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Reform Prosthetics helps amputees achieve goals with individualized solutions

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ollowing a motorcycle accident in 1995, Melanie Rowland underwent an amputation of her lower leg. By all accounts, she adapted to her prosthesis. She was able to work full time and actively participate in the community. Even so, she wasn’t living the life she wanted. What was troublesome for Melanie was that she had resigned herself to the fact that engaging in hiking or recreational activities came at a cost. Not only did she feel like the prosthesis held her back from more physically demanding activities, but when she tried, she found herself in increased pain. For Melanie, the turning point came on a fall weekend. After shopping with her daughter and raking leaves, she developed a deep leg bruise, requiring her to use crutches until she could heal. After this incident, Melanie was determined to find a solution. She was referred to Zach Weber at Reform Prosthetics. Reform’s mission is to work with patients in order to provide individualized solutions so they can reach their mobility and quality-of-life goals. Melanie’s case is an excellent example of how that can work. The typical treatment for a hematoma is to remove the prosthesis until the area is fully healed—the exact course of action that put her on crutches. Reform Prosthetics’ focus of discovering innovative ways to meet the goals of individual patients made it clear that this treatment was unacceptable for a full-time working mother of two. Reform refit Melanie with a custom solution that not only

allowed her wound to heal, but also allowed her to engage in activities she didn’t think were possible as an amputee. Since being refit, Melanie has completed a 5K and two half-marathons, and she is now participating in a cross-fit training program that has helped her lose over 30 pounds. “It’s unfortunate to meet with patients who compromise on the activities they choose to be a part of because they wear a prosthesis. Melanie is a common example where the patient is motivated to do well but needs to be fit with the right equipment. She clearly identified a list of her goals as an amputee, and we focused on a treatment plan that would complement those goals,” Weber says. Amputations are a significant health challenge in the United States. Each year, there are 185,000 amputations in the United States. At the same time, advances in prosthetic technology are reported in the news every day. Effective caregivers can n

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