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Ofsted launches Learner View Where members of the public are asked to rate their further education colleges and give feedback on 10 areas. See the feedback online. REPORTS: EDUCATION AND SOCIAL EXCLUSION.

Ofsted: The Pupil Premium - How schools are using the Pupil Premium funding to raise achievement for disadvantaged pupils. pupil-premium The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. The survey is based on the views of 262 school leaders gathered through inspections and telephone interview questionnaires conducted by Her Majesty’s Inspectors. The effect of school resources on test scores in England ISER Working Paper Series: 2012-

Student visas Social exclusion and education Education and technology

13 ations/working-papers/iser/201213?utm_medium=email&utm_camp aign=ISER+News+September+201 2&utm_content=ISER+News+Sept ember+2012+CID_1210ef99b8d3c b734b5dc941bac8df7d&utm_sourc e=Email+marketing+software&utm_ term=Does+spending+more+on+re sources+improve+test+scores Does spending more matter? A long division: Closing the attainment gap in England’s secondary schools IPPR report 585/a-long-division-closing-theattainment-gap-in-englandssecondary-schools argues that School improvement policies will not be enough to close the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils in England’s schools. Jerrim, J. (2012). The Socioeconomic Gradient in Teenagers' Literacy Skills: How Does England Compare to Other Countries? wp1204.pdf


(DoQSS Working Paper No. 12094). London: University of London, Institute of Education, Department of Quantitative Social Science HIGHER EDUCATION : FUNDING

Review of Philanthropy in UK Higher Education rchive/2012/name,75321,en.html HEFCE report on gifts to Uk universities.

EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY Eduwiki conference 2012 iki_Conference_2012 links from this event which sought to promote the use of wikipedia in academic teaching and research. website includes links to projects mentioned and blog postings.

EDUCATION AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Following the student visa controversy See our quick links at /2012/09/student-visas-shouldgovernment-review.html

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