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The Warrior

MISSION Through the light of Torah and academic excellence, the Hebrew Academy inspires each and every child to improve the world.

A Warrior makes


Rabbi Alexander Sender Gross z�l was Hebrew Academy’s first Head of School and later became our namesake. Seventy years ago, he and our founding families made history by creating the first Dati Tzioni (Modern Orthodox) Jewish Day School south of Baltimore. Their combined efforts and dedication enabled Hebrew Academy to grow from a few tiny classrooms into the pillar of the community the school has now become.


What does it mean to

BE A WARRIOR? Hebrew Academy students will learn about and our graduates will demonstrate: The ability to think, inquire, investigate, and learn. Any school can provide a student with information. Our goal is to move beyond informing. We teach our students how to learn, research, unearth and evaluate information. We encourage our students to make decisions for themselves while considering the opinions of others. The confidence to be themselves. Hebrew Academy is comprised of eclectic students and families from all walks of life. There is no cookie cutter mold for our students. Our graduates tell us that the feeling of family Hebrew Academy provides, allows them to be themselves and embrace the identity of others around them. The love for all mankind and a desire to enhance and benefit all who cross their path. This applies to all living creatures as well as our planet. The readiness for the future. Our students are prepared for life today and tomorrow. While in our classrooms, students are introduced to a wide range of social and cultural experiences and different ways of doing things. They learn to value diversity, accept the challenges they may face, and become fully recognized members of society, prepared to deal with the challenges that lie ahead in careers that may not even exist today.

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Hebrew Academy is notably diverse and eclectic. Our students have a wide array of personal interests and often comment that Hebrew Academy is a place where they can be themselves. Our families come from all walks of life and from many countries around the world. Together they create a community that is warm, open-minded, inclusive, and a reflection of the South Florida Jewish population. Since our population is so diverse, we accommodate various levels of religious observance within our Modern Orthodox, college and yeshiva preparatory curriculum. Everyone who is Jewish according to the standards of the Rabbinic Council of America is welcome to apply for enrollment.


A Warrior is RELIGIOUS


Hebrew Academy is a Dati Tzioni (Modern Orthodox) school that believes in the preeminence of Torah and the fulfillment of Mitzvot according to Halacha, the centrality and religious significance of Medinat Yisrael (State of Israel), excellence in both General and Judaic Studies, and the Divinely implanted potential within each and every person. The creation of Medinat Yisrael is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of Medinat Yisrael and its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to Medinat Yisrael as well as a sense of responsibility for its welfare. The centrality of Medinat Yisrael in modern Jewish identity is woven throughout our curriculum, and as a result, many of our graduates spend a gap year in Israel.


Becoming a Warrior


Early Childhood Our Early Childhood Department offers programs for children from six weeks of age through Pre-Kindergarten in a rich, stimulating, and nurturing environment that encourages imagination, promotes creativity, and enhances aesthetic development. With an understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of every child, students are able to develop at their own pace. Our youngest Warriors learn to walk, talk, build memory and critical thinking skills, and interact with and understand the world around them through exploration and socialization. Our STEAM approach to learning is interdisciplinary and thematic. STEAM integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into a cohesive learning model based on real-world applications. Our teachers plan their lessons integrating these five disciplines and tie it together to our Judaic, Ivrit, and Zionistic programs. Supported by developmentally appropriate curriculum, our teachers carefully look at intent, process, and purpose as they put these pieces together to better build coherent and meaningful lessons that our little Warriors enjoy.


A Warrior establishes a


Miriam Stern Rosenblatt Elementary School The Hebrew Academy Miriam Stern Rosenblatt Elementary School has a talented and certified faculty of lifelong learners who are constantly growing, learning, and improving their craft of innovative instruction. Using a blended learning approach guided by data analysis related to student achievement, our instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of each student. Placing equal importance on yeshiva preparatory Judaic Studies and college preparatory General Studies, we prepare our students for their future. In Judaic Studies, students are learning about Torah, Shabbat, chaggim, our Jewish Homeland of Israel, Hebrew language and more. While the other half of the day is spent learning a state of the art math curriculum, writing, ability leveled reading, robotics, computer programming, coding and more. Our teachers act as facilitators and bring out the best in each student. Student learning is enhanced meaningfully and appropriately in all subject areas through the incorporation of technology, such as

Google Classroom, Google Voice, Ji Tap, Class Dojo, the IReady Diagnostic, Raz Kids, Mathletics, News O Matic, and many more learning applications that are relevant to our curriculum. Daily specialty classes include Physical Education, Music, Media Center, and Art, which coordinate memorable and fun experiences for our students and provide enrichment to topics addressed in the classrooms. Proper social emotional development is fostered through our PBIS-inspired Project Gevurah program and the incorporation of Cloud 9 featuring a Middah of the Month. These middot are reinforced throughout the elementary school year and during our weekly Shabbat assemblies wherein, we recognize our Warriors of the Week who have risen above and beyond our expectations. We are proud to provide an amazing and warm environment for our young Warriors.




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Charlotte Rohr Middle School Built around the unique strengths of pre-teens and adolescents, the Hebrew Academy Charlotte Rohr Middle School program strives to encourage independence and critical thinking across all content areas. Students participate in a Judaic Studies and Secular Studies program, which includes semester long elective courses in the area of arts, technology, foreign language, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Each student is viewed as an individual who brings different ideas, interests, and learning styles to the classroom. Middle School classes incorporate blended learning platforms to further personalize learning for each student. Responsibility for yourself, your peers, and your community is instilled in the students through social emotional learning programs, service learning projects, and classroom activities. Middle School faculty are fully dedicated to and embrace the joys of teaching students in this age group who are rapidly changing and growing. Each day our faculty fosters independence by providing challenge, guidance, and support as students work toward mastery. At the end of the Middle School years, students are well prepared to move on to High School.


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TAKE ON THE WORLD Fana Holtz High School The Fana Holtz High School prides itself on helping each student reach his or her full potential. Every student is awarded the opportunity to be themselves and feel good about and be accepted for who they are. We instill in each student Torah values and hope that those values will guide them in making good decisions today and well into their adult years. We offer an individualized schedule for each student, which allows them to take courses of interest, at their level, and with unparalleled faculty instruction. Course levels include college preparatory regular level courses, honors, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment at Florida International University and Dade College. We hope that a graduate of the Hebrew Academy High School will be a well-educated, well-informed, well-adjusted, and wellrounded young adult, ready to tackle the world that lies ahead.


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Academic Enrichment Zaniac offers qualifying students in grades 1-5 an amazing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enrichment opportunity. Zaniac was founded in 2012 to offer children a place where they can master foundation skills, learn about math and technology, and become scientists. Currently, Zaniac offers STEM courses after school and Hebrew Academy is the only school in the nation where enrichment programming is incorporated during the school day. Students in grades 6-12 are placed into ability leveled classes according to their specific academic needs which include regular, honors, and Advanced Placement course opportunities. Academic Support Students needing resource support in Elementary School benefit from push-in or pull-out, small group reinforcement, targeting individual needs in the areas of reading, language arts, math, and Judaic Studies. In Middle School and High School, the resource teacher will monitor students’ progress on a weekly basis and meet with students individually in order to ensure that assignments are completed in a timely manner. Students will have the ability to meet with the resource teacher on a regular basis in order to review organizational strategies, study for a test, ensure their planner is up to date, and receive homework assistance. If a student has been identified as having a Specific Learning Disability or other challenges that impact learning, some accommodations or modifications can be provided as described in a current psychological-educational evaluation. ESOL Students who are learning to speak English receive support from our ESOL Program. English skills are assessed for each student and a learning plan is set into place that may include small group instruction two-four times a week, in-class support, modified curriculum, and/or Pass/Fail grading.


Resources Psychologists Our school psychologists are on hand to help our students navigate transitions successfully. Whether it is meeting with our new students to make sure they are feeling welcomed and making friends, providing informative programs about hot topics in child development for our parents, or helping during difficult times such as divorce or bereavement, our students are in good hands. Hebrew Academy does not offer programs for students with behavioral needs or social/emotional delays. College and Israel Guidance Trust us when we say that time flies and you will need help with college and Israel program placement sooner than you may believe. With a college and Israel guidance team that is experienced and successful in placing our students in top universities and programs that match a student’s personal interests, you cannot go wrong. Scholarship Hebrew Academy offers scholarships to help make tuition affordable. Our generous scholarship program ensures no child is turned away for financial reasons. PTSA Our Parent, Teacher, and Student Association keeps everyone engaged. Fundraising, special events, and promoting school spirit are just a few of the many things our PTSA does to advocate school involvement and fun. Hot Lunch Program We proudly offer an optional glatt kosher hot lunch program for purchase for students in Playgroup through Grade 12. Students may also bring a dairy or pareve lunch from home if they prefer. School Nurse Whether a child bumps their knee on the playground or does not feel well, our school nurse provides loving care to our Warrior Family.


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THE SCHOOL DAY DOES NOT NEED TO BE OVER WHEN THE LAST BELL RINGS. Many enrichment and athletic opportunities, as well as after care, conveniently take place after school on our campus. AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITES Beginning in Nursery 3, students can extend their day in our After School Activities program. Classes ranging from ballet, robotics, fashion design, arts and crafts, Mind Lab, Zumba, Jazzercise, drama, and a variety of pee-wee sports provide students with the chance to discover their passion in a fun and safe environment led by qualified staff. Each semester, different classes are offered to allow for the exposure to a world of limitless learning opportunities. Students of all ages can also join our after care program to play, do homework and relax while waiting for parents who need to pick up children late. STUDENT LIFE Student activities directors take care to develop fun programs that support our school mission and enrich our students’ lives socially and experientially. Clubs, Shabbatonim, class trips, chesed days, pep rallies, and more, provide our students with a full array of exciting events they enjoy year after year.

FALL SPORTS Cross Country Varsity Boys and Girls (6TH - 12TH GRADE) Flag Football Elementary Boys (4TH - 5TH GRADE) Middle School Boys (6TH - 8TH GRADE) Varsity Boys (9TH - 12TH GRADE) Volleyball Varsity Girls (9TH - 12TH GRADE) Middle School Girls (6TH - 8TH GRADE)

ATHLETICS Hebrew Academy is committed to providing athletic programs that promote and develop teamwork, ethical conduct, sportsmanship, physical skill, and competitiveness. We believe athletics should foster educational growth while providing students with meaningful learning opportunities. Our goal is for all of our students to discover a sport they enjoy. Beginning in Elementary School we offer intramural and competitive leagues for boys and girls. For students in Middle and High School we offer intramural sports and competitive team opportunities at the Junior Varsity and Varsity level as members of the Florida High School Athletic Association.

WINTER SPORTS Basketball Elementary Boys (4TH - 5TH GRADE) Elementary Girls (4TH - 5TH GRADE) Middle School Boys and Girls (6TH - 8TH GRADE) Junior Varsity Boys (8TH - 11TH GRADE) Varsity Boys and Girls (9TH - 12TH GRADE) Soccer Varsity Girls (8TH - 12TH GRADE)

SPRING SPORTS Tennis Middle School Boys and Girls (6TH - 8TH GRADE) Varsity Boys and Girls (9TH - 12TH GRADE) Baseball Middle School Boys (6TH - 8TH GRADE) Volleyball Varsity Boys (9TH - 12TH GRADE) Flag Football Varsity Girls (8TH - 12TH GRADE)



Mitzvot and Middot are a crucial component of our program as we integrate these values in every aspect of our curriculum and student life at every age.


A Warrior is


PROJECT GEVRUAH was developed by our Elementary School psychologist and faculty as a means of developing good behavior, encouraging acts of kindness, and providing bullying prevention. Developed from the nationally recognized Positive Behavior Intervention System, project Gevruah is imbued with aspects from the Torah and rewards students for making good choices. SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING continues beyond the elementary years through programing developed and administered by our Middle and High School psychologist. Chesed (kindness) and bullying prevention are just a couple of areas this thoughtfullydesigned program addresses in a manner that is effective and relevant to teenagers in today’s world.

COMMUNITY SERVICE Hebrew Academy was the first school in the nation to make community service a high school graduation requirement. Since that time, community service has continued and expanded to all age groups. Spearheading canned food drives, visiting senior citizen centers, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, donating their hair to Locks of Love, and being a buddy at Friendship Circle are just a few examples of the endless acts of kindness our students take on each day. Many students take this a step further and create their own chesed projects to address the unique needs of the community as they arise. The Hebrew Academy alumna creator of this multi-prong program, Jill Simons-Smith LMHC, received the 87th Point of Light from President George H.W. Bush and his Thousand Points of Light initiative.


A Warrior is


The Hebrew Academy continues to be at the forefront of 21st Century modern schooling with an outstanding curriculum that aims to engage, inspire, and equip each and every student for the world of today and beyond. Students learn vital 21st Century skills and fluencies as they become critical thinkers, collaborators, creators, and innovators. Through its strong affiliations and partnerships with top curriculum developers in both General and Judaic Studies, Hebrew Academy ensures the highest caliber academic program. As technology has become ubiquitous in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, Hebrew Academy continues to embed technology across all learning environments as a robust tool to maximize, as well as personalize, student learning.



A Warrior is

With 70 years of history, the Hebrew Academy has produced thousands of alumni. Currently, we have many second, third, and fourth generations of alumni families enrolled in our school, proving that some things only get better with age. Annually, our Development Office plans festive and exciting events to reunite our alumni with one another. These amazing activities not only remind participants of their roots, but also provide a professional networking opportunity that our alumni truly appreciate.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (HEBREW ACADEMY ALUM) speaking at our 2017 Yom Ha’atzmaut event. Photo credit: Sagette Van Embden Productions


A Warrior is


The Development Department is the fundraising arm of the school. We provide several sponsorship and volunteer opportunities throughout the year that help support our Annual Campaign, known as The Fund for Hebrew Academy. The Fund for Hebrew Academy is our school’s fundraising priority each year because these donations have the opportunity to immediately impact the current school year. They provide ongoing support to the operating budget, scholarships, competitive salaries, and the maintenance and improvement of our campus. Thanks to the contributions of our donors, our notably generous scholarship fund allows approximately 60 percent of our student body to attend school with a reduced tuition rate. Similarly, new technology equipment and the purchase of exciting curriculum are in place, a new website has been designed, a new Middle and High School building are on the horizon, and our facilities are constantly being improved. This would not be possible without the support of Warrior Donors.

Light the Path Donor Reception 2017


A Warrior is ACCEPTED Over the past five years, Hebrew Academy graduates have been accepted to schools such as: Babson College Barnard College Bar-Ilan University Bard College Barry University Baruch College Binghamton University Boston University Brandeis University Brooklyn College Brown University Columbia University Cornell University Eastern Michigan University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Emory University Fashion Institute of Technology Florida Atlantic University/Honors College Florida Gulf Coast University Florida International University/Honors College Florida State University George Washington University Goucher College Harvard College Hofstra University Indiana University Ithaca College Johns Hopkins University lnterdisciplinary Center (lDC) Herzliya Long Island University Lynn University Manchester Metropolitan University, England Miami-Dade College Muhlenberg College New York University

Pennsylvania State University Pratt Institute Princeton University Queensborough College Queens College Quinnipiac University Ramapo College of NJ Rutgers University Santa Fe College Stanford University Stern College for Women Syracuse University The University of Arizona Touro College University of Colorado at Boulder University of California, Los Angeles University of Central Florida University of Colorado University of Connecticut University of Florida University of Hartford University of Maryland University of Massachusetts University of Miami University of Michigan University of New Haven University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Rochester University of Salford, England University of Southern California University of South Florida University of Toronto Warren Wilson College Washington College Yeshiva University

Recent Yeshivot and Seminary Acceptances Aardvark Aish HaTorah Gesher Yeshiva Program Ba’er Miriam Derech Ohr Somayach Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies Mechinat Keshet Yehuda Midreshet Amit Midreshet HaRova Midreshet Lindenbaum Midreshet Moriah Sha’alvim for Women Sherut Leumi Tiferet Seminary Yeshivat Ashreinu Yeshivat Derech Etz Chaim Yeshivat Derech Ohr Sameach Yeshivat Lev HaTorah Yeshivat Orayta Yeshivat Reishit Yeshivat Torat Shraga Young Judea Y.C.

Military Enlistment Israeli Defense Forces


Rendering of the New Middle School & High School Complex on the Schwartz-Jacobs Campus.

MI HEBREW ACADEMY 2400 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach, Florida


ectronic revisions of any portions of these drawings in whole or in part may be f Zyscovich Architects. property of Zyscovich Architects.

A Warrior builds


Render From Pine Tree Drive

March 16, 2015

Reg. No. AR-10670


A STATE-OF-THE-ART, CUTTING-EDGE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT will provide students with limitless opportunities to think, explore, create, and become the future leaders of tomorrow. • Over 40,000 square feet of innovative, flexible, learning space • Double-height ceiling Beit Midrash and Media Center • Art Gallery • Innovative STEM programming • Capacity to serve more than double our current number of students • Classrooms equipped with flexible walls and floor-to-ceiling windows to seamlessly draw together the learning space and the natural world • Food court with indoor and outdoor seating areas • Enhancement of enrichment programs, individualized experiential and cross curricular learning



Are you ready to

EVERY DAY IS OPEN HOUSE AT HEBREW ACADEMY. Contact us for a personal tour and program overview to find out more about applying for admission. Our admissions staff is on hand to help you navigate the admission and scholarship application process. Although there is no application deadline, qualified students are admitted on a first come first served basis, so early application is encouraged.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 305-532-6421 ext. 113 or admission@rasg.org.

Inspiring students to


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