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Body Weight Boot Camp

Why do Group Training? Learn and take your workout with you anywhere! Individual sessions usually run $70 for an hour! NOW ONLY $15 per SESSION!!!

This is a no brainer people! Save money, eat clean, train mean, get lean!

*Included in this THREE week program:  Physical assessment at the start and end of the program  Nutrition tracking and goal setting  Each LIVE session will take place Twice a week for 45 minutes and include 5-12 other individuals. TRX and body weight movements are fat blasting metabolism boosting FULL BODY workouts. Monday’s at 5:00 PM. Friday at 5:45PM  Constant contact with your trainer Via email, phone and face book  Engage in ALL body weight movements that you can learn and do anywhere including bodyweight movements on the TRX.  Weekly body weight workouts sent to you. DO IT ANYWHERE!

Body weight boot camp