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It's nice to be on the receiving end of a small, thoughtful gesture.

It can be just as enjoyable to be on the other end.

Doing something small to brighten someone's day is beneficial to both of you.

Take the time to make someone smile today, let’s begin‌

1. Send a quick note. It can be a note slyly placed or an actual card sent through the mail.

2. Send flowers or a gift basket to a friend that's travelling. How special would they feel?

3. Pay the toll for the person in the car behind you. A dollar is a dollar!

4. Make a quick call. It's enough to simply say that you were thinking about them.

5. Visit a friend, coworker, or family member in the hospital. Few things are worse than being stuck in the hospital alone.

6. Tell a joke. Find a joke that you think is funny and share it.

7. Buy someone lunch. Ask a coworker or friend to lunch with the offer to pay for their meal.

8. Bring donuts or bagels to work. Who doesn't smile when presented with free, delicious breakfast?

9. Hold the door open for someone. Instead of asking yourself, "Are they close enough that I should hold open the door?" just hold the door open and wait

10. Give your partner or child full control of the remote control for the evening. Control of the remote may be the greatest power in the home.

11. Bring in your neighbor's trash cans. Watch from the window and observe their reaction when they realize their cans have been moved.

12. Invite someone over that has a minimal social life. You can offer to make dinner or watch a movie together. You could also meet for a drink.

13. Share your umbrella. Everyone is a potential friend if it's raining and you have an umbrella.

14. Call an old friend and share a memory. It's nice to remember the good things about the past.

15. Give your kids a day off from their chores. Go out for ice cream instead.

16. Give away a copy of your favorite book. You could even leave it on a vacant desk at work with a note, "Thought you’d like this."

17. Leave your friend's favorite beverage on their doorstep. Then ring the bell and run.

18. Surprise someone with home-baked cookies. You'll be adored for your effort.

19. Call a sick coworker. It feels good to be thought of.

20. Make a family member's favorite meal. Enjoy the smile you receive.

21. Give a compliment without expecting anything in return. "You have such nice eyes" is enough.

22. Stay late and help a coworker. You'll brighten someone's day and score major points.

23. Run an errand for a friend. When someone is busy, any help is greatly appreciated.

24. Ask an old friend out for coffee. Catch up. You'll both smile.

25. Say something encouraging to someone. A little support is always appreciated.

A little act of kindness goes a long way‌

So give one of these tips a try today…

…and brighten someone’s day!

We hope you got some great ideas from this presentation

Which one will you try TODAY?

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25 ways to brighten someones day  
25 ways to brighten someones day  

Put a smile on someones face today with any one of these simple to do activities! Try one today. Compliments of