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Open 7am-5pm | 6 Rainbow Beach Road | 07 54 863 227 www.rainbowbeachinfo.com.au World Wetlands Day QSTARS visit for Renters Fun Days in February Keep your Heart Healthy 5 8 24 27 Volume 26 | Issue 2 FEBRUARY 2023 Will you Find a Frog in February? See page 4 for details on this vital local program.

It’s February ...

WHICH MEANS frog-finding time in this part of the world! I absolutely love this brilliant annual program by the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee.

Check out how you can get involved and let’s learn more about our froggy friends in the neighbourhood. Do you love frogs as much as I do? Although I did briefly love them less after one landed on my face one time, I must say.

We have more of our awesome local wildlife being celebrated in this issue, with the feel-good story of Thomas the turtle heading back into the ocean after being nursed back to health thanks to our incredible local volunteers.

We are so, so fortunate to have such wonderful, varied, and unique wildlife in this region – but I have to say that the wildlife is also fortunate to have such caring and dedicated people keeping an eye on them and helping

them continue to thrive even with the challenges they face.

More nature-y stuff this month too, with World Wetlands Day on 2 February. Our local wetlands are precisely why we have such an interesting range of flora and fauna so it is important that we celebrate it - and conserve it.

I can’t wait to see what frogs you find! And please continue to keep an eye out for turtles needing help –contact TurtleCare if you find any so that they can live happily ever after like Thomas.

Stay safe and be kind to each other.

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Wayne Davy WEBSITE Sally Joyce
Darren Baker
COVER PHOTO: Credit: Eastern dwarf tree frog photographed by Melissa Marie. Want your photo on our cover? Email us or tag us on social media. Professional photography not required - just a great hi-res pic of our beautiful region.

You Don’t Want To Miss This!


drinks and bring a camping chair -

What is ‘Rainbow Beach Blokes’?

CARING LOCALS Elisa Seul from Elisa: People, Places & Events and Jess McKenzie from Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography kicked off the Rainbow Beach Blokes Calendar project in April 2022 as a way to start a vital conversation about mental health while raising muchneeded funds for selected initiatives, support services, and to start up the Rainbow Beach Blokes Association.

Sadly inspired by the tragic outcome of a well-loved local lad’s personal battle with mental health, the ladies are committed to ensuring the men in our community feel supported and able to ask for help if needed.

The idea of the 2023 Rainbow Beach Blokes Calendar has proven a huge success, and has well and truly helped in the mission to get us all talking about the importance of our individual mental health.

See rainbowbeachblokes.com for more information and to order your calendar (if there are any left!) and merchandise.

SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST 3 MIKE VAN ACKER & FIONA MCGARY SAT 18TH FEBRUARY 2023 v isi t s ta n du p.c o m.au Th e Si t Dow n Co med y Club presen ts W ARNI N G SOME L ANGU A GE OR CONCEPT S MAY OFFEND tickets via trybooking.com RAINBOW BEACH SPORTS CLUB 7 Turana Street, Rainbow Beach, Qld 4581 DOORS FROM 6pm | Show 7:30PM $35 per person
we’ll take
of the
R along, a mate, or just bring yourself!
AINBOW BEACH BLOKES are hosting the 3B Arvo: Blokes, Burgers, Beers. We want to thank the Community for the AMAZING support to our first fundraiser, so we are throwing a BBQ on Sunday 5 February, from 4pm at Phil Rogers Park on Wide Bay Esplanade.care
rest. Bring
Check out Rainbow Beach Blokes Facebook page or Instagram (@rainbowbeachblokes) for more information.
See if you can spot Scott’s sausages at the upcoming 3B Arvo.

Desert Rose is heading our way to provide locals with easy access to Services Australia.

Services Australia Visit


Centre Desert Rose is travelling through the Gympie and Wide BayBurnett regions offering locals easy access to Centrelink, Medicare, and Department of Veterans’ Affairs services.

Desert Rose will visit:

Cooloola Cove

Tuesday 31 January at Cooloola Cove Shopping Complex car park, Queen Elizabeth Drive 9:30am to 4:00pm

Rainbow Beach

Wednesday 1 February near the Community Centre, Rainbow Beach Road

9:00am to 4:00pm

Tin Can Bay

Thursday 2 February near the RSL Hall, Tin Can Bay Road 9:00am to 3:00pm

Mobile Services Centres are 20 tonne trucks operated by Services Australia, providing regional and rural Australians with face-to-face service and support. Staff can help with:

• Centrelink claims

• Medicare registrations, and

• Accessing online services.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs programs and support services will also be available. All services will be offered with strict COVID-19 safety precautions in place.

For information: servicesaustralia. gov.au/mobileoffice

February is Frog finding month

FROGS ARE A VITAL component of ecosystems and are easily affected by changes in the air, water, and land making them good indicators of environmental health. Unfortunately, frogs are in trouble worldwide due to habitat loss, pollution, and disease.

Find a Frog in February (FFF) is a citizen science program facilitated by the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) for the Mary, Mooloola, Maroochy, Noosa, Burrum Rivers and coastal areas communities.

It aims to raise awareness about frogs, their habitat needs, the threats they face and the actions we can take to care for them and our natural world for the long-term health of our support system.

In partnership with the Australian Museum FrogID team, MRCCC is inviting people to help our frogs. Join in and collect frog information from as many parts of the Mary River catchment (and adjacent smaller

catchments) as possible.

MRCCC will be facilitating a number of frog workshops and surveys throughout the month of February. Come along and join FFF Coordinator Eva Ford as she talks all things frog and then hone your frog-finding skills during the group surveys!

For more information about this program, survey tips and recording sheets, or workshop details head to https://mrccc.org.au/frog-infebruary/

Tips For Frog Finders – See attached chart for important features to photograph or record.

Photographing Frogs – Take photos from the top, side, and underneath if possible.

How to Collect an Audio Recording

– You can use a mobile phone, digital recorder, and often your camera that is set to video mode. Get as close as you can and obtain a good representation of the call.

Take note of these features for any frogs you find and try to get photos if possible.

you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine. Car & Marine Batteries now available at Cooloola Mitre 10.

It’s Time for Wetlands!

WORLD WETLANDS DAY is celebrated each year on 2 February to raise awareness. This day also marks the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, which was adopted as an international treaty in the city of Ramsar in Iran in 1971.

Since 1997 this date has been celebrated with World Wetlands Day to draw attention to the relevance of promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in such an important ecosystem.

Did you know that 40% of all species either live or breed in wetlands? Wetlands also remove pollutants from water runoff and provide storm protection to coastlines.

The Great Sandy Strait is internationally known as RAMSAR site number 992 and is the largest area of tidal swamps within the South East Queensland Bioregion of Australia. And it is right on our doorstep!

Comprising intertidal sand and mudflats, extended seagrass beds, mangrove forests, salt marshes, freshwater Melaleuca wetlands and coastal wallum swamps, the area provides an exceptionally important feeding ground for migratory shorebirds.

This year’s theme ‘It’s Time for Wetland Restoration’ highlights the need to prioritise wetland restoration, and calls on all generations to revive and restore degraded wetlands.

What can you do to help?

Conscious choices: Make choices that minimise the loss and degradation of wetlands, and maximise awareness of how urgent their restoration is.

- Learn more about wetlands, their value for people and the planet, and become aware of the major threats to this valuable ecosystem..

- Make water-friendly and ecosystemconscious decisions. Use water sparingly. Adopt a diet with less environmental impact.

- Avoid using toxic products that could flow into wetlands. Don’t dump waste or rubbish in wetlands.

Persuasive voices: Encourage others to directly support local wetland restoration efforts.

What is a wetland?

They are described as ‘land areas that are saturated or flooded with water either permanently or seasonally’. Made up of three base categories: Inland – marshes, ponds, lakes, fens, rivers, floodplains,swamps Coastal – saltwater marshes, estuaries, mangroves, lagoons, and even coral reefs

Man-made – fishponds, rice paddies, saltpans

Bold actions: Use your own power to create change and support wetland restoration, locally, regionally or nationally.

- Create an advocacy effort that encourages local, state, and national governments to protect local wetlands and restore degraded ones.

- Hold or join a public wetlands clean up day like the Lions Club of Tin Can Bay on Clean Up Australia Day on 5 March.

- Get directly involved in a local wetland restoration project. Get input and help ensure that the restoration efforts reflect the needs of local residents. Friends of the Cooloola Foreshore meet weekly in Tin Can Bay so contact Ros on 0403 568 566.

What else can you do?

Wetland restoration benefits us all in multiple ways, from reviving biodiversity, improving water supply, storing carbon and reducing extreme weather to improving livelihoods, boosting ecotourism and enhancing well-being. The 7 best practices in wetland restoration areas:

• Consider the multitude of services the natural wetland has provided, and aim to recapture a wide range of those benefits, not just one or two.

• Aim to recreate a wetland ecosystem that can maintain itself.

Help protect and restore our vital local wetlands so migratory birds like this red-necked stint can continue to visit. Photo by Scott

- Become a wetland champion who advocates for protecting local wetlands, and for restoring degraded ones.

- Maximise awareness of wetlands and the urgency of their restoration. Use your social media outreach to highlight wetlands and World Wetlands Day using the hashtags #GenerationRestoration #ForWetlands and #WorldWetlandsDay.

- Take a wetlands field trip to see where restoration is needed. Consider what the wetland does for the area, and whether it is degraded.

• Integrate local communities and industries during planning and implementation.

• Identify the causes of degradation and limit or eliminate them.

• Clean up the degraded area.

• Restore native vegetation and wildlife, and remove invasive species.

• Restrict site access, creating specific places for people and animals.

Effective change begins in the home with appropriate waste disposal and recycling, using low and phosphate free detergents, unbleached paper, and non-toxic cleaning products.

Plant local species to keep ecological balance – visit Cooloola City Farm for plant species advice as they mostly stock local plant varieties.


Fri 3th 7pm / Brad Sorensen

Sat 4th 6pm / Junction Road

Fri 10th 7pm / Diamonds & Rust

Fri 17th 7pm: / Simon Meola

Fri 24th 7pm / Michael Gant Duo

5 SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST O P E N S E V E N D A Y S Ph:(07) 5486 4231 Find us on Saturday $10 / Person 4:30pm Start F R E E S A U S A G E S I Z Z L E To Register Phone Ann 0437 529 444 Saturday 4th February CHINESE RESTAURANT Authentic Chinese food plus a selection of your Aussie Favourites Dine in or Takeaway Ph: 5488 0230 Lunch: 11:30am to 2pm Dinner: 5pm to 8pm To view our menu visit our website. Everyone Welcome Air Conditioned Club House / Golf Course / Lawn Bowls Gaming Machines / Raffles / Darts Courtesy Bus Available Book in for a Game of Golf or a lesson with our Golf Pro James (Ph: 0409 727 577) Bring the whole family Celebrate Tuesday the 14th February with a loved one at the Country Club


ship sails into the Bay

DID ANYONE ELSE think they had accidentally travelled back in time when they spotted a beautiful wooden ship heading into Tin Can Bay inlet at the end of January?

The stunning Notorious is a fullsize replica fifteenth-century caravel (a type of Portuguese or Spanish sailing ship used for exploration), designed and constructed singlehandedly from reclaimed timber by Graeme Wylie at his home in Bushfield, Victoria.

Since her launch at Port Fairy, Victoria in 2011 she has now sailed over 20,000 nautical miles in Bass Strait, Southern Ocean, Tasman and Coral Seas crewed only by Graeme and his partner Felicite.

Notorious is the only sailing caravel in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia’s only lateen-rigged ship, and is owned and operated by Seadog Sailing Inc – a registered not-for-profit incorporated association dedicated to maintaining this spectacular ship ‘to ensure she continues sailing the high seas to educate, amaze and inspire all who see her’.

See www.notoriousship.com for more information and to follow her high sea adventures.

Main image: View from Notorious as she came into Tin Can Bay inlet recently. Top: Tin Can Bay Coast Guard as viewed from Notorious. Her skipper thanked them (and the other boats they passed) for their welcome. Photos: FB Notorious Ship

Rainbow Beach Water Tower Mural A Home for the Trial Artwork

screws have been ordered.


S THE JOURNEY continues towards the ultimate desired outcome of transforming the town’s water tower into a colourful representation of the theme ‘Living with Nature’, the trial artwork has finally found a home.

After much deliberation, the decision was made to utilise the back area of the Community Centre as the display area for the trial artwork, with the building’s architect, Walter Dobkins, kindly giving his consent.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too cooperative in the beginning, but the art panels were sealed with weatherproofing. The frame was successfully delivered by transport team Richard and Lisa, and erected thanks to Dave Fawcett from Rainbow Elevated.

Consideration has to be given to certain requirements relating to possible severe weather events, such as cyclones, and to ensure compliance, the correct type of

It is envisaged that once erected, the artwork will encourage and help maintain enthusiasm within the community to see the Water Tower project through to its successful conclusion.

Once the panels are in place, the artists involved in the Trial Artwork paintings will be acknowledged with a plaque in recognition of their contributions.

The Water Tower final design will feature both EJ Zyla, the mural artist who created the trial artwork, and Butchulla artist Karen Hall, who will be representing the area’s traditional custodians with her wonderful indigenous painting.

Karen is excited by the prospect of her involvement, and her attitude is one of community inclusiveness, which she feels this project will enhance and encourage.

As we continue the journey, the momentum continues to build, with all stakeholders maintaining their

Safe Travels Thomas!

THANKS TO THE amazing work of our local TurtleCare volunteers, this handsome fellow was recently rescued, rehabilitated, and released back into the ocean.

Large male green turtle ‘Thomas’ was rescued last November on the Carlo mudflats. He was taken for treatment to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and then onto Seaworld

for rehab.

He was then discharged on 13 January back into TurtleCare’s safe hands for his journey home. Members of the public were welcome to view the release from a safe distance.

Jan Waters of TurtleCare Rainbow Beach said on the day, ‘Thomas was successfully released today at Carlo. Many thanks to all those who helped.

commitment to what will be something that demonstrates what our community is all about, our love, appreciation and gratitude for this special place we are blessed to call home.

Follow the journey of the water tower mural in our upcoming monthly updates.

Also to the Wolf Rock Dive Centre who allowed us to use their boat ramp.’

A huge thank you from the community to the dedicated TurtleCare and CoastCare volunteers and the wonderful work they do. For updates and information on how you can help, follow TurtleCare Rainbow Beach and Teewah


& Water
Workshop + Frog Survey at Cooloola Cove Proudly supported by: Wednesday 15th February 2023 At: Cooloola Cove Hall  5:00 to 6.30pm – Workshop  6.30 to 7pm – Light supper provided (BYO cup and plate )  7pm to late – Frog surveys in the area RSVP essential by 13th February admin@mrccc.org.au Phone 5482 4799 (Please provide your email and phone number)  Frog talk by Eva Ford (MRCCC)  Water quality talk by Keira McGrath (MRCCC) Hone your new skills Bring: your headlamp/torch, field clothes
Above: Butchulla artwork by Karen Hall, who will be involved in the mural’s final design Left: Dave Fawcett from Rainbow Elevated moving the frame into place. Photo credit: Scott Taylor on Farewell to brave Thomas! Photo: Jan Waters TurtleCare FB

Volunteers welcome

Attention: Renters!

QSTARS visit

RAINBOW BEACH tenants are not alone in their struggles to find secure housing. There are many complex reasons for the current shortage of long term rental properties and a lot of locals have found themselves unable to secure or renew their leases.

So what rights do they have? Where can they go for advice? Who will advocate for them or give them the tools they need to work out the best solution?

QSTARS is a free, independent advice and referral service for all Queensland renters and they are coming to the Community Hall on Friday 3 February from 11.30am to 1.00pm.

THE RAINBOW BEACH Community Centre

(aka CIRS) is registered with Services Australia as a Voluntary Work Organisation, so if you’re a Job Seeker aged over 55, you may be eligible to count your volunteer hours towards your monthly 100 points target.

Jobseekers automatically earn 20 points if they are over 60 and a further 20 points for living in the Wide Bay region. That means their Points Based Activation System target is reduced to 60 points.

Volunteering for two days per week at an approved Voluntary Work Organisation will earn those 60 points. CIRS can also accommodate volunteers who do a combination of casual work and volunteering. Talk to us and we can make volunteer arrangements that work for you.

Our volunteers can choose from a range of roles, both in and out of our office. If you have skills in web design, social media, or research, we would love to hear from you. Or if you prefer maintenance, cleaning or filing jobs, please come and see us.

We always need Market helpers and you can choose to help before, during or after each Market

Day on the second Saturday of each month. Volunteering means just that - offering your services freely. We understand that Rainbow Beach locals are adventurers who don’t like to be tied down to regular commitments so we have volunteer roles that can accommodate nomadic, sporadic and sometimes enigmatic volunteers.

New residents are welcome to find their way to be part of our community by bringing their life skills and experience to the Community Centre. Call into our office or email cirssecretary@gmail.com

Farewell to Jeff

Our much-valued volunteer cleaner Jeff Pamenter finishes up this month and while we are sad to see him go, we wish him the best for his northern adventure.

Jeff has been a godsend for CIRS, and cleaned the hall facilities whenever asked, some weekends more than once. He does a great job, too. So, for sure, the next small coastal village he moves to will welcome him with open arms too.

Farewell and best wishes from all of us, Jeff.

QSTARS can assist you with:

• advice and assistance to understand your tenancy rights and responsibilities

• support to resolve your tenancy issue

• helping you to talk to your lessor or agent

• help to write a letter or fill in tenancy forms

• help to attend or prepare for a QCAT tenancy tribunal hearing

• referral to other services if needed

The QSTARS program is funded by the Queensland Government, managed by Tenants Queensland, and delivered in collaboration with partner organisations across Queensland. Call QSTARS on 1300 744 263 if you need advice on a tenancy matter or visit www.qstars.org.au

All Cooloola Coast residents are welcome. For catering purposes, please book in person at the CIRS office (open Mon-Fri 8.30 to 4pm) or call 5486 3355 or email cirssecretary@gmail. com for more information.

Our famous Barbie Boys Peter Leslie, Terry, Murray Sambell and Neil Smith having a bit of fun volunteering.
8 54 Rainbow Beach Road (opposite QLD Parks & Wildlife office) RUB A DUB Come & have a scrub HOT SHOWER, L AUNDROMAT & DOG WASH The Soapy Seahorse he SoapySeahorse Open 24/7 54 Rainbow Beach Road (opposi e QLD Parks & Wi d ife office) (opposite Parks Wildlife office) OPEN 7 DAYS 8am - 7pm MENU AVAILABLE ON MENU AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK PAGE & FACEBOOK PAGE & UPON REQUEST UPON REQUEST i n R a i n b o w B e a c h & C a r l o P o i n t 5 4 8 6 3 0 4 3 5 4 8 6 3 0 4 3 O p e n T u e s d a y t o S a t u r d a y O p e n T u e s d a y t o S a t u r d a y f r o m 4 p m f r o m 4 p m A t t h e I G A C o m p l e x A t t h e I G A C o m p l e x R a i n b o w B e a c h R d R i b o w B e a c R d Deliveries Deliveries @ R a i n b o w B e a c h P i z z a community centre Fiona Hawthorne SECRETARY
CIRS volunteers: Saturday bookseller Val Davison, Friday office person Elaine Davis and Market organiser Ze are always looking for new buddies.

Community Centre Meeting Room

Books for sale, books wanted

CIRS MANAGES THE Rainbow Beach Community Centre and Hall on behalf of Gympie Regional Council. The hall bookings raise funds to cover costs such as public liability insurance, cleaning products, toilet paper and general maintenance costs for the hall.

We are an unfunded community centre offering office services such as printing, laminating, scanning, computer and internet access for a small fee. CIRS members receive a 50% discount.

Membership is $5/year and due on 1 January each year. Renewal notices will be emailed this

AS THE AIR-CONDITIONERS are still out of action, CIRS have moved all office bookings to the meeting room next door, between CIRS and Rainbow Beach Library.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, employment and disability employment services provider APM will now meet with clients in the meeting room instead of the office. It is a light and airy space for meetings with better natural ventilation and its own entrance for more privacy.

Bookings are required for the meeting room and hire charges are the same as for the office : $30 for half day, $54 for full day. To book, call in during office hours, call 5486 3355 or email rainbowbeachcommunitycentre@gmail.com

month and new members sign up at the CIRS office. We are now open Wednesdays so drop in Mon-Fri 8.30am to 4pm.

We also sell secondhand books for $1 or $2 and offer an exchange system to provide cheap access to some good reading.

Our longest-serving volunteer Val Davison sells books on Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm so pop in and say hello. You’ll recognise Val by her impeccable style of matching accessories. We gladly accept donations of books any time, and if you are interested in becoming a volunteer bookseller, we would love to hear from you.

We are observing all Covid-19 procedures - please follow the signage at entry. Trading Hours 4am - 5pm 7 days Bread, Cakes, Muffins & The Best PIES In Town 54 86 3080 Phone 24 Hrs 9 SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST Tony PERRETT MP Member for Gympie ADVERTISEMENT 5329 5100 tonyperrett.com.au gympie@parliament.qld.gov.au 58 Channon Street, Gympie QLD 4570 I’m here to help! (No issue too big or small) Transport Crime Request a Qld flag (Not-for-profit or community groups) Grants Congratulatory letters (birthdays / wedding anniversary) Public housing Seniors Cards Education Health Enrol to vote ADVERTISEMENT community centre
APM employment client service officer Beth in the new-look meeting room. CIRS volunteer Rita Marigliani goes through the latest range of secondhand books with Life Member Walter Dobkins. CIRS member Kerry Rickards recently accessed the CIRS office computer while his own was being repaired

Keep active with Cooloola Coast Probus Club

PROBUS IS AN association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in Clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests, and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

The word PROBUS is an amalgam of the words ‘PROfessional’ and ‘BUSiness’ but men and women of all backgrounds are welcomed.

Our Probus Club has regular guest speakers, monthly morning teas, and outings to visit local and surrounding places of interest.

We are non-fundraising and offer

Fun, Fellowship and Friendship.

The Cooloola Coast Probus Club’s February 2023 meeting will be held in Gympie after a joint activity with members of other clubs from the Wide Bay area, but our meeting in March will be at our normal meeting venue – the restaurant room at the Sandcastle Motel in Tin Can Bay.

Usually meetings are held on each second Monday of the month at 2.00pm at the Sandcastle Motel in Tin Can Bay and include a Guest Speaker and a break for afternoon tea and a chat.

For more details, contact President Cherryl on 0409 044 100 or Secretary Katrina at cooloolaprobus@gmail. com

Rainbow Beach Drought Runners Report

Tony Stewart - 0408 767 930 rainbowfishing@southernphone.com.au

WELL I HOPE all have had a great festive season and new year so far, and businesses are enjoying a very busy and productive time.

I know that western Queensland farmers are once again enjoying a great season, even if a bit wet in places, and as I write it looks like the old fashioned wet season is returning to the north.

Since our last report we have continued to send finance in to the

Mullumbimby Flood Relief Centre ($2000) and another $1500 into Gympie to feed the homeless, coordinated by Marlene Owen.

We must thank the Rainbow Beach Sports Club for letting us run the Friday night raffles in December where the wonderful figure of over $3000 was raised. Many thanks to management, staff and those who helped sell tickets.

As usual Wayne Kerle has continued his great work picking up and sorting bottles and cans and helping us to raise funds.

Another thank you to Tin Can Bay Bakery in the Dolphin Arcade whose collection tin has again raised $120 this month. Also thanks to Tim Stewart for a donation of $250, and to all who drop cans and bottles to 10 Tingira Close Rainbow Beach.

I recently travelled the Newell Hwy and saw a lot of the devastation from flooding, especially in the Forbes area. Many sheep have been lost in NSW mainly from fly strike as it was impossible to muster in many areas. You can replace your car or house but not years of breeding good stock.

At least the NSW Government have filled in thousands of potholes on their roads but getting into Victoria it was the opposite. Anyway I will keep out of politics for now…!

For now we will continue our flood donations and also get involved in the Forbes area. Over the next month we hope to put up to $8,000 into flood relief areas. If anyone can help, where 100% of our funds gets to the right people, our details are: RainbowBeach DroughtRunners

BSB 124047 A/C No. 22599186 Bank of QLD Mary St, Gympie.

10 community pages Phone Greg, your local bloke, on 0436 338 631 for a FREE QUOTE E: subcooledliquid@gmail.com REFRIGER ATION REPAIRS, INSTALLATION and SALES ABN: 12541924379, ARCtick: L152481, Restr Elec Cont: 154267, *t's and c's apply Our prices will not disappoint! We can supply and install Or we can install only with your air con Call for a quote today! Air conditioners give all year comfor t BEAT the heat of summer Call for a quote now... QBCC
your vision... our expertise 0407 503 137 hallhomes.com.au
104 6364
Katrina van den Brenk Treasurer Barbara with President Cherryl at our January morning tea

Tin Can Bay RSL – serving veterans and the community

IF YOU’VE SERVED in the Australian Defence Force, RSL Queensland and its Sub-Branches like Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach have got your back. They provide a broad range of welfare and wellbeing services, programs, and events making all veteran families feel supported and connected.

This is particularly important as we start a new year as holidays can be a difficult time for some veterans. One of the ways RSL helps deal with these issues is through its Christmas Hamper program, where veterans

that have been doing it a bit tough are presented with a hamper to brighten their Christmas and New Year.

Another way is through our wellbeing program where our Wellbeing Officers give veterans a call if we find they are having problems.

As Tin Can Bay RSL president Don Holland said, ‘Terry and Rowena Giles and Christine Reid were appointed as our Wellbeing Officers earlier this year and have done a great job. A number of veterans have told me how much they appreciate our Wellbeing Officers and the great service they provide.’

As well as supporting veterans the Tin Can Bay RSL believes the RSL has a role in supporting the community in general. This support is provided through our monthly Veterans and Community Morning Teas, monthly drop-in sausage sizzles, donations to community organizations, and our Social Member program.

Said Don, ‘The Tin Can Bay RSL has great facilities that are there for the use of veterans and the general community alike. We believe we are a unique Sub-Branch and are proud of the services we provide to veterans and the community.’

The Tin Can Bay RSL is holding its AGM on 19 February commencing at 10am.

This is your club, so come along and provide your input to our 2023 Business Plan. I can assure you there are some exciting plans currently being considered and we need your help to make them happen!

A lot to achieve in 2023 for TCBCAMS

BY THE TIME you’re reading this, our NEW SHED will be a reality!

It heralds a new era in how we’ll operate – bringing more organisation to all aspects of our activities, with a dedicated inwards / outwards area, racked timber storage, a new bottle recycling area, and more room in the main shed’s social and workshop areas.

It means quite a bit of work but the rewards will be enjoyed by all. As well, the access road to The Shed will undergo a significant upgrade in the coming months, allowing

for better access for both vehicles and pedestrians.

It is an exciting time at TCBCAMS so come along to see what’s going on and be part of the action!

Our AGM is scheduled for 11 March where the 2023 Committee will be voted in by The Shed’s current financial members. All enquiries to ‘The Shed’ please direct to 0491 175 038.

As usual, we’ll be sausage sizzling at the Amity Place Twilight Markets on Friday 10 February with our next Shed Shop Sale Day on Saturday 18 February.

MANAGEMENT RIGHTS - Airlie Beach North QLD - Income Range k Pl s

This Holida Let b siness incl des o r o n Spacio s bed / bath sea ie manager ’s apartment ith the en re Whits nda s Islands j st aro nd the corner, gi ing o immediate access to some of A stralia's Best Boa ng, Di ing, Fishing as ell as a hole range of other lifest le choices.

The propert is in an e cellent loca on o erlooking the Port of Airlie Marine Precinct and is ell s ited to either the first- mer to the management rights ind str , an e perienced operator looking to do nsi e or those looking for a b siness ith great poten al pside.

Verified Income ranging from $60k to $140k depending on your personal level of input.

Call now as tomorrow may be too late!

CONTACT OWNER: Adrian D nlop .noagentb siness.com.a Propert ID:

would Rainbow Beach G E N E R A L P R A C T I C E Rainbow Beach L Dr Andrew Spall Please phone 5353 1000 (Tewantin Medical Centre will take the bookings for this service) 1/54 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach www.tewantinmedicalcentre.com.au Visiting once weekly on a Wednesday with Nurse Hayley
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Dan and Connor – our competent and hard working shed construction team! Wellbeing Officer, Terry Giles, cooking up a storm at our monthly drop-in sausage sizzle Carole Lehmann

Quilters Reunite World Day of Prayer 2023

THE TIN CAN BAY Anglican congregation, led by Lay Preacher, Mrs Lillian Lochel, is convening this year’s World Day of Prayer Service, which has been prepared by Christian women in Taiwan.

Our Cooloola Coast WDoP Service will be at 10am on Friday 3 March 2023 in the Cooloola Cove Veterans & Community Hall, corner of Nautilus Drive and Santa Maria Court, behind the Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre.

How topical that the country in focus for 2023 is Taiwan. We wonder if there is anyone here who is from Taiwan or has visited Taiwan? Last year’s focus was upon England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so it was easy to organise displays of memorabilia and other items of interest. Particular thanks to our Guest Speaker, Jacquie Cross.

The theme is ‘I have heard about your faith’ from the First Letter of Saint Paul to the Christians in Ephesus. The Bible Reading is Ephesians 1:15 - 20.

We are indebted to the Cooloola Wesleyan Methodist congregation and to Reverend Gary McClintock in particular, for taking charge of music, sound and electronics, including the powerpoint presentation about Taiwan.

I know it’s going to be a very interesting, joyful morning, with scrumptious shared morning tea

following the Service.

I love this annual opportunity for the various Christian congregations to gather, pray, and socialise together, sometimes in Rainbow Beach, occasionally in Tin Can Bay, and once again in Cooloola Cove.

With lots of people new-ish to the Cooloola Coast, we are looking forward to welcoming you on Friday 3 March.

Queries? Please contact Lillian 0428 718 786 or myself, Maggie1Travers@ gmail.com or 0400 756 615.

More information, visit: www. worlddayofprayeraustralia.org

MEMBERS OF THE Tin Can Bay Quilters returned for the new year on 10 January. It was a chance to catch up with friends and like minded people and to show off some of the beautiful projects that had been made over the Christmas break.

Gwen McKeon showed her quilt which consisted of thirty-six different blocks in pinks and blues, and Jo Page showed her table runner.

The Tin Can Bay Quilters meet every Tuesday from 9am to 12 noon in the Community Hall, Amity Place, Tin Can Bay.

All visitors are most welcome. Bring a cup as tea and coffee is available.

Bright year ahead for QCWA

2023 IS SHAPING up to be a cracker of a year for the Tin Can Bay Branch of the Queensland Country Women’s Association because we have already received requests for assistance from hospitals and other charitable organisations; we are very dedicated to our community and our input is substantial and ongoing.

We said goodbye to our 2022 Country of Study which was Australia and hello to the colourful dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago which is found in the South Caribbean Sea, just off the eastern tip of Venezuela.

During 2022 our Branch International Officers Mollie and Dawn were tasked with sharing information about Australia at our monthly meetings. We were regaled with stories about our nation’s history, they had us singing Australian songs, we heard bush poetry, and we found out more about all the things that make Australia so unique including our animals, bush foods, and our people.

Every year the QCWA runs competitions for Branch members focusing on the QCWA’s nominated country of study. Competitions range from various types of projects and scrap books to hard craft, soft craft, painted or creative international tea towels. Good luck to those entering any of the competitions.

A few of our members are planning to attend the International Country of Study Conference which is being held in Hervey Bay from 17 to 19 February 2023.

The 2022 Primary Product of the Year was the Pineapple, so last year we learned a lot about the precious pineapple. Did you know that the pineapple was once considered a

symbol of wealth and power? In the 18th Century the pineapple would often be put on display in homes or carried under the arms of wealthy people, a single pineapple could cost thousands of pounds.

Many people actually rented pineapples, my how times have changed! We also shared lots of recipes with pineapple as the main ingredient, it is a very versatile fruit able to be used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Our Primary Product for 2023 is the dragon fruit. Similar to the country of study, we will also learn about this fruit, its origins, how to use it in recipes and, like Trinidad and Tobago, dragon

12 community pages
Lesley McCarthy Jo showing us her recently finished table runner. WDoP 2023 artwork by young artist Hui-Wen Hsaio, from Taiwan Beautifully painted tea towel by Judith which received 2nd place at Division level for last year’s QCWA country of study competition

Heart Foundation Walking

UR CATCHCRY DURING the Christmas-New Year period was ‘Hearts still beating, feet still walking!’

Congratulations to the walkers who, as a result, reached goals and are rewarded by the Heart Foundation Walking programme.

Congratulations Yvonne on your first 25; Lauren and Susan on your second award, for 50 walks; Carmel, Judy, and Margie receive their first badge for 100 Walks; Kate her second badge for 200 Walks. Great effort and cause for celebration. Thanks Arthur for the cake we enjoyed.

As Margie said, ‘If I have done 100 walks, then Jack, our Border Collie has done at least 100.’ Congratulations to Margie and Des for their wedding anniversary on the day Margie completed her 100th walk. Double cause for celebration.

Welcome to new members, Debbie, Ian, James, and Rosalie. It’s free, fun, and a great way to improve our physical, mental, social, and emotional health, as well as providing excellent photography opportunities.

One of our members, Melissa, submitted a photo she took of One Step at a Time Tin Can Bay walkers on the foreshore path overlooking the Bay, to the Australia-wide Heart Foundation Walking 2023 Calendar competition. May features Heart Week, National Volunteer Week, and Mel’s winning photo. Well done!

Huge thanks to Tin Can Bay Library staff for your excellent, cheerful, encouraging technical assistance, when Judy Kiddle and I ‘Booked A Librarian’ on more than one occasion to upgrade our Walk Organiser status. We much appreciated your invaluable online assistance.

Contact Judy on 5486 2181 regarding

Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers who meet 7.30am Mondays & Fridays at the Nautilus Drive bus shelter outside the Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre, or myself on 0400 756 615, for queries about One Step at a Time Tin Can Bay, walking Wednesdays & Saturdays 6am early group or 6.30am later group.

fruit are also very colourful – they can be white, pink, purple and yellow and shades between.

As always over the Christmas/ School Holiday break, our members have been very busy making and donating items for those in need.

“Women from all walks of life are members of the QCWA and they join for a variety of reasons. The QCWA means something different to everyone and that’s the way we like it.”

Courtesy of the QCWA website

We do so much more than just make coffee/tea and scones, if you would like find out more about QCWA

Pineapple Pork Chops

Serves: 4

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

1 ½ serves per portion


4 boneless pork chops

Pinch of salt and pepper

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

440g can of pineapple pieces in juice

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons soy sauce

3 garlic cloves, minced Coriander (to serve), roughly chopped

4 cups Asian greens (Chinese broccoli, bok choy or pak choy) OR green beans

Brown rice, cooked according to packet instructions


SEASON pork chops with a pinch of salt and pepper on either side.

HEAT oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Once hot, add the pork chops and sear until golden on one side (about 4-5 minutes).

please contact Wendy, our Branch President, or visit qcwa.org.au

Everyone is welcome to come along to any of our events:


1st and 2nd Wednesday of the month, 10am to Noon at 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay.


3rd Wednesday of the month 9.30am for a 10am start. Clubhouse, Cooloola Waters Retirement Village, 34 Toolara Road, Tin Can Bay.


2nd Monday of the month 9.30am at 18 Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay.

All Enquiries: Wendy - 0412 547 043 or Judy - 0402 769 392.

Sing along with Coolabay Choir

CELEBRATE A happy new year and come and join our singing angels!

We welcome all voices, high and low, lyrical and musical; sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.

We meet every Wednesday at the Veterans and Community Hall in

Cooloola Cove, starting at 3pm and working hard till 4pm. 15 February is the first choir rehearsal of the year and for a mere $2 it pays for the hall hire and the sheet music we use. All that’s needed is your voice! Come along or call Pam Graham on 0427 180 649 or email: kcisf327@ gmail.com for more information.

COMBINE the canned pineapple and juices, honey, soy sauce garlic in a medium bowl.

FLIP the pork chops over and then pour the pineapple sauce into the pan.

COOK until the pork chops are cooked through and the sauce has thickened slightly, around 10 minutes. Sprinkle with coriander once finished.

MEANWHILE, steam the Asian greens in a steamer or colander over boiling water until tender, around 10 minutes.

SERVE the pork chops with brown rice and the steamed Asian greens.

Recipe courtesy of the Country Kitchens team

Maggie Travers Judy Kiddle & Yvonne delighted with their recent HFW Awards. Susan Rosewarne, our 50th Heart Foundation Walking member is awarded for her first 50 walks


RAINBOW BEACH and the Cooloola Coast is home of the Coloured Sands, the majestic Carlo Sandblow and gateway to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

You can feed wild dolphins in Tin Can Bay, visit a historic lighthouse via the Great Beach Drive or world-class scuba diving.

If you make the most of the outdoorsthen you’ll love our backyard playground. You can choose from extreme adventures and ultimate indulgences - a rejuvenating massage, secluded picnics beside a freshwater lake or delicious seafood and views in our eateries and clubs.

Visitor Guide

Our coast has abundant fishingwhether off a beach, on an estuary or from a deep sea charter, right on our doorstep! Birdwatchers, nature-lovers, bushwalkers, 4x4 enthusiasts and surfers call our corner of the world: ‘paradise’.

Our Great Sandy National Park hosts Queensland’s three most popular beachside campgrounds, and our friendly townships offer caravan parks, apartments

and holiday homes.

So stay with us, watch the sunset from Carlo Sandblow or stroll along Tin Can Bay Esplanade... you

’ll never want to leave!

Century 21 Platinum Agents

Paul Downman will help you on your property journey, Cooloola Coast 0407 181 404 Dolphin Shopping Centre, Tin Can Bay Email: paul.downman@century21.com


Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

New camp kitchen, cabins, pool-side BBQ hut, Family amenities, disability access. 54-74 Trevally St. Ph: 07 5486 4411 tincanbaytouristpark.com.au


Rainbow Beach Auto Electrics

Vehicle Electrical Repairs, Retail Sales, Radios, Batteries, Solar panels, Fridges, UHFs, 7 Karoonda Rd. 0499 144 678 rainbowbeachautoelectrics.com.au


Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments

1, 2 & 3 bedroom self contained, air-con apartments, heated pool, central location. 4 Double Island Dr. 07 5486 3500 rainbowgetaway.com.au

Tin Can Bay’s Sleepy Lagoon Motel

24 air conditioned motel rooms, 3 bedroom house, centrally located for dolphins & pub 2 Groper St. 07 5488 0653 sleepylagoonmotel.com

Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding

Feed wild dolphins from 7am daily, fees apply. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, takeaways 7am-3pm Norman Point, TCB 07 5486 4899 barnaclesdolphins.com.au

Rainbow Beach’s finest Kayak, Surf & SUP 4WD Tour Adventures to Double Island Point info@epicoceanadventures.com.au

Gardiner Fisheries

All your offshore, inshore & beach fishing needs, live local beach & bloodworms daily. Cnr Carlo & Karoonda Rds. 0404 853 232 facebook.com/rainbowbeachbait/

Rainbow Beach Tourist Info Centre

One stop shop for information, bookings, souvenirs, beach gear, surf wear & gifts 6 Rainbow Beach Rd 07 5486 3227 rainbowbeachinfo.com.au

Wolf Rock Dive Centre, Rainbow Beach

World class scuba diving on Fraser Island’s doorstep, Australia’s best shark & ray dive. 2 Goondi St. 07 5486 8004 wolfrockdive.com.au

Rainbow Beach Fishing & Camping

Cheapest prices on the coast, 7 days a week from 6am. 14 Rainbow Beach Road. 07 5486 8100 facebook.com/Rainbow-Beach-Fishing-and-Camping

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters

Deep sea fishing off Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island at its best on a 38 ft Cougar Cat. 0409 775 070 rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

0408 738 192 epicoceanadventures.com.au Epic Ocean Adventures FISHING & CHARTERS Fishing & camping equipment, key cutting general hardware, open 7 days, 07 5486 3444 38 Rainbow Beach Rd, next to Shell Servo F: Rainbow-Beach-Hardware-Fishing-n-Camping RB Hardware, Fishing & Camping 5,000 copies printed each month The local specialist in holiday rentals & property sales. 07 5486 3900 Shop 4, 12 Rainbow Beach Rd rainbowbeachrealty.com Rainbow Beach Realty EXPERIENCES & TOURS 5,000 copies of the Rainbow Beach Community News are printed each month. Be part of the Visitor Guide by contacting Rhyll on 0407 754 088. World class Scuba Diving Charters and PADI Dive Courses, as well as Snorkelling, Diving & Spearshing Accessories, Books and mor e... Kayak hir e! Ocean -themed Jeweller y Visit us at 339 Carlo Road, Rainbow Beach, Queensland 4581 Wolf Rock Dive Centre 0498 743 795. info@wolfrockdive.com.au PADI dive Courses Australia’s Best Shark and Ray Dive 4 Double Island Drive, Rainbow Beach www.rainbowgetaway.com.au e: bookings@rainbowgetaway.com.au Money Saving Deal for you Money Saving Deal for Stay 4 nights for the price of 3 Chilled bottle of wine on arrival, and FREE Wi Stay 4 nights for the price of 3 Stay a night for FREE! (Valid from February 1st 2023, excluding all public & school holidays) T & C apply Available from our website Or call 07 5486 3500

The Chandlery Bait and Tackle

Best range of fishing tackle, all the big brands! Bait, ice, 24h fuel, massive range of chandlery. For all your boating and fishing needs. TCB Marina, 07 5486 4744 tcbchandlery.com.au


Wood fired pizza, delicious pasta, coffee & cake. BYO, dine in, take away, home delivery 07 5486 8000. In the Post Office Arcade facebook.com/Arco.on.the.beach/

Ed’s Beach Bakery

Bread, cakes, muffins, the BEST pies in town! Open 4am-5pm, 7 days

Shell Servo Complex. 07 5486 3080

Rainbow Beach

IGA Rainbow Beach & Tin Can Bay

Locally owned & operated supermarkets, weekly specials. Rainbow Beach Rd, 6am - 8pm, Ph: 5486 8700; 46-48 Tin Can Bay Rd, 6am - 7pm. 07 5488 0084

Marina Bar and Grill

A la Carte dining, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Fully licensed. Closed Mondays

2 Emperor St, Tin Can Bay 07 5486 4400

Ocean Breeze Seafoods, Rainbow Beach

Fresh & cooked local seafood, fish & chips, burgers, laundromat, at the Big Marlin

Open 8am to 5pm Mon-Thurs & 7pm Fri-Sun 54 Rainbow Beach Rd, opposite QPWS Office

Soul Food, Rainbow Beach

Wraps, juices, smoothies, kebabs, coffee, souvenirs, natural products & cosmetics, clothing, tourist info Shell Servo Complex 0435 085 865 facebook.com/SoulFood

Tin Can Bay Butchers

Friendly team, quality meats, great prices

Weekly deals, freshly made snags & meals

Dolphin Shopping Centre, Tin Can Bay Rd 07 5486 4170 facebook.com/tincanbaybutchers

Remedial Massage, Rainbow Beach

Recovery & lymphatic massage, health cover rebates, 7 Turana St (at the Gym)

Corinna: 0400 613 139 rainbowbeachhealthandfitness.com

Spirit of Rainbow, Rainbow Beach

Massage, Meditation, Mindfulness, Workshops Pamper Packages, Day/Overnight Retreats Self Empowerment Counselling & Coaching 0408 637 639 spiritofrainbow.com.au

In the first month we received 4 call backs directly due to the advert ...

Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill

Gourmet Signature Pizzas, A’ la Carte Menu, Take Away & Delivery. Unique Coffee blend. Open Wednesday to Sunday. 07 5486 3043 Menu: facebook.com/rainbowbeachpizza/

Tin Can Bay Country Club

Bar, Live Music, Chinese Restaurant 7 days Book: 07 5486 4231 Takeaway: 07 5488 0230

Lawn Bowls, Golf Course & Pro: 0409 727 577 Tin Can Bay Road tcbcc.com.au

“We couldn’t have been happier with the ad we placed with ‘Community News’. The team were great to work with in helping to create an ad that suited our branding and the key message we wanted to convey. Their team turned around artwork really fast and gave us pricing options based on a variety of marketing plans. In the first month we received 4 call backs directly due to the advert and word of mouth is definitely spreading! Highly recommend using Rhyll and her team to promote your business.”

Rainbow Beach Sports Club

Bistro 7 days, Bowls, Bottleshop & Bingo. 10am - 10pm Sun - Thurs & midnight Fri - Sat. Turana St. 07 5486 3191 rainbowsportsclub.com.au

SAY NO to private development in our National Parks

Claire and Geoff Clark Clarks’ Cleaning, Laundry and Maintenance

National Parks are what they are, BECAUSE they exclude commercial and urban development.

Corporate business and State Govt. want to end this exclusion, and exploit Parks to sell high priced accommodation products.

Allowing this is reckless. It would degrade Parks’ capacity to protect nature and serve public needs.

Only 5% of Qld. is National Park.

Nature needs them, we need them, without commercial development.

The Queensland Government is acting to create commercial development leases inside Cooloola National Park and inside other National Parks across the State.

These private leases are to develop and operate private luxury accommodation.

The sites are located on fragile and significant sites within Cooloola including Double Island Point, Poona Lake, and Upper Noosa River.

10 large, 38sq. mtr. luxury cabins plus extra facilities would be built at DI Point and also at Poona Lake - a pavilion-style resort.

Calling it ‘Eco-tourism’ is a trick. The Government refuses to consult properly on this major change to our National Parks. It deals only with select insider groups, excluding all others. It refuses to answer crucial public interest questions. The secrecy employed in this process would continue for any future expansion.


Click code to join us on Facebook

QR code to load On-line guide
go to:
Send your OBJECTION Now!
Objectives: Stop the development plan for
Cooloola National Park
amendments from the
Nature Conservation Act that allow commercial infrastructure development in National Parks
points of objection:
of protected area
habitat and aesthetics for commercial exploitation
of two-tier access
to public assets according to ability to pay
failure to consult with
public upon major changes to assets of high public interest No public scrutiny of future
expansion to scale & type of development or operation
Arcobaleno on the Beach


Must See and Dos

Patrolled Beach

Swim in the flags in front of the Surf Lifesaving tower. Walk via the steps or walkway near the lookout and surf club, or drive onto Griffin Esplanade. 4WD beach access begins here.

Coloured Sands

Visit the patrolled beach, near the surf tower or the lookout to see the 70 plus colours in our cliffs. From town, walk south 1km along the beach - for best colours 4WD or tour a further 9km. Remember it is a gazetted road.

Carlo Sand Blow

Park at the top of Cooloola Drive, and walk 600m up from the car park or bushwalk about 2km from the National Parks Office for spectacular views of the Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay Inlet and hang gliders.

Poona Lake

Drive to Bymien Picnic Area (2WD) via 3km gravel on the Freshwater Road, (off Rainbow Beach Road). It’s a 40 minute walk to reach the cool waters of Lake Poona through beautiful rainforest and carrol (grey myrtle) scrub.

Searys Creek

Only 7km from town towards Gympie, with 2 waterholes, boardwalks, bridges and history – do read the sign and spot the creatures. Always cool on the hottest of days.

Rainbow Beach Headland

A look out, a viewing platform, 2 playgrounds, a skatepark, BBQs and picnic facilities. See the whales from here in season and watch the surfers out the front. Take a photo at the Cherry Venture propeller.

Double Island Point

Access via the 4WD only Great Beach Drive or Freshwater Track. See dolphins, whales (seasonal), manta rays, turtles and walk up to our historic lighthouse. It has the longest break in Australia -when the swell lines up.

Mudlo Rocks

Wander here at low tide, play in rock pools and watch 4WDs navigate any exposed rocks. ALWAYS check conditions and ask locals before you 4WD - it is not always safe, even close to low tide.

Middle Rock

When tides and conditions allow, the walk to Middle Rock and back is a beautiful way to check out the Coloured Sands. From here, vehicle permits are required and dogs are prohibited.

Inskip Point

This peninsula is the gateway to Fraser Island, a favourite fishing spot and pet friendly camping grounds for generations. Only 15 minutes drive (2WD) from Rainbow Beach.

Freshwater Picnic Area

Walk to and swim in nearby Freshwater Lake, picnic or BBQ at the beautiful shady day-use area, found before Freshwater Road reaches Teewah Beach. 4WD only.

Tin Can Bay Foreshore

Walk 4km from Crab Creek to Norman Point, over picturesque bridges, signage of flora and fauna, through mangroves, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. It is mostly flat and very safe for children on wheels. Look out for 137 species of birds.

Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk

Known for spectacular wildflower species, access this trail from the corner of Emperor St and Oyster Parade. Best in late winter and early spring.

Boat Ramps

You can launch your boat at Norman Point and Crab Creek in Tin Can Bay or Carlo Point and Bullock Point near Rainbow Beach. All except Bullock Point offer toilet and scenic picnic facilities.

Feed Wild Dolphins at Norman Point

Arrive from 7am, after feeding (fees apply), the dolphins leave for another day. A picturesque peninsula with public pool, playground, sailing, boat ramp and pontoon and picnic facilities.

Carlo Point

For spectacular sunsets over the water, take a cheese platter or fish and chips and watch the day’s end. This favourite fishing spot is only 3 km from Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Steps

Reputably Rainbow Beach’s most

Ÿ Specialising in Herbal Tinctures & Flower Essences

Ÿ Practitioners only quality nutritional & herbal supplements.

Ÿ Wide range of natural skin care & beauty products.

‘Instaworthy’ location - check out our colourful stairs and share a photo on our socials.

Great Sandy Strait

If you love the wonderful peace and relaxation of sailing or cruising, the sheltered waters around Tin Can Bay are for you. You may see dugong, turtles, dolphins and more in this section of the Great Sandy Marine Park.

Fraser and Cooloola Great Walks

A 90 km trail showcases natural

and cultural features of the world’s largest sand island between Dilli Village and Happy Valley. Or trek 102 km from Noosa to Rainbow Beach through sandblows, past lakes and spectacular views.

Fraser Island K’gari

World heritage listed, K’gari has over 40 lakes, rainforests, sand dunes, wildlife, four wheel driving and fishing! Take a 1 or 2 day tour, hire a 4WD or take your own. Cross the barge at Inskip Point, permits are online or at the Parks Office.

Celebrate World Wetlands Day by taking a stroll along the Tin Can Bay boardwalk, and checking on the progress of the rehabilitation planting done by Friends of the Foreshore volunteers. Submit your Cooloola Coast images to: info@rbcn.com.au
Call Roberta Muzzarelli ND on 0473 408 359 rainbownaturals.com.au Accredited Qualied Naturopath & Herbalist Consultations Available
& markets at
Community Centre.
Ÿ Private appointments, Friday mornings
the Rainbow Beach

Help WITH Healthy Lunch Boxes

GOING BACK TO school also means there are lunch boxes to pack. But even if your child is a fussy eater or has dietary requirements there are a couple of things that can make the morning routine easier.

From the Cancer Council’s Healthy Lunch Box here are 5 tips to take the pressure off:

1. Base It on The Five Food Groups

If you choose lunch box foods from the 5 main food groups, then you can be sure it is providing your child with the nutrients they need to grow, learn, and play throughout the day.

Breads and cereals – such as different breads, pasta, couscous, rice, noodles, and crispbreads

Vegies and salads – like carrots, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce

Meat and meat alternatives – for example eggs, tofu, chicken, fish, lentils, chickpeas, and baked beans

Fruit – there are so many options of whole fruit, cut up fruit, and canned fruit

Dairy and dairy alternatives – like milk, cheese, yoghurt, and calcium-fortified alternatives such as soy milk, oat milk, and soy cheese.

2. Add Colour with Fruit and Vegetables

We have all heard of the expression ‘we eat with our eyes’, however this doesn’t mean you have to spend hours preparing a lunch box filled with dinosaur sandwiches and star-shaped cheese.

Make it look appealing by adding some colour to the lunch box with your child’s favourite fruit and vegetables.

3. Let Your Child to Help Choose the Lunch Box Foods

If you have a fussy eater it could help to get your child involved in choosing foods from healthy options that they want to have packed in their lunch box. Use the online Interactive Lunch Box Builder with your child to get them excited about the lunch box.

If your child is a creature of habit, you can use the lunch box as an opportunity to introduce new foods slowly. Keep most of the lunch box the same foods that you know they will eat and then add or change one small thing at a time. Like adding one baby cucumber or a cherry tomato.

Once you start seeing that these new foods are accepted and eaten then these can become regulars in the lunch box and you have successfully added a new healthy food to your child’s diet. Remember that small steps make a big difference!

4. Save Time in The Morning by Packing Leftovers

Lots of dinner foods can easily be packed in the lunch box. Cook a bit extra at night and pack leftovers straight into lunch containers and store in the fridge until the next morning.

This works very well with:

• Pasta – plain or with sauce

• Baked vegies like potato, pumpkin or sweet potatoes

• Meals like fried rice, lasagne, curry or pizza

• Koftas, fritters, falafels or rissoles – can be enjoyed on their own or added to a sandwich, wrap or roll

5. Save Money by Stocking Up on Specials

It can be hard to find the balance between saving time and saving money because convenience comes at a cost. Cooking meals and preparing snacks from scratch is usually cheaper than buying an equivalent packaged meal or snack.

Buying a large tub of yoghurt and dividing it into smaller tubs for the lunch box will cost less than buying individual yoghurt tubs. Generally, the more processed a food is, the more expensive it will be.

But for the times that you just need a grab-andgo snack with no preparation stock up on specials! You may need to fork out more money up front, but you will save money in the long run. Just make sure that the products you are buying on won’t expire in the meantime

Remember that healthy lunch boxes don’t have to be fancy. For more inspiration and ideas, recipes, or to use the Interactive Lunch Box Builder go to healthylunchbox.com.au

Valentine’s Day Origins of

THERE ARE A FEW stories that are described as the beginning of Valentine’s Day:

• Two ‘Valentines’ were executed on 14 February (in different years) by Emperor Claudius ll and it is believed that Valentine’s Day was established to honor these men. One man, Saint Valentine of Terni, was said to have been secretly officiating weddings for Roman soldiers, which was against the emperor’s wishes therefore giving him the image of a proponent of love.

• The letter signing “from your Valentine” was said to have started after St. Valentine wrote a letter to a young girl he tutored and fell in love with while in prison (for the crimes of secret weddings) which was just before his death and was signed using the phrase.

Others believe that St. Valentine’s Day was actually in order to replace the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia, which is a celebration of fertility dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture, Faunas, and Roman founders Romulus and Remus and was designated by Pope Gelasius I.

• Another theory is that the poet Geoffrey Chaucer linked love with St. Valentine for the first time in his 14th-century works ‘The Parlement of Foules’ and ‘The Complaint of Mars’.

No matter the origin, 14 February is now recognised as Valentine’s Day – but is it just a day for couples to shower one another with affection, chocolates and gifts over loved-up dinners? Or is it a day to recognise that love exists in many forms

and that celebrating love does not have to be romantic.

Having a partner is not a necessary part of Valentine’s Day; you can celebrate with your friends, family or even on your own as self-worth and love does not need to come from others but from finding contentment in ourselves.

Even if it isn’t a romantic connection, enjoy the day with people you love and care about. Let your friends know how much you love them and thank them for being in your life.

If you find that you are on your own for Valentine’s Day, spend the day finding things that make you happy and taking a day to appreciate yourself!

19 Shell Servo Complex Call 0435 085 865 Eat fresh in Rainbow Ÿ Natural products & cosmetics Ÿ Juices, smoothies & coffee Ÿ Souvenirs, clothing & tourist info Ÿ Delicious wraps & kebabs made daily Central L ocation Fr iend l y Ser v icesleepylagoonmotel.com 2 Groper St, Tin Can Bay B o ok t oday: 07 5488 0653 T i n C a n B a y ’ s SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST


Bay Rollers just keep rolling and bowling


Julie Collins

Several of our bowlers travelled to Rainbow Beach on Thursday 5 January where eight Bay Rollers dined at Quay Carlo before moving on to the Sports Club for a friendly roll up with our friends Martin and Jane Kaye from Beachmere. A fabulous afternoon on unfamiliar surfaces with plenty of attention from the onlookers!

On lucky Friday 13, a group of 11 bowlers travelled to Durong for their annual TED’S MEMORIAL MANGO BOWLS DAY held on Saturday 14. Whilst our bowlers didn’t bring away the mangoes (partly because the weather hasn’t been kind to the mango crop) they certainly made up for it in fun and laughter, both teams scoring 30 points.

snazzy new shirts! L-R Nick Whyte (Temptations), Kevin Coleman, Trevor Booth, Bill Davidson, Wendy Davidson, Julie Collins, Robyn White, Don Collins and Robyn Coleman

Irene Brogden teeing off on the 11th fairway

Golfers in Full Swing

Needless to say that the game of FINSKA after the bowls winners were announced for the day went to the ladies –score cards are irrelevant! Three of the group travelled home early on Sunday morning with others then travelling to several wineries around the Murgon area, with lunch at Dusty Hill winery.

GOLF IS BACK in full swing now the Christmas School Holidays have finished. The Golf Course is in excellent condition after the green staff have worked extremely hard to get the fairways and surrounds in the best condition they have ever been.

Looking very competitive at Rainbow Beach Sports Club are Don Collins with visiting Beachmere residents Jane and Martin Kaye

Our newcomers Robyn Cook, Allan Wegner, and Bob Siepen have increased our numbers to 17 and anyone wanting to join on our trips is asked to contact Kevin Coleman on 0428 775 735. We bowl and we roll!

Back to Business for Bowlers

Rowena Giles

WELCOME TO 2023, hopefully another successful bowling year for Tin Can Bay Bowls Club.

A full green at the last Barefoot Bowls was a pleasing sight, the volunteers were kept very busy, anyone who would like to lend a hand on these events please see one of the committee.

Bowling life is back to normal, thank goodness, I kept getting my days mixed up, bowls creates a routine… that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

The Ladies Invitation day is Tuesday 7 February. Tin Can Bay is hosting the first event for the year. We host an invitation day on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Clubs from our division and sometimes some travelling clubs join in, great competition and a learning experience against different players. Fun, fun, fun.

Please get your names down for any events you would like to attend, be it

here or at one of the other club days, join us; we send one or two teams to every other clubs’ days. Gentlemen please join us, your bowls can only improve the more you play.

The greens will be renovated at the beginning of this month and will only take three days to be completed. We now have stableford* events for our Thursday and Friday nine hole competitions, which have been received favourably as numbers have increased on both days.

New members are always welcome in our club. Application for membership can be made by enquiring at the front counter of the Country Club, where the staff will help with the necessary paperwork.

Wednesday 1st January 2019

50% OFF All clothing, Shoes & Accessories (excluding Jewellery and piety goods)

Championship sheets are on the board, please get your teams together and have a go. Have you got your TCB diary? If not please see Ann or Steve. New club shirts will be here soon.

Bring on 2023 – dust off your bowls, apply the Dencorub, and have a go. Happy new year.

If you have never played golf and would like to take up the game, James our Professional will help with lessons, equipment, clothing, shoes etc. Call and see the staff or ring the Pro Shop on 0409 727 577 to book a time for lessons.

*Stableford is an alternative scoring system used in the sport of golf. Rather than counting the total number of strokes taken, as in stroke play, it involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole. Unlike traditional scoring methods, where the aim is to have the lowest score, under Stableford rules, the objective is to have the highest score.


Open hours: Mon to Sun 9.00am to 4.00pm

Shop 1 / 14 Rainbow Beach Road Rainbow Beach Call Alex to find out more: 07 5482 2737 Visit your Vinnies store today... WHERE
We are seeking volunteers for our shop counter, merchandizing, pricing, sorting & general cleaning. No experience necessary as we will provide on-site training are urgently
Volunteers VolunteersWANTED
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays local games are as usual. T’S BEEN A really busy month for our group of Bay Rollers with new shirts, thanks in part to Nick Whyte at Temptations on the Bay, Tin Can Bay. The shirts were designed by Tin Can Bay local, Julie Hartwig and printed by Graphic Screen Prints at Hervey Bay.Check out our 64 players attended for a day of fun and celebration –the bowls club is an absolute credit to the membership of only 6 but an army of volunteers keep the grounds and clubhouse spotless and viable. Caravan sites were provided for the 7 vehicles which travelled and all of our 11 players and supporters had a wonderful time.

Dragons know how to Party!

THE COOLOOLA DRAGON Boat Club had its final paddle for 2022 on 18 December and met afterwards at the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club for the end of year function.

On their way along Snapper Creek, the paddlers tried (with varied results) to sing Christmas Carols for those on shore. It is probably fortunate that not too many innocent bystanders were within earshot!

In line with the Club’s tradition, several club members were presented with Coach’s Awards at the party. These are awarded to members of the club who, in the coach’s opinion, have made a significant contribution to the performance and running of the club throughout the year. The award winners for 2022 were:

• Elaine Dimock who was awarded Life Membership of the Club. Elaine has been a long-term member of the club and currently serves as the Club’s Secretary as well as being a super-active paddler (at the age of ?? — we’re not allowed to mention).

• Sandra Binnie (Wally) who was presented with the Club Person’s Award. Rarely called by her given name, Binnie or Wally as she is known amongst other members is one of the ‘shakers and movers’ of the club. She recently qualified as a coach and has also been selected in the team to represent Central Queensland in the National Titles which will be held in April 2023 at Wodonga, Victoria.

• Kerri Southern who was given the Coach’s Encouragement Award. Kerri has just qualified as a steerer (formerly called the sweep). Kerri is also the Club’s Treasurer and is a long-term member of the club.

• Linda Palmer who was presented with the Coach’s Silly Award. No-one can provide a satisfactory answer as to why the Coach would be giving ‘Silly Awards’ but it is possibly a reflection of the zany side of club members. Linda has also recently qualified as a steerer which kind of contradicts the Silly Award.

• Toni Archer who was presented with the Coach’s Award. This is a perpetual award and Toni will hold it until December 2023 when it will be awarded to another club member. Toni has been a member of the club for over two years and is currently

responsible for club publicity and for rostering the people needed to staff the Dragon’s Lair Café. Toni’s husband, John, takes care of the minor maintenance of the club’s boats and associated resources.

As always, the end of year bash was well attended by club members and was a great success. It is also safe to say that there were a few drinks taken for ‘medicinal and recovery purposes’ — why else would you drink at a Christmas Party?!

Elaine Dimmock Member for Life Award Kerri Southern Encouragement Award Linda Palmer Silly Award Sandra Binney Club Person Award Toni Archer Coach’s Award

CLUB FISHING EVENTS were a bit sparse over the past month, but Club Members were still active on the fishing front themselves as well as getting involved in other Club activities.

Club Members put on a sausage sizzle supporting one of our sponsors, The Chandlery Bait and Tackle, while at the same time raising funds for the Club. If that wasn’t enough the Club also ran two Bunnings Gympie sausage sizzles, all of which raise some necessary funds for the Club as well as allowing Club Members to do

a bit of socialising among themselves and with members of the public.

Mangrove Jack have been on the bite last month and should continue to be active this month so get your live bait and lures out; also watch out for good quality mud crabs – they’ve been active.

On the catching front Club Member Derek Andrews picked up a rather large cod, as the photo shows he could hardly hold the fish up long enough for a photograph.

We held one land-based event at Norman Point where a handful of whiting were caught and a couple


Right: First fish ever caught by club visitor Messie. Also, his first fish ever released.

Below: A couple of Junior Members knee deep at Norman Point.

Club UPDATE Alan Rippon PRESIDENT Fishing, Boating & the Outdoors Rainbow Beach TIDE TIMES Courtesy of Gardiner Fisheries Phone 0404 853 232 • www.gardinerfisheries.com Shop 1 The Marina, Emperor St. Tin Can Bay, QLD 4580 e - chandlery@bigpond.com www.tcbchandlery.com.au • Kayak Hire • Fishing Rod Hire • On water 24hr fuel • Full range of chandlery • Paints & antifouls • Bait • Tackle • Ice • LPG Forall yourboating & fshin g needs. All the BIG brands right here in Tin Can Bay! AUSTRALIA, EAST COAST – WADDY POINT (FRASER ISLAND) LAT 24° 58ʼ S LONG 153° 21ʼ E Times and Heights of High and Low Waters Time Zone –1000 2023 Commonwealth of Australia 2021, Bureau of Meteorology Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide Symbols Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon First Quarter Time m 0324 1.52 0859 1.02 1426 1.47 2102 0.60 0422 1.67 1028 0.97 1536 1.40 2154 0.56 0511 1.84 1138 0.87 1642 1.36 2247 0.50 0557 2.01 1234 0.74 1743 1.36 2340 0.44 0642 2.18 1324 0.62 1840 1.40 0033 0.37 0729 2.33 1412 0.51 1937 1.46 0125 0.32 0818 2.41 1458 0.44 2032 1.52 0216 0.33 0909 2.42 1545 0.43 2126 1.55 0307 0.39 0959 2.34 1632 0.47 2219 1.55 0356 0.52 1047 2.20 1718 0.55 2312 1.54 0447 0.69 1134 2.01 1805 0.63 0010 1.54 0543 0.87 1219 1.81 1852 0.70 0120 1.55 0654 1.02 1306 1.62 1942 0.74 0243 1.61 0836 1.12 1401 1.46 2037 0.77 0359 1.70 1025 1.11 1512 1.34 2133 0.78 0457 1.79 1150 1.04 1628 1.27 2224 0.77 1 WE FEBRUARY Time m 0543 1.88 1238 0.96 1740 1.27 2311 0.74 2 TH 0621 1.94 1311 0.88 1833 1.29 2354 0.69 3 FR 0658 2.00 1341 0.80 1916 1.34 4 SA 0034 0.64 0732 2.04 1411 0.74 1951 1.38 5 SU 0111 0.60 0806 2.05 1441 0.71 2022 1.41 6 MO 0147 0.57 0838 2.03 1509 0.69 2051 1.44 7 TU 0222 0.57 0907 2.00 1538 0.69 2119 1.46 8 WE 0255 0.60 0936 1.96 1606 0.68 2151 1.49 9 TH 0328 0.66 1007 1.90 1635 0.68 2230 1.51 10 FR 0406 0.75 1041 1.82 1705 0.67 2314 1.53 11 SA 0450 0.85 1117 1.73 1739 0.68 12 SU 0005 1.54 0547 0.96 1156 1.62 1818 0.69 13 MO 0109 1.57 0702 1.04 1241 1.50 1906 0.71 14 TU 0231 1.63 0846 1.07 1342 1.38 2004 0.72 15 WE 0345 1.75 1032 0.99 1521 1.30 2115 0.71 16 TH Time m 0447 1.90 1138 0.85 1641 1.30 2232 0.66 17 FR 0540 2.05 1228 0.71 1747 1.36 2336 0.55 18 SA 0629 2.20 1312 0.58 1843 1.45 19 SU 0030 0.44 0716 2.31 1353 0.48 1932 1.56 20 MO 0118 0.36 0802 2.36 1433 0.43 2020 1.65 21 TU 0206 0.35 0848 2.33 1514 0.43 2107 1.71 22 WE 0252 0.42 0933 2.22 1554 0.48 2154 1.74 23 TH 0338 0.57 1016 2.05 1635 0.56 2242 1.75 24 FR 0428 0.75 1056 1.86 1714 0.65 2333 1.74 25 SA 0528 0.93 1137 1.66 1755 0.74 26 SU 0031 1.73 0650 1.08 1222 1.49 1841 0.82 27 MO 0144 1.73 0834 1.14 1321 1.35 1937 0.89 28 TU 0304 1.76 1033 1.10 1445 1.25 2043 0.92 1 WE MARCH Time m 0413 1.80 1142 1.02 1625 1.23 2150 0.92 2 TH 0507 1.84 1216 0.94 1739 1.27 2248 0.87 3 FR 0550 1.89 1242 0.86 1821 1.34 2336 0.78 4 SA 0627 1.94 1308 0.77 1856 1.41 5 SU 0017 0.69 0702 1.98 1335 0.70 1928 1.48 6 MO 0055 0.61 0734 1.99 1401 0.64 1958 1.55 7 TU 0130 0.56 0803 1.98 1426 0.61 2027 1.60 8 WE 0204 0.56 0832 1.95 1451 0.59 2057 1.66 9 TH 0238 0.60 0901 1.90 1516 0.58 2130 1.71 10 FR 0313 0.67 0933 1.83 1542 0.58 2207 1.75 11 SA 0352 0.77 1008 1.74 1610 0.61 2248 1.76 12 SU 0437 0.87 1045 1.63 1642 0.66 2333 1.77 13 MO 0536 0.97 1125 1.51 1720 0.72 14 TU 0029 1.76 0658 1.04 1215 1.39 1810 0.79 15 WE 0149 1.78 0858 1.02 1345 1.29 1921 0.84 16 TH Time m 0312 1.85 1023 0.90 1532 1.29 2053 0.84 17 FR 0421 1.96 1120 0.76 1650 1.36 2228 0.75 18 SA 0518 2.07 1206 0.63 1751 1.47 2330 0.62 19 SU 0609 2.17 1245 0.53 1838 1.59 20 MO 0019 0.50 0654 2.21 1322 0.46 1920 1.71 21 TU 0104 0.44 0736 2.20 1356 0.42 2001 1.82 22 WE 0149 0.44 0817 2.13 1432 0.44 2044 1.90 23 TH 0233 0.53 0858 2.00 1506 0.49 2127 1.95 24 FR 0319 0.67 0937 1.83 1540 0.58 2211 1.96 25 SA 0412 0.82 1016 1.67 1611 0.68 2256 1.95 26 SU 0517 0.97 1056 1.51 1644 0.78 2345 1.91 27 MO 0638 1.06 1145 1.38 1725 0.88 28 TU 0043 1.86 0810 1.09 1250 1.28 1824 0.97 29 WE 0153 1.81 0951 1.05 1428 1.23 1942 1.03 30 TH 0308 1.79 1053 0.98 1616 1.25 2105 1.02 31 FR 0412 1.80 1129 0.90 1713 1.33 2216 0.95 1 SA APRIL Time m 0503 1.82 1158 0.81 1751 1.41 2309 0.84 2 SU 0543 1.86 1224 0.72 1825 1.51 2351 0.73 3 MO 0618 1.89 1247 0.63 1856 1.61 4 TU 0030 0.64 0650 1.90 1311 0.55 1927 1.70 5 WE 0106 0.60 0721 1.89 1335 0.50 1957 1.79 6 TH 0142 0.60 0751 1.86 1401 0.47 2030 1.88 7 FR 0220 0.63 0825 1.80 1427 0.47 2105 1.95 8 SA 0300 0.69 0902 1.72 1456 0.50 2144 1.99 9 SU 0345 0.78 0942 1.61 1527 0.57 2225 2.00 10 MO 0439 0.87 1024 1.50 1601 0.66 2311 1.97 11 TU 0547 0.94 1112 1.38 1641 0.76 12 WE 0008 1.93 0715 0.96 1221 1.29 1737 0.86 13 TH 0127 1.90 0850 0.92 1411 1.27 1902 0.92 14 FR 0247 1.92 0959 0.81 1538 1.34 2045 0.90 15 SA 0355 1.98 1053 0.70 1647 1.46 2216 0.80 18 TU 0005 0.60 0628 2.03 1246 0.46 1904 1.86 19 WE 0050 0.57 0709 1.96 1318 0.45 1943 1.97 20 TH 0135 0.60 0747 1.87 1349 0.47 2023 2.06 21 FR 0220 0.67 0826 1.74 1420 0.52 2103 2.10 22 SA 0309 0.77 0905 1.62 1448 0.60 2143 2.11 23 SU 0404 0.87 0944 1.50 1517 0.70 2224 2.08 24 MO 0506 0.95 1026 1.40 1551 0.80 2307 2.02 25 TU 0612 1.00 1115 1.32 1632 0.90 2356 1.94 26 WE 0723 1.02 1220 1.26 1729 0.99 27 TH 0056 1.85 0844 1.01 1401 1.24 1850 1.05 28 FR 0208 1.78 0954 0.96 1537 1.28 2015 1.05 29 SA 0317 1.75 1039 0.88 1636 1.36 2134 0.99 30 SU 0412 1.75 1110 0.78 1718 1.46 2235 0.89 16
TIn Can Bay Fishing
LAT 24° 58ʼ S LONG 153° 21ʼ E Times and Heights of High and Low Waters Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2021, Bureau of Meteorology Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide Phase Symbols Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon First Quarter JANUARY 1.65 1.01 1.48 0.62 1.78 0.97 1.40 0.60 1.89 0.91 1.35 0.58 1.98 0.85 1.33 0.57 2.04 0.79 1.32 0.56 2.08 0.75 1.33 0.56 2.08 0.73 1.33 0.57 2.07 0.73 1.34 0.59 2.03 0.73 1.35 0.62 1.98 0.74 1.35 0.67 1.92 0.74 1.35 0.75 1.84 0.73 1.34 0.84 1.76 0.71 1.36 0.93 1.66 0.68 1.41 1.00 1.57 0.64 16 MO Time m 0324 1.52 0859 1.02 1426 1.47 2102 0.60 17 TU 0422 1.67 1028 0.97 1536 1.40 2154 0.56 18 WE 0511 1.84 1138 0.87 1642 1.36 2247 0.50 19 TH 0557 2.01 1234 0.74 1743 1.36 2340 0.44 20 FR 0642 2.18 1324 0.62 1840 1.40 21 SA 0033 0.37 0729 2.33 1412 0.51 1937 1.46 22 SU 0125 0.32 0818 2.41 1458 0.44 2032 1.52 23 MO 0216 0.33 0909 2.42 1545 0.43 2126 1.55 24 TU 0307 0.39 0959 2.34 1632 0.47 2219 1.55 25 WE 0356 0.52 1047 2.20 1718 0.55 2312 1.54 26 TH 0447 0.69 1134 2.01 1805 0.63 27 FR 0010 1.54 0543 0.87 1219 1.81 1852 0.70 28 SA 0120 1.55 0654 1.02 1306 1.62 1942 0.74 29 SU 0243 1.61 0836 1.12 1401 1.46 2037 0.77 30 MO 0359 1.70 1025 1.11 1512 1.34 2133 0.78 31 TU 0457 1.79 1150 1.04 1628 1.27 2224 0.77 1 WE FEBRUARY Time m 0543 1.88 1238 0.96 1740 1.27 2311 0.74 2 TH 0621 1.94 1311 0.88 1833 1.29 2354 0.69 3 FR 0658 2.00 1341 0.80 1916 1.34 4 SA 0034 0.64 0732 2.04 1411 0.74 1951 1.38 5 SU 0111 0.60 0806 2.05 1441 0.71 2022 1.41 6 MO 0147 0.57 0838 2.03 1509 0.69 2051 1.44 7 TU 0222 0.57 0907 2.00 1538 0.69 2119 1.46 8 WE 0255 0.60 0936 1.96 1606 0.68 2151 1.49 9 TH 0328 0.66 1007 1.90 1635 0.68 2230 1.51 10 FR 0406 0.75 1041 1.82 1705 0.67 2314 1.53 11 SA 0450 0.85 1117 1.73 1739 0.68 12 SU 0005 1.54 0547 0.96 1156 1.62 1818 0.69 13 MO 0109 1.57 0702 1.04 1241 1.50 1906 0.71 14 TU 0231 1.63 0846 1.07 1342 1.38 2004 0.72 15 WE 0345 1.75 1032 0.99 1521 1.30 2115 0.71 16 TH Time m 0447 1.90 1138 0.85 1641 1.30 2232 0.66 17 FR 0540 2.05 1228 0.71 1747 1.36 2336 0.55 18 SA 0629 2.20 1312 0.58 1843 1.45 19 SU 0030 0.44 0716 2.31 1353 0.48 1932 1.56 20 MO 0118 0.36 0802 2.36 1433 0.43 2020 1.65 21 TU 0206 0.35 0848 2.33 1514 0.43 2107 1.71 22 WE 0252 0.42 0933 2.22 1554 0.48 2154 1.74 23 TH 0338 0.57 1016 2.05 1635 0.56 2242 1.75 24 FR 0428 0.75 1056 1.86 1714 0.65 2333 1.74 25 SA 0528 0.93 1137 1.66 1755 0.74 26 SU 0031 1.73 0650 1.08 1222 1.49 1841 0.82 27 MO 0144 1.73 0834 1.14 1321 1.35 1937 0.89 28 TU 0304 1.76 1033 1.10 1445 1.25 2043 0.92 1 WE MARCH Time m 0413 1.80 1142 1.02 1625 1.23 2150 0.92 2 TH 0507 1.84 1216 0.94 1739 1.27 2248 0.87 3 FR 0550 1.89 1242 0.86 1821 1.34 2336 0.78 4 SA 0627 1.94 1308 0.77 1856 1.41 5 SU 0017 0.69 0702 1.98 1335 0.70 1928 1.48 6 MO 0055 0.61 0734 1.99 1401 0.64 1958 1.55 7 TU 0130 0.56 0803 1.98 1426 0.61 2027 1.60 8 WE 0204 0.56 0832 1.95 1451 0.59 2057 1.66 9 TH 0238 0.60 0901 1.90 1516 0.58 2130 1.71 10 FR 0313 0.67 0933 1.83 1542 0.58 2207 1.75 11 SA 0352 0.77 1008 1.74 1610 0.61 2248 1.76 12 SU 0437 0.87 1045 1.63 1642 0.66 2333 1.77 13 MO 0536 0.97 1125 1.51 1720 0.72 14 TU 0029 1.76 0658 1.04 1215 1.39 1810 0.79 15 WE 0149 1.78 0858 1.02 1345 1.29 1921 0.84 16 TH Time m 0312 1.85 1023 0.90 1532 1.29 2053 0.84 17 FR 0421 1.96 1120 0.76 1650 1.36 2228 0.75 18 SA 0518 2.07 1206 0.63 1751 1.47 2330 0.62 19 SU 0609 2.17 1245 0.53 1838 1.59 20 MO 0019 0.50 0654 2.21 1322 0.46 1920 1.71 21 TU 0104 0.44 0736 2.20 1356 0.42 2001 1.82 22 WE 0149 0.44 0817 2.13 1432 0.44 2044 1.90 23 TH 0233 0.53 0858 2.00 1506 0.49 2127 1.95 24 FR 0319 0.67 0937 1.83 1540 0.58 2211 1.96 25 SA 0412 0.82 1016 1.67 1611 0.68 2256 1.95 26 SU 0517 0.97 1056 1.51 1644 0.78 2345 1.91 27 MO 0638 1.06 1145 1.38 1725 0.88 28 TU 0043 1.86 0810 1.09 1250 1.28 1824 0.97 29 WE 0153 1.81 0951 1.05 1428 1.23 1942 1.03 30 TH 0308 1.79 1053 0.98 1616 1.25 2105 1.02 31 FR 0412 1.80 1129 0.90 1713 1.33 2216 0.95 1 SA Time m 0503 1.82 1158 0.81 1751 1.41 2309 0.84 2 SU 0543 1.86 1224 0.72 1825 1.51 2351 0.73 3 MO 0618 1.89 1247 0.63 1856 1.61 4 TU 0030 0.64 0650 1.90 1311 0.55 1927 1.70 5 WE 0106 0.60 0721 1.89 1335 0.50 1957 1.79 6 TH 0142 0.60 0751 1.86 1401 0.47 2030 1.88 7 FR 0220 0.63 0825 1.80 1427 0.47 2105 1.95 8 SA 0300 0.69 0902 1.72 1456 0.50 2144 1.99 9 SU 0345 0.78 0942 1.61 1527 0.57 2225 2.00 10 MO 0439 0.87 1024 1.50 1601 0.66 2311 1.97 11 TU 0547 0.94 1112 1.38 1641 0.76 12 WE 0008 1.93 0715 0.96 1221 1.29 1737 0.86 13 TH 0127 1.90 0850 0.92 1411 1.27 1902 0.92 14 FR 0247 1.92 0959 0.81 1538 1.34 2045 0.90 15 SA 0355 1.98 1053 0.70 1647 1.46 2216 0.80 18 TU 0005 0.60 0628 2.03 1246 0.46 1904 1.86 19 WE 0050 0.57 0709 1.96 1318 0.45 1943 1.97 20 TH 0135 0.60 0747 1.87 1349 0.47 2023 2.06 21 FR 0220 0.67 0826 1.74 1420 0.52 2103 2.10 22 SA 0309 0.77 0905 1.62 1448 0.60 2143 2.11 23 SU 0404 0.87 0944 1.50 1517 0.70 2224 2.08 24 MO 0506 0.95 1026 1.40 1551 0.80 2307 2.02 25 TU 0612 1.00 1115 1.32 1632 0.90 2356 1.94 26 WE 0723 1.02 1220 1.26 1729 0.99 27 TH 0056 1.85 0844 1.01 1401 1.24 1850 1.05 28 FR 0208 1.78 0954 0.96 1537 1.28 2015 1.05 29 SA 0317 1.75 1039 0.88 1636 1.36 2134 0.99 30 SU 0412 1.75 1110 0.78 1718 1.46 2235 0.89 16

of flathead. A couple of our Junior Members brought along a young friend Messie, and he caught his first ever fish on the day – a small whiting that then went back in the water. Mal Kay won the prize for the mystery fish (and size) with a nice whiting.

On the fishing front the Club now has set up a small sub-committee charged with the responsibility of organising several Club fishing events each month – the new schedule will start in February.

That’s it for another month – Tight Lines.

23 Fishing, Boating & the Outdoors www.rainbowbeach shingcharters.com.au info@ainbowbeach shing.com.au GO FISHING with BAITRUNNER 0439 775 070 Call Mat SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST 07 5486 8100 14 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach Open 7 days a week from 6am Shop in air condi oned comfort Cheapest Prices on the Coast Cheapest Prices on the Coast More great images and daily updates on: www.facebook.com/ RainbowBeachCommunityNews/
Save the Date! Get those rods ready and lock in Sunday 11 June to Saturday 17 June for this year’s RAINBOW BEACH FAMILY FISHING CLASSIC & EXPO. This event has been operating for 35 years bringing community, business, and visitors together and encourages mateship and positive mental health outcomes via the sport of fishing. With a focus on inclusivity, there is something for everyone of all ages whether you are an experienced fishie or never even picked up a rod. See you there!
Left: Derek Andrews with a 91cm cod Below: Mal Kay with a mangrove jack caught using live mullet. A couple of Junior Members knee deep at Norman Point.

Fun Days of




Ukulele Day - 2 February

The ukulele is arguably one of the most iconic sounds that has come out of Hawaii, which is where this small instrument got its start. Did you know ukulele means ‘jumping flea’?

The legend goes that an ancestor of the ukulele, the branguinha, was introduced to Hawaii in 1879 when a traveller disembarked from a ship and begins playing his instrument as he rejoices that his arduous journey is over.

How to Celebrate

• Get a ukulele and play as the music is sure to bring joy to everyone around, even if they are just laughing along with you as you try to pick out a tune.

Get together with a whole bunch of others who like to play the instrument, and get jammin’!

• Take ukulele lessons as the great thing about this instrument is that with only four strings to deal with it isn’t too difficult to learn.


National Kite Flying Day -

Here’s a few for February:

8 February

It’s time to get out into the fresh air! Drawing on the art of kite flying from 5th century China, this popular pastime promotes the feeling of freedom as you glide a kite through currents of air. Kites are made up of wings, tethers, and anchors and come in a huge range of colours, shapes, and sizes. There are kites that fly high and others that only lift while you run. No matter which, they are all fun!

How to Celebrate

• Make your own kite – there are heaps of DIY designs online or just construct a simple cross member diamond-shape kite, attach a string and try to fly it.

Buy a kite and head straight out to find some wind. The beach is a great place to start.

• Master tricks, can you loop, dip or figureeight? Get your kite dancing up there.

• The most important way to celebrate is while you either fly or watch a kite sway in the wind, let it take all the worries or sadness you have and let them fly away!

International Tug of War Day - 19 February

One of the simplest of sports, perhaps dating back to ancient ownership disputes over food and clothing, the history of Tug of War dissolves into legend with the Sun and Moon wrestling over light and darkness.

Most cultures have historic references to competitions of strength that involve pulling in opposite directions. Added to the Olympic Games in 1900 and subsequently dropped from the games after 1920, Tug of War still remains a worldwide sport and many nations have their own governing bodies.

How to Celebrate

• Hop online and watch some Tug of War competitions and championships as they battle it out in various countries all over the world.

• If you think you know everything there is to know about this sport think again! Although it can be as simple as two people and a rope, it has developed into a sophisticated game with certain rules and regulations to keep everything fair and enjoyable.

• Why not host a Tug of War competition with friends and family – just make sure to do it on a soft surface like grass or sand just in case one side goes down during the pull!

What did the snail who was riding on the turtle’s back say? Wheeeee!

I was going to tell a time traveling joke, but you guys didn’t like it.

What do you call a lazy kangaroo? A pouch potato.

What does a pig put on dry skin? Oinkment.

What do you call it when a snowman throws a tantrum? A meltdown.

My uncle named his dogs Timex and Rolex. They’re his watch dogs.

Did you hear about the guy whose left side was cut off? He’s all right now.

How do you open a banana? With a mon-key.

My wife told me to stop acting like a flamingo, so I had to put my foot down.

Why did the student eat his homework?

Because his teacher told him it was a piece of cake.

24 GARDINER FISHERIES P:0404 853 232 E: bigmeshnet@gmail.com A : Cnr Carlo Rd & Karoonda Rd, Rainbow Beach. 18 years local commercial shing experience - come and see Drew! Normal Trading Hours: 6am to 5pm, 7 days Gardiner Fisheries Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach Ÿ Firewood Ÿ he largest T selection of fresh bait in qld Ÿ resh and live bait F daily Ÿ ulk bait B Ÿ as rells G Ÿ uality tackle Q Ÿ ulk ice B Ÿ ive worms, yabbies L Ÿ rive thru service D Ÿ uality bait direct Q from commercial shermen BULK ICE DRIVE THRU SERVICE All your offshore, insho beach shing needs All your offshore, inshore & beach shing needs Live Worms Live Worms opening hours to.. 6am- 5pm 7days. Jokes
Did you know there’s a day to justcelebrate about everything?

Council Corner

Funding Information Session

Are you part of a local community group, notfor-profit organisation or sporting club? Would you like to learn about how you can get assistance with funding, grants and support programs?

Come along to a free information session and hear from representatives who can help with practical tips and tools relevant to you.

Thursday 2 Feb 2023

2.30pm-4pm or 5.30pm-7pm

Gympie Bowls Club, 16 Bowlers Dr, Southside Register at 1300 307 800 or community@ gympie.qld.gov.au

Opt In To Weather Alerts

Accurate and timely information about weather events that come straight to you? YES PLEASE!

When you sign up to Councils opt-in alert service you can receive weather alerts by email and in times of disaster by sms.

It’s as simple as visiting https://disaster.gympie. qld.gov.au/ and following the prompts.

Better informed is better prepared.

Dump Stuff for Free

Did you know that there are numerous items that can are free to dump?

Including: domestic green waste; woodchip and grass clippings; clean soil; metal objects such as roofing iron; engine oil (up to 100L in containers 20L or less); car batteries; LPG bottles; car LPG

tanks; fire extinguishers; cardboard; all items that are accepted in yellow-lidded recycling bin (ie mixed recyclables); re-sellable/second-hand items (accepted by recycling shop); electronic waste (specific items from residences only); and most paint?

You can also pick up mulch for free, just bring your trailer to load your own or arrange for it to be loaded for a fee.

For more information on waste disposal visit www.gympie.qld.gov.au/water-waste/wastedisposal/waste-management-facilitites

Gympie Regional Council Transparency Hub

Want to know more about Council’s operating revenue and expenses, councillors’ expenses, procurement data (from 1 July 2019), or Council budget and capital program 2022/2023?

Then take a look around the Transparency Hub on the website: www.gympie.qld.gov.au/council/ resources/transparency-hub

Online Maps

Did you know that Council has interactive online maps to look at property and land information, town planning zones and overlays, council facilities, aerial images, council projects, and underground infrastructure like water and sewer pipelines?

Go to https://maps.gympie.qld.gov.au/ and browse the different mapping overlays and different mapping themes/modules.

Do you remember way back when…

the Leisha ran aground south of Double Island Point?

Did You Know?

Leisha Track enables vehicles to traverse the isthmus of Double Island Point and keeps the memory of the vessel Leisha living on.

The Leisha ran aground on Tuesday 7 December 1954 around 13km south of Double Island Point after she began to take in water when a failure to her planking occurred while in transit between Maryborough and Brisbane.

Salvage operations were attempted to refloat the 84 tonne wooden vessel by another vessel, the Sarawak, but to no avail. She remains at her last resting place, now buried under many metres of sand.

Watch Us On YouTube

We’re on YouTube! Our Council Meetings are live streamed.

Search YouTube for the ‘Gympie Regional Council - Official’ page and click subscribe. Click the notification bell on our page to get notified when a Council meeting is live.

While you’re there, check out some of our other videos.

Contact Gympie Regional Council

There are several ways to contact Gympie Regional Council including:

• using the online requests portal on the website www.gympie.qld.gov.au (in the Contact Us section on the top right hand corner of the homepage),

• emailing council@gympie.qld.gov.au

• phoning customer service on 1300 307 800

• using the Snap Send Solve app, or

• sending a message via messenger on the Gympie Regional Council Facebook page.

Photo credit: unknown More great images and daily updates on: www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachCommunityNews/ Check out the Cooloola Coast’s favourite newspaper on social media ...

February Activities

Create a Bookmark

Tin Can Bay Library

– Monday 13 - Saturday 18 February

Join us during open hours at Tin Can Bay Library to create a bookmark to celebrate Library Lovers Day. Choose from a variety of styles and then decorate and embellish with provided craft items. Bookings not necessary.

Library Lovers Afternoon Tea

Rainbow Beach Library

– Wednesday 15 February 10-11am

Join us at Rainbow Beach Library for a wonderful afternoon tea in honour of Library Lovers Day. Help yourself to some refreshments and talk about your favourite books and authors. Bookings not necessary.

Dr. Seuss Day Story time

Rainbow Beach Library

– Mondays in March


Join the celebrations with this fun story time and craft activity inspired by the amazing and funny characters created by Dr. Seuss. Ideal for ages 3 and up. Bookings not necessary.

Australian Reading Hour at Tin Can Bay Library

Tin Can Bay – Thursday 9 March 3:00-4:30pm

Come into Tin Can Bay Library and find one of the special reading spaces created for Australian Reading Hour. Bookings not necessary.

Regular Activities:

First Five Forever Storytime (0-5 years)

Rainbow Beach Library - Mondays 10.30-11am

Tin Can Bay Library – Thursdays 9.30-10am

Join us each week for a fun session of stories, rhymes, and songs. This is a program designed for 0-5 year olds and their families and carers.

Rainbow Beach

Ph: 5486 3705

Monday & Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm

Wednesday & Friday 2pm – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 12 noon

Rainbow Beach Art Group

Rainbow Beach Library

Tin Can Bay

Ph: 5486 4355

Monday & Wednesday 9am – 12.30pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 11.30am

– Fortnightly on Fridays 10am-12noon:

10 & 24 February, 10 & 24 March

Join us for a fantastic morning of fun and creativity. Each session covers something different, with the aim of exploring different avenues of art. Come along and enjoy a morning getting in touch with your inner artist. Tea and coffee will be provided. Phone: 5486 3705 for more information. Bookings not necessary.

Tin Can Bay Puzzle Club

Tin Can Bay Library – First and Third Saturday of the month 8.30-11.30am: 4 & 18 February, 4 & 18 March

Join other puzzle loving people and share in the fun of working on the current library jigsaw puzzle, or bring your own. Bookings not necessary.

Tin Can Bay Art Group

Tin Can Bay Library – Tuesdays from 10am-12noon

Calling all artists! Join us at Tin Can Bay Library to share work and ideas, seek advice from other talented eyes and connect with artists in our community. Bring your work-in-progress or your finished piece and join in a friendly chat. Exchange ideas. Participate in a mini-workshop or see an art demonstration. All artists, levels and mediums welcome. Phone: 5486 4355 for more information. Bookings not necessary.

Cooloola Card Makers

Tin Can Bay Library – Wednesdays at 9.30am

We make all sorts of greeting cards, so come and join us for a fun morning. Make and take your card creations. Beginners and experienced card makers welcome. Join this friendly group at Tin Can Bay Library and let your creative juices flow. Phone: 5486 4355 for more information. Bookings not necessary.

Gympie Library Craft Group

Gympie Library – Mondays at 10am

Come and share your current project with our Gympie Library Craft Group. Bring along a piece you’re working on - be it knitting, sewing, crochet or cross stitch - and share ideas and learn with other craftminded people. There’s no leader and no pressure; you can work, watch or simply enjoy a friendly chat. Phone 5481 0859 for more information. Bookings not necessary.

Trivia Tuesdays at Gympie

Gympie Library – Tuesdays at 10am

Come along and make some friends, have fun and test your knowledge with trivia questions. Bookings not necessary.

Writing Friday

Gympie Library - Third Friday of Every Month at 10am

Here’s your chance to join other writers in practicing and honing your literary skills. Whether your interest is in writing novels, short stories, non-fiction or poetry, or perhaps gaining better marks for your assignments, Writing Friday will provide a regular opportunity to write, learn and enjoy the company of like-minded people. Phone: 5481 0859 for more information. Bookings not necessary.

| Facebook: www.facebook.com/GRLibraries library happenings

Redfeb 2023: Heart Research Month

HEART RESEARCH MONTH raises awareness about the devastating impact of heart disease and the need for ongoing research. Heart Research Australia’s focus is to obtain funding for pioneering, first-stage research to find breakthroughs for treating heart disease.

Did you know heart disease is Australia’s leading single cause of death, with 18,590 deaths attributed to heart disease in Australia in 2017? Heart disease kills one Australian every 28 minutes.

So what is classed as heart disease?

Heart disease is an umbrella term for a range of conditions that affect your heart.

Diseases under the heart disease umbrella include blood vessel diseases, such as coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias); and heart defects you’re born with (congenital heart defects), among others.

The term ‘heart disease’ is often used interchangeably with the term ‘cardiovascular disease’.

Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke.

Other heart conditions, such as those that affect your heart’s muscle, valves or rhythm, also are considered forms of heart disease.

Is it possible to reduce your risk of heart disease?

The short answer is yes.

By improving your lifestyle, including your diet and level of fitness, you can minimise your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

90% of Australians have at least one risk factor for heart disease. The more risk factors for coronary heart disease you have, the greater your chance of developing it.

Risks you can control:

• Smoking

• Cholesterol

High blood pressure

• Being inactive

• Diabetes

• Being overweight

• Unhealthy diet

Risks you cannot control:

• Age: as you get older, your risk of heart disease increases.

• Gender: men are at higher risk of heart disease. Women’s risk grows and may be equal to men after menopause.

• Ethnic background: people of some origins (e.g. from the Indian sub-continent) have a higher risk. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can have more risk because of lifestyle factors. Family history: if someone in your family has cardiovascular disease, speak to your doctor about your risk.

Ÿ Is the technician fully qualified & licensed?

The good news is that for most risk factors, you can do something about them. Even if you have two or more risk factors, you can still make changes that will reduce your chances of developing heart problems.

Ÿ Has your room been measured & sized correctly?

Ÿ Have you seen any recent work from the installer?

How can you support Heart Research Australia’s REDFEB 2023?

Ÿ Can the installer provide ongoing support & service?

Ÿ Will the installer use premium products, provide quality workmanship & leave the jobsite clean & tidy?

Ÿ Does the installer know the local area & environmental conditions?

Getting involved is as simple as wearing red during February and donating to heartresearch.com.au

Who will you be wearing red for?

Source: heartresearch.com.au

WITH CHILDREN now back in the classroom, the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) is encouraging parents to make use of the free dental care available for eligible students in prep through to grade 10.

Getting children comfortable with getting their teeth checked will help set up positive life-long habits.

any tricky spots the toothbrush might be missing.

For children aged up to eight parents should be helping with brushing at home, and for older children if recommended by a health professional.

We no longer provide Auto electrics service so no longer wish to have any in our advertising. Also if you could just remove the recommendation in the advert. Also maybe just try it with a light blue surround.

Oral health therapists will take a good look at the child’s teeth and gums, assess how adult teeth are developing and advise if there are



Ÿ Disinfectants & Cleaning

Ÿ Portable Hand Wash

Your child’s school will notify you when the dental van is due to visit and will provide the forms required. To check eligibility and book at a clinic, visit www.sunshinecoast.health.qld. gov.au/services/dental and enter your suburb.

27 REFRIGERATION AIR-CONDITIONING Tick the boxes befor e air-conditioning your home
ARC ck: A , Restr. Elec. Contr: , QBCC: , ABN: 5486 4362 www.climatecontrolair.com.au SALES - INSTALL - SERVICING - REPAIRS Gympie, Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow & districts Fully qualified and licensed Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance
use only premium products and provide ongoing support and service. NOW is the time to ser vice your air conditioner
Facemasks Ÿ PPE Equipment
Ÿ Fire Extinguishers & Blankets
Visit www.rainbowbeachsafetysupplies.com.au or Call Marie on 0492 045 405 Keep your family and workplace SAFE FREE deliver y over $100 SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST HEALTH
Ÿ Uniforms Ÿ First Aid supplies Buy local and
Ensure your child has a healthy smile on their dial in 2023


Noisy Pitta

WITH A STUNNING technicolour plumage, the noisy pitta is always a delight to spot in the bush.

An elusive bird, it is found in forest habitats along the east coast of Australia, from the Torres Strait to the Hunter Region in New South Wales. The noisy pitta spends its time on the forest floor, flicking through the leaf litter for insects, snails, occasional fruit, and other invertebrates to dine on.

When it comes time for breeding a nest with a side entrance is made

from branches and twigs, roots, plant fibres, mosses, strips of bark and feathers, and is generally placed on the ground at the bottom of a large rock or stump of roots.

Both mum and dad incubate the eggs in the dome-shaped structure, and feed the chicks.

Unfortunately populations of noisy pittas have declined due to the destruction of forests and attacks by household pets, but if you’re quiet and watchful you may just see one while in a forest and catch a glimpse of its stunning colours.

– cooloola city farm PLANT OF THE MONTH –

Swainsona galegifolia

COMMONLY KNOWN as Smooth Darling Pea, Swainsona galegifolia is a species of flowering plant from the Fabaceae family and is endemic to Australia.

A small attractive evergreen perennial shrub to 1m that is easy to cultivate and has a long flowering season. The flower spikes are up to 15cm long with colours from white to deep red with mauve-pink the most common.

Cut back old stems after the main flowering season in autumn to encourage stronger growth.

Grows well in a sunny position but does not like very wet soils. Seed is plentiful and easy to propagate. After planting out they will flower about 1 year later.

They provide a quick cover in difficult situations as a group planting and are also excellent as single specimens – useful in a rockery situation. Generally pest and disease free but Swainsona is poisonous to stock.

Cooloola City Farm Nursery is located opposite the Community Centre at 17 Amity Place off Tin Can Bay Road.

Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 8am-3.00pm

Cash or EFTPOS acceptable

Phone: 0422 215 953

Email address: ccfni09@gmail.com


7 days a week

Mon - Fri 7.30am to 5pm

Saturdays 7.30am to 3pm

Sundays 7.30am to 1pm

Old Familiar Shop Same Old Fair Prices Same Old Super Duper Friendly Service Air Con As Well Right next door to the Shell Servo This business is FOR SALE LONG REGISTERED LEASE
Melissa Marie Photo credit - Scott Humphris

Left: Sarah & Dean from Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf will continue to provide weekly gym and beach activities for the Learning Community.


Cooloola Turtle Care will be joining us at the Learning Community this term to share their new Turtle Talk booklet

Chappy CHAT

Learning Community

2023 is going to be an exciting year for the homeschooling families who are involved with the Rainbow Beach Learning Community. A few of the children who were part of our community last year are heading back to school, but we have several new families who will be sending their children along on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Rainbow Beach Community Centre.

Local teacher Kerry Sleath and myself will be coordinating the activities with the assistance of parents and community volunteers.

Sarah Booth and Dean Marshall from Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf will again be providing gym and beach activities each week. We have extended an invitation to the Gympie Homeschool Community to join us on two occasions this term so that our families can widen their circle of like-minded people and make new friends.

Our focus this term will be on goal setting, gratitude, and kindness using workbooks that provide practical ways of encouraging young people in these important areas of life. We will also enjoy visits from locals who were born outside of Australia to learn about different cultures and customs.

If you would like to come along and share about your heritage, please contact me on 0413 135 867. Local mum Aimee has volunteered to teach basic Spanish and one of our young people will be sharing their expertise in dance and movement. We have also asked local business people to come along and share about their life and the highs and lows of running a business.

Chloe from the Gympie Council will be continuing to help us learn more about recycling and our group will

be visiting the Hervey Bay Recycling Facility in March to see what happens to our rubbish once it is collected by the Council’s rubbish trucks. Our group will be participating in Clean Up Australia which normally happens on Sunday 5 March with their own cleanup of the area near the SLS tower on Tuesday 7 March.

Another interesting visit will be from the Gympie Bone Museum, which is dedicated to the art and science of modern bones and skeletons. Local science technicians and educational cadaver suppliers Jaimie and Debra Cook opened the museum to the public in 2019 which is located at the Gympie Woodwork Museum and will be providing a 2-hour interactive session for our young people.

Jan Waters from Cooloola Turtle Care will also be visiting this term and sharing about how we can help to look after turtles who come ashore on our beaches and give each child a copy of their recent-published booklet entitled ‘Turtle Talk’ sponsored by the Gympie Regional Council.

Our young people will again be privileged to receive tuition from local artist Mo Riggs, who continues to inspire us with her amazing works of art. If you have a skill or hobby that you would like to share with us, then please let us know as we love meeting new people and learning about what they do.

The Learning Community will be hosting the annual Rainbow Beach Sandcastle Competition on Wednesday 5 April on the beach north of the SLS tower. Registration is from 8.30am and teams will have two hours from 9-11am to create their masterpieces.

It is hoped that Aaron from Sandshapers of Noosa will again be present to amaze us with another of his works of art and perform the

difficult job of judging the best entry in each category that will receive great prizes donated by local businesses.

Mark the date in your diary and even if you don’t want to be part of a team, come down to the beach for a wonderful morning of fun, friendship, and fresh air. You will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite sand creation and drinks and BBQ sausages will be for sale.

Community Pantry

The Community Pantry reopened at the Community Centre on Thursday 19 January from 1-2pm and will be operating on a fortnightly basis to see

whether this is a viable option for our clients.

Pantry items and fruit and veggies are sourced from Foodbank in Brisbane and transported to Rainbow Beach free of charge by McClintock’s Transport and Rainbow Beach Transport. Woolworths Cooloola also provides goods that are nearing their best before date or that are no longer stocked by the store.

Our amazing team of volunteers unpack the pallet packed with goodies from Foodbank and make up hampers which are distributed in the foyer of the Community Centre.

If you would like to receive a hamper which cost $10 but are worth around $50-$60 or know of someone that you could bless with a helping hand, please send a message via the Rainbow Beach Community Pantry Facebook page or send a text to 0413 135 867 to be added to our list of clients.

Last year we distributed over 1,000 hampers to singles and families in Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove, and Tin Can Bay which were a blessing to those who are finding it difficult to juggle the increasing costs of food and housing.

Ronnie Timperon
the date for
last year’s event. Get your team together and start planning your creation.
the 2023 Sandcastle Competition! Photo from



30 SES Flood/Storm Damage.......... 132 500 SES - Rainbow Beach ............5486 3314 SES - Tin Can Bay ............... 5486 4604 City Farm 5486 2304 Coastguard Tin Cay Bay - VMR 417 5486 4290 Community Centre Rainbow Beach 5486 3355 Cooloola Coast Medical Transport 5486 2488 Doctor TCB, Cooloola Coast & Rainbow Beach 5486 4600 Rainbow Beach General Practice 5353 1000 ENERGEX 13 62 62 EPA 1300 130 372 FIRE & RESCUE - Rainbow Beach 5486 3169 Tin Can Bay Fire Warden 0409 828 414 Rural Fires Goomboorian 0417 793 286
Rural Fires Neerdie 0400 865 132 QPWS Rainbow Beach 5486 9900 QPWS Tewantin (7 days) 5449 7792 Gympie Regional Council 1300 307 800 HOSPITAL Gympie Hospital & Community Health 5489 8690 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (JP) Call for an appointment: BRADY, Christine (Tin Can Bay) 5486 4327 BROWN, Stephen (Cooloola Cove) 0431 059 952 DEACON, Arthur (Cooloola Cove) 0419 624 208 FISHER, Peter (Rainbow Beach) 0407 95 4678 HAMMOND, Judith (Cooloola Cove) 0418 774 808 Library - Tin Can Bay 5486 4355 Library - Rainbow Beach 5486 3705 Local Disaster Management CCCLDMSG 5486 4483, 0439 862 264 Cooloola Cove 5488 0436, 0459 26 374 Wallu 0419 685 338 Rainbow Beach 0427 863 007 Pharmacy - Rainbow Beach 5486 3070 Police - Rainbow Beach 5486 8765 Police - Tin Can Bay 5486 2426 Police - non urgent 131 444 POISONS Information Centre 13 11 26 School - Rainbow Beach 5486 9333 School - Tin Can Bay 5488 1222 Tin Can Bay Community Church Op Shop 5486 2055 Wildlife Rescue ANARRA 5484 9111 Llew O’Brien (Federal Member) 4121 2936 Tony Perrett MLA (State Member) 5329 5100 EMERGENCY - AMBULANCE / POLICE / FIRE . . . . . . . . . . . 000 Air conditioning Brad’s Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 5486 2781 Bull Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 0421 245 260 Climate Control Air Conditioning 5486 4362 Cooloola Coast Air Conditioning 5486 4499 0418 724 814 Sub- Cooled Air Con/Refrigeration 0436 338 631 Auto Electrics Rainbow Beach Auto Electrics 0499 144 678 Building & Excavations Bob the Builder 0417 728 510 Hall Homes 0438 864 152 KJ Homes 0427 136 571 Killer Excavations 0417 192 651 Cabinet Makers Cooloola Coast Cabinets 5488 0443 Car Dealers John Madill Toyota 5480 5555 Car Parts (Classic British Cars) The Frog Pond 0409 342 423 Cleaning Clarks’ Cleaning, Laundry and Maintenance 0456 783 023 Concreter MGB Concrete 0407 228 044 Scott Sandilands 0418 793 256 Courier Followmont 0427 585 663 Curtains and Blinds & Security Classique Blinds Screens & Awnings 5481 2846 Health Providers Rainbow Beach General Practice 5353 1000 Channon and Lawrence Dental 5482 7688 Rainbow Beach Chiropractic 0447 275 673 Rainbow Naturals 0473 408 359 In-Home Care 5301 9340
Covering Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach & Tin Can Bay Electrician Smiley Mick Electrical 0448 955 768 Earth First Electrical 0448 195 070 HM Coastal Electrical 0439 688 710 Equipment Hire Mini Backhoe Hire 0418 184 966 Cherry Picker 0418 820 892 Flooring Floorzone 5482 6500 Functions & Hall Hire Rainbow Beach Community Centre 5486 3355 Furniture Cooloola Coast Bedding & Furniture 5371 5689 Garden Supplies Cooloola Cove Landscape & Garden Supplies 5488 0222 Gas Supplies Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island Gas Supplies 0400 657 797 Glass and Aluminium Lighthouse Glass and Aluminium 5488 0601 Graphic Design SAJE Graphics 0439 089 238 Handyman Handiest Handyman 0407 828 881 Looney’s Labour 0412 641 743 Hardware Mitre 10 Cooloola 5486 2000 Rainbow Beach Hardware, Fishing & Camping 5486 3444 Kennels and Catteries Gympie Cooloola Pet Resort 5483 5364 Legal Services/ Solicitor Cosgroves 0418 729 474 Slater + Gordon Lawyers 1800 555 777 Mechanical Rainbow Beach Rustproofing and Mechanical 5486 3228 Rainbow Beach Service Centre and Towing 5486 8555 Op Shop Vinnies 5482 2737 Tin Can Bay Community Church Op Shop 5486 2055 Pest Control Beach to Bay Pest Management 5486 8686 Termites@Cooloola 0409 86 86 86 Plasterer Garry Thompson 0402 240 448 Plumber Jeff Hogues Plumbing 0458 259 418 Real Estate Britney Bell Raine & Horne 0447 124 300 Cooloola Coast Realty 5486 3411 Michelle Agnew C21 0428 585 175 Paul Downman C21 0407 181 404 Rainbow Beach Realty 5486 3900 Safety Supplies Rainbow Beach Safety Supplies 0492 045 405 Signs Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach Signs 5486 2887 Storage 4rent4sale Storage Sheds 5486 4577 Cooloola Tin Can Mini Storage 1300 727 025 Surface Protection Ceramix 0448 973 475 Taxi Taxi Service 0411 072 379 Training All States Training 07 4123 0415
31 ALL 12V/24V REPAIRS, INSTALLS & SALES 7 KAROONDA RD, RAINBOW BEACH 0499 144 678 www.rainbowbeachautoelectrics.com.au • SOLAR KITS • SOLAR REGULATORS • ELECTRIC BRAKES • DUAL BATTERIES • BATTERIES • STARTERMOTORS • ALTERNATORS • UHF & RADIOS RTA: AU45 220 A I R C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R A T I O N COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC • • • • AIR CONDITONING REPAIRS REFRIGERATION REPAIRS AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION REFRIGERATION INSTALLATION 24/7 SERVICE FREE QUOTES • • Ph Greg: 0436 338 631 E: subcooledliquid@gmail.com ABN: 12541924379, ARCtick: L152481, Restr Elec Cont: 154267, *t's and c's apply 0436 338 631 CABINET MAKING BULL CARAVAN RV CAMPING AIR CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION Tim: 0421 245 260 bullair@bigpond.com ARC L094972 AUTO ELECTRICS under please. 0418 724 814 Est. 1985 BRAD'S REFRIGERATION & AIR-CONDITIONING Fully qualified air-conditioning annd refrigeraation technician Ser vicing the Cooloola and Gympie areas Air-conditioning installations ser vices and repair Refrigeration installations ser vices and repair Obligation free quotes 5486 2781 bradsrefrigeration@outlook com ABN 89 531 660 913 Rest E ec Lic 161 935 ArcT ck Au30331 TRADES & SERVICES DIRECTORY Call 0417 728 510 today If you have the idea we have the know how! Builder Bob the Ÿ Decks Ÿ General Household Maintenance Ÿ Extensions Ÿ Home Improvements Ÿ Patios BUILDING & EXCAVATIONS Local Builder that offers a Customised & Personalised Ser www.kjhomes.com.au Call Shane on 0427 136 571 or Jason on 0484 189 642 QBCC - 1137981 BUILDER? Need a reliable a reliable MGB CONCRETE MGB CONCRETE QBCC Licence No. – 1162933 Local Contractor Ÿ Driveways Ÿ Patios Ÿ Shed slabs Ÿ Pathways Ÿ Pool surrounds Ÿ Rendering Plain Exposed Decorative Call Mick on 0407 228 044 When quality matters Servicing: Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove CONCRETE AIRCONDITIONING BUILDING & EXCAVATIONS SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST CAR PARTS
32 ELECTRICAL FLOORING GLASS GAS MINI Backhoe Hire L & T Fear Phone Lyle & Theresa on 0418 184 966 Not a skid steer 1.3m wide - perfect for smaller areas ensioner discount available 9” backhoe bucket - perfect for digging trenches Spreader bar available 4 way bucket Phone Heath Mick on 0439 688 710 Pho e eat M ck 0 9 88 home heathmick@hotmail.com ABN - 58 551 708 565 Licence Number - 86230 www.facebook.com/hmcoastalelectrical/ HOMES SA APPROVED Machiner y for Hire Machiner y for Hire Call Simon on 0488 154 004 or 0428 218 112 Earthmoving & Road Construction Ÿ Bobcats Ÿ Graders Ÿ Water trucks Ÿ Plant Hire Ÿ Loaders Ÿ Excavators Ÿ Rollers Ÿ Chippers EQUIPMENT HIRE LOCAL CHERRY PICKER FOR HIRE Ÿ Pr ning tall trees Ÿ Pain ng Ÿ Wall cleaning & b ilding maintenance Ÿ Windo Cleaning Ÿ Roof & g er cleaning and maintenance Ÿ Press re cleaning PHONE DAVE: Rainbo Beach QLD ABN: COURIER SERVICE is important to us, and we make your business our priority. Ÿ offering services to all parts of Queensland & New South Wales Ÿ servicing the WHOLE of the Gympie Region! LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Choose Followmont Choose Followmont 100% Australian Owned We Suppo rt Local We Support Michelle Barry - phone 0427 585 663 www.followmont.com.au ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT HIRE CONCRETE Q.B.C.C licence: 68065 Mobile: 0418 793 256 Email: scott.sandilands@gmail.com For all your concreting needs with reliable prompt ser vice, please call or email Scott. Scott Sandilands TRADES & SERVICES DIRECTORY
33 HANDYMAN TYRE & MECHANICAL SERVICE TAXI Solicitor in Attendance Wednesdays 10:00am – 1:00pm Conference Room, Rainbow Sands Resort EMAIL cosgroves@cosgroves.com.au TELEPHONE/MOBILE (24 HRS) 0418 729 474 P.O. Box 1225 TOOWONG Q. 4066 Paul Cosgrove B.COM., B.ECON., LL.B., B.C.L. Cosgroves LEGAL SERVICES/ SOLICITOR SIGNS PLASTERER Ÿ Drain Cleaning Ÿ Gas Installation Ÿ Gas Maintenance Ÿ Back low Servicing Ÿ Back low Installation Ÿ Thermostatic Mixing Valves Ÿ Treatment Plant Maintenance Ÿ General Plumbing and Drainage
jeff@jef hoguesplumbing com au com au Rumbalara Avenue Rainbow Beach QLD 4581 0458 259 418 QBCC 78058 PLUMBER PET BOARDING Covering Gympie, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach & Sandy Strait 35+ years experience Boook in t the TRADES & SERVICES DIRECTORY SHINING A LIGHT ON THE COOLOOLA COAST
Jeff Hogues Plumbing Service Hogues Service




1 QCWA Craft & Coffee resumes for 2023 - every 1st & 2nd Weds of each month, 10am-12 noon, 18 Whiting St TCB. All Enquiries: Wendy 0412 547 043 or Judy 0402 769 392

3 QSTARS visit - free information session for renters, 11.30am-1.00pm RB Community Hall. All Cooloola Coast residents welcome. Book in person at CIRS office (open MonFri 8.30 to 4pm) or call 5486 3355 or email cirssecretary@gmail.com. More info page 8.

4 Barefoot Bowls, 4.30pm at TCB Country Club. $10 per person, free sausage sizzle. To register phone Ann on 0437 529 444

5 The 3B Arvo: Blokes, Burgers, Beers - BBQ by Rainbow Beach Blokes. From 4pm at Phil Rogers Park. BYO and bring a camping chair. See IG@rainbowbeachblokes for more info.

7 Ladies Catch Up - Cooloola Coast Women and Business pop up event. 10am at RB Surf Club. Info and RSVP: elisa.leader@gmail.com or IG@cooloolacoastwomenandbusiness

8 The Sit Down Comedy Club presents Mike Van Acker & Fiona McGary, 7.30pm (doors from 6pm) RB Sports Club, $35 per person (18+ only), tickets via trybooking.com

10 Amity Place Twilight Markets, Amity Place TCB

11 TCBCAMS AGM 0491 175 038 for info

14 Library Lovers Day. See page 26 for details on how to celebrate at our local libraries.

15 Coolabay Choir rehearsal resumes for 2023every Wednesday 3-4pm. Call Pam on 0427 180 649 or email kcisf327@gmail.com

15 Frogs & Water Quality Workshop and Frog Survey, CCove Hall. From 5pm. See info page 7.

18 Shed Shop Sale Day, TCBCAMS, The Shed, Amity Place TCB. Info: 0491 175 038

19 TCB RSL AGM, 10am at TCB RSL.

24 Draft Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan community submissions ends.


3 World Day of Prayer Service, 10am at Cooloola Cove Vets & Community Hall (behind CCove Shopping Centre). Contact: Lillian 0428 718 786 or Maggie 0400 756 615/Maggie1Travers@ gmail.com

5 Clean Up Australia Day. See www.cleanup.org. au for local events or to register your own.

23 Celebrating Women’s Day & Harmony WeekCC Women and Business event, RB Sports Club from 5pm

25 Drag Queen Bingo, 7.30-10.30pm RB Sports Club. $25 per person (18+ only) & $5 bingo books. Book now at RB Sports Club 5486 3191 or use QR code on page 3.


5 Sandcastle Competition! 9-11am (registration from 8.30am), on the beach north of SLS tower. Hosted by RB Learning Community. Stay tuned for more info.

15 Country Hall Dance, Goomboorian Memorial Hall, Ross Rd Goomboorian. Doors open 7pm, dancing 7.30-11.30pm. Live music by Chris Doyle, raffles, lucky door prizes etc. $12 per person. Contact Julie 0428 824 115 for information and to book.



11 - 17 June 2023

If you have an event or date you would like to add

Weekly (many are term time only)


5.30am TCB Bootcamp, 7am & 5.30pm RB Gym classes, Ph: 0490 333 147


7.30am Heart Foundation Wheelie Walking Group Cooloola Cove, Judy 5486 2181. Meet at bus shelter outside shopping centre on Nautilus Drive.

9am Macrame, Men’s Shed, Carole: 0437 880 438

9am Painting for beginners, Tuncunba Hall, Tin Can Bay, Kerri 0438 803 990

Middle Eastern Movement class by Soul from the Belly, Emperor St Community Hall TCB. Early session

1-2pm, evening session 5.30-6.30pm. First class free. Book by calling Jess on 0411 218 254

2nd Monday 1.30 – 3.30pm Life Drawing with model, Tuncunba Hall, Tin Can Bay, Robyn 0419 663 271

2nd Monday - Probus meeting, 2pm at Sandcastle Motel TCB, new members welcome. Cherryl 0409 044 100 or Katrina cooloolaprobus@gmail.com

10.30-11am First Five Forever Storytime (0-5 years) at RB Library. Bookings essential: 5486 3705

11am -12.30pm Book a librarian, RB Library


2nd Tuesday - Veterans and Community Morning Tea, Tin Can Bay RSL, from 10am

2nd & 4th Nibbles & Giggles at Goomeri Library, social get together to chat over a cuppa, 10amph: 4168 4340

8.30am Kindy Linq, RB School Library

9am – 12 Noon, MEN ONLY morning, TCB Community & Men’s Shed, Paul Boulton 0437 007 911

9am TCB Quilters, TCB Community Centre, President Louise Hanks 0488 951 881

9am Drawing & Pastel group all levels, tutoring for beginners, Tuncunba Hall, Tin Can Bay, Kerri 0438 803 990

10am Tin Can Bay Art Group, TCB Library

11am-12pm English Conversation Group, come along to make new friends and improve your English, Gympie Library, bookings not needed

12.30-3.30pm Join in at TCB Library for an afternoon playing Mahjong, an ancient Chinese tile game of strategy, calculation and skill with a measure of chance. This group is open to everyone

2-4pm Book a librarian, TCB Library


6.30am Heart Foundation Walking Group TCB, Maggie 0400 756 615

8am Table tennis - singles, 9am doubles, $2 all levels welcome, RB Community Hall, 5486 3355

8.30am Kindy Linq, RB School Library

9.30am Cooloola Card Makers, TCB Library

3-4pm Coolabay Choir, CC Vets’ Hall, Pam: 0427 180 649

3.30-4.45pm Robotics Thursday, Gympie Library, bookings not necessary (but space is limited)

3rd Hoy hosted by QCWA, 9.30am for a 10.00am start, Cooloola Waters Retirement Village Hall, 34 Toolara Rd TCB. Wendy 0412 547 043 or Judy 0402 769 392


7.30am Social tennis, $3, RB Sports Club, All welcome. Chris: 0417 605 484

8.30am Playgroup, RB School Library

9am – 12 Noon, MEN ONLY morning, TCB Community & Men’s Shed, Paul Boulton 0437 007 911

9.30am First Five Forever Storytime (0-5 yrs), TCB Library

9.30am Bingo for Local Ambulance Committee, TCB Country Club

3.30pm Dragon Boating every Thursday, Sandra: 0402 352 756

3.30pm Robotics for kids, Gympie Library


1st & 3rd Rainbow Beach Art Group, RB Library 10am, phone 5486 3705 for more information

1st Friday - Drop-in Sausage Sizzle, Tin Can Bay RSL, 11.30am to 1.30pm

3rd Friday - Writing Fridays at Gympie Library - join other writers in practicing and honing your literary skills, 10am-12pm, phone 5481 0859 for more information and to book

4th Friday Community catch up at RB Hall, 8am

7.30am Heart Foundation Wheelie Walking Group Cooloola Cove, Judy 5486 2181. Meet at bus shelter outside shopping centre on Nautilus Drive.

9am-12pm Chess/Rummykub at TCB Community & Men’s Shed, gold coin for morning tea, no need to book

2.30-4pm Book a librarian, TCB Library

3.30-4.30pm Tinker Table STEAM Makerspace, Gympie Library, bookings not necessary


6.30am Heart Foundation Walking Group TCB, Maggie 0400 756 615

2nd Saturday RB Market. Book: 5486 3355

3rd Saturday Tin Can Bay Market. Book: 0418 711 897

2.30pm Little Athletics, TCB School oval, Jess: 0411 218 254

5pm Mass at St John Vianney Catholic Church, Bream St, TCB (week 1, 2, 5)


7am Mass at St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church, Manooka Dr, RB (week 1, 2, 5) and Tin Can Bay (week 3, 4)

7.30am Dragon Boating, Sandra: 0402 352 756

9.30am Service at Good Shepherd Church, 17 Carlo Road, RB, followed by morning teaall denominations most welcome

For a list of what’s on at our local libraries

See page 26 of this issue

please email

Show the with help from IGA

A er happ Febr ar to e er one o t there in this bea f l part of the orld.

The ne ear is ell and tr l in f ll s ing and A stralia Da has j st been and gone. Can o think of a be er place than here to celebrate o r brilliant mi of c lt res and e er thing great abo t this onderf l co ntr of o rs?

Thankf ll no e tra fe eeks of holida …I mean ‘lockdo n’ for the school kiddies this ear. M ch to their disappointment I s ppose. Not s re hat that as meant to achie e last ear, all it did as add t o eeks e tra stress to parents tr ing to ork o t childcare.

B t those da s seem like a thankf ll distant memor no

Which means the freedom to con n e to enjo o r gorgeo s li le corner of the orld ho e er e like, and ith isitors free to come and go and make the most of this ama ing spot and all it has to offer

Wh not se Valen ne’s Da as an e c se to get o t and do something ith o r lo ed ones, hether the are o r partner or kids or siblings or friends or hoe er o lo e spending me ith. Doesn’t need to be a roman c da ! It can j st be abo t sho ing the people e lo e that e enjo their compan and ant to make the most of o r me together

We ha e plent of ideas in store for a s to celebrate - from fresh ingredients for home-cooked meals, to grab-and-go snacks for picnics on the beach, or if o do ant to get roman c then e ha e something for that too! Like choccies or flo ers or decadent desserts m. Drop b and check it o t and sa hi to o r friendl staff hile o do.


At me of ri ng e are ge ng to the b siness end of the A ssie Open. S ch a great a to kick off the ear for sport lo ers.

This me last ear e ere all ge ng read to cheer on li le ripper Ash Bart in the omen's final - and she then ent on to make histor b being the first A ssie female since to take home the troph . Then she promptl re red!

Unfort natel there are no A stralians le� in the singles this me aro nd. Ho e er an A ssie do bles pair are in the semi-finals at me of ri ng and e hope the make it all the a .

End of s mmer holida s means the Big Bash dra ing to close, ith Brisbane Heat q alif ing for the semis at me of ri ng. Things eren't act all looking good for them thro gho t the season b t the managed to find form at the right me to sneak in to the finals. Who kno s hat co ld happen from here no

With no Ashes this s mmer that lea es not m ch else of interest to report, for me an a . B t others ma be interested in the o erthe-top spectacle that is American football, ith the orld-famo s S perbo l to be staged in Febr ar . Al a s good for the p re entertainment al e I s ppose.

And then not too long to ait ll the kick off of the NRL season oohooo.

An a , as al a s thanks for shopping locall , s ppor ng local jobs, hich in t rn helps o r comm nit . Let's all hope this ear con n es to be a ast impro ement on the last fe for e er one.

Did o kno o r ebsite has tons of ama ing recipe ideas? Like these Chocolate Beetroot C pcakes m! Or search .iga.com.a for the ar cle “Heart Health Wa s to Celebrate This Valen ne's Da ” for a f ll three-co rse meal op on for a roman c - b t healthcelebrator meal.

your local store at iga.com.au/stores Rainbow Beach Save Time Shop Local Shop locall in air condi oned comfort A big hello to all o r al ed c stomers - both local and isi ng, come and see o r friendl staff at o r local IGA toda
Beach: Rainbo Beach Road, Rainbo Beach
- 8PM 7 DAYS This is a paid ad er sement and the ie s of the riter are not necessaril the ie s of the Rainbo Beach Comm nit Ne s o ners or staff
Mat t, Bernie, Justin, Liam & ou r friendly st aff at the IGA

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Dragons know how to Party!

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Back to Business for Bowlers Rowena Giles

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Valentine’s Day Origins of

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Help WITH Healthy Lunch Boxes

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SAY NO to private development in our National Parks

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Heart Foundation Walking

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Bright year ahead for QCWA

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Quilters Reunite World Day of Prayer 2023

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Tin Can Bay RSL – serving veterans and the community

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Rainbow Beach Drought Runners Report

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Keep active with Cooloola Coast Probus Club

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Community Centre Meeting Room Books for sale, books wanted

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Volunteers welcome

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Safe Travels Thomas!

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Rainbow Beach Water Tower Mural A Home for the Trial Artwork

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ship sails into the Bay

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It’s Time for Wetlands!

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February is Frog finding month

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