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4 day int ernat iona l music, arts and lifestyle fest ival Melbourn e Austral ia January 2 7-30

We gratefully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on who’s country we meet and pay respect to its elders both past and present.

Thanks to all of our 2011 photographers: Jonathon Carmichael, Spiralmunk, Joseph Feil, Adam Taylor, Big Doofa, Spinferno, Brett Nelson, Jacob Rossignuolo & Wes Thompson.

And it is with great collective effort and after much collective excitement, planning and discussion, that we find ourselves preparing for the 15th annual Rainbow Serpent Festival. Clearly, there’s something that keeps Rainbow fresh and current that’s much more than just music. The art, the décor, the stalls, the workshops, the kids’ space, the cinema, the performers… in fact, calling Rainbow a Music Festival is a bit like calling it a Workshop Festival, a Camping Festival or a Falafel Stall Festival. Ingredients all, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That Rainbow has remained a permanent fixture on the calendar for a fifteen year stretch is a huge testament to the passion and organisation of the crew involved, and to the great people of Beaufort. But it also says a lot about who we are, what we’re all doing here, and just what our technomadic forefathers helped establish. The music, the culture, the technology… it’s all changed around the periphery of Rainbow, but the spirit, the drive, and the feeling remain intact. So we say, forget the technology. Forget the daily grind, the problems of the world, the commute. Rainbow gives us the chance to live in an alternative community and it’s this fundamental drive to experience the alternative that pulses in the nucleus of Rainbow, and of all its passengers. Damion Brown (October 2011)

Rainbow Music Rainbow Serpent Festival continues to evolve musically. These days patrons can expect to submerge themselves in a melting pot of musicality over the long weekend. With well over 100 producers, bands and DJ’s across a number of separate stages Rainbow showcases an eclectic mix of grooves, atmospheres and rhythms. 2012 sees the festivals massive music program liberally layered with a healthy dose of talented artists covering a multitude of genres. From the dubby grooves of Ott, the genre defying sounds of Hedflux, to the master of phat bass Tipper and the unique eccentric tones of techno connoisseur Koze, Rainbow have spared no effort to bring you the very best of the best of international and Australian talent.

Market Stage Running from Friday afternoon non stop to Monday afternoon the Market Stage has an atmosphere you have to experience to believe. Hosting a massive range of artists across all genres we guarantee you will find something you like over the weekend. Costume clad people cavorting to cascading phat beats, the sense of fun and community is as thick as jello and keep an eye out for satellite punter events such as the dress up cocktail party and vegemite jousting which often take place on its fringe. Monday on the Market Stage has developed an almost legendary reputation and memorable past moments include Mathew Jonson’s scorching set a few years ago when he set a speaker on fire!

Main Stage The fire breathing behemoth of Rainbow Serpent Festival runs from dusk on Saturday to late Sunday afternoon and has more kick than a mule on steroids. Hosting the main opening ceremony before the music kicks off, we encourage you to wander down to soak up the Rainbow vibe and be welcomed to country by our indigenous family, especially if it’s your first time at the festival. Once the ceremony is complete the celebration begins with the music picking up pace until mid morning on Sunday when it’s eases back into lush grooves and warm melodies until it closes around 4pm.

Sunset Stage Our youngest child, the Sunset Stage has truly experienced a growth spurt in the last few years. Providing the Ying for the Market Stage’s Yang or visa versa you can expect to hear some of Australia’s most talented producers and DJ’s with a healthy splattering of international acts too. Powered by a sexy Funktion1 sound system the Sunset Stage runs over the entire weekend apart from the 20hrs when the Main Stage is running.

Chill Stage The place to go and relax and unwind while you listen to downbeat and ambient stylings. The Chill Stage runs from Friday afternoon until late on Monday and is just one of the areas where you can catch up for a chat with friends or just bliss out to aural delights on offer.

The Playground In 2012 the ‘Playground’ returns as a pulsing hub of magical mayhem, delivering 3 full days of transportation to another realm, genre blending into 3 nights of live music and world-class performance art.

International Headliners




James Munro





Gabriel Ananda

Robert Rich

Henry Saiz

Peter Horrevorts

(Twisted Records, U.K.)

(Flying Rhino, Brazil)

(Interchill, Italy)

(Soundscape Productions, USA)

(Nano records, Israel)

(IONO Music, Germany)

(Kompakt, Germany)

(Bedrock, Spain)

(Tesseract, Serbia)

(Broken Robot Records, UK)

(Basmati, Germany)

(GEM records, Chameleon, Netherlands)


(Hertzklofen, Germany)

Secret Cinema (Cocoon, Netherlands)


(Dial, Germany)

James Harcourt Beckers (Twisted Frequency, Uk)

(Polaroid, Germany)

Kaempfer & Dietze




(Armut24, Germany)

(Nano Records, U.K)

Principles of Flight The Riddler (Boom! Records, France)

(Sundance, Serbia)

(Iono Music, Germany)

(Digital Psionics, Switzerland)

Mental Broadcast (24/7, Spain)

International Headliners

Ill Gates


Behind Blue Eyes


Dub Fx

Space Tribe

Greg Coyle


A Balter

Captain Hook

Kasey Taylor

Tsuyoshi Suzuki

(Made in Glitch, Toronto)

(Iboga, Denmark)

(Radio With Pictures, Uk)

(Iboga, Israel)

(Tipper Music, UK)

(Convoyun.Ltd, Australia)

(Plusquam, Israel)

(Vapour, Portugal)

(Iboga, Denmark)

(Space Tribe Music Aus/Uk)

(Digital Structures, Israel)

(Madskippers, Japan)

Domestic Acts

SunControl Species



Mr Bill


Thankyou City

Terrafractyl / Hypnagog


Sun In Aquarius



Mood Machine

Domestic Acts

Luke Shamanix

Thad Lester

Oblique Industries

Jonny Mac


Tim Harvey

Paul Abad


Simon Sleiker


Danni B

Gavin Martin

For the full domestic line-up visit


Heath Myers

Unseen Dimensions

Mike Callender Nikoroll

Closer Apart

Virginia Le

Speciman 2

Andrew Till

Harmless Prankster


Jamie Stevens

visit the website for band announcements

Chill Acts

Dom Hogan




Gnomes Kush Gus Till




Super Cozi

Terra Nine

Don Peyote for the full chill line-up

Arts Rainbow Serpent is committed to encouraging artists to delve deep into the wilds of their imagination to boldly produce the beautiful, the bizarre and the brazen. Art is intrinsic to the Rainbow fabric and very effort has been made to ensure it is a colourful canvas that supports emerging and established artists to create wildly imaginative concepts that fill the alleyways, stages and dance floors of the festival.

Arts Andre Wakko- Sonematik (Brazil/Germany) André Hostalácio is a Brazilian with knowledge in music production, generative art and performance. Sonematik is a audio visual concert, with new forms of generating A/V compositions in real time, using Ableton Live, Processing and Max4live. To view samples of his work visit the website: La Lumina Botanica Pixie Lou and her incredible crew seek to create a beautifully adorned psychedelic garden called ‘La Lumina Botanica’, a warm inviting space where people can gather, meet friends- new and old- while relaxing and reflecting on the festival around them, as their senses are awakened by the beautiful decor art. by warm, luminous lighting effects. Dr Megazorch In 1999/2000, Megazorch I heralded the turn of the millennium with 2 million volts. Now, it is hoped that Megazorch II will add an overhead electric spectacle to the main floor experience of those at RSF 2012. Project Megazorch II is about Tesla coils – a big one – for throwing large sparks in the air, with 3 million volts of high frequency high voltage electricity from atop a tower.

Performers Performance at Rainbow Serpent can be stunning, salacious or more than likely quite strange and can largely be found at the carnivalesque Playground Stage. That contact juggler on the main stage could also be hosting a workshop over the weekend. From circus to dance to comedy, fire or theatre arts - you can find all kinds of kooky characters on the dance floor, on stage or roving the festival grounds. Pha- Droid (US) PHA-DROID is renowned visionary artist Android Jones and dancer/ choreographer Pheadra Jones. Phadroid synthesizes ancient and contemporary forms of expression through cutting edge visual and dance vocabularies. The seamless fusion of live movement and live digital art projection unfolds in real time, invoking new patterns of response from its audience as the artists tap into the same current of creative energy until a new level of spatial depth is achieved. L’orientale Electrik (The Electric Orient) Featuring:Kami Liddle USA (Bellydance SuperStar, Beats Antique), Giselle Sibyl MELB/USA & Tribal d’Orient Dance, Music: PENTAPHOBE, VJ:VJINXILE Tribal d’Orient Dance company presents L’Orientale Electrik (The Electric Orient) Be absconded into the beguiling land of the Electrik Orient- an eclectic dreamscape of Tribal Fusion neo-Bellydance in a cross-cultural multi-media fusion of timeless aesthetica from another world. Luna Aquatic presents The Quest of Fifi the Explorer and the Myth of the Infamous Tropical Monster. The show mixes a heady cocktail of high-calibre costume, puppetry, clowning, circus, dance and burlesque all together to tell a cracking tale of unlikely love. Ta-Da One part dustbowl circus, another part the sassiest burlesque piece in the quietest part of town, TA-DA combines a lifetime of circus experience with an innate sexiness to bring you a show that you won’t ever forget. Bringing together classic burlesque, punk and Melbourne’s unmistakable gypsy underground, TADA incorporates contortion, hula hooping, hand balancing and classic burlesque into one mesmerizing show.

VJ’S The VJ presence at Rainbow Serpent 2012 has grown and evolved into a multi-faceted showcase of some of the world’s most cutting edge visual technology, installations and performances. Displayed across multiple stages on massive LED screens and high definition projection systems, the talented digital wizardry of our international VJ team takes projected and interactive media to a whole new level. Incorporating live painting and projection mapping, interactive sensors systems and multi-touch display surfaces the huge visual lineup will transform the festival into a ground breaking visionary environment. Presenting live visual performance from international special guests and some of Australia’s finest digital artists the visual spectacle of Rainbow Serpent 2012 is destined to be an amazing show not to be forgotten. The main stage will feature massive LED screens with some of the finest VJs the world has to offer. This year the chill stage will showcase a wide variety of alternative visual performances that combine live painting with interactive projected visuals with next level projection mapping and dance performance.

Lifestyle Village The Lifestyle Village offers a space for the Rainbow Serpent community to come together in a time of celebration and community. This is your space within the festival to connect, reflect, and share with likeminded individuals in an open and welcoming environment for creative self-expression, thought and healing. During the festival weekend, The Lifestyle Village will be host to a wide variety of exciting activities and experiences, including: Yoga & Movement, Massage & Healing, Informative Discussion Panels, Interactive Workshops, A Visionary Arts Gallery, Crystal Mandala, Video Arts, Indigenous Area, Kids Zone, and more!

ARTS GALLERY New to the Lifestyle Village in 2012 will be the Arts Gallery, housing an inspiring exhibition of visionary art from international and local artists including Android Jones (US), Daniel Mirante, Kuba Fiedorowicz, Adam Scott Miller, plus many more. The gallery will be open throughout the festival weekend and will feature special events including an artist discussion panel as well as live paintings and performance.

Lifestyle Village Featured Artists Android Jones (USA) For Android Jones, art is a tool used to navigate reality and influence human consciousness. His work is a fusion of academic techniques and emerging digital technology. He has designed and built large-scale interactive installations at international events like Boom Festival and Burning Man that have held a creative container for tens of thousands of people. Adam Scott Miller (USA/Australia) Adam Scott Miller, an acute lifelong visionary artist. He lives in Far Northeast Queensland, Australia and frequents the Northeast United States. Throughout, he has integrated key principles of insight from art, science, and mysticism towards the road less-traveled of honest devotion to limitless growth and dilating creativity. Daniel Mirante (UK) Daniel Mirante has been wandering the wilderness of the imagination for years. He is fascinated with the exploration of mysticism, deep ecology, mythology, and creativity. His art and writing have appeared worldwide in a variety of publications, websites, exhibitions and calendars.

Panel Discussion In addition to individual talks, our guest speakers will come together to sit on a panel to discuss a variety of important topics ranging from 2012 to entheogens, ecology, and art. Coming from a range of different backgrounds and expertise, each panel member will add value to the roundtable discussion and will provide some insight into their thoughts and ideas. Stay tuned for more information about these exciting panels, and take part in the Q&A session as well.

Guest Speakers Once again, Rainbow is proud to host a full program of Guest Speakers, both international and local Australians, who will engage our community in exciting and informative discussions on a variety of topics including visionary art, deep ecology & environment, sustainability, consciousness, and spirituality. Mitch Schultz Mitch Schultz explores the concepts behind the new DMTrmx project, and issues a call to alchemists, artists, curious travelers, filmmakers, musicians, thinkers, and anyone willing to hack the endomatrix of reality. By utilizing DMT: The Spirit Molecule’s media anthology as its foundation, these change agents create new interpretations/remixes from the content to enrich the cultural dialogue of consciousness and help foster the development of a new language. John Seed Environmental activist, author, musician, film-maker & philosopher John Seed founded the Rainforest Information Centre in 1981. He has created numerous projects protecting rainforests in South America, Asia and the Pacific through providing benign and sustainable development projects for their indigenous inhabitants tied to the protection of their forests. Rak Razam Byron Bay’s Rak Razam is the author of two books: ‘AYA, a Shamanic Odyssey’, a travelmemoir of his time with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon and a companion volume of interviews: ‘The Ayahuasca Sessions, published by Icaro. He is also the editor of ‘The Journeybook’, a collected anthology of psychedelic writing from Undergrowth publishing. His popular global podcast, In a Perfect World charts the meetings, musings and collective dreamings of the Ultraculture of the 21st century.

Features of the Lifestyle Village Workshops The Workshop spaces at Rainbow will be buzzing and bubbling with activity this year! With a full program of back-to-back workshops available, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved. This is your space and time to open up to the world around you, to engage in a new skill, and to re-connect with your inner self through a variety of sacred healing modalites, arts & crafty sessions, and interactive workshops. “The ElectriK Orient”: A Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workshop with Kami Liddle (USA) & Giselle Sibyl

International Guest Workshop presenter Kami Liddle (USA) is one of the main innovative contributors to the Tribal Bellydance dance genre. A previous Director and choreographer for the Tribal Bellydance SuperStars, Giselle Sibyl is a tribal fusion dancer based between Melbourne and San Francisco. As the Director of Tribal d’Orient dance, she has been training in traditional and tribal fusion bellydance with Australian dancers since 2009.

Massage & Healing The

massage and healing space offers the perfect getaway during your time at Rainbow Serpent to relax and unwind. Away from the noise of the party, you’ll be pampered by the healing touch of trained massage therapists to treat your mind, body and soul, a relaxing break from the rest of the party.

Kids Zone With more families

choosing to bring their children to share this magical festival, the Kids Zone has grown into a vibrant hive of activity, where children love to learn, create and make new friends. All the activities and workshops are designed to provide learning and nurturing with a huge dose of fun! Be sure to look out for the Family Friendly Camping Area on the Festival Map. This space has been specially dedicated to families who wish to meet other families, giving the children a chance to bond, and more importantly it also helps the little ones sleep with reduced noise overnight. Parents/ Guardians: Please remember you are required to supervise your child at all times

Crystal Mandala and Light Temple The Crystal Mandala will

spin you into Universal Consciousness through the amazing Light Temple. This highly charged and expertly crafted sacred space utilises technologies from this solar ring and beyond, offering a space for alignment, balance, clarity and connection. The Crystal Mandala is a tool, created and shaped by the lightworkers to facilitate a harmonious balance of the energies in every being.

Indigenous Australia’s Aboriginal people hold wisdom passed on over thousands of years through art, story telling, song, and dance. Connecting with our traditional Indigenous Australian culture through music, art, dance, food, ceremony, and discussion, offers our community a greater understanding of our culture’s history and roots. This deeper connection to our ancestors and the spirits of the land creates a harmonious relationship with the Earth and our people. Rainbow would like to deeply thank all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from the many nations across Australia for their contribution to this wonderful festival.

Indigenous Members of Our Community Rainbow is proud to offer a wide range of Indigenous cultural activities in the Indigenous tent (‘Bungaree’ meaning ‘hut’ in the local language) for all to enjoy and be part of including dance, art, cooking, basket weaving, Didgeridoo / Yidaki, and healing workshops. Special thanks to the following for sharing their knowledge and experience with us:

Gnarnayharrhe (Uncle Joey) is a proud Yinjibamdi Elder from Western Australia. Gnarnayharrhe is a prolific Yidaki / Didgeridoo player and traditional Aboriginal dancer who travels the world performing. Aunty Mona Wilson is approaching 80 years young, an Indigenous elder proud of her heritage. She has been a part of the Rainbow family for several years now spreading her message of peace and understanding. Bonnie Fagan is the Cultural Heritage Co-ordinator of the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation and will contribute to the Opening ceremony on behalf of the traditional custodians of the land. Uncle Phil Ahwang is from the Torres Strait Islands and among other things will be sharing his culinary skills with us. Uncle Ted Lovett is a Gundidgundjundmara man. As always he will share with us his local knowledge and contribute to the ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony. David Beaumont is a proud Sydney based Wiradjuri man, and the Indigenous Liaison for Rainbow Serpent Festival, co-ordinating all the Indigenous activities throughout the festival. David aka DJ Silver B will once again drop another special set with live didgeridoo and drumming. Original Custodians of the land: Wadawurrung (Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation)

Opening Blessing

Closing Ceremony

Please join us for the Opening Blessing, guided by Aunty Mona, honouring the traditional custodians of the land, the Wathaurong Nation, on whose land we meet. Through connection to self, the land, culture, community and consciousness, we recognise and honour the sacred space that is created through the Opening Blessing. Being the first ceremony held (Friday 4pm), we open the space, create the intent of love, peace, raised consciousness, community, and celebration of our gathering, and offer a traditional ‘Acknowledgement to Country’.

In the Closing Ceremony (Monday 6pm), we reflect, respect and remember why we gather together in celebration of our uniqueness, and collective connection. We honour the experience, gather what we have learnt, release what has been created and through traditional ceremony, give thanks and close the space in preparation for our next gathering.

Opening Ceremony The Opening Ceremony is a more formal process of Traditional ‘Welcome to Country’ to all and a Smoking ceremony, which cleanses the land and prepares for the days ahead. This ceremony is coordinated by the Wadawurrung Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation, David Beaumont, and all Indigenous brothers and sisters wishing to participate.

Indigenous Performers / Workshops Uncle Gnarnyarhe Waitaire – Yiddaki Workshops (didgeridoo), healing workshop, storytelling Uncle Phil Ahwang - Kup Murrie traditional underground cooking from the Torres Straits Islands Uncle Ted Lovett - traditional local knowledge information and storytelling Wadaje - traditional local knowledge and information during a Walk and Talk tour up the rock Aunty Mona - Healing and storytelling

Environment & Sustainability Rainbow Serpent Festival – good clean fun! Despite all the fun and games that go on, music festivals can still have a serious impact to the environment. Mountains of rubbish sent to landfill, large amounts of petrol and diesel burnt in vehicles and generators, tanker loads of water used, and local ecological damage are all factors. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Rainbow Serpent Festival is committed to constantly improving all aspects of the event, and the environmental impacts are no exception. Please see our website section on environment and sustainability for more information.

Market Place The Rainbow Serpent Market Place comprises of an array of sustainable, ethical, conscientious, delicious and friendly peddling of wares. At close to one kilometer of stalls, it is one of the largest markets in Australia and it’s reputation for quality is equally as grande. Offering everything from locally handmade clothing and accessories, musical instruments, massage therapies and of course, delicious and healthy food and beverages from all corners of the world.

Site Conditions Fire Warning Despite recent rains, conditions onsite are forecast to again pose a high fire risk. With the new site bordering a state forest, it is critical that everyone is aware of these risks and follow all fire safety conditions carefully and responsibly. ABSOLUTELY No candles, BBQs, gas stoves or fires permitted at the event. Only gas cookers, which have been professionally installed inside vans or campers are permitted to be used. Check with Fire Safety officers on site if unsure about any other equipment. If conditions are safe a supervised area for fire-twirling will be made available at specified times, check with info tent or fire safety staff for details. Check for more detailed fire safety information on the website and in the event handbook provided on arrival.

Camping & Parking This is a camping event. Bring all the items that will help make your camp comfortable. We recommend that you bring poles, tarps and other infrastructure to create a shaded

campsite. With few trees in the camping area, creating your own shade is an important consideration. When arriving follow the parking attendants instructions, and camp only in permitted areas within the festival grounds – not on walkways, paths or roadsides. Cars blocking the internal tracks (6m clearance is required at all times) will be towed. There are 2 distinct camping areas – North and South (see site map),and a General Parking area. Try to keep space between camp sites (2m is recommended). Cars may not be driven around the campground during the event and access gates to an area may be closed once the area is full. If you drive away from your campsite during the event, do not expect to be able to drive back to your campground area. The General Parking area will be open to all vehicles for the duration of the event. Do not camp under overhanging branches as they are known to drop without warning. Pay attention to signs & designated “No Camping” areas. Free water, serviced toilets and showers are provided on site.

W a C R

e of W i n t h e hai cr k e r a Backp an for Camp e r v 201 2 ! R a i n bow


Once again Rainbow has teamed up with some great companies to give you the chance of winning some amazing prizes for Rainbow 2012. For full details and to enter online visit

Advice & Guidelines Rules • No Illegal Substances or Anti-Social Behavior. • No Generators or Sound Systems. • No Pets – especially dogs. • No fires, fireworks, quad/mini bikes. • No glass or excessive alcohol. • You must wear your wrist strap at all times. • No parking on internal roads – they must have 6m clearance at all times.

General Advice • Check the website regularly for more current information and updates. • Patrons will not be permitted to enter the property until midday Thursday, and patrons must vacate the property by midday Tuesday. These are the landowners’ wishes and also a permit condition. Please respect this. • Make use of local facilities. The local community supports our event so please help us support them. • Plan your clothing, footwear, accommodation, food and transport carefully. • Be considerate of peoples’ privacy when using camera equipment.

Wrist Straps: Very Important!! These are a security feature needed to help us manage the event. It is a condition of entry that they are to be worn by everyone for the duration of the event. They will be fitted to each person as they enter through the

checkpoint. Please co-operate and do not tamper with or remove your wrist strap until after you have left. Anyone not wearing or claiming to have lost their wrist strap will be escorted off the property. See staff at the info tent if you have a badly fitting strap and they will remove and replace it – DO NOT remove it yourself.

Dogs For the benefit of all patrons and the dogs themselves we now have a strict policy of no dogs allowed on the festival grounds at all. Please make alternative arrangements for your pets during this weekend.

No Glass!! The no glass rule has not been respected in the past with too many broken glass bottles being left behind, polluting the environment and creating risk of injury. We will again be searching cars thoroughly at the front gate and any glass must be surrendered or entry will be refused. We recommend you plan appropriately and bring your drinks in plastic containers or cans.

Stowaways / Stealing Entry Sadly there are still some who choose to attempt sneaking in to the festival. This is unfair to everyone. For those who have a genuine problem with affording an entry ticket we encourage you to pursue volunteer work opportunities. To discourage this behavior further, not only will the person found be refused entry – but all the

passengers in the car will be banned as well Rubbish / Environmental for being accessories. We will also consider Impact banning these individuals from future events. Think about what you are bringing on site Basically don’t do it! – minimise your waste products. Crush all cans and plastic bottles before binning Theft them to reduce the bulk of litter. We have We strongly encourage you to leave recycling bins for plastic bottles and cans, valuables at home or if you must bring them please follow instructions and use them. Use keep them locked and hidden in your car. rubbish bins and bags provided for all waste. RSF accepts no responsibility for the loss A clean camp is a safe camp. If you need of personal property. Introduce yourself to extra bags for rubbish you can ask for them your neighbours and keep an eye out for at the info tent. Return your recycling bag each other. Report any suspicious activity with deposit token to the Recycling Station to security or the info tent. Please respect for your $5 refund. Try to leave the area you décor artists, their works are to be seen and use in the same or better condition than you admired not stolen as this has unfortunately found it. Please do not leave bulky items been known to happen in the past. such as couches and other hard rubbish behind. Respect the environment, help First Aid preserve the trees & nature for all to enjoy. Flashpoint fire and medical services will be stationed on site for the duration of the What To Bring event. Equipped with the mobile trauma and • Drinking water & refill container. command unit and staffed with a team of • Hat , Sunscreen & Sunglasses. advanced resuscitation medics you can feel safe knowing any first aid needs will be dealt • Warm clothes & spare clothes. Conditions at night can be very cold! with in the most professional manner. • Camping equipment, tent & sleeping bag, plus tarps and poles for shade. Conditions of Entry This is an outdoor music festival & camping • Swimming gear (for short trip to the pool party or to visit the local lake). event in a natural environment. There are certain risks associated with these activities • Spending money (food, market stalls, etc), and by attending you agree to accept full Torch , Earplugs , Fun Stuff. responsibility for yourself and your actions. • Portable ashtray & bags for rubbish. See website for full conditions of entry. Management reserve the right to refuse entry & unsociable behavior will not be tolerated.


Ballarat Lexton

check point Beaufort

Directions From Melbourne

Public Transport

Take the Western Highway [M8] past Ballarat and continue on till you reach Beaufort [about 30 minutes past Ballarat]. This is your last stop for food, drinks, petrol, etc so stock up. Just as you enter the town turn right at the traffic lights (Lawrence St). Follow this road over the train tracks and as it veers to the right headed towards Lexton. Travel for around 15kms then watch for signs and slow down to make a left turn. Drive carefully down this road till you reach the checkpoint.  All turns will be clearly marked. Total travel time under 2 hours from Melbourne. The checkpoint will be operating from midday Thursday till Monday. Remember there is no access to the site until midday Thursday, so do not turn up earlier than this.

Keep an eye on the website for latest info. There is information on flight specials, busses and car pooling notices. Also note that a V/Line train service now runs Melbourne to Beaufort. Updates on this service and connecting shuttle bus to the event site will be posted.

From Sydney Drive to Melbourne. Get onto Western Highway (via Western Ring Road) heading for Ballarat. Follow instructions as from Melbourne.

From Adelaide

Charter Bus Don’t have a car to get you to Rainbow Serpent Festival? We have the solution, and in the process you can help reduce your carbon emissions and get to and from the festival safely with no hassles. The luxury air-conditioned bus will leave Federation Square (Flinders St Melbourne) 4pm Fri 27 January 2012 (Sharp) and take you directly to the festival site near Lexton. It will then depart the festival site 7pm (Sharp) Mon 30 returning you to Federation Square. Limited spaces exist so get in quick to secure your seat. Please visit the website for more details and to purchase your ticket.

Take the freeway heading for Melbourne. Pass through Arrarat. About ½ hour after Bookings close strictly on Monday 23rd January Arrarat you will be approaching Beaufort. at 5.00pm. Look for the traffic lights at Lawrence St just after the main strip of shops, turn left here and follow instructions as from Melbourne above.

If y tra pre the at ans

Ca nei Ge It’s exp wit

Tickets will only be available at the Gate for $280 if the event has not sold out. We strongly recommend buying your tickets early as there is always a chance that we will hit the capacity limit imposed by permit conditions.


Final round Early-Bird tickets are currently on sale from selected outlets for $225+BF. These are limited and will only be available until sold out. After this time general presale tickets will be available from all outlets for $250+ BF.

Children under 12 accompanied by parents will be admitted free. For a complete list of retail outlets or to buy tickets online

If you are an interstate or international traveller or if you feel like enjoying a premium accommodation experience the new and improved Sleepy Hollow at Rainbow Serpent 2012 is the answer. Camp in luxury and be the envy of your neighbours in our beautiful Mongolian Gers / Yurts, Tepees or Canvas tents. It’s a 1st class relaxed camping experience for you and your friends with options to suit any budget.

Sleepwy Hollo

We are based at a great location in the Southern Camping area close to the action and all amenities and have a great communal, shaded chill area for when you’re feeling social. With our great team camping along with you, help is never far away and at the end all you need to do is move out and wave goodbye, we’ll pack up the rest.

For more info or to book online check out the sleepy hollow section of our website


10-16 NOVEMBER 2012



Rainbow Serpent Festival 2012 Promo Booklet  

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2012 Promo Booklet