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sanderson munro Heather Bradley OUGD301 Brief 1 - Branding & Stationary 1/3



Tone of Voice



Bridge Sanderson Munro is a solicitors based in Doncaster.

Reflect the friendly and helpful atmosphere in the office.

Professional, Approachable, Friendly, Clear, Simple.

Possible clients; anyone looking for legal work, i.e. wills,

2 days

They are in need of a re-brand. They want a new logo and stationary.

trusts, personal injury etc.

sanderson munro

Heather Bradley OUGD301 Live Brief - Digital Milk Round

The tail of the ‘g’ wraps around the ‘n’ to subtly convey a helping hand. The branding has been applied to general office stationary.

Bridge Sanderson Munro Branding  
Bridge Sanderson Munro Branding  

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