic valley created by the Mngeni River and its tributaries. the dramatic landscape and Zulu culture are the main attractions. take a ride and view the stunning scenery with the 1000 Hills Choo Choo train, adventurous Microflight flips or with the leisurely boat cruises. an awe-inspiring range of mountains the Drakensberg is riddled with incredible waterfalls, rock pools, mountain streams, caves and crisp mountain air. there is a variety of accommodation to choose from including Champagne Castle and Cathedral Peak with activities that range from horse riding, canopy tours, white water rafting, abseiling, local arts and crafts or simply to relax. Gauteng tourism agency website:

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rom Surfer’s Paradise to where the sun rises over the Indian Ocean, Southern Sun North Beach offers incredible sights and experiences the whole family can enjoy. Situated on Durban’s popular Golden Mile, the hotel is within walking distance to Durban’s main surfing beach, the fascinating uShaka Marine world and other popular tourist landmarks. a short drive from the Durban CBD and Durban Convention Centre, this hotel is also a preferred business destination. Comfortably appointed rooms offer anticipated luxury and modern amenities as well as spectacular sea views. Guests can also experience spectacular ocean views from the 32nd floor, with its sparkling outdoor pool and protected sundeck. Conferencing at Southern Sun North Beach takes place in 3 fully serviced conference and meeting venues that can accommodate between 12 and 200 guests, all depending on the nature of the function or event being planned. tailored to suit your event type, this hotel can easily accommodate up to 200 guests for business meetings and conferences, or even smaller private sit down dinners. all venues are fully serviced and available through a variety of hotel conferencing packages and include Day Conference and accommodation Packages with themed functions and special menus available on request. all 285 rooms have sea-views and are equipped with modern facilities and amenities that cater to the requirements of business and leisure travellers. aside from these exquisite hotel rooms in Durban, Southern Sun North Beach also boasts three stunning

penthouses complete with private patio and a range of luxury amenities. all rooms at Southern Sun North Beach offer luxurious and spaciously comfortable living. Smoking and wheelchair accessible rooms are available on request. Southern Sun is one of the leading hotel groups in africa, providing world-class accommodation across all markets and offering the widest distribution of hotels in africa in major urban centres and key leisure destinations. Southern Sun’s hotel portfolio comprises various own brands, segmented to guests’ needs, as well as managed global brands. Our collection of 90 hotels, with 14 510 rooms, combine local favourites with some of the world’s most respected hotel brands: Southern Sun Hotels and Resorts; SunSquare; Garden Court; StayEasy by Southern Sun; Southern Sun lifestyle Resorts; InterContinental Hotels and Formula 1. Southern Sun has also invested significantly in expanding to Kenya, Zambia, Seychelles, tanzania, Mozambique, Dubai, and Nigeria, adding to its international portfolio. with over 40 years of experience in servicing the local and international business and leisure traveller, Southern Sun is focused on building its portfolio of successful global brands and continues its expansion in africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. Southern Sun is wholly owned by tsogo Sun Holdings, one of South africa’s most successful entertainment and hospitality groups. tsogo Sun Holdings comprises Southern Sun and tsogo Sun Gaming. Southern Sun North Beach tel: 031 332 7361 83 / 91 Snell Parade, Durban


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trally l & conference centre cen ng Victorian boutique hotetion for both business and leisure. loca The Benjamin is a charmi l idea home! making it an situated in Florida Road,come will make The Benjamin a home away from303 4233 031 Our warm wel d, Durban Tel: Roa ida Flor 141

on Boutique Hotel

Florida Road


Celebrate this festive season with family and friends in splendid luxury •M••••G• ••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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Luscious Ladies and Distinguished Gentlemen, Mavericks is proud to present,

The Mavericks

Cabaret X t r ava g a n z a A titillating sensory experience


68 BARRACK STREET, CAPE TOWN T: 021 461 9988

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