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April 2013 Vol 15 Issue 4 Ph:5486 3561

Easter Holidays are here! Locals Favourites Revealed In a survey conducted last week, thirteen resort, caravan park or motel owners gave us their personal favourites of things to do on our beautiful coast, just in time for the Easter holidays: Hit the Beach From a run on the beach to chilling out the beach was the most favourite vote. Annette Cochrane from Rainbow Beach Holiday Village says Rainbow’s shore has lEaster ots on offer. “You can stroll on our beach for miles, drive, surf or swim in the calm water of Inskip Point. There are so many things to do with kids!” You can also experience the beach on horseback, since Rainbow Beach Horserides started tours this month.

Hamish Lindenberg, Jake, Tia and Luke Lattanzi playing in the new channels on the beach, our natural playground The Beach was voted number one - Elijah Hapi and Kiara Craig would agree

Sandblow Sunsets Andrew Hawkins from Rainbow Beach Realty takes all his family and friends to Carlo Sandblow for Pacific sunrises and

Tin Can Bay Sunsets. Mark from Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort agrees, “The Sandblow is one of the most amazing things on the East Coast. It is so close to town and it is free.” It is difficult to describe its magnificence, and no wonder it ranked next in the list. Fish Three operator’s favourite thing to do is the fishing, especially around the inlet and Tin Can Bay. Mackerel fishing, the creeks, crabbing and a secret spot 40 miles offshore were all mentioned. Frequent the Restaurants and Cafés Dinner or coffee out was favoured by two accommodation providers. Rainbow Getaway’s Judy Gilmore shares her favourite thing to do when she gets a chance: “Go to the Coloured Sands Café and have a coffee”.

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starts on a high note


In this issue

• School holiday activities, see “What’s On” • Keep them happy with Kate’s Kid’s Corner • Your say needed on Recreational Fishing

bout 70 people relaxed to an afternoon of music in Rainbow Beach for the very first Soundwaves event. Community Centre volunteers had to keep bring out more chairs as people kept rolling in the door.

bow Beach Community Hall.

Organised by Frank Barrile, Sunday, March 10 at 3pm, the day was supported by musicians from Gympie, locals and ex-locals, the Rainbow Beach Community Centre and even featured a classical trained pianist from Germany.

Frank and Andy started the afternoon with their Banjo and Guitar duo. They were overheard by a professional bluegrass muso who plans to call Rainbow home later this year, which is great news for Soundwaves.

So successful was it that the next concert, and Acoustic Jam, has been scheduled for Sunday April 14, 3-5pm, also at the Rain-

Someone asked “Where else can you get such great music for $2?” A member of the audience replied Cooloola Cove! Remember Cooloola Cove also have Music Plus nights where all are welcome.

On guitar and vocals, Yasmin Morris

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Editor’s Note

Welcome to the Coast It’s wonderful to see new families move to the coast and make the most of our relaxed lifestyle. Welcome to the area - get involved! As you can see from the paper there are stacks of community groups and services that would love a hand. Visitors to Rainbow and Cooloola, we’re grateful you chose our beautiful destination and hope you have the best holiday ever. We endeavour to include every article community groups submit each month, sometimes we need to prune it just a little or only include one photo – but there is good news for all. Not only can you read the news online, now our website is ready for you. With articles, more photos and a business guide –it’s a work in progress. Check it out and let us know what you think. We have also been working with other newspapers and radio to spread the word about our amazing region. Please tell us if you are happy

Transfers & Tours

for us to share your submitted articles e.g. in Gympie - as we’d only do so with acknowledgement and your permission. A big thank you goes to Laird McColl - we were very tempted to print your joke! We hear that Dr Smith has been a little busy with the skin checks this month. Isn’t it amazing what some publicity can do? It certainly is heartening to hear locals are taking responsibility for their health. Finally we are grateful for the support our coast’s schools have given the newspaper (and our family). We’d like to thank our staff at both schools, they do an amazing job with the next generation and they deserve a good break! Happy Easter, Heatley and Michelle Gilmore

Local News




Green minded clean up on Paddy’s Day A

gorgeous warm and sunny day greeted Rainbow Beach on the 17th of March for St Patrick’s Day and also for the second edition of Clean Up Australia Day for 2013. “Officially” this nationally observed day was planned for  the 3rd  of  March this year.  However due to the flood recovery it  had to be postponed  across the Gympie  Region.  Nevertheless  around Rainbow Beach township over 32 large rubbish bags (including 6 for recycling) were collected.

gional Council staff who  participated and helped organise the event.     Clean up Australia Day is an opportune time to reflect on the effects of littering and illegal dumping: •

pollutes and degrades the local environment and threatens native wildlife

reduces property value

reduces the attraction of a place for tourists

Andy and Dee White led their Under 8 Nippers Group on the grassy beachfront and said there were lots of cigarette butts but the most disgusting find was a bag of shelled prawns tied high in a tree (less than 10 metres from a bin). They discussed with the children what clean up Australia Day was about and the effects on our environment.

attracts more dumping, other illegal activities and antisocial behaviour

decreases community pride

causes health and safety risks

attracts vermin and insects such as mosquitoes, rats and mice

blocks drains and waterways causing flooding and erosion damage

A barbeque and  cold drinks were enjoyed by participants afterwards. Thank you to all those who gave up their time and effort and participated in this iconic community event. A special thank you to the local business and organisations who continue to generously sponsor this event: Rainbow Beach Surf Club, Rainbow Beach Meats, Rainbow Beach Bakery, IGA, Foodworx, Deans Ice, Rainbow Cooloola Wholesalers, Rainbow Beach Hotel.

increases the risk of fire hazard

requires time, money and energy to be cleaned and repaired.  

Thanks also to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers and Gympie Re-

There are three easy ways to cut down your waste that can make a big difference to the amount that ends up in landfill or elsewhere. These are known as the ‘Three Rs’—reduce, re-use and recycle. For more information, how-to’s and rebates for sustainable living go to www.livinggreener. We hope to see you next year for Clean Up Australia Day.

Will Dawkings and Cody Walker and the Nippers Under 8’s Clean Up Australia

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Walk to Poona Lake

Described as a lovely walk, you can take the rainforest trail and swim in it’s fresh waters. From Dandathu track, climb a rain forested high dune before descending through carrol (grey myrtle) scrub to the white sandy beach and tea-coloured waters of this perched lake. Allow 40 minutes each way, be ready to spot goannas and yabbies. Paraglide “That’s why I live here,” says Xavier Miloud from the Sands Motel. Rainbow Beach is well known overseas as a paragliding destination. Waterski in Pelican Bay This is where Annette Cochrane from Rainbow Beach Holiday Village takes her family. These sheltered waters are a playground for all ages. For fun on the sandflats, boating, picnics or a kayaking it is the place to go. Sunset on the Mini-Blow The Mini-Blow is a favourite of Rainbow Sea manager, Fiona Worthington. She and her family walk over to the top, enjoy the views then walk back along the beach and back up at the Surf Club steps. When it is really busy with lots of cars they say it is a good place to stop and watch the antics of 4WD’s crossing exposed rocks.

Lawn Bowls and Golf The Professional’s Noel Kay’s preferred pastime is a spot of lawn bowls or golf at the Country Club. Rainbow Beach also has both sports on offer. Double Island Point “The kids get excited about swimming at Double Island Point,” Andy White from Cooloola Coast Realty confides. They are not the only one. Surfers love this place – it has one of the longest breaks. Plus the drive up nature’s highway, past the Coloured Sand Cliffs is another treasure to enjoy. You can walk to the Lighthouse, or just explore the rockpools and headland. Be sure to check the conditions report and tides before you set out – or travel up with the Surf and Sand Safari Tour or on a Surf lesson. Kayak in the Sandy Straits Valerie Todd from Seychelle Holiday Units has listed kayaking around Tin Can Bay as her favourite thing. If you don’t have your own, you can hire kayaks from Carlo Point Boat hire or fishing kayaks from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire. Be prepared to spot lots of wildlife and enjoy a paddle alongside the mangroves, and other natives. From extreme to serene, there are plenty of ways to have fun on the Cooloola Coast with activities that appeal across generations. Text us your favourite Cooloola Coast Must Do on 0407660198.

from the

Rainbow Beach Hotel



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us to songs from Patsy u treated Cline, The Waifs, her original

“The Chocolate Song” and finished with a beautiful Nora Jones’ “Don’t Know Why”. Yasmin was a previous resident here and as an Australian Institute of Country Music member she has recently performed at Tamworth’s famous festival. Lucia Phelan brought her Digital Electric Piano and entertained us with five Classical Dance Songs including Italian, Spanish selections a Greig Waltz,

sonata and Fiesta celebratory song. Lucy is also a music therapist and is available for teaching. Ross Brown sang an unaccompanied touching Nat King Cole rendition and finished with the favourite, “Danny Boy”. He also surprised us with a song called “My Latrine”. Refreshments were provided courtesy of the Community Centre at a short intermission and instruments were available on stage for children to try. Neil Sutton educated us on a banjo style that originated in the Appachalachian Mountains (Vocals & Clawhammer Banjo) to the “Dusty Diamantina”. Indi accompanied Jem’s vocals for “Bubbly” on the Electric Piano. Jemma then sang a stirring “Stand by Me” with her one “fan” onstage. Piano tuner from Tin Can Bay, and music teacher, Lucien Lowe was the final performer for the afternoon. He said his unusual instrument was made in Tin can Bay out of Australian outback timbers, and generated beautiful acoustic sound. He gave us a clever guitar rag, and music from the 20’s and 30’s including guitar in a “piano style”.

Ross Brown with his Nat King Cole rendition

Lucien Lowe with his unusal hardwood instrument made in Tin Can Bay

Frank is keen to apply for sound equipment for the community centre via grants and is keen for any assistance. There was lots of applause and smiles all round, Soundwaves is set to be a regular event the 2nd Sunday in the month.

Lucia Phelan performed on Digital Electric Piano

The next “Soundwaves” activity is an “Acoustic Jam” on Sunday April 14th (3-5pm). You can play with musicians jamming together, sing along, or just spectate. Muso’s can ring Frank 0438080950 or the RBCC 54863355 to register their choice of three songs (lyrics, chords & key) so we can arrange the necessary paperwork. “Soundwaves” is an initiative of the Rainbow Beach Community Centre

Indi and Jem with “Bubbly”




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lthough the original day (3rd March) was rained and stormed out the opportunity came for an alternative day and it was grasped with both hands. Cooloola Cove Residents and Friends Inc gathered a group of volunteers together in Billabong Park at 08:30am and distributed rubbish and recycling bags to all 14 people who were ready to help. It was a steamy, hot day temps promised of 33C,but enthusiasm didn’t waver

and all set off in different directions. We covered The Billabong Park by the children’s playground as well as the gardens and pools of Marian Creek. Mike Lowe joined us and found a tractor tyre in the billabong, which he deftly removed and our stalwart members rolled up to the rubbish collection point. Other surprising finds were a shopping trolley in a very poor state, a grid from a refrigerator and many Realty ‘For Sale’ boards. Much of the rubbish was recyclable like aluminium cans and some small amount of weeding was attempted. On the whole we all agreed that we found much less rubbish discarded in the vicinity of Billabong Park than we found last year, at the same place.

Len Druce, Marcia Midolo, Sarah Mitchell, Helen Crooks enjoying the BBQ at Centenary of Federation Pk.

At 11am we decided to transport ourselves to the comfort and pleasantness of Centenary of Federation Park, situated between Mauretania Avenue and Discovery Drive. A welcome end to our hard work and some much needed sustenance was enjoyed. We would like to express our gratitude to the Manager of Woolworths for his generous donation of Sausages, Burgers and large pack of Salad. It was most appreciated by everyone present. Pam Graham President Cooloola Cove Residents & Friends Inc David

David Midolo & Len Druce rolling the tyre up to the collection point. Billabong Park.!


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Meet a Local – Bob and Chris Gudge


esidents for the last nine years, Bob and Chris Gudge are the new owners of Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island Gas Supplies, purchasing the business from Daryl Sleeman.

Queensland where they taught for a few years in Sarina and Ingham. They returned south when their daughter was due to have her first baby and to be closer to Chris’s mum.

“The business ticked a few boxes for us – we were glad to come back to Rainbow. Since it is part time I can still go fishing and surfing and spend the odd weekend away in the caravan,” Bob explained.

Bob taught in Redcliffe for 30 years before they bought block in Rainbow Beach in 2000. They semi-retired 2002 and rented a year in Tin Can Bay then another year in Rainbow Beach and built here in 2004.

Bob underwent safety courses for Origin and now regular trips are underway to Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove, Fraser Island and of course, Rainbow Beach.

Bob travelled back to Catholic schools on the Sunshine Coast and held contracts at Tin Can Bay and Gympie schools. Chris worked as a primary school teacher across the coast, and still works as a casual teacher now.

“The gas is delivered here from Gympie we are the authorised Origin Distributor of 13kg and 45kg LPG bottles.” “Chris has done a run with me, but her main role will be bookkeeping, paperwork and answering calls.” The new role is a trifle different to their years as teachers, although Bob admits, “I spent a lot of time teaching 16 and 17 year olds their Certificate 1 in Engineering and Construction, and as a Manual Arts teacher, I had to ensure safety with oxyacetylene gas.” Bob and Chris had a great time in North

That’s when Chris is not being grandmother to 9 month Kai. Sallyann and husband Mike have relocated to Rainbow for her maternity leave as Marine Ecologist on Lord Howe Island. Bob and Chris’s son Andrew works for the Port of Brisbane as a relief Dredgemaster. As locals, Bob and Chris are promising prompt and reliable delivery and are enjoying their new role back in Rainbow, servicing the Cooloola Coast and Fraser.

Blanket school closures I

t is unfortunate that Rainbow Beach State School was closed recently, despite both teachers and students being able to access the facility. Power, internet and telephones weren’t the factor, it was due to floods almost 50km away. During Gympie floods, Rainbow Beach is isolated but able to function independently. While families and businesses are already disadvantaged due to road closures, weather conditions and the impact on the tourist industry, it was disappointing that the community was further penalised with primary students unable to attend school. Advice from David Gibson’s Office was as follows: “The Department of Education, Training and Employment had been advised that the Gympie geographic areas would experience rising flood waters and isolation as a result of recent heavy rain. The Department prioritises the safety of all to be the critical factor regarding school closures. The Department had considered all available advice from recognised sources to make the decision to close schools as a result of the most current timely information.

To ensure safety of all and to restrict parental/student travel during times of rising flood waters, a blanket closure of all Gympie Schools was activated. All schools were closed to ensure that there was no confusion regarding closures and enable a process to restrict travel in a dangerous flooded environment. The Gympie/Tin Can Road was cut due to flood waters restricting bus travel. The Department continually reviews its procedures and practices concerning school closures and will endeavour to ensure community consultation occurs during these circumstances.” It is hopeful that future calls around school closures will take into consideration geography and impact on outlying communities. Text messaging services are an efficient communication option currently used by the school that could inform the school community of local decisions. Assistant Regional Director for the North Coast Region, Mr Steven Case, assured us that they do review current practice at Gympie’s Principals Alliance. The Cluster Chair, local Mrs Dianne Neumann (currently Principal at Chatsworth) will be discussing this at their meeting this month.



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Possible heritage listing for historic Cooloola tramway T

he remains of Queensland’s first major private tramway, built in Cooloola north of Noosa in the 1870s, are being surveyed by archaeologists and historians with a view to entering the place in the Queensland Heritage Register. The complex, which was established by timber entrepreneur William Pettigrew, is located within the Great Sandy National Park and includes a jetty, tramway cuttings, loading ramps, log crossings and bullock roads constructed from the 1870s onwards. Environment and Heritage Protection Minister Andrew Powell said it’s an important part of Queensland’s past. “Nowadays, most of the remnants of the

tramway are not easy to find, yet tell a very important story about Queensland’s history,” Mr Powell said. “Heritage officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) and rangers from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) surveyed the Cooloola Section of Great Sandy National Park in early December 2012 looking for remnants of the tramway and jetty. “Local historian Dr Elaine Brown and other volunteers joined the search to help assess whether the remnants were of state heritage significance. “What the recent survey found is exciting, but so far no sleepers or rails have been identified. Being cypress pine and spotted gum, they were subject to termites, fires and other natural forces so may not have survived. Mr Powell described William Pettigrew as Queensland’s first and greatest timber entrepreneur. “Large amounts of prized timbers including hoop pine, kauri pine, satinay and blackbutt were cut from the area to help build the town of Maryborough and the growing free settlement of Brisbane where Pettigrew was also later to serve as Mayor,” he said. “Timber was also sent to other areas of Australia that were opening up for mining or grazing. “In the late 1890s Pettigrew and others spoke to the Queensland parliament about the need to conserve forests. This in turn helped establish the State Forests and National Parks Act and the Queensland Forest Service in 1906.

Gympie historian and expert on the history of the Cooloola coast, Dr Elaine Brown, said the tramway construction was a major engineering feat for its time. “We are looking at early pioneering days here; Queensland’s railway system was established only about eight years beforehand,” Dr Brown said. “William Pettigrew was a surveyor so he knew how to survey and construct the line which was more than 14 kilometres in length, a major undertaking for 1873. “Pettigrew with his partner William Sim showed great foresight and initiative in constructing the tramway which was the solution for transporting timber logs from

inaccessible places and over difficult terrain from the sandy Cooloola forests to the shores of Tin Can Inlet. “From here the logs were made into rafts and floated to Pettigrew and Sim's  Dundathu sawmill near Maryborough. Dundathu milled the softwood timber from places along the coast while a second mill, the Union, processed hardwoods. “The Pettigrew-Sim milling operation was mainly concerned with kauri pine. “Pettigrew championed the need for a tramway and commissioned the first steam locomotive built in Queensland, the ‘Mary Ann,’ to haul the logs.

Contributed by NPWS


Message to boaties these holidays

School holidays are a popular time for boaties to get out on the water with family and friends. To ensure your day on the water doesn't end attached to a Coast Guard tow rope, it's important to prepare for the trip by following a simple check list. Check the weather and tides before you go out to make sure the they are suitable for your trip and that bad weather and adverse tides will not affect your trip later in the day. Check that your boat is seaworthy and the hull is sound. Check the engine is serviced and operating correctly. Ensure you have sufficient fuel for the trip and check oil levels Ensure the batteries are fully charged.  Check that all your electronic equipment - radio, GPS, depth sounder etc - are in good working order and functioning correctly. Do not leave shore without all the required safety equipment - life jackets, flares, EPIRB, V-Sheet, etc. Ensure you have tools and spare parts to fix minor breakdowns. Ensure you have sufficient food and water for everyone on board for the duration of your trip. Ensure everyone on board has protective clothing, hats, footwear, sunglasses and sunscreen. Make sure you have a first aid kit. Ensure your anchor and chain/rope are in good order. Ensure your mobile phone battery is fully charged. Brief all passengers and crew on your trip. Be patient at the launching ramp if many boats are launching Remember to log on with Coast Guard when you go, providing your boat's name, rego number, vessel description, number of persons on board, your destination, your mobile phone number and the time you expect to return. Don't forget to log off when you return.

"Prepare carefully so your day on the water doesn't end like this.

If you follow this basic check list and prepare carefully for your trip, everyone will enjoy a great day on the water.



Wedding Bells

(photo provided by Waterview Bistro) Owners of Jilarty Café, Jay and Leonie chose the Waterview Bistro for their Wedding Celebration in March


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here is such an array of life under the water, so vast that we tend to forget about the ones that are maybe not so exciting to look at as they don’t actually move around like rays, fish and sharks or they may be harder to see as they might be hiding in crevices or under rocks or even in the sandy bed. For example, you have all the hard and soft corals, anemones, sponges, sea urchins, worms, shrimps, sea cucumbers......just to name a few. This month’s report is on sea stars. Sea stars or “starfish” as most people call them come in a multitude of sizes, colours and shapes. Most have five arms but some

come with six or seven, or even up to eleven arms. They might look soft and spongy but are actually very hard as they consist of a tough skeleton made up of a network of plates and spines with papillae which protrude through the skeleton on the upper surface and are used as gills for breathing. Underneath they have suckered tube feet which are used for movement. They can range in size between a few centimetres to as big as about one metre and their food sources consist of seaweeds, corals, worms and sea urchins amongst other things. They reproduce two ways either by splitting in two and regrowing lost arms or organs,

3 hour Surf Lessons and Dolphin View Kayaking Tour at Double Island Point


3hr lesson Learn to Surf on the Longest Safest Wave in Australia Both Tours include a 4WD beach drive past the famous Rainbow Beach Coloured sands Also available: n Gift Vouchers n Sand and Surf Board hire n Hardwire, Surfwear outlet

Sunset kayak tour departing 4.30pm daily (2 hours) $29

Paddle with the Dolphins and see these amazing animals in the wild!

$65 3hr trip

Rainbow Beach Surf Centre

Shop 1, 6 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach, Qld, 4581 Ph: 0408738192

or they can mass spawn eggs. Probably the most famous is the destructive crown of thorns sea star that is found on the Great Barrier Reef. Fortunately we rarely see this one in our waters. See photos attached of some that we do have here. As of the 18 March, due to ongoing unsuitable weather conditions we have not been diving at Wolf Rock so far this month. We do hope to get out over Easter however at the end of this month. Cheryl Maughan Wolf Rock Dive

Local News

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Local bus flood policy reviewed R

ainbow’s Sammy Montgomery was stranded in Gympie last month, all due to a bus policy change that no one knew about. Grandmother, Sandy Brosnan said by the time school rang on the Monday, February 25, they couldn’t get in to get to James Nash. Sammy couldn’t get home until Thursday. Many other students were lucky to arrive home in time. Sandy says it is “not good enough”. She feels that it could be monitored by disaster management, and that “there is a duty of care by Education Qld and TMR to bring children back to us.” Once the policy was known, many others parents opted to miss out on school days once the bus was running again, uncertain if the bus will return in the event of road closures prior to scheduled times. Local bus service flood policy states that they operate “services on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Any decision to operate at times different to those advertised must be authorised by them in conjunction with directives from the Department of Education (ie school closures).The complexity of issues that have to be simultaneously coordinated on the day of a potential flood has made us opt for the simplest solution. Buses will run at the allotted time only.” Warren Polley said he created the policy after last year’s floods after discussions with schools and knowing the difficulty schools had obtaining consent and the complaints he had last year with children left at bus stops. The policy states that: “Parents/Guardians have the choice to not send students to school on the bus or to call the school directly and take the student/s out of school earlier.”

This might work if you live or work in or near Gympie. However, many Rainbow Beach or Cooloola Coast parents do not have the option to collect their children in Gympie (up to an hour away). So their only option now is for their family to miss out on even more schooling - on top of five valid flood days that occurred in a fortnight. Most of the reasons given could be addressed with systems. Surely it is safer to get children home than leave them stranded in Gympie overnight, where the school assumes the “duty of care”?

Could there be a pre-signed consent form ready for any “natural disaster” eventuality – similar to consent required for emergency hospital admission? e.g. “prior to Tin Can Bay- Gympie road closure” Mr Polley suggested he would be happy to make the earlier run to the Cooloola Coast if he was directed by higher authority of TMR/DETE or Gympie Disaster Management, as he is their client. However, with all the connecting services it would need to be all in. “Unless all schools and every operator” is involved, it won’t work. It is hopeful that the Principal’s Alliance could work with Gympie’s Disaster Management Committee/services to co-ordinate student release to the Cooloola Coast so that students from outlying areas will not be disadvantaged by bus policies. They will notify the community of any progress after their next meeting this month.

It also took into account CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) e.g. issues with lighting and forested areas near children’s playgrounds. Edible landscapes, correct plant species, interpretative centres and stakeholder input were also considered.

Rainbow Beach Chamber of Commerce and Tourism funded a preliminary audit which documented existing physical conditions and site issues, along with a staged approach of action to council e.g. pathways not connected, shelters, protected views. Survey results from MP David Gibson’s


Council will focus on three esplanade parks and the Foreshore Beautification Project. However, the Master Plan will assist with planning for the CBD and main street. Many communities utilise this approach e.g. Southbank and Bargara have a very distinct “look” with consistent lighting, signage, bollards etc. There are five different ground treatments within a 30m radius of the propeller. In future when a path is built, a Master Plan will ensure it is consistent across the town. With council’s processes it will progress into a Draft that will soon be available for comment. A Master Plan means that when a grant is available (for community art, for example), all is ready to go – they will already know where it should be placed.


Schnitzel Night $11.95

TUESDAYS 2 for 1 $19.95

WEDNESDAYS Bistro Specials



11.00pm - 2:00pm

THURSDAYS Rib Fest $19.50

SUNDAYS Roast Specials

Family BBQ $10.00


They are keen to design processes locally which meet the need of the community.

office and bikeway consultations were used to provide feedback e.g. extending the esplanade park.

A masterplan is a visionary plan of a precinct or area and captures important information that is used to inform the planning process. It gives the community a 20 year guide so there are consistencies in aesthetic of an area.



Assistant Regional Director for the North Coast Region, Mr Steven Case, agrees that Cooloola Coast parents face a “tremendous issue” re isolation”. He and the Cluster Chair, Mrs Dianne Neumann will bring it to the table at Gympie Alliance.

What is the Masterplan for Rainbow?

Council advised last month that The Master Plan will be available mid-year for public consultation, and will include recommendations for the beach access stairs south of the Surf Club.

Starts 8:00am EVERY SAT


5:00pm Everyday


No phone orders excepted orders must be placed within the venue.

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Australia’s Nature Coast

What’s On at the Waterview Bistro

– Update from Gympie Cooloola Tourism


collection of South East Queensland organizations have joined forces to increase awareness of our natural assets and build the quality of eco-focused tourism product across a number of regions. Tourism Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd, Tourism Noosa, Gympie Cooloola Tourism, Gympie Regional Council, The Great Sandy Biosphere and Noosa Biosphere, in conjunction with Tourism & Events Queensland, are collaborating on a product development project, named Australia’s Nature Coast that focuses on international trade with the objectives of increasing visitor numbers and expenditure across all partnering destinations. This initiative is not to create a new brand, but is to collectively develop a stronger point of difference to key international target markets. GCT recently attended a Strategic Workshop conducted by Mark Olsen

from EC3 Global and hosted by Gympie at the Gympie Conference Centre, along with internationally ready operators interested in moving forward with this alliance. The group is passionate and excited, resolving to continue with the project promoting the region in the international tourism market. GCT is a financial partner in the Australia’s Nature Coast campaign and will continue to partner with the group to work towards creating a point of difference for international marketing of this area where personal natural encounters and nature tourism can be found on every doorstep. Contest-able and matching funding has been achieved by our partnership and further planning for international promotion will continue in 2013. This is an exciting project which GCT is proud to be a part of. It will highlight our combined region on the international stage. Keep an eye out for updates over the next few months.

Cooloola Coast Garden Group Our NEXT MEETING is on Thursday 11th APRIL at the private Garden of: JO and CHARLIE SAID 8 EDINA COURT COOLOOLA COVE Map Ref: BAY BULLETIN E9 1.30pm Start BRING A CHAIR and CUP SWAP TABLE – plants and cuttings Afternoon Tea – “Bring a Plate” $2.00 Fee (for Bus Trips) ENQUIRIES:- COLLEEN 5488 0309

Shane and Kathy Jordan enjoying our views


fter the weather being so unkind to us all in Rainbow and Cooloola we are looking forward to a fine and sunny Easter. We will be open for both lunch and dinner on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday (the Lunch and Friday Night Specials will not be available over Easter). We have a few new dishes on our menu - a Pizzetta with Goats Cheese, Anchovy and Tomato; an ideal size when having an icy cold beer or a glass of Wirra Wirra Chardonnay. Beautiful Lemon and Herb Crusted Scallops and also delicious Potato and Bacon Croquettes have been added to our Entree List. The very popular Slow Cooked Duck Leg is now served with Le Puy

Lentils, Red Wine Jus and Crispy Proscuitto. We've had quite a few birthdays and anniversaries at Waterview during March and owners of Jilarty Cafe, Jay and Leonie celebrated their wedding. They had a beautiful sunny day celebrating with family and friends. We hope you all have a safe and happy Easter and come up the hill and see us, even if it's just for a drink or a Vittoria coffee. Take care Matt, Judy & Andreas


Flood mitigation needs to include Coondoo Creek C

oondoo Creek Bridge is a standing issue for residents. There is a significant population on the Cooloola Coast, with business and particularly our tourist industry affected by the frequent closures.

Mr Truss concludes.

Gympie Regional Council has welcomed the state government announcement of $100,000 towards a flood mitigation study for the Gympie region.

The works included replacing some timber components and installing new steel girders to strengthen the bridge.

Deputy Mayor Tony Perrett said council had put $100,000 towards the study and was pleased the state has matched its contribution, enabling council to get on with the job. “This study will take a whole-of-region approach to try and mitigate the impact of flooding,” Cr Perrett said. The Hon Warren Truss MP, Federal Member for Wide Bay has told Rainbow Beach Community News that “The flooding caused by ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald and the recent wet weather has highlighted the need to build infrastructure to a better standard so people are not left stranded.” He asserts that council “should consider the needs of the residents of Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay and include Coondoo Creek Bridge in its report.” He says State Government is responsible for the Tin Can Bay Road and Coondoo Creek Bridge, but all levels of Government will need to work together to build better infrastructure to improve the flood immunity of bridges and roads. “I would be happy to support any application for betterment funding for the project,”

MP, David Gibson has advised that Transport and Main Roads completed maintenance works on Coondoo Creek Bridge on Tin Can Bay Road late last year.

Some very preliminary planning has taken place, but at this stage an alignment or immunity for a future structure has not been determined. Due to the fiscal position inherited by the Newman Government, TMR has no plans to further upgrade Coondoo Creek Bridge at this time. However, council agrees that “The economic and social impact of the recent flood events on the community, particularly the business community, was so great that we simply cannot sit on our hands and do nothing. “Council has a responsibility to seriously investigate whether there is a business case for mitigation measures that could help lessen the impact of flood events across the region. “It’s not about flood-proofing; it’s about trying to lessen the impact and includes consideration of things like transport access.” Cr Perrett said the study was important in the context of current technologies and proper economic impact analysis. “The study will be key in attracting the kind of funding needed from external sources to act on any recommendations,” he said.

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New planning scheme and Rainbow Shores 2 A

fter a four-year process, Gympie Regional Council's proposed new planning scheme is a step closer to being finalised. Planning and Development Portfolio Councillor, Cr Ian Petersen, said the proposed Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme would tie together the previously separate planning schemes of Cooloola, Kilkivan and Tiaro shires.  "Considered a benchmark for amalgamated  councils, the scheme aims to  slash red tape and be much more user friendly for both assessment staff and the public," Cr Petersen said.

Shores resort near Rainbow Beach. "The lease stems back to the land swap deals made in the 1980s at the cessation of sand mining on Fraser Island," he said.   "The land is the subject of an appeal by Rainbow Shores against the Department of Environment and Resource Management and the council for refusing an application to develop the land as Stage Two of the tourist and residential resort.

"The proposed scheme was released for public comment at the end of last year,  with council considering  submissions received earlier this month.

"In 2009, the department  directed  council to refuse the application, citing infrastructure, environmental and other concerns, and Rainbow Shores lodged an appeal in the Planning and Environment Court in response to that direction.

"As per standard practice, council's deliberations on the submissions  were in a closed meeting to prevent speculators from profiting from advance knowledge prior to adoption.

"Acknowledging the lease in the proposed planning scheme  in no way approves Stage Two. It simply acknowledges the presence of the lease and clarifies the situation at Inskip.

"Details of the new planning scheme will be released once the state government approves its adoption, which could occur within weeks."

"Significant concerns continue in relation to the  density and intensity of the application -  concerns  which need to be considered as part of  the application process, which - for this project - has progressed to the courts."

Cr Petersen said council had  clarified  the proposed scheme  in response to submissions  to acknowledge a long-existing development lease over 200ha of land adjoining Rainbow

Local firm export to NZ or Old Guys Rule in Rainbow Beach

Once adopted, new planning scheme documents will be made available to the public.


Page 14

Local firm export to New laws help Cooloola NZ or Old Guys Rule Coast’s fundraisers in Rainbow Beach All the product is made here in Australia and we employ people with disabilities private lines via Noosa Head’s House with No Steps to label garments, tag, fold, bag and pick and pack orders.”

The whole purpose of the Rainbow Beach Trading Co. is not s surf shop or a fashion store – they liken it to an old fashioned department store with affordable prices and something there for the whole family. We sell boardies, T-shirts, women’s shoes and apparel but also stock gifts, DVDs and accessories. Soon we’ll stock Old Guy’s Rule polo shirts and winter wear.

Leanne Bosse at the Rainbow Beach Trading Co.


eb and Michael Court opened the Rainbow Beach Trading Company four years ago, it is the only retail outlet they have for their Old Guys Rule business. Leanne and Glenys are the faces you will mostly see – Deb and Michael are up helping on weekends. Deb says, “We love Rainbow Beach. Michael has spent 40 years on the Sunshine Coast and there is nothing he enjoys more than surfing at Double Island and Rainbow, with the drive along the beach. The lifestyle is laid back so we visit as much as we can.” Based in Noosaville they sell wholesale all over Australia and just started in New Zealand. “Plus we have our online store.

“Our product appeals to certain guys – from corporate gents to fisherman, people come up to Rainbow and they just keep coming back. One fellow walked in wearing an Old Guys Rule singlet. He bought a beerstein and T-shirt and said it would be another for his collection. I asked him how many he owned and he said 20 shirts!” She said his customers on the Sunny Coast talk about their own collections to him – it has a real following.

Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP said the new laws would save time and money for community groups.

“This also enables these groups to include alcohol as a prize in raffles under $100 without the need to apply for a permit.”

“Schools and community groups host these events simply to raise money for their students or members and they shouldn’t be bogged down with unnecessary regulation,” Mr Gibson said.

“The Newman Government is committed to slashing red tape by 20 per cent and there is no reason why businesses, let alone community organisations should be lumped with unnecessary regulation.”

“As part of the CLP permits, groups were required to have one person with a Responsible Service of Alcohol, pay a $57 fee and in some cases, employ security, which further added to the cost.

Rainbow Beach P&C President, Tracey Hethorn agrees, “The changes allow the schools to raise more money at fundraising events and makes planning easier for our volunteers, which in turn benefits the school and wider community.”

Mother’s Day Walk For Cancer Research 9am Sunday May 12          

“Old Guys Rule are a licensed product from the U.S. and besides ours for Australia/NZ there are only licences in UK and Sweden.” On New Zealand, Deb says, “It was a big step – December was our first drop- 17 stores already use us as an agent and it’s a good excuse to cross the Tasman.”

You can Walk Run or Volunteer, register On-in Bring the whole family and enjoy the experience together. The more funds we raise the faster a cure can be

Shopping for the whole family!



“Groups have raised concerns about these additional expenses and the amount of paperwork and red tape they have to go through, and the Government has responded.

This Mother’s Day Classic is organised nationally by Women in Super a network of women in the Superannuation Industries since 1995 $14.8 has been raised for the National Breast cancer research Foundation...The major Sponsor is the Me bank.....would YOU like to support it on the coast and join the team of Sue Bennett, Helen Window and Shirley Wilson to maintain awareness in our area?



Schools and community groups in the Gympie electorate will no longer require a Community Liquor Permit (CLP) for fundraising events under new laws introduced to Parliament today.


PH: 07 5486 8558

Shops 1 & 2, Rainbow Beach RD Rainbow Beach

found. On Line registration is   and/or personally on the morning at Norman point Tin Can Bay. There will be a $5 fee for registration which goes to research and (or more) according to your involvement/commitment. Wear something outrageous in pink or just be pretty in pink (preferably clothing and not skin!!!) Shirley Wilson Organiser


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New gear will help keep beach even safer this Easter

Greg Bahr and Dean Robertson with the new vehicle

Income generated through the generous supporters club, boat and club raffles have enabled the purchase of a new 4 X 4 for patrol and rescue for the beach, together with two new rescue boards. Thanks to all the people who kindly supported Surf Club fundraisers. A state government grant has meant the Surf Club was able to secure an All Terrain Vehicle to patrol the beach. An additional Defibrillator was purchased by the club to complete the fit out of rescue vehicle. Training The club will be offering an IRB Course April 13 to May 5. Eighteen members completed two sessions of a Spinal Management course and five participants attended a course on Advanced Resuscitation Techniques,

March 16-17. A First Aid Course was also held on March 24. Clean Up Australia Day was delayed until March 17, it was great to see nippers and senior members tidy around the club and beach, it’s good that the Surf Club volunteers and National Parks Officers can help with the national initiative. Join with us The Surf Club is always seeking new members – please call 5486 3249 to find out more. Visitors to the supporters club are welcome, come and enjoy a meal and the view: it helps raise money for beach safety. Please keep safe these holidays – swim between the flags. Rainbow Beach Surf Club

Driving tourism in QLD Q

ueensland is a step closer to cementing its reputation as a world-renowned drive tourism destination, with the launch of the Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy last month. Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games Minister Jann Stuckey said strengthening drive tourism would provide benefits for all sectors of the community. “Our regional cities and towns rely heavily on visitation to support their local businesses and this strategy will stimulate the drive tourism market by encouraging visitors to take a driving holiday,” Ms Stuckey said. “This is a key outcome of the inaugural DestinationQ Forum and support for drive tourism will play an important role in contributing to the Government’s goal to double annual overnight visitor expenditure to $30 billion by 2020. “We want drive tourists to feel safe and comfortable while exploring our great State, and the strategy addresses real issues such as road infrastructure, accommodation options, and user-friendly information.” Ms Stuckey said the strategy’s development had sparked a lot of interest with 98 submissions received from the industry and public during the consultation process. “29 initiatives have been identified and will be implemented over the next three years through a coordinated approach by State Government agencies, local governments and industry,” she said.

Local MP, David Gibson said the strategy was an important step toward greater economic activity in the region. “The drive tourism sector is an important market for the Cooloola Coast and more tourist arrivals will lead to strengthening and expansion of the tourism and hospitality industry.” He said. “This a fast growing sector and locally we must work tirelessly to ensure we get a piece of the pie but it requires the public and private sectors to work together in implementing the Strategy.” Highlights of the strategy include: •

improving facilities for drive tourists by providing an additional two years of funding for the dump point program

ensuring the tourism industry is consulted annually to inform the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ forward infrastructure program

appointing senior ‘go–to’ officers in the Department of Transport and Main Roads who industry can talk to directly on road and signage matters

addressing competing use of roadside rest areas between truck drivers who need to rest to address fatigue and drive tourists

better meeting the needs of tourists visiting national parks

reducing red tape and making it simpler for tourism operators to get road signs to their business

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Lock It or Lose It and Facebook Bullying A school term is coming to its end all ready and the school holidays are about to start. As such with the school holidays comes the influx of external support (holiday makers) to hopefully assist and finance all businesses in our town. So usually with the holidays we have a slight increase in crime and traffic matters/hazards. As such I would like to

touch on our responsibilities to security. So with this in mind, when you get to your destination don’t forget to LOCK your vehicle. There is a campaign going that we call, “Lock it or Lose it”. It addresses the two types of thieves that will target your vehicle. 1. The professional, who wants your vehicle for parts or to re-identify it as another vehicle and 2. The opportunist thief who will steal your vehicle for transport or steal valuables from within your vehicle. There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen or broken into. These vary from removing all valuables or at least store them out of sight, to marking your property and vehicle with microdots or personal code. Whatever you use, it will make it harder for the thief to on sell, use or re-identify your vehicle or property which means they will look for another vehicle or other property and thereby leaving your vehicle or property untouched. While this message is all about security of the home and car, it is also meant to relate to our visitors security as well. Don’t forget to secure all your valuable equipment with wire or chains, e.g. portable fridges, freezers, solar panels, fishing rods and generators. All these items are sort after by thieves.

Easter 2012, by Cassie Head, Rainbow Beach Hire-a-Camp

So if you take a few precautions when setting up your camp you will have a truly relaxed and happy stay in this lovely part of the world. On a local note it concerns me that local children are utilising internet services without the knowledge of their parents. This ritual leads to bullying and this is especially prevalent with regards to facebook of late. Below is an extract from facebook in regards to a section of its policy. Could you please bring this policy to the attention of the children in your family? It may save a lot of heart ache at a later stage. Protecting Other People’s Rights We respect other people’s rights, and expect you to do the same. 1. You will not post content or take any action on Facebook that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law. 2. We can remove any content or information you post on Facebook if we believe that it violates this Statement or our policies. 3. We provide you with tools to help you protect your intellectual property rights. To learn more, visit our How to Report Claims of Intellectual Property Infringement page. 4. If you repeatedly infringe other people’s intellectual property rights, we will disable your account when appropriate. 5. If you collect information from users, you will: obtain their consent, make it clear you (and not Facebook) are the one collecting their information, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it. 6. You will not post anyone’s identification documents or sensitive financial information on Facebook. 7. You will not tag users or send email invitations to non-users without their consent. Facebook offers social reporting tools to enable users to provide feedback about tagging. Have a great Easter and holiday period and please take care. Al and Michael

Rainbow Beach Police Beat

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Rainbow Beach Community Centre

The Community Centre provides a range of services to support the local community. All monies raised by the Centre are given back to the Community, by either the sponsoring local events, funding the Medical Meals program or by way of donation to charity. Various Employment Services groups visit the Centre regularly. The Public Trustee will attend by appointment. JP services are also available at the Centre. Please contact us on 54863355 or call in if you require any of the services offered, or would like information on any other community services. Annual General Meeting, this will be held on Tuesday 23rd April at 2pm. All Members are invited to attend. Please contact the Centre is you wish to nominate for a position on the Committee. Department of Human Ser vices, Financial Information Seminars, These seminars are free and independent. The FIS program provides seminars on a range

of issues aimed at people in the workforce, are about to retire or have already retired. A program for Rainbow Beach has been arranged with Janine Quinn from Centrelink. Topics and dates as follows: Understanding your Pension

11 April @ 10am

Accommodation Options in Retirement

18 April @ 10am

Investing with Safety

2 May @ 10am

The average seminar duration is 1.5 – 2 hours duration. Refreshments are provided. All seminars will be held at the Community Hall. To book please phone 136357 to book, or email: fis. , or drop into the Community Centre and let us know if you will be coming. Hall Happenings: The Community Hall was the place to be on Sunday 10th March, when the first “Soundwaves” music afternoon was under-

way. This event was a great success, with local talent being showcased. The Community Information and Resource Service were pleased to financially sponsor this event. Country Music Evening. Set aside the evening of 1st June. We are arranging for Country Music Artists Jed & Trudy to entertain with their great music. Jed & Trudy have won numerous awards, most recently in Tamworth. Trudy won the ‘Stan Coster Memorial Award for 2013’, Trudy has an exceptional voice. Jed also won the ‘Song Writers Salute’. Money raised from this event will go towards equipment for the Community Hall. Zumba Dancing classes are now on in the Hall at 5pm on a Monday night, come along if you would like to join in. The Hall will be the venue for a number of Wedding Receptions in the coming months. The Hall is a great venue for any event, come and talk to us if you have a party or event coming up and would like to hold it in the Hall. Mary Cottam, Secretary CI&RS

Tin Can Bay resource and referral centre March has been another busy month at the Resource Centre with locals and people on holidays calling in to say ‘hello’ and enquire about our ‘what we do’. Being a ‘not for profit’ organization, apart from partial funding from the Gympie Regional Council and Department of Families and Communities, we rely on monies from our services such as computer lessons, computer use, secondhand book sales and donations to enable our office to cover expenses such as electricity, telephone and

other normal office costs. Community support is vital for our continued existence and we would find it difficult to provide the services we do. Our thank you to all who support us. Our ‘free’ legal appointments continue to be in demand. On the 4th Thursday of every month, the Resource Centre offers a 15 minute ‘advice only’ appointment with a solicitor. You can phone us on 54880035 or come and see us as appointments are essential. If you have a few hours a week to spare and enjoy being with other people, come in and see what we have to offer as a volunteer. You may enjoy the interaction with all sorts of people who come through our door seeking information on both local and the surrounding areas. If you need any information why not drop in and see the friendly staff at Tin Can Bay Resource & Referral. We can also help with Community Service Referrals, Justice of the Peace (Monday & Thursday only), Employment Services, Internet Training, Basic Computer Training ($6.00 per hour), Telstra Assistance Vouchers, Tax Returns, Emergency Relief (voucher only), Free, Legal advice, Internet access or you can just drop in and buy a secondhand book. We have a reasonable library for you to choose from and it helps us raise funds to provide a service for you. 54880035

Would you like to access Rainbow Beach Cooloola Cove Community News online? Go ahead and register your name online this month (you’ll be able to add your email address for notifications soon). Visit http://rainbowbeach communitynews. or email

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RAINBOW BEACH OVER 60S New Dentist Here are the significant dates for your diary: APRIL Wed 17th Exploring Maryborough’s Heritage. $20per person includes entry into 3 museums and art gallery, 1hr bus tour of heritage houses and lunch. BYO morning tea. Rsvp by April 2nd. Helen and Don 54863323 John and Marg 54868153 (If you are interested there are a couple of very good books circulating about Maryborough and the early days.) Over 60’s at Arcos

March saw the Rainbow Beach Over 60 gathering as usual on the first Tuesday of the month for coffee. This month we were at Arcobaleno where we enjoyed a great morning tea prepared by the Arcobaleno staff. Unfortunately this was our only gathering for the month as our planned ten pin bowling day did not eventuate. Perhaps later. April is looking good with a very interesting trip to Maryborough on Wed 17th. If you would like to read one of the books circulating give us a ring. One of them is about the early settlement, and the other about the restoration of Baddow House. Don’t forget to come to coffee on Tuesday 2nd at 10.30.

Would you like to access Rainbow Beach Cooloola Cove Community News online? Go ahead and register your name online this month (you’ll be able to add your email address for notifications soon). Visit http://rainbowbeach or email


MAY Sat 18th 4pm. Italian night at Dot and Don’s place. Byo chair and a pen for trivia. Rsvp by 15th May. Dorothy and Don 54862357 and Gary 54868429 JUNE Tues 4th. Tagalong Hinterland Adventure around the Mary Valley. Graham and Yvonne 54863567 Ray and Lil 54863462

Australia. In recent years William has been working in a high quality dental practice in Canberra ACT and we’re delighted that he has decided to move to Gympie to join us at Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre. Involved in a diverse range of charity work in the UK and abroad, William has provided his dental and humanitarian expertise to communities in countries such as Mozambique, Kenya, Laos and Jordan. He’s also a keen outdoors person who enjoys surfing and competing in triathlons.

Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre are delighted to announce that Dr. William Edmeades has joined our practice. A very experienced dentist who graduated from Barts & The Royal London School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2005, William gained a wide range of dental experience in private practice throughout the UK and completed a number of advanced post graduate studies in the UK, Europe and

William will be offering a full range of care covering general dental, oral surgery, emergency care and complex treatments such as reconstruction of worn teeth, crowns, bridges, Cerec and cosmetic treatments. William’s quiet, gentle, reassuring manner will make you feel at ease from the moment you meet him. Please phone Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre on 5482 7688 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Edmeades or one of our other dental practitioners. Visit

JULY Thur 25th Barefoot Bowls. Margaret C. 0428890448. Neil and Nola . 54868202

New members are always welcome, so if you would like to join us at any of the events telephone any of the numbers above



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Birds Around The Bay by Dorothy Pashniak Have you been out to look at the migratory shorebirds recently? Many of them are now in bright colours and bold patterns and stripes. Many of

them also are now so fat that they are waddling rather than walking. The early birds among the flocks have already left for their northern hemisphere breeding grounds, and many more of them will leave during April. I n s k i p Point is a great place to see large flocks of shorebirds but you must be there very early in the morning

and on an early high tide. I do not have regular count data from Inskip Point but I do have photos archived according to place and date from several years back and these photos show interesting mixtures of birds and breeding plumage for March and April. One morning a couple of weeks ago I saw several thousand birds all tightly packed in together as they rested while the tide got higher and higher around them. However, when the first vehicles started arriving to go over to Fraser Island some of the birds disturbed and flew off and the rest scattered along the Point. This made it easier to see and photograph individual birds. There were numbers of Great Knots in breeding plumage in among the Bar-tailed Godwits.

Great Knots are smaller than Bartailed Godwits and are a medium sized shorebird. They have a white wing-bar and a white rump. Their bill is dark and their legs dark olive coloured. In breeding colours the spots and bars on the breast and head get much heavier and darker until sometimes the colour looks solid black. They have a rufous colour down the back on the scapular feathers. During migration these birds fly via South East Asia to reach North East Siberia where they breed. If you want to join our monthly shorebird counts then phone Dorothy Pashniak: 54880057 and if you want to read more about the birds I see every week then visit my blog at http://www.sandystraitsandbeyond.

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Emillia McAuliffe 0437 117 891 07 5488 0354


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Church of the Good Shepherd News Welcome and special blessings to all our residents and visitors from the Rainbow Beach Christian family worshipping at the church of the Good Shepherd and St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church. Also special prayers for safe travel for all!! “About our Church!” The Church of the Good Shepherd is a worship centre of the Gympie Anglican Parish situated at 17 Carlo Road, (first street on the left entering town). We welcome Christians of other denominations to use our facility as part of our ecumenical vision to uphold Christian harmony and co-operation. Our hall is available for community as well as church purposes. CHURCH SERVICES 9 AM EACH SUNDAY This is an Anglican service to which people of all denominations are invited. As the Uniting Church has recently proposed to discontinue its service here, we are presently meeting with clergy and people interested in providing an alternate contemporary service on the third Sundays in its place. This service would be especially for families and children. If you would like to be involved with such a service please ring Annette (Ph 5486 3292) – we’d love to hear from you! Morning tea after the service each Sunday provides an opportunity for fellowship. (Sunday Service at St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church in Manooka Drive is at 7am) PRAYER GROUP AT THE CHURCH - 10AM FRIDAYS - ALL WELCOME RAINBOW BEACH CHRISTIAN RADIO - VISION FM 87.6 “EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF GIVING!” Bob Gass writes – “Jesus said about every act of kindness you show toward someone who’s hurting or in need: ‘…You did it to Me.’ (Matt 25:40) Wow! Maybe next time you’re too busy to show concern, that’ll make you stop and think. The story’s told of an angel visiting a wealthy man who happened to be on his deathbed. After the man listed all the things he’d like to take to Heaven with him, the angel informed him, ‘You can only take what you have given away.’ Don’t wait until the eve of your departure to give; experience the joy and reward of it – now!” “The Word for Today” by Bob and Debbie Gass Published by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters), this is a three-month booklet of highly relevant down-to-earth daily commentaries. Also available for teenagers is the “Word4U2Today”. Current copies for Feb-Mar-Apr are available free from the church or freecall 1800 00 7770 or email for a free introductory copy to be sent to you. Or, “The Word for Today” is available online and as a free daily email. To receive it in your inbox each morning, simply register your details via this website – www.thewordfortoday. - highly recommended reading! Your prayers are requested - if you know anyone sick or in need of help and prayer, please contact the church. We pray especially at this time for Jeanette and Helena and all their family on the recent loss of Gordon Penny. Many locals, especially the schoolchildren, will remember Gordon as “the bike man!” who so generously repaired and provided many of them with bicycles. We also remember Fr Andrew Cooper, Pam Lidbetter, Lynn and Peri Sanchez, Audrey Gilbert, baby James Bellette, Barbara McGladrigan, Alex Barritt, Cyndari, Jahli and Seth Parton, Lesley Whackett, and Rika Martin and we give thanks for the blessing of healing received. Religious Education If you wish to help with the RE program at our RB school this year, your offer would certainly be

greatly appreciated. Please ring Glenys on 5486 3433. The Kids’ Fun Club To resume another club here in 2013, we have the venue and a number of willing helpers, as well as children inquiring when it will recommence, but we need to pray for new people to come forward to lead the club. School Chaplaincy We continue to pray for the appointment of a Chaplain for the RB School in 2013 as the children did not have the benefit of a “chappy” during 2012. Would you please remember school chaplaincy, RE, and the continuation of the Kids’ Fun Club in your prayers! Playgroup Mothers’ Day Morning Tea 10.30 -am Tuesday, 7th May Again this year, we look forward to providing morning tea and sharing with the young mums (dads and grandparents?) and their children at the Community Hall. Church Activities in the Hall Mahjong/Games Mornings are held at 9am each Wednesday while the Arts & Craft Group meets 9am 2nd and last Tuesdays of each month. All are invited, especially anyone here on holidays.

Date Claimer: 10.30 am Monday, 1st July Fashion Parade (Fishing Comp) 1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4 giveness! God Bless!

Annette Collins


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LIBRARY HAPPENINGS OPENING HOURS 5486 3705 Monday & Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm Wednesday & Friday 2pm – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 11.30am

ANZAC Day in Rainbow Beach

you and your family for extreme weather events and emergencies? This free of charge toolkit is available from the Library. It encourages residents to follow four important steps: have an emergency plan, an emergency kit, prepare your home and tune into warnings. SCVNGR LIBRARY ADVENTURE

MEMBERSHIP Gympie Regional Libraries welcome new members, including visitors to the region. To join, bring along a form of identification with your current residential address, fill out a membership form, and you’re ready to borrow. Membership cards are required each time you visit the library. SCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES

Looking for a challenge? Visit any branch of your library to take part in yet another fun, interactive activity. Download SCVNGR to your iphone or android, search for “Gympie Regional Libraries” and start the challenge. Fill out an entry form and claim your “bag of goodies”. Each entry goes in the draw to win a $50 itunes voucher, courtesy of the Friends of Gympie Regional Libraries Inc. Entries close on Wednesday 10 April. Entry forms are available from your library.

Gympie Regional Libraries Young People’s Services staff will be at Rainbow Beach Library on Wednesday, April 10th from 2.30am to 3.30am. Thursday 25th April at 7pm Come along and enjoy the stories and make a On this Thursday night we will have the added joy of hearing Sue Flower’s “Grassy Head”. Also, Mandolin Magic friends from all around Australia and New Zealand. They will be giving a concert in the Anglican church St Peter’s on Amy Street be sure to collect your in Gympie on Sunday 28th April at 2pm. copy of the autumn ediHowever, Sue is bringing them along to our Music Plus Night for us to hear tion of “Jampacked”, them and get a taste of what we will hear on the Sunday, as well as extra which provides hours items especially played for us that evening. of entertainment for It is very humbling to know that although many of these musicians can be the kids to use at home playing in leading concert venues one minute and in our ‘village’ hall the next. during the holidays. Sue is a fine example of this herself and all who know her love the genuine

Music Plus Night in Cooloola Cove

quality of her disposition. There will be room on the programme for other items and we would like to maintain our PLUS as always.


This evening will be a special one and not to be missed. For further information please call Pam Graham

How prepared are

Pam’s tel. No: 5488 0110 or 0427 180 649 or e-mail:




Rainbow Beach



The Last Post - Gallipoli’s Anzac Day service is on a headland, similar to the service experienced in Rainbow Beach

here will be two services for ANZAC Day:

Firstly, the Dawn Service will be held at the Cenotaph, Rainbow Beach commencing  0428hrs please  arrive approx 0415hrs, followed by the Gunfire Breakfast at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club approximately 0500hrs (a gold coin donation is appreciated), and  The second service will be the March

through town, lining up opposite the Rainbow Beach Swimming Pool, gather at 0945hrs to commence March at 1000hrs. The March will  finish at the Cenotaph for another service, followed by refreshments at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club. Ray Cowley President, Rainbow Beach RSL SubBranch

Would you like to access Rainbow Beach Cooloola Cove Community News online? Go ahead and register your name online this month (you’ll be able to add your email address for notifications soon). Visit http://rainbowbeach or email


Playgroup News Attention all parents and carers - Rainbow Beach Playgroup Needs You!!!

companying CD for free. Only up to 10 families can attend the session.

Atcc the moment our numbers are dwindling. We need you to attend Playgroup so that it remains active within our community. The youngsters of Rainbow Beach need to experience the joys of play, in a fun, relaxed environment. The children currently attending have so much fun each Tuesday morning and are more than happy to meet new people and share their toys.

When: Tuesday 14th May 10-11am at the Community Hall. For more information and to book a place, phone Lucia (Sing&Grow Session Leader) 0428 904 970.

We are organising and funding a 1-hour-music workshop. It’s called Sing and Grow Together: Music Through the Day and is designed to arm parents and carers with a variety of musical ideas to make the undertaking of daily tasks with young children an easier and more enjoyable experience. A qualified music therapist runs the workshop, and lots of colourful instruments for kids will be provided. You will receive a resource pack with ac-

Tin Can Bay Quilters The quilting group meets every Tuesday at the ‘Complex’ from 9am -12pm. Visitors to the coast and residents who would like a new hobby (addiction!) are welcome to visit any time during the morning. Our mystery bus trip is still a mystery, Weather conditions and no road access made life difficult. The bus had to be cancelled twice. We are now hoping to see where we were going on the 2nd May. There were changes to our programme, as members were isolated. We did spend a morning making pillowcases for children with Leukaemia. Bright fabrics were used to help brighten their beds, and we hope, their lives. On the 17th April some members are going to Childers for their quilt Show & Tell. The bus departs at 7am. 2nd April: Paper piecing and quilt as you go. 9th April: Join quilted pieces together. 16th & 23rd April: Scrappy quilt, using 2inch squares 30th April: Block of the month. 2nd May: Mystery Bus Trip. 14th MAY. TIN CAN BAY QUILTERS SHOW & TELL For further information Contact Val. Ph: 54880226

Wendy’s quilt

Jo’s Butterflies

Stay Tuned for information on our Mother’s Day Morning Tea scheduled for the 7th May. When: Tuesday mornings 9.30am – 11.30am (during school Term only) Where: Rainbow Beach Community Hall (Centre Block) Cost: 50c per person per session Further enquiries phone: Tina 0429 420 267.

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Community Groups


City Farm, opposite the Community Centre, on Tin CanBay Road, is open to the public for plant sales on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am-3pm. Contact details: Phone – 07 54862304 Email: Website:


ast month we discussed small shrubs for your garden. Medium- sized shrubs (1-3m) will be our topic for this month and the next one or two, as many shrubs available at City Farm fall into this category. As with smaller shrubs, careful selection for the garden should result in a visually pleasing variety of foliage, flowers and fruit. Medium shrubs fill significant gaps in the garden and provide protection for small birds and possibly food in the form of nectar or fruit. Once established, they are places to hang shallow bird baths. Birds need to clean their feathers and baths placed in positions that are safe from predators will attract many different birds to your garden. Baths need to be kept clean though or they can cause disease to spread. I digress‌ Starting alphabetically and selecting only some medium shrubs from the range available:-

Acacia hubbardiana (Prickly moses) is an open shrub to 2m with triangular leaves and creamy-yellow flowers winter to spring; occurs naturally in moist sandy soil or on rocky slopes; a butterfly host. Acacia suaveolens (Sweet wattle) is a slender shrub to 2.5m; fragrant cream flowers autumn to winter; attractive young seed pods are flat, purplish and translucent; can tolerate salt spray and likes a well-drained soil: a butterfly host. Banksia robur (Swamp or Broad-leaved banksia) is an upright, multi-stemmed shrub to 2m with large, stiff leaves; compact flowers to 20cm start green and become creamy-yellow during the flowering season from summer to winter; prefers a damp, sunny position; a bird attractant and butterfly host. Banksia spinulosa (Golden candlesticks) is a compact shrub to 3m; has deep-yellow flowers to around 18cm autumn to winter; is resistant to salt spray and hardy in most well-drained positions; is a bird attractant and butterfly host and an attractive feature plant. Dodonea viscosa (Sticky hop bush) is an erect shrub to 3m with shiny, sticky leaves; flowers are insignificant, but the fruit is attractive and varies in colour from green to pink/red and is a valved capsule; a butterfly host. From the brief list so far, you can see there is considerable variety in medium shrubs and that by planting them, you are providing habitat for birds and butterflies. Since my shrubs have reached maturity, I have seen many more small birds as they have the protection of the low and mid-level foliage. At numerous times of the day, they come singly or in groups to the bird baths and it is a pleasure to watch them. Call in to see the range of plants at City Farm. Staff are happy to assist you with your individual garden requirements.

Cooloola Coast Property Guide

Sea Change to the Cooloola Coast Lynnelle Jessup and Mick Russell are the happy new owners of Tin Can Bay’s Café to the Max. Originally from Armidale, NSW, they were up for the Australia Day weekend and Coondoo Creek meant their 3 day stay was extended to a week.

The next day Lynelle rented a place. About three days later they made an offer on the café.

Cooloola Residents offered Great Start to home ownership

Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP is urging residents considering buying their first home to apply for the Newman Government’s $15,000 Great Start Grant.

“It enticed us to relocate. It was a quick decision – we loved the environment, atmosphere and people. I thought ‘We’re going to do it!’“ (photo contributed) Rae, Lynnelle, Mick and their boys Tyron and Cory at Café to the Max

“We bought and moved in three weeks, starting trading on March 1.“ Mick was working for Cleanheat and Lynelle was helping out in a bakery and they are thrilled with the move to the coast. “The kids are settled in to school, have made friends, love the skatepark and riding on the foreshore. Cory is playing golf whilst Tyron is keen to start tennis, and they are both swimming all the time, all things we didn’t do in Armidale.” “Mick and I are enjoying the relaxed vibe, the sights and all the area has to offer.” Plus they are closer to family. Lynelle is the daughter of well-known local, Arthur Jessop who has owned Tin Can Bay Bakery for the last ten years. She worked with her Dad in bakeries when she was younger. Her brother is Darren Jessup of Cooloola

Cove Bakery. So you know the cakes at Café to the Max will be good! Trade has been busy, and they are grateful for all the support from locals. Their new lunch specials (chicken tenderloin or beer battered flathead wraps) have been the most popular items. Also new to the menu are their quiche and salad, cake special and coffee and cake deals. Breakfast muffins and wraps are also available. Lynelle says they have bought a new coffee machine, “It’s the same coffee, but it tastes even better now”. She also has a sideline that has been a real hit with visitors. “I make icy holders – like stubby holders for kid’s iceblocks.” See her displays instore. Café to the Max is open Monday to Friday 7am-3pm, dine in or takeaway. Drop in and try out some of their new deals at the Dolphin Shopping Centre on Tin Can Bay Road.

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Mr Gibson said more Queenslanders were realising their dream of home ownership thanks to the grant, which is available to first home buyers who are building or buying a new house, townhouse, apartment or unit, including off-the-plan properties and owner-builder projects. This Government is determined to help more Queenslanders into their first homes, which is why we more than doubled Labor’s first home owner’s grant to $15,000,” Mr Gibson said. “I realise that for young couples and families money is always a constraint, which is why I am encouraging all eligible Gympie Region residents to take advantage of the $15,000 on offer.” Mr Gibson said the Newman Government had launched a Great Start Grant website and advertising campaign aimed at promoting the advantages of the grant. “We want to make sure all local residents looking to move into their first home are aware of the grant so no one misses out,” he said. “The advertising will really tap into the aspirations of first homebuyers and their families.”

“The Great Start Grant is also about boosting our construction industry, one of Queensland’s four economic pillars.” “It is also vitally important to the region’s economy, employing 9.5% of Gympie’s workforce.” Mr Gibson said the Great Start Grant was a sustainable and targeted investment in the property and construction industry. “It’s not a short-term sugar hit. It’s here to stay,” he said. “Knowing there is a $15,000 grant available will encourage Queenslanders to buy new, rather than old.” “The Great Start Grant is just one of many initiatives we have implemented to make home ownership more affordable.” “Last year we reinstated the Principal Place of Residence Concession, which was scrapped by the former Labor Government, saving Gympie residents up to $7,000 on the purchase of the family home, whether it be new or well established.” “We’ve also made it easier to buy and sell homes by scrapping sustainability declarations and giving people the choice to include rainwater tanks and energy efficient hot water systems in new homes.” Full eligibility criteria and application forms for the Great Start Grants are available at

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Introducing the Cooloola Sands

N Sa ew L l es a n d Eli 46 Q Of fi z c u a Co b e e e e olo t h n ola D r C o i ve , ve

Land Sale ^ $110,000


Rod 0428 726 272

Buy now at Cooloola Sands and you will be entitled to a

e s u Ho and ^ L d n a ,000


0 7 2 $

Council Rates Rebate Package for 5 years! we will mow your lot for 1 year. So you can relax, take it easy and enjoy everything Cooloola Sands has to offer. Total package up to the value of $10,000 *Council Rate Rebate at settlement. ^Prices correct at time of printing. Offer valid on selected blocks. Offer ends 28th February 2013.

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School News

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Rainbow Beach School News Queensland to showcase their talents. Rainbow Beach students have been travelling in to Gympie every Tuesday afternoon to sing in the Combined Gympie Schools Choir which will be performing across two nights and one day on July the 18th and 19th. Thank you to both the students and parents for committing to this event and representing our school. Running Club Running club is currently operating on a Wednesday and Friday morning before school kicking off at 7.30am. It’s been fantastic to see so many keen runners (both students and parents!) Gympie Zone cross country is on the 7th of May. Rainbow Beach cross country is on Friday the 26th of April. Students wishing to go on to represent Gympie at the Zone carnival will need to have at least 8 weeks of training beforehand! Many thanks to the parents who have given up their morning to come and have a run with our students.

6/7 science excursion

Enjoying Seary’s Creek

School Closures I recently sent a letter explaining the process relating to school closures due to flooding and other natural disasters. As a school we have no ability to be able to close the school, that authority lies with staff in our Maryborough office. Whilst we have been officially closed for two days this year let’s hope that we’ve seen the end of the wet weather!! 2014 Secondary School Transition At our most recent P&C meeting I was outlining our school priorities for the upcoming year. One of the major points for consideration was the year 6 and 7 students moving into secondary school in 2015. This means that next year, 2014 will be the last year of primary school for both our year 6 and year 7 students. As a staff and community (via the P&C) we are busy trying to work through some of the potential issues related to having two year levels leaving the school at one time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the transition to secondary school for our year 6 and 7 students in 2014, please feel free to contact me.

Gympie Schools’ Gala Day Last week we had three Rainbow Beach teams competing in the Gympie Schools’ Gala Day. We fielded two T-ball teams and one volleyball team. Everyone had a great day out playing sport for the whole day and our students should be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves in public yesterday. Both our T-ball teams were extremely successful in that they practically won every game they played. Our volleyball team was also successful playing in the A grade competition at Gympie Central State School. Overall the day was a huge success and I would like to say thank you to Cassie Fuz and Michael Brantz who transported students in and out of Gympie but also came along and supported our students. Creative Generations It’s been great to see that we have so many students who are involved in The Creative Generations program this year. Creative Generations is the leading performance event on Queensland State schools’ performing arts calendar and allows students from all state schools in

Year 6/7Science Excursion On Wednesday 13 March Year 6/7 went on a science excursion to help us understand the process of water treatment. This excursion included visiting the Water and Sewerage treatment plants at Cooloola. We learnt the processes of treating water and waste. In the afternoon we visited Seary's creek where we had a swim and caught some Crayfish. We then finished the day off at Carlo Sandblow with some games. A great day was had by everyone for sure! On Tuesday 19 March Steve Burgess from the Mary Valley Catchment Committee visited the Year 6/7 class as a follow up to their science excursion. Steve discussed the importance of preserving our natural wetlands and brought along some water samples and animal critters collected from Ross Creek and Coondoo Creek this morning for the students to examine. Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter! Kind regards, Damian Olsen

Creative Generation performers Sarah Speirs, Samuel Sharman, Rochelle Hunter, Indi Carey, Amy Pinkerton, Kyani Parton and Lily McShane

Permanent Part Time Teacher Aide Position 9 hours per week (2.25hrs per day, Monday - Thursday) Application packages available from the school, please contact Tori Lidbetter (Business Services Manager)on 5486 9333 or email Closing date Wednesday 17 April.


Year 6/7 examine creek critters thanks to Mary Valley Catchment Committee visitor Steve Burgess

School News

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Tin Can Bay P-10 School News National Day Against Bullying Tin Can Bay P-10 State School wore orange and took a stand against bullying for National Day Against Bullying on Friday 15th March 2013. This annual day provides a focus for all schools nationally

who want to say "...Bullying. No Way!" and to strengthen their everyday messages that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time.

fidence to stand up to bullies and bystanders by using the Hi-5 strategy. Teachers used the resources from the Bullying. No Way! website in their classrooms.

Social Emotional Learning Lessons focused on CONFIDENCE! - having the con-

"Our schools and the ANZAC story" It is indeed a great pleasure to see the

growing numbers of children now marching on ANZAC Day and who proudly wear the medals of possibly some long ...since departed early family members. It is also equally pleasing to see the schools

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Mr. Roberts, Principal with Senior Captains and Vice Captains: Mychaela Kelly, Natalie Cole, Eric Christensen and Josh Bell


Tranquil Waterfront Community Resort Living Choice of Freehold or Leasehold Close to shops, medical facilities and services Pets Welcome

     

Beautifully Maintained Ga Gardens Club House and Entertainment Area Indoor Heated Pool Outdoor Pool and Spa BBQ Area Croquet Lawn

An affordable waterfront lifestyle awaits you.

Scholarship recipients Cyndari Parton, Anneke Harries, Kain Wallis, Shervawn Wilson, Brooke Carnellor, Kiara Wilson

Visit: or phone Desley on 0411 441 706 Location: 34 Toolara Rd, Tin Can Bay, QLD, 4580

Children from Grade 5 at the Tin Can Bay War Memorial on Thursday March 6, answering questions relative to RSL memorabilia and helping to instil in them its story and purpose

Prices start at $210,000

Junior Badge recipients Paris Delroy, Rochelle Commandeur , Kyra Boys, Bianca Saffron, Jadelyn Carey, Jethro Abraham, Mitchell Heasman, Paul Dean, Tyson Mills

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B ro a d b a n d & I n t e r n e t C o n n e c t i v i t y Hello all, this month we will be focusing mainly on broadband (ADSL). I would like to cover some troubleshooting methods to help you when your connection is not working. There are many different modems that you can get out there, most of you will have the standard Bigpond or Optus modems however many may have a modem made by another company. Essentially they all do the same things no matter what modem you have they will have a set of lights at the front each with their own sub heading. When you look at these sub headings they should read something like “Power, DSL, Internet, Ethernet, USB” the headings aren’t always in this order and will often read differently. DSL is often referred to as “Line” and Ethernet as “LAN”, USB is sometimes not present as only compatible modems will actually support this feature so don’t be concerned if it’s missing. Each subheading relates to something important and the first place you should start when you’re having connection issues is diagnosing those “lights”.

are coming on chances are you have a faulty modem sometimes this can be fixed by resetting the modem via the small button on the back of the modem (Do Not Use this button until you have contacted your ISP) but in most cases it will need to be replaced. The “DSL” light is very important this indicates that ADSL is active on your phone line and that you are receiving the service correctly. If this light is red or not on then make sure that all cables are plugged in correctly and make sure you have attached all of the ADSL filters to all phones on the premises. If in doubt you can disconnect all phones on the premises and only have the modem plugged in, if the problems still persist then call your ISP as it is most likely a line or account issue. The “Internet” light indicates that you connection to the internet is established and that your username and password are correct, if this light is red then you may have an authentication problem so check that both your username and password are correct otherwise call your ISP.

For most Modems all lights should be green (flashing green lights is ok this indicates activity) however if you see red or yellow lights then in most cases there’s a problem. If you have a flashing red power light and no other lights

The Ethernet and USB headings refer to the connection to your computer and indicate that there is information travelling from the modem to your PC if these are not on then check the connections otherwise the computer is most likely


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encouraging these young people to liaise with the RSL and incorporate the RSL story into their study curriculum. Since the opening of the Tin Can Bay P10 School in 1999, Mrs Pam Leslie has acted as liaison officer between the school and the Tin Can Bay RSL. She has done an excellent and commendable job in helping the children with their studies, so the stories of our war heroes and those that died for the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom will forever be remembered. Not to glorify war but to remember the fallen.

Woolies Earn and Learn Competition Last week we received our Woolies Earn and Learn rewards from the 2012 Woolies Earn and Learn Promotion. Thirty boxes arrived by courier and it was with great excitement that we unpacked and checked off our rewards. On Friday a band of willing helpers marked and engraved these resources so that the children can start to use them as soon as possible. I look forward to sharing the experiences of our students using these very valuable resources. Once again, thank-you from the students and staff at Tin Can Bay P-10 State School.

the cause of the problem in which case technical support may be needed. Unfortunately the above only explains the hardware troubleshooting side of things as the software troubleshooting can be extremely complicated. It is important to note that there are an endless amount of issues that can cause internet connec-

tivity problems, however understanding these basics will often save you hours on the phone with tech support trying to make sense of what they are saying. Next month we will be discussing virus scanners so till next time! Andy Feldmann

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Tin Can Bay Camera Club The Tin Can Bay Camera Club met on Wednesday 20 March for its monthly meeting. The topic for this month was ‘Looking In’ and Bambi Wixon from Gympie was our judge for the evening. The winners in A grade were Louise Smith (honour), Jan Blackshaw and Ron Johnson (merits) and B grade Caitlyn Hayes (honour), Julie Hartwig, Jim Johnston and Kerry Southern (merits). It was an interesting night with constructive feedback from Bambi and some interesting interpretations of the topic. Congratulations to Caitlyn, our first junior member joining the club only last month and already receiving an honour.

It’s drinks all ‘round

at the village

Next month’s topic is ‘People’ so why not come along and join us at 7pm on Wednesday 17 April at the Tin Can Bay Library? For information about membership and club activities contact our Club Secretary Cathy Reed 5486 4010 or email or refer to our website http://tincanbaycameraclub.

Louise Smith-There’s Nothing in Here Bob-Honou Photo courtesy of Diann Bourke

Each Wednesday from 5-6pm the Cooloola Waters Retirement Resort have their little “Happy Hour”, which is usually a quiet affair; where folks can catch up on a bit of gossip or have a bit of a chat over a drink or two. Then, sometimes there’s the odd anniversary or birthday to celebrate; but, Wednesday the 6th was certainly no quiet affair with no less than three birthdays to celebrate. Tony Watson (L in the photo), 80 on March 9th; Bill Elliot, 90 on March 10th and Ken Ferguson (yours truly), 66 on March 8th. It was a joyous affair, as you can see from their faces, but Bill went on to have a great family reunion in Gympie on the following Sunday; where he met up with family and friends from near and far who he had not seen for many years. Caitlyn Hayes –Gold Fish-Honour

Here’s to us Guys; may we have many more!

Community Grou[s

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QCWA - Tin Can Bay Branch COOLOOLA COAST This art interest is in conjunction with the QCWA’s International Country of Study –Turkey - however, members’ talents somehow paled in comparison to the beautiful Turkish marble painted pottery and other artwork the International Officer brought back from the 3 day International Conference 8 - 10 March, held at Ipswich and attended by members from most branches of QCWA. Also attending was T.C.B. Branch President, Lorraine Bishop and both branch members were truly impressed with the organization and scope of the weekend, however, on return, needed a couple of days in recovery mode!


of Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove and Rainbow Beach. We travel to Gympie, Nambour, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to the south and Maryborough and Hervey Bay to the north. Medical transport is for medical appointment travel only, personal shopping is not permitted. As always we ask you to book early to avoid disappointment, we are seeing all five cars out on most days.

A quiet month for Branch activities, due to Mother Nature’s extreme visits - rain, rain and more rain resulted in the informal morning tea at the Cove Bakery, Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre being deferred twice - now scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday 20 March.

Vice President Cherryl Mossman – artistic novice on training wheels.


ince the last branch article, the Publicity Officer received three enquiries regarding QCWA aims and activities. Consequently, two ladies from Rainbow Beach attended the March meeting and it is genuinely hoped that they decide to become members.  The ‘marble painting ‘ activity was held at the Branch International Officer Irene Manwaring’s home on 18 March, where more ‘ user friendly ‘ space and equipment was available.  The tremendous afternoon produced some artistic surprises - previously hidden under a bushel or a ton of sand!  Further update next month.

Interested in joining the CWA? If so, please consider attending a couple of monthly meetings as a visitor - you do not have to join immediately - or telephone the Publicity Officer on 54 86 27 26 (Telstra 101 for Message), for further information.   One does not have to reside in T.C.B. – perhaps Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove or Wallu.  Upcoming Branch events include:-  April - cater for (and attend) the  public Anzac Day Service at the RSL & Community Hall TCB:   May - Happy 62nd Birthday celebrations for the Tin Can Bay Branch - party time! Please contact the QCWA Tin Can Bay Branch Cottage Convenor on 54864192 for detailed information regarding the T.C.B. QCWA ‘ Seaside Cottage ‘ facility. Next meeting – 9 a.m. Mon 8 April 2013.QCWA Meeting Room, Whiting Street, Tin Can Bay.

Fundraising is a big part of our organisation as we currently receive no government funding. Purchasing raffle tickets and money board squares from our ladies at Dolphin Shopping centre Tin Can Bay and Woolworth at Cooloola Cove enables us to keep this service operational.

Doris Combey and Joan Hammond selling raffles at the Dolphin Shopping Centre

A difficult time for the community since the Australia Day weekend seeing Tin Can Bay drenched and cut off due to flooding at Coondoo and Moody creeks, the Bruce Highway also cut at Kybong and Gympie. Our service was unable to operate during this time and on two other occasions during February and March. We appreciate specialists medical appointments are often hard to get therefore cancellations are stressful for all concerned. Our service is available for all residents


Bingo is also a fundraising event on Sundays at Cooloola Coast Bowls Club eyes down 1.30pm. Come on down, two jackpots always on offer and afternoon tea is provided.

We are asking for donations for a Garage Sale to be held in June. Donations will be accepted at our office during office hours only, saleable items only please. Office Hours 8.30am - 12.30pm - Monday - Friday 5/6 Scullett Drive Cooloola Cove Phone 5486 2488 Cooloola Coast Medical Transport Inc is a not for profit organisation run solely by volunteers. VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS WANTED

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Rainbow Beach Fishing Report The monthly fishing report is very light on for information from offshore. As I write, the wind is howling from the SouEast, as it has done now for the best part of 6 weeks. This weather pattern could continue right up to Easter and the Full Moon. My weekly newspaper reports have been about info from the Sandy Straits. The best report here has come from Inskip Point where there has been some big Golden Trevally landed. Live winter Whiting would be the best bait for these. Kauri Creek continues to produce some nice Flathead with the soft plastics working well. The Mangrove Jack have slackened off in the creeks now the water has cooled. Mud Crabs have been potting well over the last month with Sandies now showing up. My vessel has just come off the Slipway today. What was to be a two day visit to Tin Can Bay on the Slip turned into six. Our good friends at Suzuki Warehouse forgot the order on parts, when they did finally arrive we were minus 1 part. Thanks to Kerry at TCB Mower Marine we are back on the water.

Pearl Perch

Well that’s all the Fishing news I can find for the month. I’ve included just a couple of old pics to show people what’s out there waiting to be caught. Finally there will be a lot of vessels heading offshore during Easter if the weather improves. Remember to log onto the Coastguard VHF CH 80 before you cross the Bar, it can be a very dangerous stretch of water. Good Fishing till next month. Tony Stewart (BAITRUNNER) 54868666

What a great Snapper! Ian Elliott from Maryborough has been fishing with us since 1997

Fishing is for all ages. These young chaps caught some great Snapper.

Fishing & Boating

Fishing Classic changes date This year the Mitsubishi Motors Rainbow Beach Family Fishing Classic have made two fundamental changes to the event which has the potential to entice many, many more fishing families. The 2013 event will be run in the June/July 2013 school holidays. Friday June 28th to Saturday July 6th, 2013 and have competitors under 18 years split into CADETS & JUNIORS. Why? We have been listening to our sponsors, competitors and the community…. Over the past 9 years the event has grown at a consistent pace, responding to changes in marketing methods and sponsorship support. However, the event can’t get past the “hump” number of 700 entrants and our major sponsors, including ourselves are very keen to see it grow further. To achieve this we believe, based on some marketing research, that by moving the event to a time where families are already prepared to “holiday” may very well be the answer. The responses I have received from families regarding the date selection (end of school term 2) have been in support of school holidays. The other BIG issue raised is having the older children in their own division rather than competing with the ADULTS once they turn 13. There are a number of significant reasons that support our belief that the event and community would benefit from a change in date; 1. Most families take leave during this school break as it signifies half year. This break represents between QLD, NSW & VIC, all state & independent schools, a date range of (June 21st –

July 16th). Parents are reluctant to take more holidays only a week or so later to participate in a fishing competition and are more likely to participate during this holiday time. 2. Traditionally this break has not been Rainbow Beach’s busiest holiday break because it is during the winter months. However, what it does encourage is additional participation and activities on offer to those who already holiday in Rainbow during this break. 3. Volunteers are very hard to come by in Rainbow due to a high percentage of locals having businesses. Running this event during the school holidays allows our local high school children, including the organiser’s children to assist during the event. This will also support building a succession plan for the future. 4. Economically the impact will be greater, it won’t be reduced. People who already holiday in Rainbow during this holiday period will continue to do so. Only now, the numbers from the Fishing Comp will join this period and they will not just represent our usual attendance numbers but they will be increased. This will insure a successful and very economically viable holiday season for the whole community. 5. Many local businesses believe that this annual event has little or NO economic impact on their business. Yes… the event may not have a “direct” impact on everybody’s business; however, indirectly the whole community benefits from this event. (Flows of money) is an example of this; Visitors spend their money with some local businesses, these businesses in turn need to purchase more

Page 35 economically on our community.

It is still the organiser’s intentions to provide a quality event that encourages participation from all people who would like to try, or already enjoy, the basic pleasures of salt water fishing. In particular families that want an excuse to holiday and enjoy their favorite family recreational activity which includes a holiday program containing live entertainment, sporting activiRainbow’s Fishing Classic is always a hit with the kids. ties, a carnival atmosphere and things to do regardgoods & services, they need to pay their less of weather conditions. staff which provides the means for their Not forgetting and still encouraging the staff and themselves to spend in other participation from ardent fisher people. businesses in town. Casual staff receive Moreover, the intention to highlight the more hours and permanent staff retain town as a holiday destination outside of job security. the winter months and fishing comp is a significant goal. Should competitors reThis event continues to raise a lot of turn during different times of the year, money for the local charities and with to holiday, then this would certainly indithe potential to attract larger numbers cate that the event is achieving its goals this year and in the future so does the and has effective outcomes. potential of more funds raised. Once again, this also has an indirect impact

The Future of Charter Fishing by Tony Stewart (Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters)

Early this month I was invited to meet with the Minister for Fisheries Hon John McVeigh regarding the future of Charter Fishing. I had previously had meetings with our local Member David Gibson over the same issues and he kindly voiced our concern to the Minister and this meeting was finally arranged. I took along two other members of our Charter Working Group (PCOQ) and we had a good hearing as we voiced our

concerns and I guess it will be sometime before we have answers. I will list those concerns shortly. Firstly, Charter provides a unique service and enhances the fishing opportunities for recreational anglers. We hire out our knowledge and equipment as we try to enhance the catch of Recreational Anglers. From this hopefully we can derive a profit from our operation (VERY debatable).

continued on pg 36


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Tin Can Bay Fishing Report Finally after over a month of horrible weather we had a cracker of a weekend with light winds forecast. Hopefully we get some great weather for Easter Holidays. Early in the month fishing was a little slow however there has still been catches of some nice Mangrove Jacks in the 40cm range along with Cod and the odd Barra. Carlo Creek was yet again the stand out with some nice Grunter Bream or Javelin fish being caught as well as a few nice Bream.  We received another report today of a 60cm Barra being caught in a cast net whilst gathering live baits so don’t discount these areas as a place to wet a line and not just to gather bait before shooting up the creeks further away. Provided we have seen the end of the majority of the rain, the next couple of weeks should see the conditions in the bay improve considerably. The upside since the weather has been restricting the vast majority from getting out and wetting a line, is hopefully the over the next few weeks the fishing will be outstanding for those visiting the area. Cooler days should have seen a drop in water temperature so hopefully we should start to see the Snapper size and numbers increase. Norman Point will be a good option for those wanting to get out and chase a few Squid. Drifting along the drop offs should produce some good results. The past week has still seen a bit of rain in the area however the bay should have started to clean up a bit.  With the light winds it will be a great time to get out and fish the shallow reefs and open waters of the bay for Snapper, Sweetlip and maybe


continued from pg 35

Most States in Australia recognise Charter Fishers as Stakeholders and being a Commercial Business. Qld does neither, and this is our main concern! We want recognition as a Commercial Business Industry or a Statutory Body. We are Business registered, commercially regulated and pay our Taxes accordingly. Not only do we want recognition from Governments, but from Fisheries as well. We have no status with Fisheries or Tourism Departments. We are virtually locked out rather than being appreciated for our contribution to the Economy. A contributing factor to this is that we are too busy at our job to offer a lobby group.   A set of Guiding Principles was developed by Fisheries Qld under the Bligh Government but have never been made Policy. 1. Maintain the current Charter Fleet structure, allow for continued operation of Tourism Fishing operations seeking quality Fish

a few Mackerel around Inskip Point. Remember when fishing these shallow reefs getting a good burley trail out will be the key to your success.  Dig through your freezer & find any old bait, fish frames, prawn shells etc and mince them up as small as possible then add a little sand, tuna oil anything else you can think of.  Old margarine containers are about the perfect size to freeze your berley bombs in if you are after a slow release burley.  Another option would be to mix it up in a 20lt bucket with a lid & ladle it out every 5 – 10 mins to keep the trail going. Fresh bait of squid or cuttlefish can be purchased from Lee’s fisheries on your way to the boat ramp at Norman Point.  If you’re using Pillies try to get your hands on the IQF Pillies as these have been individually frozen and seem to last longer on your hooks. Mud crabs have been around in good numbers so if you’re heading out remember to pack a few pots. As the water temps start to drop off we should start seeing the start of the Winter Whiting show up.  Live baits of Yabbies or Worms are always your best option with preserved worms being a good back up if live bait isn’t available. Once again we would love to see photos of your catch or hear from you about your trips in the area so feel free to share on our new Facebook page FishingTinCanBay or email to fishingtcb@ Good luck and see you on the water. Jim Cole from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

and bag limits. 2. Implement an efficient and cost effective management system that reflects the value of the fishery and size of the Charter Fleet. This is what we want made Policy. As mentioned earlier our Local Member was very concerned for us, below is why. •

We pay Commercial Registrations.

Commercial rates of Insurance. Public Liability etc.(Very High).

Commercial Safety Equipment.

Commercially Ticketed Operators

Commercial Fishing Licences.

Commercial Harbour Fees.

Commercial Fuel Rebate.

Commercial Monitoring & Survey for Vessels.

How can you say we are not commercially recognised? Fisheries Qld recognise us as a Recreational Fishing Platform, and that shows they don’t care. We are nothing!!

Local Groups

Happy Easter From Saturn

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And we wish everyone a Happy Easter. Enjoy Rainbow Beach and we will enjoy Smoky Bay, SA for Easter. Yes, we will be on our way back from the Perth Caravan Show.

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“the BEST� Caravan TV antenna

We had a wonderful surprise at the Melbourne Show. Sue Fitzgerald appeared on our stand. Sue and I had a great catch-up cup of coffee. Some of the long-term residents will remember Angie Matveyeff. She and Mike had the milk run in Rainbow 10 years ago. Angie was another great surprise. She now works for the Mission Beach (far north Qld) Tourist Centre. It took Angie and I quite a few hours to catch up on all the news from Rainbow and the Grants and the Matveyeffs. What a great time we had at Melbourne!

Is available from all

On our way from Melbourne to Perth, we spent a quick night at Renmark. We always stay at the Riverbend Caravan Park which is right on the Murray with some caravan sites on the grassy edge of the river. A more magnificent spot you could not find! As usual, we didn't have any time to explore the town because we were eagerly heading to Streaky Bay for our ONE DAY break before we hit the Nullarbor. But I CAN tell you that the Saturn Antenna worked very well at Renmark where the TV transmission is sent in a vertical pattern. The Saturn Antenna caters for all transmitters in Australia with its 2 aerials - 1 horizontal and 1 vertical.

Caravan accessory stores

Okay, now back to my 'travel log'. Our stay in Streaky Bay was amazing. We arrived at 6.30pm so decided to have dinner at the Streaky Bay Hotel. As soon as we walked in, we saw a lady waving to us. To our amazement, John Till (Tilley) and Diane had seen our vehicle arriving so they waited for us to put in an appearance. Rainbow Beach, we cannot escape your residents! We owe a debt of gratitude to Tilley because he was the one to discuss with us methods of mass producing the shells of the Saturn Antenna. Soon after that we began the production of the shells with Alvey Reels. Thanks, Tilley for your guidance in our early years.



For EXPERT Advice

NOW, back to Streaky Bay again! A monument on Bay Road has been erected to the Dutch explorer Pieter Nuyts. In 1627, he mapped 1500kmsof the southern coast of Australia from Albany, WA to Ceduna, SA while on the Gulden Zeepaerdt (Golden Seahorse). My love of history finds some fascinating facts in many places. And how big is the biggest whale ever found? There is a skeleton in the South Australian Museum of a 26mt Blue Whale that was washed up on rocks in this area. Wouldn't like to meet a monster as big as that, would you? AND ...TA DA TO DA!! WE ARE GRANDPARENTS! Our eldest son, Scott and his wife, Natalie, welcomed a baby girl into the world on 27th February. Molly Grace Grant is a beautiful little girl and her Nana and Pa love her very much! Safe travelling Peter & Margaret Grant

PH: 07 5486 3471


Scan this QR code with your smartphone to go to our website

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Cooloola Coast

Rainbow Beach and the Cooloola Coast is home of the Coloured Sands, the majestic Carlo Sandblow and gateway to World Heritage listed Fraser Island. You can feed wild dolphins, visit a historic lighthouse and kayak with the whales.

Visitor Guide

taking you through wallum and paperbarks to the golf club. If riding, you can turn left to the industrial area (Karoonda Road) and the return to town via Carlo Road.

Double Island Point (DIP) has the longest break in Australia (when the swell lines up. (4WD only)

Surf School & Board Hire Learn to surf with the experts at Rainbow Beach Surf Centre on the best and one of the longest beginner waves in Australia. 0408738192 Sear y’s Creek 7km from town towards Gympie, with 2 waterholes, boardwalks, bridges and history – do read the sign and spot the creatures. Always cool on the hottest of days. Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre and Tin Can Bay Pool offers squad, learn to swim, water aerobics and more.

4WD walk Coloured Sands Starting from the Surf Club, walk along the beach towards Double Island Point for a kilometre or so to these amazing Coloured sand cliffs. Carlo Sand Blow A bush walk up to Carlo Sand Blow is a must for every visitor. Drive to the reservoir at the top of Cooloola Drive. The Blow is an easy 600m walk from the car park or take the longer walk from the National Parks Office. Spectacular views of The Coloured Sands, Double Island Point and Tin Can Bay Inlet are the bonus for your efforts. When the thermals are right, you will often see Hang Gliders taking off and landing at this beautiful piece of Nature's Sculpture. Fraser Island Great Walk A 90 km only trail which showcases natural and cultural features of the world’s largest sand island as it meanders between Dilli Village and Happy Valley great-walks-fraser-island/about.html Cooloola Great Walk A 102 km trail which passes through a rich diversity of vegetation types with spectacular views, connecting Rainbow Beach with Noosa North Shore. http://www.nprsr. Rainforest Walk / Bymien Picnic Area A few kilometres from town, on the Gympie Road, take the Freshwater Road to the left. 3km on a good gravel surface will bring you to Bymien, which is the limit for conventional vehicles. Lake Poona After morning tea or lunch in the picnic area you can do some wonderful walks to Lake Poona or through some spectacular Rainforest. Allow 40 minutes to reach Lake Poona. Lake Freshwater Only accessible by 4WD, Tour or Walking. Walking tracks starts at the Bymien picnic area. The round trip from Rainbow Beach will take a full day and requires fitness. Foreshore Tin Can Bay You can walk 4km from Crabs Creek to Norman Point, over picturesque bridges, signage of flora and fauna, through mangroves, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. It is mostly flat – very safe for children on wheels. Start at the playground opposite the library, cycle to Crabs Creek and stop for a coffee, then return to opposite the library. Enjoy the views out to the inlet while the kids enjoy the playground and skatepark. Rainbow Beach 10000 steps walk – from the headland behind the Surf Tower and Playground to Carlo Road. Paths are perfect for bicycles, scooters and skateboards. Rainbow Shores Clarkson Drive has a concrete path for most of the way

Half-day 4WD Tours or hire your own to Cooloola National Park, Coloured Sands, Double Island Point, Lighthouse, Rainforest and Lake Freshwater. Wheelchair accessible10 13TAXI (13 82 94)



Centre on 5486 8004. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Carlo Sand Blow is one of the top spots for hand gliders in Queensland with the National Championships being held there each January. With a take off of 300ft and a soarable ridge of 12 kilometres long and about 500ft high, Carlo Sand Blow is definitely the place to go. Fliers should be of Hang2 standard, fly in north easterly winds and remember landing in the bathing reserve is prohibited. Wind surf off the surfing beach or in Tin Can Bay Inlet, taking off from Carlo Point.

Sailing And Cruising If you love the wonderful peace and relaxation of sailing or cruising, the sheltered waters of the Great Sandy Strait are for you. You may see dugong, turtles, dolphins and more. Rainbow Beach Houseboats www. 07 5486 3146

national parks fish back to nature Dolphin Viewing At Tin Can Bay just a thirty minute drive to Tin Can Bay through Cooloola Cove and you can see the Dolphins come in at Norman Point out the front of Barnacles Cafe. Have a look around this pretty little town while you are there. Dolphin Ferr y Thirty five minutes by ferry from Carlo Point to view the Dolphins at Tin Can Bay. First ferry departs at 7.00am to hand feed 'Mystique’ a wild dolphin. 0428 838 836 By Canoe Explore the mangrove fringed waters of Carlo Creek, Carlo Island &Tin Can Bay Inlet in a Canoe available for hire from Carlo Canoes on 5486 3610. Sea Kayaking Dolphin View Sea Kayaking: A unique experience - see dolphins, whales (seasonal), manta rays, turtles and more 0408738192 Horserideon the beach with professional guides on our World Heritage Listed Beach. 04121RIDES Tin Can Bay Foreshore Bird Walk – 137 species with best viewing spots on the brochure.

Probably one of Rainbow's greatest attractions would have to be the abundant opportunity for fishing. Fishing, in all its styles, is available right on our doorstep. Beach fishing has unlimited scope with nearly 100kms of beach to choose from. Varieties include Bream, Whiting, Tailor, Dart, Jew and Flathead. Estuar y fishing in Tin Can Bay Inlet, through the Inskip Point area and up the Great Sandy Strait is perfect for those with a boat or the wish to hire one. Access is from an efficient boat ramp at Carlo Point. Another ramp is located at Bullock Point. Boat Hire Carlo Point Boat Hire 0427 743 427 or Tin Can Bay Boat Hire 0408 329 167 Charter Boats Excellent reef fishing is only a few miles offshore and charter trips can be arranged through Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters on 5486 8666, Double Island Point Fishing Charters on 0417 073 313 or Keely Rose Reef Fishing Charters on 5486 3150. The reefs off Rainbow yield Red Emperor, Sweet lip, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Parrot and Coral Trout.

Tin Can Bay Wildflower Walk spectacular wildflower species, all on the brochure.

extreme adventure

swim, surf and on the water Our safe beach is patrolled between September - March. ALWAYS SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. Surfing The most popular area is near the Surf Club. Note Surfing In Bathing Area Is Prohibited.

Tandem Skydiving Unforgettable aerial scenic views of Rainbow & Fraser and the adrenaline pumping thrill of free fall tandem sky diving. Skydive Rainbow Beach 0418 218 358. Kitesurfing Lessons Learn to kitesurf at the Rainbow Beach Surf Centre with very experienced instructors. 0408738192 Scuba Diving A popular spot for the scuba enthusiast is at Wolf Rock, off Double Island Point. World class diving on Fraser Island's doorstep, phone Wolf Rock Dive

Cooloola Sand, wind and water have sculpted a varied landscape at Cooloola, the largest remnant of coastal vegetation on the southern Queensland's mainland. High sand dunes, coloured sand cliffs, sweeping beaches, sandblows, freshwater lakes, tall forests, paperbark swamps and wildflower heath make the Cooloola Recreation Area a spectacular part of the Great Sandy National Park. parks/cooloola/index.html Inskip Peninsula is a narrow, sandy finger of land built up by wind and waves. It forms a natural breakwater at the entrance to Tin Can Inlet and Great Sandy Strait. Inskip is a gateway to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. Beach she oaks, cypress pine and other coastal trees and shrubs shade the very popular camping areas ringed by open ocean beaches and sheltered estuary shores. All are within 15 minutes drive to Rainbow Beach. Most of the peninsula is protected as a Recreation Area. http:// The Great Sandy Marine Park extends from Baffle Creek in the north to Double Island Point in the south. It includes Hervey Bay, Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Bay Inlet and the waters off the east coast of Fraser Island, seaward to three nautical miles. Seagrass meadows, mangroves, rocky shores, reefs, sandy beaches, bays, sheltered channels, rivers, creeks and estuaries host a wealth of wildlife including whales, turtles, dugong, grey nurse sharks, fish, corals, birds and more. http://www.nprsr.qld. html Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island and an area of remarkable natural beauty. Growing on seemingly infertile sands are a great variety of plant communities ranging from coastal heath, mangrove forests and swamps to subtropical rainforest. The many archaeological remains found on Fraser Island record thousands of years of culture and tradition, and provide important links to their past for the Butchulla people. The island is 123 km long and covers an area of 166,038 ha, so you need to allow plenty of time to explore and appreciate it. parks/fraser/index.html Unless you intend holidaying on Fraser

Visitor’s Guide Visitor Guide

Island, most probably your best way of seeing all its beauty is to take a 1 day or 2 day tour. Or you can make the trip in your own 4WD, driving up the road or beach to Inskip Point and crossing in the barge. Rainbow Beach Flying Services offer a daily service to Fraser Island, but prior bookings are required. Remember that going independently, a permit is required and is available from the National Parks Office.

family fun Playgrounds North and South of the Surf Club and Rainbow Shores Playrooms at the Pub and Sport Club Family friendly directory

accommodation Cooloola Coast Realty 07 5486 3411 Rainbow Beach Holiday Village 07 5486 3222 Rainbow Beach Realty 07 5486 3900

get active Bowls There is a lawn green at the Rainbow Beach Sports Recreation & Memorial Club where visitors are most welcome. 5486 3191 Tennis Two courts are available at the Sports & Recreation Club. Bookings 5486 3191 Golf A par 3, 9 hole golf course is located at Rainbow Shores Resort. Members of the public are very welcome. Rainbow Shores Social Golf Club stages regular competitions. A picturesque course at Tin Can Bay also attracts all golf addicts from this area. Darts, Pool, Yoga, Tai Chi, Sailing, Pilates, Zumba, Fitness Classes (see What’s On)


Rainbow Getaway Holiday Resort 07 54863500

plus... Heritage Trail Clubs, Restaurants and Eateries (many are Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues)

Rainbow Waters Holiday Park 07 54863200 Sleepy Lagoon Hotel/Motel 07 54864124

Library (Internet and Xbox) Pamper Yourself- Massages, Hair Salon and Beauty Treatments Playgrounds, Skatepark, Bike riding

To list your business here phone 07 5486 3561

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annual events Januar y “Brushes by the Sea” Rainbow Beach Art & Craft Festival Februar y Cooloola Crocs Swimming Carnival April Anzac Day Parade May Bay to Bay Yacht Race June/July Rainbow Beach Fishing Competition June 28-July 6 August Rainbow Beach Triathlon September Tin Can Bay Seafood, Boat and Camping Show October Rainbow Beach Fours Bowls Tournament


October Rainbow Beach Nippers and Masters Carnivals November Rainbow Beach/Trail Runs December Tin Can Bay Foreshore Family Nights See our What’s On page for more on Things to Do. Suggestions, amendments or to add your business to the visitor guide please call 07 5486 3561 or email info@ . Thanks to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service for their assistance.


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ACCOMMODATION Cooloola Coast Realty Rainbow Getaway Rainbow Getaway Holiday Resort



Nick Mccoll


0418 758 231

07 5486 3411 07 5486 3500 07 5486 3500

Carolyn Wright Wedding Celebrant

07 5482 7141

Ian Postle Marriage Celebrant

0439 739 360

ADVENTURE Skydive Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach Surf Centre

0418 218 358 0408 738 192

AIR CONDITIONING Cooloola Coast Refrigeration

07 5486 4499

CAFES Café Jillarty Cafe to the Max Coloured Sands Café Temptations By The Water

07 5486 3277 07 5486 4344 07 5486 3143 07 5486 4442 Nikki Goodwin Celebrant

0407 583 561

CAR CLEANING Cooloola Mobile Car Cleaning

0401 495 473

ANTENNA SALES Saturn Antennas

1800 443 471

BAIT & TACKLE Chilly Bin Rainbow Beach Camping & Disposal

BAKERY Ed’s Beach Bakery Rainbow Beach Pies & Cakes

07 5486 3788 07 5486 8100


Rainbow Beach Holiday Village 07 5486 3080 Rainbow Waters Holiday Park 07 5486 3454 Whatever



0427 743 427 Benn’ys Carpet Cleaning 0408 329 167

Carlo Point Boat Hire Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

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CLEANING Sid Gilmore

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07 5486 4744

BOOKEEPERS All About Bookkeeping

0404 333 882

BUILDERS Kj Homes Mark Daniels Homes

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BUILDING/RENOVATIONS Rainbow Remodeling & Repairs (see page44)

0417 728 510 Cleanwave

BUTCHER Rainbow Beach Meats

0421 600 148

07 5486 3230

CABINET MAKER Cooloola Coast Cabinets

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CLUBS / RESTAURANTS Black Cockatoo Marina Bar & Grill Rainbow Beach Sports Club Rainbow Beach Surf Club Waterview Restaurant

COMPUTERS Andy Feldman 0437 880 519

07 5486 4222 07 5486 3191 07 5486 3249 07 5486 8344




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Moppz Concrete

0413 060 797


Double Island Point Fishing Charters Keely Rose Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters


0417 073 313 Bruno 07 5486 3150 0408 767 930

0427 671 074

FLORIST Rainbow Floral Supply

0408 0005 885




Troy Rowley

Concreting Contractor ABN 64-930-176-411

• House Slabs • Garage Slabs • Driveways • Paths

FOOD WHOLESALERS Cooloola Wholesale

07 5486 3607

FURNITURE Davies Furniture

Also specialising in; • Stamp • Concrete Stencil • Exposed Seeded Concrete

07 5482 3889

GAS Bob & Chris

0400 657 797

Phone: 5486 3914 Mobile: 0413 060 797 Concrete Edging

0421 348 884

Owens Handy Man Services

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07 5486 4107

CURTAINS AND BLINDS Cooloola Curtains & Blinds

07 5486 4030

DENTIST Cooloola Smiles Channon Dental


07 5486 4800 07 5482 7688


DIVING Wolf Rock Dive

Mitre 10 Rainbow Beach Hardware

0438 740 881

DRIVING SCHOOL Bay & Beach Driving School

0418 743 727

GLASS & ALUMINIUM Lighthouse (see page 44)

ELECTRICIAN Cookies Electrical & Antenna

0407 022 159

0459 162 378

GOLF CLUB Rainbow Shores Social Golf Club

0429 668 255

HAIR &BEAUTY Rainbow Beach Hair & Beauty Studio Serenity Beauty

07 5486 3533 0438 868 116


07 5486 3561

0448 955 768

07 5486 2000 07 5486 3444

HIRE SERVICES Cooloola Hire (see page 43)

07 5486 2822

HOME LOANS Wide Bay Australia

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HOTEL Rainbow Beach Hotel

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JUICE BAR Rainbow Juice Bar

0408 738 192

KENNELS Gympie Cooloola Pet Resort

Smiley Mick Electrical


07 5483 5364


Page 42 LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES Cooloola Cove Landscaping

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Rainbow Beach Tyre & Mechanical

07 5486 3144

Rainbow Beach Tyre & Mechanical

MOWING AND MAINTENANCE Tin Can Bay Mowers Hueys Mowing & Maintenance

07 5486 2285 0418 786 472

-All Mechanical repairs-Free Old Car Removal -All makes & Models -Aluminium Tig Welding & -Second Hand Parts -Metal Fabrication -New & Used Tyres -Clutch & Brake Repairs PAINTERS Brad Swan Painters

0413 997 125

Tin Can Bay Painting Services

0438 862 283

9 Karoonda Rd Rainbow Beach

Ph: 54863144

METAL CRAFT Cooloola Metal Craft

0437 424 102

LAWYERS Cosgroves Lawyers Power And Cartwright

07 3371 9199 07 5482 1077

MASSAGE Rainbow Beach Massage

07 5486 8388

MECHANICAL Rainbow Beach Auto Group Rainbow Beach Rustproofing & Mechanical

07 5486 8555 07 5486 3228

MINI STORAGE Cooloola Tin Can Bay Mini Storage

1300 727 025 Wiggins Painters

0409 986 733

Trades PANEL BEATER Tin Can Bay Bodyworks



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PLUMBERS 07 5486 4233 Rendell Plumbing

REMOVALS 0422 456 968

Tin Can Bay Furniture Removals

0437 119 980

RESTAURANT Pavilion Restaurant Royal Palace Indian Restaurant Waterview Black Cockatoo Marina Bar And Grill

07 5486 3777 07 5486 3452 07 5486 8344 07 5486 4222 07 5486 4400

RETAIL Checkout Charlies Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Rainbow Clobber Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre Rainbow Beach Trading Company Shell Tourist Centre

07 5486 3333 07 5486 5588 07 5486 6688


PEST CONTROL Beach To Bay Pest Control

07 5486 8400

Lees Fishing Ocean Breeze Seafood/Soapy

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SIGNAGE Tin Can Bay Signs

Tin Can Bay Plumbing

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0417 074 297

POOL SUPPLIES Indoors/Outdoors

07 5486 4352

POST OFFICE Rainbow Beach Post Office Tin Can Bay Post Office

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Rainbow Beach Pharmacy

Gympie Printing 07 5486 3070

07 5482 6555

REAL ESTATE 4Rent4sale Pty Ltd Cooloola Coast Realty Rainbow Beach Cooloola Waters Retiremnt Village Pradella Group Professionals Rainbow Beach Realty Tuncunba Dolphin Waters Resort

07 5486 4577 0411 093 389 0411 441 706 SOLAR 0428 726 272 07 5488 0734 Gympie Regional Solar 07 5486 3900 SUPERMARKET 0418 749 723 07 5486 2600 Foodworks Iga

07 5482 7656 07 5486 3629 07 5486 8700

TATTOO Tattoo & Bodypiercing

0439 825 136

TAXI Rainbow Beach Taxi

0411 072 349

TOURIST INFORMATION Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre

07 5486 3333

TOURS Dolphin Ferry Cruise Surf & Sand Safaris

0428 838 836 07 5486 3131

VET SERVICES Gympie Vet Services

07 5486 4666

Would you like to access Rainbow Beach Cooloola Cove Community News online? Go ahead and register your name online this month (you’ll be able to add your email address for notifications soon). Visit http://rainbowbeach communitynews. or email

Local News

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INPUT SOUGHT ON INCREASING VALUE OF RECREATIONAL FISHING Every angler has a favourite fishing spot, and Member for Pine Rivers, Mr Seath Holswich, is urging locals to reveal theirs for the good of the local economy.

flux of participants.”

Mr Holswich said he is seeking community input on how the tourism value of recreational fishing can be increased, and how the local region might benefit from it.

Assistant Minister for Tourism and chair of the Tourism Backbench Working Group, Mr Gavin King MP, said the six-week community consultation on the project will commence immediately, with a final report expected to be delivered to the Premier, Tourism Minister and Fisheries Minister in June.

Mr Holswich is undertaking the consultation as a member of the State Government’s Tourism Backbench Working Group and will be working closely with MPs from throughout the Moreton Bay Region, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane North during the consultation period. "The Newman Government appreciates the contribution that recreational fishers make to our community and economy," Mr Holswich said. "For too long under the former Labor Government, the recreational fishing community was ignored and treated with contempt.” "We will listen to recreational fishers to see what the Newman Government can do to help support and grow this valuable pastime and industry.” "Importantly, this project will provide recommendations to the Tourism Minister on ways to grow the recreational fishing tourism sector.” “There are plenty of people who pack their rod or reel when going on holidays or away for the weekend, and there are fishing competitions through Queensland which attract a regular in-

“These are the aspects of recreational fishing which the Working Group wants to see expanded and generate greater local economic value in the process.”

“The Newman Government places great value on recreational fishing as a potential growth sector for Queensland’s tourism industry and we are committed to listening to local communities, businesses and fishers to get their input,” Mr King said. Anyone wanting to provide input to the consultation can contact their local MP, or contact Mr Holswich’s office directly at pine.rivers@parliament.qld.

RAINBOW BEACH PROGRESS ASSOCIATION INC. As I write, the weather can only be described as “perfect in paradise” for the first time in since January, and with all fingers and toes crossed, hopefully remain that way over the Easter holidays. Welcome to our visitors, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Rainbow Beach. *Unfortunately, our last meeting had to be cancelled due to the floods, so we have rescheduled to Tuesday, 23 rd April @ 6pm @ Sport & Recreation Club. David Gibson, Member for Gympie, will hopefully attend as our special guest. *Coondoo Bridge is the thorn in the side of every person living on the coast, isolating or inconveniencing over 3500 residents each year. Main Roads have indicated that there is no upgrade planned in the forseeable future, but something needs to be done. Parents of school children travelling each day to Gympie, know only too well what we have to go through, checking road reports and web sites, making phone calls etc, just to see if we send the kids or keep them home due to rising water. Workers employed “on the other side” face the same struggle and often days of lost wages. In days gone by, we were comforted in

Oh Grandma The little boy greeted his grandmother with a hug and said, “I’m so happy to see you grandma. Now maybe daddy will do the trick he has been promising us.” The grandmother was curious. “What trick is that my dear?” she asked. The little boy replied, “I heard daddy tell mommy that he would climb the walls if you came to visit us again.” *****

the knowledge that should Coondoo look like going over, our children would be transported home on the bus earlier, but this is no longer the case, as seen in the last event, where parents were called to come and collect their kids from school, on flooded and dangerous roads, because the bus policy had been changed and no longer ran the emergency service. Information concerning bridge levels is never up to date, and we residents on the coast are often left wondering what to do. The solution is obviously to upgrade the bridge, but failing that, surely a flood monitor and camera can be installed to give exact information, just like the “live” cameras at Rainbow Beach. It is also paramount that the safety of our children in these events be a priority, and ask that a meeting be called between Disaster Management, Education Department, Polly’s Bus Services and David Gibson, to better coordinate a policy for the future, because it will happen again. This will be the main topic for discussion at our meeting, so I urge all to attend, and get some action plan underway. *We have received a “letter of thanks” from the Premier’s office, advising that the Beach Driving Fees are being discussed, and we will be informed of the outcome. I do know that a change is being considered, but am not privy to what that may be at this point. I can only hope! *If you are interested in joining the Progress Association, just give me a call, or come along to our next meeting. Till next month, cheers to all Sandy Brosnan President 0427-863007


to the

- A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE TRADIES Jamie and Sharon Sharman the new owners of Rainbow Beach Bakery also known as Rainbow Beach Pies and Cakes would like to acknowledge and thank the local trade people for your efficiency and professionalism in the renovating of the premise.

Brad Swan Painting Cleanwave, Noel & Jan Goldsworthy , Smiley Mick Electrical, Len Brown Tiling, Cooloola Coast Refrigeration Tin Can Bay Signs We would also like to thank the local community and Businesses in Rainbow Beach for your

ongoing support. We wish you all a happy Easter.RAINBOW


- THANK YOU RAINBOW BEACH COMMUNITY Six weeks ago on Valentine’s Day I received a very special gift, a donor kidney, thus allowing me to have a new life after being on dialysis for five years. I would like to thank everyone in our Community for their beautiful flowers, cards, visits, telephone calls and general messages passed on by family and friends. Thank you to all who were able to give up their time to care for me during the period of recovery. Presently all seems to be progressing well however it will still be several weeks before I return home, which I’m really looking forward to. Thank you everyone once again for your support during this special time and also to my wonderful family for their commitment to their old now new Mum. Heather R. PS: Is your name on the donor list? A transplant gift means so much to recipients and their families.

Donkey In The Well One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his neighbours to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer's neighbours continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off! Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up. NOW -------Enough of that . . . The donkey later came back and bit the **** out of the farmer who had tried to bury him. The gash from the bite got infected, and the farmer eventually died in agony from septic shock. MORAL FROM TODAY'S LESSON: When you do something wrong and try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite you. *****

A pirate at the local bar discusses his past A seaman meets a pirate in a bar, and talk turns to their adventures on the sea. The seaman notes that the pirate has a peg-leg, a hook, and an eye patch.

The seaman asks, “So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?” The pirate replies, “We were in a storm at sea, and I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. Just as my men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off.” “Wow!” said the seaman. “What about your hook”? “Well”, replied the pirate, “We were boarding an enemy ship and were battling the other sailors with swords. One of the enemy cut my hand off.” “Incredible!” remarked the seaman. “How did you get the eye patch”? “A seagull dropping fell into my eye,” replied the pirate. “You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?,” the sailor asked incredulously. “Well,” said the pirate, “it was my first day with my hook” *****

Gorilla Removal Service This guy wakes up one morning to find a gorilla in his tree. He looks in the phone book for a gorilla removal service until he finds one. “Is it a boy or girl Gorilla?” the service guy asks. “Boy,” is the man’s response. “Oh yeah, I can do it. I’ll be right there.” An hour later the service guy shows up with a stick, a Chihuahua, a shotgun, and a pair of handcuffs. He then gives the man some instructions. “Now, I’m going to climb this tree and poke the gorilla with the stick until he falls. When he does, the trained Chihuahua will bite the gorilla’s testicles off. The gorilla will then cross his hands to protect himself and allow you to put the handcuffs on.” The man asks, “What do I do with the shotgun?” “If I fall out of the tree before the gorilla, shoot the dog.”


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TEXT the EDITOR -Why isn’t there a garbage bin provided at the Carlo Sandblow carpark? Deb Lang -Congratulations on the Community News, well presented and plenty of local news, keep up the good work. Laird McColl (Thanks Laird!)

Kate’s Kid’s Corner

provided by Rainbow Beach Library


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Trifectas, medals and lots of PBs at Burnett Fraser Meet An amazing day by all, some huge PB's lots of medals and great team spirit! Again our super star threesome of Annalise White, Hannah Hanson and Jasmine White dominated in the under 7 age group. The girls took the trifecta in the Butterfly (Annie 1st, Jasmine 2nd and Hannah 3rd), and again  in the Breaststroke (Annie 1st, Hannah 2nd and Jasmine 3rd) Julia Allen Best- Started her day with a gutsy 3rd in the 400m Freestyle.  Definitely hats off for having a go and a great time to go with it. Julia's great day continued with four more bronze medals in the 100 Breast and 100 Fly and a Gold in the 200 Free this include a brilliant 12 second PB, as well as many other PB's including a 15 sec PB in her 200IM. Hugh Gilmore- Had another great day out taking  bronze in the 25m Butterfly, silver in the 50m Breaststroke and a 3sec PB, bronze in the 50m Freestyle (in another PB time) and finally Bronze and a 2 sec PB in the 50m

Backstroke. Samuel Sharman- Swam personal bests in all his events including a bronze in the 50m Breaststroke and 50m freestyle (including breaking the 40sec barrier for the first time). Archie Gilmore- Swam personal bests in all his swims including a huge 8sec PB in his 25m Butterfly. Matilda Duggan- Had a great day including a PB swim in her 25m Butterfly, bronze medals in the 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke as well as two great relay swims one of which was the 14 and under were she definitely held her own. Very impressive!! Jorja Duggan-Took bronze medals in the 25m butterfly and 50m Breaststroke (2 sec PB) and personal bests in all her events! Kate Gilmore- Had an amazing day out! Kate scored our only gold medal for the day

in the 100 Breaststroke in a PB time and getting ever closer to that state qualifying time. She also scored a bronze medal in the 200IM and an almost 20sec PB!!! She also swam personal best times in her other events. Finally we finished off the day with two great relays, our 6 and 7 year olds swam an amazing 5th in the under 10 relay (against girls twice their size) and our under 14 relay including 8 year old Tilly Duggan and 9 year old Jorja Duggan finished a very close second! Overall an amazing and successful day by our Rainbow Warriors!! Winter Training to include cross training, dryland and gym work Yes, the Rainbow Beach Squad will be training all throughout winter, a great oppor-

tunity to improve your fitness for any of you with sporting or health aspirations! With Nippers coming to an end, I would encourage and love to see the kids down at the pool keeping fit on the off season. It’s not just for those who want to compete, remember we cater for all sports and goals. The more the merrier!! Our Winter season starts Monday the 8thgrab a timetable from the pool. The club has some wonderful opportunities coming up including lots of dryland and cross training, training camps in Brisbane with international and national swimmers and many other exciting activities, so it’s a great time to come down and get involved.  Kirsten Porter Head Coach Rainbow Beach Swimming Club

Samuel on the podium

Warriors do well at Hervey Bay

Six in a row


Heather Dale from the Sunshine Coast, watched by a young enthusiast

No doubt, like all other sporting groups in our district, Tin Can Bay Branch of Sporting Shooters has experienced wet, wet and wet conditions over the last couple of months. We have however been fortunate enough to be able to continue to enjoy some of our events albeit in Wellington Boots and in shorter format in between downpours, and while trying to rescue our infrastructure. Our one big success so far has been hosting a Zone 3 Air Rifle Field Target

event over the weekend of 23/24 February which stayed almost fine for the Saturday, but shooting had to be curtailed part way through Sunday. This is an extremely interesting shoot; with highly accurate rifles of all varieties and shooters of all different levels of experience. Chris and Heather Dale from the Sunshine Coast supplied an amazing array of knock-down targets that were set in mowed lanes in a bush setting. Targets were set at different distances – on the ground, behind tufts of grass, hanging in trees (even a fish in a pond of water,

President Gordon MacRae (just goes to show that Sports Shooting can cater for everyone)

supplied compliments of the rain). Shooters need to decide the distance and adjust their rifles to meet the targets. Our next major event will be an annual Junior Camp to be held from 11 to 14 April when young people from age 11 to 18 years from our zone will camp at the range and experience coaching, training, and etiquette of handling air rifles and pistols, .22 rifles and pistols, and shotguns for target shooting and eventually hunting. This is a wonderful insight into learning respect for firearms, the shooters in their

vicinity, and the humane way of hunting feral animals. Tin Can Bay Branch of Sporting Shooters holds regular Safety Courses for those wishing to gain a firearms licence and enquiries should be directed to Gordon or Ted. There is no general access to our range, but we welcome all enquiries from eligible people interested in shooting. Gordon 5486 5208 Ted 5486 4135 Lois 5486 2559 or email:



March started off with members past and present and sponsors new and old celebrating 10 years of Dragon Boating with a dinner held at the Sleepy Lagoon Hotel/Motel.

Sailors and Storms

As many of you will know, that our president—Barry Ryan, has had a few health issues of late and is currently being well looked after by The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. We look forward to Barry’s re-turn and that he will be back to full strength. In the meantime we wish him ‘Get Well Soon’. It falls upon me as Vice President, to fill in the gaps during Barry’s absence. The annual Trivia Night was a great success and we have listed below those who kindly donated vouchers and prizes. These functions are only successful when there is attention to detail behind the scenes and a great team to put the show together. We are very lucky to have such a great team of volunteers who work so well in har-mony and the result shows in the amount of monies we made that night, but of course I should also thank all those who attended and gave so generously, we look forward to your company next year.

With the State Titles over everyone is looking forward to our Annual end of season bash at Wallu on the 20th April. The training sessions have eased back since State Titles. We are now back to Thursday and Sunday paddle sessions and would like to encourage anyone interested in trying Dragon Boating to come and join us.

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Andrea, Bob, Jan, Norma, Gayle, Sandra celebrating 10 years

Celebrating 10 years continued! Needing at least 16 members to formally register a club with Queensland Dragon Boat Federation, the CDBC, in its early months, was Associated with the Gold Coast Chinese Club who leased the fledgling club a boat and equipment, for a nominal fee. The southern club also provided instructional assistance by way of visits and mentoring, from their coach Bill Veitch, whose enthusiasm and passion for the sport was sure to inspire the Judy, Karen ,Andy, Meg, Chris R, Chris A, Jean, Kerry sharing stories ‘founding members’ at Cooloola to ‘recruit’ and build their Club. friendship. By July of that same year, (2003) the CDBC became an incorporated association and Cooloola Dragon Boat Club inc. was accepted as a member of the Queensland Dragon Boat Federation, and so, 10 colourful years of local Dragon Boating history began. Come try paddling for fun, fitness and

Thursday 4.00 pm and Sunday 8.00am. We meet near the Yacht Club hardstand. Contact Gayle 5486 2929 or Sandra 5486 2695 Sherry Fuller, Publicity Officer


Bob in action on Lake Cootharaba

This month we Spotlight BOB EUSTON

Recently retired Bob Euston is now fulfilling his passion for sailing as a social member of the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club and Sailability Tin Can Bay.

with the ambition to do some pleasure cruising around the Sandy Straits and competed in the first two Bay to Bay (Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay).

Born in 1942, he grew up on the family bean farm in Glastonbury, 10 minutes west of Gympie where he worked until he bought the farm next door. He married in 1967 then along with Beth bought adjoining farms where they grew a variety of small crops including Borlotti beans. Nature and macro photography were hobbies that gave pleasure and assisted the recording on the farm. Photography is still part of their lives to this day, only the subjects have changed.

They bought sailboards in the 80s which again took them back to Lake Cootharaba. If the wind was good and they could get away from the farm they would head to the lake with the sailboards to try their latest challenge.

Bob raced a 14 ft skiff at Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club in the late 50s and 60s. This is where he forged his love of sailing. He and brother Ted built a skiff that they hoped would be competi-tive, and it was, setting course records of the day. Bob and Beth bought an RL24 in 1975

Now both retired they have bought a Magnum 8.5 to enjoy some easy sailing in Tin Can Bay. Bob has always enjoyed sailing no matter the form. It was while visiting the TCBYC one day, Max Van Dorssen recognised Bob’s interest in the 303’s and asked if he would be interested in being a volunteer skipper. Since then Bob can be found in a Sailability boat most Fridays along with other volunteers and in fact it’s difficult to get him to leave the boat, great to have you on board Bob.

Wild, Wild weather T he weather has not been too kind to us so far this year, with a couple of days having to be cancelled due to rain. Photo- Damian Olsen Congratulations to Cody Hethorn, Braden McGrath and Bailie Craig who have made the Gympie Zone under 12 boys rugby league team. To have 3 students from Rainbow Beach make this team is a huge achievement given that some of the larger primary schools in Gympie only had 3 students who made the team. It goes to show that as a small school we can match it with the “big” schools!

Although the worst was in January where a combi-nation of high winds, heavy rain and a strong outgoing tide resulted in some devastating damage to the local Coast-guards pontoon. This being the pontoon which we use on our Sailability Friday. The damage is such

that it is both unsafe and unusable and will be for some time. We are very fortunate that Margo from Luxury Afloat has allowed us to use a finger of her pontoon for Sailability. Unfortunately the winch is out of action and this restricts us to being only be able to accommodate those who are more agile. It is a much higher pontoon than that which we are used too, and re-quires a degree of dexterity to get in and out of the boats.


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Warriors Advance to Super Challenge Semis Go the Rainbow Warriors!

Rainbow Shores Social Golf Club

At last the weather is being good to the golfers, pretty near perfect for this last week. Some very brave ladies played two weeks in a row and got wet, and when the Kurt Krauchi Memorial Trophy was played for on 24th February, everyone got very wet!!! However that is not to say they did not have fun, and some players reported better rounds in the rain.

Last weekend the mighty Rainbow Warriors clashed with Musgrave Hill at Tweed Heads Bowls Club. Saturday saw the warriors win 3-2 against Musgrave Hill the pressure was alive on the green Sunday morning for the Silver finals. Captain Rick Modin travelled with Warriors Cane Skerry, Jim Hamilton, Mark Jabore, John Clarke, Chris Tost, Glen Whyte, Darcy O’Neil, Barry Andersan, Mick Tobin, Adam Hateley, Keith Baynton, Kosta Ladis and Cole Mills to compete. Early on in the morning it seemed we had comfortable leads on 3 to 4 rinks with only the Fours struggling against a great team with a 20 year old skip on a mission! The boys fought hard but failed to get up - disappointed but proud to get to the finals. The triples had an early lead and kept it going all day a great game from the boys who

were full of fight! Both teams of pairs had a solid lead all day with Adam and Jim finishing well ahead. Barry and Mickey were leading but after losing four ends where even with one end to go. With a bowl that was all class, Mickey took the end to make it 3-2 for The Warriors. Young Cain played an amazing game of bowls only to be defeated 31-29 on the last end! Rainbow Beach Bowls Club progressed to the top 2 Super Challenge Super Division teams, despite being the smallest club in the super challenge competition. Well done Warriors! Their Super Challenge division has 40 teams, and each team has 12 members – two pairs, one triple, one fours and one single.

Winners on the Memorial Day were: 1st Allan McFarlane, 2nd John Craig, and 3rd Sandra Keily. As I have mentioned Ladies Day has been rained out twice recently so we only have two winners to report for the month, well done Sharon Inglis and Sandra Keily. Weekly Comp, winners this month have been, Darryl Keily, (his investment in new clubs has been paying off)!! Club Captain, Dave Tardrew was also a worthy winner of the weekly comp, along with Simon Duggan. Chook Run winners have been Allan MacFarlane, Geoff Apps, Don Drinkwater, and Lionel Lund. An Ambrose Game was played last Sunday, with Sandra and Don having a good win!!

Lionel with the Winner’s Chook

Café Jilarty will sponsor our Major on 24 March and Bitchy Chix will sponsor the Major on 21st April. Both will be great days, with great prizes., food & fashion my favourite things!!! Join us at the Shores for good company and good golf. Mary Cottam

Weekly Winner Simon Duggan

Zumba is back

Emellia McAuliffe has just started Zumba Classes at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall, and thrilled with the launch. Hugely successful, 27 participants welcomed her to Rainbow with the first session. She says, “As an instructor of Zumba, I aim to bring lots of energy, movement and fun to inspiring latin music. Zumba is really about moving your body and leaving the class feeling HAPPY.” Emillia says Zumba is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Join in 5pm Mondays (not including Easter Monday).

Zumba- a fun workout every Monday at 5pm


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Crocs go green at Hervey Bay Meet

Kirsten Kenney and Paige Reibel lead the Croc procession at the Hervey Bay meet

Go Crocs – Laura Rooks, Nemani Ranuve, Nikki Reibel and Hayley Carnellor

Nippers season ends Despite some wild, and plenty of wet weather, it’s been another fun filled season for the nippers. Each of the children who have participated in nippers should have benefited from the program through better safety awareness, surf skills, rescue techniques, first aid/CPR, not to mention the friendships that have developed, and the hours of fun they’ve had. The last day of nippers brought a highlight in the form of a visit from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. The crew presented an interesting talk for the nippers, and the kids were allowed to sit in and look through the chopper, and talk to the crew, who were happy to answer all of their questions. Thanks to the following Supporters for their Sponsorship and donations toward our breakup: Gympie Printing , QCivil , Thirsty Camel Bottleshop Cooloola, Rainbow Beach Horse Rides, Rainbow Beach Community News, Rainbow Getaway Resort , Cooloola Coast Realty, Sportspower Gympie , Coloured Sands Café, Rainbow Beach Bakery, Deans Ice Works and Rainbow Beach Foodworks. Thanks to key people who’ve contributed to Nippers throughout the season: Age Managers and Assistants, All Water Safety Personnel, Helen Brown, Michelle Gilmore and the Uniform Sales team, Mark Lawler, Tracey Hethorn, Kylie Swain and Justin Schooth.

Kaleb Craig for attendance at 100% of training days. Age Champions for Under 6 (U6) were Sophia Manique and Ryan Sharman. Under 7 (U7) Age Champions were Amassa McPherson and James Duggan. All other Age Champions are listed in their photo caption. Runners Up Taneesha Bradley and Archie Gilmore (U8), Madison Betteridge (U9), Jorja Duggan, Samuel Sharman(U10), Mikaela Keep and James Worthington (U11), Greer Bahr and Brayden McGrath (U12), Codey Craig (U13) and Natalie Cole (U14). Encouragement awards were given to Jade Walker, Kaleb Craig, Lily Wintle, Imogene Betteridge, Billy Bergin, Kyani Parton, Samuel Gooden and Jackson Dawkings. Most improved Indianna Wintle, Tane Bentley, Ellen Manique, Haylee Keep, Jasmine Wintle, Teana Hapi, George Chamberlain and Elizabeth White.

Age Champions Perpetual trophy winners: Front Row – Bailey Craig and Laura Byrne (U11), Abby Schooth and Hugh Gilmore (U10), Tilly Duggan (U8), Sophie Schooth (U 9) Back Row – Cody Hethorn and Jasmin Betteridge Remy Hethorne (U14), Kate Gilmore and Zach Lindenberg (U13)

Certificates were presented for participation and achieving surf awards. Congratulations to all! Vicki Schooth Editor’s Note… Vicki has just handed the reigns over after at least three years of managing nippers. All the parents and the surf club send Vicki a huge thanks for all her hard work and dedication!

Recognition goes to Codey, Bailey and

TIN CAN BAY GOLF RESULTS Finally, after 2 long weeks of rain, rain, rain, we finally got back into golf, starting with Friday’s 9 Hole chook run on the 8th March and the winner on 33 ½ was Peter Cheyne. Adam Metcalf, Phil DeLaCruz, Col McKay, Owen Frith, Dave Murdoch, Col Elliott and Peter Coppin all played well enough to take home a chook. There were 36 players in the field. On Saturday Mike and Val Clifford were the trophy donors for a Single Stableford event.  Adam Metcalf was the Men’s winner on 39 with N Pamenter on 38 for r/up.  The Ladies winner on 31 was Jude DeLaCruz and r/up Alison O’Grady with 29.  Pin Shots: Men - 5th Don Annis-Brown (HOLE IN ONE – CONGRATULATIONS DONNY), 7th Shane

The Westpac Rescue helicopter visit was a great way to finish nippers for the season.

Pitcher, 9th Ken Cox, 11th Shane Pitcher, 13th Danny Grant, 3rd on 8th Adam Metcalf. Ladies -  2nd on 9th Lyn Wong, 3rd on 12th Lyn Wong.  Also congratulations to Adam Metcalf with an Eagle on the 10th.  There were 76 in the field and the ball rundown went to 31 for the Men and 28 for the Ladies.  The Club provided vouchers for Sunday’s 4BBB event.  Shane Anderson and Greg Rendell were the winners  with a great 58 and the r/up on 61 was Julian Sullivan and Leo Tate.      Pin Shots: 5th Chris Elliott, 7th Danny Grant, 9th Mark Lumby, 11th Matt Edwards, 13th Ray Harris.  Ladies - 2nd on 9th Julie Mulhall.  There were 76 in the field and the ball rundown went to 69. Jacob and Jade Walker, Marshall with Dad Corey Bradley and George Chamberlain investigate.

What’s On

Page 50 March


Age Champions and Fun Night Swim Club


Good Friday


School holidays kids cupcake decorating 10am, Pavilions Restaurant


Easter Sunday Service 9am Good Shepherd Church, Carlo Road

Can Bay 10.30am — 11.30am, Rainbow Beach 2.30pm— 3.30pm


Understanding Your Pension 10am, Hall


Gympie Library Lego Challenge Bookings Essential 5481 0859

11 Cooloola Coast Garden Group 1.30pm


13- 28 School Holidays NSW and ACT



Soundwaves 3-5pm Hall


Gympie Free ‘Growing with

Easter Monday

Gympie Show Day Holiday


Italian Night Over 60’s


Maryborough Trip



Gympie - Laws Relevant to

Sporting Clubs 6pm


Quilters Childers Excursion


Accommodation Options in Retirement 10am, Hall


Tin Can Bay Markets


Wondai Garden Expo – Garden Group Excursion




Anzac Day Services at Dawn and 10am (after Parade)




Music Plus Cooloola Cove 7pm


School Cross Country


Dragonboat “Come and Try”

Rainbow Beach Playgroup 9.30-11am Community Hall


Mandolin Magic 2pm, Gympie

Golf – Ladies Day 0429 668 255


Arts and Craft Group, Rainbow Beach Church Hall

Quilters 9-12

Cooloola Cove markets




Gympie FREE 6 week course ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ 11.30- 2.30pm 07 5409 2600

“Fiddler in the Loop”, Heritage Theatre Gympie Residents and Ratepayers Arts and Craft Group Rainbow Beach Church Hall Car Boot Sale Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Library Children’s Activity Tin

May 2

Quilter’s Mystery Trip

4-5 Bay to Bay Yacht Race

Out and About

Keith and Colleen Lyons enjoy lunch at the Black Cockatoo

Mahjong/Games Mornings 9am Rainbow Beach Library 2-5pm Karate, School Boxercise 4.30 – 5.15 pm same time as karate, school

Thursday Aqua Aerobics, Aquatic Centre 9am Rainbow Beach Library 930am-1230pm




Over 60’s Exploring


16-18 Gympie Show


School holidays kids cupcake decorating 2pm, Pavilions R estaurant


Sing and Grow Together: Music Through the Day, 10-11am, Hall 0428 904 970

School holidays kids cupcake decorating 2pm, Pavilions Restaurant




Mother’s Day Walk for Cancer

Surf Lessons 0408 738 192

Gympie Library Free Cartoon Skill workshop 10.30am



Infancy, Toddlers’ Tuesdays for 6 weeks 54 821805



Zone Cross Country

4-12 Gympie Gallery School Holiday Workshops



3-5 Swimfit Clinic, Aquatic Centre


Over 60’s

Hatha Yoga Classes with Rishi 8-9.30am, Rainbow Shores Resort 0432 952 812

1-14 School Holidays Qld and Vic 3


Cooloola Coast Garden Group

11-14 Sporting Shooters Junior Camp

2 Over 60’s, Rainbow Beach Surf Club

School holidays kids cupcake decorating 2pm, Pavilions Restaurant



7 Mother’s Day Morning Tea at Playgroup

Golf Chook Run 3pm Cooloola Dragon Boat Club 4pm Cardio Kickbox 4.30 – 5.30pm, school Swim Club 5pm 07 5486 3191

Friday Rainbow Beach Library 2-5pm

Weekly Learn to Swim, Squad, Gym call Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre 07 5486 3191

Monday Rainbow Beach Library 930am-1230pm


Saturday Rainbow Beach Library 8.30-11.30am Aqua Aerobics, Aquatic Centre 10.15am Tai chi 9- 10am, Rainbow Sands Conference Room

Zumba 5-6pm Hall 0437 117 891 Rainbow Beach Prayer Group Fridays 10am Karate, School


Pilates 9.15-10.15am light Pilates 10.15-11am, Tin Can Bay Resistance circuit 4.30 – 5.30 pm, school

Sunday Cooloola Dragon Boat Club 8am Church 9amKid’s Supervised Play Times, Aquatic Centre 2.30-3.30pm Sporting Shooters, Yoga, Bowls, Darts, Tennis, Golf, Line Dancing, Belly Dancing, and more!

If you have an event or date claimer you would like to add please email

Birthday celebrations for Pat at the Waterview - Val Atherton, Von Jeffrey, Pat Esbensen, Del Nayler, Nolan Greene (photo provided by Waterview Bistro)

At the Tower Natalie Cole, Lily McGrath, Remy Hethorn

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Market Day January 24th

Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News April 2013  

Local news for Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay. Search for local businesses, Events, Visitor information and what is happening...

Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News April 2013  

Local news for Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay. Search for local businesses, Events, Visitor information and what is happening...