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ELCOME TO H Edition Global 2019. We are proud to have Tom Ford as our cover star, a trailblazer across the fashion world and the man that rescued the Gucci brand, creating iconic fashion pieces in the process. His work has won numerous awards including several Vogue Fashion Awards, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, as well as the 2014 Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also directed an Academy Award nominated film. Tom Ford is a man who has never been constrained by conventional expectations and has never let anything get in the way of pursuing his dream. Turn to page 14 to read more. On page 20, an exclusive interview with Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice Chairman of The Lavazza Group. The history of Lavazza is that of a business which for more than 120 years has pursued one vision; a passion for their work, a passion for their product and a passion for the land on which they operate. These values have been ingrained into Lavazza’s DNA since it’s foundation in 1895 and have been upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs. Each family member working within the company has helped it to grow, transforming it into the Lavazza of today, whilst maintaining the qualities of passion and innovation that they inherited from its founder, Luigi Lavazza. We are honored to have had the opportunity to speak with Giuseppe Lavazza about the company’s journey. Thoughts about the New Year brought us to ‘innovation’ and the opportunity of spending time with Julie Wagner, President of Urban Insight; a company aimed at helping cities and regions strengthen their competitive advantages through the strategic formulation of innovation districts. Julie is not only the woman who can shape a city, she is also a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution as well as a visiting scholar for the Esade Business School Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics. Read her brilliant interview on page 26. Bringing together Business, Luxury Lifestyle, Fine Dining and Art & Culture, this issue has been compiled with you, dear readers, on our minds. Wishing you all the best for 2019, DINA ALETRAS, CO-FOUNDER AND EDITOR IN CHIEF Twitter: @hfusionmedia Instagram: @heditionmagazine




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Roberto Pucciano

Contents 16 TOM FORD A Singular Man


20 G I U S E P P E L AVA Z Z A

Joanne Walker

A History in Time


Kevin Dodd


P R & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S

The Rise of Innovation Districts

Massimo Basile



Natalie Read

The Expansion of Economic Ties to The World





Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times


72 THOMAS KOCH When Luxury is a Way of Life

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5 Million Euros Please

108 S T E FA N S I E L A F F Bentley’s Director Of Design 15


Tom Ford



OM FORD originally trained as an architect, yet has become known as the man who rescued the Gucci brand, creating iconic fashion pieces in the process. Carving out a space in the crowded fashion market as a unique and classical designer in his own right, his work has won numerous awards including several Vogue Fashion Awards and Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, as well as the 2014 Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. He directed an Academy Award nominated film. Tom Ford is a man who has never been constrained by conventional expectations and has never let anything get in the way of pursuing his dream.





controversy – Saint Laurent himself was rumoured to having been unhappy with Ford’s appointment, as with his advertising campaigns for the YSL fragrances Opium (featuring a naked woman wearing only a necklace and stiletto heels in a sexually provocative pose) and the YSL M7 (featuring full-frontal nudity) caused many complaints – Ford however, was again able to pull the YSL back into the mainstream, creating a new, enduring and classic image for it. In 2004, he left Gucci to establish his own fashion house, Tom Ford, launching a line of menswear, beauty, eyewear, and accessories in 2006. His designs have since been feted by the fashion world and celebrities alike. He has dressed stars such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Julianne Moore, Hugh Jackman,


Born in 1962, Ford briefly studied Art History at New

Jon Hamm, and Henry Cavill, whilst Michelle Obama

York University, before dropping out to focus on acting.

famously wore an ivory floor-length evening gown designed

He eventually went on to study interior architecture

by Ford to Buckingham Palace in 2011.

at Parsons School of Design in New York. His interest

His design work also expanded into the world of film

in fashion was inspired by the eighteen months he

– where Ford designed James Bond’s suits for Quantum

spent in Paris working as an intern in Chloé’s press

of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre, and furthermore even

office, before completing his last year at Parsons. He

ventured into the music industry, where he created the

eventually graduated with a degree in architecture, and

suits, shirts, and accessories for the Grammy winning

a determination to follow a career in fashion.

music video of Justin Timberlake’s’ song Suit & Tie, as

This conviction secured him his first job in the fashion

well as dressing Timberlake in his 20/20 Experience

industry. Despite a fierce competition and his relative

World Tour. He was also named in J Z’s platinum selling

lack of experience, Ford called designer Cathy Hardwick

song ‘Tom Ford’.

every day for a month before she agreed to interview him.

Not content with his design foray into the music and

She later recalled “I had every intention of giving him no

film industries, Ford made his Hollywood directorial debut

hope. I asked him who his favourite European designers

with ‘A Single Man’, starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore,

were. He said, ‘Armani and Chanel.’ Months later I asked

Nicholas Hoult and Matthew Goode in 2009. It seems

him why he had said that, and he answered, ‘Because you

that the golden touch he applied to fashion, was just as

were wearing Armani’. Is it any wonder he got the job?”

strong when it came to his work in film. His directorial

Ford worked as design assistant for Hardwick for two

film debut was nominated for several top awards, with

years, and then moved on to Perry Ellis in 1988. He

Colin Firth being awarded a BAFTA Award for Best

worked there for two years, before deciding to explore

Actor in a Leading Role, and it being nominated for

European fashion and moving together with his partner

an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit

fashion journalist Richard Buckley, to Milan to work

Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. The film also

for the Italian fashion house Gucci. At the time, Gucci

received Golden Globe nominations for Julianne Moore

was on the verge of bankruptcy and was struggling to

as Best Supporting Actress, and Abel Korzeniowski for

strengthen its over-exposed brand. Ford transformed it

Best Original Score as well as AFI Film of the Year and

into a fashion powerhouse. He spent ten years there as

the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Film – Wide

Creative Director, in what became known as a Golden

Release. His performance in film continued with 2015’s

Era for the company. He turned the brand around by

Nocturnal Animals, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy

creating bold, sexy designs, that prompted The New

Adams. One again his oeuvre was praised by critics, and his

York Magazine to proclaim that; “Every season, Ford

film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

created an ‘It’ piece, a must-have, a season-defining

With his fame and name crossing the boundaries

trend, photographed to death, knocked off ad nauseam.”

between music, fashion and film as with his frequent

When Gucci bought the struggling house of Yves

appearances on the world’s Best-Dressed lists, Ford is,

Saint Laurent in 1999, Ford was also named Creative

increasingly, a fashion icon in his own right. A truly

Director there. His time at YSL was not however, without

singular man.




“It’s about doing business with your heart” Emilio Lavazza

Giuseppe Lavazza V I C E C H A I R M A N O F T H E L AVA Z Z A G R O U P

The history of Lavazza is that of a business, which for over 120 years has pursued one vision; a passion for their work, a passion for their product and a passion for the land on which they operate. These values have been ingrained in Lavazza’s DNA since it’s foundation in 1895. These values have been upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs. Each family member who has worked in the company has helped it grow, transforming it into the Lavazza of today. Each family member has maintained the qualities of passion and innovation that they inherited from the founder, Luigi Lavazza. Dina Aletras headed to London to meet Giuseppe Lavazza and to talk coffee & business.



What is Lavazza’s market share across Italy and what

Nuvola Lavazza, our new LEED Platinum certified

are the continued growth plans into 2019?

global headquarters in our hometown of Turin,

We hold the leadership spot across Italy, which represents

designed by the award-winning architect Cino Zucchi.

around 37% of the Lavazza Group’s total revenues. We

Nuvola Lavazza is spread across 30,000 square metres

plan to continue this with our comprehensive product

and based in the district of Aurora in Turin. We have

portfolio, coupled with a clear segmentation strategy

invested more than 120 million Euros. The family

that is aligned to meet various customer taste profiles.

envisioned the complex to be a place open to the

In fact, we have been able to – and will continue to –

community and to the world. In fact, aside from our

introduce important innovations within the marketplace

offices, Nuvola Lavazza offers a Lavazza Museum and

across all channels.

Archives, a gourmet restaurant named Condividere (an employee restaurant and bistrot open to the public), an

In 2018 the strategy has been based on organic growth.

event and meeting space for over 1,000 people as well

How is it going?

as a green ‘piazza’ with an archaeological area that

2018 is a year of building which continues off the back of

dates back to the 4th/5th century and that is part of an

2017, an important one characterised by the continued

early Christian basilica which was unearthed during the

strengthening of our brand that is growing quickly on

excavation works.

an international level. Our revenue growth rate is 6.3% (three times higher than the average market). All this has been made possible thanks to strong investments and

The Lavazza family have a poignant and powerful 120year history. Growing up, did you know you would join

work on the quality and competitiveness of our product

the family business?

offering, something that is absolutely essential for the

During college I had a lot of interest in other topics such

long-term financial sustainability of the Group.

as business, management, economics, literature, history,

2018 has also been an important year for the history

philosophy, Latin and Ancient Greek. I was never forced

of our company, particularly with the opening of

to join the company. After college I decided to gain a good



background in business and economics in order to obtain

Coffee Partners (ICP), Save the Children and Oxfam to

a temporary experience in the family business and to make

develop projects around the world that are focused on

the final decision about my future afterwards. A time span

furthering the Foundation’s mission.

of 26 years, during which I have spent most of my time

Another interesting project is Lavazza’s famed annual

understanding different areas: from finance to marketing

calendar, that since 2015 has been focused on raising

and sales, merchandising to green coffee buying and from

awareness and educating the public on important

product development to communications.

topics surrounding sustainability. With the 2018 project, the Lavazza Calendar celebrates its 26th edition,

As a company you continue to highlight your support

underscoring its longevity and the importance of this

and sustainability of local communities, can you tell

highly-anticipated work of art for the company. Titled

us more?

“2030: What Are You Doing?” the calendar is centered

Luigi Lavazza, my great-grandfather and founder of

on bringing-to-light the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable

our company once said “I don’t want to live in a

Development Goals, explained by 17 people working on

world where nature is destroyed.” Building on that

projects that represent and help fulfil each goal. Shot

motto Lavazza has for more than 123 years understood

by New York-based photographer Platon, the featured

the importance of taking care of our planet. We

personalities come from all walks of life, including some

run the Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation, a

who are internationally-renowned, alongside others

non-profit charity dedicated to the second generation

who are less well-known but are nonetheless, doing

of the Lavazza Family. The foundation implements

remarkable things.

international projects which support coffee-growing


communities in coffee producing countries and, at

Lavazza works across three channels: Roast & Ground,

the same time, engage in fostering the improvement

instant coffee and away from home (restaurants/offices).

of their social and economic conditions. To date,

Which one is the most lucrative for the business?

the Lavazza Foundation supports 21 projects in 14

All market segments are very important for the Group.

countries across three continents, involving more than

In fact, we are working on reinforcing the brand in the

60,000 coffee farmers. The Foundation additionally

marketplace through the strategic expansion of our

collaborates with organisations such as International

product mix, by continuing to promote our core products


Left: Luigi Lavazza.


Photos courtesy of the Lavazza Historical Archives.

Emilio, Alberto and Giuseppe Lavazza.

but also by entering into segments that are demonstrating

my favourite place for vacation: Piedmont (my region),

high demand and growth (for example growth in the

Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto, Umbria. They are such amazing

portioned/capsule segment).

places. France and Spain are also among my highlights as are Austria and Greece.

What are the key factors you follow to manage a good work/life balance?

Share with us a typical day in the life of Giuseppe

Good question. So far I haven’t found the right key which


could fit every circumstance. In the ranking of my duties,

It’s quite simple. When I’m not travelling for business

my job has priority. Very seldom do I leave my office

purposes, I wake up at 7:00. I workout between 7:30 and

or my desk with work pending. I like to work hard for

8:30. Read the newspaper until 9:30. I tend to manage

many hours each day and then relax for a while enjoying

quite a lot throughout the day with scheduled meetings,

family time.

sometimes business lunches, reading and replying to emails, making phone calls, preparing talks and conferences.

Where is your favourite place for a vacation?

Around 8:00pm I head home for dinner with my family.

I’m not a great fan of fancy places. I have my personal

Watch some television and head to bed, not too late.

favourites and in each of them I love being as if I were in my own home. I love to feel in contact with nature

By Dina Aletras

and the beauty of different landscapes. Italy is definitely


The new Continental GT.

Be Extraordinary.

Designed to take your breath away. Discover more at The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2018 Bentley Motors Limited.

The new Continental GT fuel consumption – EU Drive Cycle in mpg (l/100 km): Urban 16.0 (17.7); Extra Urban 31.7 (8.9); Combined 23.2 (12.2). CO2 Emissions 278 g/km. Model shown: Continental GT.


Photo © Marian Duvan.





ULIE WAGNER is the President of Urban Insight, a company aimed to help cities and regions strengthen their competitive advantage

through the strategic formulation of innovation districts. She is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a visiting scholar for the Esade Business School’s Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics. A trained city planner, Julie served as a deputy planning director for the District of Columbia where she developed the city’s long-range plan, orchestrated the development of plans for more than one hundred neighborhoods, and managed all controversial land use disputes. She earned a master’s degree in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has received several planning awards from MIT and the American Planning Association for her work. She was trained in conflict resolution and police mediation.



What exactly is an innovation district?

and they can no longer absorb the costs of radical

For over the past decade, cities across all global regions

innovation alone.

have witnessed the emergence of innovation districts –

A strong example of this trend is Atlanta, Georgia.

dense, walkable, and technology-laden locales where

Centered around Georgia Tech, the area has attracted the

universities and hospitals with robust R&D portfolios

corporate research centers of 12 Fortune 500 companies

cluster and connect with companies, start-ups, accelerators,

and hundreds of technology start-ups. Rather than each

incubators. And while universities have been the anchors

of these organizations working alone, they are adopting

of downtowns and midtowns of many cities for hundreds

a “collaborate to compete” model. And it’s paying off.

of years, their relationship to other economic actors is now far more dynamic and interactive. A growing number of universities are finding a new

What role are you playing to advance innovation districts?

policy imperative: advancing academic excellence

My main focus is to develop strategies for districts

while, at the same time, seeking to transform their

to become highly competitive, magnetic locales. This

translational research strengths (research strengths

carries great responsibility as I am often defining a

that have market value) into new products, services,

detailed roadmap to help them get there – detailed

and processes for the market. This in turn, has

empirical analysis, lengthy interviews, the development

meant an “opening up of their internal research

of a governance structure, and more. Based on these

agendas to partnerships with industry. Physical

strategies, major financial investments – often in the

proximity, or co-location, strengthens the ease in

hundreds of millions if not billions – will be deployed.

partnering and sharing resources. On the side of the private sector – companies and firms – they too are finding an imperative to collaborate. Companies


are increasingly relying on external sources to

Innovation districts are a place-based innovation strategy emerging in cities across every global region. 22@Barcelona,

support technology development as few firms truly

pictured here, has offered insightful lessons for other districts.

monopolize the technologies on which they rely,


Photo © Barcelona City Council. Area of Economy, Business and



Other times, I am called in to deliver a keynote address before the leadership class of a city or region. This is often a helpful way for cities to weigh whether they have the starting assets and leadership drive to develop an innovation district. The feedback I receive from my presentations is that I am inspirational yet pragmatic about the hard work ahead. Your work must involve a lot of travel and working with lots of different communities. Do you find some areas more of a challenge than others?

Every city I visit, whether its Brisbane, Be’er Sheva, or Barcelona I find myself searching to understand national and/or state policies – such as tax laws, the level of regulation over universities, and development incentives. These more structural realities play a significant role in how well cities can be competitive. For innovation districts, supportive financial incentives can be the difference between re-adapting beautiful historic buildings for “cool” innovative spaces or knocking them down for something far less provocative. I am currently working on MIND, the Milan Innovation District, which will transform 100 hectares of the former world Expo into a cutting-edge, technologyladen, innovation district. It will be centered around three anchor institutions: a national, cross-disciplinary research institute, a research and treatment hospital, and a university including its scientific research portfolio. Private industry attracted to the site have a desire to collaborate, which will importantly contribute to its evolving innovation ecosystem. The key for this district is to design it in a way that mashes together traditional research institutions with industry, start-ups and cool funky spaces. Underpinning all this, Milan will be looking at its tax structure, incentives for company investments and growth, and how to underwrite a start-up ecosystem through multiple financing streams. What is the most surprising or “new” part of this story. We have had science parks, business parks, and the like for decades. Is this the same thing with a new name?

This is a great question because it gets at the heart of what defines an innovation district from other geographies of innovation. Districts are importantly shaped by quality

fuels a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, and multi-actor

places and high level of networks between companies,

approach to innovation. There is an entirely new logic

actors and people. Science parks are traditionally low

underwriting these areas and it is just fascinating.

density, car dependent locales with a sea of parking –


essentially geographies that are separated and silo-ed.

Are there steps we can individually take to make our

Innovation districts thrive on connectivity and proximity,

cities better?

such as placing a university space, a company space,

I think the easy answer to this question would be “yes”

and an incubator within steps of each other. We are

but it is a far more complicated question. I believe

essentially talking about a integrated physical design that

that people, companies, and institutions with power and


prestige have a more direct set of channels for influencing how our cities change. The single mother living below

Above: Drawing on advanced industry and innovation strengths, MIND,

poverty has far less power and truthfully has limited

the Milan Innovation District, intends to propel Italy forward in the

networks, time or resources to advocate for change. When

Euro to be invested by both the public and private sector, this

I worked for Washington DC, for example, I found that

Rendering Š CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for Lendlease.

increasingly competitive global landscape. With more than 3 Billion innovation community has the potential to be truly transformative.

people with the most money and prestige were also the ones making the most noise. And given this, I spent easily 75 percent of my time focused on traffic, parking and school expansion controversies. Less than a mile away, 29


people, including very young children, were fighting for

60 innovation districts – with some being quite mature and

their lives. We would hear from them far less and usually

others only just emerging. The level of future investment

only under very specific circumstances.

in these geographies will add up to billions of dollars.

While it might sound like I am trying to make a

And while this is a provocative picture, the bigger story is

political statement, I am really just wanting to surface

how these districts can funnel innovation and investment

an obvious truth – power and planning (of cities) are

to grow the regional economy, including growing local

intertwined. This means that we need to be far more

residents directly into the innovation economy. This

intentional about who is not in the room. It means taking

signals that districts must undergo important diagnostics

more time, spending more money, and slowing down

and implement tailored strategies to leapfrog ahead.

decision-making processes.

By Dina Aletras

How do you see the design of “cities of the future” developing?

Great question! I believe a major change in the shaping of cities will be the pervasiveness of technology. The way progress is being made, technological advancements will underpin everything about how a city is designed, how it is constructed, and managed. There has been a major movement over the past decade or so called “smart cities.” Cities are organizing themselves around new technological platforms that allow them to be more efficient, effective, and competitive. Some have asked, is it possible for technology to go to far? To strip away the essence of human connection? Of our relationship with nature? I think it’s right to ask these questions but, on the other hand, technologies will come and they will change our societal fabric. So, I have to ask, how many women are playing a visionary, leadership role at the global scale in this field?

Without question some countries are more challenging for me to work with given how they view or value women in their society. And while I work mostly with men, I am also pleased to find a number of very strong women in leadership positions: driving impressive real estate portfolios for universities, serving as Mayor of a rising city, and leading large government agencies. I find it helpful to have women in the room as I find they often raise the important – but hard – issues we really must discuss. What is next for you?

The level of demand from emerging innovation districts has led me to conclude that we need to create a nonprofit dedicated to support and advance innovation districts across all global regions. While I am based in Switzerland, I have pulled together some of the top researchers and practitioners in the field globally. Early next year, we will launch the Global Institute on Innovation District in collaboration with Columbia University in New York. The Global Institute will not only provide cutting-edge research specifically for districts, it will create a global network to connect like-minded thinkers and actors. Recent research in western Europe alone identified at least 30

Julie was co-author of the research paper “The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America”, which observes how new geographies of innovation are emerging in response to broad economic and demographic forces that value specific place-based attributes and amenities. Julie has written articles on the new geography of innovation for the Harvard Business Review, Fortune Magazine, Quartz and The Guardian. She also co-authored several papers regarding the changing role of innovation and place including “Innovation spaces: The new design of work”, and “Advancing a new wave of economic competitiveness: The role of mayors in the rise of innovation districts”.


District Hall in Boston has become the “hot spot” for entrepreneurs, companies, and the public – and a strong example of how new networks are forged in the 21st Century. Photo © Gustav Hoiland.




andaris is a trust and consultancy company with Swiss roots, today firmly established in Switzerland and Malta. We are active at the national and international level, serving individuals and companies in all aspects of asset structuring and administration. As one of the oldest international fiduciary companies in Switzerland, we have been offering a wide range of services to our clients since 1933. Our four core lines of business are: - tax and legal advice - fiduciary and accounting services - trust, foundation and company services - securitisation and investment fund solutions In these fields, we develop innovative answers to the individual needs of our clients, taking into consideration various viewpoints to tailor our advice. We focus on sustainable solutions, in anticipation of long-term developments. Mandaris is regulated by the Swiss Financial Markets Authority FINMA as a directly subordinated financial intermediary and by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Our offices: Mandaris Ltd. St. Alban-Anlage 46 CH-4052 Basel Tel. +41 61 285 17 17 Fax +41 61 285 17 77

Mandaris Ltd. Beethovenstrasse 49 CH-8002 Zurich Tel. +41 43 344 33 55 Fax +41 43 344 33 66

Mandaris Ltd. Bahnhofstrasse 23 CH-6300 Zug Tel. +41 41 500 01 15 Fax +41 41 500 01 16

Mandaris Group (Malta) Ltd. Forni Complex 1E, Level 2 Pinto Wharf Valletta Waterfront Floriana, FRN 1913 Malta Tel. +356 2779 1900 Fax +356 2713 2410


The Rise of China in the World I


N RECENT weeks, Chinese leaders have

upset China’s economic modernization with

that Chinese expansion in Africa in the search

visited many countries in Europe, Africa,

radical and revolutionary goals as it had

for raw materials from the Sudan to South Africa

Latin America, and North America. The

happened with Gorbachov’s reforms and the

to Angola has raised apprehension amongst

significance of this continuous diplomatic flurry

end of the Soviet Union. The experience of

some European capitals and Washington D.C.

is due to the fact that Beijing is seeking to expand

the Cultural Revolution had been a trauma for

about the motivation of Beijing’s expanding

its economic and political ties worldwide,

many members of the Communist Party. Deng

foreign ties. In fact, these new ties to Africa have

especially to states that can contribute in terms

Xiaoping and his successors had and have

been matched by Beijing’s offer of economic

of resources and technology to the economic

no intention to promote radical revolutionary

cooperation with Venezuela and Brazil in Latin

modernization of China. From this standpoint,

goals in China and abroad. Beijing did so in

America – with offers of financial arrangements

it would be useful to note that the background

the 1960s and 1970s by promoting guerrilla

for trading purposes that would bypass the use

of the Chinese leadership today stems from

movements in Africa and the Middle East,

of dollars in commercial transactions. Beijing

the experiences of the cultural revolution of

but the realization that it was really promoting

offered financial-swapping incentives in its own

the Maoist period which wreaked havoc both

Soviet hegemony in the Third World prompted

“non-convertible” currency, for example to Iran

socially and economically until the rise of Deng

Beijing to refrain from further action as was the

as Tehran had difficulty in selling its oil freely in

Xiaoping in 1978 who changed Mao’s economic

case in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula,

the international system in dollars. The United

policies by promoting a path of economic

and Southern Africa – for example in Angola.

States has for some time made it extremely

liberalization that has been spectacularly

The expansion of Chinese economic ties to

successful. The Maoist experience created a

the world at large and the rising trend of China

new elite committed to social, political, and

as the leading global exporter of manufactured

The Chinese economic expansion in Africa

economic stability while retaining the hegemony

goods, matching the United States, Germany,

is an indicator of the search for stable sources

of the Communist Party and conservative to

and Japan, has been now the object of political

of raw materials in exchange for cheap Chinese

the extent that its members did not wish to

analysis and speculation. It is interesting to note

manufactured goods such as shoes, textiles,

difficult for Iran to have access to dollars for trading purposes.


campaign against what American policy makers believe to be systemic advantages accruing to China in its commercial dealings with the United States. By 2019, Beijing and Washington were renegotiating their commercial ties so as to favor what some specialists call, not so much as free trade, but as “fair trade”. The economic theory of


advantage, which underpins the notion of free trade, has come to be challenged in the wake of economic crisis in Europe and North America. China’s huge surplus of dollars, which is invested in American treasury bonds and notes, is seen by many observers and critics as another indicator of the rise of Chinese power and its ability to exert power politically over Western capitals. In Washington D.C., real or imaginary apprehension




expansion is matched by fear of Chinese military power in the Pacific and Indian oceans – areas where the United States has had military hegemony over the past fifty years. Chinese claims on the territorial waters and islands of the South China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the East China Sea, have given the perception of Beijing being aggressive in the last decade. President Obama announced for example the placement of American marines in Darwin, Australia, a move that was interpreted as an example of American strategic preemption in household goods, and Chinese construction activities. Such expansion has been evidenced by the increasing number of new Chinese communities in areas that had previously never seen a Chinese presence. Such is now the case in Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, and even Madagascar. In many parts of Africa, the traditional merchant classes hailed from South Asia, but the new Chinese expansion has added a new twist to economic competition on that continent.

“In Europe, the economic and political leadership has seen Chinese growth as an opportunity to increase exports to that continent”

In Europe, the economic and political

the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Some American strategic thinkers believe that the rise of China as a world power in inevitable, especially not only in its immediate region but in the Indian Ocean. This is because the commercial sea lanes from East Africa, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf, will become even more crucial to Chinese prosperity in the future. In fact, China increased its naval presence in the South Arabian Sea to counter Somali pirates and showed reluctance in going along with sanctions against Iran in Washington’s pursuits to stop the Iranian

leadership has seen Chinese growth as an

interest groups see the interaction as threatening

nuclear military program. The American

opportunity to increase exports to that

to the well-being and high standard of living of

dilemma is now faced with foreign policy

continent, but on the other hand, the Chinese

Europe, generating extensive discontent with

reformulations ranging from containment to

policy of manufacturing copies of European

many institutions of the European Union and

cooperation to confrontation. Beijing’s view has

industrial goods and exporting them around

an accent on nationalism. This has also been

been one of avoiding any confrontation and

the world – including Europe – is seen by many

the cause of much apprehension in the United

reiterating Chinese commitment to harmony

manufacturers in Germany and Italy to be a

States as many American firms have moved their

and peace in the name of non-intervention in

threat to their own well-being. As European

operations to the Chinese mainland – if not to

the internal affairs of any country. American

manufacturers have moved to China due to

other parts of Southeast Asia. President Trump

and European concern for Tibetans and

its low labor costs, many political parties and

even before his election, began a sustained

Uighurs and human rights have always been 35


denounced as an intrusion into national

began to expand its presence in harbor and

sovereignty as formulated in the Charter of

waterways. Beijing came to buy control of

the United Nations. From this standpoint, they

Athens’ port in Greece and Haifa’s in Israel.

have the support of Russia, which has never

It is inevitable to consider the future of

appreciated American concern for intervening

potential cooperation between India and the

into the affairs of sovereign states in the name

United States in resetting the balance of power

of human rights – a cardinal and controversial

in the Indian Ocean and on the continent.

American foreign policy value.

President Bush’s acceptance of India’s nuclear

“The paradox of Chinese military and economic modernization is that this process will inevitably lead to increasing internal demands for political freedoms”

One should also add that the opening

program and the agreement for cooperation

of Burma to the international system and

in nuclear affairs before the end of his term in

its acceptance of American demands for a

2008 was a harbinger for Washington’s search

more democratic and open system is another

for a new equilibrium in the region as president

example of the dynamic changes that are

Obama tried to pivot American interest

reconfiguring the balance of power in the

towards the Far East, while being saddled by

area. Burma, for the past fifty years, had been

the constant and chronic instability and conflict

a closed society with little interaction with

in the Middle East. China’s response has been

the outside world. Its main arms supplier and

to expand ties with Pakistan, while cognizant

level with Washington, the United Kingdom,

economic partner has been Beijing. Until its

of the fact that Islamic fundamentalism and

and Europe. The common interests against

independence in 1948, Burma had also seen

the chronic instability of Jinnah’s Islamic

Islamic terrorism will be matched by an

a large Indian merchant class that was pushed

state may well be a threat in Western China

incentive to counter the substantive and

out in the 1950s. This new situation may very

where Beijing is faced with a great deal of

symbolic Chinese presence in the Indian

well see the reemergence of an Indian and

hostility by the Turkic Uighur population –

Ocean. Paradoxically, it is in the interests of

American presence in Rangoon, potentially

increasingly affected by fundamentalism and

both Delhi and Beijing to protect the vital sea

challenging Chinese interests. By 2013, China

often sympathizing with radical Islamist groups

lanes to the Middle East and Africa, which

put forward an ambitious program to expand

engaged in terrorist activities.

are the conduits for energy and raw material

commercial and economic and even cultural

India since its independence has never been

supplies for the economic modernization of

ties to the world at large dubbed in the case

an expansionist country and its conflicts have

both states. Thus, cooperation with the U.S.

of Eurasian geography the “Belt and Road”

often been provoked by neighbors that had

will have to be matched with some degree of

initiative. This policy entailed the expansion of

never accepted the partition of India and where

sensitivity toward China because of the issue

communication lines via railroads from China

Islamic revolutionary fundamentalism is both an

of Tibet and the potential of increased military

through Asia to Europe, South Asia, and the

internal and external threat. This phenomenon

and commercial ties with Pakistan by the

Middle East. Along with these moves, China

alone will compel Delhi to cooperate at some

leadership in Beijing. By 2019, Washington was pressuring the Chinese leadership to pressure North Korea to drop its nuclear program, as a quid pro quo for newer commercial and technological ties with the United States. The paradox of Chinese military and economic modernization is that this process will inevitably lead to increasing internal demands for political freedoms, matched possibly by an authoritarian and ever-repressive drift characterized by advanced cyber controls on social and business communications. Such developments may very well slowly, reshape, and constrain the Chinese thrust into international preeminence and its relations with its regional neighbors and the United States. By Dr Morris M Mottale Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics Chair, Department of International Relations and Comparative Politics Franklin University Switzerland


Anchorage Advisory Services Limited

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times Shaolin Master and Secular Monk Shi Xing Mi brings a unique blend of ancient wisdom and understanding of modern business life to his practice. Born Walter Gjergja, his path to Shaolin Master began at the age of just 13, when he attended a local Kung Fu class. He went on to complete an Economics degree and have an extremely successful corporate career, which he decided to give up to complete his Shaolin Temple education and spend his life training others and sharing his unique understanding of modern life.





First of all, what is a Shaolin Secular Monk?

It is someone who has taken the vow as a Shaolin Monk, but has decided not to live in the Monastery, but to go back into society. When you take the vows of the Shaolin, you can choose whether you want to live as a Monk or go back in to society and share the teachings into society. That was my choice, and so I live a secular life. What brought Shaolin into your life? How did you discover it?

It’s a little bit of a long story, perhaps it was karma, or destiny, or whatever you like to believe in. When I was 13, I was living in Italy and one of the first Shaolin Kung Fu Schools in Europe opened a few hundred metres from my home, which is a somewhat unusual circumstance, because I lived in a small town. But it just happened that one of the first teachers in Europe turned out to reside there. I started studying there after school, like many kids would do, because it looked interesting and I was curious about it, and it became my main passion. Then, when I went to University, both my physical training, plus my growing interest in philosophy and culture, led me to look at the source of it. At the first opportunity I got I went to China and managed to be accepted into the Monastery, then, the rest is history as they say. A lot of us know about martial arts, but there is a whole philosophy and way of thinking and way of being in Shaolin isn’t there?

the studying continues after that, so I keep going back to the Monastery even now, to meet with my Master and

Absolutely, in fact the Martial Arts are actually a

my Brothers. In parallel, I also continued my education

secondary aspect. The Shaolin Temple is the place where

in other ways and studied Economics and Philosophy at

Zen was created. We know that Zen started as Chinese

University. The studies in economics led me to work in

‘Chán’ Philosophy which is the Chinese word for Zen.

Consulting and then Management. So, I had a period of

It’s non-theistic, it’s a mix of Buddhism, Confucianism

a conventional western career, before deciding to end it

and Taoism philosophies, which are fused into one

and focus on Shaolin.

overview of what makes us human. Of course, one of the components of who we are is the body. Martial

You had a very successful corporate career, which

Arts work the body in a very holistic way as well as

you gave up to complete your Shaolin education. Was

stimulating the mind towards focus, concentration and

that a difficult decision? Do you do anything business-

mediation, but it’s only a component of a much broader

related now?

philosophical approach.

It was a very difficult decision, both economically, of

You must have had to work and study for a long time to become a Secular Monk?


course, as well as socially – my parents, my peers, found it kind of unusual, that at 30, after a very fast and successful corporate career (I was the youngest CEO of

Absolutely. I started training at 13 and I eventually

a limited company on the Australian Stock Exchange,

graduated after 17 years of Shaolin study. But of course,

as well as a Management Consultant) I decided to quit


Above left: Training and meditation.

Above right: TEDx Conference in Lugano, Switzerland.

all that, complete my Shaolin studies, take my vows as

It does seem to be that the faster twenty-first century

a Shaolin Master and share this wisdom, mixed with

life gets, the more we need to stop and be still and

my own life experience, in what I like to call “Ancient

take a breath, do you think that’s where you’re helping

Wisdom for the Modern Times.” I take my diverse work

as well?

experience and the ancient wisdom of Shaolin and apply

Absolutely. A Shaolin Master, like myself, can be called

it to the modern needs.

a Shaolin Wuseng – a Warrior Monk. What I like to say

You asked if I’m still involved in business? Well, I am

to people is that Warrior Monk is not just about Martial

because I apply a lot of it to business. Business people

Arts and meditation, it’s about the two energies that

have many, many needs that range from personal needs

we require for everything during life and to achieve a

like self-management and burn-out avoidance to a focus

kind of balance and mastery of life. The Warrior is the

on their wellness as well as corporate needs – like change

do-er, the go-getter and the Monk is the introspective,

management, leadership, effectiveness and professional

thinking part of us. If we are always in the Monk State,

culture. So much of my teaching is involved within the

we never achieve anything, but if we are always in the

corporate context. Although, philosophical teaching is

Warrior State we burn out. In modern life we always

not business teaching, I don’t want to teach them the

seem to be in Warrior mode and the Monk needs us to

technical things, I teach them the behaviour.

relax, to feel what’s going on. Some high-level business

Having worked in business must give you a unique perspective, a unique sympathy of the people you are helping?

people and some professional sports people feel that any moment spent ‘not doing’ is a moment wasted. What I do is make them realise that the moment of ‘not doing’ made ‘doing’ much more effective and focussed and

Yes, absolutely. I mean, the key thing is that it gives me

powerful. Think of something like a lack of sleep – there

an understanding of exactly what they need and how to

are people who think ‘I must sleep for four hours a night

explain the Shaolin approach to them. Shaolin is a culture

because then I have more hours to be effective’, but

that is 1,500 years old and so some of the teaching methods

that lack of sleep makes your waking hours much more

and some of the application methods are somewhat

ineffective, so by sleeping six hours, you probably get

archaic, which does not mean they’re ineffective, but it

more done than with four.

is an approach that is unmanageable in modern life. For example, you are taught one exercise for several months or

Tell me about your daily routine

years in isolation and this will give you a deep awareness.

My daily routine varies. If I am at home, I dedicate a

It is a very powerful method but it’s simply inapplicable for

substantial part of my daily routine to my own practice,

99.9% of people in modern life. My mission is to take the

but without taking away from my work, so I will practice

Shaolin key concept and draw on it in a way that people

early in the morning and late in the evening. In the middle

can get a very quick result in a manageable time frame

part of the day I dedicate myself to preparing for teaching,

within the constraints of modern life.

writing articles, organising activities and so on. Sometimes 43




I’m travelling – I usually travel about 100-150 days a year,

wood, carry water, after enlightenment: chop wood, carry

so when I’m travelling I try to integrate these activities

water’ – what it means is that any kind of enlightenment

into my daily life. But one thing to stress for your readers

or wisdom won’t actually change what you do, it changes

is that, at the beginning we need a routine, but when you

your attitude to what you do. So, of course I have difficult

achieve a kind of deep awareness, or mindfulness – to use

situations and bad days and life problems, but what is

a very modern term – you realise that every moment is

important is to become aware of how you feel and how

a moment of training. Everything you think about, talk

you react, and then learn to be in control – or at least

about, eat, drink, if you are walking, every action, how you

understanding and acceptance – of your mind and your

are breathing, everything can be training. The key to any

emotions. Then you can modulate your reactions in a way

kind of self-mastery is simply to become deeply aware of

to obtain the best out of your situation, not the worst.

your body, your mind, your emotions and all the elements

One of the first lessons to learn, is to be an Action

that make up who we are. All the exercises I teach and

Person or an Accepting Person, because most situations

all the techniques I teach in mindfulness, meditation, or

fall into two categories: things which you can do

whatever, are awakening a mastery that you already have

something about and take action and change it, or things

inside you. I’m very much about empowering the person

that you can do nothing about, those you have to accept,

to become their own master.

because you cannot control everything in life. These two behaviours can prevent agitation, but of course,

What have been your proudest moments? In your

we have to train our minds and that’s what I try to tell

Shaolin studies and practice?

people when they learn about mindfulness - you need

For me, the most fulfilling moments are when I see

to train your mind the same way that you would train

some wonderful impact. For example, I worked with a

your muscles. Nobody would expect to be able to run

businessman who had a stroke on his 50th birthday. He

a marathon without having done running training, or

almost died and was unable to move or talk properly.

to be able to do twenty pull-ups without having done

The first time I saw him, he could not get up from his

some muscular training, so how can you expect to be

wheelchair. We started doing some visualisation and

able to control your mind – where it goes, what it thinks

some very minimal movements from OiGong and now

about, how it reacts to different techniques and different

he is walking, he’s going on vacation with his wife and he

emotion – if you haven’t trained?

can speak enough to communicate with his children. This is just one example of something that gives meaning to

You’ve said you travel for up to 150 days a year? Where

my life and my work and mission. There are many others

are you heading over the next year or so?

– for example the person who fell out of their game and

I travel all round the world, but at the moment my activities

came back and won a medal again, the businessman

are mostly Europe based, simply because that’s where I

who was fully burned out and was damaging his work

have contacts. I also travel to Asia and America. But when

and personal relationships, and who, just with changing

there is the opportunity to share something in a country

some habits and behaviours, healed his relationships and

I will go there very gladly and connect with whoever has

developed the business in new ways.

invited me or whoever has an interest in what I do.

There is nothing greater in this life than to share something positive with others. Man is a social animal,

How often do you get back to your Temple in China?

we are interconnected with others. Of course, there

I usually go back once or twice a year. Once a year I

is the exception of the hermit, but in a way, he is not

take a group to have a kind of Cultural Experience, so

contributing to life. If we decide to integrate in society

I take them for a one-week retreat. I also go just to visit

and be connected to others, then there is no greater joy

my Master and my Brothers for a week. Sometimes I

than to make a positive contribution, to share some love,

combine the two, so I will go for two weeks, one week

to share some joy, to share some wisdom with others.

as a teacher, one week for myself. It is like a second home. But, I’ve moved a lot in my life and I’m the sort

You must have moments when the stress of life affects

of person who feels that home is wherever I am. I enjoy

you? Is there anything you do to bring yourself back to

my practice, I very much enjoy meeting new people and

a peaceful state of mind if you’ve had a bad day?

exchanging ideas, and sharing something so wonderful as

Of course, I mean, you know, people think sometimes

it is to go back, it is wonderful to be in the world with so

that a Master must live in the clouds somewhere and

many interesting, engaging, people.

is isolated from any of life’s daily things, but there is a very famous saying which is ‘before enlightenment: chop

By Jo Walker 45

Artwork by Slasky


Art & Culture





Rosie Emerson


OSIE EMERSON is an award-winning con-

these photographs, screen-prints are then created and

temporary artist working almost exclusively on

delicately embellished with bronze powders and more

representing the female form. She was born in Dorset

unusual materials including charcoal powder, ash and saw

and completed her BA in Fine Art from Kingston

dust. These textural prints shift the focus of printmaking

University in 2004. Emerson’s figures draw reference

from precision and replication to the creation of unique,

from old and new archetypes, from Artemis to the

hand-finished prints.

modern-day super model.

Her recent Cyanotype works enable her to use UV

Inspired by her love of theatre, performance, shrines

light from the sun to expose objects and large-scale

and rituals, she uses dramatic lighting, handmade

photographic negatives directly onto the paper which has

costumes, set and prop making, alongside printmaking

been coated with a light sensitive emulsion. Once dried,

and painting to create other-worldly, one-off pieces.

the works are often hand painted or gilded with gold leaf.

She photographs her models in her studio, with lighting

Emerson describes “the technique itself has an element of

reminiscent of the drama of the Baroque period and

magic about it, it is also a wonderful discovery to be able to

poses inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite movement. From

combine painting, collage and photography in this way’’.



Paradiso – Hand painted Charcoal and Bronze Powder Screen

Hauling Tides – Cyanotype on Paper. Original 71 x 51 cm

print on paper. Edition 14 all uniquely finished 75 x 55 cm



Career highlights include being artist in residence at Somerset House, Exhibitions at the RWA, Bristol and Southbank Centre. A finalist for the Young Masters Prize and shortlisted for the Rise Art Print Award, Emerson was also commissioned by Hackney WickED Arts Festival to create a new Guinness World Record by creating the world’s largest Cyanotype photograph. Her work is widely collected and exhibited both in the UK, as well as internationally, in galleries, art fairs and museums. She has also been commissioned by brands and individuals including Sony, Triumph Underwear, Redbull, P&O Cruises, Toms, and Annoushka jewelry and has worked with models Amber le Bon, Daisy Lowe and singer Eliza Doolittle. Her work has also been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Another Magazine, The Financial Times Magazine and The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Top left: Enigma II – Hand painted Charcoal and Bronze Powder Screen print on paper. Edition of 7 Each one uniquely finished 180 x 75 cm

Top right: Rosie Emerson

Right: Liza I – Cyanotype on Paper. Edition 10 (all unique) 28 x 39 cm 51


Paolo Medici T H E M A S T E R O F F R O T TA G E


AOLO MEDICI was born in Rome in 1955

projects the artist into the definitive choice of complete

where he attended Corrado Cagli’s studio as a

figuration. These are followed by the various cycles of

student, perfecting his studies in painting from 1969 to

Femmes, The Stories of Leda, The Face Sign of the

1976. In 1973 he attended an internship under the eye

Soul, Mademoiselle, About Face, Western Veils and

of Giorgio De Chirico. He chose to focus his attention on

Synesthesia. He considers himself an emotional realist.

the experimentation of frottage, a technique that teaches

Emotion is what he wants to represent; realism is his own

how to use paint with extreme mastery and creativity, to

way of making a painting.

the point of creating paintings whose visual effects evoke

He takes inspiration from what he sees around him,

the same intensity and clarity of a work created with

but his personal thoughts are just the starting point of

oil brushes. Paolo Medici is considered one of the best

inspiration for his research on man and his condition.

contemporary artists working in this style.

Since 1990 he lives and works in Bologna.

If his favored technique is frottage, a rubbing of oilwaxed pastels onto paper overlapping another texture, the

Paolo Medici explains more in the following interview.

main theme of his works is “the ancient”, be it the story or


sometimes the myth, not felt as a nostalgic dream but as a

Paolo explain to us how your artistic path developed?

certain determined presence.

Painting was a natural path as it was something that

He began exhibiting at an early age and in 1975, at

was ‘overwhelmed’ me. I had the privilege as a kid to be

just twenty years old, he held his first “solo exhibition” at

taught by the grand master Corrado Cagli. My parents

the Galleria Boheme in Rome.

frequented the restaurant in Rome, where he had lunch

At the beginning of 2000, his great artistic turning

every day. Each day I watched, fascinated by this man

point was a series of paintings entitled Acque, which

of whom everyone spoke, a well-known and respected


painter. With the innocence only a boy can have, I had

floor of his studio. He placed a piece of paper on the

the audacity to show him one of my paintings. Today, I

floor and rubbed it with a pencil, thus obtaining a copy

can define it as ‘impractical’, he said “forget it...”.

of the wood in relief. He understood that such a simple

I didn’t listen, I persevered applying my obstinate side and I was rewarded ... I became his student.

and immediate gesture had great potential. In the 1920’s, he experimented with this technique to create a series of works on the theme of nature. These were published in

The technique of painting that identifies you is frottage.

Historie Naturelle. Unlike Ernst, who used the frottage

Did you inherit it from your teacher Corrado Cagli?

technique only in some of his paintings, Corrado Cagli

Yes, having attended his study from ’69 to ’76, I observed

and Mirko Basaldella experimented with a new way of

him working ... and, as he once told me ... “ monkey

using frottage in the early 50’s; for the first time they used

see, monkey do”. Cagli was a great experimenter, and

it as a full panel, extending it to the entire surface of the

frottage was just one of the many techniques he used,

painting. This was their wonderful innovation.

but I was so completely entranced that I adopted it as my exclusive painting technique.

You do not use brushes for your work, so what are your working tools?

So, Paolo, can you explain … What is frottage?

No, I’ve never used brushes. My works are made with

Frottage is a technique based on rubbing. In ancient China

waxed oil pastes that are rubbed onto thin sheets of

and in classical Greece this technique was already used to

paper, then subsequently framed; this is because, using

obtain copies of bas-reliefs on rice paper or parchment.

the frottage technique, I need a thin support that allows

Max Ernst rediscovered it in 1925, tracing the wooden

me to bring out the underlying clique used.

Left: Scream and Echo, 2018, 100 x 100 cm.

Below: Renaissance, 2018, 200 x 140 cm.



art be used for ... to develop human consciousness, to maintain contact with the depth of our soul. This is what was also done in the renaissance workshops, where they were transmitted “esoteric teachings” that allowed them to use colours and contents in an appropriate way; that’s why those works, even today, speak to us and are extraordinary tools. Speaking of renaissance, I know that now you are working on a project called “Renaissance woman, between flesh and spirit”, what does it consist of and where will it lead you?

Yes, the project is being approached as a travelling exhibition, dedicated exclusively to museum areas. On November 17th it will start with a large “solo” show at the Palazzo Ducale di Sabbioneta (MN). It will continue to the Civic Museum of Art in Pordenone Palazzo Ricchieri, then to the Salt Museum of Cervia, to finally arrive in 2020 at the Royal Palace of Caserta. You are a figurative painter. Your works seem centered around the concept of beauty, which message do you

Which goal do you set yourself preceding a new work?

wish to express?

Clarity, or the elimination of all obstacles, between the

Formal beauty belongs in part, to my own cultural

painter and the idea as well as the idea and the observer. If

formation that took place in Rome, where the sense of

the painter achieves this clarity, he will be truly understood.

“Beauty” is presented in every aspect. At the origin of

everything there is the drawing, which is the first form of conceptualization that helps me to reflect. While

remaining mainly in the figuration, my goal is to leave out the detail, preferring the concept, the metaphor, the allegory ... through the symbols of our culture I use beauty as an instrument of reflection. What else could

Below left: Lace, 2018, 96 x 120 cm.

Below right: From Flesh to Spirit, 2018, 100 x 120 cm.






NCHANTINGLY BEAUTIFUL and exceedingly inspirational, the fifth Celebrity Fight Night marathon in Italy ended with a big bang. We are talking about one of the most important charity events globally, spearheaded by the phenomenal Andrea Bocelli, whose voice and philanthropic efforts have inspired and influenced so many amongst us. ‘I’ certainly being one of them and having had the opportunity to partake in what was one of the most incredible series of events ever, can confirm that I will reminisce about these evenings for a long time to come.



Since 2014 and the first of the CFN events, the

it can find energy and real opportunities to give the best

Italian arm of the foundation supports projects by the

of themselves expressing their potential”. The meaning

Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix as well as

behind these words spoken by Andrea are not only and

Andrea Bocelli’s Foundation in Italy and Haiti.

without a doubt truthful, their proof has been provided

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation was founded in

by his altruistic achievements. To “concretely help our

2011 with a goal that states; “empowering people and

neighbours, through the priceless privilege of being

communities”. A statement that should be thought about

useful, in the certainty of the quality of intervention” is

in detail and one that for Andrea, stems from the

most certainly something that we all, should endeavour

incredible welcome he received throughout his travels

to support and replicate.

and that has thus been essential for the foundation’s

In Italy in 2018, CFN brought together an ensemble

growth. Believing that, “together, we are stronger” has

of rare, privileged individuals that without fail, gave

given cause to the creation of an institution able to

generously in support of the foundation throughout

channel all of the “remaining positive forces in this world into a concrete way of helping others”. For this reason, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation was able to turn itself into a “living laboratory that was made up of many different members from all corners of our globe, united to work generously, so that even the less fortunate or weak can have the possibility to have a better future full of beauty and opportunities, and those who deserve

“empowering people and communities”



evenings that led guests from Florence through Porto

to ‘empower people and organizations’. A statement that

Venere to Verona and back. To have been surrounded

goes hand in hand with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

by such an exclusive amalgamation of personalities, was

The charity’s official launch took place in November

a time that will forever stay engrained in my memory,

2011, in Los Angeles, at which the joint venture with

just as much as the meaning behind Andreas foundation

the ‘MIT 5th Sense’ challenge was also announced. The

will forever be a part of my life and influence my future

foundations work took off like a rocket; collaborations

decisions. Coupled with Bocelli’s statement that “goodness,

with organisations such as Caritas in 2012 (organising a

with which you have sided, produces miracles”, the

Christmas dinner for the homeless at the reception centre

outcome of these miracles undoubtedly took the world by

San Paolino’s, in Florence), or with the Papal Charities

surprise. Achieving close to one million US dollars just by

offices in 2013 (joining forces in aid and support of

a charity auction throughout fundraising evenings should

people in need throughout Italy), creating a newfound

be eulogized. Andrea and Veronica Bocelli, we take this

reality. That same year, Andrea Bocelli was awarded the

opportunity to commend you.

Lions International Humanitarian Award in Hamburg

The foundation was founded by Andrea Bocelli on

and Laura Biancalani received the ARNO prize for

July 14th, 2011, in Lajatico, a province of Pisa in

solidarity. 2014 saw the start of the annual Celebrity Fight

Tuscany, with Dr Laura Biancalani being nominated

Night evenings in Florence culminating with Andrea

the foundations President. Laura, following 8 years of

and Veronica Bocelli receiving the UNCA prize for their

tireless work for the Saving Bank Foundation, brought

humanitarian commitment from United Nations Ban

with her a detailed knowledge of charities that made

Ki-Moon. In 2015, Andrea was awarded the Crystal

her the perfect choice to lead the Bocelli Foundation.

award in Davos, at the World Economic Forum.

Included herein, her diverse experience in all aspects

Throughout the years, the philanthropic achievements

of foundation development, as well as her enthusiasm

of the foundation include the ‘Virginia Project’ in Haiti,

for accomplishing her objectives that encompass, amidst

humanitarian aid for the Syrian people, opening of the

other things, the creation of teamwork and supporting

‘Sacro Cuore’ school in Finale Emilia, Italy…. and so

ambition. Laura has always stated that her goal is one, in

much more. CFN in Italy brought the ‘so much more’

which she can work in the non-for-profit sector in order

so much closer, as the consequence of these evenings is



such, that the funds raised will also go to the children of

Bocelli and Taiwanese star A-Mei, ‘We will meet once

Italy’s Muccia and Sarnano cities that have been and will

again’ by Andrea and Josh Groban and together with

be blessed with the rebuilding of their schools destroyed

his son Matteo, they performed perfect renditions of

by the earthquake in 2016, and 2550 children in Haiti

‘Fall on Me’ and ‘The Nutcracker and Four Realms’. To

are now being granted access to education.

think that the evening could have been left at that would

The series of events

be too easy, as there was an additional multitude of

that took us here are

performances that saw Andrea in duets with Katherine

more than applaudable

McPhee, Colin Schachat and Josh Groban. It was an

and were done with such

evening of magnitude, and one that confirmed the road

grandeur and bravura

that leads art to solidarity.

that it left all, breathless.






Ferragamo’s Villa le Rose on the Florentine hills took

place in the Giardino

us to our third evening and another event of spectacular

della Gherardesca of

momentousness. The villa, located at the end of one

the Four Seasons Hotel

of the most beautiful, cypress-lined avenues in the

in Florence, a 5-hectare

home of Chianti, was built during the renaissance and

location encompassing

commissioned by Marchese Niccolò Antinori. The



mansion, containing some of the most beautiful, frescoed

Encircled by 15th Century frescoes, ornaments, statues

salons, is enveloped by gardens within an 11-hectare

and fountains, it is a venue that is composed of an

park. Greeted with a sampling of exquisite champagnes,

exclusive mix between art and innovation, simplicity

we listened to speeches by Sean Currie and Jimmy

and elegance. Greeted by Veronica and Amos Bocelli

Walker, the founder and tutelary of Celebrity Fight

(Andrea himself absent due to rehearsals) we were

Night. The Chairman of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation,

received in a manner befitting of Kings and Queens.

Stefano Aversa, gave another speech with a particular

The evening started off to the melodious notes of Uzbek

insight into the world that is Andrea Bocelli, and the

pianist Lola Astanova followed by performances of Pia

subsequent music, exclusive show and private concert


Toscano (in her Italian debut) and singer-songwriter Brian McKnight. Melissa Peterman not only held court with her customary zest, but also joined forces with Reba McEntire once again, a nostalgic memoire of their American TV smash hit. The after party was no less exceptional, with the British quintet London Essentials giving one of their exhilarant performances. Day two saw us in Porto Venere, the jewel within the “Gulf of Poets” at the far eastern side of Liguria. Overlooking the sea and located at the far edge of the land, stands the gothic Church of San Pietro, built in 1277. The paths leading us up to the church, were decorated with 1600 lanterns, illuminating the marvellous landscape and creating an unparalleled atmosphere. We were welcomed with an exquisite aperitif to the sound of the Italian Navy band, followed-on by the Excellence orchestra under the direction of Gianluca Marcianò. This young group of talented musicians from around the globe, created an ambiance of sheer magic and presented the perfect prelude to the premiere of Andrea’s newest album “Si”. The evening hosted by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation’s ambassador, model and actress Catrinel Marlon, finally stopped the worlds fourteen-year wait. Fourteen songs performed with incredible fervour; ‘If only’ by



The first evening took


by various artists was one, that left us speechless. The ambience, beauty of our surroundings, magnificent voices, were once again moments in time, that we will think about for many years to come. Going to bed, thinking that nothing could surmount the last evenings, we were left stupefied by the fourth event. Such a night of spectacular magnificence is difficult to describe, mere words seem not enough and that is not something that I personally am used to. Hosted in Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet and the city of Belcanto, the evening that went by the name of “Notte di Andrea Bocelli” was without a doubt, the most breath-taking, sensational and prodigious exploit that I have ever been privy to witnessing. The reception and dinner at the amazing Palazzo della Gran Guardia, was completed by a red carpet that spanned the entire Piazza Bra, and saw myself as one amongst 500, that were being hosted. There were enormous crowds applauding, cameras flashing as the likes of Morgan Freeman, Catherine Deneuve, Gina Lollobrigida amongst others entered the stunning location. The evening continued

surpassed; the conclusion, with its traditional jubilation

on with the actual performance held at the renowned

of “Brindisi” from Verdi’s La

Arena of Verona, Roman amphitheatre built in AD

Traviata was aided by 400 extras and 8 horses on

30, and the general mood amongst all, one of pure

stage to be followed by a performance of Ukrainian

expectation. The performances commenced wit Milly

ballet superstar Sergei Polunin. It was however Andreas

Carlucci’s introduction of the awe-inspiring Andrea

speech, with a tribute to his wife Veronica, that left guests mesmerized.

“Without her, all this would not have been possible”

“Without her, all this would not have been possible”, Andrea’s words at the Arena. The last and concluding evening another of Veronica’s achievements and a confirmation of those words. It was an evening that saw us hosted at the glorious Palazzo Pitti in Florence, and an unfeigned organisation of another, incredible aperitif that led us to the courtyard of this 16th century

Bocelli. Emotions rose high as he dedicated “E lucevan la

palazzo, surrounded by a collection of 40 automobiles,

stelle” from Puccini’s Tosca to the victims of the horrific

all from between 1920 and 1970. What a sight! The night

bridge accident this past summer in Genoa. Surrounded

was combined with the sheer magnificence of Andrea

be the entire Fire Department that worked tirelessly for

Bocelli and his artistic friends, that unfailingly managed

days, his heartfelt love and gratefulness was apparent to

to surpass themselves once again. Ilaria Della Bidia

all present. The voices of Andrea combined with those

introduced the guests and alternated between presenter

of Aida Garifullina, Leo Nucci and Alberto Gazale

and singer. There was music, there was dancing to DJ

elevated above the Arena, providing us with a thrilling

Mirko Coppola and there were toasts, farewells, tears. It

night of unimaginable musical achievement. Speeches

was an evening that felt familiar, one in which nobody

by Richard Gere and Morgan Freeman (Hollywood

was made to feel as if they hadn’t provided their part

stars) sent chills up the spines of all present. Added to

throughout the marathon. There is one element for me

the equation were 400 artists, all in incredible costumes,

that is a certainty; these nights, these astounding events,

as well as a succession of personalities of upmost

will forever stay with me and I will walk those paths once

importance, creating a night that embraced us with an

again in my dreams, happy that I played a tiny part and

atmosphere of pure humanity, so much so, that one

that the dreams of so many, became a reality.

can only wonder how this was possible. And yet, there are moments in time when even the impossible can be

By Iwana Krause


Luxury Lifestyle






Massimo Ferragamo FOREVER


Massimo Ferragamo has been the Chairman of Ferragamo USA Inc., a subsidiary of Salvatore Ferragamo Italia since 2000, and its President since 1985. Mr. Ferragamo serves as Director at Ferragamo USA, Inc. and Ferragamo Finanziaria S.p.A. He has also been a Director of Philip Morris International Inc. since December 6, 2016.




OINING MASSIMO Ferragamo and his wife

acres of vineyards has become the fifth largest producer

Chiara on the terrace of their delightful Montalcino

of Brunello di Montalcino”.

Castiglion del Bosco Golf Club, was a joy. As Massimo

The five-star, luxury resort with its Tuscan flair, is

gazed admiringly at his beloved “Capanna” vineyards,

managed by Rosewood Hotels and offers 23 suites, a

his smiling, energetic and easygoing vitality, a smattering

spa, top amenities and fine dining as well as a small


first impressions. As the

boutique by Chiara. Additionally,

youngest of Salvatore and Wanda

11 private villas – 17 & 18th



century farmhouses that were

grew up at their Florence home.

individually restored by interior

Salvatore died of cancer when

designers Chiara and Teresa

Massimo was two. Wanda was


not only a mother to all, but with

6-bedroom villas all with heated

no previous experience became

pools. The winery with its own,

the driving force behind the

private members Wine Club

creation of “the” fashion house

offers superb tasting facilities –

Salvatore had desired – Salvatore

warm, elegant, intimate, where












their own bottles—like Justin Massimo,




Timberlake (an avid golfer). Be it

us how your passion for wine

wine tasting, discovering Tuscany,


hiking, biking, cooking classes,

“I was looking for something and made my first step in 2002, acquiring the 200 hectare “Tenuta Prima Pietra” – Ripavella, 11 hectares on a hilly Tuscan Coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.” Best things happen by chance – as with my fortuitous first visit to the

“I never thought I would develop the level of passion for wine that I have”

small town of Castiglion del Bosco, nestled in the heart


of UNESCO’s Val d’Orcia. I bought it in 2003; 5,000

guests are pampered. Massimo wants his guests to enjoy

acres that include a medieval hamlet with a 14th-century

their privacy with Tuscan hospitality. Clients come from

church, home to a fresco by Pietro Lorenzetti, as well as

all corners of the globe.

the ruins of a fortress, vineyards producing wine since the

Uniquely created by Ferragamo, Castiglion del

early 1900’s, and 20 farmhouses. When I first saw it, I

Bosco is Italy’s only private Golf Club – by invitation

was speechless not only because of the property size, but

only – with its Tom Weiskopf Signature Course and

also because of its layout. Nothing disturbed the view in

attractive Club House that features top facilities and

any direction; you felt as if you were back in the Middle

alfresco dining. “Tom is very talented, he adapted

Ages. Nothing had changed, it was incredibly green.

the course to these hills, without ruining the land,”

Despite there being five previous owners over the past 20

Massimo’s observation regarding the expansive 444-

years, the property had never been parceled out.”

acre, 18-hole course. Unique – a par-3- 19th hole,

“I never really thought I would develop the level of

where a hole-in-one wins a Magnum of Brunello!

passion for wine that I have. Tuscany was always in my

Members are international golfers from across Europe,

heart. I thought I was going to have a much smaller

US, South Africa, typical for “very” private clubs such

estate but when the opportunity arose, it felt almost

as Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle, Augusta National,

like a call of duty. Since 1100 A.D., amidst armed

Cypress Point etc.

assaults, this tiny Tuscan domain shows the imprint

“I wanted our friends to come, enjoy the lifestyle of

of great Sienese families. It is also one of 25 wineries

the Borgo but with missing air conditioning, etc. we had

founded in Brunello di Montalcino’s denomination and

to renovate; now we are adding 20 more suites.” “We

by restoring the hamlet, the farmhouses and including

have a new golf membership, which also includes a

the replanting of some vineyards located on key sites,

special rate for our Wine Club, plus additional services,

we developed a resort project. Castiglion del Bosco’s 150

like the “garage”. ‘The Garage” is perfect for this part


From top left: Ferruccio, Leonardo, Giovanna and Massimo Ferragamo.

Below: Wanda Ferragamo (departed Oct.2018), Fulvia Ferragamo Visconti (departed April 2018).



of Tuscany – one of the world’s greatest drives. We are building it so members can leave their vintage or special cars here, or use one of ours during their visits. I’m acquiring cars from the 60’s and 70’s.” “I think that Our Wine Club is unique. With our new Winery, we have added beautiful member lockers, new programs, services, and events of interest to our global members. We offer helicopter tours of our coastal vineyard or of other vineyards, if member’s desire.” Being the youngest of six, how was your childhood?

“My playgrounds were the woods; I was surrounded by greenery. My brothers built carts for racing down wilderness slopes. Always outdoors, we played soccer or water sports during summers in Punta Ala.” “I progressed in sailing. I loved the thrills, team interaction, challenges of it, and the sea. Years spent racing before, for over five years we chased the World Cup. Finally, we conquered it – 2006 World Cup Championship’s Swan 45 class, Key West. As ownerskipper of the boat with a crew of 11, I was so excited. We were rewarded with this victory after so many 2nd, 3rd’s. I loved the team harmony.” You have spent many years in America, tell us more?

“I wanted to be part of the family business for the first time. And I am still here, over 30 years later”

“During my law studies, one of our family friends – New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue’s Chairman – visited us.

and older brother Ferruccio, to tell them that I didn’t

I was just a humble student. An internship program

want to return to my law degree, but would happily do

was appealing, so I asked him. He suggested I do their

a three-year work experience in our offices. Sad about

New York executive training program. Having lived

my decision to not pursue my law degree, they were

in Florence for 23 years, I found this an interesting

however happy that I wanted to be a part of the family

prospect. I asked my mother if I could interrupt my

business for the first time. And I am still here, over 30

University studies for six months, which she agreed to,

years later.”

but insisted I return to Florence to graduate.”

Ferragamo was enamored with US business methods.

“In 1982 I did my six months and fell in love with

“Nothing is too big, nor impossible in America; there’s a

New York. We were opening our offices in New York

way of doing things that is incredibly efficient. Nobody

then, thus I mustered up courage to call my Mother

can appreciate the United States more than a European. My father’s entry into the US was via Hollywood, with shoes for Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.” Named President of Ferragamo USA in 1985 followed by Chairman in 2000, Ferragamo holds various Board positions with leading corporations and non-profit organizations with which he focuses on arts, culture, battling cancer. “I have been married to Chiara for over twenty years. She was immediately taken with New York, as I was. Chiara is the athlete of the family – a dedicated, proven skier. Racing in her youth – European Cup, FIS





events in slalom, later downhill. She was up daily at 5:00

Along with Castiglion del Bosco, is golf your new sport?

am, workouts then training on the mountain.” Chiara

“No, aerobic exercise is key; I bike to lose weight. We

smilingly adds, “I loved skiing, racing, the travel for a

just spent some days in Mallorca, hiking with our sons.

while, then the speed events were required.” She then

If I have a moment in New York, I’ll go out and jog for

turned to other pursuits. Now, she is a respected interior

exercise, relaxation. Golf isn’t active enough for Chiara

designer (chairs) and decorator, fundraiser, plus a very

and myself.”

active mother and wife. Chiara and Giacomo will run


the Athens Marathon in Greece on November 11th,

You settled well in America but are very attached to

fundraising for the Italian Drug Rehabilitation Center

Florence, do you visit?

San Patrignano. Our two sons – Giacomo and Federico –

“I miss Florence but fortunately, I go quite often. I have

feel Italian and speak Italian but were born and raised in

a house there, and my heart always beats for Florence

America. At eight years old, one told me he that he feels

and our Fiorentina team! Life there is on a more human

Italian during football’s World Cup.”



With all this – businesses, wine, Castiglion del Bosco,

After this interview took place, we regret that Honorary Chairman

Chiara and your sons, how do you stay close to all the

Wanda Ferragamo Miletti passed away during 2018. She led the

family in Italy?

group since 1960, following the death of her husband and founder

“We are a very close family. Recently, my 96-year-

of the company Salvatore.

old mother called me, worried. She had heard the news about New York’s cold spell; she wanted to be

What is in the Ferragamo DNA?

sure I was bundled up. We are all close thanks to my

“Being really in touch with reality. Honesty in all areas

mother who has always preached and practiced fairness,

of what you do; and the products need to be absolutely

without favoritism amongst us; it’s the basis for the

honest. A desire for innovation. Respect for people.”

strong bond between us siblings. Furthermore, we’ve established a similar set of very precise rules for the future generations.”

Photos © Castiglion del Bosco, Salvatore Ferragamo SpA By Susanne Kemper





Thomas Kochs W H E N L U X U R Y I S A WAY O F L I F E

Thomas joined the Corinthia Hotel London in 2017. Prior to this, he was the well-known face of Claridge’s. He originally joined the Maybourne Hotel Group in 2005 and rapidly rose through the ranks, proving himself as an inspirational leader.



You’ve worked for some of the most exclusive hotels in

What are your ambitions for the Corinthia?

the business. What inspired you to go into this field and

Every day I strive to create an environment that is uplifting,

what training did you do?

for our staff as for our guests. I believe that ultimately, if

From a young age, I always viewed travel as an

our ethos and passion is reflected through our staff this in

opportunity to broaden one’s life experiences, to meet

turn, will be mirrored in our guests’ experience.

new people and to experience new things. Building

My ambition is for guests to have the most memorable

a career at the zenith of the travel market in luxury

stay, one that goes beyond the traditional hotel services.

hotels, was a natural progression of this lifelong curiosity,

I hope that we get better and better with every day,

where every experience is measured by the quality and

through the experiences we provide and deliver.

thoughtfulness of the service we provide. In terms of training, I enrolled in a classic hotel school, later studying

How do you ensure that the Corinthia maintains such

Business Economics and completing an MBA.

high standards of service??

Quite simply, we invest in staff who love what they do, to You’ve been MD at the Corinthia for just over a year –

whom service comes naturally and who make our guests

how are you finding this role, compared to others you

feel welcome and uplifted. This uncomplicated approach

have had?

ensures our guests want to keep coming back.

I absolutely adore the property and feel fortunate to


have been trusted with the opportunity to do some truly

You must see a huge variety of guests from all over

wonderful things here. Each and every hotel assignment

the world? How do you ensure that they all have an

has brought new opportunities, to meet new guests, work

enjoyable stay?

with new colleagues, as well as meeting new challenges.

Different people travel for different reasons and so have

It’s always fascinating, rewarding and exciting.

very different needs. Whether it is a pied-à-terre in London


Left: Musicians Penthouse Terrace with Panoramic views

Above and Right: Afternoon Tea at the Corinthia Hotel

Below: Signature Corinthia Experience



or a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, wherever our

out people who want to be in hospitality and have a

guests come from, we aim to provide a seamless travel

natural ability for delivering great service. Who see it as a

experience that complements and facilitates their needs.

career and a pleasure, not just a job. We then work hard

From our recently launched, renovated suites; to our new

to ensure that the staff who work with us find an outlet for

restaurant with renowned chef opening in September; we

their intrinsic sense of service and hospitality.

aim to bring elements of London right onto our guests’ doorstep. We are also launching new ESPA treatments

Your hotel competes not just with the best hotels in London,

at ESPA Life; we have curated a collection of interesting

but with the best hotels in the world. How do you ensure

artworks displayed at the hotel; and are working on a

you keep your edge in such a competitive environment?

number of exciting collaborations that offer our guests

We pay close attention to detail, we look at the travel

interesting events and experiences.

experience holistically from the guests’ point of view, we anticipate their needs and strive to deliver the perfect

You also oversee a huge staff – what do you look for when

mix of form and function. We also pay close attention

recruiting and how do you maintain a good quality staff?

to ambience and atmosphere. It is not our intention to

Many hotels are exclusively guest focused, but we try to be

be overly conceptual and rarefied, but rather to feel real

people focused. This means not just listening to guests but

and welcoming. We offer our guests the very best of

also talking and listening to our staff. Individuals deliver

what is available in an effortless way.

the experience more than anything else, so the focus on

From the interior designers we meticulously select

Human Resources is critical. Broadly speaking we seek

for our rooms and suites, to the beds we choose, to

Top left: Royal Penthouse Bathroom

Top right: Hamilton Penthouse Entrance

Bottom left: Royal Penthouse Lounge

Bottom right: The Northall Bar



the spa and wellness offering and the attention we pay to our culinary portfolio and the companies we collaborate with; each is thought through carefully, considered so as to provide our guests’ an uplifting experience. The Corinthia is a beautifully restored hotel, and yet it has a fascinating history – do you feel a responsibility to protect its past as well as to ensure its future?

The past and the future are always intertwined in the now. Our past, both as a building and as a business, impacts how we operate today and what our expectations are for the future. There’s always a sense of duty and responsibility there – as the saying goes, we stand on the shoulders of giants. We are guardians of this heritage and are committed to ensuring its longevity and relevance as we boldly move into the future. By Dina Aletras

Right: The Northall Bar window detail

Below: Corinthia Hotel Exterior at night




Sound of Silence I


GREW UP to the music and images of Julie Andrews

that have managed to sustain a lush, vibrant green

in ‘The Sound of Music’ but hadn’t realized until

even after the heatwaves of a long summer. The water

I reached Salzburg, that I was going to be staying in the

of the lake has every shade of blue imaginable, from

very countryside where it was filmed.

aquamarine to turquoise to teal.

It is in the province of ‘Salzburgerland’ and a mere

The ever-changing nature of the light comes with

twenty-minute drive from the airport, which in itself is

the climate as it alternates between September’s sun and

as swift and seamless as any I’ve passed through. The

breeze and the autumnal clouds that bring rain, causing

area has a number of beautiful lakes and is to Austrians

the water to be flat and still one moment, shimmering

what the Lake District is to us Brits, Lakes Como and

and rippling the next. Both serene and mesmeric, the

Maggiore are to the Italians: a refuge, a delight and a

stunning reflections demanded and commanded my

natural source of immense pride.

attention. The length of the lake was punctuated with

Fuschl, my local town, exists for ‘Fuschlsee’, and her

benches on its shoreline’s, as places for our own reflection.

stunning lake that’s set in a broad bowl of mountains that

I first stayed at the lake’s eastern end, at Ebner’s

are part bald, part wooded. They brood over pastures

Waldhof ( What a fabulous


eclectic mixture this hotel is: part alpine chalet, part

her baroque church facades and the impressive statue

modern and part authentically Austrian and suggestive

of Mozart: a fitting prelude to Austria’s capital which

of a bygone era. This amalgamation of buildings has

I reached in under three hours after passing through

something for everyone with quirky corridors lined with

farmland and factories.

curiosities such as horse carts and deer antlers, tableaux and taxidermy.

Reaching the Hotel Bristol (, I had the most dramatic of arrivals. I opened the shutters

Two days later, I went on to the lake’s western and

on the fourth floor to look directly across at the Opera

even quieter end, to stay at the luxurious Schloss Fuschl

House below which, its appreciative evening audience

( Inside, and adorning

stood watching it all live, outside on a giant screen that

its corridors are black and white photographs of famous

I was able to share from my balcony. My own box with

conductors, steeped deep in musical ecstasy with their

a difference!

silence expressing their own words. Easily the best set

The layout of the city center has been designed with

of hotel pictures I have seen. The setting of this historic

great efficiency, and thus getting around was made simple

castle with its formerly royal connections is paramount.

for me, the hotel’s position bang in the middle. Nearly all of

Perched on a prime vantage point, it looks across the

my site-seeing tours were thus walkable and spontaneous.

entire length of the lake.

That evening, I attended a concert at the Konzerthaus

To catch my direct train to Vienna I came back to the

and was made acutely aware that I was amongst the

center of Salzburg, with her expansive suite of squares,

‘cognoscenti’ in Vienna, the historic heartland of classical music. I was thrilled to witness tradition alive and well, surrounded by entire families sitting alongside

Left: The glory of Salzburg.

Below: Salzburg’s city centre.

old ladies spruced up for the occasion, and this at the very civilized time of 6pm on a Sunday evening. This hallowed hall is beautified through art deco windows, set in pale blue and yellow beneath the gilded ceiling. In the



foyer stands an impressive statue of Beethoven complete with his signature brooding and imperious mood. Unlike

Above: Mozart, Salzburg’ celebrated resident.

any other performance I’ve experienced, the tail-coated conductor smiled at will and that with joyful informality toward his lead violinist and his white bow-tied orchestra. The ‘Museums Quartier’ is close by and everything in it, accessible. Just behind it, set in a quiet courtyard, I ate at the vegetarian Tian Bistro ( Sitting amongst plants, wooden crates and an unusually non-stentorian Austrian clientele, I began with a ‘pickme-up’ consisting of papaya, pineapple, celery, ginger and Assam long pepper. I then tried a subtle consommé with ‘champignons’ and fresh herbs before succumbing to the delicacy of Hokkaido pumpkin, spelt cream and polenta fries’ indulgently followed by marinated strawberries, minted sugar and peanut cream. Scattered amongst the museums are purple blocks, acting as loungers, that draw together those seeking rest and repose. Here is the Leopold Museum and the best place to see Austria’s two most celebrated artists, Klimt and Schiele, who are effectively afforded their own permanent exhibitions with a floor each. Klimt’s landscapes, often in a square format, consitute a quarter of his painterly oeuvre; so determined was he to


take himself away whenever he could from the Viennese art scene to reach Attersee, another of Salzburgerland’s lakes. Typically he would first visit a small beech forest with the sun interspersed between its conifers, before breakfast to then bathe in the lake further followed by rowing to shake up his muscles. These paintings are devoid of people and depict a tranquil atmosphere. They’re symbolism, especially in his water scenes, portraying the artist’s craving for privacy and space, as well as timelessness and a transience with nature’s cycle, enjoying a constant and self-renewing energy. Engagingly different is Klimt’s iconic masterpiece ‘The Kiss’, housed in the nearby Belvedere. As iconic as ‘Doe a deer, a female deer” perhaps! Adam Jacot de Boinod was a researcher for the first BBC television series QI, hosted by Stephen Fry. He wrote The Meaning of Tingo and Other Extraordinary Words from around the World, published by Penguin Books.


Above left: A suite at Vienna’s Hotel Bristol.

Above right: Hotel Bristol’s glorious decor.

Left: Schloss Fuschl and its imposing aspect.

Below: Vienna’s boulevards.

FACT BOX Classic Collection Holidays (0800 047 1064; offers a 6 night, three locations Austrian holiday from £1399 per person. Price based on 2 adults, bed & breakfast, staying 2 nights at each: Ebner’s Waldhof, Schloss Fuschl and Hotel Bristol, Vienna. Price includes private transfers, train travel from Salzburg to Vienna and return flights to Gatwick. Departs early November. Adam had further support from and (who offer airport lounges at all major UK airports and many international destinations).





Manish Mehrotra B

ORN AND RAISED in Patna, Bihar, Chef Manish Mehrotra developed an extreme liking for food production whilst pursuing a Hotel Management degree from Mumbai. After joining Old World Hospitality’s Oriental Octopus (the popular members’ restaurant at Habitat World, India Habitat Centre, Delhi) in 2000, he was inspired to travel across Asia to train in Pan-Asian cuisine. Upon his return in 2009, Rohit Khattar, Chairman, Old World Hospitality wanted to start Indian Accent. Manish volunteered to work on the menu. The idea was to contemporise dishes, use global ingredients, plate them in a non-traditional manner and yet ensure that the taste was uniquely Indian. Thus Indian Accent was conceptualised.



Tell us more about your journey into the kitchen, were

How do you like to be perceived as a chef? What would

you inspired by anyone in particular?

your legacy to the culinary world be?

At a young age, joining a hotel management school was

I would like to be seen as someone that makes real,

my career decision as I wasn’t sure what else I wanted

authentic Indian food, all over the globe. With Indian

to do! Here I discovered my love for the kitchen. I was

Accent, we would like to help create more respect for

drawn to it because it encouraged my creative side – I

Indian cuisine, and help people realize, it’s about so

saw that imagination is required in the kitchen, more

much more than just curries. We hope, we can expand

so than in any other part of the industry. This is what

Indian cuisine and leave behind memorable, authentic

inspired me.

and surprising recipes.

The first Head Chef I worked under was Chef Johnson Esso, who taught me the basics that led me on

Let’s reverse roles: You are the customer not the chef.

the path to become, the chef I am today. He taught me

What do you expect from a restaurant?

how to identify flavors that would work well together,

An experience! Not just good food, but great service,

and how to successfully navigate a kitchen and work

ambience, everything.

cohesively alongside others. When I joined Old World Hospitality in 2000 as a


What is your secret to achieving excellence in the

Pan Asian Chef, my life changed. The company gave me


the opportunity to travel across the world, learn about

A firm belief that anything you want to achieve can

various cuisines, ingredients, techniques, etc. I started

be through hard work and dedication. To work in this

collecting cook books, learnt from them. Today I have a

industry is physically and emotionally challenging, but

library with over 1200 books.

if you are truly passionate about cooking and food, this


shouldn’t matter. An important piece of advice I would like to give, is to never stop learning – there is always something new to be discovered that can help you improve. Do you have a favourite ‘signature’ dish? If so, what is it and how was it created?

At Indian Accent, the Soy Keema is my favourite dish. It uses very humble ingredients that come together to create something unique, delicious and also comforting. Guests are always surprised and delighted by it. Which ingredients do you love to use in your cooking?

Indian Accent showcases inventive Indian cuisine by complementing the flavors and traditions of India, with global ingredients and techniques. We use a lot of authentic Indian spices of course, although I don’t have one particular spice that’s my favourite – in India we use a lot of spice blends, as there are so many combinations that can create an entirely new flavor. One of my favourites is Chaat Masala as it’s very versatile. One can use it in everything

“… in India we use a lot of spice blends, as there are so many combinations that can create an entirely new flavour.”

from salads and curries right through to desserts. Which three words would you use to describe your ‘philosophy’ in cooking?

learn how they created the extraordinary food that they did. Also, Indira Gandhi, Ex-Prime Minister

Traditional, Nostalgic and Inventive.

of India; Dev Anand, Prominent Bollywood Actor; Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Former captain of the

Which chef would you like to work alongside?

I admire many chefs today, but I particularly take inspiration from Rick Stein. His cookbooks, programs and recipes are great and I would definitely love to work alongside him someday.

Indian cricket team What are your plans for 2019?

For now, we would just like to focus on the three Indian Accent Restaurants in New Delhi, London and New

If you could choose four people to cook for in history, who would it be and why?

I would like to go back and cook with the old Nawabs in Lucknow, who created Indian cuisine in the absence of refrigeration

equipment, and


modern things we take for granted. It’s incredible how far we have come but I would be fascinated to go back and

York, making sure that our menus are constantly being executed to our highest standards. Which restaurant, apart from your own, do you like to eat at and why?

The best meal I’ve ever had was at Mathias Dahlgren, a restaurant in Stockholm. Their mushroom tasting menu was just incredible. The food, the service, the ambience, everything was exceptional. I’d like to go back there again. By Dina Aletras



Jacob Arabo, Founder & Chairman





ACOB ARABO began his journey in the world of fine jewelry and timepieces as a 16-year old apprentice. A short time later, Jacob opened a small booth in New York City’s bustling diamond district and began designing collections for jewelry brands and private clients. In 1986, he launched his own luxury label, Jacob & Co.



Since then, his boundless quest for the creative has delivered an ever-expanding array of jewelry and watches that have continued to enchant clients and critics alike earning him extensive global press coverage and a loyal international following. Jacob maximizes his valued industry relationships to discover the world’s most fantastical gems and fashion them into pieces of

“As a jeweler, Jacob sources singularly rare and exceptional stones each selected with the utmost integrity of origin”

extraordinary beauty. A rarity in the world of luxury, Jacob & Co.’s only


limitation is the imagination of its founder. Arriving at

today. An unparalleled designer and marketer, the double

14 years old in the United States, he started working

talent of Jacob Arabo has brought him success worldwide.

two years later as an apprentice to a jeweler. He already

Created in 1986 Jacob & Co. is today present in

knew he would make a name for himself in this world

more than 20 countries and regions. Recognised as

of luxury and creativity. The entrepreneur opened his

the “Master of World Time”, Jacob & Co.’s ingenious

first workshop at 17, supported by a more established

timepieces and opulent jewelry watches, feature perfectly

partner who provided him with the necessary credibility

selected set stones that are the hallmark of the brand.

to seek finance and clients. As a manufacturer for other

The timepieces are a magnificent expression of his

brands, he began creating his own jewelry collection with

avant-garde vision of watches, imagined and inspired

the profits, and canvassed outlets before opening his own

by the beauty around him, driven by a strong desire to

store in New York, where the flagship store is located

deliver a constant, creative evolution and challenging


excellence, the “Gravitational Triple Axes Astronomia” tourbillon reveals a very poetic choreography under a domed sapphire crystal, where the earth and the moon are swept up in flight around the dial. First of the Astronomia collection, the timepiece now exists in other surprising versions. Another Grand Complication launched in 2016, the Twin Turbo combines two visible triple-axis tourbillons and a minute repeater in a sporty rectangular-shaped case. Master of World Time, Jacob & Co. constantly revolutionizes travel watches, taking its famous “Five Time Zone” to the digital world with the “Ghost” collection, using the latest innovations in electronics to create a dramatic and fascinating display of time around the world. Today, other models have become classics like “Epic X Chrono” with its remarkable open-work, or “Epic SF 24”, whose miniature flaps mechanically run through the train stations and airports corresponding to the different time zones of the world. the traditional limits of watch design. This bound-less appetite for innovation is balanced with an esteem and respect for the Swiss time-honored practices. As a jeweler, Jacob sources singularly rare and exceptional stones each selected with the utmost integrity of origin and the critical care of an artist’s eye. His inventiveness and inspiration merge with the finest jewelry making techniques to give birth to iconic and intricately crafted masterpieces. In 2002, he began to design watches that became symbols of success for both bold face names and serious collectors. As the creative force behind the brand’s ingenious watch collections, he has received several design awards and is recognised as the “Master of World Time” – even earning a place in music fame with more than 200 references in pop culture songs to his “over-thetop” timepieces. In addition to the incredible complications, his opulent, intricately set jewelry watches have dressed the wrists of celebrities and graced the covers of many publications. If Jacob & Co.’s jewelry offers as many variations as there are fashion trends, innovation is for their watches, the aspiration. Each model is the focal point of all the craftsmen’s attention and know-how at their Geneva watchmaking atelier. Emblematic of this quest for



Glam Rocks Time to shine this season in stand out sequins and statement silhouettes PHOTOGRAPHY Eva Schwank 90


Suit jacket: Peter Pilotto, Rings: Imogen Belfield, 91


Earrings: Bibi Marini at Ring: Imogen Belfield Trousers: Malan Breton 92

Velvet suit: Sanne London, Necklace: Imogen Belfield



Dress: 16Arlington Boots: Maxine, Earrings: Bibi Marini Ring: Imogen Belfield


Top: 16Arlington, Skirt: Malan Breton Ring: Imogen Belfield Earrings: Karl Lagerfeld,


Dress: Rixo, Boots: Tara Jarman, Belt: Mulberry,



Earrings: Bibi Marini Jacket: Malan Greton, Blouse: Boo Pala,

Make up: John Christopher at Terry Manduca, using Bobbi Brown Hair: Shukeel Murtaza at Frank agency


GIOTTO ART By White Rock Securitization Assets Management SCC PLC.


Rewarding the Excellence of “Made in Italy” – Hotel Monaco, Venice


NCE AGAIN, it was a truly unforgettable evening.

creator of Ballo del Doge, that delighted guests with its

A multitude of VIP guests took to the stage at

magnificent fashion show.

Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice to receive

The Sala del Ridotto at the Hotel Monaco hosted the

awards handed out by the founder of the Mazzoleni

fourth edition of the Gran Galà Arte Cinema & Impresa,

Foundation, Mario Mazzoleni.

an idea that stems from its founder Mario Mazzoleni, a

Maria Grazia Cucinotty graced all with her presence

gallerist and former Bergamo referee: “This event was

that was, as always, a most glamorous one and one

created to promote Italian excellence, excellence that

that was applauded in reminiscence of her role in the

all the world is envious of. Italy is a wonderful country,

legendary film ‘Il Postino’ with Massimo Troisi. Magdi

Venice an extraordinarily unique city. It is a joy and

Cristiano Allam was celebrated for her journalism and

satisfaction to have so many famous people on this

cultural contributions whilst Sister Rosalina Ravasio was

stage including eight companies that daily, with great

acknowledged for her solidarity. Franco Fasano and

professionalism and commitment, hold high the name of

Nicola Pisaniello followed suit with awards for lighting

our country despite everything and everyone.”

and lyrical music, whilst Vera Atyhuskina and Morana


brilliantly amazing couple, Carmen Russo and Enzo


Paolo Turchi, were honored with an award for their

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and half of Europe

contribution to television, Luca Nannipieri and Maestro

present, each happy to spend a weekend in the most

Giorgio Celibert for art and last but not least, Francesca

beautiful and romantic city in the world.”

Sirianni for her contribution as an art critic.


Lady Simona Occioni elegantly dressed in Blumarine,

Salvino received one for cinematic achievement. The








magnificent, from


During the award ceremony the actress Maria Grazia

In addition to the above, eight Italian companies were

Cucinotta further underlined: “This is an award that I

selected for an award by a special commission within

receive with great pleasure, from good people, spontaneous,

the Mazzoleni Foundation: Italpool for safety, Nuova

a beautiful reality. I have always been convinced that anyone

Villa Claudia from Rome for medicine, Vladimiro Gioia

who can do something and does not, counts for zero.”

and Keep Me for fashion, Anima Aurea for jewelry,

The Mazzoleni Onlus Foundation based in Alzano

Pagani for logistics and transport and Molinaro Studio

Lombardo, is a small but very ambitious company that

for entrepreneurial start-ups. Well received was also the

works to promote culture and art, through events such as

historical Venetian Figure Antonia Sautter, designer and

this Gran Galà.

Images by Andrea Santorum





Bugatti Divo

The French luxury brand Bugatti is celebrating the European premiere of its latest model in Paris, one month after its world premiere at “The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering� in Monterey, California.




HE DAY before the first ‘press’ day of the

without any concessions with respect to the usual levels

2018 Paris Motor Show, at an exclusive event in

of comfort and luxury.

the French capital Bugatti unveiled the Divo, before

The aerodynamics of the model have been intensively

an audience of selected media representatives and

fine-tuned, the suspension and chassis settings have

customers. By developing the Divo, Bugatti wanted to

been modified. As a result, the Divo is 35 kilograms

create a super sports car with a different character from

lighter and has 90 kilograms more downforce than

the Chiron, but also one which would never the less

the standard Chiron2. The lateral acceleration of the

be immediately recognizable as a Bugatti. The Divo,

Divo has been boosted to 1.6g and its maximum speed

powered by Bugatti’s iconic eight-litre W16 engine with a

is limited to 380 km/h. The progressive cutting-edge

power output of 1,500 PS, is tuned for agility, nimbleness

design language underlines the inner values of this new

and optimum handling performance on winding roads,

super sports model, whilst at the same time forging a





“Bugatti wanted to create a super sports car with a different character from the Chiron which would still be immediately recognizable as a Bugatti”

link with Bugatti’s rich coachbuilding heritage, with bodies built to its own design and installed on the existing chassis. All 40 cars in this strictly limited series with a net unit price of €5 million, were sold immediately upon the start of presentations to selected customers. The Divo will be produced from 2019 onwards, together with the Bugatti Chiron, at the brand’s headquarters in Molsheim, Alsace. The first customer deliveries are planned for 2020.




Bentley’s Director of Design, Munich-born self-professed Anglophile Stefan Sielaff, has spent more than 30 years in automotive design. In this interview Stefan explains why his lifelong dream was to work for a British brand, and how he got there.



“To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class” (W.O. Bentley, Founder)

What came first for you, was it design or cars?

Can you define where your passion for cars originated

When I was a young boy I was not the classic car designer,


sketching cars at four years old. I was more interested in

It started when I was four years old in front of my

doing fine arts and sculpture. I drove my parents crazy by

family’s tobacco shop in Munich. A customer of ours,

working with huge marble blocks in their garage when I

a film director, arrived in a brand-new Porsche 911. I

was 14 or 15. Always very interested in cars, I was never

was just able to look over the edge of the window. I have

able to combine these two passions, so it only began

to say that this was the moment my passion for cars

whilst I was doing my high school diploma – I had to ask

began. Later, like all car aficionados, I started to buy

myself what I was going to do for a living. At this time, I

cheap old cars, providing me with a platform to learn

was becoming interested in product design and I started

a lot about mechanics and technique, because I had to

to study this in the early ’80s. That’s when I learned

repair these cars all the time. My very first beloved car

that it is possible to combine fine arts, design and car

was a Triumph Spitfire, which started my huge passion

activities; this is what is called car design.

for British cars. I also acquired old Volkswagens. I think



it is essential as a car designer to understand cars on a

is sometimes encapsulated within these movies, and thus

technical level.

provides a big source of inspiration.

What appeals to you about designing for Bentley?

Do you see interior and exterior automotive design as

It had been my lifelong dream to work for a luxury-

different disciplines?

car brand. I find it extremely satisfying to transform

For me, the exterior and interior design in the car

the expectations of luxury customers into an exterior

industry are different disciplines. You are either an expert

sculpture and an interior living habitat.

on one side or the other. It’s really a big difference,

What is great about Bentley, is that we have the

especially when you look at the more sculptural work

opportunity to design the bespoke – we can create

you have to do on the exterior design. Dealing with lines,

extraordinary products that are tailor-made as well as

surface qualities and proportions, whilst at the same

finding custom-fit solutions for the customer. We are still

time taking into consideration how daylight reacts with

a small team and have direct access to the customer –

the sculpture is one part of the story. The other story is

often speaking directly with them. They talk to us, they

interior design. You need to deal with a lot of different

want special solutions and we can deliver these – it is

details. It’s also the combination between the materials

enjoyable. It is ‘cooking to taste’ and that is what I like.

and the architecture on the interior. A lot of surfaces can be covered with leather, normally the more convex ones,

Where do you find your inspiration?

and then one has to deal with a defined amount of space

Earlier this year I was in London viewing the Vogue

as well as getting a lot of details and information into the

exhibition on fashion. Fashion is definitely a place I gain

interior, so they are two very different disciplines.

inspiration from and it has a rapidly changing pace,


much faster than car design. I also love to look at fine art,

Do you believe that practicality should lead the design?

architecture and aircraft design.

Or should design challenge practicality?

Less conventionally, science fiction movies. It happens

‘Form follows function’ – I think that is the famous

frequently that we watch old films from 20 years ago,

sentence used in German design education. It is true

something that was envisaged and that is now a reality

to a certain extent, everything has to work at the end

in our normal lives. Therefore, this dream of the future

of the day. Personally, I think humankind does not only


live from water and dry bread, we need more flavour. With Bentley being a luxury brand, we need to make an extraordinary statement combining function with fine art as well as with the architecture of fashion. All these things must come together in our cars and thus, make so much more than just a practical statement. Which Bentley design defines the brand for you, and how does this inform what you’re thinking about next?

Talking as a designer, the Bentley that made the most innovative statement of its time is the Mulliner R-Type Continental from 1952. The surfaces of this model feature sharp lines against a positive and negative curvature – permitted by traditional yet more timeconsuming production methods. This DNA will find its way back into future Bentleys, albeit with a lightweight and modern treatment. That is before we even start talking about the proportions that form the basis of our current model range. The striking power line, muscular rear haunches and swooping, fast roof line – we will continue to be inspired by these proportions in the future.

we do, we always push our design language into a new dimension with the help of elegance.

Do you have any guiding principles?

As a custodian of a British brand with such extensive

Where do you think automotive trends are going? Both

heritage, it is my role to push the design language into the

in terms of the design and how people use cars?

future. To do this, I am convinced that we need the help

Society is changing. I think that in the next 20 years,

of a more three-dimensional design and form language.

the automotive industry will see seismic changes. Three

There is one ingredient that is a constant in the design

quarters of the human population will be living in

language of Bentley, and that is elegance. Whatever

megacities, so the flow of traffic has to be different. In




these megacities we will lose our very individual relationship

Where do you see automotive material trends changing?

in terms of driving our own car. I think it’s more than a

There will always be an audience for luxury cars. Of

question of autonomous moving vehicles, I think it will

this I am convinced. There will always be people who

require swarm intelligence to maintain the traffic flow. I

desire the individual statement embodied by their car.

am also sure that there will be luxury vehicles – however,

Nevertheless, a lot of things will change. The customer

we may need to redefine the meaning of luxury. Luxury

of the future may ask for vegan materials – ecological,

could then mean being a member of an exclusive club

sustainable trends. This is why we are looking into

with access to a fast lane – time being the most precious

developing materials such as protein leather – or

commodity. In the countryside or in the mountains, there

luxurious textiles – and it is why we are experimenting

you may still retain this personal experience of freedom in

with stone veneers, and OLED screens. There will be a

your car, but in the megacities, this will change.

mixture between technology and aesthetics in the future.


What does the future of luxury design mean to you?

The future of luxury design is rather complex because customers are demonstrating new requirements. We cannot only talk about a sculptural exterior and a functional interior. We have to integrate new technologies. I strongly believe that you can only more forward in design and aesthetic with a big input from technology.


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